Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on May 3, 1965 · Page 9
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 9

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, May 3, 1965
Page 9
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Ann Landers answers your problems Dear Ann Landers: The man who hves next dcor has always been unpleasant and hard to get along with. We have tried to be friendly but nothing we did for him was ever acknowledged. This neighbor has a large dog and a lot of people are afraid of him. Yesterday the dog came onto our property, broke into the pigeon cage and killed every one of my son's beautiful birds. The boy was heartbroken. He loved those birds and had bought thorn with money he earned doing otld jobs. (The boy is 14.) The neighbor was cold and hostile v.'hen he was told the dog had killed the pigeons. We asked our son what action he wanted us to take against the neighbor. He answered, "We should go to church, and pray for him. Anyone who has that much meanness in his heart must be miserable." We are proud of our son and hope we can keep him tliinking that way until he is a grown man. Now we are asking your advice. Should we take some legal action against the neighbor?— OTHER CHEEK Dear Other Cheek: Your son is e.xtraordinary and you have every right to be enormously proud of him. And, you can be proud of yourselves as well. This young man's lofty principles and sense of compassion were learned for the most part at home. Respect your son's wishes. CAllNIVAL By Dick Turner Dear Ann Landers: I am writing this for niy buddy who is so mad he can't hold a pencil. Blackie gave his girl friend. Trixie, SIO on her day off and told her to go to the track and have a good lime. Trixie is a nice girl but she is also a dumb broad who doesn't know one end of a horse from another. Wouldn't you know it, she hit the daily double and dragged down S440. Trixie called Blackie from the track to tell him the good news. She said, "I am going to buy you the best SIO tie in town." Blackie said if she was a lady she would have split her score. What do you say? - ON HIS SIDE Dear On: Sorry but Blackie didn't ask her to place a bet for him. He gave her the 10 and told her to have a good time. I do feel Trixie could have been more generous. A C-note would have been more like it. Dear Ann Landers: My mother is 46 years old and she has been a widow for 12 years. Everyone remarks on her vitality and good looks. She could easily pass for 35. About five years ago mom started to go with Vic. He is a successful businessman (about 55) who never married. Although mom always made good money she could never afford the luxuries she has had since Vic came into the picture. Mom told us yesterday that ;he is quitting her job. When I asked how she would manage she said, "I have a small income from the real estate your father left me." My father didn't own any real estate. I am sure Vic is going to keep her. My husband says a kept woman is not welcome in our house because sooner or later the children will be asking questions. Is my husband justified in barring my mother from our home? — ARDIS Dear Ardis: It's terribly sad to see one's mother sink to such a level, but I don't feel she should be barred from your home. The name and the shame is hers, not yours. If the children ask questions tell them Uncle Victor is a friend who takes Grandma places because she has no husband. No other details are necessary. Rediands Daily Facts Monday, May 3, 1565 - 9 IN REVIEW By KICK DU BROW "Wait right here for me, Elmo! I'il just charge iiv charge it, and charge outi" FIRST AID NEW YORK (UPI) — Use a roller curler for a finger protector or splint, advises Jeannette Zuehlke, a nurse from Beloit. Wis. Her suggestion recently vvon a prize awarded by Squibb Nurses Notes, a newslitter. Now You Know By United Press International The capitol city of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo, was founded in 1496 and is the oldest settlement in the Western Hemisphere, according to thp World Almanac. HOLLYWOOD (UPI) — The stationary Early Bird satellite, available for continuous transmission between North America and Europe, opened a new era in people-to-people relations Sunday with a one-hour inaugural telecast. Early Bird is the world's first commercial communications satellite, so satisfaction over the generally successful inaugural broadcast was shared not only by viewers of the networks but especially by stockholders in the Communications Satellite Corp. (COMSAT). There were mishaps. The narration from Europe was marred steadily by an echo- back. .And several times technical difficulties made thej picture briefly unavailable — one of these times resulting in a total failure to pick up a look at the new Astrodome stadium in Houston. Still, these were only occasional mishaps, and the fantastic potential of the Early Bird system was not lost on millions of viewers. In the past, satellite television broadcasts across the oceans have been generally possible only for relatively brief periods — when, say, Telstar was in precisely the right position during its orbital schedule. Early Bird, however, orbits at about the same speed as the earth, thereby giving it the effect of being "stationary" and making it steadily available for telephone and television com munications. The program started with i Mariachi band in Mexico City, which is a fine way to start anything. Thereafter, the hour included most o£ the events previously announced to the public, among them a heart- valve operation in Houston, watched by doctors who could ask questions from a conference in Switzerland — and by viewers on both sides of the Atlantic. There was also an exchange of "wanted persons" information by the FBI, Scotland Yard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The networks have estimated the potential viewing audience of the program in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Europe at about 300 million persons. The Channel Swim: Problems of the elderly are the subject of a one-hour discussion by experts on NBC-TV's "Today" program Wednesday. LOANS INSURED The Federal Housing Administration insured 565,065 Title I property improvement loans in 1965. The total borrowed was 5662,520,646. SELL IT TOMORROW With low - cost Classified Ads "All I said was: Show m a filter that delivers the taste and HI eat my hat." TRY NEW LUCKY STRIKE FILTERS r Co _ , . When necking becomes petting, watch out! To learn how the smart girl keeps both her dignity and her boy friend, send for ANN L.ANDERS' booklet. "Necking and Petting — And How Far To Go," enclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of Redlands Daily Facts enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. Copyright 1965, PubUshers Newspaper Syndicate. Judicial council to act on reporting court news LOS ANGELES (UPI) — The state Judicial Council is expected to act May 14 at a Monterey meeting on a proposed rule that would prohibit all types of photography and recording of courtroom sessions, including recess periods, in California courts. Roy F. Ilcally. news director nf KN'XT (Ihe Los Angeles ai- filiale of Uic CBS-TV network), rcprcscnling the Radio-TV News Association, ,-iairi Thursday that: "Our association requests the council lo delay adoption of its proposed rule on broadcasting. Our as.socialion endorses, as enlightened and reasonable, the proposal of the Los Angeles County Bar Association for conference of interested parties to deal with the problem on a local level. "Such efforts have proved reasonably successful in Oregon and in Los Angeles. We think we can progress beyond a mere joint statement of principles to guide the bar, the press and broadcasters." 9-3 Against A{ Thursday's hearing, the unofficial lineup of witnesses was nine against the proposal and thre in favor of it. The Committee on Court Management and Statistics listened without comment to testimony. Us recommendations were expected lo be made to the council at the May 14 meeting. Currently, individual judges in'f"'*' quarter. California's 900 or so court-, rooms have the power to rule I ^1,'' Mar.s. r... —„,,„»„„,.,„i,„ h^,] Ihe evenmg stars are permitted or barred by the indi vidual judge. Most of the witnesses testify ing in the old state building sug gested that no action be taken on the proposed rule. Some opponents felt the proposed rule was a violation of the first amendment's guarantee of a free press. A delay in any action has! been recommended by the Lo Angeles County Bar Association. Representatives of the state and San Francisco Bar Association favored implementation of the rule. News media representatives unanimously opposed the measure—or at least told the com niittee the recess prohibition should be eliminated and anv action should be postponed pending bilateral discussions be tvveen attorneys and newsmen. John A. Sutro, representing the San Francisco Bar Association, said "natural embarass- ment" of principals would impede a fair trial under televised conditions. I oppose the transformation of a courtroom into a moving picture theater," he said. THE ALMANAC Today is Monday, Jlay 3, the 123rd day of 1965 with 242 to follow. The moon is approaching its The morning stars are Saturn Jacob m for or against photography byi ^'"^ ev-ening stars are Mais still or television cameramen.!™'^ Jupiter. Recordings, similarlv. may be! American .luuiua.i^. I Riis was born m this day 1S49. On this day in history: In 1865, the body of assassinated President Abraham Lin- coin arrived back in his home town of Springfield, 111., from the nation's capital. In 1939, Japanese bombers raided Chungking, China, setting fire to the heavily congested downtown area of the city. In 1944, synthetic quinine was produced in a Harvard University laboratory from coal - tar products. In 1948, the U.S. Supreme Court forbade the states to en force agreements that bind owners not to sell property to racial and religious minorities. .A thought for the day: French satirist Rabelais said "One inch of joy surmounts of grief a span, because to laugh is prop ler to the man." mo Has a BirfWoy MAY 4 — Robert H. Anderson R. G. Amslnger Michael Kelly Jack Mottweiler Bradford Orr Robert T. Santee Robert Scholton Steven and Robert Berger Mike White Mike McLaughlin Rodney Martin Roy V. Jutzy, M.D. William H. Gray Happy Birthday from 11 E. State Ph. 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