The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 19, 1976 · Page 2
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 2

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Wednesday, May 19, 1976
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Fergus third in Class A A Spuds dominate Otter-Rotary Invitational coach Jim GotU's Moorhead Spud track (earn won the 1976 Otter Invitational Rotary Track Meet's Class AA title with ease and 01 en wood nipped Breckenridge in Class A here in Hd Ap<xto, - '3054; rntad. 13 13 1; . BuniQi'. 13 IS 9. l(fft H Riier Fins. 10 I'.i. Jcrm . '.0 -33 » Jin". Woern ' . 19 J .. Etna. . 5TI3V; J ' Fergus Falls Tuesday. The pre-invitatkmal favorite Spuds scored in all 16 events and earned seven firsts in their run-away 181 point victory. Bemidji was second with 132 points and Fergus Falls took third with 79 points. Thief River Kails was fourth at 33 and Crookston trailed the five- school field with 29 points. In Class A Glenwood had 65 points to win top honors, Breckenridge was a close second with 6i%, Barnesville followed with 50, Pelican Rapids finished with 39, New York Mills had 34 and Battle Lake ended up with 30 points rounding out the top six finishers. Jack Raaen gave the Otters a first in the mile and Dale Hanstad ran to victory In the, two-mile, turning the course in a winning time of 10:05.4. Fergus' Pete Mikkefccn set an early fast pace in the mile with Bemidji's Ben Gallagher and Raaen right on his heels, On the final lap (fourth) Raaen made his move and Gallagher passed Mikkelson and the three finished in the money. Raaen won the event with his time of 4:38.0. In Class A Battle Lake's Mark HusUd won the high jump at 6*2", Pelican Rapids 1 Dave Robley won the pole vault at 12'0' J , Don Roberts of New York Mills won the KM hurdles at :15.7, KothsaTs Jon Stokka won the mile run at 4:35.2, New York Mills' Ken Fosse won the 100-yard dash with a time of: 10.5 and Barnesville's Tom Iverson was a douNe winner. He won the discus with a toss of 144'3" and the shot put at SOW. This Saturday Sub-regional 83 will be held in Fergus starting at 9:30 a.m. for both boys and girls. DAllHAttSTAO w.-t-i W-a-va-. V-oxread. irO". Ancpfttn. Ir tl R.»« Hi:i. M'6"; Sex. E*M Grj-W Fsrkr lit"; C'* 1 . Da/e Ti 1W. tail G'WW Fom. H "0". ui id. OJUT iR«<xo 3ivt or .PJK.K, «oor . BOC Uax-n. CrocViWn. 51 Ir HjflO e.'«f. B€-T^ ". 51 (. Bate S-eralrom, Ftr<Jvi FjTi. SJl. J m Fift. «OC(fWA3, 53 1. <tfi Neiwn. Motxr.ead. S31. - W-an« SptfTn*. CrooksWn. 537 H H. e *.."*. I son. F Jti. *tf ra.n. 151. F«rcj| Fa"!, 15?, MOryhf*!). 'ft 4 M-)if Grj-XJ ForH. 164 iN-re. cm H -ra. 01 iReco'O 1*741 . . Moortud. 1C 4; R-cfc f,^ i : . '-8i- . Kevin Trt.i. Croc Git? Lurtttn. F*T(JS N ck H3TM,-q. Bfn^jj.. 139 . JatK Raaer. Fefftji Fal.s, ^ 14 0. 6(n Gaiiarer. Ben- CM, 4 if 0; Pete M kke son, Fergus Fa'ls. <4*1: Sam 5a:caT.ary;.EeTi'0. . I il i; 5"e*e, . OiSCUS: iRecwa Oo.'g Thc.-rpyy. Aler '.«•;•'. 19741 „• n ,'trsHI. BM-iCji. Ui'J"J SKX. E*51 Oana Forks. 174'Q" C^VW. EtT-d -, IKS i": JC*I B Moo 'he aa. 1JT4". Dave Dc Bt-iiaii. m »• ?".- :Kf Hetwr Tfii«1 RivK F»iil. 1?C-J V- 'UlC K.rU'H- (Record Da.e Xnutun. F^gvi 1! ?. '.77SI .John //en-i« v . ft'ocrhesd. Wl Sx»ir, 6*T. d!-. 310.- Ric^ E*cv. Grand FiX-XV 713 J*H H-nCr T-^ei R-.w Fa K. ii 8. Rick S . Ta= 'fife. Vocrhfad. W!'i": Wj Ki'f-. Wxrreja. l^K": Car^«ron Kci FergjiFarii. ",»?•; Rst>S*i-ne, Bmk: I? 3 :": Ben Ltrttr. Beat dp. 1! 'IT IM-ytf. Rvn: [Recerd. Eat Be«ei. Mwfce 1.590. 1975! Bcenl Anderson. BfrVdji, 7 074. T Syr.y'ni«. Ben-tCii, ? 03 3; B-f Dor.S Fwsji Fall. 1050: Gwiy G Fterl Woe rut aa. 7C10: Warren Sciul Ftrgirt Filli. 3:C7J: Tr'ry TR as. ? 09.3 I Milt R»ft: [R«acd Dirt KrjTMisfr. Qter-'wa 1 ¥i J, Wt\ t,m Catr. V«r.dAk, W 038. flkl Godei, 6*Mir Lake. 13 IS 9. Briin MrgfHOfl, RtV«ay. W Ji ». Ji/ H'<n*i. Piirjgcr, 1C 31 3." Divt CaiL er*aerk*-;dae, lOJiS. Don Ftirt, ffiltt. K) *»0 44t jd Oil*: (H«ord MA* Rarvm, CrOOHlfln, S/ 3, i?;si > Sfeve Kwtfl, BrKkmrttse. 57.0' Rick VttExrg. Giw***, 5J S; S'ifford GvnuwM. Hfnr.Ing, i?(. Boo Vlt.^cr. Ytrnc* e. i) f. Ori'g PrtWf, DJ*wr». S) I: Dan Sc!*r, Birnnnii*, S3 'LOM J**p: (Record Jin Siratf",, Frtut. WISVt Torn CUjpccH, Gitnwocd. J3-3V. B/*r4 Scb-n-fll. PwMn, »'/'; Giffl Dti\ Vtneilon. JO" 1 !". K F»W, Kfw YorkAMlS. 1»5V, Ton Trmrik, Prtc*n Ripkli. Iff"; Dal* ScflMnbOffl. Mttnonen, 111 1 *". D.K»l (Record- lorn fUuUh. **W FjrpO. livr, ism Ion ivFfsan. Bvntlv il>. Ufl"; AUrk P*vHon, verndtlf, K'7"; Steve HiJi. GH"*Q00. 13?'l"; MiteMjrrn, PHkn H«ptM. 1W2V 1 ; Tom Fr«vi*. Pti'-tm Rip 01, Uffc 1 ?"; Kirl S«ee. -' " <RK<Xd Sieve Wj:o. E*M Gf«nd Fork!. S'J". IW3J Mirk Hinnaa, Ban e Laxe. «•] '; Sc«ti Mdj^grd. Vi'dhpeton. 60": Dkfc SlMk- poH,a*fi»ood.4'0": Otve K«iler- Aa*. J'I5"; Tom PrJ^*. Henn.rg. S'I8"; Jefl Ci'bfflton. DiiiMXtH. S'K". 1» H.H.: , (RKWd: Jtrrr SwxUM. Tnlef R.rK f*l'l, 15 I. T175: Terry D*Sulter. AiU^, 15.1, l»fO ... Bll'ne. Frite*. IS I: Msrk H Lilt. U.2; ivti Stf'.i.ttr, ft Ulj De»n Cutii. Bj.'ne DtnrWs He-im*n, Adi, \J t m-n o*U: (R*cord Don Moore, Cr If 74) K. F«te. Nrw York hU , 1ST, S , , B4M* , M.?; Dave GuMwwn. M.f. Mik H*V (Sfccrfl Sieve Sofri 7; Jet' M1LIS 1 ROBERTS WINS - New Yori Mffl»' iigh hnrdinr D«o 5 Aerto, rlg«, WM Ike CT«l irttk a time of :15.7 yesterday in the Class A Division d the Otter Rotary track classic in Ftrfu FUb. Battle Lake's Mark Hustad, Ml, took a third in the eveat with Ms time of: 1S.J. Fraiee's Scott Elaine WM Kern). N» Y«* Mffli ftebked (Wdar-tog em« wflaM pobU aid Battle Lake aded up wftfa 3« ID the large Class A Held. (Joaraal photo by Bruce Bakke) Goffz hurls win Twins, Wynegar nip Oakland A's in 11th BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (AP) — Boston's Fred Lynn was the rooWe rage of the American League a year ago and now Minnesota's Butch Wynegar is grabbing the first- year spotlight for 1ST76. The 20-year-old switch-hitting cat"her drilled three straight hits, including a 420-foot, three- Ht^h jL (Recor rd Bed Da>. Woarhfad. ft". . . . Gca-x! Fwkv i'5"; 3sC AnCersor. Easi Grand FcrkL. S'l". Bill Borge^i, MoorreM. !•«•0 RtUr: IRecord: A'oorl-wd. 1 3:.S. 1W«1 4- .'Aoorftt* (Jim Faye. Dowg NH»n. Bill Teibt/1, Ktv.n N*:scrM 1:32.1: B*m'(Jii 1 341. Eaii Gisnd Forks 1-17 J: Fergys Fj! s U' S. Thi*f R.ver Fai-i 1:41 i Mil* Sprin Mrdkr Rtliy: Rveno. E-MMS-jl J:US: J-erqrt Fai s 3:*S7: JWnrl-.etd I ** ». Thirt Rivet F»Bi 1:50.1; Be.T.iCji 3:« 7. IWyd OaU: (Record Gave GrL-aker. Atowr-eaJ. H 7, 1W3) DO'jg NSwn. M«xr>*9d, «1- HJ9« Bluer, Genisji. ?!.».- J'm NeUon, »OWh*ld. II 3. N'ck HJT.burg. B«r:k!:i. 14 1. Kevin NHttxi. Mnrhead. ?l S; Jin 5J-.-r!«r. T-vrf Riser fact. JiO Mrfe R**jy: (Record. /.'cwi-eas. 3:13 e. '-9?3l - Atowr-eM 32IS; Benvdjl 3 :*!.*.- Fwsvis Fan 1414. T.Trf R:ver FaJJs 3:51 B. E3SJ Grand Forks j-SJ.i. TEAM TOTALS Atoxvsd l!l. Be-T.KJ : i U3. Ferflvs F*i:*79. E*r G'a«J ForkMl. Tr'rt River F*;i 13, Craohs»3n n. West Fai-SO 3. 4- - Denotes *ew Rfcord. Journal SPORTS Fergus Falls (Mi.) Wed., May 19, 1976 louraal 14 run homer, Tuesday night lo spark the Twins to a 4-3 victory over slumping Oakland in 11 innings. Wynegar's home run, his fifth of the year, gave the Twins a 3-2 lead in the sixth inning; but Minnesota needed Dan Fqrd's llth-inning single to notch its second straight extra-inning victory over the A's, who have iost four of their last five games. Wynegar has faced all of the American League teams now and has a .303 batting average with the five homers, 15 runs batted in and a slugging percentage of .SW. "The pitchers can't work Butch any tougher than they are now," said Minnesota Manager Gene Mauch. "Remember, he didn' t hit for much of an average early but 1 got an idea of what he was made of then because he caught well while he didn't hit." Viynegar has had at least two hits in five straight games and seven of the last eight as his average soared from .190 earlier this month. "I felt I'd start hitting the ball," said Wynegar. "I was hitting it, but it just wasn't dropping in. The home run really fett good." Wynegar leads Minnesota in game-winning hits with five, and New York's Catfish Hunter and Baltimore's Jirn Palmer are among his home run victims. "He has one of the best swings for a young kid that I've ever seen," said A's Manager Chuck Tanner. "Oh, how he swings that bat. So quick. And (Stan) Bahnsen was throwing so good." Ford, who spent (our years in Oakland's minor league system before coming tojlLnnesota in an off season deal last year, ripped his game-winning hit down the left field line and boosted his team-leading RBI total to 22. "I just can't wait to play those guys," said Ford. "I want to let them know what they let go-" Ford and Wynegar helped Dave Goltz even his record at 2- 2. The burly Twins righthander scattered seven A's hits and pitched his second straight complete game. The A's punched three straight hits after two outs in the third to take a 2-0 lead and then tied the contest on an RBI sacrifice fly by pinch-hitter Ken McMullen in the seventh. "It'll break our way soon," said Tanner. "We're thinking aggressive and running wefl but just haven't got the big hit BV403D B*.r.«n»2i VJV.ryJrpf 1 1 Boitockct 0 Hll'erl l Carewii) 0 Kutickori 3 8r>epr 0 Wyntwc 0 Terreopr 0 Rocfc 0 Fordrt 0 Randall » e Cere em a Gomp 0 3 0 0 ( 1 1 o e i i 0 1 1 3 0 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 80 D 1 0 0 o o a a o o Errors costly in Otters 7-6 setback IRIH1M Ml Ml Ml fl e- C wash ngin, . . LOa-dk'and 7, M.rneu'l I. IB— B*f- Wr. H 1— SVynesar IS>. SB— C rtasfcingtn 3. M Wonder. LWl, Ba»:or, T«rrdl. S— BaoCO *F-M<VK:ren IP H R 6R BBSO TOCd(L.Ii) Mill 101 Goi!HW.7-?l 11 7 3 J J 7 HBP-by Todd (Olivi). T-0:W. A- MQO. WHEATON - "It was just a simple case of too many errors again," said Otter baseball coach Jim Hermes after watching his dub go down to defeat for the 12th time this season, 7-6 to Wheaton. Wheaton ended its regular season with a 7-6 mark and the Otters ended up with a disappointing 4-12 record. The Otters now enter Sub- regional baseball at Detroit Lakes on Tuesday, May 25. Spartan golfers lead regionals ANOKA - Bill Riviere shot a 77 to lead the Fergus Falls Community College golf team to the half-way lead in the regionals on Tuesday. The Spartans are leading with 316 points, Willmar is second at 322 and Madison, Wisconsin Tech is third at 32S points. Other Spartans scoring were: Bill Greenagle at 76, Jeff Mauch had 79, Doug Koennicke and Kip Borowski both fired 82s yesterday. The finals are held today. The team champion advances into the Nationals later this month. | Spartans win championship NOT ENOUGH "OOMPH" - Hemiing's Ralph Hemmerlin didn't pot enough "oomph" in this discus toss and failed to make tbe finals in ihr class A division of the annual Otter Invitational Rotary Track Meet yesterday here in Fergus Falls. BarnesviUe's Tom Iverson won ttae event with his toss ol 144T'. Mike Martte of Pelican Rapids took a liird at 12374". (Journal pboto by Bruce Bakke I topple Cavs 94-87, Phoenix Suns next target By GEORGE STRODE AP Sports Writer CLEVELAND (AP) - "Just another Tuesday night in Cleveland, that's all," chortled Coach Tom Heinsohn of the Boston Celtics, a smile brightening his usually dour face. "Our poise was the difference. We had chances to gel blown out several times," Heinsohn reflected of his team's 9417 triumph over the Cleveland Cavaliers that propelkd Boston into the National Basketball Association finals for the I4tJi time. The Phoenix Suns are the Celtics' neit target Sunday in an ironic twist. Charlie Scott, a member of the Suns last season, was Tuesday's hero. "The single play of the game was Scott's steal," said Heinsohn. Scott, who teamed with fellow guard Jo Jo White for 49 points, picked off Campy Russell's pass intended for Austin Carr. He drove unmoksted for the deciding stud shot and an 68-85 lead with !'.» minutes left. For Scott, of'.en maligned for his defensive weaknesses, it was a dream come true. "I've wanted all my life to make the NBA championship. It's my biggest thrill. It's fantastic," he said after scoring 20 points. "When we came into the locker room," said Heinsohn, "the guys were happier for Scott than for themselves. Charlie has taken more jan for so long, it's indecent. He's done everything 1 asked him." So now Scott goes against the Western Conference champion Suns, the team that traded him lo Boston for Paul Westphal last year. , • How does he like his new team's chances against his old club? "You should ask how do you like Phoenix 1 chances against Boston. I like the Celtics' chances against anybody," he responded. A horde of writers kept asking the fourth-year man from North Carolina to describe his steal. Scott patiently obliged, saying: "Carr came out to get the baD. I was overplaying him and denying him the pass. He was kilting us down the stretch. I knew that made it three points, they couldn't catch up with the basket It put the pressure on them." The Spartans had to defeat Brainerd twice yesterday to- win the Northwest Division championship and that's what they did. In the opener the Spartans toppled Brainerd 12-11 and in the second victory it took a grand-slam home run by Chuck Connelly to turn OK tide in favor of Fergus Falls, M in a wild seven-inning contest The Spartans ended their 1976 regular season with a 10-12 record, winning their final six games in a row. They were 9-3 in league play. In the opener Ike Kangas and Tun Martinson teamed up for the pitching victory and Elaine Ecker was 3-for-4 at the plate. In the second victory Connelly broke a M tie with a booming grand-slam homer and Neil Brendmocn hurled the victory. Connelly was 4-fof-5 for the day, scored five runs, drove in eight runs and stole two bases. "The kids deserve a W oi credit after having a rough start-tbey deserve a shot at Ox state title," said coach Dave Retzlaff following the two wins Tuesday. Fergus Falls meets Detroit Lakes at 1 pm and Moorhead plays Park Rapids at 3 p.m. The two winners advance into the finals on Thursday at Detroit Lakes. Yesterday Dave and Wayne Anderson led Fergus in hitting in the error-riddled game. Fergus Falls 0002004-665 Wheaton 310 210 x-7 7 5 Dave Anderson (LP) and Tim Lillquist; Brian Buchhob (WP), Tom Bihrle (4) and Curt Baldry. Otters lose team title DETROIT LAKES Moorhead's tennis team toppled Fergus Falls 3-2 in the Subsectional team tennis finals yesterday at Detroit Lakes. Dean Johnson and Steve Hatchner posted wins for Fergus in the singles bracket for the school's only two points of the meet. Team Results Singles Dean Johnson (FF) over JohnSnustad(M) 7-5, $-2. Steve Hatchner (FF) over Shaun Miller (M) S-2, M, 6-1. Rodger Hayen (M) over Tim Kapphahn (FF) W, 64. Doubles Dave Buckley and Bruce Wright (M) over Joel SUhlberg and Craig Woolson (FF) «, 75. Paul Holten and Tom Garrity (M) over Paul Bjorklund and Jeff Lu 7-6, 6-1. at the right time." A's reliever Jim Todd was tagged with his second straight loss and dropped to 2-4. Oakland visits Kansas City tonight while Minnesota moves to Chicago. Both series are two- game sets. Pebble Lake Golf Notes National League Bob's Tavern No. 2 over Anderson Construction 82-54. Leis Motors over Security State Bank 100-98. Lake Region Hospital over Minnesota West Realty 7W7. Equitable oE Iowa over Team No. 2 85-2$. National Bushing drew a Bye. . JOn Siokxa, Rolhsiv. KriUk*. PKhvn. 4-J01: Ken Grtr\*ooa, 4*38.- Myron Ktrtiig. M^jxxnen. t.a I; Jeff G*9*'ki, Wih F*ton, 4 *» I; MftfX Ootberil*in, Whealon, * SO 1. 1M-rd. H n**i: [Record: Greg Wclvtr, Gk^wood, M.?, nit) Dean Curtit. BArnMYiBc, 71.1: D*v* 8wg. Bceckeivk^.HS.-Rot't*, PHic*n R»p:«. n.9: S«Jt1 B '*'•«. Frai«», J?.3; Dave Gi.>nderun. Brecxenr^c. 23.9: 0. Robtrn. He* York MilU, 13 4. MO-yd. RM: ( Record : Sper.cer &(ac:rs». BTKkcr.rV)9*. J « 5) J- D*rm"i Lof\*f*»<k. Pi'lifl*f, 1:5? 5: K^tnrkogf. l-Sf.l: P*.-l . , ? 113: JefF Sd-.rarnTi, <X*n«wx).3 110: Kirk. BvtMcr. P*rMn, l.a.9; Kev^Bdckrrvi.G'enwood. 1 CJ 5. IMDHiyr (Record. CrocKtran. 1:17.3. 197*1 Wjnrsnen (M/ren Sruswen, Ro-i Sw^fs. Tom Kas'e, Oa'* suwebfCnt l-.HJ; Oa*orts 1:11 1: Hew York M : at 1:17.1; *3J 1:37,1; Hen,lir-B 1:3M: n Ekren. Pebble Lake Golf Club Results IS-Hole League Amundson Equipment over Kube Company 170-161. Old Home Bread over First National Bank 171-157. Norby's Department Store over Service Food 172-158. Victor Lundeen over Coca- Cola 1634&1 Lakes Sport Shop over Cy's Men's Wear of Minneapolis 170167. 9-Hole League American Leagne Bob's Tavern No. 1 over Northwestern National Bank S3-7&. Elks over Eagles 8441. Knight's Construction over City Hall 91-81. 0. T. District over Farm Bureau Insurance 76-75. Runningen Furs drew a Bye. Church League ResalU Bethel "A" over Bethlehem 1M Stikklestad over Catholic 134 First Baptist over Tonseth Lutheran 16-4 [Record: Gkfuwod 3:«.l. ""' GCer.nood 3:43.3: Bolhi*r 3:505; Dilwortk 3:S7I; Birneiville 3:53.Br Her.n'ng 3 53 1 Itt-i a D»A: (Record: Don MOCrf, Crookston, »i, N74] Steve Korrh. BreckenrUge. 734: Brad Bjrtr-, Barnnville, 33 1: D*»e Scboen bean, Mt' 13 I: K Fcnst, New York Mill. 33.9; Kim Mencel. Ban* Lake. 34 C.- .'My Schvtn, Brecker.iktg*, 141 , Dive Roc=ie. Pe^'car. R«pkK. \rV: Mrtn Virriino. DJwcrtTi, II'* 1 '; Mirk Ktiring. Pd'C«n AipWs. U'6"; Ti-n idi milt, Pelican Rtprdl. ll'A"; Scott Birqeron. Perham, IVI"; Eric CVeer.ijui^, Brecker.rk*Be, 11D". StMt PvT: {Record; Len Dtwm. Crookskm, 55'*". IW3) Ewerson, Bjrn«*dre, 50-4"-* 1 ': SjndW. Friie*, 41'7'i"; Pauiioo. Verndale. 451": Ch»n, G:emwod. trr'i rVkafTin. PHic»oR»pkfi,4i i yr'; TrmvilL Petkwi Rapkfa, *3-l'.i". TEAM TOTALS Glenwood *S. Breckpnr'rdst Ml. BimesvUk 50. PeUcM Riardt 39, Hew York Mini 14. Bertie L »*«•», Vcrrtile K. Perium Wt. Mahnonen 25. 0:rwortt 25. Rcthur ». FTHM n, r>\r.t?tf 14. Htna'ng 13. Adj «. Wiripetoi H. Wrwixm ;, HaKtad 6, Parkers Prairie 0. Otk Gro« 0, H&okY 0, UnrHrwwd 0 Eiscw Lak*0. E*jle Bend 0. , May 22 ServingOMMenu In Dining Room from 6 to 10 FREE DANCE Music by BOYS 'N FromStol Serving Off Menu Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday NighUtromirolO Noack fires 71 for Fergus MOORHEAD - Wade Noack fired a sizzling 71 yesterday to pace Fergus Falls to its second place finish in the Moonhead Golf Invitational. Moorhead von the 16-school meet with 463 strokes and the Otters [ell three strokes off the pace for 466 and second place. Behind Noa*s71 were Hie Norby at 75, Fred Evenson and Steve Phillips both came in at 79, Tim Iverson had an II and Dave Phillips carried an S3. Saturday, May 22, Fergus is at Crookston and the following Saturday they are at Detroit Lakes for the Sectional meet Mmtead Resets Moorhead 463, Fergus Falls 46«, Alexandria 467, Mahnomen 471, Bemidji 475, Thief River Falls 479, Rosea-j WO, Red River 4(3, Wahpeton 4S3, Graftal 4M, Staples 414, Detroit Lakes 432, Fargo North SOt, Bagley Ml, Fargo South X», Breckenridge 5U. STUMP REMOVAL Rid Your Yard Ugly Stumps CARR'S TREE SERVICE BOX 495 -BATTLE LAG, KW. 56515 PHOHE 21M95-3332

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