Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 27, 1974 · Page 17
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 17

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 17
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I PagtftB NEWS-IIKKAL1), Panama City,, Kla., Thursday, Jimp 27,1914 Apalachicola Teacher Sues APALACHICOLA - The president of the Franklin County Education Association has filed suit in U.S. District Court in Tallahassee seeking to retain his position as a teacher. Edward Hines, a social studies teacher at Carrabelle High School, charges that his annual contract was not renewed because of his activities in seeking collective bargaining for the association and the classroom teachers It represents. Hines is suing Carrabelle High Principal Henry Williams, Franklin County School Supt. Curtis McLean, the county school board, and the five individual members of the school board. Hines is asking the court to enjoin the defendants from dismissing him. He is also seeking $50,000 damages from each defendant found to have MARKET BASKET. w *'wBiftWhMYwwdu»>i 24 'Joi HWAY9S 785-7911 \ QUANTITY MGHTSMSml) PRICES EFHCTIVI OPEN 24 HOURS 1 FRESH FARM 1 EGGS 1 »" 65 c 1 1 ;MnAwm I SWIFTS PREMIUM ROUND STEAK , n 49 1 FLORIDA 1 WATERMELONSl | •* 99 c | 1 HOT FRESH 1 BARBEQUE 1 CHICKEN, PORK 1 & BEEF 1 GROUND BEEF 2- $ 1 69 VINE RIPENED 1 TOMATOES 1 1 rmsH 1 CHOICE OKRA 39° LOCAL SQUASH w \ 1 FRESH 1 PEAS 19 c 1 1 CANTALOUPES 1 3 /$-|oo 1 BELL PEPPER 3/25' CUKES 1 1 3 25 c 1 I HOME MADE 1 FI6 1 PRESERVES FRESH GEORGIA GREEN CABBAGE I HOME MADE 1 FI6 1 PRESERVES 1 COLLARDS 1 YfLlOW 2 29 c 1 DhllNn VUUIYi, acted In bad faith or for an evil purpose In the decision not to rehire him. The suit is the second filed recently in federal court against McLean and the school board. John B. Meyer, principal of Chapman Elementary School in Apalachicola, is seeking an order for a continuing contract and compensation for loss of professional standing. Meyer charges he was denied a new contract because he 'refused to withdraw his recommendation for re-employment of Mellnda Craft, an officer of the Franklin County Education Association which is requesting collective bargaining for salaries and working conditions. 1 11 Vtyto \»\f WORLD ALM^C BILLBOARD GREETING-Some people like to do things in a big way. A group of local residents recently had this billboard painted on West 23rd Street to con- yey their birthday greetings to an anonimous 'Fran.' But it doesn't really matter. Happy Birthday, Fr*ah! (Staff Photo) In 1862, Richard Galling patented his famous gun which fired 350 rounds a minutes. Appalled by; the sight of returning wounded soldiers during the Civil War, Gatling determined to invent a weapon which would make war so terrifying mankind would abandon it, The World Almanac says. He sue cessfully demonstrated his gun in December, 1862, but it was not accepted by the Union army until after the war. Peking Order Wreaks Havoc FRESH GEORGIA PEACHES & PLUMS ONIONS 3 LBS. 39' POTATOES 10 IBS, $1 28 HONG KONG (UPI) - A directive Issued by Peking three weeks ago apparently has : led to violence in many cities and provinces in China, diplomatic sources specializing in Chinese affairs said Tuesday. Wall posters, which have been the main medium in China's present mass political. campaign, have said in the past few days there have been violent clashes in at least a dozen major cities and provincial areas of China and that deaths occurred in Kiangsi Province. The China specialists among the diplomatic corps said they had been unable to confirm the reports of fatalities, but that the reports must be taken seriously since the posters were put up in Peking with the support of at least some members of the central leadership. The spate of posters apparently was the outgrowth of a new directive issued at the end of May by the Peking leadership, authorizing attacks on leaders and also permitting foreigners to read the posters. In the past, great efforts were made to keep foreigners from seeing posters. The new directive said action would be taken by the national leadership if criticisms proved to be correct, but that even if the poster accusations could not be proven, there would be no retaliation against those making the charges. The most sensational posters concerned violence in Kiangsi Province, and one series of posters reported 200 deaths, although no details were given on the fatalities. Otherwise the posters were specific and detailed in their charges, , accusing the kiangsi leadership of non-compliance with central directives, disruption of production, suppression of dissent, promotion of capitalist practices and other errors. Workers fron Hunan Province came . to Peking to put ' up posters with similar charges. Two main general targets in the poster campaign are Lin Piao, ex-defense minister and heir apparent to Chairman Mao before Lin's death in a plane crash in 1971 as he attempted to flee to the Soviet Union after an abortive coup, and the ancient sage Confucius, whose philosophy is now deemed incorrect for modern China. China-watchers in Hong Kong said the new directive. * on posters seemed to be a virtual invitation for increased factional feuding, and that . If it remained in effect it was almost certain there would be greater to have involved only small fab- violence. Until now, said the tional groups battling with observers, the- violence, sticks, stones, iron bars and although widespread, appears other non-lethal weapons. New Repellent For Deer IRVINE, Calif. (UPI) - The pride of Lion Country Safari was once Frazier, the prolific Prefer Jail Over Marriage READING, England (UPI) John Eaton chose jail rather than marriage. The 20-year-old bridegroom was due at Reading Register Office Monday to marry his 17- year-old fiancee, Julie Slatcher, in a civil ceremony. Miss Slatcher was ready. The caterers stood by, the presents were on display. And 100 guests were arriving for the reception. But Eaton, a store manager, was in the prisoner's dock at Reading Magistrate's court, defiantly resisting pleas from the bench, his mother, his father and his waiting to accept bail and go through with the ceremony. sire, but now there's a new interest—lion dung to scare deer out of gardens. The project got under way when a homeowner arrived at this wildlife refuge and asked if he could buy some lion manure. Charles P. Culp, 73, a retired business executive, said deer were eating up the gardens at his new home in nearby Laguna Beach and he had heard lion dung might be effective as a deterrent to the noctural raids. With 130 lions on the premises, Lion Country Safari officials had no trouble supplying Culp with a 50-pound bae. At home Culp ^ J and his wife were awaiting results of their experimental repellent spread among their nasturtiums and lilies. "We've been getting all kinds of phone calls from people who heard about Charles going to Lion Country," said Mrs. Culp. "This stuff smells so bad the deer should take one whiff and faint." Culp said he did not expect immediate results but was adopting a wait and see attitude. At Lion Country Safari, officials mused about the possibility of developing the byproduct on a commercial basis. One official said, "It's a funny thing but just last week we were discussing possible sources of additional revenue to compensate for business loss during the gas shortage. Never dreamed we might be selling lion chips." Zoological Director Pat Quinn charged Culp $5 for his 50pound bag and had him make out a check to "The Frazier Foundation," started in honor of the, late sire for conservation of wildlife. Frazier found a home here late in life and began knocking out cubs at a rapid rate for a period of several months before ' he collapsed and died. Save 50<„. and your July 4 barbecuctoo Get a 50$ refund on any bas of charcoal...and have a bus-free barbecue, when you buy QUANTITY RIGHT.' RESERVED CONVENIENTLY LOCATED 1126 TRANSMITTER ROAD PRICES GOOD THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY PORK CHOPS FIRST CUT IC LB. FLAVORITE "4-12 Plus" or "Sportsmate H Insect Repellent Sprays. BEEF c LB. 1 LB. PKG. LB. BRYAN ALL MEAT FRANKS 12 OZ. PKG. DOTHAN STYLE SAUSAGE LB. Buy "6-12 Plus" Insect Repellent Spray, or aerosol "Sportsmate II." Send the register tape circling the price you paid, and the name and price of any size bag of charcoal you purchased, to "6-12 Plus"/"Sportsmate II" 50t Refund Offer, Box 2179, Reidsville, North Carolina 27322... AND WE'LL REFUND YOU 50*. Mail tes "602 Plui'V'Sportsmatt II" 50* Refund Offer, Box 2179, Reidivllle, North Carolina 27322 I have enclosed a register tope with the price of . "6-12 Plus" or "Sporlsmote II" Premium Insect Repellent circled, and the name and price of a bag of charcoal I purchased. Please send me my 500 refund. RED HOTS LB. BOB-WHITE BACON ic LB. STREET- CITY STATE. Offer expires November I, 1774. Void whero toned, prohibited or./eslricled by law. ^ IR-674'R SUNNYLAND • ROLL SAUSAGE HOT OR MILD IC LB. LB. CHUCK ROAST LB. ALL MEAT STEW FRONT SIDE LB. GUT AND WRAPPED SHOULDER 1 ROUND ROAST $ 1 09 LB SIRLOIN TIP ROAST T-B0NE STEAK $*|79 LB. SIRLOIN STEAK *P IB We also sell mHk-bread-egg$-frozen pies and vegetables. STEAK $j29 LB. WHOLE FRYERS 36 c LB.

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