The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 19, 1958 · Page 15
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 15

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1958
Page 15
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, Tmrcm, AUTOMOTTVi-n SOME -CHRISTMAS BARGAINS i OLDS. "88" 4 Door (Low mileage, clean.) 1959 DODGE Coronet 4Door (500 miles) 1956 DODGE Coronet 4 Door (Sharp) 1955 OLDS. "88" Hardtop (The Best) 1953 DODGE Station Wagon 2 Door 1952 DODGE 4 Door (Exceptionally good) 1955 PLYMOUTH Station Wagon (Good) 1956 NASH , Ambassador (Like New) No Dealer in Southern Minn. Will Sell Cars of Comparable Quality For the Prices at At Which We Are Offering The Above. Cook Motor Co. 104 So. Main. Open Each Night. CHRISTMAS SALE Continues AT THE Thrifty Auto Corner BARGAINS GALORE! - 60 Models To Pick From Stop at the Little Red House Larry Haltom Buick-Pontiac •• USED TRUCK CLEARANCE Pickups: IM57 IHC Y 2 Ton — $1200.00 1953 Dodge -<4 Ton — Clean 19-19 IHC KB-2 Excellent. Harley D. No. 74 Motorcycle $325 2 Ton Farm qnd Commercial: 1958 IHC AC-162 2 ton—Like new. New rubber • 2 speed J2750. 1957 IHC SC • 162 L.W.B. — 2 Speed. 30,000 mile* - clean $2030. 1952 Ford F-600 . Clean. 1955 CMC - 373 - Nice - $1550. 1951 IHC L-162 . with Hoijt $575. 1950 IHC L-162 with body and hoist $955. 1919 Ford F-600 . 2 speed . c!«nn. 1949 Chev. 6100 • Clean. Tractors: 1957 VCO-205 lot. Completely overhauled. 1957 V-205 IHC overhauled - like new. 1955 R-195 IHC - 2 jpeed - 450 ling. 195-i R-195 IHC - New Guiran- tee - completely overhauled 1952 White 3022 - complete tractor - dean • $1250. McCORMICK Form Store Highway 218 N. HE 3-2344 YOUR IVIS SEE THE DIFFERENCE YOUR c OCKfcr BOOK FEELS IT. ' . * • (Inventory Clearance) '37 P«ck«fd Clipper 4 dr. Loided with equipment. '56 Pofd V-8 Vicfofta. Straight stick — Real dean. '55 Chevrolet V-8 — 4-df. Straight itick — Exceptionally nice. '55 Fofd V-8 9 *W W»«oti, overdrive, «dio, heater. '53 Dodge V-8 4 dr. Radio, heater, automatic. Priced for quick sale. '53 Plymouth (6) Wagon A nice one — ready to go. '53 Chevrolet 4 dr. with straight stick. Immaculate car for the money. '50 Nash — Radio, heater, overdrive. Only — $195. 41 Ford V4 ton pickup. Good condition — $195. Many Other Good Selections Hi-Way Car Sales Hl-w»y 218 S. — Open 'Til 9 p.m. Yep! They're Still Going Strong — Another '59 FOBD Delivered andtraded-inwasa: '57 FORD Fairlane 2-dr. hardtop. Black acd white finish. Only 18,000 miles. Try it — You'll buy it! FOBBTOWi Why Wait For Your Christmas Bonus? YOU GET IT HERE WHEN YOU BUY ONE OF THESE FINE CARS. 1957—Me>c. Hardtop with Merc-0-Matic and full accessories. 1954—Chev. 4 door Powfrglide 1955—Morris 4 Door. A real economy second car. 40 miles per gal on regular gas. 1952—rFord 4 door. A clean second car. 1948—-Chev. 4 Dr. 1952—CMC 1 Ton Pickup. SEE Austin Equipment Co. Hi-Way 218 S. Austin HE 3-8926 10-180 290*230 .........18.10, 230-2W ...17.80. ..,.,.,.,17.60. -10. ii- •••»••>.•W.20. 280-270 .........16.90. J70-380 1«.«0. ..» »,,. 16.30. ....,,., .18,00.. ..15.WJ... ASZO af« priced the same ia aowi of the writ wjt filiaarileaM'm fACKINf} 80*8 No 1 Nit. a NO. 3 .......15.40. 15.18. u .-,*«•«, ,14.90. WIM50 14.W. .13.60. .13.40. ufadlni WJ-300 MOX30 . CHRISTMAS SPECIALS! Used Cars at a Bargain 1958 Plymouth 4 D'r. 1957 Plymouth 4 Dr. 1957 Plymouth 2 Dr. 1957 Chrysler 2 Dr. 1955 Chevrolet 4 Dr. 1954 Ford—A Dandy. 1956 Nash—Cleart 1953 Ford—Good. 10 OTHER GOOD ' USED CARS Austin Auto Co. 215 E. Mill Open Evenings MARKET », _ ttttKf, the tnihvmtkt . 8*rto« out* were pitd it f »n. a NO 1, 13.09 10.00 17.00 ..18.00. ..17.70. ..17.40, ..17.10. ..10.80. ..18.50. ..19.20. ..1S.90. ..11.60 ,.17.30 ..17.00 ..14.70 ..18.40 ..16.10 ..IS'80 ..15.50 !50-up Stags under 400 . . . 15.J5.. \.14.85 . 15 00..,. 14.80 . 14.75... .14.35 . 14.50.... 14.10 , 14.00.... 13.60 , 13.50..., 13 10 . 13.00.... 12.90. . . .1J.SO. . . . 12.10 STAGS 400-600 ................ Stags over 600 .................. 7.75 Unflerflntshed cull or filled hogs ttst be discounted eecordtngly. An nogs are subject tn government in- 1958 SPRING LAMB MARKET Choice As Prime ........... 19.50 3holce NEW Stocks: Abbott L Allied Ch Allied Stri 54 Allis Chal 29 Amerada Am Can Am Mtrs AT&T AnacCo Armco Stl STOCKS YORK (AP) - 1 p.m. 68V« Intl Paper 116V4 17 3H. 10 4/V r-^~ -^— •''•••••••••••••••«*»*if tJU*lO,iXJ Medium 18.50-17.00 Common jj.oo down All buck amb» discounted $1 per hundred weight by grade. Umbs over 100 ibs. discounted 20c per cwt per pound over 100. VKAL MARKET Veal calve* of all weight* and cUM- » purchaaed . OholM 180-230* 2950-3LOO Good 180-230 26.50-28.00 Standard 24.50-26 00 Utility 180-230 Ibi 22.00-23.00 Choice heavy 240-300 Iba. .. Good heavy 240-300 lb». ..25.00-28.00 Dull* kll weight .... e.00-18.00 All caltea over 300 Iba. dlannunted 13 CWT Veal calm will be acoeptea tt Aua- tln until 9:30 a.m. Friday. Ro market — Saturday CATTLE MARKET 0. S. Prime ateers tt year"28* •• 27.25-28.00 0 s Choice ateer* & year- nUn ,S» , 25.25-27.50 OS Qoott tteera ft mr- n lln l* J," ....23.50-26.00 0 8 Standard s'eere ft - y*«rtJng» 21.25-23.76 All beirera 25 cent* to 50 cents CWT under ateer prlcea All ateers over 1,050 IDS. and helfen over 950 Iba. are llscpunted according to weight. O. S. Commercial Cowg ..17.00-19.50 U. S. Utility Oowa 16.00-17.50 Cutter 15.50-17.25 Banners , 14.00-16.00 Pat Bulls 17.50-21.50 ^g• Bull* 18.50-23 5C a ^^titemttff''** ^".:::::::::::::::::;:;:::;' 2 £ torn * •••»••».«..» «»•.. .96 SOUTH ST. PAUL LIVESTOCK SOUTH ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — (USDA) — Cattle 2,000; calves 1,500; slaughter cattle generally steady; load average to high choice 1,000 Ib steers 27.50; good and choice steers generally 25.5026.50; good and choice heifers mostly 25.50-26.00; utility and commercial cows 17.00-19.00; commercial and good bulls 22.00-23.50; cutter and utility 21.50-23.50; veal- ers steady to 1.00 lower; good and low choice 29.00-32.00; slaughte calves steady; good and choice 24.00-28.00; stacker and feeder classes steady; good and choice 842-lb feeder steers 26.50; good 797 Ib weights 26.00. Hogs 9,000; barrows and gilts uneven; fairly active; 25-50 higher; sows 25 higher; 1, 2 and 3, mostly 2 and 3, 190-240 Ib barrows and gilts 17.75-18.75; 1 and 2 hogs 19.00-19.50^2 and 3 240-300 Ibs. 16.50-18.25; 1, 2 and 3 160-190 Ibs 17.75-18.75; 1, 2 and 3 sows 270-400 Ibs 14.25-15.75; 2 and 3 400-600 Ib sows 14.25 - 15.50; feeder pigs strong, good and choice 17.00-18.00 Sheep 1,500; good and choice wooled slaughter lambs under 105 Ibs largely steady; 19.00-19.50; few good and choice 105 • 115 Ibs 17.0018.75; extreme weighty offerings down to 16.00; part deck choice 96 Ib shorn lambs No 1 pelts 18.00; cull to choice slaughter ewes 5.007.50; good and choice wooled feeder lambs 20.00-20.50; few 21.00. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) _ (USDA) Hogs 4,500; butchers 25 to mostly 50 higher; 2-3 mixed grade 200-225 Ib butchers 18.75-19.25; few around 230 Ibs 19.00; mostly 1-2 190-225 Ibs 19.50-19.75; around 200 head included at 19.75; and 29 head Is 200 Ib sorted for grade 19.85; most 2-3 230-250 Ibs 18.00-18.75; 2-3 260-280 Ibs 17.25-18.00; few lots 3s 300 Ibs 17.00-17.25; mixed grade 330-400 Ib 1 sows 14.50-15.75; 400-550 Ibs 13.2514.75. Cattle enough steers or heifers to test prices; a half load good 1,000 Ib sifters and heifers mixed 25.00; few utility 1,200 Ib steers 21.00; utility and commercial cows 16.5019.50; bulk canners and cutters 14.50-18.00; a few mixed cutter and utility cows 18.25; Team 11 BUSINESS END OF ATLAS — This is of a twin-chamber booster at left and the tree world s most powerful cluster right, a sustainer in the center, being in- ot rocket engines, the propulsion system spected by Al Smith, Rocketdyne Field ot the Atlas intercontinental ballistic Service representative, makers of the missile. The primary units are composed engine. (AP Photofax) Shelter Is Sought Via Christmas Trees FAIRMONT, Minn. (AP) — The •Martin County Conservation Club today proposed that Christmas trees be used to provide shelter and cover for pheasants. Secretary Ed Davis suggested that the trees, once their decorative function is completed, be hauled to the fair grounds here. Cooperating farmers then could pick up trees and place them in their northwest fence corners. Davis said the trees would be "•wonderful cover" for pheasants over the winter. An open fall permitted plowing well after Thanksgiving, with the result that fields are bare and black. There is little straw to provide cover for the birds. Police Arrest Suspect After Crime Spree MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A suspect in a Wednesday night robbery spree in the Twin Cities was arrested late Thursday, only hours after he had posted $1,500 bond on a narcotics charge. Detective Capt. Joe Rusinko identified the n>an as 24-year-old James Duffy, who was taken into custody without incident at his St. Paul apartment. Rusinko said Duffy had admitted staging seven holdups in four hours that netted an estimated $1,000 loot. Officers quoted Duffy that he staged the rapidfire robberies because he needed money for bond and to support his wife and two children. A hearing on the St. Paul narcotics charge has been set for Jan. 13. No complaint has been filed as yet on the robberies which included six Minneapolis' businesses and one in St. Paul. Goldfine Is Convicted of Criminal Contempt BOSTON (AP) - Industrialist Bernard Goldfine was convicted of criminal contempt today for failure to comply with a federal , By JOE REICHLER Associated Press Sports Writer i NEW YORK (AP) —. Jim Lee Howell looks you straight in the eye when he tells you that nobody—but nobody—is more surprised than he over the New York Giants' amazing climb into a first - place Eastern Conference deadlock with the Cleveland Browns. t the tall Giant coach watched his squad perspire through its next-td>last stiff workout for the big playoff game Sunday against the Browns for the right to meet Baltimore in the NFL title game. "This is not a real good team," he said earnestly. "It's the most determined, fightingest group I've ever coached, but it still makes mistakes and is still learning. I 500;' calves 100; not torn 49% 38'i 224^4 60 Vi 66^ Jones tt L Ken'cott Lor'lrd Lukens Stl 58H 96H 80% 72 Minn MM 108M- If You Don't Locate Just What You Want It's Easy To Place a "Wanted" Ad To Get It Armour 22 Beth Steel 50 Boeing Air 46Ta Case J I Celanese Ches & O CMSPP Chi&NW Chrysler Cities Svc Comw Ed Cons Ed ContCan Cont Oil Deere Douglas Dow Chem duPont EastKod Firestone Ford Mtr Gen Elec Gan Foods 29 66ft 24% 27% 50'i 59% 54 61 62 49% 75% 203^ 146 133V4 50 V« 73H 76% Minn P&L Mon Chm Mon Dk U Mon Wrd Nat Dy Pr No Am Av Nor Pac Nor St Pw Norw Airl Penney Phil Pet Pure Oil Radio Crp Rep Steel Rey Tob B Rich Oil Sears Roe Shell Oil Sine Oil Soc Mob St Brands St Oil Cal St Oil Ind St Oil NJ 32Vt 38V« 40% 47% SOH 22 27 112% 44% 77V. 85 100 38% 81 65% 47!i 68% 59 46% $7% Holstein and Swiss a few light canners down to 13.00; a few utility and commercial bulls 225 .-025.4; a7 e commercial bulls 22.50-24.75; a few good vealers 32.00. Sheep 200; steady; a few good and choice 97-103 Ib wooled lambs 18.00-19.00; light cull and utility 14.00-16.50; cull to choice slaughter ewes 6.00-7.50; shorn lambs not available. CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) - Chicago Mercantile Exchange — Butter steady receipts 460,000; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score A A Hustle, Spirit Marks Giants' Climb to Top LEAGUE BOWLING Bowling j Top Five AUSTIN COMMERCIAL and* ..........855 887 W&-J590 I Stage Bat ,.9SO 8M 8«l-*-2«0 ftlfler* 843 808 Ml—2W» 838 768 854—2347 Atutla Daily Herald 801 834 867-2502 Derby Bar .......... 741 870 837— &M8 Pioneer seed Corn -727 872 880— 24*6 Onlaa&den ......... 738 738~-3l«s AUSTIN (Minn.) HttAlO Friday, Ow. t», If II Notke bid* ..,«.««t»**«*...A87 ,.«t>,»ii<ti»<857 Colonial B*f ........ 747 879 868—2494 Auetln Floral . ....... 7S& «e 871-34W Mate'* Clothing ....923 8M 965— 2«o American tegion ....811 824 783—2418 Ohuok ttall ........ 800783648— mi Golf Club ..7«3 741 765—2266 Medlctne Men ...... 763 746 778—2287 The Olaa* SbOJ» ... .670 769 827—2248 CITY LEAGUE 981 898 Austin Sottl ........ 975 938 849—2812 OUgaM 8pOrt Shop ..879 833 Ml-^2604 befty'a Bar ......... <tt» 986 »17-a802 WoodlA&dor* ........ 933892943—3768 Smltty's Tavern ... .875 979 861— 271 i Klnney'* 66 ........ 955849868—2672 Boteford Vat. Oo. ..848986936—2770 MOOSE LEAGUE Pellotttttlp ..; ...... 744 756 6*?— 2196 Moose Heart ........ 734 803 787—2319 Unknown ........ ...842719808—2369 Pilgrim* ........... .732736818—2383 Moos* Haven ......909857803—2569 Legion .............. 804814803—2421 Unknown ........... 772 867 816— 24SS Loyal Order ........ 758 799 8T77— 2434 ICHO LANES HIGHWAY 218 LKAOUE HeUe te Roberta ....851 (43 7M- 24M 892 HIGHWAY 21* Olslaeon ........... ...... ....... ,.620 GF. Anderson » B. Ovsraon .. e. H»n««o J. Ungbeck ................ , ..... 606 WW tEAOUE C. WaldfOfl ........................ 13$ li. Dombrock ...... , ............... 833 A. Johnlon ..... ........ .......i... 823 D. NeUon ........................ 813 J. Parry ADAMS LEAGU& Oamu&deon .803 .060 D. O. Oimundaon ..............,,.'.624 A.' RuMby ....!'.'.!l'.!!i'.'.!'.'.'.!!'.','.502 D. Grace 487 ECHO Moose alslaaon , 809 Block ,.,..... 516 M. Anderson , 5W 0. Lenoch ., 512 Goldman 505 CITY LEAGUB it. Ostergaard seat«. three he«t««, til» Jt*fJ&, 7^rmme 8 piy wwir tattM 1 ~' ?. Moeratof. With oil ftlMt, * Of 8 oJT W0*270 «t«>t« " ' SubJMtM to ttOM. Ottltf Men At the ofechools. didt a« to be Mftt to Cleric, night!« ,..458 U Sorenion ..............!,i,.!'.!e53 r. Johnson 617 D. Ihrke ,,.,606 B. Katttnan 60S O. Anderson 403 COMMERCIAL LEAGUE ft. Chaff** S85 o. Olannow .see Carey 568 Hanson 559 K. Kneeskera .,.. ..,.,,538 MOOSE LBAOtE R. JarvU ..,...,.,., 561 A. SohimU S47 J. KaMlund MO D. Wfokoren • 519 Elkton 847 923— 3812 Pepsi Cola ., ........ 187 851 834— 4562 Coollnge Oarage ....767824747-4335 Trimble's Cycle Sale* 918 884 80S— »1C Austin Blectrlo . . . .741 801 7J2—2S94 brie Teaohen ...... 811 886 749-2446 Trtmble'i SheU ....837 7M 834-3441 Haruen DZ ......... 874 846 8«7— 25«7 Austin CMhway . , . ,734 74* 711—2114 1 tshley Dllt. Oo ..... 807 10$ 870-2683 JnJtcown ........ „. 819 788 743— 2349 ; vrw LBAOUC ream 12 ............ 720 745 70t— 2224 fenm 5 ............ |tU 807 809-2448 'cam 4 .... ........ 7)1805787—2333 court order to produce books of'56-51. Coe Bumped by Knox Five By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Coe College, co-defender of the Midwest Conference basketball title with Knox and Carleton, was bumped off by Knox Thursday night, 60-54, at Galesburg. The Kohawks were knocked out of the conference undefeated list with a 2-1 record while Knox took over undisputed leadership with its fifth victory against no losses. In two Iowa Conference games Luther boosted its league record to 2-1 with a 72-64 victory at Mount Pleasant over Iowa Wesleyan and Buena Vista rallied in the second half to beat Central, 72-61 at Storm Lake. Other Iowa teams playing Thursday night engaged in non- conference competition. Loras built up a 20-point lead and finally dropped Wartburg, 61 57 at Dubuque. Playing away from home, Morningside rallied in the closing minutes to beat Yankton, the Lebanon Mills, Lebanon, N.H., in connection with a probe of his tax affairs. U.S. Judge Charles E. Wyzan- ski Jr. handed down the decision. The 67-year-old Goldftne was acquitted on two counts regarding books of Lebandale Mills of Lebanon, N. H., and George Moffett and Sons Co., of Plymouth, Mass. Santa Can't Recall Last Year's Gift ARKANSAS CITY, Kan. (AP) Here's how a young Junior Chamber of Commerce Santa Claus fared with a little girl: "I have a doggy," she volunteered. "That's nice," Santa said.j "What kind of doggy?" i She hesitated, then: "Well, don't you remember? You brought him to me last Christmas." 60K; 92 A 60^i; 90 B 59» i; 89 C 2 CcSCS of Vodka, RuA^ * nttno fiA T3 Ofi\ ' . mi i"t ASII ' ^at ... ^ * One lain Satisfies DALLAS (AP) — Driver W. D. Haggard was relieved to know that the thirst of the two men who 59%; cars 90 B SOU; 89 C 60U. Eggs firm; receipts 8,600; wholesale buying* prices unchanged to 2 higher; 70 per cent or better grade A whites 40; mixed 38^; mediums 33; stan - dards 34; dirties 32'i; checks 3Hi; current receipts unquoted. NEW YORK PRODUCE NEW YORK (AP) - (USDA) - [nto his truck and drive away Butter offerings moderate; de-j The only items missing from the mand active; receipts 388,000; I $5,000 cargo when the truck was wholesale prices on bulk cartons found abandoned 15 minutes later i With (rrftfihi? rrpamew QQ cn/\^A /AA\ * ... . »* •»•• Dubuque lost to Platteville (Wis.) State 78-68 in another out- of-state game. St. Ambrose won its first game of the season over Illinois Tech, 70-59 at Chicago. Westmar lost to Southern Teachers, 85-59 at Springfield, S. D. New York Goo lie Blanks Red Wings By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS They said it probably would take a shutout from goalie Gump Worsley for the New York Rangers to beat the Detroit Red Wings this season. So Worsley did it. UCLA Hires Bdrnes os Head Grid Coach LOS ANGELES Wi - UCLA, has ! hired Bill Barnes, long time aide l of the late Red Sanders as head ! football coach. Reese Accept Job as Dodger Coach LOS ANGELES Wi — After a honestly thought we'd never get as far as we have. "When the season started I didn't thin^ we'd win more than four games! And if I had known about all those injuries I'd have said we'd be lucky to win more than two games." To what did he attribute the Giants' 9-3 record? "A great -defense, a good bench. Spirit, hustle, will to win, increasing confidence with each victory. Harmony and unity," he said. "It's a real team in every sense of the word. Every player is a coach. They help each other cheer each other, point out each other's mistakes. They make it easy for the coaches." Howell proudly pointed to team statistics which showed the Giants first in the league in defense against rushing and against passing. 'I showed those figures to the boys just a few minutes ago, said Howell. "I also pointed oul that our Jim Fatten was No. 1 in pass interceptions. They were mighty proud of that. They jok ingly referred to themselves as the triple crown champions." Gophers Face Dartmouth Six MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Minne sola's hockey Gophers .tonigh play unbeaten Dartmouth, a team loaded with eight transplants Minnesotans. * The Big Green expects to show Gopher fans no less than eigh Minnesotans, including four or five starters. These include Capt. Rod Ander son of St. Paul, Mike Hollern o Minneapolis, Rust/ Ingersoll o Duluth, Ryan Ostebo of St. Paul and a possible starter as goalie Tom Wahman of St. Paul. Other Minnesotans on the Dart mouth squad include Chuck Ritchie of Minneapolis, Jim Richard of Edina and Bob Moore of Du luth. The Big Green has beaten Nor wich and Colby. The Gopher bowed to the U.S. Nationals $• in their only previous appearance .877 730 677—3104 .7»1 7U 791—2330 .764 7M 788—2311 'earn 1 'earn 3 'earn 9 Team 3 957 7<7 758—2KB ""earn 8 1M B38 790r-23fl2 ADAMS LEAGUE Miller Construction 784 683 79&-OMI Bachelors ... i......732 813 633—237$ Rochester D»lry ... .152 S3« 68*-2174 Farmere State q*nk 783 761 729-^255 Adams Merchant* ..826 776 888—24SO Super Valu 099781767—2246 OemuncUon Bros. ..740 763 728—332f " " .688 691 770—3160 U ....802 753 711—2366 'earn 7 756753767^779 •earn a 76» 703 731—3100 'earn 10 679 748 702—2137 or all bids. Board of Muettim Dletrlet Wo. 4J7 ... tiAl 1 »08V<»,D, <Jlei* k Deo, 19, a».jfan, a Leffti Notk* ORftKft ton fnURtMO Oft TION con ADMn ttINO T1MB TO rOB RKAIttNO STAT* OF MIHNKflOTA MOWCNM*. ttt in ne tet»t« of BU ftUo known M Buth MMttMt IMnn- •rta, Buth Oreegtt, 'Riidi ItolMttz. p. ... 516 Legal Notice ORDER FOR BEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PEIITION FOR ' DISTRIBUTION. MATS OF MINNESOTA. County ot Mower—M. tn Probate Court In Re Estate of Belmuth Batuncart- ner. peoedent. . Th» repMttataUfe of tht abot« named Mtato having filed hu final account and petition for settlement attd allowance thereof and for distribution to the penons thereunto entitled; IT Ifl ORDERED, That .the hearing thereof be had on tht T2th day of January, 1958, at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court in the probate court room la the court house in Austin, Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication of this order in the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law. Dated December 16th. -1958. PAUL KIMBALV JR. _Proba» Judge (PROBATE COURT SEAL) WALLACE C. BIHH Attorney for Petitioner. Austin, Minnesota and Margaret Rirth RttUUte, Viet- dent, Albert RelMMt* hiring tiled feeMHn a p«tttldn for g«n*r»i •dfetfiUtfAtie& slating that Mid decMtnt died tt- t«gtate and praying ttm Albert R*ln- rte be appointed administrator IT IS ORDERED. That the beAHftf hereof be had on the 8th dtt^of anuary, 19S9. at 10 a'aloek A, Iff., before this Ooun in the probaW Mtirt room tn the eoun htfiu* la Adttta. AtlnnMota; that the tin* Within which creditor* of Mid decedent may tile their claim* be limited M JHtor month* from the date hereof, M»d that the claims to filed be heard on the 13tn day ot April. 1989. at :10 o'clock A. M., before tnia Court in the orobate court room in UM oourt bcrttw h Auttln, ^nnwota.jind that notlM irder la b» mailed _ ...... ____ Dated December 9th. «« PAUL KIMBALL, Jf Probate Judge PROBATB COOBT MAI) BAUDLBB tt BAUDliB Attorney* for Petitioner Au*tin, Minnesota Pile No. 11724 19, 26, Jan. i M it B Bar ''asbender Plumbing 707 811 765—2345 JoVinsburg 830 7S1 784—2345 Meurer Chec. ......790771791—2352 Schlssel Bros 770783705—2238 Clayton 744 817 759—2320 Mlllenacker Imp 795 764 81&-2377 Adams Creamery ....738 673 631—2092 Taopl Bar 788814713-3325 ECHO MOOSE Brotherhood 773 820 840—2433 Progress 775 803 83&-2414 Aid 754796738—2293 Unknown • .....764 802 762—2328 Charity ....684 740 682—209< Membership .........681 696 608—2074 Friendship 586672706—1964 975 693 690—2058 Notice of Lien Foreclosure TO: Rubin H. Fries 3712 Harriet Avenue So. Minneapolis, Minnesota NOTICa M HEREBY OWEN thaj on Friday, tee 16th day of January, Legal Notice ORDER FOB REARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOB DISTRIBUTION. STATE OF MINNESOTA County Ot Mower--8s. in Probate Court In Re Estate of Charles W.'Wllkin* also known a* C. W. Wllklns, Decedent. The representative of the there named estate having filed her Una account and petition for settlemen and allowance thereof and for dls trlbutlon to the persons' thereunto entitled: IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 7th day o January 1959, at 10 o'clock A. M. before this Oourt in' the probate cour room In the court house In Austin Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication of thi* order ti the Austin pally Herald and by mail ed notice a» provided by law. Dated December 10th. 1958. PAUL KIMBALL, JR. " Probate Judge (PROBATE COURT SEAL) CATHERWOOD. HUOHES A ALDERSON Attorneys for Petitioner , Aust)n, .Minnesota . • FUe NO.-1I671 Dec. 12, 19, 281 1 be given by publication of thl* in the Auetln Dally Herald «ad tiled notice M oro»ld*d by law. niuiwi «a*j rile NO. 11893 Dee. 12, 19, "is Legal Notice 38958 A 8TATK OF MWWmOTA COUNTY OF MOWER IN PROBATE COURT tn the Matter of the EstaU of Jay C. Hormel. Deceased. ORDER FOR HEARING ON PETITION FOR APPROVAL OF PARTIAL ACCOUNT AND FOR PARTIAL DISTRIBUTION On reading and filing the partial account and petition for approval and for partial distribution by the Executors, representing that all claims against the estate hate been-paid and settled and that, the time for filing claim* has expired tad praying for approval thereof and for partial distribution of the estate to persons entitled thereto as more fully appears in the petition; ; IT 18 ORDBRID that said petition and account be heard and determined by this court at the office of the Probate Court in the courthouse In'the City of Austin, County of MOWer, State of Minnesota, on the 29th day of December. 1958, at ten o'clock A.M. of said flay. . IT IS f'URTHBR ORDERED that notice of said hearing be given to "all persons interested by publishing this order once each week for three successive weeks prior to the date ot •aid Mid. hearing tn the Austin Dally Reiv 'a dally newspaper printed and published in said county, and by nulled nfttlce as provided by law. Dated: December 3rd, 1931, PAUL KIMBALL, JR. .Judge of Probate ,.PROBATE ODTJRT SEAL) !ATHERWOOD, HUOHES * iLDSRSON ' Attorney* for Petitioner Austin. Minnesota File No. 108la •";.:•• Dec, 8, II. 19 195»i (|t the hour of 0:40 o'clock A. M.. at the premises known M' 312 North Chatham Street. Austin,' Minnesota. t** .property hereinafter Describe* will fie so d at public auction to the highest bidder, for cash, to-wlt: 9?* ,"£?.P 1h « v ««JM> Four-door Sedan. 1053 Minnesota License No. SHOW Serial «o. B534108HS. Said auction saty will be made under and by virtue of Sections 514.18 to 514 .22, both Inclusive, Minnesota Statutes Annotated, »nd all acts amendatory thereof, and for the purpose of saturyinf the lien of the un- dersijned on *a7d automobile in «e sum of |2«0 M. *ald sum being for towing said automobile and storage on wine' from July SO, 1958. to the 4»te of *al4 sale, together with e«- peusea of this notice, advertising this notice and of said sale, all of the foregoing haying been furnished anc or Dated Deceralber 17, 1954. AD8TD» CAB COUgANT By*/ L. Z. PARm&« Preeldent '^^ _ Lienor s/ WfOB V. PLtTNICBTT. JH PLtJNKBTT <b PliuNKeuT Babcqck Building Austin, VUnnesota Attorneys for Uenor Dec. 18, 29, Jan. 2 Notice of Lien Foreclosure TO: sauabeth Poupm 205 Fresno „ Albert Lea. Minnesota NOTICg 18 HEREBY GIVEN that ?«c, rri f*.l ( *£* 16th da » of J* n u»ry. "M. «t the hpur of 9:00 o'clock A.M.. " «»• premises known a* 312 North Chathaai Street, Austin, Minnesota, "*• .? ro P««y hereinafter described W . 1U . »« sold at public auction to the .. j*B«»t bUMer. for cash, to-wlt: One IMO Hudson Sedan, law Min- Legal Notice ORDER FOR HEARING ON FINAL ACCOUNT AND PETITION FOR DISTRIBUTION. STATE OF MINNESOTA. County o Mower—«s. (n Probate Court In Re Estate of Norma Erret, Dece dent. The representative ot the SOOT named estate having filed hie (Ina account and petition for settlemen and allowance thereof and for dls trlbutton tn the persons thereunt entitled; IT IS ORDERED, That the hearing thereof be had on the 29th day ol December, 1958. at 10 o'clock A. M., before this Court in the probate court room In (lie court bouse tn Austin. Minnesota, and that notice hereof be given by publication ot this order In the Austin Dally Herald and by mailed notice as provided by law- Dated December 3rd, 1958. PAUL KIMBALL, JR. Probate Judge. (PROBATE COURT SEAL) CATHEBWOOD, HUOHES fc ALDEHSON Attorneys for Petitioner Austin, Minnesota File No. 117TS Pec 6, 12. 19 School Board Proceedings Said auction sale will be made un« ^afd by virtue of Sections 514.18 S f 51 ?' 33 ' . b<rth tae lu»lve, Minnesota Statute* Annotated, and all »ct* amendatory .thereof, and for the t>ur- of wtlsfying the ifin of ' Thank You ... for accepting our invitation , . , for •xprtssing. a gtxiuin* Inttrtst In a bigger and better future for the egg industry of our growing Midwest. It was • pltotvrt to b« your host during Open HOUM ef Auitln't n«w pushbutton Iqytf house December 18, and Wf invite any additional quettions you may have on any phase of this operation. AUSTIN SEED 00,, AUSTIN, MINN. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION, WRITE: FEEDING: Doughboy Industries, Inc. New Richmond, Wis. EQUIrMfNT: Automatic Poultry Feeder Co. Zeeland, Mich. Armco Drainage & Metal Products, Inc. Middleton, Ohio . . derelgned on .afc automobile la the ? U S ot ^-M' »ald »um being for towing *ald automobile and storage on same from August 9, 1958, to the date of said sole, together with expenses of this uotlce, advertising thla notice and of said sale, all of the foregoing having been furnished and performed at the r*que»t of the above named Elisabeth Poupart. Dated December 17. 1958. r AUSTIN CAB COMPANY By s/ L. E. PARRISH President Lienor »/ HUGH V. FLUNKETT. JB Hugh V. Piunkett, Jr., for PLUNKETT & PLUNlfcElT Baboock Building Austin, Minnesota Attorneys for Lleoor Dec. IB, 26 J»n. 2 Notice of Lieo ! TO: Forrest Day Brownadale, xwtumai* .. NOTICE JS HEREBT QIVsK that stole bi« liquor truck Thursday j brilliant 16-year career. Pee Wee was easily satisfied. Reese is retiring as a Haggard, making a delivery,}to become a coach for the men and Freeboru Couiitlea. | hlgji«« bidder, for cash, to-wit: lies When He Falls (fresh); creamery, 93 score (AA) were two cases of vodka and Stud Pack 14% 182-62^ cents; 92 score (A) 61V4-! case'of "gin! O.. *._ n»«i/ ' M • OA anf\vo. i"O\C11itfta ! „ . one! Inland Stl 143 IBMach 496^: Westg El IntlHtrv 40 J i Wlworth Sunrsy 27% I 62 : 90 score (B) Swift k Co 34%! Cheese steady; receipts 44,000; We$t Un 83H prices unchanged. SALARIES 188.292.0^ BOOKS AND VISUAL AIDS 8.088.25 GENERAL SUPPLIES 13,214.94 OPERATION OF PLANT .. 39,117.71 MAINTENANCE OP PLANT 2.0M.24 PROMOTION OP HEALTH 1,662.93 FIXED CHARGES 5,378.87 ATLANTA (AP) - An Atlanta' I?*£S£O* TAT1ON W.374.4S No. vuy -.carpenter fell down a flight Dozens of wild ponies, driven, stairs Thursday night with aii 69% 52*i Bid Yng S & T 118 George .A. Btrael * Ct. Steel Wefe * Ce.) 56 from a nearby island, are sold at armful of Christmas decorations!?.' c.' AViSf/ios* ., CAFETERIA 27.410.43 Ot VBTBHANS AGRICUtTUKE 1.596.2* CAPITAL OUTLAY 7.022.89 " 3,700.27 Wholesale egg offerings light;:an annual auction each summer and was killed. demand active; receipts 17.30Q; |at Chicoteague, Va. (Wholesale selling prices based on SENTINEL •W7.63 exchange and other volume sales). SKHi-Sl'.is standards New York spot quotations fol-' checks 37-38. low: include* midwestern: mixed- Whites: extras (48-50 Ibs) i He was H. Smiley Hanson Jr.,i ; 39. i large 39-41; Police . ~ --------- — _ „.„ .^ der and by virtue of 6*cUoa» 514.18 to H443, botb inelujivt. uioaatota SututM ^nnot^ted, »od »U »ct« unentUtory th«r«oi, and for tint PUT- POM of wtltfying tht llea of th« oodtrflgned on tald »utomobll« la th« tiuh ot for we to* t»ld tutomoblie »ad •tor. on MKJI from July -», MSB. to d*t« of «4ld wit, together with &tM of thl* notlo*. t-dvertlsicg npttct »»4 «f Mid Ml*, all of thi having be»n iuroto«d cud of the TAKE IT FROM MIKE TVot* th« night before Chrii-muii An4 all thr«u»h tht bora — tht lir Ail Tht Fr« Thty ytwM4 tar «4 «U Jt. alct for thtlr tummiu 7 r fMM i Jt. Nick. r thtlr tu Tt m»kt 7 «m (Ml ilick. Al tbt twur «* wHqlght Tkg h««rf »k| btlli dAf Aril wet* of cbtrvbi WkM d«wi torn tkt kty m«» CMM tltf Chfii kitiiW kit staitytrs pitM*l performed at the said Hanson's head BUILDING AND TONS- .truck the stair steps and the floor. He was dead when a doctor TRUCTION ACCOUNT Forrt*t . »3 16.473.97i D»t«d Q«0«&b«r IT, 1981. AUSTEN CAB COUPAKY By «/ L. Z. PARBIS8 JR MIKI MIKI colors: extras (48-50 Ibs) 42-44;; 47^ extras large (45-48 Ibsj 44- arrived. Hanson's parents said he extras large (45-48 Ibs) 41V42 ; ;44fc extras medium 33'*-35. :tripped and fell while bringing extras medium 33'.i-34', is; smalls j Browns: extols (48-50 Ibs) 43-44. i Christinas decorations downstairs. U«nor a/ UUOB V. PLUKKBTT, Hugh V. Pluaittt. Jr.. for GENERAL FARM STORES Ifec. B«bcock Building Austin. W&QMata Attorney* tot IJ«BW v Dec. i»

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