Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan on January 17, 1891 · Page 1
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Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 1

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 17, 1891
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INTERSTATE NEWS-RECORD VOLUME 5. NUMBER 38. IRONWOOD, GQGEBIC COUNTY, MICHIGAN, SATURDAY," JANUARY~17, 1891." HE HECHTOSTOLEN MONEY LEONARD PEBRIN, Sr., FOUND GUILTY AT OSHKOSH. •Another Chapter Enacted in the Celebrated Hurley Bank Robbery Case.— Notes of the Trial. Leonard Perrin, the step-father of Phelps Perrin, who is serving a five years' sentence in the stnto prison at Waupun for complicity in the robbery of the.Iron Exchange hank at Hurley in September, 1889, has been convicted of the crime of receiving 1 stolen money. , Leonard Perrin was one of the pioneers of Ironwood. Ho came here nearly six years ago and with Mr. Binghum, opened a general store on what is now lower Suffolk street, in the vicinity of the Lake 'Shore freight house. Under the name of Bingham & Perrin, the firm carried oh a banking and general merchandise 'business here ;vi|> to eighteen months _ago, when they sold but, Mr. Perrin removing with his family to Now London, Wis. After the conviction of Phelps Perrin and Edwin Baker, the detectives set about to recover tihe bulk of tjie booty taken from the Hurley bank. The numbers of every one of the stolen bank n'Otes had been obtained fronxthe'TJhited States treasury, and every bank was . notified to oorr^ilnicate with Colonel Byrne as soon as they received the money. Hardly a week had elapsed after the conviction of Baker when information was received from an Oshkosh . bank of the depositing in it of the sum of $500, in bills corresponding with the description given, by Leonard Perrin. Only a short lime afterward a sensation was caused by the arrest of the young bank cashier's step-father on a charge of complicity in the robbery. The old man's, arrest caused even greater talk '"' than his son's. Wealthy, respected and aged, everybody sympathized with him. His residence in New London for years gave him the full confidence of the people there. The trial has boon in progress at Oshkosh since December 12, and over eighty witnesses have been examined. The arguments in the cose were concluded at three o'clock Wednesday afternoon, and an hour later the jury retired to. • deliberate oh a verdict. They returned ftt 3:80 Friday morning, and Judge Bur- Hell vea4;this verdict: We'iflnd the defendant guilty in the manner and form as charged in the information, but we find the amount and .value concealed in the said county of 'Winnebago to have been ten silver certificates. For a'moment the defendant was staggered, and a deep pallor settled on his face as visions of the iron bars of a prison cell seemed to flit in his imagination. Tben.remembering- himself, he straightened up and ti'io4 to resume his old look of stolid uncorioern, but it waa a failure. Again he was overcome by a troubled realization of the verdict. His eyes tilled ..with tears, and he shielded his face behind the back of Col. Bouck. The latter gentleman was far from pleased with the verdict, and many an angry scowl was shot by him at the jury. Attorney Barber took the matter more coolly, but ' he waa also terribly disappointed in the yerdiot, which, to tell the truth, is a /surprise to the citizens of Oshkosh, ivho were confident that the jury would either acquit Mr. Perrin or disagree. Mr. Queries was the recipient of many compliment?, as it is considered that it was bin able speech that won victory for the • state. The penalty' provided by statute in Perrin 's case is a- $200 fine, six months imprisonment in the "county jail, or a maximum state prison sentence of not more than three years. The belief is that Ue will get a light sentence, as the charge of the court to the jury was favorable but on the contrary the fact that the other two defsq^ints received the . full -penalty offsets this conclusion, A motion for a new trial xyijl be argued by CoL Bouck this morning. VPAUPIJN, Wis., Jan. 15— Phelps Per• rln was seen in the prison today, and informed of the conviction of his step- ifather. The news was a giaggerer to him, and for awhile he refused to be- "-.'•lleve it.. ''What is the country coming toV" he aaidjna, half-dazed manner. "I never would have dreamed it." , * Further than this Perrin would not #*•' A dispatch from Grand Rapids, Minn., Wednesday says: The hopes of the most ^pnguioe believers in the richness of the ore in the Mesabic range are at Jjength realized at the Buckeye mine at place. Bed hematite of unlimited "tf #nd oi .wonderful richness is hauled in preparatory to ship- by the Dalnth & Winnipeg. The ban prosecuted ifs work with jt&aj the appearance pt ore t Information this city mits. Thapwnei* Mrs. Charles Lucia has gone to Black River Falls to visit her parents. Mrs. Herman Buckholf/. has gone lo Marinette to visit her mother, Mrs. Willett. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Osier and Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Glynn dinnered at Camp 1 last Sunday. Mr. Fred Pettibone intends to move his family here soon. Hope you will Fred; the more the merrier. Mr. and Mrs. Andy McUuire, and Mr. and Mrs. Nels Margison took in the dance at Watersmeet last week and reported^ a good time. Charles Ituprecht makes rather regular trips to the eating house lately, and it is surmised that it is more than a square meal yon are after, Charles. Colbeck the Ahnapee tailor, was among the camps taking orders for clothes, and some of the boys will come out neat and clean in the spring. Our boys spend their money for good clothes now-a-days. llichard O'Brien has gone to Canada by wasof tlie"Soo," where he has been called to the bedside of his aged father, who is not expected to live but a-few clayslpngev. -u-, .,..••-."•••< We have plenty of snow up here and the lumbermen are happy. The company's four camps are doing good work with Mr. McUuire as su-ier-- intendent. They will put in a big crop. Herman Bncliolt/. is again flier in the Watersmeet Lumber company's mill. Herman is a gentleman and we are ;lad to have him with us again. The Watersmeet Lumber company's mill is running in full blast, and with Mr. William Clark at the helm, as usu- il is doing good work. Mr. Clark has Mirchased one of the finest horses in .he upper peninsula, which lie will use for a driving horse. It is a dandy and when he turns out give him lots of room. —Cor. Meiiominee Democrat. WATERSMEET. LATE CORNWALL NEWS. Si 1 . JUST.—The inquest on the body of John Oats, who wns killed by his irotiier, George Edwin Oats, at Brano ?arm, St. Just, in Penwith, under circumstances reported in our last issue, vas held on Thursday, in Brane Bible Ihristian school-room, before the cmin- y coroner for the district. On Friday at the Penzftnce police :ourt, the prisoner was brought before iVilliam Bolitho, Jr., and W. E. T. Bolitho,who, after hearing the evidence lommitted him to take his trial at the, on the charge of "wilful mur- ler." Dr. Searle, the most important witless, stated in reply to Mr. Bodilly, vho represented the prisoner, that the deceased must have been subject to a severe attack, and that the prisoner vas in witnesses' opinion out of his mind when he committed it. The prisoner was then conveyed to Bodrnin. llEDUUTii.-The Free Methodist chap:1 at Four Lanes, after undergoing renovation, was re-opened on Thursday ifternoon, when a sermon was preached to a large congregation by Mr. B. G. iows, Helston. NEWQUAY.—Building operations are jroceeding on an extensive scale at Xewquay. Messrs. J. Ennor & Son ire erecting two houses at east-end •ind two at the west-end of the town; Mr. James Vivian has commenced a •ow of cottages at Tower lane; Mr. Charles Bellingham is erecting a ter•ace close to Victoria terrace, and'he ms also secured the contract for build- ng two villas on Mount Wise for Messrs. Jaca and Williams. Builders ire encouraged by the fact that houses sell as fast as they are built. The in- labitants view with much satisfaction the formation of the Cornish Hotels company, believing that an additional hotel will be a great boon to the place. 'LWLSTO.N.—On Friday evening Mr. Aver, a farmer, Pengiase. Cury, was returning from Hedruth market with als wife, and when near Burrows the horse shied in the road, throwing both of them out of the trap. Mrs. Aver died about a quarter of an hour after, while being conveyed to Helston. The liusband was seriously cut about the head apdfaco. The hojse.which bolted with the shafts and harness, was caught at Farmers' Common about a mile distant. ST. IVES.—There were' two narrow escapes from serious tires at St. Ives last week. On Tuesday night Mr.Wm. Faull found his bed room full of smoke and was just in time with ttie assistance of a neighbor to prevent an'outbreak of fire. A beam in the Hue had caught tire and slowly smouldered until it caught the skirting. On Sunday night a lamp burst at Mr. Adams, Usliermoiiger, but the lire was speedily extinguished. ST. AUSTJSLL.—We regret to announce the death, on Wednesday evening, after a short illness, of Mr. K. Bishop, solicitor of St. Austejl and Fowey. On Saturday, while working a threshing machine at Knignton, St. Austell, a man named James Wellington, ac- cideutlygotentaDgledinthemachineiy, crushing his leg so badly as to necessitate amputation between the, ankle yon, county coroner, to inquire into the death of Joseph Corlield, and son of the late Mr. T. J. T. Corlield, chemist, of Church street, St. Day which took ulace on Monday morning from the effects of a revolver shot. The jury, after hearing the evidence, returned a verdict of temporary insanity. PENKANCK.—A lad named Philip Searle, aged 15, was on Saturday afternoon playing with some other boys on the banks of the Lariggaii river, when he leaped across the stream, with the result that he broke his leg below the knee in two places, lie was taken to his home and afterwards to the Penx- ance infirmary. JOURNALISTIC JOTTINGS. Stops aro taking for the establishment of a Polish paper in Manistou and $2,000 linstock has been subscribed. 'Tho Ashland Daily Press prinlud several columns of "Beautiful Snow" poetry on Saturday afternoon last, and a genuine snow storm followed. Tho Press will publish another butch of pomes today, so look out for ,i Mixzard to-morrow. — The Escanaba Mirror is authority for the'slilteniont tlTa. 1 . Col. Parker, of^hc "Soo," has decided to siav.t a laundry nt Escanaba instead of a Demof!i-nUQ..jnpei' at Marquettc*. Good scheme, Coloiv&l" seeing that you intend to still couUnue in Ihc rag business. The first number of tlio Lake Superior Democrat, Tshpoming's now paper published by Finn & Soults, is at hand. II is a seven-column quarto, all printed nt hoine,and editorially and typographically is a credit to its publishers. Here's success to the Lake Superior Democrat! Tho News-Record acknowledges the vecoipt of a handsome lithograph view of the city of Ashland—the compliments of Joe M. Chappie, editor of the Daily Press. The otllco critic has made a careful examination of the picture, and pronounces il "out of sight." The News- Kecord endorses the critic's decision. Arrangements for tho publication of a third newspaper in Iron Monntion have been completed, and rooms over D. A Graham's harness shop on Stoph- enson avenue, have been rented for the purpose. Tho paper will bo printed in the Swedish language, and tho prospective editor Is now in Chicago purchasing his outfit. Wo have been unable to lean his name, but understand he comes here from Ironwood, Mich. In politics tlio piipoi- will lie Democratic.— Iron Mountain Journal. (;has. W. Taylor has severed his connection with the Cycle, Crystal Falls' new paper, and Clms.Walson, lute editor .if tlio Munistique Star, succeeds him. Taylor "started'' the Cycle aliout live weeks ago—he furnishing tho experience and two business men of tho Falls, who had an idea there were numberless gold mines in running a newspaper, furnishing the capital. The Cycle is u good paper, but the Diamond Drill is a better one. The Cycle may complete the orb and fill a long felt want—but its proprietors will probably find that the filling of long-felt wauls comes high. That ambitious paper, the Detroit Journal, is unwilling to play second fiddle to any, and 1 its New Year Book for 1891 completely bears out its claims of being liner than any previous work of the kind ever issued. This book contains in its 118 pages a remarkable amount of valuable information, alphabetically arranged, and among other tilings, the complete 1S90 census figures, election statistics in full, etc. It is also profusely and beautifully illustrated with over one hundred "halftone" engravings (from photographs), all made expressly for the book, and is printed on lino paper and bound in a beautiful cover, ft is an immense improvement on its two predecessors and should be found in every home. It is given free to all subscribers of the Detroit Journal, but others can have a copy mailed them by remitting ISO cents in stamps to tho Detroit Journal. An associated press dispatch from Madison on Tuesday says that the ghost of the Gogebic mining craze stalked into the supreme court, when a decision was rendered in one of the many litigations growing out of tho speculation frenzy that marked the dealings in mining stock. The Cogebic Investment company suojl the. -Iron Chief Mining company and recovered a judgment in the circuit court for Milwaukee county for $2,882 borrowed mone}'. .Execution on this judgment was returned unsatisfied. Action was then begun against Herman Nunnemaeher, II. M. Benjamin and Robert Nunneniocher to compel them to pay the judgment, on the ground that they held iu their hands money properly belonging to the corporation, of which they were.stockholders, such money being the difference between the face of stock subscribed by them and the amount paid in to the company's treasury. The defendants demurred to the complaint,, and. the demurer was i-everses Mm job depart- or tin- curUiilmcnl . is city are in at- ict convention of THE REPORTERS NOTE BOOK ITEMS OF LOCAL, PERSONAL AND GENERAL INTEREST. Gossip Heard, Observed or Purloined by a News-Record Representative on His Rounds. James Henry, of Washlmrn, was in town Tuesday. Miss Mary Sullivan is visiting friends at Ishpeming. Fred A. Hunt went to Xow London and Apple ton on Tuesday. K. II. Jones of Wakellold, was up lo the Gogeblc metropolis Wednesday. C. If. Bixby left Wednusdey for Ap- plet.on,whore he will visit, for a few days. P. S. Reese, of New London, was an Iron wood visitor Wednesday. Herman Slcud has returned from a ten days' business and plensurn triple) Chicago. Matt Schweisthal, of Ashland, who has business interests here, was in town Wednesday. S. (S. Knox came, up tn Ihc range Monday from Wuusau to look after his business interests. AI Winters has gone home lo Maryland lo visit the " old folks " for a couple of weeks. - ,W. H. Conver, vice-president., of the Stanclilfw-\5iv*>4!jjj"yj[ny of Minnesota, wns hnro Wednesday. ~~ — - .: E. A. Harrow has a tliive-mcihtm*- lease of the Hurley.;opera house with privilege of purehasi A great big rush inont is responsible of Iho local news A number from t] tundiini'o at thu dis'__. _ tho V. M. C. A. at Ashland. Another now sehortl bouse was burned to the ground at Asljlnnd Monday evening—the second within two weeks. The News-Record circulation is increasing at a rapid rate. Advertisers should remember this when making conlracLs for space. Only nine weeks before Ihe city elections—but the local political boo hasn't commenced as yet to do the buy./ art to any alarming extent. A meeting was held nl the Forester's hall, at TTui'ley, on Wednesday evening at which preliminary stops were taken to orguiii/o a Knights of Pythias lodge. The Nows-Rocord .wants live corres- pondcnlH In every village in the county. Some of those dilatory fellows "down tho line'' should gel, a bustle on Iheiii- sel yes. Walter Fitch, Mr. and .Mrs. Fred Mason, Miss Kmmn, Struckmeyr and I 1 '. H.' Strnble, all of Anhlaml, allondetl Miss A. F. Slruekmeycr's dancing class last, Friday evening. About eight hundred ore curs are bo.- in<T equipped with the new Westing-- bouse ljulck-uctiiig automatic air brakes :it the Ashland shops of tho M., L. S. & W. Railway company. A mask ball will be held at Pierce's opera house on Friday evening. January 23, at which SlOt) will be givee in ten pri'/.es. Get your costumes ready at once for this grand affair. Peter Bergman is back again from Ishpeming and Negaunec. While away ho secured numerous orders for his Swedish candy, a lot of subscriptions to our Scandinavian contemporary and a severe cold. Henry .1. Atkinson, of Michigamme, was hero during tlio week. Mr. Atkinson called at this ollice Tuesday and renewed his subscription to the paper that gives him all the nows of this section—the News-Record. W. J. McRoberts, the tailor, went to Chicago Tuesday evening to purchase his spring- slock of suitings, lie will attend the annual convention of the custom tailors of America, held at Cincinnati during the week. London has its "Jock tho Kipper," Applokm its "Jack the Peeper," Oshkosh its "Jack the Kisser," and "Jock the Dog-killer," liiu Claire Its "Jack the Chaser," West Superior its "Jack the Hugger," and now Hurley Is in line with Jack the—well, Catfish Jack. The Cheboygan News says that Me- nomineu is the only city in the stale that shows a larger increase In population in the last ten years than Cheboygan. The News is wrong. Both Tron- wo id and Iron Mountain will double discount either one of the towns mentioned.—Iron Mountain Journal. A special dispatch from Neeuah to an Oshkosh paper lu-st night, says that District Attorney Fit/gibbon, in an interview, gives it us his opinion that Leonard Perrin will be fined $100 and the costs of the litigation,which amount to over $10,000. If this Is the ease, Pei- riii will probably be re-arrested by the Waupaca county authorities and tried them. The crop of robbers of the Iron Exchange bank soems to bo bounteous. Tuesday evening word was received at AbhlanJ that Uftltpd States Marshal Murray, of Helepa,; Mpnt., had a man under his Hf Helena who bo thought W»B eomw!$e4ij\itl* the Hurley bank robbery. inches tall, about •!"> years of age and Wears a full stnh'ry light brown board. Mr. Krank W. Crosby and bride arrived Tuesday from Toronto, Ontario. Thomas Stone, of Minneapolis, transacted business on the range Wednesday. Ben M. Goldberg, of Clinlonvilic; Wis., called on old friends here during the week. Charles L. Lawton was here the first of the week, the guest of his brother X. O. Lawlon. Hans Vogel, of Ashland, district agent of the Ynl I Slaty. Brewing company, was lien: Wednesday. N. K. Frank and Prof. A. (Colin, of Ironwood, registered at the Schlily. hotel, Milwaukee, Monday. The Norway Curronl says that Hie output liy rail and lake, from the Chapin mine for 1S1IO was 7-l2,N4:i|jjhns. Con I logan, of AHhkiud^Hit to prison for robbery, was pardiiiieif|ny (lovernor Hoiiril. 1 logan was liecoininy Mind. I). L. Case. .1. K. Da',1 and Will C. Brown, were "Queen City" folks who transacted business in town during the wci'k. Mr. and Mrs. Swemlson. who have been the guest of Mrs. L. L. Wright, returned lo their bonic'al I'm-tagc on Monday. Herman Pdack, of Milwuukivjias been spending the week- with his hrolher-in- law, Julius Wotx.ler, of the liogehie Meat-company. .-.ytU-^i-S^.CinTy left fur Milwaukee lust evening to"lie~W.Jiiin(l for the annual meeting of the Metri'jolilan Iron iV, Land company Monday. "-• Rev. M. C. Stanley will hold serviiV-^ at the ICpisc.opal church Sunday morning at I(I:K(I and at seven in the even ing. Sunday school at the usual hour. M. B. Cutter, nl' Stephens roinl, division siipcrinilent of the Wisconsin Central, anil W. K. Morse, ol Ashland, district trainmaster, were in Ironwnoil Tuesday (in olllcial business. Mr. Max Wel/.ler. senior member of tho GogchicMi'itt ,V Provision company, will start for ICurope in about two weeks on an extended trip. He will bo accompanied by his wife ami family. Fred IT. Terry, the genial traveling salesman of Hie Standard Paper company, Milwaukee, was here Wednesday. Thn- NowH-ltecon'l placed a big order for lint papers, ruled goods,etc., for the job department, Mr. P. 1!. Kirkwood. of Negiumee, has been in town during the week looking after his business interests. He called al the News-IJecord olliee Tuesday and renewed hissuliHeriplInn to the bent paper published in (ing-chic county. Seventy-live' thousand eight, hundred dollars is a big sum of money. Yet. it isn't a cent more or less than was seal by tin! ScandinayiaiiM of this city during tho "last year to relatives or friends in Ihe old country, through I'eler Bergman. John Q. Adams, Samuel Mitchell, F.. C. Anthony, P. I!. Kirkwood, and ('has Sundburg, 'all of Negauneo, were- in town Tuesday. They came, over to attend the annual meeting of the tiloek- holders of the First National bunk of Hurley. The News-liecord has added a largo number of new subscribers to its list during the past two wi.'oks. Tin-circulation of tho paper has been more than doubled under the present management, and tho News-Kecord is now a'welcome visitor til nearly every home in Ironwood and (logchic county. Tlio thermometer at tin; Curry hotel showed up twenty-live below y.ero al seven o'clock yesterday morning, while the, mercury of the one at the pustollicc was at zero. Here is a difference of twenty-live degrees in one, bloc-It and a half. Take your choice between the two —ono lied anil the other—well il probably violated tin. 1 truth. C. II. Brush of St. Paul, stale bank examiner, was here Tuesday and made an inspection of the books of the First .National bank. To a News-Record reporter Mr. Brush said the affairs of the institution were in an excellent con- dition—m fact he knew of no bank that has been doing business for the same length of lime, thai could make a better showing. He coniplimp.iiU'd Mr. Nelson on the satisfaclory condition of the affairs of Ihc institution. A pleasant parly was given at Pierce's. opera lionsc. Thursday evening. About llt'ty couples were present; among Ihcui many from Bessemer and Hurley. Dancing unit refreshments provided an enjoyable evening's entertainment. Whitesitles & llolcino's orchestra furnished music. The following gentlemen constituted Hie. reception committee: George Schubert. Kd O'ltonrke. Samuel lleiil, Thomas Mullen, Henry Miller, W. R. Smith, Hoyt liounsville. A liiid of iron ore lut-s Jjoen waxJt* at the Buckeye option, l.a Prairie, Minn., and the natives are avous**], A press dispatch says "the find is extremely rich and, when aswuyoiJ, llio highest grade of ore taken from the (io- gebic mines on the Month whore nf Luko Supurior. It is of the sunn- nature ON that ore, differing- in this respect, from that of the Vermilion rouge." As the. owners of the property are resident* of Minneapolis, the anuh-room, town, the reports will bo taken with copious sprinklings of salt, Xn. :! shaft house al the Ashland i.s being inclosed. Superiotendont Hartley, ol 1 the Lake Shore, was here Monday. Peter Langhren returned to St. Francis school at Milwaukee on Monday. Mr. and Mrs. P. II. McGarrycalm* up to the range yesterday from Hhiuo- lander. I 1 '. C. Adam's, of Cleveland—largely interested hi this district, was in town Thursday. Miss Dora Becker, ol lloughtoii, is Ihe of Mrs. A. K. Sutherland. Vaughn .street. An elegant span of horses arrived here Thursday from Appleton for the lire department. Win. ('oiler and M. II. Crocker are nt Xew ((rleaiiM this week on a business and pleasure trip. King it Miller, alli>i'!iey.s,lwv«; moved into elegant quarters in the McGarry block, Aurora street. A skating parly will bn given at. the Hurley opera house next Thursday evening by Manager Harrow. Services will be helt! at the Episcopal •linrclr tomorrow morning at 10:il(i, and in the evening at; seven o'clock by Hie Rev. Stanley. Will Smith has taken charge of the Ashland Daily News circulation on the range. He is doing good work as correspondent for (hat lively paper. Assemblyman Minillio has lu'en placed on tho following committees: Immigration, Towns and Counties, ami Mines and Mincral.s— three in all. jV-'.ic Boston Banjo, (iullar and Main uVffJ'.will appear at, Pieroe's opera •uiiusH Tiies'trtA', evening, February ;:, The standing uorniiiVj* BS iir both branches of the Michigan'legislature, together with a full report of Ud", P1 ' nO1 ' Winans' inauguration will be ftmno..?" the second page of today's parier. Victor Maltsun, an Ashland mine em- ploye, raised a check of$l).!ill to $90, and presented it to Cashier Nelson, of the. First National bank for payment. Victor is now in jail. His preliminary examination will take- place Monday. Another big ground-full occurred nl the Norrie mine early Sunday morning, This last cave-in practically settles the fate of the Lake Shore spur track leading through tlio city to' tho mine. The rails will probably be taken up early in the spring. A merry crowd enjoyed a sleigh ride to Bessemer Tuesday evening. The parly included Messrs. Schubert, Reid, Thomas Mullen. Henry Miller, Kd O'Roiirke, Patrick Mullen, Thomas Bates, and Misses Becker, Bonnsville, Mollieand Xcllie Ryan, Holland Rckly. Mullen, Stohr, Meagher, Cannon. Mr. A. L. Nome's elegant gift lo the Curry Hides was received by the company on Salurday last. It is a beautiful 'silk Hag—the national colors, of course. No military organization in Ihi! upper peninsula can claim as handsome, un ensign, and the boys feel grateful to Mr. Non-ie for his generosity. Lieutenant (iovernor Slrong announced the stand ing committees of the senate of Friday last. Senator Stevens of thiscity has been placed on the State Affairs, Public Lands, Mining School and Mining Jnlcresls, and Geological Survey. Mr. Stevens was very fortii- nale, indeed, when one comes to consider that the designations were made by a bourbon. CHARTER REVISION. A Meeting Last Wednesday Night—Another Next Monday. A meeting of tlir citizens'cntnfnitteo on the revision ol the city charter was held at the council rooms Wednesday evening. The attendance wai not large lint a lively discussion WHS lw»l. Mr. (ieorge Brewer, on behalf of the resi- dentsof the. Aurora ir.ine location, protested against the contemplated boundaries nl' the new Ward Five, as he said it was unfair and jeopardised the interests of that section. Another meeting will be held at the council room Monday afternoon at, three o'clock. Kvery member of the committee should attend this meeting. The Aurora difficulty will come up nt that time, as will also many other important matters. The News-Hecord yesterday received a letter from Senator Stevens in which ho urges that the bill be forwarded to Lansing at the earliest possible moment, lie states that delay in introducing the bill may cause ii to gel tangled up in Hie ''mix-up" that is sure tor-ntne b.-l'ore the legislature has been in session many weeks. Stockholders' Mcet'ng. The annual meeting of the stuck holders of UIH First National banit of Iromvuod. was held at the banking office Tuesday afternoon, when the following olllcers wen» elected: s. S. Cuny, president; 10. D. Nelson, vice-pri'sidi-nt; Herman F. .(aim, cashier; S. S. Curry, .1. D. Uay, E. I). Nelson. H. B. Sturte- vaut, Fred M. Prescott, directors. The annual report of the directors was highly satisfactory, and the prospects for the futuie of thin institution muat be » source of gratification to directors* stockholders and depositors. $2.00 PER YEAR toast*; ANNUAL MEETINGS CAtO MINING CORPORATIONS OFFICERS AND DIRKOTOftS.5} I They Also Decl u o Dividends :. crease tlio .Capital -Meeting to" be Held Next Week t J_ This in the se iwn of tho .iiintial jne injj-sof Ihestoi'Kholdei > of i orpo'l'ailtj | —milling, banks, i ti I'ho Slot'kho meet, at the gem i il olllu«. of tho pany, elect, dii. i ton loi the year, consider tin n poll of the rol;trlnj»* dlrc'utni'M, amend tin aitieli") oforgfii- ii'.atlnn. ineretisi th« i upilal stocky Hki'- wise the ulinivv mil dtoluio divldiHrtls, The animal un c Un<>- of the stockllojd- t-rs of tin! Motiopohim lion & Ltvnrt company will I) hdd it Milwaukee on Monday next.. Ii The annual nn i IIII^M of thg ^uroiu, > (.'omi't, PalnisioulMipi Urn II on Mining companies will l» htld m th6 Colby building, Mllwnul i e on TuusdtiV next, .dm. iil) '" At the iiiinu il mi i Iliifr ol holders of tho Oil m ill Turn pompom, held nt Milwnukii on Wodnesday, the articles oforgani it ion wciO cfmeiuled, making Ihc enpitil stock $/iQO,()()0 rtH stead of !f'iO(MIIIII, the Incraunn of. *5(l,(l()(l In In- limiul as profciTPd*, slock-. The 12(1011 nhaics Of piefouotl stoci; aul.liori'/.ed to he InMUorl a.|-e offorelJ'J to the holders of the iommriii noclc^: HID company, up to the Hist clav of Fe.b rnary, IS!H, pro i it i \, coidimj to the holdings <>f niicli Klin U it pa^fand ai stock reniainini un-ulwcribtcl for ofi Fobruary I, is'M m lo lie L Mil by tW? direi't.oi'M al tin u dlsi lotion, but at nfitt less Hum par. l'hr> iltcoctots weisR* 1 * 1 re-elected as follow« Solomon S Cllfc-, Francis Ilinlon Allied L C'ai\,H ( vS S. HasoHoii and \ Ijamfciu Nofi'lBJS Tho shipments fiom His Otlnnali itiit in 1800 tiggrrtriili 0 about J17,(IOO tons '/^ Tho annual nieotnif' of tho stocYhold- .1 ei. s of tho Paint I'hi rirtlno, of the Mi- nomiiVv 0 -'i*lig;o, IUIH hold nl (iuiimego;,bote1, Ashlnnfl, on VTe day, when V. )o following- oifieei'e? J eleoKHl: J. K^"" 1 '', ISw inabn-,J dent; CliHi-les \\X_dnnis, A8h1nnd,sj jii'OHkUihl; M. 1! lary and Ireiisiuvr; Falls, ' mining supei'lrtt g-i!iitlcm<!ii, with I ,>. } bridge, constitute* tin* bi .The yoar just past <\ns iifg boon a voi'j pi onpei oils One, outlook for tho iHirournginir, the eompam arrangumciitH to ship I n of ore. Much now mat hinery phice/l In position at the mine Y. M C A. Notes A incmbi.'raliip meeting of thp* C. A. was held at th'-ioon evening, when tlio lolloping pfl were elected foi the)cn C,' .''_.. arn, president; \V. 3, McllobHita^fl president; O. C PaiKs,H'POi<lin|;-aeo| rKtary; K.1S. Williams, tie iituei. Hev. C. C. Todd, ot Ilmley, wJH dress the young men at the lj ^»,C-. rooms, Sunday alteuinon at3;8 young man in the uU is cordially iiK^ vited. _.^\5 The pastors of this c tty ami; held a conference tit the V. M^. _ rooms Tnesdaj, and nftei talking 3 1, the needs of evangthslie v,QiK. I section, decided to hold unio under the auspices of the Y. M.JS. . two weeks in tins cih, 1 day evening, Januaiv 10 in the sell house on 'Vaughn stieet, after ' meetings will be- held <it Hurley same length of time The following % ' u list of speakeis ,»nd leadeis foi'Uip t llrstwefk: ' • **f^\ , Monday evening—Speu\ev,l Bain; leader, L. L Bliss Tuesday evening—Spi akei rows, of Hurley, le ulci, Bev. C, i Wednesday evening—Spp<ikec Jotin Kvans; leadi i, Rev. O C. of Hurley. Thursday evening— Siieakei, ] C. loild; leader, l{e\ C. C Friday evening- spenkpi, Turner; Jwuiei, VII Teuy . Saturday i)\enmg—Speaker^ Farrell; leader, l!e\ Bui rows Sunday evening Alt Terry, singing will be furnished, Public sympathy '-liquid Ixj L,^ lo Dan Sopei-, tin n> H si»i i etstry ( It WUM hi> purpoH mirOinitlel tion tomukb hi d uighter his but thore appc n< d to I jettions theiiHo out jl: ly warm oppoaiumi ou I who wanted (jjn i Hive lo go »8i< to somn politit'il hustlep omitted in tile i u Ij spoils. It n.i Miy hjwd gl\o up his p< i ' hi. mt>, ai gnu it up until 'ttf i abv bulldo/mg, \| tilican l«l.[lhill(4; Joiini il httd j and hung onto ih Soper caved. 1 lit q«$coq that the iu< omt ol tlu not anyvrhen mat afla fondly Uflsiiil it «c "

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