Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 16, 1965 · Page 3
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 3

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 16, 1965
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 16, 1965. IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN THREE Brave Corporal, Puppy Help Save Marine Platoon By ll\L BOYLE mortar, and then opened up with., small arms and 30-caliberz machine guns Our men were all within 10 yards of our machine gun, and we fired back with everything we had. "Th»i first attack lasted for 15 minutes " What happened to Corp. Jackson was this: Before he could even get fully to his feet, two bullets ripped through his thighs, a third LE MY. South Viet Nam (AP) through a calf muscle. But he — The warning bark of a puppy straightened up and shot a Viet and th« bravery of a corporal C°r,g poised 25 feet away *~ who kept firing after being fe™haniiiT.-.oi wounded three times helped, feet f rorn'him!' save a US. Marine platoon en- Jacksnn and another lance circled by 50 Viet Cong. 'corporal. John McNeeley, Rank- The night action took place at in, ill . engaged at close range a bridge less than half a mile eight or nine Viet Cong trying to south .-.f here This village has rush the squad's position. j become the most contested; After emptying his rifle, Jack-| ground in the Da. Nang battle son leveled his 45-automatic. j area. iBefore he could pull the trigger,' It has been repeatedly cleared an enemy bullet hit his pistol pt the enemy, but they keep and knocked the ftammer off. seepin?, back at night aboard * * * river sr.mpans. i -Actually, that saved his "We had rebuilt two bridges life ,, S9id nis commander. 2nd they destroyed on our main sup- Lt Tim SchwartZi 22, Latrobe, ply road before we landed :Pa _ ,. Jf tne bullet hadn - t nit nis to pistol, it would have gone -here," said Lt. Edward C. Riley, 33, Rochester, N.Y ; through his chest." "We figured they'd try to hit But the embatt ied Texan the bridges again sooner or lat-; veUed .. Tnrow me another ri-; er, so we threw a defensive; f]e „ then co n a p s ed. During a perimeter, around them." j lull ne was evacuated by a heli- One nridge was guarded by a| copter wnicl , made a per iious squad of 18 led by Sgt. Hilton OJ landm guided only by four Willlas!?. 28. Greenville, Ala. Itj Marines Aiding flashlights, is a small, single-lane bridge. Tne o ne my made two more only 2n feet long, but important, fruitless attacks on the bridges' beyond its size. . j before pu iiing out just before * * * . , . ; daybrenk. A recapitulation "That afternoon we picked up showed that the viet Cong nad a small 7-week-old puppy and, suffered u known dead and 15 gave him some chow, and he j wovmdpfi stuck with us," said Sgt. Wil-| ' Jackson . wllo is ln go0 d shape i mS o JE <.,. L • .u 'in an Okinawa hospital, was; At 2.45 the next morning the, credited with kiui ng one and; puppy suddenly started growl- wounduig two . He has been rec-j ' n £' ,,, . ommended for a medal. Sgt.i •I hrard .something moving Willians tne only other Marine' put there." said Lance Cp. Our- u , suffere d slight shrap-j tis R. Jackson, 21, Pollock, Tex.,, nel wo ,, nds ' stall, lanky man known as| - The re's'no doubt about it," "Big Foot because of his trou- he , ..<-, L Jgckson saved We in getting boots large enough our rear position _ n e saved us „,-,, , „' » ^ *u all- And only the afternoon be- Williams leaped toward the fore x had chewed him out for front of tl. -. squad's position, j bare footed He said hls Jackson toward the rear. ° t & hurtln g "In the darkness I saw what, wc - e nuru "S- looked like a bush that hadn't been t'pere before. I called for the password, and all at once the bush turned in to five men, and I started firing. "And then there was firing from all sides. They had spent EWEN — Plans are being hours creeping up through the made for an Independence Day rice paddies, and they had us celebration to be held Monday, surrounded July 5. This is being sponsored "Thoy threw in a round of by the Ewen Business Men's Association and many local organizations. General chairman for the event is Jerry Belongie, and the parade master is William Johnson. Parade time is 1 p.m. It will form at the Ewen School between 12:30'and 1. All children's entries will receive a prize. The senior class of 1966 has charge of the booster button sale now in progress and will also sponsor the dance to be held that evening. The Sacred Heart Guild will be in charge of the carnival concessions, fish pond and silver tree and St. Mark's Guild will be in charge of the food concession. , ' Any organization wishing to conduct a conession is asked to contact the general chair- iman. HOW IT ALL BEGAN—It was 25 years ago, on May 20, 1940, that Russian-born airplane designer Igor Sikorsky lifted an ungainly looking machine called a helicopter into the air on its first untethered flight. Powered by a 75-horsepower engine, the craft rose vertically, then flew forwards and backwards around the yard of Vought-Sikorsky plant in Bridgeport, Conn. Though there had been previous successful experiments with helicopters (Sikorsky himself built one as early as 1910), the era of the modem whirlybird dates from this flight. Like the Wright Brothers before him, Sikorsky did his flying in business suit, tie and hat. est compliment. This is the first layer of the sandwich. I It builds up his ego so he feels MORE important. Then, with your contin u i n g smile, lead into the "meaty" or criticial layer with a casual: "Bill, I think you'd get better results if you did so and so. . ." Although your original compliment, built up his ego and you casually inserted the meaty layer with a smile, he may vaguely feel that this pride has been deflated below the original starting point. So add the final layer of the sandwich in the form of another sincere compliment. This "sandwich method" is the neatest device I have been able to offer parents, teachers, employers or even husbands and wives who need to correct each other. Also, send for my "Tests for Employers and Employees,", enclosing a long stamped, retu r n envelope, plus 20 cents. It offers a scientific yardstick for self-ra- Diane Thomasini and Robert Western. Juniors — Charles Hast a J • , Linda Morrison. Cindy Sybel- Bergland School Lists Honor Roll 80phomores _ „..,„_,..,_ _ _. Lorraine Fisher BERGLAND — Ray R i goni. Fruik Jr., principal of the Berg 1 a nd| " . „ . , „. ,. High School, announces the six- 1 Freshman - p»rh Fisher, week and second semester hon-1 Mary Ann Micheletti and Marv don, Barbara Sharon Wettberg Toomey and Elton Borns and Gary or rolls for the year. 1964-65 school j Sc |i ul H - , Eighth grade — Lavonn P Bailey. Michael BorsetK Gene llonor rou 1S as Fanslau. Ruth Morrison and JOUOWS - IMary Thomasini Seniors - Kenneth Demaray , Seventh grade - Jack Haata- Ralph Fruik, C70>'don L a t v a j a . David Larkin. Claren c e Diane Thomasini, Robert West-1 Grant, Ann Bonin and Tom ern. ; LaBine. Juniors — Charles Haataja ' Linda Morrison Cindy Sybeldon Barbara Toomey. Sharon Wett berg. Sophomores — Elton P o r n s Lorraine Fisher. Gary Fruik Freshman — Dirk Fisher and Mary Schultz. Eighth grade — LaV o n n e 2 Men Hold Up Store, Escape With $2,300 INKSTER (AP) — Two armed men Monday held up a. grocery and package store and escaped with $2.300 after they forced a co-owner and three The WORRY CLINIC By DR. GEORGE W. CRANE Karl's problem is also a common dilemma in marriage, as well as factory and store, so scrapbook this case. School teachers .can likewise profit by learning the "sandwich method." This is one of the most delicate problems in the entire field of human relations, so send for the Rating Scales below. SANDWICH METHOD There is a universal adage that the man who tells us to our face about our faults, is probably our truest friend. But he won't be very long! At least, unless he employs the "sandwich method" of administering his reproof. Repeatedly I have warned you that everybody wears an invisi- tings and may thus eliminate i Bailey, Michael Borseth, Ruthjother men to remove their trou- the need for reproof. -- . -- — • . — - ible tattoo across which reads: his ch e s t CASE W-421: Karl D., 27. works in the personnel department of a large store. ' "I WANT TO FEEL IMPOR- agcd TANT!" We are born with it and keep it till the grave. sire to feel important. Thus, a criticism punctures our inflated ego. For it makes us feel inferior, belittled, shown up, less important! But all of us have fault. And when we tackle new jobs, we are likely to make mistakes, so \ we MUST be corrected or we! shall never improve. Woe betide the critic, however, unless he uses the only surefire strategy for offer i n g reproof without suffering i 1 1 will. Sandwich the correction bc- ! tween two layers of honest com| pliments. Even so, don't adminis t e r criticism in public unless a crisis demands it. (Always write to Dr. Crane in care of this newspaper, enclosing a long stamped, addressed envelope and 20 cents to cover typing and printing costs when you send for one of his booklets.) Morrison. Mary Seventh grade Thomasini. I sers. The four were then locked Jack Haata ! in the store's cooler. A women ja, David Larkin. John Berg-i customer was allowed to stay lund, Ann Bonin and Tom La-1outside. Bine. The second semester roll is as follows: honor! Almost all the world's crop of | jumping beans comes from the Seniors — Ken Dem a r a y j town of Alamos in the Mexican Ralph Fruik, Gordon Latva ' state ot Sonora. "All I said was: Show me a filter that really delivers taste and HI eat my hat." E wen to Have A Celebration Dr. Crane," he asked during j In fact, many people erect ela-j Instead, wait till you get thf> a clinic I was holding for his i borate mausoleums to their own erring worker in your office. This is also true of school teachers or principals! Then smile! For a grin takes much of the sting out of your later remarks, even if the victim vaguely senses your reprimand inside the psychological sandwich. Then offer the victim an non- firm, "how reprimand an employee without creati n g anger? "Isn't it true that nobo d y ikes to be criticized? "But if we are. too teach workers how to avoid mistakes, don't ive need to correct them when they make errors?" WANTED OFFICE SPACE State agency will lease approximately 1,900 square feet of ground floor office space in Ironwood. Space 1o be available October 1, 1965. Address replies to Michigan Employment Security Commission, • Property Management Section, 7310 Woodwood Avenue, Detroit 2, Michigan, to be received not later than June 25 ,1965. His Day, JUNE 20th CARDS for every... Special Dad See our complete collection of handsome Father's Day cards. There's one for every Dad or your list. cue*' • Cameras • Camera Accessories & Supplies • Electric Razors • Norelco •Sunbeam •.Remington •Schick • Shaving Supplies by: Old Spice, English Leather, Yardley, Max Factor • Paper Mate Gift Pens • Billfolds • Pipes and Tobacco •Cigarette Lighters FREE ENGRAVING ON PENS AND LEATHER GOODS IRONWOOD PHARMACY memory in cemeteries so they will still seem important long after their burial. King David's son Absal o m thus erected a pillar to himself lest he be forgotten after his death! But laymen, as well as royalty, have this same intense de- TRY NEW LUCKY STRIKE FILTERS O 4. T* fo. gffr m £ JWw* *f M ******** & S. Suffolk St. ..j Irenweed Phont 932-1610 take an extra carton of Coke! Summer's the time when you need something more than a soft drink—so reach for ice-cold Coca-Cola, and lots of it. Nothing soft ahout the taste of Coke.It's unmistakable...lifts your spirits, boosts your energy, gives you the refreshment you're looking for. Pick up a carton tomorrow— and for extra fun, take more than one! Take an extra carton of Coke! things gQ better ^ Coke Bottled under the authority of The Coca-Cola Company tyi The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Ironwood and Athland

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