Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 16, 1933 · Page 6
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 6

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1933
Page 6
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'BUT 1ITTR Of AMU FKfcCKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Amateur Detectives! DANCE AT DAYTON'S PARK Saturday, oept. 16. Parks-Gann and Buddies 10-plcce band. DAXCB AT MOOSE HALL SAf. Music by Adeline Fitch. 4— Strayed, Fornod «7—Wort: H'aatod. Female GIRL, 21, WANTS HOUSEWORK Phone Huxley 811. WANTED: HOUR WORK. PHONE 1413-J, OiE, OS5IC-... BEING OCTECTIVES IS EXCITING. ISN'T COULD I KJOK THRQU6H VOOC MR HUFF? 48—Private Instruction CONSIDERABLE MONEt WAS lost in Ames business section Thursday p. m., Sept. 7. A liberal toward will be given to finder if money is returned to owner. 7n- quire at Tribune office. 5—AntomoMlw, Tracks tor SAle BALLROOM AND TAP LESSONS; W: L. Patten, Dance Instructor.— Phone 2104. WHY, CERTAIMLY — JU5T HELP VODRSCLr; THERE-BUT I DOHT QOiTE UMOCJ&TAMO YOUR A5KIW6 ABOUT THE PORK. CHOPS, FRECKLESff By Blower ( OH-WELL, IU TELL AAOUT THAT IN A MlkJUTE, MR.HUFFI LOOK, OSStE.'ONLY TWO PEOPLE WIRE KtdlSTEREO W THAT TIME- A MR. BOTTLE AWO— I CANT MAKE OUT THE OTHER WILL GIVE LESSONS ON COR- net, trombone and baritone. Call 1622-J. W—Fuel 1 SAVE BY Best coal. 1712-J. W* Have the But Stock of USED CARS we have had this year and at the best prices. 1932 Chev. 6-wh'l sedan with trunk 1932 Chevrolet Coach 1932 Chevrolet Coupe 1931 Chevrolet Coupe ' n ,,,-.t, c : „ », • A 1931 Ford Town Sedan ? qu " beB ' HubD » rd 192ft Fnrrt r n »n«, tomatoes, carrots, BURNING IOWA'S Luther coal. Phone «1—Garden Prodnc* POR ° 1930 Ford Coupe 1929 Ford Coupe 1929 Plymouth Sedan Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers Phone 395 5th 4. Douglas .„ AT <*bbage, acom squash*-, green beets, turnips, , , onions, egg plant, peppers, sweet and hot radishes, spinach, parsley^ Free delivery. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. WE NEED USED CARS SEE US at once for trades on NEW PLYMOUTHS DODGES AND 6LOSMOBILES Open Evenings W. H. Nutty Garage Plymouth • Dodge • Oldtmobile Used Cars 1231 Ford Deluxe Coupe $265 330 Essex Sedan $248 W.i Ford Coupe $225 )2x Essex Coach ...$70 Mathison Motor Co. ACORN SQUASH AND PUMP- lins. Large, ripe, 25c dozen. Melons. At farm or delivered. H. T. Farrar. TOMATOES THAT WILL SATIS- fy you, 40c bu. Not only at farm, Also free delivery, Acorn squashes, 25c doz. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. TOMATOES THAT ART NOT ON- ly nice but excellent 40c bushel at farm or delivered. H. T. Farrar. POTATOES, TOMATOES, BEANS, carrots, beets, squash. 62F4. P. 0. Stone. 92—Fruit Pontiac Coach All new tires. Car can't be told from new. 1931 Chevrolet DeLuxe Sedan 5 wire wheels. Cleanest car we ' ?.ve ever had. Max Duitch Auto Ex. Phone 1000 323 Fifth 7 —Auto Repmin FOR SALE: N VV. GREENING apples, |1.00 per bushel. Also wind falls, 50c per bushel. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. WEALTHIES, WOLF RIVERS Jonathans. Cider to order. J. E, Brown. 63F3. ^ mile south Ontario. 04—Household G*od« WE FIX THEM on They Can't Be Fixed Morrison** Garage 323 Lifeclnway Phon« 910 "Well, It's This Way— t'know it's run 2&VOOO miles be- !ause I kept track on my. speedo- neter, and I know that*' right be :ause I had it repaired at— Cliff Roberson's Garage BUY DIRECT Get an introductory card from j Walsh's Furniture and Hardware store and you can buy your furniture direct from, the wholesale house. WALSH JTURJT. * HDWE. "0—Katiio SURE/ AMD SO FAR we'es PRETTY GOOD. I'M ANXJOUSTO SEE VYMAT LUCK WE HAVE AT THE HUFF HOTEL. MR.5HULTZ.TMt CHOf»? l£T THAT VOUft HOTEL ORDCfltDSOMfc PORK CHOPS FROM HIM THi FOURTH WEEK IM AUGUST. VES, I ftEUEVt WE WD-A6I ivducsno GT< No Parking! By Cowan HOW OH) 1 KNOW TT COME UP THOOUGH THESE BUSHES Or TO CAMP! NO NEED FV5SWG. WE TO CWHP.AND GOT THE TEHTUPOWtf . 1-U. BE <*AD ID GET A UTTLC Or cots A, UOHG ALLEY OOP Hail the King! By Hamlin \1 PERFECTLY HARMLESS, EH.' WELL,WHY DltWTMDUSAYSO.lNTHE FIRST PLACE, INSTEAD OF SCARING MY POOR SUBJECTS HALF TO DEATH? HE IS TAME, AWT HE PRETTY WCE TO STEADY THERE.DINNY TWO LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING rooms, call at SOB Grand or phone 609-J. FARM NEWS C. E. GORE'S SERVICE, ALL radio work guaranteed. 210 llth C011. FURNISHED LIGHT .keeping rooms, fill Phone 1613. HOUSE- Douglas. ONE OR MORE HOUSEKEEPING 731 Fifth street. Phone rooms. 209S-J. Sale, Miscellaneous 12—B«*Bty Service J PERMANENT END CURLS, 25c each. Oil permanents, for dry, brittle hair, $5.00. Allene's Beauty Shoppe. Phone 427. • • FOR RE-ORDERS AND FREE FA. ciais with Madam White Cosmetics phone Edna Pruitt, 1210. Call 123 Sumner avenue. 118—BaiineMi Senric* Offered UPHOLSTERING Sefinishing Fibre Cord and Repairing Cane Seats Dabinet Work Awnings Antiques Little Furniture Shop 9 hone 114 2314& Main 100 Good Used Chairs 50c, 75c, $1.00 '50 Good Used Tables $1.00 to $5.00 & CALL 486-J Apartments and houses, close to college, clean neat, convenient, priced right Cna* Miller. 132 Haywood Ava, A Good Used Oil Burner For sale—A bargain. Plumbing &. Heating W. G. Madison Co. 1204 3rd St. Phone 1002 SUNSET APARTMENTS: NICELY furnished ?, and 3 room apts j Newly decorated. Li*ht and water furnished. 1 blocL from campus Phone 1457-W. FOR NJCE APARTMENTS, CLOSE to campu*, reasonably priced, see ' Countryman. 2728 Lincoln M. A, way. THREE PIECE WICKER FURNI- ture set Suitable' for living room or sun porch. Phone 2414. % H. P. INTERNATIONAL GAS engine. Call 1929. NICELY FURNISHED 2 ROOM apt Heat, lights, water. Washing privileges. 815 Burnett. 1266-W. •; FURNISHED:APARTMENTS AND 7O—Wanted, Miscellaneous WE WILL PURCHASE ANY GOOD used water softener. Write Ted Cutler, 613 Keo Way, Des Moines, Iowa. furnished dwelling. Little Brothers. Phone 196 CLEAN APARTMENTS, FDRN- . Ished or unfurnished. Also house 4th ward. Phone 2147-J. Furnace Cleaning *'e clean and repair all makes of urnaces. New low prices on new I urnaces. A. 6,' Speers Furnace and Tin Shop 3 hone 662 400 Main Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW! :uaranteed work with our super service vacuum cleaner. Palmer Plumbing Co. 108 Hayward Ave. Phone 1091 WANTED: CIRCULATING HEA er. Call 1234 L. J. te—Poultry for Sale THREE ROOM FURNISHED APT. with sleeping porch, bath, garage Call 1388. DESIRABLE FURNISHED APT Laundry privilege. Outside entrance. 310 Lincoln way. POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS Springs 16c per Ib. Hens 13c " *' No charge for dressing and delivery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. WHITE ROCK FRIES, MILK FED. 2% to 4 Ibs., 17c Ib. Dressed and delivered. Phone 371-J. 88—Rooms Without Board P lumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy NEW FURNACES .•11. furnace repair work. Furnaces ; cuum cleaned. Eve trough work F. A. Gould 'Hone 527-J 3t2 Main St. MATERNITY AND ADOPTIONS Seclusion for unfortunate girls .'-xpense reduced by working \a'. Iress: Fairmount Hospital, 4909 iiast 27th, Kansas City, Missouri ONE FURNISHED ROOM WITH kitchenette. Garage. 607 Carroll ave. Phone 761. FURNISHED APT., FIRST FLOOR 3 rooms, private bath. 2S26 West. SMALL KITCHENETTE APT Also bachelor suite. Call 1S09. SUITE OF ROOMS FOR GIRLS. Near campus. Phone 2391. CHICAGO "(U£)~ Livestock : HOGS: 15,000 Including 8,000 government pigs, 6,000 directs. Market about steady with Fridays finish and fully 25c under. Good and choice ISO to 220 Ibs., $4.60@ $4.?0j top |4.70. 240 to 300 Ibs., $4.10@$4.60. Odd 16ts of light lights $4.40 down. Packing sows |3.00@ $3.50. Heavy weights $3.00 down. Estimated holdovers 3:000, including 2,000 government pigs. Other state classes cleaned up today compared with a -week ago. Market mostly 25c higher. CATTLE: 300. calves 300 compared with close lagt week, fed steers and yearlings generally 25c higher. Closing advance very uneven. Light weight steers yearlings active. Market on fat cows left this market nearly steady with week ago. Bulls steady. Vealers 50c higher. Receipts liberal but beef finished comparatively smaller, there be. ing 6,000 western grassers, mostly stockers in week's run. Extreme top on fed steers $7.00. Long yearlings $6.90 ; Light yearlings steers $6.75. Light heifers $6.25 and heavy heifers $6.10. Largely $5.25@$8.50. Fat steer trade, mostly grassers, selling $4.50 down. Average fat steers during week $5.60 down SHEEP: 6.000. For the week ending Friday; : 206 ddubles from feeding stations, 16,000 direct compared with close week ago. killing classes weak to 25c lower. Feeding lambs firm. Expanded number, including largest aged sheep run of year, factor in decline. Best trade only moderately improved. Week's top I7.S5 on both natives and ranging lambs. Nothing above S7.50 late. Bulk westerns $7.00@$7.75. Na- lives $7.00@$7.50. Native throw- outs $4.00@$4.50. Yearlings $4.75@ $5.40. Common and choice ewes H.50@32.50, top $2.75. Week's top $3.0U Feeding lambs $6.00@$6.25. Best available locally $6.35. __ Today'* Markets Prices bid by local dealtr* ] OVi 150 - — No. 2 corn ................ 37^,0 Ear corn ............ . ,.35%c Oats ................ ..... 29c Hogs .. .................. j4_oo Cream, sweet ...... . ..... 23%c Cream, sour ...... .... .2iy>c Eggs, No. 1 .... ........... .".... 15c Eggs, No. 2 ........... Heavy hens, -1^ Ibs., and up..8c Heavy hens under 4 & Ibs. and leghorns ............ 5c Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs. and over Heavy, breed springs, under _• . * Ibs ................. Leghorn springs ........ .,...5c Leghorn cox ............... All roosters ..... ... .... .,..4c All number twos, two cents less. »<*—Houses for Rent TWO MODERN BUNGALOWS and-'one seven room house. Phone John E. Judge. 1223-W. FOR RENT: PLEASANT, WELL furnished south room to gentleman. Private home. No other roomers. Phone 2383-Wi BED ROOM, GARAGE AND breakfasts for 2 men or employed couple, $4.00 week for one, ?6.00 for two. 920 Burnett. 1243-W. COZY, TWO ROOM, FURNISHED apartment. 939-W. IDEAL ONi ROOM APART- ments. Call 1S29. PRODUCE i . . • .. CHICAGO <U.E>— • Produce: EGGS: Market steady; receipts 5,244 cases; extra firsts IS; cur' rent receipts 15%; dirties 13 BUTTER: Market steady; ceipts 12,436 tubs; specials 23 re extras 22^ : extra firsts @?1%;. firsts i7%@isx$; seconds 16%@17; standards 21&. POULTRY: Market steady: receipts 27 trucks; fowls 10@11^ ; springers 9; leghorns S; ducks S; geese 8; turkeys 8@9; roosters 6 @7. CHEESE: Twins. Longhorns, 12% ©12% POTATOES: On track 241; arrivals 112; shipments 699; market weak. FIVE ROOM, MODERN. FURNISH- ed bungalow. Hot water heat fireplace, garage, $40. 916 Ridgewood, 1440-W. FOUR ROOM APARTMENT. 662. PH. FOR RENT: GOOD APARTMENT Dr. Proctor. FOR RENT: VERY DESIRABLE sleeping rooms. Centrally located. Women preferred. Phone 833-J. \.MES GAHBAGE CO. LKW COLE Phone 2061. 27—Work Wanted, Female COMFORTABLE BED ROOM, GA- rage and breakfast for two men or employed couple. $3.50 week for , $6 for Wo. 117 E. 12th street. LOVELY FURNISHED, UNFURN- Jshed rooms. Adults. 114 Seventh, TWO DESIRABLE ROOMS. GA. 803 Duff. Phone 511-J. •VAXTED: GENERAL HOUSE work of all kinds. Good clean v ( .rk KHfiranteed.' Both uptowo i mi fourth ward. Call 2034, PLEASANT SOUTHS.' garage. 60fl-W. ROOM, TWO APARTMENT HOUSE, furnished or unfurnished. 1205 Lincoln way. MODERN SIX ROOM HOUSE near college. Redecorated. Phone Answers to Test Questions Egg Production And Prices Off ^^£ftS£n During August Iowa State college had a total at- Egg prices were nearly half a cent h,n/rv C Ln f J 5Gl I he P° ultrv h «s- per dozen lower in August than in £"£ JSSTSUS? SP ° nSOr - JU ' y < '«»*.**"* lower egg pro Tuesday and Wednesday the de- du £u, on * er hen ln Au ^ sL partment held sessions for hatch- was the situatl °n in Iowa cryraen and for those interested in if 8 rcvealed bv the I°wa poultry becoming hatchery flock inspect-' pers who are kee P ln e records in ors for the Iowa Poultry Improve- COODemtlon with the extension ser- ment association. Examinations for this work concluded the short course Wednesday. Thursday and Friday a course was held for poultry breeders. It was planned especially for those •who are going ubout poultry breeding in a scientific way. technical laws and .problems of genetics were discussed. These included the inheritance of sUch factors as size of eggs, color of egg, number of eggs laid, hatchabiiity, body weight. longevity, breed color. type and varietv Members, of tht genetics department of the college assisted the, poultry husbandry staff, with the breeding school, the first of its kind to be held in Iowa. Plans are under way. to make the breeding school an annual affair at. which poultry breeders may have a chance to learn of the latest developments in poultry breeding. coopemtion with the extension ser vice of Iowa State college. The report for all flocks has just been issued at the college. The average egg yield per hen was 12.7 .in August and 12.9 in July. The price last month averaged 11.4 cents a dozen for market eggs, while in July it was 11.8 cents. In August a year ago, the price for eggs was 14.5 cents A dozen, so that poultry income was considerably lower this year. : To date this year the calendar record flocks are an average of five „ per hen below the production of the previous year. The fiscal vear for the record flocks ends with November, insufficient culling and poor feeding are the main causes 'or the lower production this year, n the opinion of extension poultry- men. Te: United States civil service :ommission has announed open competitive examinations as folows: Mimeograph operator, $1,260 a year, less a deduction of not to ex- ;eed 15 per cent as a measure of WASHINGTON, ian's order to "work outdoors" Played a significant part in developing J. E. Lemmon into Washington county's "walnut king." Lemmon purchased a tract of land four years ago and since that time has planted approximately 14,000 walnut trees. From his investment when the trees begin to bear, he expects an annual income of about $6,000. Furthermore, on a basis of United States forestry department calculations the trees will gradually increase in value, Lemmon says, until they reach $40 each. Exclusive of labor, he believes, the average cost of the trees is about one cent each. Lemmon planted the trees-eight eet apart in rows 10 feet wide.- Many of the trees now stand about seven feet high. A number of re- >laceraents have, been necessary >ecause of damage by wild deew n the tract, he said. The original 3,000 walnuts which jemmon used in starting his "wal- iut farm" were obtained from tas forestry department at Iowa State college. 8,000 ADDED TO PAYROLL CHICAGO, OH!)—As a resnlt of business increases and the NRA, more than 8,000 persons have been added to the payroll of Sears, Roebuck and company since July ?9 V it was reported Thursday by Robert E, Wood, president. . - ~ Barley interests are meeting at Dubuque, Sept. 20 and 21, for the purpose of formulating a coordinated program in the upper Mississippi Valley for the production of better feeding and malting barley. The botany and plant pathology section of Iowa State college is host to the conference. Representatives of barley grow- County Society News ;eea j.o per cent as a measure of "cjucacuimiYCB «" uuney grow- iconomy and a retirement deduc-1 er8 ' .breweries, the United States TWO ROOM FURNISHED APT. Phone 1594. FOR RENT: APARTMENT. 716 Fifth. IX)—Business Places for Sale FUK SALii!: SUBUKtiAN GROC- ery and meat stock and fixtures. Good location. Money maker. Write box 417. FOR SALE: BARBER SHOP near college. Cheap. Call 486-J. •UHKK LADIES OVER 20 TO travel demonstrating Madam \Hli<> cosmetics. ICxiierlence ntv Phont 1210. FURNISHED ROOM. 807 Sixth street. ONEFURNI^irTFoOM/PHONE »•»—Hou»ea tor Rent HAYWARD AVE. 507: TWO rooms and kitchenette. Modern. GarnRp. $22.60. Coiy home in fin* nelKhborhoml and in fine shape Wrltr G. W, Gray, 1512 Woodland ave., I>a Moines, la. KOU RKXT: MODKHN low in good (.hops-. 7,'<o.VV. FOR RENT: HOUSE, FURNISHED or unfurnished Call 4SG-J. MODERN FIVK ROOM HOUSE, cheap. Insuire 227 So. Kellogg. NICELY FURNISHED HOUSE. Phone 1564-W. EIGHT ROOM MODERN HOUSE at 90S Douglas. Phone 42. UNUSUALLY GOOD FOUR ROOM house. A bargain nt $25. 1290-W. Below are the answers to the test questions printed on page one. 1. Kearsarge. 2. A "light year." 3. Linear speed in a particular direction. 4. Siberia. Boston, Mass. A sea mile. English poet. George Eliot. Paris, France. 10. An imaginary line dividing the northern from the southern hemisphere of the earth. 5. 6. i. S. 9. r)7—K«rms & Lands for Ki-ni FOR RE.NT: IMPROVED ACRE' age. Close to college. Write 2688 Tribune. 101—Lota fur Sale AltE YOU LOOKING FOR A snap? 3 building lots on ih* corner of Hldxcwood and Hrook rlrtjre. $50(i tnlccs nil. All clear ox <:rj)t sjwlnls. Call 13,'!. Ankeny Voters Turn Down Municipal Plant ANKENY (UP)—Voters have turned down a proposal to builtl a municipal electric light plant, it was revealed Friday when ballots were tabulated from Thursday's ape- *, ""**' "uiiuaj uiiwi uo Living u The vote was 40 in fnvor of the i leading factor In highway acci- plant, and 102 atfninut It. The fl-Jdonu. The department of revenue announced that Saturday accidents numbered 4.4CO miring th« first, seven months o;" the year roropartd wirli ,1,937 on Sunday ion of 3 1-2 per cent, departmental service. Washington, D. C., and field service. Applications must show that they have had at least three months of full-time experience within the past three years, for which they received compensation, as mimeograph operator. Agrilutural radio program manager, $3.800 to $4,600 a year, less a deduction of not to exceed 15 per cent as a measure of economy and a retirement deduction of 3 1-2 per cent, offire of Information, department of agriculture, San Francisco, Cal. Principal botanist, $5,600 a year, less a deduction of not to exceed 15 per cent as a measure of eon- omy and a retirement dedutlon of 3 1-2 per cent, office of experiment stations, department of agriculture, Washington, D C. Full information may he obtained from Pearl O. Clayton, Ames post office. ._ _ .(, Saturday Driver Menace HARRISBURG, Pa. <U.E>—The 'Saturday driver" has replaced the "Sunday driver" as being a department of agriculture, the fed. eral grain inspection service, and the agricultural colleges in Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Illinois and Iowa will attend the conference, according to Dr. R. H. Porter, plant pathologist, at Iowa State college. Dr. Porter and L. C. Burnett, professor in farm crops, will represent Iowa State. Some excellent barley is produced in Iowa, Dr. Porter says, but a considerable amount of low quality barley is also produced, he says, due to unfavorable weather conditions and diseases, chief of whtcn are scab, stripe and spot blotch. Scab reduces '.he yield and affects. (Continued from Page Three) nual meeting held at the American Legion club rooms Friday afternoon. Mrs. James R. Richeson was elected vice president to replace Mrs. C. J. Phillips of Nevada and Mrs. John G. Swartz was chosen secretary to succeed Miss Vena Smith, who nas held the office for several years. Mrs. Ralph Works was selected chaplain in place of Mrs. Van Wilkerson. whose health prevented continuance in office. Others reelected were Miss Li»- zie Rohde, treasurer, Mrs. Loy H. Downs, sergeant-at-arms, and 'Mr*. Harry E. Malloy. historian. Thess officers will be installed at the October meeting. Refreshments at the close of the business session were served by a committee composed of Mrs. William Blumenschein, Mrs. George M. Buck and Mrs. Jaraes R. Riehe- fion. nnncinp; would have hwn umlsrthk. on "n A bnalft of imllciimt'-d earn- Insjs (UTAi'dlng to tli* nropoiinl sub- <inif(<?d to the *lrctorflU the grain in such a way that live' stock, especlallv hogs, won't eat it. There were severe epidemics of this disease in Iowa in 1928 and 1932, but this year Dr. Porter believes spot blotch to bo more prevalent. Information gathered at the conference from research men, barley growers and brewery representa- ;lves, will assist the grain trade in Inrrnuiatinft prfldoa nnd will holp he fanner produce a better finality barley, The problems of dlscasw detoclion. cro,i rotation, better *fi*d »ind so 1 treatment, and the USP of propor varieties will consideration. Y. W. Club Elects Officers Officers as follows were elected at the first meeting of the V. W. club following the summer recess at the home of Mrs. Arnold Srha- per, north of State Centfr, Thursday: President, Mrs. Jess Me- Clalnc; secretary, Mrs. Andrew Lowers; reporter, Mrs. Walter H. Dutolt. Roll rail was answered with "Hints for Fall Faihlons." Mr». Lowers R»ve a reading and *evpral contests occupied the r«it of ih« time, Prizes were won by Mrs. D. D. Kr,«vP. of Amen, Mm, Mo- Cl»ln« and Mm. L C. Sue*.

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