The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 19, 1976 · Page 4
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 4

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 19, 1976
Page 4
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THEyREALLIN REAL ESTATE SALES Dial 736-7513 For Journal Classified Advertising the DAILY JOURNAL will not be responsible for errors . in Classified Ads after the (irst insert ion. For corrections, dial in- 7513 and ask for Classified Advertising Department. FARMMACH. LIVESTOCK FEEDER PIGS warned. Any slie. Haveow ot sjare ofd«-s. Can pay h!gh«T pric«. Check o.r prices bttore you sell. 33 years of depentfawe Jervice. Gordon New, Hector. fA'nn. il2(4B.??27. LIST YOUR livestock for uiWom processing. Killing Mondays, Tuesday sod Wwnwdays. Call 8. r u iMarr'nion, Phor.e 734-701J, Lake Regon Irxiirtfies. LIVESTOCK ANO horse iraHers, for ule, an types in stock. We fade arwi finance. We sell corral panels Double AA Western, 736-2J/6. WANTED 10 th.y: Feeder pigs. Neat Good*in. Osakis, M'nn. Ph WANTED TO DUV — oowi dean feeder p:gs, « ibs. and up. Feeder p[gs, Faiffax. Winnesoia. Pnor.e 507 426-78«. FOR SALE Pioneer perfcrmancc- tested Deef bjils, all brwds. nf~ 2105- Edw^n Eide. Route 1, Fergus Falls. _ ^__ _ WANTED TO cuy baby calves Glenn Rogness, phone 73? 9J92. FOR SALE: Registered polled Hereford U,iis, serviceaye ace 213 5*3-1333. HarJand Hansoi?,* FOR SALE 325 Ib cross ortd boars. 344-6B2&. FOR SALE regntered Hampshire rarr., enceiieni grade Suffolk ram. Also 3 young enves with larrt* at side.. Ca:i 643-3^?. _ FOR SALE fdntaiilc 4-H Welsh Pony. Wpitk, seiflirvg w:;n v,hlte socxs, excellent confcrmation, proven "n ftalter, pleasure and, 218 338 5J7I. MACHINERY OF all kinds. Tractor parts Tires, treated jjosis. Roman 200 ANO 300 oaiJon ceid sp^afers- farm wagons— augers— grain handling eo^jipmen - iruck boxes aiff f'Oisis. Jim Britt, Rovte I, Fetflu* Fa 1 ,s. AfVnr.esota. 2J8 7i4 WANTED: MASSEY Harrts oas or d:«el of Olher older tractor, in good cor.ait ion Edm uml iSok), BdiileLake, V.inn PrwnelW S7S7. BADGER FORAGE bones, specia, c.scount now!M Georce Jaros, Batfger Sales. 73j fW. BADGER MANURE 5preao-ersT~a 160 a J05 by. special factcry 3d,rertis rtq discount through May George Jarcs Badger Sales. 734 £566. ROJND BALER (Badger,, special price ihrough May. Gfcrce Jaros Baogtr Sales, 73*4564. SAOGER LIQUID manufe systems. Transfer pump, ag'iator P,IT.B. vac, rar.V spreaders 3,000 gal. liqjid manure spreader ian!\s. Badger Sales. George Jaros, 3 M1LES Easi of Fergus Falls, Badger 5a:«. Used Equipment. 736-65M I slighily USM 1500 vac. manure tdr.k; 1 40' bunk feeder, t,jeo,- l-"0«mo" com silage eleciric. feed carl; 4 s'lo unEoaders, used; 1 1500 gallon "C!ay" sluffey ho.uid mar.ure tank; 1-50 gallon fuel ana tool rank; 1 bio*er, H- •ncn Papec; r^fxr mats, 13- Wxtw, extra special price. All theseanJrrore; call George Jaros- FARVALL INTERNATIONAL M tractor, wkle frcni *;ih laic rr^ciel Farmhand loader. 7W-2527. WILL PAY «.DO for oio reouildaWe Alelroe pickup arprons. Tyau'-- M'!ler. Irvc- _ WANT TO tx-y t*o ro* cuJfivafor for I.H. M. 736-7739 afier 6:00 p m. or useeiVends. FOR SALE 3 16 Jo^.n Dewe p!a-r; 12 ll. John Deere digger . 9266*3.1. FEED-SEED CONTACT US for top prices on SLnflowers, market grain and MM. KoappSwd, Foihgme. Minn. J« 3J45 or Ml ssu SOY PROTEIN lor t«S! Use full energy soybeans in yo'jr livestock ration! for a 10 percent advantage nelddency Onelonol lull energy Soyoeans has an energy value' equal to the c«mD:ned energy in o-w ton of commercial soybean meal plus a hail.[on of corn. Full Energy Soybeans — todays most economical ana ni«ti performance protein. «vai!ablero« at Farmers Grain ar.a Feed, Erhard. Minn. SPRAYER FOR rent. Chemicals tor sale. Farmers Grain and Fttti, Erhard. Wrm. M5VI. til-ixt. I NOT ICE'S" HIGHEST RATES en insured savings. Western M,nn«oia Savings i Loan. MEET ME a) Untirs Cafe. OAREL JACOBSON ConStruttwi Company. Edrfh mov.'ng of all kinds. 633 W. Birch. Fergus Falls. Pnc ne 734 2211. OENZEL'S WELDING and Healing, 73S East Hampden, i Wock North of Dairy Queen, Fergus Fails, 719-20W or 736-2183. FOR SALE R John Deere diesel. 82* 693). THOMPSON AWNING C 0 , leaturing Humphrey tension, sealed aluminum windows, doors and perch enclosures and Humphrey awning*. Fr« esiEmatw. Untferwcod, Minn,, Box U Telephone 218 824 M02." GOSPEL MEETINGS, Suoday and Wednesday evenings, 7-33 at Bwrye 2wi« 5 , 80s S-.nsef. All v,«corr,e. "Oirist died For In* trvgodly." (Romans 5:6). OFFICE CLOSED This office will be closed trom May U through Way 31. Frederk Theurer, D.C. FUN SUPPER at St. John's Church -n Elizabeth Friday, Way 21, 5.9 p.m. Adults SI.». Children 6-13, 7Sc. FEEDER STEERS and fjpifers for sale. Athw Corces or Mel Ccrdes. Hennir.g. Mhvi. 583 2154 or M3 M03. FOR SALE Sorrel mar*. Call 7367739 5:00 p m or weekends. WANTED: WHLL-broVe riding horie ior leenage g;rl. J3J-9356. FOR 5A1 E; 10 flead Holsjein heifers and sleers, 300*50 its. FOR SALE Farmaii Moc"ei A rrac (or. Arlen Kaarstick, Pe-lican Rao^. 663 M2?. FDR SALE: AC 190 XTO, cab. 3 po'nr, dja:s. P.T.O., 1900 hour?, very c'.tirc. Used iS'.'i ft. AC nrsLnted field cu'tivator, good; 5-16 John Deere semi- n-.o'-nt &3-N, mode! U5H, real good, IS 1 -) Ft. Ac 7200 series, r«or.oriicr>ec, A-K Kulzer Eros, Rutland, N D, Phone 663-3-4?]. FOR SALE: Side delivery raVe, i bar. Coop on rutber, in good cor.tfit'on. R6i-5i93. FOR SALE disc hHlert to lit cultivators; used 4 ro*cu:tiwa:ors, in front and rear mount; New Dakoo i row rear mo-^iis, corr.cHcte wirh rolary s^:elc5s; machinery of all TOWN BOARD meets at TfwwJ.ijem Hast. June 1, 10 a.m. to 1? nocn to review assessment. Cyril Pttwscn. clerk. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE 1973 Ford Galaxie 500 4 door hardtop, air conditioned, power steertng, power brakes, engine neater, super shape, very reasonable. ?36«fe. 1973 MONTE Carlo, factory air, tape and gauges, bjcket seals, TA radials, mags, sharp, S3TSO. 633- mi CAMARO Type LT, excellent Condition, tow mileage, sharp. Call 739-7968. FOR SALE- 10 yMiTng stock heifers Also 15 Jeedsr pi$s. Arv d SmeoVud. Phor.e 7*7-25x1 TOX-0-WIK OILERS, dairy, b«f and hogs. Frte icrvjc* and delivery wlih your inseciicide order, 1501 Cedar, AJexandry Minn. Prone 612-763 6849. FOR SALE 2-yearoJd registered Angus bull and ? yearlings. William J. Ano>rson, Rcuie 1, Ferg.s Falls. WANTED 60A.R p'g, 300 pounds or b«ifer. Delmer wiik*. Parkers Pra'ir'e. Phcne 338-9143. FOR SALE Hereford ccws with calves at Vrde Pfcone 716-500?. FOR SALE 1 Hereford rxHI, 3 years old. 1 Koive'n heifer to (restifn firsr pert of June. Fredolpfi Swenson- 7*7-25*. JOURNAL ADS hririg r«u'1S' DAIRY EQUIP. DELAVAt DAIRV and Clay Eq-jipment. Sales and service. Johnson Repair. Brandon, or Pfirham Co-op o:i, Pertiam. WINPOWER P.T.O. farm *!and-by generafors For (re* oo the farm ar.a! y*i s write or pc.wi P U 1 fn V/inpo*er Services, Inc.. Ulfn, Mirji. Phone 718-596 8426. SURGE DAIRY equipment Ml« and service. Contact us for all o YOW fla'ry needi. Henn'nq Surge. PATZ BARN cteaners and feed handling equipment. Funkhouser Efluifwnenf, Oalton, Minn. Ever.'rvgs SfV B142. EXPERT AUTO tAf m '%^i&i^% WAXING POLISHING, INTERIOR CLEANING Phone 736-6818 Sniii"" 4 ' ' " N "' h °' 1»3 VOLKSWAGEN. ,1»00 ,*. .. : !5U altn- 5:H1 connb^ne, cab. cutting parts Meiroc pxkip. Louis Nordick Roth;av ta-im. BUY. SELL. Sv,ap, Trad^ - yo Si,i«"«. """ "" "» rni MISC. FARM TRACTOR TIRE vuKamlr.g an repaying. Proo^pt service. Call e 650J. K and K Tire Setvict. SOFT WATER: JJOO garons pt load, delivered anywtiere Hairaays and Sundays, S2.00 foa exira. Call WIIKI 734«ls cr 69li. Mrs. Obert Houg. THE WADENA "All Crop" SiJ features colored roofs, swfn plywood doors. Equipmeti Packages. Call 431-7S77 tor mor LET'S GO Iht best, both Jiaylaj ar.d silage, Se* the latest . eatures. go Rochester Si'o IrK CallJci-jiscn Repar Srwp. 73*394 dealer m Elbow Lake. JAMESWAY POWER cftor n eauipmenl and parts. Hennin Surge. CUSTOM SPRAYING — W«l 4 crop spraying of all types wit Spra-Ccupc. Call Dona Bergeri;d, Route *, Fergus Fall 734501S or 7344IS8. FOR YOUR concrete work Polebarns, garages, etc., contac Bob Ncrdick, Fonhome. AWnn. 7M tiu. WHEAT SPRAYER wilh 30 fo< booms CIS A or B John Deere, 21 gallon galvanized steet stocx tan Call 847-23;* after 5:00. FOR SALE: Rough hard*oo lumber. (!!!) 3M-MS1. THE QUICKEST way la Se acylhing wilh a kpw cost War.i Ad J FOR SALE UST.-, Salaxie SCO. b«i offer. Phone 5S9-SS5I. FOR SALE: To settle Esjale, 1970 Cad l!ac Sedan Devrile, tuoo J "none 734 Ml! afier 5p.m. Wrile 1 Peul Cust, W9 N. Court. Fergus Fa!;s. 1»74 FORD Pinto, aulomatic,3 door, excellent condilioo. 739.V351. j 1971 CHEVROLET Caprice Classic J uxir hsrCloP, V 8, auloiralic tranvnissioo, power steering and brakes, power windows, cruise r conlrol, vjiyl roof and air. One- .j Ford 5a:es. Oaill- Lake. Mirln. . MINNESOTA : MOTOR CO. Used Cars and ' Pickups 1975 Nova Coupe, V-8, automatic, radial lines, power j sleerine, air conditioned, 12,00« miles, radio. o MT5 Vega Wagon, automaHc, , radio, lop rack, power a steering, steel radiais, 12,000 • miles. 1J74 Chevrolet tmpala Woor, • 350 V-8, automatic, power steering and braits, new tires , SS.OtfJ miles. , 1S71 Chevelfe Malibu Moor, Vs 8, automatic, radio, power steering and brakes, steel radials. ' 1911 Vff Transporter Station Wagon Bos, radio, 4 speed, air i conditioned, 52,093 miles. • 1J73 CadiDac Sedai De-VLTJe, . loaded wilh ocllons. n!n< .BBWJ?TrM icaiher wats - TRWKHKS BJUJWCCD From ]j inch to24.S inch CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 739-2261 FARM FOR SALE WILHE1M D. NEUMANN ESTATE Bus* Township T. 132N.-R.43W.-5thPM Section 33, NW SEV« and SEVi SEU Approximatfly 170 *cret. Contact: Gary Neumann, administrator Route 1 Fergus Falls, Minn. USfD PICKUPS 1974 Chevrolet Custom Deluxe 'i-ttu, V4, radio, automatic, psner steering and brakes, new tires, 2t,MO miles. 1974 Chevrolet Custom Woo pickup, 3» v-8, J speed, power steering and brakes. IJTi Ford Ctetom F1H pfcknp, V-8, automatic, power steering, ZS,N| miles. 1973 Inlemadoul LS 11 'i4oc missiM, power sterrLM aad brakes, radio, U.ttt milo. Mire (i CUnse Fm Al«aj-s the Best Selection In TV Otter TaU Empire MINNESOTA MOTOR CO. PHONE 7JW3J1 RUST PREVENTION lor your new or near new car with 'guaranteed RuMop Corrosion Proofing at Minnesota Motor Co. IWi DODGE Oarr Custom 4 door wdarr, )l4nt six engine, automatic tranimisslcn, power steering, tferr.o *;ih 4,000 miles, you can r«a1l|r!ivefiunc>rWiofSHIonthrs one. Fergus Dod9«. FOR SALE: 1975 AMC Pacer Deluxe, air conditioned, power sleering, power brakes, AM-FM radio, radials, 10,030, full warramy. 734-301S afjer 5:00. FOR SALE 19!S GWC Blaier, 4 wheel drive, excellent. 4953440. FREE BUS lor Minnesota Molor customers leaves for oownlown Feraus Falls every 15 mtnules. r:M a.m. 10 * am. and on the hour - 0 p.m. FOR SALE 1975 Bobcat Wagon. VI, Po*-er steerir.g. power brakes. 1),000 miles. 739 Mr Wast sell Soon; __ FOR SALE Mustang Gfiia 1974. air conditioned, radials, Eoaded, $3100 ;M 5483 between 8:30 and 4:». YAMAHA MOTORCYCL£S-B«t *I/IO<K Big Woods Yamaha, 7M 3039. TWO BRAND new 1J7J Dodge Oart S*injer 2 ooor hardtopi, slanl six wgr.e, automatic transmission, power steering, one with air. Going at close-out prices. Fergus Dodge. mr 2 ooor Plymouth, slant i, new starter, clutcn, valve ioo, 1550.00. AUTOMOBILES AUTOMOBILES \iu FORD. tm.<x. tuim. I9U DODGE Polirl Ki.liOfi. J34 Oil. in excellent LIKE TO COOK? Beautiful new kitchen in Ihls 2 story, 4 bedroom with formal dining, rec room and tireptace. Moen Really, 7JSOT6?. or aller hours 4714) or 44354. PLEHTYOFPLAYSPACE For Youngsters, near McKiniey School. 3 bedroom rambler, Q'g storage attic. Moen Really, 73a iW, or after hours 67141 or a 4354. WHY LOOK inroosn all the old homes in (own when you could own a new Wausau home. We provide a complete selection from (20,000 and up. Come down and loot al our model home or give us a call. Chrlstfansons Inc., Elbow Lake, Minn. 211 685 4W. _ X-ECUTIVE RATED 3 bedroom, sjH.MevM w:m formal oming. den with birch (.'replace wall and a 4jn guest bedroom. Moen Really, 7346)65, or slier hours 6 7141 or i 4354. E44I WEIGHKG VALUES? „„_,,. . Looking for your money's FREE HOT-LINE Service. Wthave u; nr th9 Tti-_ (a u. . -..u ., ii. a direct wire with over JOO uito- J 0 , 1 ? 1 "K" taXe a peeK at this truck and tractor salvage yards In 3 Ddrm, rambttr. Features a 7 states. And oiler tew mileage nice lot .formal dining, Ue. kit , drop-in motors to 1973. All makes ,j, ta( L !_™ rf ^rm and sues. Car and truck [fans- l : t "f 1 " 3 ! *BJ- rec ; rm minions. Car and truck rear ends, at Only (35,000 F.H.A. REAL ESTATE SALES AUTO-REPAIRS WALVATNE AUTO Repair, your economy and quality muffler center. Exhaust and tailpipe tending. Lifetime guarantee. f>l<! jIi-3212,321 West Cvstavus. AUTO PARTS carcuretors, aulomalic trans informal and buffet Lge. llv. mission kiis, shihers, wheels, rm. w-fireptace. 4 bdrms and "> maintop steel siding. TRUCKS 1974 MATADOR, red, black vinyl roof; po»« steering, power brakes, 30,000 miles. Sell below book price. 7»-»!4. 191! OLDS Cutlass»me 2 ctoor hardtop, vinyl roof, 350. automatx, power stwing, power brakes, air conditioned. AM FM radio 60 000 m^les. Ashby 747-22W. 15W VW 3 door Station 'Wagon, top carrier, new engine, new brakes, 2 new radial tires, 18 miles per ga:ton. ii, 195.00. Cain «12 524-H04 after 5:00. NEW W76 Dodeei'.Kupson hand, Vj-ton, >» ton. Club Cabs and 4- wheel drive models, immed.'ate delivery. Fergus Dodge. l»4 6A1C lignl and medium duly trucks on hand for immediate delivery at Super CMC Truck Sales, Hlgnway 59 South, Fergus Falls. WJ CHEVY Luv S?,000. 754 W 7. 8«t offer over 1?S7 FORD XL 2 door hardtop, 390 V-8, ftjod Code, f.rst ««. Ashby 1?S?CHEVY impala 2 ctoor h.ard'cp, 327 V.a, automatic, below \v-k Ashby 747.??83. ^ 1¥«-Z ton Chevrolet truck, new motor, 14 it. box and hoist. Will be soM on auciicn at the R0$er Ga&bert Auction saieon Saturday, May 21, FOR SALE: 1975 Chevrolet Qipyfone i wtiffrt tfrive pickup fully eqt-ipp«*. 318-9«-39)7. 1973 FORD V 3 ton pickup, V-8 cruiseomafic, power steering, radio, 2 tone pa'nl. Stan Moe Fcrd Sales, Battle Lake, Minnesota. . Convenient to schools . . . Mid «'s. NEED ROOM? Here's a tension-free 4 bdrm. home for the growing family needing elbow room. Kingsize formal din. rm., guest-size liv. rm., 2 full baths, 2 car garage. Within 2 blocks ofElem.,Jr.,or ST. High Schools makes this a fine investment for you. $34,500 F.H.A. Eiistad-Larson- m Mann, Inc. srl- ins. MM PHONE 736-7591 After of tice hours call: Vcrn F. Jotasoa ....... 73S-3050 BiUBeru-ens ........... 739-9038 DYNAMITE DUPLEX . . Roomy mamfloor aparrmenl wjlh super k'toim. Pjnrted and carpeted livmg room. ExcHlent closets Compact 2 bedroom upstairs apartment for added income Miller. Realty, 417 N. FriBerg. 73*. 3531 or 734J51S DAISY FUDER Estate Sate. For sale on bids: Duplex al 415 N. Union, Fergus Falls Living room, d nino. room, kitchen, bedroom and bath deiwi; living room, kitchen, bedroom and barn i.p. Single garage. Combination storms and screens. Sale date: June 7, l?76 Time: 1:30 p.m. Place: 415 Narth Union, Fergus Falls. Tor more information, bid torms and to inspect, call 736476*. Right is reserveo lo reject any or all bios ROOMY AMD des r rabte oWer 3 bedroom Korths'oe. Cozy kitchen and lamily will enioy. Price is S28,OOO.uO. Call Joe Jorgenscrt Realty 736-6f03. Evening!, 736-7J13 or 736-3222. Member MLS. NEAT 2 bedroom Korlhiioe. Enioy the large lot ana beautiful Irees Priced af only 112,900.00. Call Joe Jorgenson Really 7566(03. Evfti:ngs, 7M2II3 or 73*3222. Member MLS. NEW HOVE on good fishing fake. Elecfric heat, I 1 .? bains. 100' ot sandy beach. Can be C.F.D. 29 percent down. Call Joe Jorgenson Really, 736 6W3. Evenings. 73* 3813 or 734 3222. Member WLS SCEN1CSETTIKG Oyertock'n? Hoot Lake, carheoral ceiling. 2 woodburning fireplaces, 2'.^ baths, 2car garage. Moen Realty, 73669««. or after hocrs 6 7141 or 64354. WHAT'S NEW? This 3 bedroom bungalow with 2- tar oarage, striking oak cabinets and woodivork. Trade yours in on this one. Moen Realty, 736 6969, or alter rctrs 6 7141 or i 4354. Fer jis Fails (Mi.) Iciria! Bed., May 19.1976 REAL ESTATE SALES SOUTH UOA lakcfroni Nerver 3 bedroom. &*cfpl.ondl to' and y.ew Will cons'ttcr rCTM-ng 1\ZWt3M. THREE BEDROOM fimtilef type. liniyiM basemcni, central a-r, tKCeiiw, ccrwMion, ar.d cttiiraliir- located tor SCHOOL For dp poiniir.fnl call 7]4 <594. LAKE HOVE. Oiler Tail Like, parti a 1 ly completed 3 cwroom year rcvn3. Near Balmsral Coll Cow?e. Priced in rr.eio* 30's. See or call Joe Jorgenic.n Realty, 734 6?03 Even jigs, ttlttttor 736 3332. Member MLS. COMPLETE SOMEONE else's dream, N.E. counlrylld* location, bfawiitiiY lamftcdped, lower it vei of 2*>*0' split fover. Comer lireplAce, 1 Dtarocrr.s. diuiwavw, carpeiecf arid draped. By appeal mem, Miller Really, 417 N. Friberg. 736-3S31, 734651S. ECONOMICAL HOUSING in a good neigh Dorrtcod. You/ decorajing know-how will transfer this 3 bedrocm Level lot with garden space. Garage. SIJ.SW.W. Wilier Realty. 417 N. Frfcerg. 736 3531 or 73S 6S1S FOR SALE 3 bMroom and den. new carpelir.g. Completely insulated b3;emcnf also. BasenriWl paneled arvd carpeted, large lot and tfiade lre«. Phor.e 7364S13 after 7 p.m. COUNTRY ATMOSPHERE North-vest of Ciiy, SFO»MS 3 Mdroom iptii-fevrt, ? car anached garage. Moen Really, 7346969, or dffer noyrs «J7Ul or 6-4354. TRAVEL 1S7J CHEVY V-6 ISO. 4 4» a^lomalir. ann. gxa Ashby in.fsti. 5Man runner. VH OLDS Delta «J : door hardtop Aaby la-nto. _ 74 FORD Gjljjiie s». : *»r hard- lop. vinyl roof. V 6, automatic po*er steeriig, power brakes, >-,- ojndit^Hied, car lixe new. i?375 7592*76. •75 PONTIAC Catalir.a 2 Ooor hard :op, V a, automatic, power steering, power brahes and sir cond : .]kmed. 7W-2476. 11 COUGAR, V 8, autOTOfic, poww yeer ing, excellent condit ion. J2300 7J9I476. •7» CHRYSLER New YorKer 4 door hard!op, Power steering, power brakes, air conditioning. 739?476. FOR SALE 3.6 H.P. Chrysler motor. Curt Forsland, v/all Lahe. N E. corner. FOR SALE 1?4» Chrysler New Yorker, air, power steering, power brakes, power w'noows, excelUm condition, S750 00. 7Ji.<ai9 AIRLINE TICKETS and reser vat. r ons same price as the airport Darby Travel Bureau. 736 S424. LAS VESAS weekly departures Downtown cr en the strip Treat yourself 10 a fun time. Call us at Darby Travel Bureau, 13t-snt. AMTRAK. IF you l*e to travel lei surely. takelheira'n.Weare the area represpntaliye lor Amtrak Call us tor reservalions and l.tkeis. Darby Travel Bureau, 736- LEI US make hotel and car rental reservations in advance lor yog anyplace in the world. {No service lee). .We have complete hotel txatws. descriptions and rales tcr everywhere. Darby Travel Bureau, 736-5474. Ir YOU see a cruise, tcjr cr vacation advertised in a Metropolitan paper ihal catches your eye, call us. The price wHI be the same and if will be much rrore Conven-ent for you at Darby's. We represent every cruise and tour company. Dsrby Travel Bureau, LOW COST — twsl results, mat's Journal Classified Advertisings AN OLDER home wl.'h young ideas. Room for yoi.r favorite books. A screened patio for summer comfort. A place for that office af hcme.3Dedrooir.s, bath a. '^. Built- in dishwasher. Across the street from Jefferson anddown thehillto High School. MMIer Realty, 117 N. FriWrg. 7363S31 or 73S6515. UPDATED OLDER 3 bedroom in Underwood. Surfaced s.'rc-et, all assessments paid. Miner Really, 417 M. Fritwg. 7363S3lor 7366515. SUPERTUNITY Brand r.ew 3 bedroom bungalow nestled in nice settled area, fairly close in, hurry to p:ck your carpel, don't worry about selling yours, tradeitm. Wvjen Really.73a.6969 or after hours. 6-7141 or 6-43S4. WE HAVE more buyers than reuses. We need listings for 2-3-4 bedroom" homes. For prompt, cuneous and exper;enced service Slve us a call today. Nto*n Realty, 73d-«69or after hours 736-7141 or 736-43 S4. 3 6EDROOM furnished cottage on Deer Lake. Knolly p'ne interior, CHILDREN WANTED For this 7'/i acre farmstead wiln uptfaledstoroy 4 bedroom home, 2- car garageandoldbarn.on Fergus School ousroute. AV>en Really, ;36696?, or alter hours 6-7141 or 6 43S4. NEW SPLIT entry decorators dream featuring unlqje floor plan, Mlf> levels finished, r.'i barns, double garage, wrap around decx, best locdti&n in Fergus Mid sxfl's Call Jensen Realty if you've been thinking new home! 739-3381 eventngs 73?-2SCS. 7367636. URGENT Bona Fide buyer fo, n e»er > bedroom home. Prefers farge wooded lot. doc*le garage. Will Pay ip !o 553.000. II yen/ nave, call Enstad Larson Marji. Inc. 736-7S91 A.M. A4O«B|LL Co. Real Estate Fergus Falls. Ptx:ne73«.S466. Alb'n "Babe" Wvjrri!!. .' »- t2S.900.00. Dale Erks Really, Box 346. Bailie Lake, Wrm. S6S15. Phone 21BB6481U. _ NEWLY REMODELED 1 bedroom IVi story f-ome, attached garage, U2.SOO. 7J9-2M1 after 6. ROOM TO SPARE Four bedrooms. Three baths, large living room, family room and all the extras that give relaxed and comfortable living. TAKE A WALK- GO fishing, or jump in the lake. Do plenty of all three in this nature-lover's paradise. Insulated 3 bedroom year around home, fronts on Stalker Lake. Well worth UK 20 minute drive from Fergus Falls. We'll be happy to take you out to see it. Doo't be sorry tomorrow Call us today. Your MLS broker PARK REGION REALTY 325 West Lincoln Phone day or nite 218-T3S-5616 COZY 3 bedroom hcir.ewlihgarage. Nice Soulhside location. Reasonably priced. Lake Region Reaiiy. 7JS-54SV, of after Iw'.rs IK an. NMNNESOTA > \*ST REALTY .233 £3U Uncurl of F:CE pHoift :36-ttJi 1109 MitcheU Place 4 bedroom, K bath, great location. 541 West Cavour 4 bedroom, Hi bath, dining room. , lit West AdoVphus 3 bedroom, rec. room, fireplace. 3M North Broad way 4 bedroom, newer carpeting, rec. room. 1336 HiUcrest Court 3 bedroom, fireplace, large rec. room. 703 North Broadway 3 bedroom. Buy of the week. "23North Broadway 4 bedroom, new family room, new carpet. 210E.Vernon Duplex, gorgeous interior. 512 West Lincoln 4 bedroom, steel siding, fireplace, huge kitchen. 308 Soath Lakeside 3 bedroom, great Lake Alice location. MS East Fir 3 bedroom, 1W bath, large lot. 1323 Foo thill (hurt 3 bedroom, total electric, double garage. EVENINGS: JUDYBOUSHLEY- MOK RO.VBECKEH- S-553S BONNIEHOVLAND- (-3489 BOSS IS Color him Bob is out of town alt week at meetings and we're running me place. We're having our own sale and making deals you won't «.l le «, e , ! T 'T ade - ins never greater! CHECK THESE DEALS ON OUR SHARP CLEAN RECENT TRADE-INS! W5 BUICK APOLLO 4-door, V-* engine, facfory air, only 6,000 one owner miles. Like new. Hundreds less! 1975 CHEVROLET 4x« *i-ton Silverado, air conditioning, one owner, sharp. l»73 FORD LTD 4-door, facfory air, very clean. Ore owner. 1*74 BUICK LESABRE ' Luxus 2-door hardtop, tilt wheel, speed control, factory air and much more. 1972 LTD BROUGHAM 4-door, gold metallic, factory air, on* owner, 42,000 actual milts. Radial tires. 1W THUNDERBIRD Woor, luxury car with all the options, very clean. 1J74 MERCURY MARQUIS Brougham 4-door, air conditioning, power windows, tilt wheel, low miles, uses regular gas. 1973 MUSTANG Mach I, V-S, automatic, power steering, copper metallic, sharp! 1974 MAVERICKS (3) Your choice. All have automatic, power steering, factory air conditioning and more. Two 2-doori and one 4- door. Book values as lMgnasU02f.Owprke$ as low as 124*5. 1»7J CHEVROLET CAPRICE 4-door, factory air, tilt wheel, speed control, power seat, power windows, one owner, local car. Radial tires. NE SALE!! 1972 OLDSMOBILE WAGON Vista Cruiser, 9 passenger, air conditioning, very pretty and in good shape. 1970 PONTIAC WAGON Catalina, automatic, factory air, ready for vacation. 1971 FORD GALAXIE 4-door, factory air and only 54,000 actual miles. Very clean and priced to sell. )»74 CHEVROLET NOVA Coupe, V-8, air, automatic, power steering. Priced betaw book value. 1949 MUSTANG V-8, 4 speed. Specially priced at $m. 1961 CHEVROLET MALIBU 4-door, small V-8, automatic, power steering, good second car. 19«B CHEVROLET CAMARO « cylinder, automatic, power steering, 55,000 actual miles. This one wont last. 196S FORD FlM Pickup, V-8, automatic, clean and runs well. 1973 TOYOTA PICKUP Economy pickup with camper topper. Hard to find and priced right. 1972 AMC GREMLIN One owner, economy car, 6 cylinder, low miles. CHEAPIES! 1967 DODGE 1M» OPEL WAGON... I9HFORD t»O CHEVROLET Vi-TON 19M OLDS, 4-door, air.... HMFORDWoor $99 $69 $S99 $329 . .$279 "MOORE" TO CHOOSE FROM! ALL UNITS PRICED TO SELL! Huge trade-in ilommxs. You've hurt people toft about us! We're ready to deal GET SOMETHING GOING WITH "THE GOING CONCERN And we're open Wednesday and Thursday nfehts unrl 9:00 p.m. to prove it! BOB MOORI FORD-LINCOLN-MERCURY 326 W. Lincoln, Fergus Falls, Ph. 734-7515

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