The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 19, 1976 · Page 1
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 1

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
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Wednesday, May 19, 1976
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Fergus Falls (Ha.) Itirial Wed.. May 19, L976 12 Area Ihappen/ngs... Arab, Jewish students clash at university JERUSALEM (API — Hun- r1aOu» rta i au ~,i. ..~..*i_ n.ji. i \ ..U'L_ *_ . .. - .... * Third boat theft reported Theft of an inboard-outboard boat and trailer, the third one this week, was reported to the sheriffs off ice Tuesday. Morris Lucas of bda Shores on Lake Lida said his boat, a 1 Moot Silverline valued at J5.500, was stolen sometime since Monday afternoon. New superintendent ROTHSAY - Dr. RonaW j,-. Froh , ip wiu ^ ^ W(f ^ „, rJ ^ "tRo'hsay. He succeeds Superintendent Gerhardl Dammel who has accepted a similar position al Ellendale-Ceneva. Dr . Frohr jp wilJ begin his duties on July 1 Dr. Frohrip was born al International Falls. He and his wife Ann, have four children. He received his education degree in' educational administration from the University of North Dakota He earned his master's degree in guidance and counseling from Berrudj, State University. He also holds a tacStorT sdwre degree in socjalstudiesandEnglisb.alsofromBemidji State. Delegate votes by candidate WASHINGTON (AP)-Here are delegate votes by candidate based on binding requirements or stated preferences of delegates selected so far for the national party nominating conventions: Republican: Reagan 5H Ford 432 Uncommitted 383 Other 1 Total chosen to date 1,330 Yet to be chosen 929 Needed to nominate: 1,130 Planting well ahead of last year WASHINGTON (AP) - Unusually cooperative weather this spring has enabled farmers to gel a fast start on planting key crops for harvest in 1976, including corn and spring wheat, says the Agriculture Department. By May 16, about 73 per cent of the corn crop was planted, compared with 63 per cent on the same date last year and a normal progress of 55 per cent, the department said Tuesday in a weekly weather review. Farmers in Northern states had planted 92 per cent of their spring wheat against 33 per cent on May 16, 1975, and a normal pace of 61 per cent, the report said. Planting "was virtually complete" in South Dakota and Minnesota, but in Idaho farmers had seeded only 72 per cent of their crop. Soybean planting, which usually follows corn, was 29 per cent done by mid-month, compared with 18 per cent a year ago and a normal progress of 16 per cent. Harvesting of the 1976 winter wheat crop was under way by mid-month in several states, including Florida, Alabama, Texas and California, the report said. WANTED! OLDEST INSURANCE poucy Right now, we're searching for the oldest Insurance Policy ISSUED by any one of the following predecessors to ENSTAD-LARSON-MANH, Inc.: J W. Mason, Mason & Lowry, Sawbridge & Uowry, Lowry Brothers, Lake & Lowry, Lowry & Olson, Lowry, Stang & Olson, Inc., Bill Bruce Agency, W R. Olson Agency, Olson-Ensfad-Larson, Inc.! or Enstad-Larson, Inc. We plan lo display the "oldest" Policy as a means of depicting our slogan, TESTED BY TIME AND SERVICE. The possessor of this oldest policy will be awarded a prize by our firm—wormy of our appreciation for me use of the policy. All policies entered will be returned to possessors. Bring in your OLDEST POLICY now! You could be a winner. Stop in with yours by Friday, May 28th. Start looking now, enter now! Watch for further developments. Enstad-Larson-Mann, WMNUIB 127 South Mid Fergus Falls, Minn. River Inn BWg. Phone 7W-7SJI JERUSALEM (AP) - Hundreds of Arab and Jewish students clashed with rocks and clubs today al Jerusalem's Hebrew University and scattered anti-Israeli protests erupted in the occupied West Bank of Jordan. Hospital officials said six students were injured in the university melee. Reinforced patrols of Israeli police and troops were under orders to maintain control but avoid bloodshed if possible in the riot-ravaged West Bank and East Jerusalem, where three Arabs were slain by Israeli gunfire this week. Wilnesses said the Hebrew University fight began when about 150 Arab students demonstrated against Israeli handling of the West Bank rioting, About 200 religious Jewish students led by Habbi Meir Kahane, head of the militant Jewish Defense league - JDI,—set up a counterprotest a few yards airay. Witnesses said the groups began pelting one another with rocks and then clashed with clubs and sticks before police broke them up. A Hadassah Hospital spokesman said four Jews and two Arabs were wounded in the clashes. One Jewish youth was oadly hurt In the bead, the spokesman said, and would nave lo undergo an operation Afler lie clash, Kahane told newsmen: "What you have seen here is a clear and open indication of how the Arabs really feel about this stale." He said the only solution was to transfer all the Arabs "out of this country and Ubtrated Arab lands" lo other Arab states. Minor demonstrations were also reported elsewhere in the occupied West Bank with scattered rock throwing incidents but there were no reports of new casualties. Radio Israel uid border police used tear gas to disperse a crowd of rock-throwing demonstrators near the ancient walled city. The radio said police detained eight youths in Arab East Jerusalem who were urging shopkeepers to close their stores. Shops and three schools in the quarter remained closed. Defense Minister Shimon Peres, speaking on television, defended the policy of breaking up anti-Israel demonstrations. But he said new methods were being investigated to avoid fatalities in the area that Israel seized from Jordan in the 1867 Mideast war. To Your Good Health By Dr. George C. Thostesort Democratic: . . . . Carter 719 Udall 274.5 Jackson 222 Wallace 145 Humphrey 51.5 Church 15 Harris 15 Favorite Son 86 Other 13.5 Uncommitted 331.5 Total chosen to date 1.872 Vet to be chosen 1,136 Needed to nominate: 1,505 Republican totals are based on completed delegate selection in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Indiana' Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi Nebraska, fVevada, New Hamp-' shire, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania South Carolina, West Virginia Wisconsin, Wyoming, District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico, and partial delegate selection in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Minnesota, Missouri, Texas and Virginia. Democratic totals are based en completed delegate selection in Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Mexico, New YorX, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Canal Zone and Virgin Islands, and partial delegate selection in Alabama, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas, District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. First black elected top official BALTIMORE (AP) _ Dr Thelma Davidson Adair has become the first black woman to be elected moderator of the United Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A. in voting that ran to an unprecedented four ballots. Meetings The City Council utilities committee will meet at noon Monday, May 24, City Hall lunchroom, to discuss west side utilities, a connection charge ordinance, the city landfill and sewer assessments on Court Street. The City Council park, playground, airport coinmitlee will meet at noon Tuesday, May 25, City Hall lunchroom, lo discuss airport development. Shocking pet collars recalled WASHINGTON <APJ - The Food and Drug Administration today announced a nationwide recall of about 3,000 battery- powered pet collars that shock dogs with 1,800 volts to keep them from barking. The FDA said electrical charges from the collars have burned boles in the skin of some dogs and could burn children if they are playing with their pets Wien the collars are activated The "Sound-Off Bark Restrainer and Training Collars" were sold nationwide through pet stores and by mail order the FDA said. The collars were manufactured by Hal 0. Knutson of Chatsworth, Calif., the FDA said. The agency said Knutson, under threat of court action, sent voluntary recall letters to distributors and wholesalers and lo about 150 known purchasers of the collars. STAYOFFTHESINUS Dear Dr. Tbosteiw: I kid surgery a year ago to uUock and drain my sinuses. I have used nosedrops aad have taken medteatton shce, but the to- fecUon keeps coming tack. My bead gets stopped up and kmrta. My eyes and itce toff «p. 1 feel dUtounged becaotc this seems like an eidksc problem. Is this to be expected? - F.O.R You may be on the old sinus merry-go-round. Your doctor has undoubtedly cheeked for common pf oblems, such as nasal polyps or bent septum (the wall separating the nostrils). Both conditions can cause the blockage, and blockage is an inflation to sinus infection. That's what I mean by merry-gwound. The blockage infection cycle can be vicious. Smoking or excessive use of nose drops and sprays only worsens matters. Either can tip the scales in favor of infection because they tend to make the membranes swell. But you shouldn't discount a possible allergy. The swelling, watery eyes and puffiness suggest this. Sensitivity to house dust, pets, pillow stuffing or other items you are continually exposed to should be investigated. Nasal passages and the sinuses are made to perform their cleansing and lubrication work efficiently. It is when one of the factors mentioned above enters the scene that trouble occurs. You won't find a lasting solution until you find the exact cause. Then you will need some continuous attention from a physician skilled in these mailers to help you off the merry-go-round. You can help by quitting cigarettes if you smoke, and by cutting down on the drops and sprays. You may find my booklet, "How to Stop Sinus Trouble," helpful. (For a copy, send 35 cents to me in care of Ihis newspaper, enclosing a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope.) Dear Dr. Thosteson: Could you please give me same fo. formation about Inflammation of toe pancreas — OK came, ett. Could it keep a person thin? -M.C. The pancreas (PAN-cree-us) is a very important gland located in the upper mid- 'MERRY-GO.ROUND' section of the abdomen, just behind the stomach. It is about six indies long and an inch thick ir. adults. It produces digestive juices, which flow directly into the small bowel, and also, of course, insulin and glucugon, which go directly into the bloodstream. Inflammation (pancreatitis) causes severe pain, which can be chronic. The cause in about two thirds of the cases is either too much alcohol intake or a gall bladder infection. Distress comes about 24 hours after a drinking bout. The pancreas and the gall bladder ducts enter the small bowel quite close to each other. Thus, infection in one can readily enter the duct of the other. Drinking alcoholic beverages must be stopped if that is a factor.. The gall bladder is taken out if that is the source of the infection. Stones in the pancreas, plugged duds or cysts can also be involved in pancreas disease. If untreated, loss of insulin production can cause diabetes. Insulin is the essential material for "burning" of sugar in the body. Since a pancreas disorder will interfere with digestion, it could keep a person thin, as you suggest. Dear Dr. Tbostesoi: For what reason is a Ugh-ffber diet given to arthritis? — J.C. Diet plays no particular role in treatment of arthritis. One reason for advising a high-fiber intake would be to avoid constipation, which could be a problem with people severely limited in activity by arthritis The fiber helps keep the bowels active. Arthritis sufferers can be helped. Dr. Tbosteson's booklet discusses many types of arthritis and related joint diseases as well as effective treatments and medications. For a copy of "How You Can Control Arthritis," write to him in care of this newspaper. Enclose a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 35 cents. Dr. Thosteson welcomes reader mail but regrets that, due to the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to anser individual letters. Readers' questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible. dresses.^ pantstiits jumpsuits SALE 20% off Sale ends Saturday! Theetilii-e summer collection of jumpsuits, pantsuils, long aiul short drosses is on sale. Junior. ,\f issiw si/.es. Hotter hurr\'! Bostwicks buys better soyou can! Israel's first consideration, Peres said, was "to insure order and security to all resi- denU, without exception." He said most of (he Arab deaths were accidental, and troops had strict orders not to fire at demonstrators unless their own lives were in danger. Ten Arabs have been killed by Israeli forces in nearly four months of unrest An Israeli newspaper, the Haaretz daily, reported earlier that the army was considering using tear gas and water cannon to disperse demonstrators and might replace live ammunition with rubber bullets. Curfews remained in force in four West Bank towns. The latest victim, 21-year-old Mahmoud al-Qurd, was shot in the head by Israeli police Tuesday near the bjblical tomb of Christ in Jerusalem's Old City. Israeli authorities said he was slain during an Arab assault with stones and bottles on a police patrol. Arab mourners, bearing the victim's body in a blood-stained shroud, turned his funeral into another demonstration. The Palestinian flag was hoisted atop St Stephen's Gate and the angry crowd chanted: "In our blood and our souls we will redeem the dead ... the Jews are killing us and we will kill the Jews." Earlier demonstrations spilled into the Via Dolorosa, Christ's way to the cross, which is usually thronged with pilgrims. Opposition politicians urged tougher actions lo control Arabs on the West Bank. There were few disturbances there until last year. Palestinian consciousness has been stimulated by Arab diplomatic victories since the 1J73 energy crisis and by activities of the Palestine Liberation Organization. Israel liadio reported Tuesday that Peres had confirmed plans to build a second line of Jewish settlements overlooking the 17 fanning communities already built in the Jordan valley. Jewish settlement in the West Bank has been a major cause of Ox Arab disturbances and has been criticized by the United States as illegal and an obstacle to peace. BUILDING MATERIAL SPECIALS Double Hung Window Units, Complete With Storms & Screens.. 36"«24" HO 32"x20" '$40 32"xl6" "NO 16/24 -W/ii 50" -16/24 Thermal Centers $150 RANCH UNITS 42"»16" Glass Size $14.95 6'0"«6'«" Caradco Patio Un'rts J295 LUMBER & MILLWORK BARN, INC. Just «st sf IW an Highway 210 8<Hrte4, Ferius Falls - Pfcone 739-2835 Open 9 a.m. to 5 p.n., Mondays thru Saturdays BIKE IN BICYCLES "Best Riding Under the Big Top" (!) 99 IS 27" DELUXE 10 SPEED RACER. Top racer lor the serious cyclist. 10 speed derailleurs with stem-mounted shifters. Front/rear center pull caliper brakes, rattrap reflector pedals. 1774 24"10SPEED RACER IE IKCUU H26" 10 SPEED RACER. Quality racer with stem-mounted shifters, drop handlebar, front/rear caliper brakes, rattrap reflector pedals. 1672 3 DAYS ONLY . . GREATLY REDUCED PRICESI 74 S 2«" 3 SPEED TOURIST. Enjoy spring and summer bicycling with this trigger-control 3 speed tourist. Caliper brakes, full-length chain guard and reflector pedals MEN'S IBM WOMEN'S iei3 E 20" BICYCLE. The action bike for young pedalers! uoaster brake, extension seat post, giant reflector and popular hi-styte handlebars. BOY'S 1012 GIRL'S 1011 WEHAVE BICYCLE TIRES AND TUBES -ALL SIZES. H'L HARDWARE "Haw Owned and Nome Operited" "to. 1 Hirtwfe Store w Onto Tail Eeptre' 120 ». CiHwr - Cif/ Center tow* C«r*r - Feni$ Fifc . PHONE 7M-5M1 OPEN MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY FROM8:00 A.M. TO 9:00 P.M. OPEN SATURDAYS FROMS:MA.M.T05:HP.M. -YOUR COMPLETE HARDWARE STORE

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