Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 14, 1955 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1955
Page 2
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;TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD- MONDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 1955 Dia'l PA-2-4600 for . WANT AD T«k«r Tw<> Men H^t **^ r * M * *" mas *^Aboard ^ a ^^^l^P In Baltimore Train Mishap . BALTIMORE OB — Two passengers aboard a Baltimore and Ohio Railroad train' ' we're injured • at - Mount Royal Station early today wfren a coupling parted between t$o coaches as the train was com ing : stop. .. J"John : Budrow, 42, was thrown to tlfe ground as the coupling, sep- afated. He had been standing near tlie platform of one coach. Robert Herget Jr., 26, was thrown off bal arice and struck his knee inside th~e 'coach. • 330th Baltimore men were taken t<| Mercy Hospital for treatment. An attendant there said neither ap- pgared to be seriously hurt. •A railroad spokesman said the l4c'af Diesel-pulled train was going between 6 and 9 miles an hour when the coupling broke. The train originated in Jersey City, N. J. Aboard were about 700 football fans who attended the Baltimore Colts-New York Giants game in New York yesterday. - : Met Opera Season To Open Tonight NEW YORK— (INS)— Damp but smiling, four fans were ready for New York's • Metropolitan Opera Company to open its 7lst season tonight. • • '.. ' . They had spent the .rainy night iri the standee line. ;, •_•••• ; ; .. In first place were Mr. 'and Mrs. Edward Fahlbusch, of Hempstead, L. L; who arrived 27- hours before curtain time. . ;'.:.;-.'i' .v.;; ; They were pledged to keep ; the places -of -10 .other opera lovers who left after, posting ...their claims which are protected under a strict code of ethics. ••'.-." :.'•••..' './.• '. Rifssia Refuses .(Continued from Page ij ;the Assembly when, the ; item was voted onto, the "agenda.' .-..'... An announcement . by "Henry Cabot Lodge 'Jr., chief U.S. dele- .gate to the U.N: in New York yesterday that the United States had dropped its opposition to Albania, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria> came about 12 hours after Dulles completed his talk with Molotov. Lodge said the United States would also abstain, on Outer .Mongolia's application,- but that he doubted that that country would get the necessary seven votes on the Security Council anyway. . . . He acted more quickly. than U.S. officials here expected he; would— apparently to get the American position on the record 1 before 'the Russians could grab the play. Executive KiDs Two Sons And Wife,ThenEnds Life Pilot Describes Bailing Out Of Jet At Supersonic Speed -A sailor hurt'in an explosion and fire aboard a Navy radar picket ship yesterday off the Atlantic coast is'.taken.from:a Coast Guard rescue plane at New York airport to be removed to hospital. He was one: of three injured men flown 125 miles to shore from burning craft. One of them died. Two others-were killed in the blast. : . - .-'.'•• •] \_____ (AP Phototai) Denver .(Continued'froiriiPage 1) and Mrs.-. Earl King,' until he was 15 : years old- He'has Speriard, Alas ka'.'was" discharged from the Coas Guard as a minor in 1949, worked as a mechanic'-at Grand Junction Colo., and 'since the death of his stepfather has assisted his mother in ^operating a drive-in restaurant in Denver. In September 1951 Graham was arrested in Lubbo'ck, Texas, on an illicit liquor charge, and .received a 60-day jail sentence. In November 1951 Graham was convicted on: forgery charges in Denver, growing out of the forgery of 42.checks for $100 each drawn on-a Denver concern. He received a five-year suspended sentence in a state court in Denver and was placed on probation. His mother made restitution of $2,500 and Graham has been making month ly payments on the' unpaid bal ance which has now been reduced to $105. NEW CLASS V Graduate of : ' : Valley High.School ^.•.Student .of;,' . - Catherrean's Business School Employed by • Slate Teachers College Frostburg, Md. • DAY, JAN. 4 NIGHT, JAN. S .Approved for Veterans' Training Not an unemc/oyed graduate for twenty-one years. CATHERMAN'S Business School Regina Derham Phone PA 4-0966 Cumberland, Md. Helen Keller Gets Award Of Eisenhower Committee NEW YORK (INS) — Helen Keller, blind and deaf in fact but not in heart, accepted an unprecedented :. honor today at ceremonies marking the 40th anniversary of the American Foundation for Overseas Blind; ,:,.- /:•';•:•. / The tireless, 75-year-old author, lecturer and crusader for aid to the handicapped, received a special citation at the Vfaldorf-Astoria Hotel .from President ; ^Eisenhower's committee ~bn employment-for the physically handicapped.. ." •, • It was the first award of its kind given- by the committee; ; - "•' . Silver-haired Miss Keller accepted the plaque, inscribed partly in the Braille language in which she has typed her books, "not only for myself, but also for the countless men and women who have consecrated their lives to the unfortunate." She has been associated with the foundation, a. world wide agency for relief, education and rehabilitation of the blind working in. about 70 nations, since 1919; ' The Major, out the world for'the good of our common humanity everywhere." Father T\ • - : •! C< If Family, Self MILWAUKEE,. Wis. - (INS) -'A Milwaukee businessman shot and rilled his wife and; three children early today, iSet fire to their bodies and then killed himself. Police discovered the tragedy when they went to the home of Elmore Biichethal, 41, after firemen reported'that a fire in Buch- ethal's plumbing shop -had been set. When police arrived at the Buch- ethal home in the swank Shorewood residential '. district, they found smoke pouring out of the windows. plaque was presented by ;Gerieral Melvin .J. -Maas; MILK'S a TV Treat When the kids get together to see their favorite television show, make it a double treat by serving a snack of their favorite cookies and brimming glasses of delicious Queen City milk. Drink 3 Glasses of Queen City M-M.-K Every Day! uEEnCrry mmmmmmmmm «•••••? DAIRY 310S.MulMiiicSI. PhoM PA 4-0400 The ONLY Dairy In W«tt«rn Md. With COMPLETE Daily Laboratory Control! USMCR, Ret., who recently became blind and is chairman of the President's committee. He said of Miss Keller: "In her quiet way, in countless visits and public appearances, this lady -ambassador without portfolio bits.been a living example to all." Secretary of State John Foster Dulles, a former director on the foundation board, said in a message: ' "On the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the American Foundation for Overseas Blind, I want to congratulate you who have devoted your time and abilities to improving conditions for sightless people around the world. ..." General Maas said that if the U. S. is to continue its leadership, based on freedom, then the'physi- cal handicapped must have opportunity for work. He said there is neither happiness nor independence for the person able : to work who must remain on public relief or charity. Miss Keller noted that "much remains to be done and we, the handicapped, look forward to the time when, through our working partnership with oiir government, the benefits which we are gaining in this country will spread through- SPRINGFIELD. Mass. W) — 'A respected manufacturing executive killed his wife and two, young sons and then shot himself; to death yesterday shortly after,, his employer said, he admitted a shortage in his accounts. '-; The bodies of Allison R..Sanger,i 47, vice president and general manager of the Brooks Co., Inc., his wife, Winifred, and their sons, Allison Jr., 14, and Russell, 9, were found in their home. Medical Examiner William A. R. Chapin said Sanger died of a single self-inflicted bullet wound in he head. His wife was shot once at lose range, said Chapin, and the >oys were stabbed to death.' J. Loring Brooks,' president of he Brooks Co.; said Sanger admitted to him last week that -his accounts were^short by about $60,- XX). An inventory, Brooks, said, 'found that everything checks with Sanger's statement." Brooks said the company "had no 'intention of prosecutirig'^-Sang- er, a ; $25,000 a .year executive who lad been, employed by the paper >ox ;and stationery firm for :26 years. The company president said Sanger met him in New York iast Tuesday and admitted the shortage after the vice president had )een questioned about "an honest error" in bookkeeping.. Brooks said they had other meetings later on, with Brooks' attorney present, and that Sanger had agreed to make restitution. Brook; said the shortage was brought about by j u g g 1 i.n g inventories over the past 10 years. The 'bodies "of Sanger and. his sons were found in a bedroom and bathroom upstairs in their home! Mrs; Sanger's body was 'ound in a downstairs living room. Eisenlio.wer (Continued from Page 1). mony in Lincoln Square. It was to be brief, and untaxing on the President — , a greeting ' by Burgess (mayor) William G.'Weaver, a re sponse by the President, then, on to the farm. . ., It was through the same square to a house still standing, that Abraham Lincoln walked one November day in -1863 before delivering the address which helped make the name of Gettysburg immortal. Record Try Delayed LAS VEGAS,' Nev—(INS)—Bad weather again forced British speed b'oat pilot Donald Campbell to postpone his record attempt over the weekend. Virginia Governor Calls Assembly RICHMOND, Va. UPl-Gov. Staney today called a special session if the General Assembly for Wednesday, Nov. 30 to take action m amending the State Constitution n line with the recommendation of he Gray Commission on Public Iducation. Amendment of Section 141 of the lonstitution to remove a prohibi ion on the use of public .funds or the private schooling of Virginia children was the only immediate recommendation made in the commission's unanimous report to Gov. Itanley Friday. Bonnie Prince Charles Vlarks Seventh Birthday LONDON—(INS)—Britain's Bonnie Prince Charles celebrates his seventh birthday today like any little boy'—with *a candle-lightec cake,-games, and plenty of fun with boys and girls of his own' age But more- than another candle has been added to his life. ; From now on the heir to the British ihrone will be in strict training for ungship.'' ••'''••:• • . Gbiip Staged (Continued from Page 1) "The only chief of the revolution was and is General Lonardi,' Uranga said, "arid' the treason to eneral Lonardi will not go unpunished." A radio communique from the iw rulers termed the "armed forces of the republic . . . totally unified in their aim of consolidat- ng democracy loyally.and effectively in the country." Another broadcast said the "re? cent crisis in the provisional government was caused exclusively the presence in'its center ol numerous groups; influential with Gen. Lonardi who direct their pol- tics toward totalitarian extremes , . . These persons, and not others tried to put the nation in a dangerous path, at whose end only a new dictatorship could be expected.".: Market Bounds Ahead: NEW-YORK UP) — Heavy gains by blue chip stocks sent the mar ket bounding ahead today in early dealings. • • Historian Succumbs NEW YORK-(INS)—Bernard DeVoto, 58, writer,- editor am Pulitzer Prize - winning historian died suddenly last night at Presby terian Hospital.. LOS ANGELES UP)-That day. 8^; months ago started . ordinarily nough for/George Smith. Before t was over he became—painfully— lie first pilot to bail.out of a plane raveling 'supersonically and live. The whites of his eyes were left loodshot solid red. He bled in all arts of'his'body as his parachute napped open. It is estimated he fas 'subjected to a decelerative orce of 40 tunes the pull of gravi- y. The' 40 G's increased Smith's weight from 215 pounds to the quivalent force of 8,000. If he had bailed out just two econds later—at the. estimated Radio. City Music Hall is the argest indoor the world and seats 6200 peopled K R BRINGS YOU EVERY FOOD- KEEPING CONVENIENCE YOU'VE EVER WANTED >/#C ...YOUR CHOICE OF 8 mum NEW COLORS' Now you can match your refrigerator to your kitchen color icheme.'..and these . new Kelviriatort offer. Autqma.tic , Defrosting. v AS LOW AS $000 , V A .WEEK After small .-.. . down . ; ':',peynMnt. GREEN -HARTMAN APPLIANCES 198 N. CENTRES!. Cor. N. Centre & Market Sts Phone PA 4-0730 6,500 feet. altitude-his. parachute wouldn't ha^ve had time to open. His injuries and subsequent illness cut his weight to 175, After months of treatment his right knee is a little stiff. Damage to his liver means he never can touch. anything alcoholic. And what does the 31-year-old North American Aviation Co. test pilot want to do next? Fly a plane { 2,000 miles an hour. He and the Air Force disclosed yesterday his historic jump from the super Sabre Jet last.Feb. 26. The security classification secret had been removed after medical experts studied the case. A Tribute. To Owr Ministers!'^ Each Sunday and ofttimes throughout the week, the, minister of your church lifts his head in prayer and; envisions the heaven of your foith. He i* a patient "man. Ke is an understanding man. He's there, your loyal friend, in sickness, sorrow. He officiates of weddings and visits the homes of his parishioners. .Vet with.all his biblical knowledge and his interest in his sermons, he is a man) A fine man. And- h. should be treated as a friend and companion, riot merely as a cleric. .Your minister and his church deserve all the support you can give them. Attend services regularly and be generous with your con- tributions. I Lichtensteiri's Medical Arts Pharmacy 33 North Liberty St. • Samii.i W«rthtimer FREE DELIVERY Dial, PA 4-3730 -Salute'Oer Town! •jnejirjmrxrjk For Fall House Cleaning 9x12 RUGS. >* 95 BEAUTIFULLY CLEANED CLEANED IN OUR PLANT — Free Call and Delivery - . PRICE EFFECTIVE IN CITY LIMITS ONLY „- -•..•-,.,'. . Out of Town Pick-up, $IjOO^Extraf -, ;?. ^ Dial PA 2-3322 Rugs and Upholstery Cleaned, Sited, Bound in Your Horrie or in Our Riant . South End Cleaners & Dyers 219 Virginia Ave. \ Hiw Econimj Sizt $1.29 Rexall MONACET Aspirin compound relieves pain QQ. fast. 200's 30 C FORD'S Drug Stores CUMBERLAND and FROSTBURG Florida GRAPEFRUIT 5 ,0, 29c Florida ORANGES 150 Oft. Siie 05JU dot. Idaho Baking POTATOES Giant Pascal Celery 2;..45c Red RADISHES 5c Exciting silhouette — "PowerStyle" Chrysl* Windsor, the popular Newport hardtop model Bold, new grille-"PowerStyle" Chryder WMffr High-style hits the highway with a Sunday punch! Sure, this new "PowerStylc" Chrysler ''looks powerful .. . even when it's parked. But take & Chrysler out on the highway where it can show its stuff! Then can you know what power means! Take a Chrysler Windsor V-8, for example ... as sleek ft package as ever came down'the pike. It's got power everything, including an optional power-packed Sunday punch — Chrysler's great new ."Power-Train" that boosts horsepower 9%, torque 10%, and 0 to 60 mph, acceleration 15%. Without burning any extra gas: Chrysler first — the sensational car idea of the year— • is Pushbutton PowerFlite. You'll never again have to shift gears. Just touch a button on the safe'/«/r side of the instrument panel and presto — you go! .' lH why wait? Just for the feel of it, put yourself in the pilot's seat of the new Chrysler Windsor . . . with new SpitFire V-8' engine . . . new Pushbutton Power- Flite . . . new PowerPilot Steering . .- . new Power- Smooth Brakes . . . andnhe go-getting new optional "Power-Train" System. AND NOW . . .PUSHBUTTON DRIVING! Another new We're wanning one up for you right now! It CHRYSLER HOW MOM TM4M fVfl»...4MHrfC4'S MO«r CM POTOMAC MOTORS, lac lit %. GEORGE ST. CUMBERLAND, MD, «; • rot m mn w rr, m in • MAT UN" *m "amur-m TV PAM MI TMI «• IUT

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