Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan on January 10, 1891 · Page 8
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Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 8

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1891
Page 8
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ASKEES, BURNISHES' FOOD FOR j - MINDS: TO DIGEST. ._ trftlclsei the Work of a Wmt- 'Ali Tulicn.a Fall Oat of n West- atid Dlfrtttset-Ktlqiiette itnd .m by Edgar (W. 9, past thirty days have teen very Wdfcive of interrogatories by mail for tment, and I desire at this time :ss thbnks for the interest shown the appetite forknqwletlgeinnntfest- y 1 these*frequent calls for intormn- npori subjects so widely and so dia- ically differing in character, the y*,knWledge of which 5s yet so important <"vto each writer in fitting himself or her-. ""' "Iffor the great battle of life. I trust it the somewhat bantering tone em- o^ed at tiroes in the treatment 6f these Tnlbjeats will not deter- future corre- m ever and again tapping perennial font of varied, though stimes fly blown, information. nipl/Hams—assumed name, I judge r-writes from Aspen, Colo.: 'Sin—-1 am the author of a number of little pbetic bits, some of whom have been '*1nte4JMind lately I have thought that ougli there was very little money it' I would do well, as a matter of istige and in order to catch on to the -iwing room element, if I would write line more ambitions pieces for the' mag- les. So I done so, and done it so as to offend either publication, sending to each, The Century, Scribner's r's, also a little oriental pean .tlantio.Monthly. ' of these magazines wrote to ins of a job press that they irse, but that it was not fitted lumns. I wrote back for them LOW much the thing run over >rt it was of' a page, and 1 her np so it would fit, but to reply. I have decided from brief and .rather con- ilies all around, together Liiscript which I s^nt, that 'e a pull an a poet on these might*as well go to solic- frnit trees in perdition ptt can 'suit the morbid people. te a great deal of verse, because considerable leisure whilst herd- u&ap here for a, man who pays me H pjttance. It is an uneventful job, to do it in such a way as to necessary to the owner. Ygjpa ]js light and efferves- ,'Rouge, whilst other ig 'and -Jieavier, like what 1 the tump steak of i/would tell me, as between n,i and co-workers in • jthe ii,'what in your opinion litors of the magazines. f u. little epic ancl dent to The Atluri- SODW you that because J ilk' street or belong to tlie 8*<5ljlb*of Boston the romping ipn of my unshackled brain it seems >£|t their'front teeth on the olbrndo, whilst the iimdden- hot .bftaua comes dimly ufenchable distance: atlflo,.! \ fcllcituiie 111 th» vast Pacific, &ons thny sue lerrlllo, they lire mostly nude." , Mr. Harris, toward the ftrely unwarranted and at all. While your livelihood by henl- pieces for the eg-to obtain social recog- blisiness foresight. fJTthat some of your verse t.'»ndyour clnbfooted meas- possibly get there. You slang when T'say that the jl s^nd tue can hardly hope to aj least with both feet, reditors are engaged in edit- rrjvpublieatipns, Mr. Harris, for ot magazine leaders. 1 do not - the magazine reader is en- t (is.fp his anatomy or diet the uioinjng» paper. nt|c, TQWN. same person, and with dif- •SVhen he is going ferry all tfee.'^ijiper, so that he with and coin„„ On Sunday Where his friends ^(£1 pr anywhere are doing, held W orid. moa is so soft and chastened that when you strike your lyre with" a discordant clash and refer to the scandalous costume of the people there you shock every magazine writer from Maine to Mexico. The only real good, original thing yon sent me. Mr. Harris, was written by Eugene Field Alonzo Dowd, of West St. Paul, writes: "I, too, would like also to do business in New York, but am deterred by the expense of living there. I can get twice as much salary there as I can here, but am told by a friend who has lived in New Vork eight years that he cannot on double his St. Paul salary keep the wolf from the door. How is that?" Well, possibly your friend has to keep the wolf from twice as many doors as he used to. That is often the case in New York, I am told. It is quite often the case, Mr. Dowd, that a prosperous man gets into the toils of pleasing people who interest him and obtain control of him, and some day when he has eaten a hearty meal of victuals and dropped dead on receipt of the bill his neighbors are surprised to see two sets of tombstones erected by his two sets of families. You will find, no doubt, that too of ten while a man in a large town is salivating • eventide : elegant he gentle ; ifroui the i death ' jof the [ | simply I •WgMy , " -ati SITTING BULL'S SIGNATURE. the wolf at one door, another animal of the same kind is scratching the paint off Ills other residence. I am sorry to know that these things exist, and no one fcaii be morn pained than I am to see two sets of widows tearing up the greensward and pelting each other with im- mortelles at the grave of one they have loved as one man: but it sometimes occurs, and if you contemplate removing to New York, and your wife favors it rather more thai) you do on account of the great shopping facilities thus afforded, i advise you to show her this piece. Coming ns it does from a. litterateur and man about town it is of great value. C. M., Springfield, Mass,, writes: "DEAR SIR—Praying that you will not throw this letter into the waste basket before reading it, 1 will endeavor to give you the reason for its being written. 1 am a man of 40 years, married, and a constant reader of your work, and can assure you a warm admirer of the same. "But, Mr. Nye, i have a brother who is no less so. Wall, lie is married for the past six months and is a very straightforward, business man, but last Sunday while at church, seated in the same pew, I felt shocked to have him commence playing with his wife—taking her Bible from her, changing rings and fooling around generally to the constant annoyance of others—and the thought at once suggested to me to write you, knowing your remarkably peculiar way of writing on such topics, and suggest that if, when'thinking of a subject to write upon, you should adopt this, it would be read with great interest by a great many, and you would confer a great favor upon me, and hundreds of mankind will call you blessed." There can be nothing more reprehensible than the custom among frivolous people of carrying the customs and eti-. quetto of -the skating rink into the sanctuary. It is far more consistent to stay away from church entirely and read the Sunday paper on some pretext or other than to whisper and play tag through the litany. Of course young people are more difficult to manage in church, and their spirits are more buoyant than those of more elderly people, so they should not be so harshly dealt with: but a grown man with a full head of whiskers who will go to church and whisper and frolic through the service or the sermon may'one day, when it is too late, turn on the fire alarm and get no response. People who have not respect enough for whatever they are attending to keep quiet and listen, or let others at least, do more to make me doubt and distrust the wide open policy of Col. Ingersoll than most anybody else. There are ouly two kinds of more contemptible people. One is the man who baits his lobster traps with his grandparents, and the other U the microbe who writes you'anonymously on u postal card. Cumaiie 111 Fmv, Due Hundred and Twenty-ninth street, writes: -"What should I Jo with callers who come jos» as I am about to go calling myself? ('i.) What sort of man was Sitting Bull, personally? Did you meet him while oil the frontier';" A good way to cut short a disagreeable call is to come down stairs with your sealskin sacque uu. Some keep a winter cloak or bonnet handy for such emergencies, and do first rate without getting a reputation fur rudeness. It is very painful, indeed, to have a string of callers catch and hold you ull through a pleasant afternoon, when you had made calculations on going out and making forty or fifty calls, and feeling sura that with thu bright weather you would find no oiio at home. Sometimes it takes a week in uncertain weather, with more or 'less people at home, to cover the ground yuu might 0:1 u pleasant afternoon go. over in two hours. 2. .Yes, I knew Sitting Bull, and got him to write in, my albiun in the summer of ib76. I had a letter to him from. the Prince of Wales. Sitting Bull was personally very gentle and courteous to his friends, but a moat disagreeable person to invite to your horfse to meet a • mixed company. A friend of mine naked Mr. Bull to come to dinner and meet the pastor at his house at one time, and he said he would never do so again. The great chief was not in good form. He was ill natnred, and swore at table because his luxuriant hair got in the mayonnaise dressing. Sitting Gull was married three times, two of his wives surviving him. He was liberal in his religious views and. bitterly opposed to silk underwear among his people. He. scoffed at the teachings of Delsnrte. and did not go to hear the Rev. Joseph Cook lecture, though at one time he could have done so by walking less than nine miles. Sitting Bull, with better supplies and more encouragement from the war department, would have made a very successful commander, but socially he had no standing at Washington, and so military leaders with less ability but more pull were promoted, while he was kept in the background like a poor boy at a frolic. ONE Advertisement placed in the Interstate News-Record will through that PAPER Cover not only the cities of Ironwood, Bessemer, Ashland and Hurley, but also the entire Gogebic iron range, It P, S.—The sensational report that old Sit was the illegitimate son of John Bull is absolutely without foundation. Ole, John and Sitting were in no way related to each ather. B. N. DOES IT TEMPORARY TEETH. Results which Follow Neglect to Heva Them Treated at the Proper Time. The tender age at which the temporary teeth are erupted and the disturbances arising from the irritability induced thereby, make it a critical period in the life of the child. Fevers, convulsions and diarrhoea are quite common accompaniments. Where the gums become swollen and irritable, they require to be rubbed with the.finger, and the child should be allowed to bile on a rubber ring ov a clean silver dollar, attached to a cord. If very much swollen they should be freely Innced. At about the age of thren, when all the temporary teeth are. erupted, the greatest care should be taken for thnii- preservation until they are replaced by the permanent ones. The moment the slightest decay takes place, the child should be UUteii to the dentist where till the cavities may be filled without pain. Rut if it is allowed to progress, very serious results follow; not only will the tooth become very sensitive to contact with food, which prevents proper maslk'ation but they will become painful and abeoss, when It will be impossible to treat and fill them with the best results. Jf neglected, and extraction becomes necessary before 'the permanent teeth are ready to appear, the jaw not only contracts, but the remaining ones move together, filling the space designed for | the pei'iuanimt teeth to occupy, thus ! forcing' these to take invgulnr positions when erupting—or what is commonly i known as crooked teeth. Vm further j information apply toDi'. G. N. (Jriswold, ' dentist, Iron\rnocl, Mioli. j The members of Court OaHield, A. O. ! P. of A., desire, to thank the ladies who; teok an active interest in the gettinu- i up of their suppei- on Tuesday evening. ! _C!OMMITTKI.:. i Glances About Town. House and lot for sale on tlie Aurora location. Apply to Oiui'les hind, J'. O. Hox \8b, li'onwood. Suspense—won't soy—bliss —"yes''— A. W. Kearney & Co.—Furniture. Heady mixed paint at Prescott's. Heavy sleighs for logging and other work, for sale by E. B. Williams. A local newspaper is a paper thu prints the local news, and that's what's the matter with the News-Record. The best is tae cheapest. Kearney & i Co.'s furniture is the cheapest. SeeV j For general hardwn re at satisfactory ! prices cull on Fred M. Prescott. j Sitting; nnd drawing room novelties. I A. W. Kearney & Co., Aurora street, j Two good delivery horses for sale, I Apply to King & Miller, attorneys, j Ayer street. ' \ At Prescott's you will always find I that iiertains to the hardware business. Fufniture—stjlishy—should say t'was | —whereV—Kearney & C'o.'s—of course. Don't purchase furniture anywhere until you have seen Mullen Urns.' stock j and learned their prices. Plumbing and water piping is done at ! prices that are right mid in a proper | manner by K. B. Williams. Call on him for figures on this work. I A. W. Kearney iSt Co., Aurora street, I have the handsomest line of furniture [ ever shown on the Gogebic range. Thoroughly. Those who wish to know the "how' and "why" it is able to accomplish so much, should read the following facts and thfev will understand it ALL! The -Record Is the oldest as well as the largest paper published on the Gogebic range. The combined circulations ol the Gogebic Mining Record snd the Interstate News are at the disposal of advertisers, and several hundred new names have been added to the lists of Ironwood, Bessemer, Ashland, Hurley, Upson, Montreal, Mellen, Wakefield, Ramsey, Watersmeet and other adjacent towns, within the past ten months. Clean, Handsome Printing Pleases the eye and reaches the Public, UIUJIT You feel tiretl ~ Do ?? ff Hff § what it means? You are , vous—Why? Vou: cbngli.'in tfl morning—Do you realize the causS Your appetite Is poor—"YVhaitnakl M || £| it so? You seem like a cliiinge A IIX person to your friends—Do\ yd " know what is the matter, or. to the change been so gradual it'.ha escaped your notice ? .;' %jni|A You have Consumption I i __.._. _. ^. ., I UUl ' We do not say this to frighte you, but it is true. These are the sure symptoms of this terrible disease. TJi! is one thing which will check it and that is • -• DR. ACKER'S ENGLISH REMEDY. It la recommended by the beat phyniclans hi Europe ana America. 115 1'entff* f*0 cent* and 91. OO p«r Itottle. W. H. HOOKER & CO.. 46 West Broadway. New York. For sale bv Thomas & McCabe. KNOW Ironwood Pharmae^ NEXT TO THE POSTOFFICE. PURE DRUGS, CHEMICAL! . AND , DYR STUFFS. Sta.tion.ery, Blank. Books Orders for.Blank Books not in stock filled in Shortest possible time at MANUFACTURERS' TRICES. WALL PAPER, DECORATIONS AND WINDOW SHADES. OUR PRICES ARE ALWAYS THE LOWEST. WHITESIDES & HOLMOS Orchestra Composed of twelve first class musicians can furnish any combina'tion for parlor entertainments or ball room music. TERMS ALWAYS REASONABLE. THE NEWS-RECORD Job Printing Department Has all the facilities for doinsr FIRST CLASS PRINTING A specialty is made of Mining Blanlts. SUBSCRIBE FOR -Record Wood of all kind de- liver'd promptly to any part of the city. LEAVE ORDERS WITH Dave $2,00 per year in advance. PEA3LEE & DOUGLAS, PRINTERS AND PUBLISHERS. C. E. Houk & Co., DRUGGISTS A"ND .". STATIONERS Prescriptions .'. CarefuUy .*. and.'. Promptly Compounded. School Books & Supplies a Specialty, The finest line of Fancy Stationery in the City. Lieberthal Building, Ironwood, Mich. DAVIS & FEHR AVIS & FEHR'S New Store is our subject to-day RRAVED with new goods for the Rreat Holidav. IS1ONS of beauty and splendor eombiue, JNCLUDiJfG all Novelties art can design, , Satins, Plushes, Henriettas and Plaids, . TBIMMINGS to match in all the new fads, UBS, Cloaks, Jackets, Capes and Fine Shawls, T Pluah Goods, Handkerchiefs, Baskets and Dolls. AYING everything ready we invite you to call. ur greeting, "Merry Christmas to all. DAVIS & FEHR

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