Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 14, 1955 · Page 3
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 3

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1955
Page 3
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.Dial PA.2.4606 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES/CUMBERLAND, MD., MONDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1955 THREE Jacoby On »> - .. Rebid Asked For Trouble "' By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service -" When today's hand was played -iin'a rec&it Pittsburgh tournament .South exercised great restraint in ^bidding only three hearts at his .second turn. North, having opened .' a dead •• minimum opening bid -'should have passed gratefully "When North rebid, he asked for ..trouble—and trouble he got. VORTH (D> H ..''•'.. AKQ ¥AQ973 4Q102 41084 , . WEST EAST 4U0432 AJ5 x •>J4... *t865! • A3, 498654. *KJ763 *A2 : SOUTH 4A9876 VK10 • K'J 7 *Q95 North-South vul. North Ea«t South West 1 ¥ < Pass 1 « . Pass 2* Pass 3V Pass .3 '4k' Pass 44k Pass Pass Pass. . , Opening lead—* 6 ' i? John. McGervey .and Gene ; sKlawier, two of Pittsburgh's lead " t ing players, were-the defenders sin this case, which leads me to ,,another : observation. If .you. have * to overbid, and . we all. occasion- |aliy sin. in this direction, do .it '';When 'your opponents are weak ? players, not when they are really iigood. : ' • ? McGervey properly opened his i long suit, hoping that Ws trump Mory'i Chanart U^iew Equipped I* Handle all your Clianing Nt*dtl W*'v» inttalltd n«w Eqoipmtnt to Cora tor— .'•.:, White Clothes Ask About Odr SCHOOL SPECIAL CASH and CARRY We Alio Do- Custom Cleaning end Hand Finishing SPECIAL 1 HOUR Dry Cleaning SERVICE Call For and Deliver At NO EXTRA Cost Mary's Cleaners 157 N.- Mechanic St. PHONE PA 2-2040 length would eventually embarrass declarer.' The choice was a good one. v..' ' - • East won the first trick with the ace of clubs and returned the suit. McGervey took two more club tricks,, cashed the ace of diamonds to make sure of setting the contract; and led a fourth club. South could have saved a trick by ruffing in the dummy; but he made, the mistake of discarding from the dummy. Klawier contributed to the defense by ruffing with the jack of spades, and South had to use up the ace of spades to win the trick. Now South had to cash dummy's top spades and get back • to his hand to lead the nine of spades, McGervey won with 'the. ten of spades and .led the fifth club. This forced out South's last trump and gave McGervey a second trump trick. He hadn't really expected to win two trumps with' his mangy holding. South wras down three at his game contract in spades. -This was;. of. course, several • hundred points.worse-than playing the hand at three hearts and making that contract. ";. Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 1 Heart - Pass 2 Hearts pass • ''•?• ' • • '•' ' You, South, hold: A3 VJ8753 4AKJ64J *A What do you do? A—Bid four hearts. Tow very doubtful choice of one heart at your opening bid bu borne fruit, »nd yon mutt take full adv»nU«e of It ' TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding is the same as in the question just answered. You, South, hold: *K3 VAJ1053 4AK64 What do yoii do? Awer Tomorrow Playlets Here Being Improved Improvement of •:5ty-osvned playgrounds was started during the summer by the Recreation Department on recommendation of the City Recreation Board. .Robert E. Pence, recreation director, said six-foot chain link fences were built around Thomas S. Post playground and Lamont Street playground. A water line was laid, at Post playground, he added. The board, he added, has recommended a number of other im-; provements to the grounds, These; include: ' Grading, blacktopping and fencing of tennis courts at North End playground. Grading and blacktopping La- iiiont Street playground. . Fencing of Mapleside playground. The Eiffel tower of Paris-contains 15,000 steel beams and 2,500,000 rivets. Penguins are found only in the southern half of the., earth. Most of them Jive within the Antartic Circle. '-..:' • . ':. Local Hospital Group Represented At Meet A number of officers 'of the Sacred Heart Auxiliary attended a luncheon and round-table conference of the Maryland; District of Columbia and Delaware Association of Hospital Auxiliaries in Washington. The group included Mrs. Joseph Madden, president; Mrs. Harold Peck, first vice president: Mrs. Mortimer Nefinng, recording secretary, and Mrs. J. Walter Byer, chairman of ways and means committee. * The meeting was held at the Shoreham Hotel. Sister Angela, administrator of Sacred Heart, also attended. . ADVERTISEMENT RELIEF for Headache CASH LOANS TODAY! $50°° g $2.95 month—24 mos. larger Amountt en Similar Terms LOAN SERVICE Incorporated 89 f. ' Main St., Frostburg | 18 S. liberty .St., -Cumberland BEDROOM ALARM • * o n , 9 $495 Plus 10* Fed. Tax ,ReaI quality, low-priced! Alarm button on top sets and shuts off in jiffy! Perfect for night table.. .small enough for travel. Ivory with black luminous dial, brass ball feet Very smart OPEN YOUR CHRISTMAS CLUB TODAY FOR A: MERRY CHRISTMAS IN '£ '" '" •^'^/•'/'•%'/'^'/f'''^''//IpfWP' ; . •••'''. .,' J.' ' . .;'...I You Can Open A First National Account Today In Any Amount From 50c to $10.00 Weekly! OPEN TONIGHT - 7 to 9 - FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE! FIRST NATIONAL BANK Mtmbtr F«kr«l Dtpotif Inswranct C«rp«rat!efi CORNER tALTIMORE A N. OEOROE ST*. DIAL PA 2-OCOO ADVERTISEMENT . I ' • - •' • A WPARTM&fT STORE M OS KMkH>« Skin Specialist Shows How To JL .'.;•:. .-;• ••• .. ••; '•; Rinse Away Blackheads "Thrilled and delighted," *ay» Mis» Carolyn Petcrwm (left) after demonstration. "Could hardly believe . itty. : eyea!** said Mis* Maxirie Cantway (center), "It's true! I can't believe it! Where did the blackheads all-go?" exclaimed Mrs. Sylvia Schaeffcr (right). Reveals Valuable Complexion Secret : . Richard E»trin BEAUTY CONSULTANT **Now no woman n«d deffpatr of getting .rid of-ugly black* •> heads that' mar 'an ctit«rwia« ". clear, and lovely cotnplexioTU v' For - here is- a wonderfully*-* simple. treatment that ffives " dramatic proof of what it will'/; j do the very first time you use ft. "In thousands of beauty salons across the .country, thousands of •women have. paid -7 • front $3 to $10 for singi« Queen Hclene Treatments.--,"- -. However. J have arranged ior •* STORE NAME to brinjr you th« **. , .very same treatments at a cost ... of less ihau lOc each ^ . * when you jrlye. them to; yourself • at 'home." • . ' ". '• • '-::'• STORE KAMS-.ffitervnt** .. < yoit w-'iU b« delighted wiii.r*-;' tvits, // you cr<t -not, yoixr ?ncit«y •*•. wiil be cheerfully rtjirnded. .> ' \ Fast, Easy Treatment now available for home use by CLAIRE HOFFMAN . • : NEW YORK, N. Y.—-I was one of «n audience of truly surprised men, women and teen-agers yesterday, when * leading New York akin specialist demonstrated a new rapid wayj of removing blackheads. Each demonstration took only 15 minutes — and the results were frankly amazing! Ugly black- j.Vt-iv-" - - own eyes, the dirt this cream out of ' Her skin—will heads actually rinsed away and many could be seen on the white cleansing tissues that finished each treatment. But this wasn't all! The treatment also helped reduce enlarged pores and made rough, muddy complexions look, cleaner, clearer and smoother. Here's what I saw ... Five women and two men were each given three products and told,how to use them. The specialist himself did nothing but direct them— it was so easy! First, he had them cleanse their faces thoroughly. Not with any cream that takes off only surface dirt, but with a scientific laboratory-developed pore cleanser that softens and loosens even the crime that has been caked and cemented into the pores for weeks.. It is called Q&een Ifelene's Whipped Cleansing Cream. As it is applied, it liquefies and floats out much of the pore "filler" with its rapid .emollient action. I was amused at the look of amazement on one woman's face as she tissued off the cream. The tissue was literally gray with dirt—and she confided to me that she had washed her face before taking part in the demonstration! I'm convinced that any •woman who sees, with her floats begin to understand why it is so important to use a cleanser that really works. . • "Suction Action" . The second step in this skin specialist's treatment was an application of Queen Helene's Masque, a delightfully mint- medicated cream. He had them smooth it on with their finger tips, applying it very generously on "trouble spots" such as around the nose and mouth. Any woman will really enjoy this part of the treatment! For within two or three minutes your skin begins to feel a marvelous stimulation, as though being "massaged" by the action of the medicated ingredients in the masque. Next your face feels alternately "hot" and "cold" — followed in a few minutes by a delightful sensation; of utter relaxation. Then your'skin feels tighter . . . and tighter . . . and tighter! It was explained this way A special aosoroing agent called Argilla dries and turns the cream into a plastic-like masque. As this firms and hardens, its suction action draws on the waste matter in the pores ... This, he informed us, was the most important part of the treatment. SEE BLACKHEADS GO IN 15 MINUTES—OR NO COST! they just rint* a*xrf! Complete treatment lake* only miaultf—product* startling result*? 1 APPLY QUEEN HELENE .WHIPPED CLEANSING CREAM; It liquefies in- (Untly on skin jind.fiotu out dirt with emollient action.Wip» off with cletnsiaf IIMQC. 2 APPLY QUEEN HELENE .MEDICATED MASQUE. A» masque lightens and hardens, feel drawing action of special absorbing agent start to draw oat blackheadi and other pore impuriti«L 3 RINSE OFT. In aboiiuin jminaten, rinw off. The misquc- diwoUei m neo ttndu. You'll *ee blarkheidr •nd- other impurities come Wf Vn tK« cleauinf tiitac/ 4 FINISH. WITH QUEEN .HELENL PENETRAT> INC ASTRINGENT.Thi. nedil formali Mtrinfent helps rime "cniptHKT-Mre*, *onc* U P c»mpJfxf»n, miike* tki« feel vibrralljr (mk ind ilivo. LOOK IN HUMOR- Sfl THE Bit OrfFlKNCf! lit fcrt It utufi.4 with MI trumtiit —rtpiat laily until istira. TRY TISSUE TEST! First -»-»sh face thoroughly, .then apply treat.,-.,. ment; tissue off... Now yon can see ... tiny specks of black oa your: tissue that were once ugly blackheads and imbedded pore dirt. • .," . READ WHAT BEAUTY EDITORS SAY: "A roral blestinf for thot«xho'tg been bothered and blighted,bf blackheads" "'••>'.'• -Ruih Mugglebee, JTomen'j Editor, ipsrow B*iir meow „" "When a tkin tpecialirt i* respantible fora coimrticlinf -• from hi$ private formula* you hane something. —;•• ;~ Antoinette Donnelly, NIW row DMIY MIWS : u Effeetitewaytobanuhblaekheodi...I/stubborn'btaek- •,'••';. heaiii bother you, you'll be thrilled in lining a brand-new ' treatment tchich doet tcondert lotcard clearing a. di$- turbtd complexion." IOJTON oaiir •ton ... "Thank* to a doctor's remarkable discovery come* a ••;•;,• scientific three-icay tkin and beauty treatment that take* '-.-. only 10 minutet but produce* startling results." BOSTON [ViNINO AMHICAM Rinses away mth water After'about 10 minutes, the masques '-were rinsed away with water. Hot or cold makes no difference — the hardened cream dissolves in seconds. You simply wipe your face and—to your' amazement— you see blackheads and other pore "filler" actually come off on your washcloth or tissue! Your skin feels clean—really clean — and refreshed and smooth, like velvet! Pore sponging and closing The third and final step in the treatment was a quick dousing with Queen Helene's Penetrating Astringent. I found out that this was a very special astringent that sinks deep into your pore* and performs-tha final_necessary dissolving, soaking-up action — after which it helps tighten the pore openings and leaves' an invisible film that helps protect your skin for hours against dirt and rein. f ection. What will happen when you use this 3-step treatment? You'll find the answer when you look in your mirror. Even after a single treatment, you arc bound to see a marked improvement in your complexion. The chances aie you'll find it hard to believe your eyes. For example, some of the blackheads and whitehcads should be gone — either completely or partially.— while others will be softened and made ready to be drawn out in another treatment or two. You will also see that many of your most prominent pores appear to be smaller—that your skin looks smoother— and feels fresher and more alivt! In short, after a single treatment taking less than fifteen minutes, you can expect to see results that normally' you would not dare hope for even after many weeks of treatment ... but don't expect everything at once, just the same! The damage done by years of neglect and improper care cannot be undone in a single day. But—with 3 or 4 treatments » week, taking less than 15 minutes each—you may confidently look forward to startling complexion improvements •within the next 30 days. From then on, a single treatment & week—or every second week- will probably be all that your . skin will need to be kept beaurf tiful^ and healthy-looking; : .i. Important Discovery : for? IVdrmal'Complexions tooll Even if you are not plagued; by blackheads, wl*;eheads, ori other tell-tale signs of skia : ; blemishes, you will find this;: 3-\Vay Treatment a remark-* able aid to a smooth, glowing young-looking complexion. ~ By' proper cleansing and; flexing your skin regularly—;; just as you flex your muscle* — this 3-~Way. Treatment helps keep your complexion' looking and feeling firm, r youthful and alive! :. If you should be over 35j and beginning to look it, you will see minor lines flatten out, feel tired facial muscles tighten, and enjoy the look and feel of youth for hours . . . Countless -women use, Queen Helene's 3-Way Skm and Beauty Treatment as i quick beauty "pick-me-un^just before a party—or im; portant date! — Try this skin treatment^ in your own home ^. without risking a penny-, Clinical demonstrations "of this treatment have been so startling that we know th» results you'll see in your mirror will delight you. This is why we invite you to try Queen Helena's S-Wety Skirt and Beauty Treatment without risking a penny. This treatment, developed by i leading New York ?> Skin Specialist for home use, will not only enable you to rins« away troublesome blackheads, but it will also help smooth and beautify your complexion so that you, yourself will s£JB the difference—or the treatment won't cost you a cent! . All you need to do is return what you haven't used, an9 your purchase price will l» refunded. It's as simple M that. You have complexion • loveliness to gain — and nothing to lose! u No matter what your skill may be like now —if it is anything less than perfect -£Queen Helene promises you results you can see in your first la-minute iome treatment and dramatic improvements within 14 days. After the first two weeks, you will discover whether you need to keep on using tha treatment several times a week, or le|k often, depending on how fait your complexion clears, fist act now! So right now, whit* you are determined to he{p yourself, send in the coupon or phone roday! . ' ' .*• RoMitbaum'i Cumberland, Md. 2-4000 Plvut tni nw my tvmpUtt Q«f« HtUnt t-Tfay Skin Tr«f- m«nt, including: 1. Laboratory Developed Cletnilnf Crttm. J, Medicated M««iue CMIUTI. J. Astrtnient, QMIM MUM MlCi UJT (Ch«k Si» Dw!»«d>. , ., P] JJ§ iiie (phu IVt- Tax). Enough for 42 bom* trwtiMBU at !«M than loo a treatnwr.t. P) S.N Konomical profusion*! iiie (pint Fed. Tax) , Enonth for M horn* trcatmtnU for om ttnon— «o<MCh for 45 horn* trratmrnU for Z pinou. at 1 tnatwat. (You nvt fl.ll). thu T« • K»m« City 0 Chfek En M4 25e Q C.O.D. a

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