Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1928 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1928
Page 6
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- f THE TOLA DAILY RgGISTl^R. FRIDAY EVENINQ. JANUARY 20, 1928. . CHAPTER XLV The train siicd on and neitlior of them Spoke for a IOUR imie. although TJtus -Moore stoJe an occa- ' -sional furtive look ut his (Iau;;hter and appeared sevenil limes to he oil the point oraski!)^ a quei^tiori. •jHe said "presiphtiy. •One more thing about jTony Harrison hoforo we drop the subject. Did yoii know that I had it in n-ind for a long time, to adopt him?" Rita looked startled. "Ailopt • him?•. lie nodded. "I'd always wanted i d lioy—iiot XhJx. Vm dis.satisfieiJ •wiHi my daushtcr." lie added with a smile, "but to Just sort of round things out. It wouiri have bten right funny,, wouldn't if—having - Tony HaiTison for a brother?" 1 She gazed out the window. '-Why did you change your mind?" she asked without turnint; around. • "I didn't," he said sinipl.v. "Tony jtistj up and ran away when I was getting ready to talk it over with himl." ; ^ "He'd never have couneuted," she I said quickl.v. .. "rm «lraid ho woiilcin't." Titus Moore ackiKiwledst'd. "I've been right puzzled at tiiiie.'; Irving lo figure oiit wliat lie wii ^ld have done about hiixiUK hini.'-olf uj) witlii (he -••opening if he had been taken into the Mocre family." • ' 'nita^said .notliing more but <<in- tinued to stare at the fliiting "and- scape. Iter fathe^ siiibed ami Wii.>; . siltnt with her. HetweiMi them ti:ey shared a eonimon (housht—that hut for the tiiikindiiess of eircuni- • .stances ihi^ip.s wouhl liave. turned' out differcniiy .-IIKI. more happily. •Vpither of fliem mentioneil Tony Harrison's name asaiiOuntil, once more at the Itar K rancli. til" subject was hroiightup by .Joe Craig. "I've heard from him just once." Crais; said worriedly. "That w;is! , EENESX LYNN "Terrible." the banker admilte<I.. ".Jii5! aliouf ruins his lookn." ; rtarrison' left the hank a few minutes later and dismissed the stranger from his mind. Guthrie was a place where on** encountered ah" (manner of men.' If Forbes wa."! thiriking of locating there, he wa.s no^ ilifferent from hundreds of otliers who w<>re avake to town's opporiuiiitiesi'- '• Willi Fred I'erkinsj he turned hiy uttemion \if the •huiUlin:.; of ap ad- d'finii to the ftore and a sited for their Wimber. Young >''ieddy Perkins, wiio appear?d to inherit his futlier's aptitude for figures, did th'» liookkceping, and the balance sbor;s were such as to -ciause Tonv Harrison; lo wonder at tho .i;ood iormne',he had stuaihled upon. •U'e won't be due to slow uj) for iiuile a while," the elder Pcikins prr (lict;d. "Folks won't sljop build- CENTRAL AVENUE (Verua Cliurctilll.) .Inn. 17.—'>tr. and Mrs. K<I i.'erk- en iielpcsl -Mr. and Mrs. Kajl Ccr- kelf hufehcr Tuesday. • Jack Wing has ibi'cr. oa the sick list. Ve.-n Peterson .sawed wood for . Blmer Thomas one tfay la»: week. ' Ceorpc K'"rzba>b ihreKhert kaf:r corn for Homer I..:ii >h and -Mr.. Arthur Dif k Friday. Wrs.-Kd Xordt and chiitiren vis- , . itr;', Tiiursday .•iftcrnooii with .Mr.s-. thei Mii'dendorf and fatnily. .Mrs. ;.ash, .Mr^•. Dsxon and Jlrs. .lohn Thomas visited Saturday ^afternoon with -Mrs. fluss. .Mrs. fiaker called on- .Mrs. Chur.he.i .S::turd;iy morning. Mr. ami Airs. Henry Xo: dt find Violet were Friday evening :jui)- per Kuc.ns of Mr. and I Mi's.' IM Xordt and family. I . •[ Mrs. .lohn Thomp.son! visited Thursday c\'e:ring a \rceK ago with .Mrs. Collisoii/ Mr. and Mrs. Art Ilaish and H r- nico attended the danco at Cuy Wing's Saturday night. BEMUS* KEEPER in^' till fnere's-homes Uir l(M)O') | Wing's Saturday night, people, and by thut timd Ciiuhrie .Mrs. Coop and Hob visited Mrs. wiil be made capital of the ierrl- Pt-tcrson aiul Vtrn Sunday morij- lory and well be due loj^ anothef- ing. , j ' ' ' ' .Mr. and .^irs. Dixon, <Maudo and ; iiioom. ' "The firm of Perkins aid Harrison. Hardware." he eontinlied, "has niad<: a jiiofit of better tliiiii .*S.<ioo in less tli ;in three monuis, not coiintih.? in a little flyer iierc and tiiere in ilie (bntracting business. We cnn 't hope for things to con- lihiie that good iifd'cfinitely in hard- wai=e ai!d. fet-d; that '.-i why we're brani-hing out. I've been thinkin" | over what you 'told me about the timber on'.soine ol the farm .s. We 'll lie putting up a sawmill next to our liiir .her yard, and <-ut down on the dri Hsed lumber we'ri; shipping down from Kaiisa .s.. lii the-flail tin- farmers will he wanliug tp clear I-^o Were Sunday dinner guests of : Mi-.aud Mrs. .tohn Thomirson. } Kov.- -Mr. llowiaiitt and .Mrs. ; Howlan I visited Sunday afternoon j wiib .Mr. and -Mrs. Huss. Tlii.s vicinity "extends their s .\-m-' pathy to Mrs. Paiil hassiniMi and family of the dfat'i of hsr motlicr. .Mrs. Kelly. Mr. an>^ Mrs. Kd .Nurdt aiitl ciiil- drin sp(ni Friday evening* at tlie parental lleeinan The fate of George Iteinus, t'in- cinnuti wife-slayer and l^irhier niillionaire iiootlegger, rests with Dr. W. H. Vorbau (abovel supi-riutendcnt of the Lima. O., State Ilosjiital tor the Insane. Dr. Vorbau, widely' known psychiatrist, has tlie sole authority lo Ireo Uemus should he be fouml sane, following the tests whicli Itenius has been taking. Thursday with seven memliers and .Mrs. ChurcUts visited Fridtly | "nt-. guest present. At the h\x<y- .afteriKKJU with Mrs. Ciiuvchill. I "ess hour Hie ofiicf -rs were e.ect- 'Mr and Mr.-:. FranK Mcililian I <-'<! >"r this year. The next meetmg ^•when ho wrote'lo say how bad h.-j;''''-" '"t" " •"it^"'>-"'''^ jind l-oyde ThonUiron vi.sited : Sun_ . dav ait<?rnooii wiili .Mr. and Mrs. their I«nd for spring planting, and I jojii, Thomp.son. •;• lol of 'em wiil be glad to give us | ivipj-sou. Ktiiel and Fern. tlKir limber for the cutting andl^jr i,„d .Mrs. Fred Daniids. Pearl hauling." 1 and Chester'were lohi visitors Sat- Timy Ilairison snillol. "The u,.,|;,y'_ Mi^s Violel N'.irdt Tlslled Kri- oak. Fred. After the harvest the farmers lliemKelves will he w .i,nt- fel't about .Mrs. .Moore's death. I know he was in the rush, but, . . ,, , where he is now the I-ord onlv ^uild something decent to knows" 'live in-'those, at. least, who've got He added darkly that many re -i" ''•-"'^'t'st K' amc^unt to anyt'nin!;. ports Oklahoma -There shootings, ijii Rita MtMjre went to bed that night with "fear in her heart. Avill be with .Mrs. George Wing, January 2". Mrs. Ed Gerken helped i:'.r(! for Grandpa Gerken .Monday. Mr. and Mrs. YA Nordt and children spent Sunday with .Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shari)c and children. Mr. and iMrs. t;)ile Slrunk and iay afleniooii with Misses .Mar- j children. Mr. and Mrs. Art llalnh gar< f. Helen and France;; .N'ordi. '.Mr. and Mrs. Co'.lis„u spent Sunday with -Mr. and Mr.s. George Mc- Iniyre and family. who are not handy enough with. .„j.j jl^s. Churches. But in Guthrie the subjec t of their talk continued 'lO gel up with the dawn, breakfa-st leisiirely and spend his days in a way that no longer seemed strange to. him. Of an eveiiing he found it pleasant to stroll through thi?, , ^ ... ri„i.^j „„, streets of Guthrie and smoke ai<'^vote your tune to figuring out in—give Ihem half, isay, of the f^iislsec' lumber. I can go even further than that. Tiiose farmers are driving a new Chrysler car. ; Mr. and Mrs. Ktherton of lola. spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. fools to build their own houses can get financed through the bank, which will be glad to take mortgages. Seems to me you'd better start hiring a "building force and Grandpa Gerken is very ill lal this writing. Miss V^rena Churchill visited Friday afternoon- with Miss Ethel Peter^n. Mr. and Mrs. Ed N'ordt and fam- eountfe.stified t^ :he progress b-. i ,...h,„ ,1,0 ing made hv thl- firm of Perkins it»" valuable ^ on the outs!;Ie. I can pick up clerks as oi.p.'d in at a ' "'^ need t.lieui." • : • _ none xvas the!. "Vou're the boss.' Tony .snnned. dro lut and Harrison. Occasionally h ^IT^'Ss^'wi^rw^;; -iir lladlP^' ^,n he -';ljed ^er^ .Plunged in the days when samt'^•-'<' '''""f'' ^ f .Tiling had; meant t -mpon.ry e>.-,,p.-^'I 'X'';^'"'^- \VI-.erever he iiesday wiili .Mr. and .Mrs. Henry Nordt, sr. and Beniice, -Mr. and Mrs. Carl Gallon and children attended the surprise party on Mr. pii'i Mrs. (V'orgo Klotzbach Sund .iv evi -:iing. . -Mr. Oilii.son delivered boj., to Elsmore Monilay. -Mr. and -Mrs. Clemen.-t and family, Mr. and '.Mrs. Dixon and fam- II.V, Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas and family. .Mr.| and .Mrs. John Thompson. .Mr. aiid Mrf. Lash and family. Mr. and .Mrs. \i?\a Wing .iiid tani- il.v. and Mr. and Mrs. Vernie Hnss went in and surprised .Mr. au'd Mrs. Herbert Huss and family Saturday evening. A general good time was ienjo>'od by all. At a late hour refreshments were served. .Mr. and Mrs. George Klotzbach and family spent Sunday afternoon with .Air. and Mrs. Lambert. Banff, ime of the famous sport icentres of the Canadian West, will ' Mrs. Coop. Boh and Allen visited!stage its annual Winter carnival .Mr. and .Mr.s. Huss and family Sun-; the week of Feliruary I. da.v'inorning. - 1 — .Mr. and Mrs. Hoiiiy Nordt. sr.. • spent Friday aftermjon witli .Mr. \ and :\lrs. Middciidorf. on him t hi |>'-;'ee that eonu-s witli • 1""'"'''- ', . , , ' Hunviy and tired, hi.- diopptd in days profitahly'spcnt. Tliere were things—hut lliey !.ay in the ;li!iCk- groiiml of Iii.^ iljir.d. f;i:iitl> ; :smol- al thejlittle rcstiirani he the habit of jiatifijnizlng and foun '1 Mr.s. Cliurehes ami Wayne visii- was ill I ^,1 t5iiuday evening witli Mr. and d i -. should 1)0 less.' ?»iisy. He thotighl of writing, to Cniic. preferred to think of n^>- other's | „f,,.„ little fiirtlier. j,„, , Harrison li.uelied. "Perkins fur- ';:iis!:es most of the bntins and atn- fa.e when ho should tell him that '^i-I I*'" ^ 'Si 'l 'into G„rhri<- one day i Forb,.s >vas in the bank again this i r»Irs. Lambrrt and Henry. Mrs. Henry N'ord! and Violet visited Saturday al'tern .'iou \yitli .Mrs. !•:;! Gerken and Alma. .Mr-s. .Vordl and children visited! Mrs. Cliurehill and family Saturday ufternoon. Tile Central Avenue cluli met with Mrs. T.' S. Franklin last NEOSH0 VALLEY fC. li Arnold.) Jan. IS.—Sunday Cliapel onSnnday, School at Salem January 22. at lo a. 'm. Prriac^iln* by the pastor. 11 a. m. Chrisp. m. On Mon- p. ni. the dis- thct superlnieiideiJt. Rev. Biddle, Rev. N.. !^ Ve2lf> at lian Endeavor »a 7 dU the 23rrt ^ 2 will discourse.: hr conduct the regular ness session of. ths for this. ciivalL;:an(J the quarterly scTi-fc larly c!ose<l foiTtiwi mon by the su^i^,rln efly and then quarterly bifsi- i;. U. church, ill Ttie evening s will b» regu- tig. another ser- oi;il;'nt. Prayer riicetirj^ on WeJneSUay evening. cf Stafford. |iQ Baxlev home fk." .Mr. UuKli re formerly in Mi". James Ilush Kansas; visited ;at i the first of tho v.-, and the Baxleyii w the ihazy past.Tijeithbors in Mis- Fcuri, and the ?orn$!r iias just recently made a liusli: derson county. Ab.-^ Townsen^il's ajrficle in Saturday 's Register opered the eyes of many who reaU it would cause a.'nantiating sensa- usors of city ! duced tion to many, of th water, and; he< prcj arguments aloiiig o in general it w'as.ijery interesting and timely, bui if Abe had have lived on the river I ank, and played in the tiry ;rive • bed iietween Flat Rock and> h ilr mfic lielow, as wo did, lit 1J560, lii^ would ii have said ".\o nhite mua or Indian ever saw It slop •unnlng." We are- not critr^isjng AIIL-. for we after spending a week at the home I farm, juifglug from outward ap- I family were supper and evening of her parents .Mr. and-Mrs.'^Fraf.k ! pearance. i* U '-ariug coihpletion. guests at WiVIiams-Hicks home Bliss. • ' . ' '-y \ and standr. (Tut as 'a dsilaration of Tuesday ni^t. 'Hie out of the I i:« l'niilM -e-« =is'.k- Aii<s' l'»e confidem.-e an.l faltii Ibe Alien neighborhood poctfon of this as- dairy ^-^'^^^^l since she. (Mrs. Pauletici lurtur-? '-'"s -n ^ss. ,„ . ^, . ed an artery in her eye. which is f Mr and Mrs. Albe. t CIcav,r. and still giving her some" trouble. I son. .Mr. Leom Cieav ^"-1.', "il""^ I .Mrs\ Frank Daveiip.irt. a C:i}.;rado, tomori The Baxley s were near. Car >^e „f. ^j^. and Mr.-i AVbert .punday. visitir-g al .ne McCab ^2 , ^ ^„ . oaveuiK>r.- and \ -Clean white h -Tme Mrs. S-l. Baxley am. Mrs. and D^vight- Wili :^ms and Register office: MeCabo are sisters. -• , " • i . -. more promising outlook will start rer ajid wife, [on their return to their home in Daveiip.irT. a I C:i}.;rado, tomorrow! rag.'» wanted at the will pay 10c lb. and naturally know he thoiigfit it with this excopiion true, so we give speaking his cohvictjions. Mr. and .Mrs:-Hoy Snavely were The hands and teams tlv-it are at work im the. railroad a-ii pushing i their way westward siowj.v. They i are now na riie Green in-cmiseo. j .John Fontaine's little hog house town, just west of the city limits, is the oiiigfo\|-th "of a well considered sUIel: .^r-.henie for making money, anu attracting considerable atteiition. 1 c -ss ccalin An-! The iron skeleton of th> irt-w ^ bridge, is now joined with firnily clasvsd .conne'.'tions t^lear across the river, and while it will take a | long time .vet to the heavy j body- of cement co-verinR, the bridge in it.s prci-Mit state, would doubt- \ «uc-e.. forcifuP '•°''*r^ '•'^^ current J-orce of a her lines So ' '''f^ rwer. but it might orv !T ,tr.rostinp- ' J'"^^ scmc danger from an ice gorge, whitjh, if we were to judge from the present stage of the atmo.^phere. is not likely tb be, Uilt yet is possible.^ Mr. and .Mrs. Epperson from \ north of town, but who are ex- j pei-tant residents of the v.-pst side. 1 are making frequent advance vis- 1 its lo the neighborhood. \ The barn tliat -w'as voted to bi buiit on'the Union school grounds, is now in use. and'^will conveniently serve as a .slorin pinIe;t!on for Have>Yoa The wHole wheat breal cereal tHc perfect health food— contains! all the bran, toasted to a deliaous flavor—cooks ' in threeiminutes. • ASK YOUR GROCER was true, and probably it is j Mm credit for at file R. V. Bale home the firs; of I hrrses and- vehi'.ics issctt by srhol- ' ars who drive to school. The new cow; barn that i;; being the week. . . : . Mrs. F.u; Meat."? rttarned to her home at El Dordrio, Saturday night -- ' constructed on the C. A. Swiggett Perfect Devil's Food—Every Time and nut up al t .ke hol<I. a :dark-1 '"^"rp 'ii .f'-" skinfed nia:i v. ith a livid scivr traversing one side of Iiis' fai -e from eye to chin. His hair. <lK: Forbes-Forhes. . . . Oh, the ir.:iii Willi the scar?" "Yes." "^lorrison frowned, "Vou Night Coughs Quickly Relieved Slopped In l-'> .Minnies with Thoxine Qu&slion:, How can our \ kiddies keep well and strong? Ansvoer: By building up a resistance against sickness, and that's easy and pleasant if they take SCOTrS EMULSION - wc.'-e gia.v and narrowed. He announced n> .be clerk lli ;,t 'i <'e^''tioni-. He did say he \las iu- lie had come (o diihrfe to "Icok .'t-n<liu'-j to drop down to Oklahoma aroand." He wa.s (hiiikins. In-''"i'y t.i look over ?h<- situation yaid. of;; hiiUFe ;f iii;<''ere." • ; , some sort of business if'the town'^s ! "FuiiEy fhiiig."^ said Tony rtiini- prospeet .s looked as favorable as |'"''''K<''>': "I'm still^ reiiort.s had ^inrlicatrd. 1. ' ide:i that I've seen him somewhere wjiiking info the hefeire. 1 liaven't got the Icrist no- Ihat somewhere he hUd seen that face "nerorc. "The man that just went out •looks fam^iar,"_ hi', saul to the cashier. "Havi> I seen him before?" "Can'i tell yon.file's a stninger lierp. Inlroduijed'himself as Hou-- ard Forbes, from Chicago. Sai i ; he had; sonm capital to invest in] Guthrie if the town looked f;oofl to j him, .\nd he talked like a man i who was thinking somewhat of locating here. He seemed tc» 'le real interesti»d iii the liaiik's affair:;. 011 the .ground that a bank's prosper- if.v wa.'- a prelly KOOII gauge of the prospeniy <ir the :eoinmin.)ily." "Reai^onable cnougli."'said llarri- Fon. "1 there's a lot of people < oming in and making ihi' pame.-'^ort of i^uiuiri'-s." "Plenty of .them." . ••Fuimy- for a jniiin'e or two 1 thoimbl I'll seen biip somewliere before. (!iies.'-^,.l must have been mis- lakeii. thoiicli. .VwM'uI lookiiii: sear he's carrying aroiin<i. isii't W'." there. . . Xo. it isn't likely. Jus: mv imagination. I =ucss " \ Bat it wa* not his ii-i.-.^inatioin. as iie was to learn soon afterward, • (To Be Coiiflnued) Forbes—^Ihp mnii Is still on T«injN mind. In the nest c-lia|>- .ler ronirs !t .«ui |«!en flii^h 01 . weniorj-—»iid artitm. REO PEPPEB f Oe GOLDS IN CHEST PREVENT GRIPPE*""!!.!/ HILL'S acts with «inazrnB<inick- iW. ness-Ccddtarechedcedinafew hours. Comiriicationa arc avoid- cd-heafth fortified. • ; Be Sure Its^lU^i Price3(fe .CetBedBor; Kane your tiglil. aefiing rh?st. Stop the pain. M'renk up tlie congestion. l-'e.l ;i tijid <idil luO'c 'u up n ju«.t a short time. j l !ed P<-|iper Kiib i,- (hi" iold rem- <Hly ihiit brings i|ui('ke-l, relief. U catimit hurt ymi and it - i-ertainly .seems to end the tightness and drive the lun^est/iiiii and .-oreiieHS rijtht out. Xotliiilg .-aeh eiiiicent rated, jieiietrafing heat :c* red pi-ppe-r*, and when heal peiselrati-s riglil down into eolds, iDiigi-ntiftii, arhing muwli'i and sore, stiff joint.', relief .iomi>« at .once. The niomoiit you apply JU-d Pippcr Rub you feel:the tingling heat.; In thre<! minutej| the', cijngcstcd: $pot is warmed thrnuph and tw-ough:- Wien you are stiiTering from a cold, rheu- mati-'un, bnckaehr, stilT neck or sore inuschi. just pet a jar of Rotrle* Red .Pepper Ri|il>. madi! /n m red peppers, lit any drtlg sti3re. y*u will have the quickest relief known fion , recentl.v • dis<:overe(^ called Thoxine goes dirt'cl !o tl e (aiijio. relieves Hie inflameil niMubranrs and Slops the cough ainiost instantly. One swallow docs- fho work, anil the reninrkahle ihiiiR about it i,s l.'iat it contaiu.s no dope, chloroform or other 'narmful drugs. Pleasant'ta.«ting. Safe for children. Once used the whole: family will rely on It. ooc. Guc, and $1.0(1.—.SoJii. by the Evans .•store. TakeW-HATDP.E'S riEKEDY-tonieht. Vc-jr etiEn :rativ(^rrfr3n:?'vv;il be funrtir-nicK properly by racTninc =r.U y mr crnstioati'CT will csd with a bov.-cl art '-iji ci fn.- nnl cosy aa nnturc at. tier beat^n-j paia. no riipios. Try it. OnlyCSc. ' TAiXd, safe, purely vegetable— Chevrolet hlectrmesivmenca whli a Great New Motor Car td NIGHT TOMCPPOW ALRIGHT I ^^nRACommeaded pad Sold by THE FOUR- lOLA DRUGGISTS MARVEL aLj SPARTON'S VOLUME Music you fed as well as . hear. Tooes thbt are virile and vibtant. . . that electrify listeners as do the artists themselves. You critics who have been wait- iiig for radio that is true to the ideals of musical art... here it is. Let us demonstrate this amazingly different instrument. . ELLIS :V10T0R CO.MP.VNY "The Tathfatder of the Air" PRICES RWUCED! iCOACH $495 $495 $595 $675 $665 $715 $375 Tourinp -L- The V ^ . Coupe : The Four-Dccr Sedan i- the Sport Cabrioltet -. The Imtieriar . I^iidau: Light I^elivery truck --J .rtiJity , I Truck -U $495 .\II Jirices 1'. o; I). J'llnt, .Mich. A neiw automobile so sensational as to electrify the nation! ' With marvelous new I^her bodies offering all the distiiiction, beauty and luxury for which Fisher crafts* men are famous! With performance that is a revelation to owners of even higher priced cars! With 107.inch wheelbase—tour inches longer than before! Wittl four-wheel brakes— and many additional mechanical achievements! And ... prices that demonstrate again Chevrolet's ability to provide the utmost in modern motoring luxjury at the lowest possible cost! The engine of this great new/car is of the improved valve-in'head design)^ With alloy "invar strut" pistons... specially desighedliydro* laminated camshaft gears.... mushroom type valve tappets ... and a complete new steel motor enclosure—it provides a type of motor operation so thrill' ing that it must be experienced to be appreciated! Coupled with this thrilling acceleration and speed is a ' type'of riding and driving comfort almost unbelieveable in a low- priced car. Four inches longer than the previous Chevrolet chassis ... swung low to the road . - - and w^th four semi-elliptic shock absorber ; springs-rthe^Bigger and Better Chevrolet holds the road with a surety: that is simply amazing, and rides in perfect comfort at high speeds oyer the roughest stretche* i of highway. - And never before was a low-priced car so easy to drive—for the worm and gear steering mechanism is , fitted widi ball bearings ^roughout ^ ... even at the front axle knuckles. All these! spectacular new mechani* cal advancemJsnts are, of course, in addition to the host of notable fea« - tures thaj Chevrolet has previously . pioneered in the low-price field. Come itjt and see this latest and greatest General Motors ac^evement! Learn why it is everywhere- the subject of _ , enthusiastic comment—why Wheel 1 everywhere it is hailed as th« JBraKeSy world's most luxurious I6w, pri<:ed automobile. QUA •.»awi!-.»^aa8f«..»-»» Shelly Motor €0mpany lis W.Jackson i'fhoii^60 L r t Y A % L b w c o s f Jit t i., ^•i,'!i^e^^ ft its

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