Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 21, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 21, 1928
Page 2
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GKATI^lIDJ:. 'Froi^ tobm to rooiui WftD.llngorlng 8t<ips I move, • Touciiin^ tbiH sift of lifuuty, - And that, for comfort glvea: Tliaakhi) for ibene, ' . -But most of all. For yoijf great Jove, Abuidanfly bestowed; That oloite hau made for mo Within those four walls, Eartii'8 heaven. —^Amy Barron Leonanl in H OU.SP- - hold Uagazinoj Lederer. Miss Alma Hodaon uid Dr. J. eoweriby •wire guests: ' Members attecdlngr ""rere: Mes- dainns R. J. Mnttacrj E. L. Cook, P. O..Benson, U Lchmaii, 6. A. Bllm. J.-X. Biirnside. Lewis Thbropsnn. E. \% Lewinnn, U E, Pearre. Bcr-r! Jh» Anderson. Jtiilph i -MfKinncv. Dan Fiy., Oporgp L'-deri-n, .f. H. .Sowerhy, J. \V. >'ui |kli6nser. <.'. W. Smitli. C. H. Davis.-Fanulc.Moi'ris. Ml«s Uo.s<« n «id and Miss Ella Hall. . • " H6slv«sp<> to Sauthtrcs( Itivislon .Mrs. O. !•;. Craven aiul daughter. Mr.-. .I:uk Craven, won*. lio .Tti 'y.'!*;.'* ThuiT .lay afternoon to tli« mem- hcTA of the rMvision of THE lOLA DAILY BBG18TEB, SATURDAYk^ TW AiTested ;DorpthV^$la^^ IiDSIiies<> and Professional H'onien -.Hold plmier and ^leetlnK The busina^.s and professional • women bl Tola held a dinner at 6:30, o 'clock last night at the .Por.ti . land hotel, which e >ghty-two wom- - ". en reprbsentiiiR fifty bu.sjn<>ss nrms attended. lilisB Viola, nilgilrno was the songr leader and Miss Dollie Ad' am^, ebairm'an, announced the pro-' -gram. Miss Lyndith Cecry played \ v.a.piano selection. Miss Jtose Frantz gave a violin number with Miss '!''Geery accompanyini;. Dr.' Lucy Hull talked on "Purpose"; Miss ! Alice Miles,on "Eligibility of Mera" bership".,- .jMrs. Ethel Langley on I "Size and Importance of the Club": 1 .and Miss Luella Varner, "Finance." Great. Interest was shown in an . {mn^ediaie organization of a club aiid Dr. I.iiicy Hull. Miss Luella Vcm^r iuici.Miss Viola Dalgarno rhvere appointed a couimitiee to draft'a constitution ti) be ; acted . 'oiwn at ^^h'e next meellnK. [; Pavois iWere given bv the lola Crc.imerr, A. W. Beck Furniture i Store, i'Slace Drug Store, Wolf's ^eauty Parlor and Sifer.s Candy ; Company. • The following were prebWJt; Misri - Viola Dalgarno, Miss Dora K; Lansford,' Miss Rose Frantz, .Mis.s Alice Miles. Mr«. Helen Smith, Miss ^ Maude Mclflnney, Miss Dosia Al, ford. Miss Esther.Kratz, .Ml.«s Lyn. dith-Geery.i Mii^s Hazel .faoi filtis filee riub J Here for (V >n<:ert .1 'I'hc young ladies who make up lhv,Girls^,iGilee tllub of the College of'Emporia arrived in lola this morning from. ' Humboldi. whern they sang last night. They will giVT! a conreri 'at the Presbyterian mi-'' "i nn- ipumun.-.-,!, i/i.i:>,«ii „. church this evening at .S o'clock, i ihi« LadiiV .\|d society of ili<» First for which no admission: is cbarg<<d ' cliimh in. their home at and lo> which all are iiivlted. Tlif Jy"' .'^outli Wiishiiigloa avenue, following are the namesi of tbos'- \ .Mr.*. J. <). .Myers; chairman, was compo.slng l|ie party: ; , in cliarg<- ami plans were made for Dorothy Gibson. Cbanute; Valda ' future Work. .Mr.s. W. (Javin Coltrano. Council (irove; Dorothy coniliicteil tlic devnilbnal period K-innihiirgh. New York (Miy:. i)oro-' uii.l the hr)Kles'^(H were assisieil by thea Smillil Ida .Mayes, Martha Par-; .Mr .5. .loe Littriyl: in -serving re- rlngton. V<irnelle Hirscliler, Helen I frf-.-limonts. Ilovsard. iluth Ueehle. Alita'Duvis. Alice .Allvord. of Emporia: Louise Herniifsnn. Trinidad Colo.: ..Margaret Viar, Dunlap: Vlrgini.-i Ward. Belleville^ Adeline Harper, Ponca City, Okhiv: Helen Everett, Lamed; Claire Harner, Howard; Helen Titus. Council Grove: ^rginia Blue. Altoona; Marian Hutcliinfion, Garden City: Eleanor Barifett, Pratt: Faye Schloesser, Fredonia; Olga Hiobert. -Mountain Lake. Minn.; Miss Pearl Pickens, director. • • •;• )Inrrhi!:e Announcement ; Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Hitter an-' nounce tlio marriage ., of their I Enterlninv N'orllieast l>ni>!«>n daughter, .Miss Xeva Rittcr to Mr.' Airs. .1. E. Elliott eiiiertained the R. A. Po.sch, of New. Jersey. \vhi«ii; .Vorllieajt Division of the l.,:idies' tonk place Saturday evening )>} Aid .•••ociefy of tlio First thrl.stian Kansas CIt.v, .Mo., the llev. Hr. MOA'I . church Thursday artrni!)on iu I HT ers of/the Linwood Presbyicriail ' home at .'CM l-Ia-i .latksoii av .iiiK' church officiating.' .; I .Mr.-;. Gifi; A. Dej-ohangli. < hair- Tlie bride is a professioniil hac-• man. OVIT tin- m-eting terioligjst, having held tlie posi-'and plans were made to hold ;i tion with the Consumer'.-* Leigu<? doiighnui. .'^aie'mxi Tliiir<(!.iy ai of Kansas City,, .Mo., tor the last | the < liureh wih-re ih.- d umiuiii!;: eight., years, ti-stiiig milk and mill; { will h - jn.tijc. pnKlticlR. Bh<! Is a graduate of the *• *• lola high school and liniversity of Circle .MecN Circle :.' of tlie l,:i(;!e.«' Aid so<-ie- ty ol the First .Methodist Episcopal church met Thursday affer- aoon with Mrs. C o. Ilubcr ind .Mr.s. I'aul .McKinney in tlie home of the former. : Tiie meeting was; preside,; over | bv the i.Hsident. MK S ! M. C . I-acey i aiidMrs^JWalter Maudlin led the! j devoliiijiiaf.-i. Plans for tin- yi-ar's : .work Jwere di.'.-iissed. IJclrifsh- ' :mea:s'werc- nrvej lo fourleeii ' niembers. OLD CARLYLE (Ida B. kelfi^.) After"- k Ibngf Illness oC intense sufferlnK Qfts. E ^tb Nortoa passed Bwaf at t^ Iionie;o^ her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. E. 'Russell, Tburs-^ ^y.jnorhinK. Although it is so hard 'to say "good-1iye"-it must be a comfort to her loved ones to know that she will suffer no more pain. By her kindly disposition and patience, she endeared herself to all who waited on her /luring; her sickness. funeral services 1 n», -Mr, an* Mrs. Carl AniSfersoii and'Bonakk MrT ani iCn^ ^WiU De^ aiiit faM7' Mr. aod Mrtj. Boy Perry and itataily, Mr. andi-" 3trs. WlU Coillnf and family, Mi>. and Mrs: Ray Myers and Madeline, aiid Mirs. LCe Oeer and fhmily, Mr. and M^s. Rtjbyrt Beaman and Haskell Howell-, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cady aiid boy.s, .Mr. and.-Mrs. Charley Hovner a :na Mildred. Mr. and Mr.s. Walter Duggan. There were 75 In- a^l who enjoyed the oyster supper. = I The S. B. A. club ^et all day wer,e conducted' at the Russell Thurs;day. Januarv 12, wlt^- Mrs. home Saturday morning by Rev. C. pi„y^ Parker. A "finW dinner was G ;" Hamilton u.sihg the text. "Pre- enjoyed at? noon. The i^-omen eldus fh the siglit of the I^rd is quilted a liuilt for Mrs. I^fker. the death of His sajnts." -Most of, following men went and helped Mc Pafker shuck his c-orn: .Mbert How-ell, Walter Stewart, Charley • Rejirrick. Ed Eastwood, Will Deer. jWaltcr -Buggan. Floyd Ha.ves. Ancfl Perry and Wijl Collins. They sflucked about 300 bushels of - corn.. These two deputies of Genesee county, Michigan, a Hotelltng of Owos.-,o, Mich., who later cttntessedJhe k Dorothy Schneider. They are Mark tailthorp!) (le Munger. G.OLDEN VALLEY .laii.i 17. -i-;. I!. .'.l;i;i!i.'< k i.i.rl'- :i l.'Usiiivs to K;i|is:i> CI > .Mnii- \V <:;.|i-i! l >;i:i- vi-i:' ; .->,f ;;ii.iv \vi:;i .lohniiic .-^t ut, v ili,- ji ! • 'I 'lie !iidi-iii-iiii<'i:i-'- cii;') u;;v.- -.I'.i ! 'iiijiiwr Sii!iird:iy < v --ii:im ;:l I ti!!- liomi- ..f \\T. .M .--I i;. ii. '.v .-nTiiis •.•.\U'..v\\-- vvas i<> I luiv: iifi-ii liiiriiv^- Till- Iriliil.iVi liiit j oviir.; !:i -.i,.:!!! '.- J::, :i?i.»- I'l .ii.- it V.:.- i.ii-'p.nh li 'Seventh Hea>en?' To will ;)e shown jiti loia at the 1!V. I on flic play i.s said by all ihe finest pro- it- i-vi-r screen- M'diiian's Itelief ('or |K .Mecl -i Tlie ri-i-.iilar meeting <<1 iln- Wo- tnan's Relief Corps; was hi Id yi-:- -.!Vi -I. Kansasj .Mr. Poscb, formerly tif .\ew Jer.sey, i)^ a prominent chemist of Kansas City, 'Mo., mainl:iiii-i lei-dav iilteriiooii iii .Meiiiori:il In.I! ing his own laboratori.-s. jw;itli the pr. sj|li-iil. Mrs. 1. W. Uii: •> • ifi <-!i;ir'_'<. I Harlan Thumas Clmpler , flener;!! ortit-r.-- from lie.i.lrnMr- I Melds I'le Supper : .j |;"'is>.r<- r^-iid :ind .'.i.siii-^ed. If. Knoles i m.-mln-rs of the'' I l:irl:in ' was ili i i .l. il lo hold iicii.-^i-.n. <l:iv i- im„_ v^^i<.A A w, I • M,..i t. •'i Thomas cli:!pter (I the • riiili -'l i diiiiu rs UirouglioiH ilii^ vcur. Hie WtnK M ci.llZ '"'•'••'•'••<'" 'I"''" i'i- M.r- fi.-i on- lo ;„ .:iv..„ K.ln -M .rv i -- I^FO'er.Mis^JWtoUred lelland,, ^.^^^ .^^ ,.,.„ , ,^ .\i..„:„:i:., i,;;,, I tilt; cliiiVcb. -Ml imnilii-i s \."Iio :i.'i- ill w.-rt- n; A. sp<'r-i;il altrai'liou on lln- pro- ].or!<-(l i>"iiir. Chariot tG Steelier Miss lov Her'b-i ^^'^•'^ humorous chaili iiili; Tw.he oliir. rs :iii<l one ..l!i. r SrS^S^le^ KolXr tr"" f'"f-" i- "•"••">-' * ' - Harpe. who.«!e servi(<>s wen- dona- ted-aiid very mueli appr.-. lut. d A Allcil CountV Rural and mate .tuart.t,. . consisting of .Mr..- SchOQr NotCS .Mr. .ilr- .J-vin I I.'l li. ;•; \v. ; V .-;,i:i.:,i . ")i .Ml -. i.-ii.i A li (' .wii:- i.- i-."!i< .-. •.\ ilii. l;:il: • .-^i v< mil lli'avi ii- i!ii- .-^i-n ••n' and :lic firft lime !•::;:.- Th.-aire T.\ion(; 'liiis rictnrc, i)a^, l.y A::stiii Sli\ini.-. riitii-s to lie one of ill! lions of ;iiiy lyji •1. T .tkiii fiiiin <;vi-.V ;;ni'le ir ts j l!f! rt'i-tio'i. and moiji- than that it ;. lij:-t none oi I I K- .-ipi.eal or .-: : I lM -!llIy of ihi- oii>.-,ii;-il pl :;y. TI'" ;'l.nio.-;iihi ii"• i<i Ihr Paris r. lOr- n'.:: • I''-.!'wlie'!• In- jdol of I lie . I .-t;,.y i< l:ii("i. 1... a'(-,n:itely <-arriod i u; i:' t;;i ?-.tU:i:;:- iiiil ihe pholo- j.I'hi', cffei;!:;. Tie stoiy fo!- restvd Adolph illed a-year-old t) and Henry ! the nelghlwr.s- from this community w-ent to Rronson Sunday afternoon to attend the services there, which were in charge of Deau Trout of Pittslmrg. lU- brought a very <-€Mnforting mes^ege to the sorrowing. The large crowd was a testimony to the high esteem' iJi vyhich Mrs. .Norton wa.s^ held n her i home community where she grew" ; from childhood. ;. Ml". I .fohn Par.sons i cousin of Mr.s. Russells drov.A from Kre- CARLYLE (Henry Loomis) C. I.. Roberts and children spent _ Sunday wiiii t'uir daughter. Mrs. donial 'Friday'mornitig to "attend'I^t^rt .AVarren r.f Lallarpe. Tiiey Mrs. Norton's funeral. His wife •'"•'l>«^'' •" 'o], .-.Yrien , fell, Thursday night and was un-' i^^'""""'« bnii.ilay o:: the same date. I able to accompany him. • Bvii \\airen and family returned i Mr. Russeirs sister. Mrs. Witt of ^'t'' ^"^^^^^^ lola. alsp attended the .\(yton fun- ^P^'-'"'""' the week here. .-. ..^iV.. •»« J ' »r<i7 J^''^- •^•'•s. C. G. Hamilton Be At Elite Monday r '^f;: • „ , and Lenore ami .Mrs. Upshaw, Vlr- r L-^'T "il'"l"*'",fi;^!'^ Ri!na and Ruby were the quests of iias .leen broi I ^""'"^y •^'"'^ bizabeth Ueber. j ..,„, ^,.5; yi,,,,; Peters of lola i Mrs. Jlargaret Giikeson and Mr>. all day Tuesday.. Ida Kelly attended the show -'nen Little Maxlne" Mumford has been Hiir" in lola last Tuesda.v. stayaij.: at Parkers as &er mothei- Mr.; and Mrs. C. E. "Sawyer are ' is s<^r:oii.-!y ill in the hospital at anticipating' a visit from ti'.cir lola. •laughter. 3lrs. Claudia Ciiristian i\r-: Parker and Howard May- and little .stju from Wind im. Kan-'fieb: are improving and hope to Siis. . i be abo'bt soon. ThejJ. .M. Kellv fandiv spent i Al-ribeth AppU-gnte cr^.ve ,a fine MomUiy at Edwin Keilvi and ihe !'I'-^''"'!:! ion Wednesday morning at men helped bntcherjf !^..l!.•ol of . thx?—Montgoraeiy Ward • • !iir;!:iii!i; in Kansa .y Cit.v .1 i Miss Julia WllllatjUHan; Dr. Lucy j Hull, Miss Ha Moerer, .Miss Amy]' J'ones, MlBSi Blanch Travis, .Miss ! Muriel Moore, Miss Ella Vezle, .Mrs. Dorothy Keyseir, Mrs. .Marilia Har-1 T: I .1:. . .1, (H.; 1 ii I v.ri'i .'Mt .-.ii.-. W.u.- k • • ROCKLOW r.\lrs. Will .Ian. is.—Mr. and -Mr^-. Wiil D .-Tr and family spent Sunday with 1\I;-. anil Mrs. Ix-e Deer and family. Mr. and >lrs. w 'alier ritewar! Andy .Ife.ldamM^ -Makes Itectort^ of «j»30 Biishels 01 C«m in F*««d Kins Dnrinjc Vear. v- : (Mrs. W. E. .Payton) COLONY. Jan. 19. — Here Is a record for Corn Week In lola that should not be. overlookecL for possibly it is not to be excelled by corn grow-ers on bottom laifilp' or any other: Andy McAdam^, Lone Elm. planted l."iO aer^. of' corn last spring and- in " the! fall- hired all of it husked, weighed It in and then cast up his toial for the season ami hail f>:lA\i bushels in the feeii hius. or an average prp- ductiou per acre of a little ov;!r 41 bu.shels for the 15u acres. ;^sems. like a mighty fine avera.?e o £lgood grade corn lor Kansas upland. Mc.-Vdams is feeding it and i lot more to cattle and was on'tl e K. . C. market the last of the; week With a load thai netted 'a iilce profit though ihey were not 'long: fed nor of the luavier and .fancier type of catth-. .Mrs.' R. S. P.rooks has been in' Kansas City this week visitingher sister. .Mr.s. Cociin.n and famils. Harold Boone wlio uniVerwenCan operation for apptndifitis a-co.uple of weeks a.go at tho Chaiiute hospital, has not bv-tii doing welLand .Monday it was found necessary to have a second operation. iHis condition is very critical andi Ills wife and parents. .Mr. and .MJ-s; S. B. Boone are with iiim. .Mrs. Vi 'in. Varner took hei^ moth-' er. .Mrs.^.lohn Turner, to |lola last Wfilne.sdav for nn-dical tr;eati]i)E'nt. , Mrs. R. Otto De- Of -the .il. lan,('Mrs. Ray Hale. ^ 'i"aru„.. <on>•-.•m;^^ rir -iH*. ^fhnnr X< LeaviU. M1S6 Ruth Masden. Mrs. A.; H^vn"nd Hay.s. . U-. ti, I'.ns- l .tdat hCrtOQl iV( " H. Davis. JjllBS Flo lll.hardson.,'''y- V'"'' •'" ^' ..-i, , .Miss LeonaltfcPherson, Miss Alice i ^'•\";!-',' ^'•'^'^; ,. '••"''•''•^ •••I"""' for me - Menzle, Mlas Dorotha- Freeman.' Mi.-^s l.avon Kisli. r a.nd-Lonrih nionili show an eni-oi!in.--ii -Miss 'Lissa Armacost. Mrs. Minnie \^^^' , ^'"-^'-'-^ .aiertain.d 01 L.piU'ils. W A^x number . B. Alletr, yirs. M. J.iRumsey.'5»" -^o = , l^'"'" '^"''>- •'•-'•/v,r» i.,-rl.rl •Leonora Moore,-Mrs: C. L. WashrL! ^ ,*•' 'l! V** . ... "> .•.ii.mlan.-.- i„st .\o. -u' r.pons 'Host to-Sunduy b<:h<ml (lass |Perie(:i aitenilanee for the month. Lester Cota, ofi :iU5 CampluU i-Miss VioIit'Samp is th.' teacher .street, W:LS host last ni.iiht. at a jTw.-nty-.sev.u teac-bi-is report "no rook party for, hi:^ Sunday school jiardies." The rcjioris show mark- class and teadur. ; He was assist- 'd improvem.-nt i:i ilu- visiuuion ed by his mother. Mrs.,Anna Cola., "f school officials and parents .over ill serving refreslimoiitK 10 tin- the last month's reports.; foilowiu,^ present: » i Si von official visits; w-n- madi- Reid .Ma.xsoh, Albert liiriS. How-'tlie third monili. while IS^ offii-iab K. I-., burn, Mrs. Miiy Stover, Miss Grace Kinney, Miss i Clara Harris, Miss , Grace Reno", iMIsS- Elsie Masden, Mrs.' Estella^unston, Mrs. Frank Bell, Miss Dorothy Menzie. Aliss Irene MenzEe, Mrs; Zella Freeman, - Mrs. Ora F. LeaVitt, Miss Ella Bosti wick. Miss :inez McKibben. .Mrs. Travis- Morse, Miss Jean Dalgarno, MIsp Ruth Faust, Miss HelenjWll- ,11B, i Mrs. Flora ' C. Adams, Miss - Blanche Rein.sberg. Miss Minnie .Armstrong, ;Miss Thelma Maddox, Mrs. E. Vatt Hyhing, Mrs. J. Paul ; Bell, Miss Fleda. Robinson, Mr.s. .Madge FancoasS-Mrs. Myrle Ayl- ing, Miss liiiella Vamer, Mrs. J. -; v. Arnett, Mrs. Kathryn Clevenger. Miss BtaAcbe Ford, Mrs. Sel- ma CastatOf,' Miss Lillian Diivis, Miss Lotta Yowell, Dr. Mila Hayes I*e, Mrs. .Ethel B. Langley. Miss • Pearl Johnspn, Miss Mary Faust. - Miss Ethel Massle, Miss Mildred Mark, Miss Irene Ponsler. Mi}is .Ireiie Smith.'Mlss Dolllo V. Adains. M^s. Bonlta;Wynn, Miss Julia Ir-f ;.^t' ' •^^•;*>' • ^ ' : —Speicial Bnnday dinner, noon ond erenloir.r&Or, i .1ir. Kelley Hotel. Bridge Club £nfcrtuln.s Husbanils' The members of the Wednesday Bridge club entertained their hus- btuids with a •covered dish dinner and bridge liarly last night in the home oI'Dr.', and Mrs. O. L. Cox, 421-Souti AValnut street. am: !-;vi .-I- flO'M ••: i:::l -(i ; li:'--i. , ( ( M. :..;i f.:.-. -,. il.:- ttt :i ' .-;^-.ii! ./V. ; .-i y- : l:a.. Ij' ,•!: L'U' :. a«i-i::. V,.-. \:..\. •tin- jiiii;.!. .IK. I ; rl-ari' i 'ii ,1 . in -i!:iy. -i -:;i;i:r and :n .i".' !.;a- :... was pr' ill! If m;i-; !i;iv.- i .UOO'i l.ltj (:;(.\ <,;* llrol.if tl'.Uc; '.j ; on.- ami afiL .r. I'Ir.y. till M iiy li<.iuli|i-niag the ju- ti 'i est • ;i ;;d adding .:r<-atly 10 thi .I'll : iriinin;; valin- oi ih<- picture. Tl>'- . liai;i,i^i riz .iiiiiiij ol llie II oi- iiif-pired, .i;.!ivi Ci'vilor, 111.' win.nmie. i.i'iy gloHfii-d - T 'arri -ll,' who • •i ^-'"-!|-!:iy r-: a:./ ^;^i.; l| ' ; I'.M.. :.:.ii IV. t'l'l! Ill" , ii::.!il. i;.-.! am! ti , 'ill IM ." ai'd i':ha:'l<"! .1 .1- liaiiil-Miit'i-. «"_'Aii-(i( :il. )iein-r- ;iil Jhojoiii'iil.v! |.,valiii- -Ctil- • laiii • I'i ;: ...i:'!.r !,::<- ill .r ;.fill'il • k. .il 11;- 1 •! I' U .i^; •: ;. .11 I i''..i'f wiri;. 'iincrs ' Wll'.ll tl;" r.i iil.-s jh" two . a'> I ini'Iuili-^ Ujli i: I' I. Vliieri <;r;:ij. i;i: i;..ii>;i' Slmi'-.; Kii \i :'iT.' .Mosi|i(ilii lln:-.-l. Frank liorzagi- dii] dtii -tioiK >: Reed - For - Gc vernor Club,:Is Organized Hi.dg- Cil.v. Kans.. .Tan. 21. CAP) j .\ Keed-ior-governor ! «riraniz.-d ar Ford, near, here. H. ard Bowen. James Reid. Merwia Hiuson, Wilbur Clark, Charles have visili'ii llieir schools durin .i.';.: ''"-^ the fourth month. Likei^-ise re- ^'''n^''^' Caldw-ell. Junior: Sutton. John i ports show an , increase 'in visits Brazee and the class tc;u-ber. Mr. Inom parents. :;i; for the third B. P. Heigelc. ' inontii and :m for the fourth mimfli ; Visitors to special pVogi-ams an- IlrotherliQod Clasg Meets Inbt ipduded in ih^s numb.r. The members of .Hlie. Brotherhood ' new piano lias been plju-ed in class of the First Christian church. ' the -school room of Diist. .\o. lU— taught by .Mr. J. D. .ludab, met 'auglit by .Miss Kcita Sherrii:_ Thursday niis;ht''iii the .social rooms • -^li-is -Mcfiuire and impils arc now of the church. sc-ttleil in their beautiful new The chis.4 wa.^ addres.sed by the building iu I'rairie Dell, pastor, the Rev. J. Lee -Iteleford.; <>u- hundred thirty volumes liavi' .Mr. A. R. Stroup. .Mr. Lafa Lane i been aildi-il to the rural and grade ^ -^'1^- anil .\lr-. I'iirl; (••il-in. and -Mr. Fraiuis Aiider.son. i sihool libraries during tlie last J'-'- '^^i' i!i:!;ii>ii. !•. . After the clasiH business was]"'onth. .Moran leads by tlw uddi,-i -^'1 - i""' -I"-^- -1:1 kn: n-:iii«i<'in.l llii.i',- u-.ivc 11 Knctnl liniirllipu Of til» voliiuies. Priiirie Hali. • 'f V. Ail.-uns lirim». I I 111- sa!.- b .;c .iii-;i' I'i.rr.' an.! iari-iv an! hi- !>;'.r- ' :its. .M:-. .M; -. A I 'i. are mn t') iii'iV" (''la:-). .-^^lil. il!.. Ill niai^v 'till i" iini:!. i-'!-i":iils n.- prea! ili-ir 'i'.-.y 'iiv.- {.!;- ni-ii' )>; :.-i;;'.ii ir ly. lii.; i-har;'li :ini! siirl;.; ;i.i t i\ i; ic .\i.iy Ii'-:ilt'l. ii;ip ;i ;iii ~s a.iii'. siii'-.-o-- a--iin.i ilii 111 in 1 in ir m w. !; m.-: .Mr. am! Mrs. I-.ayj.! .n.-i J.i. Tismi I p.:.'i'.allied i'ii;- --.iimi.iy ;.. r :.i...i.ii!:-^ Air an! ^!r•^. rnvi- ('•vi;,:! ;: M! -,III, .Iiss Mr. :inii .\lr-. riiri; C-ili.'in. 1-. iI:n-islioj-n ifi lire " 1- trau.sacted there- was a social hour in which the member."* of the church chorus, which held a rehearsal the same night. -A -ere invited to partii-ipate In the refresh- ment.s'. • •> • Hold I'Iciric Supjier A pici.lic supper was held last night- in the home of Miss Florence White. 610 North Washinglnn ave-. mie. till' girls afterwards attending; the basketball game at the high tipn .\o. lit, taught by .Miss (;iine. i placed 22 volumes iu lliHr library. ' Bight teachers report smaller ad- ' ditions. Seventeen districts are ' SOUTH A>4DERS0X (.Mis. Anna .McDow.lh i Jan. li.- Till- hoiiM' warniin^ a; reported as liot having as yei com-: j,, .^|;„„ (.,„„„^. ! plied with the library aw -i a lull da,-. Thi i::i:-,. :.n.:„.iani-. Floye Collwcll. Dist. .No. reports her entire school i::i I showed a licari.x appici i:i';ii)n of , , , , , , -^^ Mlie ideal day. Tin' i!"or stood lios- haviiig mndi. a perfect record in,„jta,„y . „ spelling for li.- month 01 Decem-:,.,, j,, snnsliino: torm-.r .stnd- ber.. Ihe lol owing important note ;a,^, ,.,.,.,„.rs. so loim s. pnrai- was overlooked liom .Miss Coll-• ..J i,„,ns ..v.ri' n-n s. — - ^ wll's third month's report: '"Tin-.^ • ;„,.,. -r . Favors at-bridge were given to,(.l;U-k.. M,ss 1-Va.u-es ( ^j^.;,,^. ^^.^.^^...^ ^, ^ , _ , ^^^^^ wefe: .Mr. and Mrs. 11. H. Shei;.-! K"'Vi'e Kidgcway. Iman, Mr. ami Mrs. Paul Klein. Mr.,' - ^ ^ and -Mrs J. K. (^ornish, .Mr. and •'"'•t Noble (.nind (lub lleeK .-X visit was made with the rural han'r'coin'' .school Mipervisor to three schoids. , .'-how,! iiislKd liiiir' Tlu' members of Circle 7 of the, noon Ladfts' Aid society of the ^First Meihodist Episcopal Church held a one'' o'clock luncheon and meeting Thursday in-the liome of Mrs., AV. SJ Fees in the Country t'lub dis- So. .•>2. Skyi-oiket, No. tiO. and ^ 'i he members :.ttemlnig were: , y,,,,,,.,.,,,,, p;^, ^Mrs. Ruth'Ht'ss. .Mrs. Inez Wison. \v:u-ning spoke in high- Mrs. HazeJ kigcle. Mrs. ( lara ,.,..,j^„ „f „„.^,. .„„, Elliott, Mi>:. I>elia McMurra.v. Mrs.,,,,. „.ork tliat is being done iu .a. li iKlhel Armacos!, Mr.s. Josie Goi-s, - ^j.^^.^. ^j^^.^., i,i,.,,„i. ^ trict -ivith twehty-twt) inembcrs ; .Mr.s. Alta MenzK-, .Mr.--. .„„| „„ibuiIdSiiKS. school and the following guests attend-!-M'Wred Moutiromery. Mr.-t. ^lary.,,,,;],.;,,^ ,.,,„j,„„(,,jt ;„i,i I ing; -Mrs. W. O. Kinzcl. a former j H.UI. -Mrs. .Myrtle Grove. Mr.s.' ,,„„i]^ In each place the dlsi-oiini / member: -Mr^. C. L Coldsmith andiHatfie Kerr. Mr.=. Metta Swinfoid. ,.a,jn. on walls. < urtains. and lack Airs. J. H. Bdtler. of Oniaba. Neb. iMrs. Hattie .McKariiin. Mrs. Khoda supplementary tlillow. Miss .lulla Williamson anvl nisiriois .'.2 and n'> have nfv<r Mrs. Carrie Frodsham. ' •:• • - i„ tiic^e idaci's are very (Irslroiis ; |I»or<--i< Class Monthly .Meellnir of making'them standard. School The monthly meeting of tlie hoards are also willing lo do thi-ir j.,.,!,' .' Mrs. G. M. ftrover,. president, was in charge of.the meetin'g and Mrs. C. B. Crick -.was thq devotional leader. Tea itowels were embroidered and there was music for entertainment. ; , fj • •> !•> Monday Scliojul Class Party i The, 'Alisses Ine^' and Evelyn Goddai-d wen? hostesses la.s-t night to tlie members of Miss Ada. Ruth Hanson's Sunday school class pushfin ill Mil- 1 ;:;•:; ami nof butli-r ishonf;:! I'oat liii.. Th;it :i railroad, riiiis tioiu.K. y \V-.--! to iiavuna is | diif tii till- skill ill cm.-ii'.ii'.ing di-^-^ itlay.-d in I ,rinL -in:; liii.- ir-jiit to ri'.ilii:jii<i.i. i-ilis \\'n- i !i;v.ii and I'll iiiirMi I'.'- i.ijl.- :--.: i'l.i; iiMkes it |;o.-'.iiiti.. to !.•'• :rii:ii Key \\'<:', aloiiv 111- 111:11:1 I'l ishiiid.-i of the san;i-n ;Uii". 1.:. tr 10 i l.-.v:::.;.. Cuha is ::iiciiil I;:. si ,:i- of i'tnnsiyIv::uia, and is vory iiiixliK-ii-.-'- :inii liiickly pi-op'. 1! :ii-ip;ils th<111. i'i;iviil Kui'.\s liroi-kwell, U- Chantar.l, :iiid nr:llldoji •ciid' the pi-O­ .Mrs. Iteid. hiy dan.u'htei-1 •Iloli-omb. and son-in-law. .M' il:i' y.liik.s w-i;re out lo Wiim-I Vo.-.s. wire here llii" first 1,1- ><i:!id:;y for dinner. :.wet-k and made :i short \lisit w-ith AUs. i li-.: .'•nliiilu.iii iij boariiin;; . .Mrs. Ueid's sister. .Mrs. cjian Denr ^•.).:;f of the S:inl:i F.- Jlien. ;ton, and oib'-r relatives.-T^c'y were 'till' ICi ••- .\Ir. Hamilton aii.I Mrs. Icnronie 10 ihfir iionie at I ia::iilti>ii. ;ind .vliss M:trtniaii af-icity. atler having Ix-en in Kansas len .N .-d the .Wrtor, tiiiit'ral al V.ron-. City wlii-ii; ,\Ir». L 'l .-VojS is in a vei-y g- , — -he Mrs. Ida .Mil-burn, .la.s.'-ed aw-ay : lli-ri!i:in Hobi-rts and, Kaynionil t first of itn'-wiik .to liethaiiy bos- Monday noon. Til.' fiitif-rai w;is !-N'ichols h.aye been on thi- si<-k list, j jiital in Kansas-City, for medical held I'uesday :ifii-rno:)ii • ;.r i!i'.-' Knifene Hoke ;inii CiTalil Hoke idiai-'nosis ;ini] trcalmeut. j„,„«f. • :•)( Toroni'i have i-!:roI!ed -.ii the' (Jrandnia I'arroll, lor many years G"-n(- I'air-a'i-k of Sgialoo].. (iki.i . •''i^.tb :i;iil iliird eiadt-s respi-i live-i a ri-sideni of (•..lony. :ind who had who has bren'visiu'ir' his liio 'i.;- 1^' Tlii.s iiirikc- ;t tntsil -nrollnien: I ,^pi nt th.' last iVv.- iiionlhs of her 1 ^, j'ows liie plax itsi'l . bringing! .sppnt Tuesday with Mr. and .Mrs. ! ^"'i 1 ;>-<I .Siin.i;i.v. ,\!r. 1 lamilton. hospital ;uid will sindrrgo a ver , •" ie;i; :M ;;i:il v.'i v. iho^i' things that Krank Haw-kins. i b:i 1 i-harin- of the sr-iviceb at jhe jseriou.s opvratinn of bone graS^l j^' .liMiiii! ."Illy be talk" I :r)out in the .Mrs. Coleman, ag.-^ mother of 1'eni>'terv. . . .Mrs. f, H. .lolinson went th 'l:!'i-;ai till' lionii' of her daughter, .Mrs. I.i.'iniis :iii| 1 liildriii vi--ii-; Aii :•; P. 1.. .-\d:inis. ai Garnelt, pass- i-d I'l'i |)::H'nl.-- in Gi-nev:! last'ed ;i-.vay Tni-sil;i.v aii.! ln -F funeral .-inmU.y. 'i.<-i-;irri'il Kriil;iy morning, with I«l- T!'!' ill.nil- Woi hi'i-.- • :ii «• nii-et-| li riin-nl utad.- i:i ;i cemetery vat iiiL- :ii till' inans'- today. j Aniiot, lii-sidis In-r daug'iter, ivs. . j Carroll li-avi-s two son.-i. Mi Car.\ g...>d many p.'ople are liapp.i.'; roll (,r Colony arnl v,-sta Carroll iii-laws. J.i-(. and Will I) iurn,>d home Ti.ii-sd:iy. Mr. and .Mrs. U'iilti-r uiiggtn 1 and Clair. .Mrs. U'ii! ^)iii:;:a:i ;iml .Mrs, Willis Gib: on w.ic Ciraiiiil.'. visitors Monday. .Mrs. Jake Rearrii-k and i-hiidii-ii ; ii-ft Tue_'.day morii-in'.; for : .Anderson. .Alo.. to'make their honie. They are moving to their own i'.irni. Air. Uearrii-k w-ill go later. Tlie S. M. club entertainerl it"; | i_ -.^ --- , husbands and f;niiiiie< wj;h alii -fb-.m white rags wanted at the ; again decided to make Colony his ovster suppi'v at th.> liomei of .Air. ''''"-^isier offh-c; will pay lOo lb. j home and will'hold a public sale.'• aiid -Mr.s. M'ill Duggan. the I 'ol- ' ' ' ' — lowing were present: Mr. :|ad Mrs. Albert Howell and Flossie. .Air. and witiiouL .'•-i.ving niiii-h about it. Biil nil many jieople are j miserable ih;ii -way. : ; of Newton. Wm. Minckby. who moved back' to his farm a couple of years ago aft.'-r living in town some time,- has .Airs. Floyd Parker ;iiiil ifarjorie. ^ Mr. and Ml^. Walter Stewart atid Rus.sell. Mr. and Mrs. Ed East- dub is- being I wood and family.. Mr. and .Alr.v. Charley Rearrick and family. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Rearrick and fam- iileni. " where savings are greatest SOUTH SmE SQUARE lOLA, JCANSAS J , , , l >.-o(>..i. !'!• si'!' !'.t Clnliilp.^ wil- ;l..H'n standard, but teachers, „, . ,..„,|., ,,r.,Kram uniiini; ti.e iv.u I'lnnirir ., ; Karmrr,< :n l!.ii;;.iul hive a dif- iii idea :.liO!',t r.ii.-iiu', iioL -a from „ , , , , , wha: our farm-r.^ hoid. Tin-i'i of . -"- J^"' '^'^'"'Vj. Holland •.•.„>), -.he h.n:s ev.ivdny ">J ,lint caller at this office, and whil. j.,.,,,, .->.spur •here presented bis resignation as f.,n,ier:. ke .'p tl„ ir e,v!ii|,:.if.u .]-it- is .-^'lip- Dorcas class of the Baptist church ;part. •.vas hold Friday afteruoim in the ' •<;,'. homo of .Mrs. Joel Griffin. .North AVashington avenue. :]„.r^. |,re.seuted his resignation as Devotionals by Mrs. R. I. Math- ..[...-k of Dist. -!!.. Mr. Wicklnnd er opened the meet lug. ."Ft held. .Miss Dprothy KraU and Miss Ixjla I Belle ilewett were guests. The hostesses served refreshments. • Tlie following members were present:' Adji Bills, Opal' Haney, Louise LeChlen^' Roth • HUcbcockj EsOior Hitdicdck;' i Thelma Cd-i blentz, RoberU'^en^ Olennis Veii- hri, Anna WtiBan. Cleone Reade. :Btttb Roe and "Slinore McKinney. and "Fatty Lewis Takes a Friend mfnts to these places have been Home to Dinner," Mrs. J. AV.rHud- made but acceptances have not yet son. The hostess was assisted by b&en received at this office. Alpm- .Mrs. J. AV. Funkhouser and Mrs. jbcrs of schoollioards when moving C. AV. Smith : in serving aJ two- course luncheon. '.Mrs. Jl M.- Gear, Mrs! 0. H. Ball. Mrs. 'Harry Griffin, Jklairgerct Griffin. Miss £lora Lehman. Miss Elizalieth Lederer, Miss Margaret from the district, should turn in their books immediately, that there be no obstacles to this biggest of all hiislneaseR, school work. MISS DOLLIE ADAMS. County Superintendent. Bnnd PUl] la A) 'or 7 «BP _Prmstt-t- AtV <5r cni.oniit .iKM nuaoim ^&V^»£S? uUe^Salc-I.Bc.laU*. HarM«w< •»>n av UUKWUIS nahiKg i that You Wai Find Decidedly in Style, Too. i • * • • • •! , ^ou will be more than repaid—and eii'- tir ;ly delighted—rafter seeing these dresses." M:.ny, many smart frocks at prices you. hayen't imagined. You wm Be Proud to 0%m One-and Pleased With the Savings . "there is a place in every wardrobe "ejdtra" dress—of flat crepe, georgette origlisten- ing! satin. The styles are seasonable—and otir thrfre low prices famotisi : THE WORLD'S MOST FAMOUS RINGING ORGANIZATION To be in bhanute in person on January ^^Ist, appear|ng af the Memorial Auditoriuin, but you pan hear th|m NOW—and every day—right in your OAJvn home—on VICTOR RECORDS a)id the new Ortho^honic Victrola " {or ad Wotnen— ^Misses—Juniws ComlortaMeV^ii^ Coats Are-Wa irnly Furred and Lined- Priced Ap pealingly Low The Avonfan AI ho shops Avith us can go comfortably :o face the bluster of Avinter Aveajher—^because her,coat is interlined i^'dd varmly trimmed with fur. ' 'l;^'- Daytpoe and Dret* Coats Rough jspidrt fabrics and fine, smooth velours and j^iedes—never more outstand-. ing coat valvjes been offered—never greater opportunity to sava on a clever •winter coatl ; . N'- Womib— Miises Juniora Vofii Can Hear These Record.s At Our Store Ilani.Bam .\o. mil- Itirtlt of Bliies: fcneky Day '• Xo. 20110 Breezing .Vlonf? .Vnnnlifrfti on tfaei (ianire<. No. 19»6.*i' 4u.'>( .Irmind the Corner ,\<fe 20417! .M'ine iroiiid,ny • .\ 0 .20020 Blue Bivef Roam On, My liltie fiypsy,. .sweetlw^rt No. itism llalleliitaU In'a Little S.^aiii<>h To\vn No. 21l«fr : # >ola - .Vinoni; .My Souienir Victor records anil the .Vew Orthonhonic Victrola provide the. world's best enfertaiomcht in the horfie.

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