The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 27, 1933 · Page 3
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 3

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 27, 1933
Page 3
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fttt MALVEftN LfcAttta, JMUVMft. tOW ^ Aw't Bdftor - Ifaffom Mis* Katttett Iftftfoi * Bwnle* Sehoenlng & pbyfttt Wflso* - i fid WeaHa - Mateotat Jnelke g. R., Matte * Marie Swolwd* Vttstitoebi Ag. - Rot«ft Beaton Botte 66. Margaret JfctJofSrfclk Jffnlot High > Afc&eiia Watie* (Hade* * - Vefneet* Waikef Normal Training Editorial "Onl of sclieoi life into tife'8 school." fbe ttotto chose* by the senior eta** ot 1988 brings to mind the fact that the Beniofi hate only a fefr more *eek« to enjoy high school. Only four short years ago we £eit jjosltive that graduation season would nevef attire, tet here is almost the same group of students being graduated from the higher course of learning. The difficult subjects are already overshadowed by memories of pleasures we so soon must for* felt. The present days are fall of activity and happy anticipation to receive the cherished diploma. But speaking for the entire class I will say this is a sad occasion. We will miss yon, teachers and companions, and although we wilt not permit these few remaining weeks to he filled with regrets we realize that oar lofty position will be refilled next year by other students, oar desks occapied by many others and Malvern High will go on without as. As a parting word to underclassmen we give this well-known advice: Make the best of every opportanity that Is your. It is weir worth your time and effort. To have been graduated from high school Is to have reached a milestone on yoar Journey to success. Marjorie Conner. fhe toys* aird girts* gTe* cfftM h*M * wefftei fe*st Frldfcy nttg at W«W gto-Ve ieott ol town. f&e taajorWy of the elate wet* present and Ml re- twHea a frowd tt»e. Ganves fof fefttertaiftmeftt wate jrtwMed aftd refreehinent* wefe wtfftets, pfeti let, tarns, tad SrarshftaiiowB. A duff Moan Betting etrt thte^p*i«ir is fco eMe. if we print Jokes pwfpie say ire are sttiy. if we don't they say we are tee set-tons, if we dip things front softie other paper We are too lazy to w«t« them ourselves, if we don't we are stack on oaf own stuff, if we don't print contributions we don't appreciate true fenlns. if we do print them it's Junk. If we make ft change itt someone's WHteitp We are too critical, if we don't we are asleep. NOW like as not some one will say we swiped this from some other magazine. We believe In the truth —we did! Sixth Grade 0** gtrt a*d f OUT boys missed •pefHnt words last Wee*, tftete W-efft font gtrtt who n*tf a peMect recott to* the past stt *)«*• Hi We ate tatttt font dttttten tests this we*l. We hate taken at! the fcrtetfc* eiei-Ws** fa oat work books. Last Week we nrtae inapt of North Ateertca showing plants aftd animals. This week We afe learning the names of an the states. We feat e had some iotely tern* tttets Of spring ftoweris »ft ear schoolroom daring the past week. . Visit Rural School* The School Management class visited country schools Thursday. After a bright and early start at v? 8 we arrived at the Pleasant Val-;- ley school, From here we went to ,v the Golden Hill school and vls- C^ **•<! from 9 o'clock until 10:80. Here we saw Interesting exhibits We received oar report cards Wednesday and most of as were satified with them. We finished the story "oJFAeni eaa in Reading and are now having an oral lesson. in English we are studying how to write telegrams. Waiter Smith told us the rates. in Arithmetic we are having a review in our book and find it very easy. We played the eighth grade In klttenball Tuesday and we were defeated. The score was 32 to 12. Clayton F. Hertz. Fifth Grade The poem in first grade this week is "the Dandelion." We are making a bird hook for oaf Nature itady lessons. We are coloring and painting the birds and when they are finished we win take them home. We are also bnsy making May baskets. Some of the children can make very pretty bask«t«. We also completed a first grade reader this week. Junior High Newt feetty caadell, Annella Waller, and Margaret Ann Buttmann wefe supposed to entertain Frl day morning. However, when the sixth grade asked us to come Into their room to see a play we went. The name of their play was "The Wise Cadi." We all enjoyed this play and hope to be able to repay them some time soon. PAGETHftEfc BaTtee sthwol, seventh eighth gridei, have been 0.» n . un ft*pt tft S«Sgr*i«ry; tn tfrfc way pfctmrfftg »h*t they have learned of the tarfous countries. Anne Seegef, the teacher, gave her pupils aft Baster egg h«nrt. Tie »«- Pfts ga-ve Httt fieeger a birthday stirpttae tfto f»ef birthday. 8a*d ttottow school cerebrated the April birthdays; those of Catherine Sehottrfng, Glen Seho*- ttftjfr , MA CatM Dettchter. with Ktt Easter treasure hunt for Eas-t ter baskets. Refreshme&ts of angel food cake aud fftrtt salad were served. Four other gaests were preseat besides the mothers of the Dfrthday people: Mrs. John BeftAlef aad Mr*, otto Scboe- ntng. Two more eertffieatea were given for book reports: Rachel Swhmey of Four Corners school and IrerneTTe May of Goheen school. HENDERSON Dilley Wed* .„.. , „ - - at?'J»unger we ; rushed to the Mt. Vernon school where we enjoyed an Indoor- picnic dinner. We visited here until 2; 30, Last of all we visited the Foxwprtby school until 4. Farm Crops Class News The Farm Crops boys have transplanted their plants into flats. The plants were grown from seed in the hotbed. About fifteen flats were needed for all toe plants. In time these plants will again be transplanted into the gardens. Another scheduled field' trip w^s undertaken by the Farm Management class last Friday, That day we visited Mr. Buch's farm near Hlllsdale. He has a nice .herd of Jersey cattle. Some of as succeeded in. picking out the best producing cow's of the herd. Mr. B«cfe has a, well Jaid out farm. This trip was successful all th,e way around. Phone JOO if you have A l»«ro for The Leader We divided our room in sides Thnrsday to dramatize an African story. The best characters were chosen to regive it Friday morning for the sixth, seventh, and eighth grades. Miss Rathke visited us during the time one side was practicing. In Geography Friday we each described an animal of Africa for the class to gaess. The sixth grade boys played oar boys in klttenball Friday evening after school. The sixth grade won. We are sorry to lose Clarence Davis, They, moved to Hastings. Those making 100 per cent in Friday's test are; Charles Brewer, Robert Kincaid, Carroll Wynia, Kenneth Adams, Peggy Cox, Betty Fickel, Peggy Hall, Joan Saar, Betty June Stroud, Ilene Miller, It looks as if the boys were poor spellers this week but maybe next week they won't let the girls beat them. Hazel Davis has moved to Hastings. We are sorry to lose Hazel but we hope she likes her school. Seventh Grade We received our report' cards Wednesday. In Reading we are studying "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." On Monday we gave reports on different parts of the story and on Tuesday we drew pictures of Ichabod Crane which were quite amusing. In Arithmetic we are reviewing percentage problems. Mary Louise Juelke, We are Olad to. Discuss Tfe Subject Wrap ralways fiad to discuss with those in sorrow every part ol the final mv&m fw their loved ooea. Our orgaa&atkm i§ exceptionally equipped awl trained to care for every detail and part of the eervice at a §ost to line with present conditions, ' "' WM- Third Grade Those receiving 100 per cent in the Friday test In Spelling are: Norma Jean Taylor, Oenevleve Keiso, Inez Crousnorn, Anna Mary Frazier, Betty Knight, Edel Knight, Robert Chamberlain, Malcolm Stogdlll, Charles Logan, Billy Cardwell, John Slothower, George Talbott, Blllle Walker. We have been enjoying the violets the last few days. We have our rooms prettily decorated with many of the spring flowers. Rural Pupils Earn Spelling Awards Awards for 100 perfect spelling lessons have been given as follows: Sandlland: Fay Oswald, Emmett Stephens, Albert Washburn, and Maxlne and Hazel Collier. Sand Hollow: Paulene and wen SjBhoenlng, Carol Deltchler, Mpwv Pontow,'Margaret"and Doris Leu" Marie and Agnes Menschel, Paul Plumb, and Arnold Leu. Goheen; Lorrena Ling, Warren Stone, Mabel Kirk, Erman Huffman, and Dwane Fisher, Sunnyside: Allen, Marjorie, and Marian Carlson, Agnes Harrison, Jack Ewalt, Wanda Fireovid, Henry Shaw, and Doris and Marilyn Munsinger. Ingraham Center: Viola and Lucille Pierce. Kenneth Schoening, and Hershel and Marilyn Stout, Prairie Valley: Gladys and Margaret Mills, Betty Jlrovsky, and Wanda Canfield, Silver: George, Betty, and Frank Markel, Martin Richardson, Delpha Gilbert, Dorothy Johnson, E. B. and Hazel Lamm, and Betty and Nancy Conger, Union; Geraldine Laughlin and Devona Saner. Perfect attendance for the fifth six weeks is as follows; Silver; Dorothy and Flora Johnson, Delpha Gilbert, and George Markel. Golden HIU: Margaret and Dora Lev, Rosa and August Pontow, Agnes Menschel, and Paul Plumb, Sand Hollow: LaVerne and Carol Deltchler and Roy and Joe Krabbenhoft, Four Corners: Mary and Roy Seeger, Qranvllle Williams, and Margaret Helen White, Hawthorne; Dorothy and Her* rill Sawyers. Oak Bluff No, J: Nadlne and Floyd Cnristensen, Ljavtoa and Eileen Hoffman, and Cart Schrpe- der. Sowen No. 3; Rossie and Bll Ue Qarrett, Center (Rawles); LJMJ, June au<} Wauneta Powers, Report of Rural School Activities kfRoy JJcKee, an, eighth grag* er of Forester school, «enjd.s to Ibe (Qllowtog r$no.r| Q£ gchj)Ql ac* tlyltles * "I« OUT Nature BJtudy class we taktag up &» atwdy stf Wrdj. * our Uaokleu ju»t about ._ »*4 aj£bt feJra wrltaum IwttW - ift uunila of Ft *^ ^FWPWPP 3*w 9^ «4 § wood ap Tfei ajtttl! A Mgttitt* Mullen The marHaie of Mno Dilley of this place and Miss Bernadette Muiten of Oakland took place two weeks ago at Rockport, Mo. bat baa Just been announced. the groom, who baa grown to manhood in this vicinity, is well known and a popular young man. The bride, although a atranger here, la a charming young lady in every respect and will receive a warm welcome here. We Join their friends in extending congratulations and good wishes. About twenty from Henderson and vicinity attended the big temperance rally at Malvern Sunday afternoon and helped to organize aa all county organization to work against the repeal ot the 18th Amendment. Supt. Dory was one of the speakers and a very enthusiastic meeting is reported. Charley Rowe and daughter, Betty, of Carson were in town Friday afternoon. Mrs. 8. M. Woods who has spent the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Dr. Curran, in Oakland, has returned to her home here for the summer, The friends of Ms. Lester Forrestal are glad she has gotten along so nicely since her return from the hospital several days | ago and hope she continues to improve. Nadean Parcell who lives east of town visited in the Jud Coppock home several days last week. Mrs. Fred Phelps, Mrs. Marian Keast, and Jean Creamer were Omaha and Council Bluffs visitors Wednesday. A. J. Harbor and wire and Mrs. O. L. Harbor nnd daughters, Leora and Marian, were visitors in Shenandoah Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. Earl Boileau and son and her mother were Red Oak visitors the first of the week. Elizabeth Phillips returned to Elmer Evans and Geo. W. Wilson were looking after business affairs in Strahan the first of the week, Mrs. Dave Jenkins and children visited her mother, Mrs. Lydla Maxwell, Jn Glenwood Saturday, Darwin Goss and wife of Omaha spent the week end here with his parents. A daughter was born to Mr, and Mrs. Guy Stephens, April 20. We extend congratulations. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dittus were feuests Sunday for dinner in the Boe H'ouser home. Jim Wilkinson and family visited the Marian Wilkinson home at Lenox Sunday, Hazel Riggle and June Boileau were visitors In Red Oak Tuesday afternoon. Mrs, Scott Sheian entertained the bridge club at her home last Tuesday evening, Mrs, Ivan Fisher held high score, A pleasant time was reported. Mrs. John Rainbow and mother were visitors in SUe»audo«a Thursday morning, Elvyn Galloway and wife, MIsa Morgan, and Miss Converse were visitors in Red Oak Saturday evening, Mr. Salsbury and family of near Treynor visited the Orval Oxfprd home Sunday, Miss Ruse, a teagher in our schools last year, vJsHed friends here the last of the week. She is teaching in Treynor, Rebekab .lodge enjoyed a rocial time after lodge Tuesday evening after which a lunch was served by Mrs. Awes Smith and Miss Octa Harover, Ham Taylor who is stationed at Fort Crook, Nebr. spent Sunday with his' goflie of (be young people en Joyed a Jig-saw party at the Eleanor Bdmondsou hpn^e last Thursday evening. A fine time was greatly enjoyed and * dainty luncb was seryed, Will SjnaU and, wife were eu- tertftiaea Sunday for dinner m toe Fred ScUeuk,e, Marten Harbor treated her classmates at the M. E, Sunday ac&ftoj to a, cake Smwtey lu honor Of tier fourth b4rih,dj}y. There weje twenty-two BfifUNM to e«- J«r 4k Iwrttli «re iftwy to letru of Ww HMAI to ywy mtfip b^aiiu Wo fo» tWWOYM. Mfltt. i to ite »ft» : At the M. E. Aid Society TbnrBday afternoon there were ten visitors present beside the members. The lunch was served by Mesdames A. S. and Harry Paul aiid was greatly enjoyed. Hazel Jenkins has been elected to teach the Trlplett school again this fall. This will be her second term there. The girls' glee club of the high school under the direction of Miss Morgan had special music at the services at the M. E. church Sunday evening and the district superintendent. D. J. Bhefiton, gave a fine talk. A large crowd was In attendance. Scott Sheian who has been depot agent here for the past few months has been released from this station. It is understood a man from Nodaway will come here. Mrs. Boe Houser and son, Carrol, were visitors at the Christian Ladles' Aid meeting Wednesday. A lunch of sandwiches and salad and coffee was served. Mrs. Rose Plumb has been visiting in the Louis Rhlneheart home several days. Gayle Phillips who teaches in Omaha spent the week end with her parents. EAST LIBERTY * The Misses Berth*. Sffldred, Fern, aad lla Clay were Council Blaffs visitors Saturday. Eait Liberty M*tfiodist Church Oaf Scripture reading from now until May 11 is from Psalm 1 to 41. Try to finish It by that time. Those who believe in temperance are faced with a serloas situation. Let ns stndy the situation and be prepared to vote to preserve the gains we have made in the past. Come to church tiett Sunday at Id. it will do yon good and your presence will help the rest of as. Church school at 11. Lesson subject. "Jesas Sets New standards of Living." if yon do not have a church home you are invited to make this church yours. Frank Buffington and daughter, Howena, from near Strahan were dinner guests Sunday In the Prank Du Val home. Mrs. Will Lutt and daughters, Edna, Ruth, and Evelyn, were shopping in Council Bluffs Saturday. The East Liberty Cemetery ladles will hold a meeting In the bank In Malvern Saturday. April 29, at 2:30 p. m. Those Interested please attend It possible. The Ladles' Aid Society will meet at the church Wednesday afternoon, May 3. Everyone Invited to be present. Keith Adams of Glenwood spent Sunday with his grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. L. O. Adams, while his parents were Red Oak visitors. Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Nelson and daughter, Ethel, and Misses Bertha, Mildred, Fern, and lla Clay were Glenwood visitors Saturday evening. HILLSDALE Honored, Birthday of Mf«. Laofa Sttefaftt Mrs. joe Kllpatrlck and Mrs. Arletgh Shepard entertained at a kenslngton Tharsday afternoon fot Mrs. Laura Shepafd. Twelve old friends and neighbors of Mrs. Shepard drove In to help her celebrate her natal day. It is needless to say these ladies enjoyed the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Nelson of near Emerson spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Parker. Mrs. Julia Qaston and daughters. Thelma and Roberta, of near Hastings were week end house guests of Mrs. Edd Gilbert and daughter, Helen. Mrs. Laura Shepard and Dwlght BufTtngton were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Buffington. Mr. and Mrs. Harry stone of Council Bluffs spent Sunday with Mrs. stone's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Thomas. Mrs. Edwin Howard and son, Francis, Jr. accompanied Mrs. Bert Colwell and Carolyn Marie and Mrs. J. O. Evans of Glenwood to Colfax Tuesday for a short visit In the tlev. Jacob Tazenler and Ralph Bond homes. Mrs. C. C. Kahre and children ot Omaha have been visiting the past week with her daughter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Boles, and Junior. The many friends of J. D. Graves of Peru, Nebr., formerly a long time resident here, are grieved to learn of his serious Illness. Mr. Graves Is at the Immanuel hospital In Omaha. HERE COMES NEWS OF REDUCED MOTORING COSTS! IMow- The Standard Oil Company announces Reduced Motor Oil Prices— £ff*cr/v« /mme<//«te/y/ ISO*VIS STANOLIND . .was was NOW /25 0 PER NOW • • * 5 PER QT, PCI QT. Coming Soon Tta& Sumdwd Oil Cowwuiy will diictoio BH < tueut in HuUwative luUrtoaUou* t Wat«l» lUU ii^wip^ for e fttii iAHMil § ifft w ffft^HffI lh>l will Ifiiflihffii thff Hfi* of ywT <H>r» ARD OIL COMPANY -i^ri-1, fflv _-y ,~ --f - t^*.* *•** Ma •__ > ma a- PFATUITimi

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