Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1928 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1928
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT THE lOLA PAmY REGISTER, FBH)AY EVENING. JTANUARY TO HAVE SETOF Several Additions i Made Diirin? Winter by Philadelpliia; BUY Both MINOR STARS Veterans and New Men Will Battle For Places . .' This Is UM» IClh of a series • of Btories ori 1!»2S^ prospecUi ot Jnajor I^aRue clubs. I'hlladeJpbia. Jan. 20. (AP)— .With a raft of aov^ x>layfTt{, a* sea.s- cnod first baspman aort additions to Ui<? pitching-staff, not to m^a- Uoa the inKplrinic laflueace of Burt Shotton. iho, nt-w manager rsigavd <By the Associated Press.) Fort Thomas, Ky .i ^Vincent Hambright. Cincinnati, won by a ireh- nlcai; knocliont, from Ctleim Nity. Terre Houte.. (7>. Loadon, Bug.—I<en Ilarwy. i^dn- don. won from "Kid" .N'itrum, France, (U)—(.N'ilrani dis^qiiali-i fied.) ' ' STOCKEBRAND'S CREW OFF FOR OTTAWA FOR Western To Pdebid ?0. 1928. Move delred GERMANRUNNER MAY YET RUN IN UNITED German Athletic Union Grants Permission To Track Star ^ ^ „ „ Pueblo, -Coio., JaaJ 20. (AP)— FIRST OF TWO GAMESir'SS .s '^-.SiK .'g .S ;_ I to Pueblo probably >ill be decided Coach Ira sWltbrand with jiin^ dem-e lu'ninr j-oUego i»st» Friday| or *7he'^«u?*DicW*"Breen^*'n^^ mumbers of liis colliJKe basketball, night by more than doubling the^ secretary ^oit the Uactilnclub- Mil- squad left at 2 oVlopk this after-1 ^•i•orc. v ..T ... • noon,for 0:athc where the tejimj *Ti)nt«ht tlie will jiiHy totilght. .Tiic team will go on to Kansas CKy. after the jganie this evcping. and there for tomorrow liight's ganie against Kansas' City. Kansa^j, junior college. ; TAP team has won itii four ganvfS two of wliicli I wt-n- agiiinsl Htroiig oppiinehts, llic ("dllege <f Kmporla rcHerves pame being one cf the hardest lliat lola has had for some time, 'ihe team also now Ktands in the win column the KansuR junior college conference having won from, Indepen- t'ou Anfenger. president of tbe^ Den- team goes up ^ ver club, ani; Spenc^ir Abbott, who asaii'.st ih({ Olatlie Mutes; la a noa~; propdsea to tkke oyer the LAdcoln ronfeience- g^'ime that should give j club are meeting * toi discuss the the team c gooil test iis to its ab- situation. ility to' play, as tho Mutes are i-rcd!ted with having a' strong: .squad tbi!= season. . Ci.ach Stocltt'hrarid did not hav.» :i Ktarthig lineup ready fur publication. hut a :>retty j;oo<i gmas as lit the starters tonlKht would j pro>).ibly place Hurger at center;' Fronk and Kemp forward*; Co -i pine. Sehlitk, or Iba guards. The; otiur men mivking the "trip were > ls.«nc. AVoolery and Lee. .] MPRED TAKES * STIFF iGLASH OF CHANUTESQUAD New York, Jan. 20. (Al matfei' of competition by nr. Otio .St Peltzer, Gt-rinaii track ^ - „ _ .American meets rested for two years, the Philadelphia S'a- '(amateur athletic union today. !th Ithc ttoaala face the 1»2S baselball cam. palga looking tbrough rose-tinted 8i)ectaclcs; , Winding up iit eighth i>Iace lawt K»8on, the Phils switched managers during the Artnter, made a - few advantageous ^'aps, shook up. ^ their personnel, changed training tjnartera and announced spring ! practice would start two weeks earlier thi.-V yeai-. The most notable addftion to the toam is first baseman Oeorge Kel-' ley, bought from "Minneapolis, al- UiougJi he played at.N«<wark. X. J., -la .st year. ifCeiley has "been a successful miiior league first sacker jfor five years and coiiipiled •14 In a cablegram fi<om ilm <ier- man athletic body to tht the ban previously fmpo»|«'<l on Peltzer forbld<iing him to rijn here, was lifted. Unread: "Or. i'eltzer three starti after international an4 union detilrmiua- tion approved." This -was eocplalned to metin that Peltzer may run. In thre4 races providing permission is obtained from the international amateur )—The BYGH4 LEAGUE TO OPEN SEASON WITHHUMBOLDT union.; Yates Center Will Come Here For First Battle athletic federation and teur athletic' union. th ania- bot re- Humboldt, Kans.. Jan. lio'—^The first of t;be BYOH-t league baskel- Ijall ganiPS of this season will he playt'd tonight at the local g>in- uasium. The contender.^ will be the Yates Center higli school team and. the . Humboldt high .school, team. The BYOH-4 league is an inter-school league composed ot Burlington. Yates'Center, t.'aruet. Inasmuch as approval is _ ^ quired from the intematioiial or- homers"two~yeare agb'-«il[th ~Buf- 1 P«nizatlou when the rulirig ath-jand Humboldt Last i letic powers of; the two countries ;!boldt won the champlon»alp. and it is believed that the local team hac ^^^nUpIte conflicting T €fpoiks.Frea -j concerned agree the maltei^ la I now up to the union, which lis tak- eo Thompson' will ^ back on second base, he is one of the most agile: keystone tenders "In the Na: tlonal league. The veteran Heinle Band- wjlll return to his oW position atf Bbort-^lop. Hal Dietrich. pM\)rttmoutb. Va., will be Sana's Understudy. i : A' struggle for third Ijase will take place between Barney Friberg, a near veteran, and A. C- (Ace) •Whitney, erstwhile New Orleans -.player and voted the best Infield- on the ground that nothing er in the Southern Aseociation la.'t j 1><^ w minimize the (tliynipic | year. .1 fontest.s. Whitney comes highly: recom- In the event Peltzer is pejrmitted' LOCAL SQUAD TO ENTERTAIN FORT SGOTT;SQUINTET Stiff Game Is BiUed On High School Court For Tonight Red Devils Hialve Hard ( Time Taking Fray At Chaniite Ten high school basketeern will i most of the season,. Ctuuiute, Ifaits., Jitn. 20.—The .' Mildred "Red Devils"; von th<^ fastest and hardest fougb game-ofthe season Wednesday n ght at Cba- cute 37 to 30. HiittOE, the leading scorer of Uje league-'ras off form and dtzring tl»» first ijilf -was held to one basketi The 'Mildred team. lloTrever, con- i<Ists of mofa thanbte »tar, and Broughton. the Ianky< orward from I iironson, who iias .tjeen subbing ame to ' the suit up hei-e. for tonight's game against Fort Scott, according lo rescue, -with a total of lH points. The game -was rou^l i throughout Chanule played despei ately to -win. Coach Floyd' Smith, with a former ! Meade, of Ch^nute, .olTficiated and second team man likely to break! did' not handle the gime satisfac- into the surting lineup. The game torily, ^Ml!dre4 player^ said. Both will start at H o'clock sharp in ti»e' teams|took-advantage of "ber- hlgh school gymna.sium. ality land displayed I a quality of this ^ good chahce to do so agai. year. The game with.Yates Center tonight will undoubtedly b • a ly matched ami interi-stiiig fray: ing a mall vote of its foreiKji relations committee. ' jWhile a favorable vote was expected. Gustavus Tarn Kirhy, of NjBW Y<)rk, a member of the committee, said he wa.s opposed to: Ti/r^T\^^, J O^^^S*h Panzer's running hero-beciuse ot iVlClJOUCliu Ofntl 11 the approaching Olympic games. | -KT 7 Ho .said that Peltzer or any other , Spf'Z l\P1Q1 r^PCOTfl runner should not be alidwed to! '^^''^ lyi^iXJ T^f^CUf U f:gure in an. international contest; Qj{ J^^XUS COUVSe should : The Fort Scott l»!am will rank well up 'in the Southeast Kansas league thlsi year and -will probably prove to be a hard opponent for any team to stop. Fc.t Scott has won its lone league gime against Chanute liigh w.-hool, w^hile tela has dropped two. ' Several veterans nre on the Fort Scott squad this year. ' McCiay^who" played with the sec- ; ifHA team last week and in ppe~i J**T>^^''^^ vioiii games bail made such a j thowiug; lately that he will suit up I with the first string tonight and 1 XQdred (S7) is certain to see action. He may j H. Mann get into the sitartjnij flneup. Hub-"; Taylor . bard will also get into th«» group j Broughti)n of start»-rs tonight rather than Round. roughness, but .-wlthiout tennper- ment. rhanate (SO) . FO. FT. PF. Locki^ar —~. Miller SIdell ....„— George Todd -r- Glllisple .Martin Paynes _ -.LO ,'-.0 -i-4 -.0 ...1. L '.-l 0 2 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 HEAVIES!» FOR BATTLE IN N. Y. SOON Jack Delaney and Tom Heeney To Clash March 1 NEURITIS Why let Neuritis bother you. And siiffei' all the while— ; "WTien Chiropractic will relieve. And bring a happy .smile? J DR. C. Z. iviONTGOxMERY THE PALMER CHIROPRACTOR lola Laundry Buildin? Phone 138 >1f TotaLj 15 10 IPG. FT. PF. El Pa .'iO, Tc .'k.. .Ian. 20. (AP)—i The probable starting lineup is: Professioiuil gciliVrs who have ar-1 Donalilsoiu rf., .M« Clay or ; Irom- mended to the Phils. He sports a i ''"'»• probably will appear in, ^^^^^ a series of tournaments, iH>i.i. if.. .McC.uire a. Breckenridge. .553 batting average, is i base i » German alhlwic ciub meet here the? Pacific Coast to participate ! rg.. Hu „ , u , , - Hubbard, Ig. The other men stealer and possesses a rifle throw-'. w'H'e hl>* other two perfoilmances •• |„- t^e second annual Bl Paso open ,„ suit up will he M. Funk and Ma- ingarm. j wlU wke place In other Sections Saturday and Smuki.v. today hadjiono, forwards. Phililp.s center) Washingt07iand Missouri Clash In Valley Tilt fAP)- / One OIL the best all-around utility ^Mr^" <-''uu<r.v, presumahly the men In tbo SaUonal league, Rog-! WfJ-W" ^^"''i and on the [Pacific gy Wrigbtstone, a bandy man with i ceast. the bat, will be aYaimble for cinergency duty in any i*o% iililon anil will act as pinch-hJiter. At the last baseball meeting, the PhilUes disposed of outfielder ..Johnny Mokan, Catcher Bubbles •.lonnard and , Siiortston Jimmy fooney in e.xchange for Pitcher aiminy lyng and. Catcher John •pchulte. Iling was eager to play ju the euRt and his erperienci- should be an asset to the Philadelphia team. ; The twirling .corp.n ' is- stronxer jban-in recent years. It consists of Frank (.'Irlch, a._rlght-handed .".ce: Claude Willougtiby. Alex Ferguson. Art Decatur, veteran right- handed sJl^gers; Clarence Mitchell Herb Pruett and Lester S 'Weetiand, southpaws. There is a flock of imprressive newcomer.";. Walsh and "Taber from the Easstern. league; B^nge from \5r'aco; Greene of Portstnoiith, and many other lesser light.<i. At least four of the rookies are said; to pos. sess enough stuff to remain in the big Jeagno. . In the outfield. Cv Williams, -who tied with Hack Wilson for home run honor.<i last year with 30. probably •will alternate with Denny Sotbern, If he does not care to ' -play through the entire season. Cy Is a real veteran but he still retains the knack of clonting homers. . - Oentier field 'will be guarded by Fred i/Cach. a deadly hitter in the pinch, while Dick Snakiing »1ll. ho^d forth _ In left. Both , led the league in -fielding their positions Jast season. Al Nixon and Holman •will be snbstttntes,. gi'vlng the PMIs two otitflelds. - *rh« catching department is led by Capt. Jimmy . Wileon, with S^hulte and 01>onnell In reserve. * Manager Shottoa •will be assisted by Fred Ifnttter. formerly of J^yracnse. The pitchers and catchers will arrive Jn camp. February 20. This year the Phils have shifted their training site to Winter Haven. In central Florida. Se»en teen pitchers •will lake the pprlng <iondltlonlng Jaunt, iijwuTinig Kansas City, Jan. ro. With teams in thu lowi'V the .Missouri ValU-y basketball rabks resciig. ahi-utioii •was turned °tu toiiign 'i.".-* he- twe<'n .Missouri and Washington. Missouri, Inseconll place by virtue of five w^ihs in six starfs, went to St. IJO\X\A today with 16 iiu'ii In anticipation of on^ of,the lurU- esrt game^ on the sche<iule. V.'ash- ingtpn. In fourth pliice, with f <iur victories, including;"!wo over Nebraska, against two defeats, also had plenty of re.serv« mat<-rial. tn the.only TOlley game lasL night. Kansas beat' Iowa State A6 to 33 at Lawrenoi. It was the fifth defeat for Iowa State in six games this season and gaVe the Jayhawkers a firmer grip on fifth place with three wins and three los.scs. Tomorrow night Oklahoma, leading the circuit with .«e\-en straight triumphs, meets the Oklahoma Ag­ gies at Norman. The Aggies haye won five of seven games, to rank third. The Kansas Aggies play Nebraska ati Lincoln to complete the Saturday! slate. a record breaking iIC to shoo^ at. .McDonald SniiUi. .Great .Neck, L. I., professional who won this year's Li)s .\ngeles and I'alos Verdes opf>n.meets, broke the record for the Kl Pa.w country club yest'.'ftlay with prat-tire rounds of Xi and ;M. Starting ni the fourth hole, he made five straigiit birdies and an eagle. His Gfi broke par hv seven slr.<«kes. The foriucr ri>c- nnd Sevei-ns, guard. Carl A,! Muelbach Has Caldwell , Hutton ^-5 F. Mann : .N'orton " .1 _0 .0 i-l- 0 0 1 1 3 0 TotaU —il5 7 9 Earl Sheely Refeased To SacraTnenjto by Sox 1 MA^ <^h'caSO. Jan. 20. • (AP)—Earl Loagea Aide m JailiRh^ely, arat baseman for the Chl- Icago White Sox. was released out- Kansas City. .Mo., Jan. 20. (API —Last winter Carl A. Muehlebach, .•(I 'cretary-treasurer of the George Muelilebucb Confpany, cquippe<) jifti chauffeur, Karl Peterson, 30,. with ord of C7. waj« belli jointly Ir Tom-!a fine raccoon overcoat. Last niy Armour <!>f \Va..-<liliiKi'>ii. : itlon- sprinu he told Petersonto store IL rtioiioiial oi»en title holder; .TOCR .' itih-iPetorson did—with a pawnbroker. coi|i'.-rvu:e ; insnn and Joe Lally, l(>c:r. pro- .The coal did not nppe.'ir this'win-• In the Western League race and " • fes.sinmil. Iter. .Mr. Mufhlf^bmh made inquir- the club bosMs purpose to spare it*. Today the chnufiVur admitted no expense In conditioning the with, players for tf real fight for pen- right today to Sacramento of the Pat'lflc Coast league. Messrs Doc Crandafl' and Art Griggs are to take tjielr Wicbifa baseball team to California for Spring training. Last, , year the Witches finished in second place —Clean white raps wp .ntcd at the. imwning it iiu'd was charged r office; will pay 10c r.i.Nnibezzlenient. TleBlrtter nant honors this seas6n. CONTRACTS SIGNED Sharkey and Risko May Meet In Another I I Big Fight; i New Yoric, Jan. 20. (AP)—Ef- : forts to produce a challenger for! Gene Tunney's Championship had 1 asisumed definite- form again today j with the matching of Jack Delaney! and Tom Heeney for a L^-roimd struggle in Madison Square Garden; March !.• I After considerable dickering, 1 terms were agreed upon yesterday,; with the contracts negotiated by John >I. Chapmain, Tex Rlckard's newj assistant who heretofore. has beeii idenUfied chiefly a.s promoter of the six day bicycle races. L'nder Rlckard's nerw heavyweight elimination plan, the winner) of, the Heeney-Delaney affair wlll| In turn tussle with the victor of a proposed tilt between Jack! Sbt^rkey and Johnny RiskO: The j Boston 'boxer and Risko have yeti to sign for their prospective bout | which will be staged after the De- i laney clash. ^ The poor sho-wipg of Sharkey! and Heeney in their recent tiff j which ended in a draw caused; RIckard to rearrange his i plans. While the Sharkey-Heeney encounter was limited to 12 rounds, Rlcit- ard emphatically left word befor^ leaving for Miami that his coming eliminations must be over the 15-! round chamTrfonship distance. ! Rickard has hopes of matching the winner of the current elimination seriiss against Tutiney in Junf. Incidentally, promoter Humbert Fugazy. Rlckard's cliief rival, came i out an announcement that he was. negotiating to match George j Godifre^' and Knute Ifapsen in ia hea\-yweight battle. He also said he planned to bring Luis Firpo or Victor Compolo here from South America for a bout Roberto. Robertl. ^ fannert Jince /637* MATINEE lOe and 20c KELLEY lOe and 80e TOriAY ONLY Youth lead.s youth a merry on life's mad merry-go-roQnd I A high-speed, high-clas.«, highly entertaining drama which; proVes that It's love that makes the Whirlwind of.Youth go 'round! Added—Comedy and' Fox News. S.lTrRDAY-: Covered wagons—war-iiiadK Iinlians—dashing cavalry—treacherous white rttnegaiies— •.iiviJtcrious daggers—ptuirie fire—thriil- 'ing battles —etfcapeK— res-cues: ipinance—they're all here in this (Ir, .Ttesl Kpic bictun' Kver. I 'j '-jiiui-c-d—with a tremendous cast of thou.sands' , '- .\dd<sl-roinedy jind^ >"e\r >i and.Srd Clmpler ei "The Trail oi' the Titrer" fonie earlt—Tile .Matin<e '-i the l-iiie. Saturday's .U.ttliiee Is only :i diine-i-Mu'ht 10c and 20<-. All \e.vt WvfkX- Bini-NSKV HROTIfKIlS' .STO( K rO .VPANY Fealutlog .Miss i;rac^ Heiiil and Jler Orchestra nASKETB.lLL LAST XtOHT At- Parsons. Parsons Junior college, 61;-Independence junior college, 21. . At Hays^ Kan.. Wa.shburn, 39; Hnys Teachers. 34. At Atchison. Kan., St. Benedict?), 47: Sterling, 20. At El Dorado—El Dorado Junior college, 21; Fort Scott Junioi col- luge, 30. • Brock And Schlee Off To Search for Aviators Charleston, S. C, Jan. 20. (AP) the; William i 8. Brock and Edward F. -Phillies plenty of batting practice.. Schlee bopped off at 8:15 o'clock - : I this morning from the local navy Wallace Ro»» 'vvon tho ;op^n \ yard field (or Washington and •jjcullers champlonsblp at Tofonto, R<iptember 12. 18^. IT. Conley WiW second and C. E. Courtney , third. . Phitadetphia to search on route for Ted Mosely and Fred Herring lost Monday' night ou an attempted non-stop flight to New York. Junior High Basketball Boys to ^ Fredonia Today for Two Battles Hard luck seems to be trying Ui ; load a regular berth,on the junior high school tiaAketball quintet as • it ;prepared to go tu Fredonia for the second Interscbolastic 'game .of . the season-. The first.and second team.1 left this noon for Fredonia ; -tt-here they wiere to play a double. header this a^tenhxjn. - The hard luck Streak had not appeared until late yesterday aft* emoon. Raymond Hartjlson, regular center, found that" he could not make the trip due tcuj»5_ uncle 's death. Coach Van GamiJ Inunedi- ately decided to get in touch with Wimsett, Reserve center and tell • him to be ready to start in today 's D^me. He found! tbat'WImsCft was !Bick and was in no condition to In night's practice he managed to try several new ccimblna- tiOnB. all of which went well. land so conditions do nnt look «o bad. even without a center. However, Coach Van Camp does not feef that his team will be as seriously weakened' as the flrj^t reports indicated Alxtut 15 men were to make the trip with nine •.•ruiting up for the fir.'st team game. Tlie probable starting lineup will be Grant and Sharpe. forwards. Thompson, center. Driggs and Skinner, guards, with a possibility that the lineup may be shifted to Sharpe and Thonipson. (qrwards. Skinner, center, and Dtigg." and Heinriclis. guards. The other nipn to suit up will' bo Trombold. forward. Wimsstt. C(nfer. and Hartlmlow. running guard. Heinrichs and Bar- tbiilow are mon brought itp from the seconds. WiiiLsett will not go in unless in a period when tl» team needs him badly for a few minutes. .1,' GRANGER PIPE "TOBACCO > flere's the life histhry of the world's hesipipe tobacco ^riTTE took the finest Barley that ever VV-came'put of old Kentucky. We aged It, then mellowed it by an old-time slow-but-stir^ secriBt process—the Wellman Method. We cut it^ not in fine,; quick-burning diips, but i^ coarse, shaggy flak^ that smoke as cool as a brisk sea breeze. lliea we ^ked it in sensible, com- foruble foil'(instead of costly tin) and called it Gr^ger Rough Cut. To half a'iniUioh sinokers it's "the finest pi^ tobacco I ever laid a match to." GRANGE GRANGER ROUCiH CUT IS MADH BY THE IKSGETT & MYERS TOBACCO CO Sensibly patktd in beavy f.oilt . r--f. KELLEY THEATRE . 0N%: \VKP:Ksf A KTIN(i-MONDAY JANUARY 23rd DUBINSKY BROTHERS NO. 1 STCiCK CO. - "THE SHOW YOU ALL LIKE" Featuring MISS GRiVCE BElriL AND HER ORCHESTRA i Songs apA Solos and • MR. TOBY SHELTON The Singing and Dancing Comedian; the.Boy ^ Who Makv's You Laugh. •o- Opening i*lay—A Three-Act Comedy Drama of Married Life. V What Ann Brought Home" "A thoroughly amusing cbmcdy containing some touches of real pathos which are, perhap.s more moving than even the autjior suspected."—New York Sun. THREE BIG VAUDEVILLE SPECIALTIES BETWEEN ACTS Anicntrie of program each night including the latest New York releases,^ .such as "Seventh Heaven" and "Rain." '. . —-o— Doors open at 6:.36; 5 reek of comedies at 7; Curtain 8. Admissiori 20c and 50c Guaranteed Attraction Every Night . —o— Friday's Feature Bill "SE\1ENTH HEAVEN" Y'ou've heard of the picture—now'see the play. "Will carry you to the seventh heaven of enjoyment. Don't miss it," .says the New York Sun.

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