Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan on January 17, 1891 · Page 2
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Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 2

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1891
Page 2
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MS-RECORD, MICHIGAN itome of the Week. '.\ 'iNTSRESTINONEWS COMPILATION. 'CONGRESSIONAL. Second. Session. IN the Senate on the Qth a bill was passed for the relief of Major Wham, army paymaster, crediting him with 138,345 Government funds ot which he was robbed In Arizona hi 1880, and House bill to provide for an additional Associate Justice bf the Supreme Court ot Arizona. The financo measure was again discussed and -the bill creating the office of Fourth Assistant •Postmaster General was reported favorably. ,... r ln the House the time was occupied In committee of the whole on the private calon* dar. At tho evening session sixty private pension bills were passed. ON the loth tho Vioe-President laid before tho Senate resolutions of the G. A. R. recommending certain legislation in regard to civil employment for honorably discharged soldiers and tendering thanks for the liberal pension ilaws. Bills were passed to amend tho railroad t land-forfeiture bill and appropriating $100,000 lor a public building In Rockford, 111. Tho pcn- flon appropriation bill was reported and tho ro- ~ ton the bill to carry out the net to divide Sioux reservation was agreed to. Debate the financial bill was continued....In tho so tho army appropriation bill was debated length without action, nnd tho legislative iropriatlon bill was reported. Eulogies on late Representative Walker, of Missouri, delivered. the,Senate bills were introduced on tho to prevent force nnd fraud in Federal Ions, and to insure tho lawful and peace- 'conduct thereof: to provide for an extension "ie Executive Mansion In tho city of Wnsh- Tho.>bUl for the relict of Nathan Kim- lostmaster' at Ogden, U. T., allowing him for postal funds stolen or ombozzlcd was id, as was also the bill to amend tho law (the visitation and inspection of tho milt^prison and the examination of its nc- and government....In tho House no of importance was transacted beyond jptlon of a resolution providing for n committee of five members to invest!i\ ( the alleged connection of members of * sin silyer pools and to Inquire into tho lip ot the 18,000,003 ounces of sliver ,'wftlch the United States Is asked to le. |ttas passed in the; Senate on the 13th army o(Qoars : on tho limited retired •ho have rowmia' the age of 6-1 to the un- t, anof'-prpvidtng further that tho -""rgpnthe limited list shall bo Stiermnn spoke against the free ,ver.;..In the Bouse a bill vras to> vesti'the legislative power of f Governor, and a legislative as- ,vtha$ the Territory shall hare a ~" ingress. The report on the House it bill was presented and the army m bill was discussed. DOMESTiq. s. Busk, Tex., two well-ae£, ea of earthquake were telg gev- chinxneys were leveled, ^th the and sleepers in vuriouj portions of own were awakened. /' C Btrfke at Roch . deolared off lie Barren, 10 and 18 Uf Cassville, \Vis., were I Mississippi while play- aged 15, 17 and 19 years ivv .jfiit Springfield, Mass., and ssecl^tbjraving committed a series (yenty4hree burglaries in that city. ~Sa!.M6uni~yernon, Mo., two newspa- j^officijs, a "bank and fifteen dwell- Ings Vere e&trp.yed by fire. rVTlU! funeral of the late Emma Abhott ' ok place at Central Music Hall in Chion the 9th and was largely at- , a colored wife mur- • derer, .was hanged at Caldwell, Tex. THE copper shipped from the mines in i the, lake^, Superior region during the ta ason.;of na.yigtttion in 1S90 amounted -undS' '' boys aged 11 and 18 ute, Ind., confessed their father's house purpose of securing . jya4|n,,the building. a^lii^yesting-machino trust, *. aptthf^Asieripan Harvester Com- with its'en'pnnous capital of £35,"•'•— dissol ved. magazine explod- south of Toledo, being so great that o mistook it for an u has issued a bul- owathe total Indian pop- jed States to be 244,- t a l population uding Alaska, esti- ost 08,000,000. stopped by high 0., and robbed of si f ates the business even days ended on , against 348 the 73 the correspond- S'Tjusiness portion of ("destroyed by fire. Wis., Herman pper who had cut wolves while eking assistance, ie death of five of Woodville, over 70 years at Detroit a Canadian of irwho had been cjng bogus dollars, gs of Columbus, annding forty ja killed twenty- wrs escaped. struck oil ind, Ind. The 100 barrels ndicate had s of cousoli- 'Kansas into has de- could not the public one in New bouts, i sin the ! during the ' 1 with the AN agreement forming the Western Trafllc Association has been adopted by the representatives of the Western railroad systems controlling the' traffic between Chicago and the Mississippi Eiver valley in the cast, the Pacific ocean on the west and the boundary lines of the Nation on the north and south. The combine represents more than 05,000 miles of railway, with a capitalization of over $3,000,000,000. TWENTY-THREE blast furnaces in the Mnhoning and Shcnango valleys of Ohio were closed, leaving 10,000 men idle. The owners want to force a reduction in the price of coke and freight rates. THE estimates of the products of corn, wheat and oats of 1890, as completed by the statistician of the Department of Agriculture, make corn aggregate 1,480,970,000, wheat 899,202,000 and oats 533,621,000 bushels. THE will of the late Emma Abbott was admitted to probate at New York, and disposes of property worth about $1,000,000. The document directs that the body of the testator shall be cremated, after being tested with an electric current to ascertain whether or not life is extinct. FHANK P. MITCHELI,, a gambler of St. Louis, shot and killed his mistress, Dollie Mayo, and then took his own life. TJIB visible supply of grain in store in the United States on the 12th was: Wheat, 25,519,200 bushels; corn, 2,814,910 bushels. MAJOR WOODRUFF, Stato Treasurer of Arkansas, was reported §97,000 short in his accounts. SEVEXTY-FIVE women of Peru, Ind., whose husbands frequent gambling dens, notified the gamblers that they must close their places and leave the city or their furniture would be burned in the streets. .Tons SIIEEDV, of Lincoln, Neb., was struck on the temple with a club as he stepped from his door and would die. His assailant was thotight to be a man whom he was instrumental in sending to the penitentiary a few years ago. A STOHSI along the New England coast caused great destruction, and the tide was said to be the highest for many years. Vessels were driven asho wharves were swept bare and h strewn with wreckage. ,•'"" THE Railway Advig#y-" Bonrd con . eluded its busine5g- a t N CW York and adjourned to^sgSt in Chicago in April. The territo/y o f the association was dlvided'-infc, five districts, as follows: Tra Escontinental, southwestern and ^Jeamships, western passenger, western freigat and trans-M issouri. ELEVEN men were arrested at Catheine, Ala., on warrants sworn out by a 3ost-oflice inspector for intimidating a negro postmaster to force him to resign. BRAKES failed to hold a Maine Central 'reight train while descending a grade near Crawford's, Vt., and while going at frightful speed twenty cars were tmrled down an embankment, killing ;wo brakemen. JOSEPH AIKEXS, of Mount Union, O., died at the age of 99 years. He was born in Belford, France, and served under Napoleon the Great for eight years. He came to America in 1840. CHARLES WATTON, a young fanner living near Columbus, Ind., shot and slightly wounded Miss Susie Walters because she refused his suit and then killed himself. IT was reported in Lawrence, Kan., that in the western part of the State the farmers' crops hud failed for five years and that now they were actually dying from destitution, starving for want of food and freezing for want of clothing and fuel. IN a gale on Chesapeake bay two schooners went down, others were wrecked and several lives were lost. AT Dallas, Tex., $1013,000 worth of property was destroyed by fire. TUHEE men were killed and one was fatally injured by the explosion of a locomative at Ashland, Pa. E. H. AMMIDON, dealer hi dry goods at New York, failed for §097,700; assets, 890,240, THREE men were fatally scalded by the bursting of a steam pipe in the Edison Electric Light Company at Philadelphia. Foun farmers, Milt Gilmore, Grant Fleming, Rube Babcock and Charles Ream, attempted to cross a track ahead of a train near Clyde, 0., and all were killed. E. M. VAN TASSEI.L'S grain elevator in New York was gutted by fire, causing a loss of §200,000. IT was reported from Pine Ridge, S. D., on the 13th that General Miles had received the absolute submission of all the chiefs who had been the disturbing leaders among the Brulcs. The reds •were pocketed in a ravine within two miles of tho agency with the troops on all sides of them. Kicking Bear, Short Bull and Two Strike said that the war •was over and they were willing to do just what General Miles ordered. NEAB Peru, Ind., William Shalzer's wagon, loaded with wheat, upset hi a ditch, and Mrs. Sholzer was fatally injured and the baby hi her arms was killed. THBEE men, Harry Lewis, Dennis Simmons and Joseph Hughes, were killed at Deadwood, S. D., by an explosion of dynamite. TITEKK are, according to the State Commissioner of Railroads, 7,018.78 miles of railroad in Michigan. The gross earnings for the year 1890 aggregated §90,323,071.02; net income, $31, 809,279.54. GEOKGE ESTES and Fannie Hogan were married at a country church in Marion County, Ala. Just as the cere many was concluded a shot was firec through a window and the bride fel dead. A discarded lover was chargee with the crime. THE Oregon Legislature began its session at Portland on the 12th. SENATOR VANCE was renominated by acclamation by the upper House of the North Carolina Legislature to succeed himself in the United States Senate. THE Twenty-eighth General Assembly of Arkansas convened on the 12th. MRS. RACHEL STILLWAOON, aged 105 years, died at Flushing, L. I. THE Governor and other State officers of Kansas elected last November were installed into office on the 12th. THE Supreme Court of Nebraska decided on the 13th to recognize Governor-elect Boyd. Governor Thaycr, however, still retained the office on the ground that Boyd had not proved his citizenship. THE inauguration of John L. Routt as Governor of Colorado took place at Denver on the 18th. LELAND STANFORD was re-elected to the United States Senate from California on the 13th. FOREIGN. IT was reported that the floods at Carlsbad, Germany, caused a loss of 12(1 lives and 300,000,000 florins' worth of property. THE Royal Hotel in Moscow was destroyed hy^tte and nine persons were fatally buMBtl- Among the victims was a KussianSgmeral. COLD weMthcr prevailed throughout all Europe and many persons were frozen to death. FIVE Russian smugglers broke through the ice while crossing a lake on the Persian frontier and were drowned. A HUNTINO tribe in New Guinea attacked a village and killed forty of the inhabitants and looted many d%vellings. ADVICES from Courtanz, Germany, say that while a large crowd was skating on the frozen Boden sea the ico gave way and forty people were drowned. A FIIIE in a pianoforte warehouse in Paris caused a loss of 1,000,000 francs. MICHIGAN STATE NEWS. THE STATE BANKS. Animal Report of Commlsnloncr Sher' wood—A Good Showing. Bonk Commissioner Sherwood in his annual report says that during the past year fifteen new banks, with an aggregate capital of $917,000, have commenced business. There are 107 banks in Michigan, nnd their assets foot up $50,648,415, an increase of §17,084,990 in the last two years. Sixty-seven of these are savings banks, and the 124,000 depositors have deposits amounting to $28,000,000. He recommended that banks with a capital of 815,000 lie authorized to begin business in places which have a population of not over 1,000. The only bank closed during the year was the Carson City Savings Bank, which transferred and assigned to the State Bank of the same place because of the inability of the city to support two banking institutions. The expenses of the commissioner's department for the year were 87,694.09; receipts, 85,019.15, made up of fees from different banks. Health In Michigan. Reports to the State Board of Health by fifty-eight observers in different purls of the State for the week ended January 8 indicated that cholera in- fantum, inflammation of the bowels, scm'let fever, malarial fever, measles, diphtheria and typhoid fever increased, and inflammation of the kidneys and whooping cough decreased in area of prevalence, Diphtheria was reported at twenty-eight places, scarlet fever at thirty-five, typhoid fever at fourteen and measles at sixteen places. Swindled Sixty-Eight Famlllci A very smooth swindler visited sixty-_ eight families in Kalamazoo and secured 8150. His .methodjvijs-to'giV'e.t' receipt „..„ „.....= ..™ „. A ,—,— ...—„ I for S ,? 3 -"^^ Prominent grocer upon pay- REI-RESKNTATIVKS of ay^r -fff&'&SZ- ,' - ael " of fcwr dollars - When the amount ilies living in the fibvne district of Ire- Il!ltl 1)cen t™dcd out and not till the cx- land waited .'.'pon the board of guardians Potion of ninety days the holder of ' the receipt was to pay the balance of eight dollars. The firm name of II. A. PERSONAL AND POLIT1CAL. HBXBV H. MABKHAM was inaugurated as Governor of California on the 8th. Ix Ms inaugural address Governor Bussell, of Massachusetts, advocate! an amendment to the constitution a f>l« State j\np^11JT|{r so much of it as requires the payment of a tax as a qualification tor voting. Jong McCmrrocK, D, D., of diaels, J^died.^ tfce & . *pon the board of guards at Corkj>£(i stated that for some time J?95j 1 "thev have been starving and had )een living almost entirely upon turnips. ADVICES from Senegala say that in a jattle between natives and Frencl troops 400 of the former were killed 01 wounded. THE steamers Boar and Brittanio collided in the Firth of Forth, Scotland, md the Bear went to the bottom, twelve of the crew being' drowned. AN attempt by Canadian moxmted po ice to prevent a band of Turtle Mount ain Indians from crossing the border tc :he United States caused a fight ir which one officer and two Indians were killed. As avalanche of snow fell upor Livno, a town in Bosnia, and many louses were buried. Seventeen bodies had been taken from beneath the snow and it was feared that many others had perished. NINK persons were drowned while crossing the Seine river in France by breaking through the ice. TIIE Minister of Finance in Prussia's Lower House stated that the Dr. Koch medical secret would soon be published to the world. Two HUXDRKD houses at Bombay, India, were destroyed by fire and many families were rendered homeless. SKNOK M. A. MAHTINKZ, president of the Spanish Chamber of Deputies, is dead. A FIRE at Montreal caused a loss ol 5125,000. A FIIIE in the sugar cane of the La Rosita eistute near Matanzas, Cuba, destroyed a greater portion of the cane, causing a heavy loss. LATER NEWS, AFTER the United States Senate had adopted the Stewart free-coinage amendment to the financial measure on the 14th anil had stricken out the §200,000,000 2-per cent, bond issue clause Senator Vest surprised the Senate by offering, us a substitute for the whole a free-coinage bill pure and simple, and the Senate promptly passed it l.y a Vole of ;:u to 27. The bill provides that, the unit of value in the United Status shall be the dollar, to be coined of 412)<j grains of standard silver or 25 S-10 grains of standard gold. In the House the army appropriation bill was passed and the District of Columbia appropriation bill was discussed. THE Michigan State Treasurer's report shows a balance on hand at the close of the fiscal year of S1,1S1,'J">!I. \V. (J. HAKI'KU, agent of the National Life Insurance Company of Vermont, was placed under bonds for the alleged embezzlement of .500,000. IN a prize-fight at New Orleans Bob Fitzsimmons, of Australia, defeated Jack Dempsey, the champion middleweight of America, in thirteen rounds. FUSE at Montreal, Can., caused losses aggregating' §100,000. Tlie insurauc-e was S30.000. THE Nebraska State militia engaged against the hostile Indians would return to their homes, General Miles saying that their services were no longer required. RKPRESENTATIVES of thirty tinning establishments, with§12,000,000 and covering the whole country, were forming a combination at Pittsburgh, Pa. SOSIK person distributed poison in the pasture of 15. F. Sicbcrt at Beaver City, Neb., and twenty-two head of fine- blooded cattle were found dead. BY the wrecking of a schooner between the Bay islands and the Cayman fourteen lives were lost. Un:i:cTtU!s of the Bell Telephone Company at Boston voted to issue 52,500,000 iii-w stock. This would increase the capital stock to §15,000,000. NINE passengers on the Long Island Rapid Transit railroad were injured in a collision near neiiton Elation, Long Island. Mi:s MKLVIN A. WHITE, of AVhcaton, AVis., had on the Uth buon asleep for three weeks, and all otVorts to awake her hail proved fruitless. THE locomotive machine works at Richmond, Va., were damaged to the extent of 8125,000 by fire. , RODKUKJI, a fanner, was halted ' ~ * Odell & Co, was forged on each receipt. Serious for Creditors. The report of the receivers of the J. B. Potts Salt & Lumber Company was alert at Detroit and. proved a great surprise. It was thought at the time of ihc assignment that the failure was not io serious as it now proves to be. The following is a recapitulation of the report: Liabilities, $080,840.14; balance of labilities and contingent liabilities over assets, 5000,240.77. Filled Him with Lead. Mike Downey, a young man from Saginutr, was shot and instantly killed at Kwi-n, Ontonagon County, by Joe Thomas. The murderer fired five shots into his victim's body and then ficd to the woods. Thomas was finally captured by Sheriff Ferd, who, fearing a lynching, run his prisoner out of the aea by hand-car to the county seat. The Dcckoeppffl. At the twenty-fifth annual meeting of the Michigan Beekeepers' Association held in Detroit the following officers were chosen for the ensuing year: Sonntor R. L. Taylor, of Loptier, President; M. 11. Hunt, ot Doll Briincli, Wayno County, First Vici-t'rcsiilont; W. z. Hutulilnaou, ot Flint. Srcond Vice-President; George 33. Hilton, of Fremont. Secretary, and Dr. A. B. Mason, of Auburudale, O., Treasurer. Michigan Masonic ITnuie. At the fourth annual meeting of the directors of the Michigan Masonic Home in Urand Rapids the election of officers resulted as follows: President. William L. Dunham; Vice-PrcsI- dent, R. D. Swnrtout; Secretary, General W. P. Innos; Treasurer, Jacob Barth; Directors, Ed D. Benedict, Herman N. Moore, Samuel E. Wutson, Thomas D. Dradlleld, Thomas W. Strohan, W. C. Denulson. Capture of un Escaped Burglar. Tom Burns, alias Jim Sanders, a notorious burglar, who, with five other prisoners, escaped from the jail at Kill amazoo in October, was arrested in Milwaukee and returned to the Michigan authorities. When he escaped Burns was awaiting trial for an estensiva silk robbery on the Grand Trunk railway. Plenty of Game. Game Warden Smith, whose term expires next March, has resigned. During three years there have been 72fl arrests for breaking game and fisl laws and 504 convictions. The warden says game is rapidly increasing in the State, with a large supply of quail partridge and duck, and that deer are multiplying. Short bub Newny Iteim. Antrim County is so moral that it is now in the second year since a jury trial has been held. Lansing's temperance record is 350, 109,064 gallons of water consumed during 1SOO. A leaking gas stove suffocated Charles W. Henderson as he slept in his room at Jackson. In one week over 500 miners were dls charged on the Gogebic range. The dates for the farmers' institute a Eaton Kapids ore February 0 and' 10. The passenger depot nt Reed City was destroyed by fire, causing a loss of 512,000, partly insured. Mrs. Anna M. Austin, aged 53 years, di'jd at the city hospital in from exhaustion caused by an operation in removing a six-pound tumor. At Mauistee an unknown man am Lawrence Crowley, aged 13 years, wer drowned in the lake. They fell through holes in the ice. John Dudgeon, aged 70 years, one o: the most prominent men in the vicinit; of Kalamazoo nnd high in the council of the Demoeruti,'(! party, died of stom ach troubles. ' John Stinson, his three sons and their housekeeper wer.e\ arrested thirty mile north of Detroit by American and Can adian officers. A counterfeiting outfi and bushels of counterfeit American dollars were seised, * !' The George,.OK fisi%»nrifier j?lan at Jackson, o»§ri wMiAL.|tere has MICHIGAN LEGISLATURE. 8ENATK. LANSING, Mich., Jan. 13.—Governor Wlnans ant to the Sonata the following nominations: .ailroad Commissioner, Charles R. Whllcman, 'psalanti; Warden at the State Prison at ackaon. George N. Davis, Grand Rap- is; Warden of the State House of orrectlon and Reformatory, Ionia, alucha Pennell, of Ionia, mem- er of tho State Fish Comraisfaion, Hcr- chel Whittaker, Detroit, the present Incum- ent. Tho following bills were Introduced: To mend general railroad laws; for free text- ooks; ceding to the United States a site for a ublio building at, Lansing; to promote purity f elections; an appropriation of 850,003 for international Improvements. LANSIXO, Mich., Jan. 14.—Bills were Intro- uced in the Senate yesterday to incorporate 10 Order of the Legion of tho Cross; to bring 10 special' charter railroads under the genial law (similar to the bill In the House); bollshlng the Stato Board of Health, Board C Corrections and Charities, the Stato Fish nd Game Warden nni Stato Weather Service; o prohibit the Issuing of railroad pusses to lembera of tho Legislature and all State offices and judges of courts under penalty of a no of not less than 81.000 nor more than 910.00; to provide a uniform system of school oxt books under State contract; and a bill to unlsh drunkenness which provides that ersone found- drunk shall bo fined not over 100 for the first offense, double that sum the second, and treble for the bird. For selling; liquor to persons addicted o drink a like fine Is Imposed, with an alternate of Imprisonment. The nominations sent o tho Senate Uy Governor Wiuans were con- rmed in un executive session. LANSINO, Mich., Jan. 15.—Bills [wan intro- ucce in the Senate yesterday to prohibit lh» cccptancc of railroad passes by members of ic Legislature ar.d State ofllcers: to create ae Thirtieth Judicial Circuit, nnd to fix tho ompen.iatlon of Upper Peninsula members at per day. HODSE. LANSING, Mich., Jan. 9.—Both houses ycster- ay listened to the reading of tho messages of Governor Luce nnd Governor Winnns. The ormer announced that tho bonded, jiid^iitcd- of the Stato ha'l icon entirely paid off. hough tho State 7,'as still in the debt of tho rust funds ^Io indorsed the election lav ussril by the last Lefiislature. but suggested liio amendments in the way of improvement, tie indorsed the local option bill passed u 1SS9, and urged the ro-onactment f the provisions left out lu error f . tho enrolling clerV. In regard 0 tho world's fair, Governor Luce suggested lat tho Governor be empowered to appoint air commissioners to look after tho State ex- Iblt, and that ample appropriation be made to arry on tho work. Edwin B. Winaus, the In- oming Governor, inhis message, commended to he careful consideration,of the Legislature tho ccoramcndatlons of his predecessor. Ho com- .endcd the now election law, but urged tho doptlon of amendments applying the law to 11 elections. He urged care nnd economy in pproprlatlons and a revision of the system of tatc taxation. He recommended an adequate pproprlation for the Michigan representation t tho world's fair, and closed with a rccom- icndatlon for a short and economical business esston of the Legislature. LANSING, Mich., Jan. 13.—Tho House met at p. m. yesterday and after transacting routine tuslness Speaker Wacutell made announcements of House committees. Tho following re the most important chairmanships: Bd- catiomil. W. W. Wendell, Wayne; Fish- rles, Michael J. Doyle, Chlppewa; Harbors, Daniel McGovern, Oscola; Insurance, John IT. N. Gregory, Washonaw; Judiciary, Thomas 3. Barkworth, Jackson: Liquor Traf- c, Arthurs. White, Kent; Lumber and Salt, loses R. Denning, Manistec; Mines and Mln- rals, William E. Carpenter, Oakland; Public Health, Augustus F. Ferguson, Ingham; Ratl- oads, Howland Connor, Saglnaw; Michigan University, William E. Henze, Wayne; Ways nd Means, James L. Lowden, Wasntenaw. Vone of the Republican minority have a chair- lanship. LANSING, Mich., Jan. M.—Bills were intro- .uced in the House yesterday to prohibit tho ssue of railroad passes to State Legislators, State officers and judges of courts of record, iroviding a penalty of a tine of from JI.OUO to 10.000 for the railroads, and the samo ine or imprisonment for not loss bun six months iior more than no year, or both, to the acceptor. Jill to provide an official stenographer for each if tho Supremo Court Justices at a salary of 1,200 per annum; to cede to tho United States 1 site for a public building at Lansing; for uni- ormity of school text books, similar to the ndlanalaw. LANSING, Mich., Jan. 15.—In tho House yes- erday bills were Introduced to repeal the cumulative voting law of 18S9; to prohibit the use if adulterated food In the State institutions; to make passenger fares at 3 cents per mile on nil allraads whose gross earnings reach Ji,600 per mile, and 3 cents for roads enrnmg less han ?l,r>00; to revise the standard re quired for admission to the bar. A concurrent resolution was Introduced to amend he State constitution so as to Hx tho compensation of members of the Legislature at SflOO 'or tho regular sessions and $100 for special sessions, and prohibit tho acceptance of railroad passes. The lirst bill to pass the House was that providing for tho Lansing public building site. GOT THE WORST OF THE GAME. liow a Kansas Sheriff Lost a Prisoner uiitl AVatt l-'utully Hurt. MABVVILI.K, Kan., Jan. 10.—At 4:30 Sunday afternoon a prisoner named Crozier made his escape from the Marshall County jail at this place. Sheriff Bentley and three of the prisoners, Crozier being one, were playing cards. Crozier walked to the stove, which was behind the sheriff, picked up a shovel and struck the shei-iff on the side of the head, cutting a deep gash. lie also gave the official a hard blow with the back of the shovel full in tho face, knocking him senseless. Crozier then pulled a revolver out of the sheriff's pocket, and holding the other prison ers at bay backed out of the jail. The sheriff is not expected to live. Twenty men are hunting for Crozier and if caught he will probably be lynched. Crozier was in jail for stealing a team of horses at Summerfield, this county. Passenger Car& iu the River. HAKTFOKD, Conn., Jan. 18.—The passenger train leaving Middleton at 0:30 o'clock a. m., over the Middleton, Waterbury & Connecticut River raiload, ran off a bridge near Cromwell. The engine and the baggage- car went down and broke through the ice and into the river. The train hands were in the baggage-car, and they, with the conductor, engineer and fireman, were precipitated into the river. The conductor was nearly drowned. Some of the trainmen were injured. No lives were lost. PECULIAR AND VARIED. A POST-OFFICE in Charlton County, Mo., has been named Mike. A MOBMON zealot has started a paper at East Jordan, Michl, which, he christened Herald of Millennium. One article in his creed is that it is ungodly to wear boiled shirts. WHEN some boy sand a dog were Ing a rabbit at Bich Hill reoenf tocfc shelter y™lf"* a ^g^ with ofenipkens. Theoldaejtnearjy E_VlL'_-Li-tLa ^ ii STANDING COMMITTEES. The President of tho Senate ami Speaker of tlie Houflo "Nnino Committees. Lieutenant-Governor Strong has announced the Senate committees as follows: Agricultural Col!?sc—Wilcox, Bnstonp, Tny lor. Agricultural Interests—Mugford, Wllcox, Garvclink. Asylum for tho Cr'.minnl Insane—Brown, Boers, Weiss. Asylums Tor tho Insane—Wisner, Crocker, Wllcox. Babln, Toan. Banks nnd Incorporations—Benson, Park, Withington. Cities and Villages—Beers, Wllcox, Miller, Wilkinson, Weiss. Claims nnd Public Accounts—Holcomb, Park, Toan. Constitutional Amendments—Park, Holcomb, Taylor. Counties and Townships—McCormick, Horton, Brown. Education and Public Schools—Bastone, Gilbert, Sabln. EngroBimcnt and Enrollment — Boughnor, Porter, Fleshelm. Executive Business—Gilbert, Benson, Porter. Federal Relations—Crocker, Sharp. Morse. Finance and, Appropriations—Gilbert, Mug- Jord, Miller, Milnen, Horton. Fisheries—Park, Bnstone, Wheeler. Geological Survej'—Shap, Bastono, Stevens. Horticulture—Porter, Miller, Garveltnk. House of Correction at Marciuette—Benson, Beers, Weiss.. Immigration'—Bastone, Miller, Wheeler. Industrial 'Home for Girls — MeCormlck Smith, Morse. Institution for the Deaf and Dumb—Wllcox, Smith, Wilkluson. Insurance—Smith, Beers, Fie*- helm. Judiciary—Winner, C.ooker, Doran, Prlndlo, Taylor. Labor Interests—Miller, Sharp, Brown, Park, Flesheim. Liquor Trafllc—Boughnor, Dornn, Horton. Lumber Interests—orocker, Hoicorab, Morse. Mechanical Interests—Porter, Smith. Pi'indle. Military Ailuirs—Holcomb, Sharp, Withington. Mining Schools and M'l'pg Interests—Mil- Normal s'cho'ul—McCormlok. Benson, Wilkinson. Printing—Boughner, Brown. Morse. Public UullilingB—Boers. Boughncr, Wheeler. Public Health—Wilc-x, Park, Sabln. Public Improvements — Brown, Milnes, Garvellnk. Public Lands—Mugford, Gilbert, Stevens. UallroaUs—Doran, Crocker, McCuruitck, 'oan, Wheeler. Reform Sciiuol—Benson, Holcomb. Weiss. Keformatory at loulu—Smith, Holcomb, abin. Religious and Benevolent Societies—Brown Sharp, Toan. Roads and Bridges—Holcomb. Porter, Hor ton. Rules and Joint Rules—Gilbert, Mugford, Withington. Saline Interests—Mugford, Wtsner, Taylor. School for the Blind—Users, Wlsner, Weiss. Soldiers' Homo—Boughner, Brown, Withington. State Affairs—Sharp, Porter, Stevens. State Library—Poriur, Mugford, Prlndlo. State Prison—Wlsner. Muglord, Pnndle. Stato Public School—Sharp, Beers, Flcs- helm. Supplies and Expenses—Miller, Smith, Hor- University—Doran. Wisner, Withington. Speaker Wachtcl announced the committees of the House us follows: Agricultural College—Messrs. Miller, Bots- !ord, Lewis, Hanvoou, F. H. Smith. Agriculture—Messrs. Caulleld, Lester, Bowen, Harper, Watts. Drainage—Messrs. Osborn, Dodge, Gregory, Rylaiul, Harwood. Eastern Asylum for Insane—Messrs. Hay- •ood, Ilarley, Dodge, Hawley, Spencer. Education—Messrs. Wendell, becicy, Leach, Bullock, Rylaud. Engrossment and Enrollment—Messrs. Blake, Mi-Govern, Denning, Graham, Bullock, Raymond, Spencer. Elections—Messrs. Lambert, Jackson, W. B., Doyle, Ciapp, Northup. Federal Reunions—Messrs. Jackson, W. B. Johnson, L. S., Barkworth, Cbok, Harry. , Fisheries—Messrs. Doyie, Gibbous, Nolan, Marsh, Smith, A. A. Geological Surveys-Messrs. Baker, Lester, Barthey, Holdeu, St. Clair. Harbors—Messrs. McGovcrn, Landon, Kolvoord, MrCloy, Wagner. Horticulture—Messrs. Graham, Rowden, Hurley, Smith, A. A.. Eaton, R. C. Immigration —Messrs. Nolan, Kolvoord, Muntlio, Johnson, L. S., Smith, A. A. Insurance—Messrs. Gregory, Baldwin, Landon, Carpenter, Northup. Internal Improvements—Messrs. Lewis, Fll- dew, Leach, Johnson, H., Kirk. Judiciary—Messrs. Barkworth, Connor, Cook, Richurilson, Hcn/e, Diekema, Hall. Labor Interests—Messrs. Harley, Flldew, Haywood, Botsford, Barnard. Liquor Trafllc—Messrs. White, Cauflcld, Nolan, church. Dafoe. Local Taxation—Messrs. Leach, Lewis, Osborn, Knight, F. H. Smith. Lumber and Salt—Messrs. Denning, Orth, Downing, Mellcu, W. O. Smith. 11 amuacUirers—Messrs. McCloy, Kolvoord, Rockwell, M. Ferguson, Buoll. Michigan Asylum for Insane—Messrs. Herz, Graham, Miller, Raymond, Swift. Michigan Asylum lor Insane Criminals — Messrs. Uathey, Flldew, Lambert, Barnard, St. Clair. Michigan Institute for Deaf and Dumb- Messrs. Mellen, Botsford, Bullock, Gregory, Buell. Military Affairs—Messrs. Rowden. Johnson, H.. Miner. Church, Bhull. Mluus and Mirerals — Messrs. Carpenter, Baldwin, Munthe, Perkins, Henry. Municipal Corporations—Messrs. Miner, Ferguson. A. F. Knight, Haywood, Lambert, Swift, St Clair. Normal School—Messrs. Rockwell, Mariou, Canlielil, Holdon, Kirtt. Northern Asylum for Insane—Messrs.Harper, McCoy. Lowden, Alexander, Shut!. Printing— Messts. Doremus, Dodge, Curtis, Tttikleuuuita, Alexander. Private Corporations—Messrs. Marsh, Bark* worth, Richardson, Clapp, Barnard. Public Health—Messrs. Ferguson, A. F., Gibbons. Bathev, Tripp, Hawley. Public Lands—Messrs. Jackson, S. P., Denning. Harper, Curllss, Clapp. Railroads—Messrs. Connor, Fitch, C. C., White, Uoyle, Wendell, Dielicma, Dafoe. Kcloim School—Messrs. Filch, O. C., McGov crn. Lester, Robinson, Waguer. Reform School lor Girls—Messrs. Ferguson, M. Chisbclm, Curtiss, Lusk, Fitch, Norton. Religious and Benevolent Societies—Messrs. Houguton, Miller, Blake, Herz, Shull. Koads and Bridges—Messrs. Gibbons, Osborn, Baker, Fitch. Norton. Alexander. Rules and Joint Rules—Messrs. Secley, Hoi- ton, Morsh, Jucki-on. W. B.. Eaton, C. L. School of Mines—Messrs. Tripp, Ferguson, A. F., Seeley, Diekema, Eaton, C. L. Soldieis' Home — Messrs. Johnson, L'. S., White, Ji hnsou, H., Collins. Harwood. State Affairs—Messrs. Richardson, Doremus, Tripp, Eaton, C. L. Wiggins. State Capitol and public buildings—Messrs. Marrloa,' Hcrz, Mellen, Filch, Nortcn, Smith F. H. State House of Correction—Knight, Wendell, Bauer, Holton, Dafoo. Stato Library—Messrs. Robinson, Thatcher. Uf-Ughton, Lowdeu, Stone. , State Prison—Messrs. Holton, Miner, Row den. Stone. Perkins. State Public School—Messrs. Orth, Richard Bon. Doremus, Tinklepaugh, Wiggins. Stato School for the Blind—Messrs. Baldwin, Downing, Boweii. Smith. W. O., Eaton, R. C. Supplies and Expenditures—Messrs. Down Ing, Thatcher. Landon, Lusk, Tinklepuugb. Towns and Counties — Messrs. Thatcher Hehze, Munthe, Chisholm, Collins. University—Messrs. Henze, Connor, Jack son. S. P.. Blake, Hall. Upper Peninsula Prison—Messrs. Cook, Robinson, Fitch, C. U, Wagner, Watts. Ways and Means—Messrs. Lowden, Jackson, S. P., Orth, Rockwell, Carpenter, Watts Northup. Representative Miner, of Detroit, as chair man of municipal corporations, will have charge uf the proposed new Detroit charier. la Succeed Judge Brown. WAsnisoTos, Jan. 14.—The President has sent to the Senate the nominations of Henry H. Swann^of Michigan, to be District Judge fox the Eastern district of Michigan vice Henry B. Brown resigned, and; Robert &,B8»nay of Texas to he .Atfomej ot the United States for tbjp Eastern district of Texas. Drops Dead. **^,. &feh., Jan. 14.—Williams '^faprietorof the Lloyd House, dead in the hotel Tuesday. He Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it ifl pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gentlyyetpromptly on the KidneySi Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers nnd cures habitual constipation. Syrup «f Figs is tho- , only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste andao ceptahle to the stomach, prompt ia its action and truly beneficial .in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for gale in 50a and §1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who •wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, OAL. LOVISVILLE. AT. , NEW YORK. H.V. The Hon. J. W. Fenniinore is the iheriff of Kent Co., Del., and lives • at Dover, the County Seat and Cap'-> * tal of the State. The sheriff is a gentleman fifty-nine years of age t and this is what he says : ' 'I have ' used your August Flower for sev- ' eral years in my family and for my; ' own use, and found it does me) ' more good than any other remedy. ' I have been troubled with what I ' call Sick Headache. A pain comes! ' in the back part of my head first, ' and then soon a general headache: ' until I become sick and vomit. 'At times, too, I have a fullness > ' after eating, a pressure after eating ' at the pit of the stomach, and ' sourness, when food seemed to rise ' up in my throat and mouth. When 'I feel this coming on if I take a ' little August Flower it relieves' " me, and is the best remedy I have " ever taken lor it. For this reason I take it and recommend it to " others as a great remedy for Dys- "pepsia, &c." © G. G. GREEN, Sole Manufactt rer, Woodbury, New Jersey, U. S. A, CURE CONSTIPATION. To enjoy health one should have reg* ular evacuations every twen y four boars. The evils, both mental unit physical, resulting from are many and serious. For tho cure of this common trouble, Tatt'sUver Pills have K.itiioil a popularity anptur* BllcIcU. Elegantly imgair coated. SOLD EVERYWHERE. TRADE MARK. The Braid that is known tho world around. MOTHERS'FRIEND MAKES GHBLD BIRTH EASY IP USED BEFORE CONFIN BOOK TO "MOTHERS" MAH.ED DRADE-IELD ItEGUI-ATOR CO, ATJ2 SOLO BY ALL DBUOOISTB, -TREATED FREE.' OtUtED with VeactabU Sure oared manr thousand cas«s. Care-, nounced bopeloiw Dy the best physician*. , doso cymptoms rapidly dtaappc&r. nnd InJ least twothirdR of ull symptom* are re: (or FREE BOOK of u.stfmcmlaH ot min Ten days tnatmeiit t untuned free by order trial, tend 1O canu In ittatupa to DIC. II. II. OHKEN d: MI.S8. AX,' trxaa TUB upuunu a «r RUMEU TRACTION AND PDF NGIN (Threshers and Horse i Write for mnstrata} Catalogue, n M. RUMELY CO., LA PORT i THERUSrlFOBTHHAIRI

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