Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1928 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1928
Page 5
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1 THB'IOLA PMLJr REGISTER. FRIDAY EVEl^ING. JANUARY 20; 1928. T 4 Z PAGE FIVE NEWS! OF MILDRED Dr. and ytrs, Rnss*il »rftt MOTf^, Here from Xoran. School GivM Play "The Woiilir '•• ' Vajmliiontf.- West's ^ere Ibla visitors Saturday. - Mont Miller and' :tanillr sp^nt Sunday afternoon a;t Tom Anderr SOIL'S. , Lui-ienne Adams «spent Sunday I viit\i Mrs. Zella BrooKs. Floyd Wilson and ramlly spent Sunday at. llaHarpe. Clarenc? Duncan, vrho H here from Illinois. I came home vith them. Dr. and Mb*. Russell Ne\iit haw 'i moved here from'Moraii. | Mrs. S^iodprasA i.s Detter. ^he • Frank • Isaac and fanuly drove expects to aciompany her dauch- ^^JP^,^^^„, , ^ -r,. , ^,, t. " Charlej- SiHlIman and -fannly ter. Mrs, Ua-l^. to Oklahoma as ^^^^ Sunday evoninff'at Charlpy , soou ;ts she able to make the McCoy's. \ trip. • , . Scott Brown wf-nt to *Kansa.- Mrs.-Mae McAdains atid Mrs. V. City Tuesday. .M. .Mulr spent Friday night in Cha- Josephine Dean had h^r tonsils nute visiting their friends, the removed*.Monday: - . Whc-eler'a K"^*"' nn<' ffimily of Ifum- ICd iJreen pas .sed away at his spem Sunday iMtK lelatlvcK home la Kincald .Monday. }!e iwas • . reared, on the flills farm, west of J- A. .Nevltt. of Bramer. Mo., Mildred and his frlenda here i ex- stopped off here for a visit witli tend ^vmpaihv to his family. '•• relatives, enroute homo from Cali. :virs.lMont :\iiner. Mrs. Floyd .Mc- fornla where he has been for sorao Cormack and -.Miss I'earl Jilllou Ume. are planninR a program to be g.iv- ^'r. and Mrs. James . McKarnin en at the I'artat-Tearhers' a.-ssoci- "t lola. .spent .Saturday niKht ami Rtlon..ihe i!a>i Thursday in this Sunday at Preston Patter-ionV. month J*'- C Dickcrson and .Mrs. Mrs."Emest Wheeler of Augusta. Ella Jones are vl.sliiuff their .sis- Kan.-as and .Mr.-. Ku«ene Wheeler Crews, at CIlntoB. .\Io. and Mrs Kayn.-.s were calling on •^''"s. John Barley and .Mrs. n. Mr.s. Mae McAdaras and .Mrs. V. .U ^- i""., attended a bridjie jleur Friday. ' i ' party at the home of Mrs. Gertie '• Mr. HlDg 'of LoulsTillo Kans.ns, "Carey at Garnett We«ine.s .lay atter- came .'Sunday to visit his aisrter. .Mr.s. ShtnigranK. 1 j -^''*- ^'rs. Charley Phillips CoKimbits Wiioox is on the sick ' '"O" dinner at thw parental' Elmer })pt • Phillips home Sunday and in the .\ir. and,.Mrf. M. J. Keeton spent' '^>''>' •"^''"S- ^Imer Sunday at.Carl .\I<Collum "s. i R. Mulr and daughter, Xadine 1't^*! ••»«: <i«>rKe' ^-"sniingers- natney. and Hank .M<Adams were j , t^'""' Carron and; .\Ir.=;. R. f-hoppin*: ill Jola .Saturdav. »- -'^•'yi". Jr.. alienne.J fa bridge The l.a.Mar ramlly ha.s mov,d to i P '-'^'-V In Oanietl Fri.lay: MIsMMiri i Mrs. L.-'wls Farmer,'and .Mrs. '"The .S. n. A. lodge held its rtgu- ' Rnssell Warren and Mrs. Eli*;. Fallar m .*tiDg Thur.-«iav night, u i are on lh« srick im. Uokiu the follcTving new mem-' J""' Ira .Norton and I Mrs. Kugene Sinclair attended tho . I're»bjlerlan fhurrh. •.Sabbath .•^cfio'ol 10 a.; ni. Classes intert^ting Sixty-eight members .•5unda,v evening. Evening preaching service :3ft. The minister will speak. teachers-who are suited to all | j classes. .Tl\«' mprning theme by the ' pastor !s. "TloMnoss and the Hu' man Ele.iieii;." Sb matttr \\r,vc ,ejrne.«t aiicl de\y)ut we :n:iy bp. all iire l;uu!an.Mibd .i .ci t^i .ui.^.akeK. or-^ rnrs in judgment' ;ti:d tetipt: ii-ns ; by the enemy of souls. Gcwi il rich I I in G'lace ariil has promi.-eii i> t >up-i I ply our neede." keeping u;- ' from falling if we trtj.t and'obey Him. • were out last ^ T''*- J""'!"''^ ^" ' for every age and teachers of the, Bible. Morning worshiii 11 TlK-re will be a si)e<ia! liumber by | liiey Kejected Him." ihe Oirl-s- Glee Club. The pa-tor' Von are <ord!ally juvitod' to at will iireach. Theme: -FoHr Ks.sen- tejul all of our seivke.s. ast Church." I J. l.EK RKI.EKORU. .Mini.slor. Subject. - Til- Prayer D.oi.'- .Mrs , Ben Krie.iltind:-.Siip;^ - Qf, .N. V. P S. tiinc. SubJ.f<t. -How o-clock Ithe Jews of ( hrtst s Oa>. and ^ ,^ President. i Tile nijl'u rViie be difTcr- llals in a Steadfast Churf; F.vening service 7:30 o'clock S;«.red concert by the Girls' Glee flub of the (.'oUege of'Emporia. Yon are cordially Invited to eveo' service HO. .MATHIS. Pastor. I em. eV; ileiecit. .IlKeii.sliV •'Coiiie. ana hoii r.: S], with •lial in- H.-: and Baptist Temnl*". Free .MelhodNt (.'hurrh. Sunday ."ichool at 10 a. m. • Ther« will be a hhort temperance program at the, ^of the j^chool. \\.> especial.y desire a full attendance at tills srrvlce. Preaching at U. subject "Tl-.e we will diV thee good." .\in .S. C. .M.FI.DWE.rt. Pa.stor. Intern;if)iin«t| Sunitay 1;> a' BTeaii Uibh" Stu topic. "The class lopic. Th.> t'.ist next Sunday and enjoy the time with The Brotherhood class espncialiy invites men to attend. • Sunday morning the pastor will preach on 'Finding God .N'ear At Home." In the evening he will speak on "Christian Stability." The H. Y. P. r. will be led by Luclle Wagner and the. topic will be. "What fan Yonng People Do In the Church ?•• ...... „„u ....... ,^ 'r,'^",,'^'"!"'^ meeting Will Phillips drove toI^Harpeand vis-j"'^ \\ednesday evening nev I.-.. „. f'^^ ».-..,.„..„_,,„._ iwe^k at the I. it. Church and will The Sunday school lessons on ihr j fl\ristlan's Present Uelationship.'' I'r,;','"^ life of Christ are of .tremehdous i V'""** pw.ple s sendee at b 30 ; (-,„m, jTliis IS a worth • while service,'- rome and see for yourself. Interest at the present tlihe. her.': ".Miss I/etha I.,acey. Miss Josephine Dean, Mrs. I.. E. -Mann and be led by Rev. C. 1. foldsmlth. Set' Preaching at i subject. .Moral Question." If you are needing help in your soul, we extend to you a personal Invitation. All are welcome. SEV. B. KIER. P. C. p. \1 ^;3<i p. prriyer. h; "The l.ord ;sha!l the earth irt iha Bible SludeuJs. m.. K. of i'. Hall ily. Juvenile" cja.s.'^ \nti-fhiisi •• .\dult "Jieliovjih Exalt-d," ivide brondcasi'us ; iiigilonii nussage; People, ni., Ilerean Study^. ni.. 4iS Kast Monroe. 1 te.-iti:nony. Text ^ he Kitig over all day."—Zee. M:'J funeral of Ira"s aunt. Mrs. Everett Frank Heider: aiso .Mr. l^e ov^^on^^xi. ot; Bronson. Sund.iv.- t'rr>« .Hethodlst fhnrch. In keeping with the scrmonis of the pact two Sundaymornings "the pastor will continue the subjecU relating to our deepest Spiritual lives, and our respopsihllUy as Christian people. Therefore the subject for Sunday morning will br .Miss Opal Heath and Ovro Minkley were married by th<- Kev. Fred Sutton at Armor, ^.'ovember 1927.. They have just .announced their wedding and friends are, congratulating them. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Millard Heath atid^grew to -womanhood here and icounts everyone as | Saturday. her fi'iend. She is a graduate of!- Lucille Hunsaker has be..-. :tb- .Mildred high school and is at pres-! sent from school the two ent teaching near LaHarpe. The; weeks on account of illness! A. J. Hiimmistnn of loia' spent •"The Holy Spirit. His; Work." At Sundav at Jerrv Hacketi"^ evenins .service the; subject will School Note^ !>'•'. "Eisht Feei or the Skie.s." >rn«oi .-soiev. ^^^^^ ,^ ^^^.j.^j welcome ex- Janic^, Beruice and Hazd Ryan. [ te„jed to all to share in the fine There is £>; I'libss for you. lola. -Light- refreshments were serve*!. Walter Hughs and son. Albert, are visiting in Harr;.son,ville, Mo. . .Vadine Kainey spent Wednesday' quit school Monday as they are:„.„rU of the Sundav school, night with \\and.-i Reynolds. moving to Humboldt and t.'ie i.a- f hnrrh of fhe I'nited Bretiiren in ChrNt. . Sunday school 3:45 a m Preaching 11 a. m. .funior Christian 'EnileaViJT II a m. Senior ami Intermediate C. E. 6:3i» p. m. .' Preaclting 7:20 p. m. There will be special nnislr by the choir at both morning and evening services. , You Tare cordially in»ite<i to attend all of these services. E. .\'. .irO .VTGOMBRY. Pastor. L." WEIISTER. Secretary. K. «;hurclu, uckeye Streets. 9:30 a. m. Mar children mov. i to Misv -.urt :| rhe junior and Intermediate Epla« week. iwortli !e:ipues will meet at 5 p. m. There was no chapel last week an .l'the senior league at 6:30. on account of examinations. .Mis* j.^j, ^jja^^. ,(,^ g^rv- Hackett will have charge oi" it tiis week. -The teacher.s expect to attend county teachers nieetin!: in lola ii-es of til", cliuich with us. , • t. I. ( ULD-S.MJTH. Pastor, FIrsf Chnrrh of Christ .SrIentJsl. • Sunday "services 11 a. m. Subject, "Truth." Sunday chool 9:15 a. m. Wednesday evening meetings at S. o'clock. The reading room over Ran.-vay' Dry Goods store. lOHi East Madison avenue, open each week;day from 2 to 5 p. m: (Holidays excepted). The public is. cordially Invlt- e, dto attend the services and to make use of the reading room. bridegrooTO'.s home is In Anderson county, where he taught school, but at present is attending school at the Pittsburg State Teachers' cfdlege. They i will not 'go to housekeeping until school closes. Both are among our most highly respected young people and we TrliiJf.v .MelJtodM Cburrh. .V!l services at Tviiiily at the i| ua! !;oin- next Sunday. Su!:d;!y ^-ielioo! begins at 9:4a a m.. lolli.-.ved liy morning worship and seriiioti at 11 a. m, Epwonli ieague at 6:."i0 p. m. .\t 7 o"clock the district superintendent, l:. F.' Gaither. V. V.. will nd cnodtict. our fourth .Mrs. Paul Sutton, Mrs. Charley Sutton. Ruth and Wllma Brown, and Roberta Gailoup n.sited thei grade school Friday and .Mrs. Har-i '•*'oM ?"2^-!J°" •'^!"°''-'>'" i.r ..::.-l. and cnod.l.t. our fourth . Billy Springston ent .>rcMU !.e -^c- J • ^e shouU' ond grade and Helen .Iack.-.on the ^ .,.i,.„,i;.,„.e at this liu- .inlrd grade Monday. Helen is irom jolii their many friends in wishing j.- Washington school. lol;i, and P .illy them a long, and happy life. The | is from Moutan .i. Belfry folk? are planning a show -i' j Mrs. Frailk Tlionijisnti and liill- •T for tliepi Saturday night. ! dren vi .-ilted seii^xil riiiir-i..iy .iVt- .Mr and Mr.s. I-l James SheffTer :and family of Erie, and -Mrs. Raymond Jani-s and fanilly of Independence spent Sundav with Mr. and Mr.s. Sheffler. ' " Mr. .-ind .Mrs. Clair Wilson of nbanute. spent the week-end at •"loyd Wilson's. ; Thet-e was a business meeting at the church Sunday for the pu j>o .se of electing officers. The fol- loT *-ing t^uslees were plected: "M. J. Keeton. Fred Thomas. George Ruxton, Ora Dunlap. Edi Hosier. Floyd Mc-Connack and; Millard Heath. Mrs. Floyd McCormack* was elected as a delegate to conference, -with Mr?. Caldwell as al-j; ternate. J Jake" Ryan's baby became vry i »|,weeii. ."Hooday and they took it to (ae hoRiidtal at Humboldt. Mr. R>-att iiHs been working for the Prairie Pipe Line company at Hu nboidt sime the plan! closed and h • moved his family-there Tuesda'. Mr. and Mrs. Ro.seoe .\dani'- spent Sunday .w-ith- .Mr and -Mrs. Brooks. .Mr. aiiii .Mr--. Kavi .-^lieiiler and di:ugliier and .Mi-'- L -.n ilie Hnnsak- ei- wtni to lola-Sa;iii-'la.c. Monday wks Einver Hit* '> birthday and Mr. and .Mr^. l'resu>n Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. Ira .Vorton and Mr." and -Mrs. Ed Hite spent the cK -ening there. irnopn. ' Helen Hii^h^ -ilit .iill«-d Ii>i- ;inkle Sunday! and i^ romiiig tu sehool on crutches. -Mr.^. Hank' .Mc.\danis visit.-i! (school Tuesday.. The -Mildred io.wn, te.c .i jilayi portant qtiiirJerly meeting. Pleasi ; ieii :enil>er the union prayer nieet- i iiiK (III ; W-dlle 'sdiiV eVcIling. -All iiieiiilteils of tli<> cinin-lfare re(iue.-l- ;.d to .-!-,>» mble in F .(.4fer "s hall next iTilesday evening. . ' .iiiliciiJiited. J; (• WII.SO.V. Pastor. ("hrNthin Chui-ch- r I !ii »ie .School 'j 4:t. IT. l.oVef; in have a class for a'l . Chnrch of the .Vnzarene. Sycamore and .Monroe. We believe in a practical religion and aim to be a bles.sing to all who worship with us. The morning service will be uplifting and devotional. Sunday school at-9:45 a. m. We have wide-awake" officers and ^ Lincoln and I; Sunday schocd Class .Meefing 10:40 a m. i Order of tervlie 11 a. ni . .V. C. ieagii' 6::^i» p. m. Evening >lorsh p 7:40, p. ni ' Otllcial Board" Monday night. Wednesday. 2:$0 p. in.. Steward-, ess l !o:ird nieet-siat tile home of ^li•s. .Mary iShephani. Wedr.esdav' night prayeij ' >n-eting. . Friilay*: nieht a socjpl .wiU be Riven by>the Stewardess Board. 0«r iloors are; open to welrQm<> the strangers and | visitors. ' ' ' g > C. A..J.VCKSO.V. .Minister, j Nearly IQO JHours of Sleep for VVichitanj M'ichita. Kan.'. Jan 20. lAP)—' With no relatives and ft w friends ; to watch at !<is ]>«Hlside. C. J. War-; ntr remained unconsi ious at a lo-; cal hospital toda.y after nearly Iii" ' hours of sleep, irdken by a fe-.c brief periods wh m ;ie Ira-, taken, nourishment. His condition was i reported dangehons • . . r • ' I An Institiution ' •'- j ; : • ^orr!pUt«] hi rrcry detail — at' the .^crrict ^of fin' pioplr of lola, Alhu C'}tti>tij Uiid adjohntiri ti'>ritf>>ij. Hy carrfiiU}) apphjivfi mmUrn idcafs — Itij biiny nhraij.f alfrf to the ncid.'i of the public — the SUepi-r funeral Company has iirouii fnnn'a i-maJl i)tiftitiitioi)] tu onV of tlullcst itjuipped funeral iusttti'tioiin in Southeastern KauKOH. The pre.-!fiit hnildind bxilt far the specjal purpose as a fun(rat utortiiarij, has office, atfeudant, display and operatiny rooins. Also lo rye, sirricc rooin seating tivo hioidred people, with special »•>«»( tor the famihi. Those disiriuy t.o nst^ o>ir serrice room can do SI) trifh'rt'f any extra charge. tlrenj depari'inent of the .business is inider. the personal sii- pryrision of. A. R. Sleeper. Those a.^sisti)iff are Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Kinzer, irho both hold Kansas licni.ns to do embalminy. Mrs. l\ivsfrj>ri:i{i the v)dy lady enibfllmrr licensed by the State of Kansas in .Allfii. County. . '' . The oryani-ation is in a position to assume every responMi- i'ility—fiiiancial or otheru-ise—to offer every comfort, every con- nieiice. to pev.-<onalUj, efficiclitly take care of every detail. ^hi policies of A. R. Sleeper—the same today as forty years founded by Lijnian Sleeper, demand ayo irhi n the business icas . the >ia.tinit'.m service, the utmost in value,.and iru.->'tworthy, that the best of syrvice shall be [riren to rich and poor alike—of all iiatii nalitits.oj all sects. i 'Cril e.ope I'^n C trociay more than ever—trery facility of their profession, convenience their oryankation can offer, every comfort bur ience can sw/yest, is at the .'service of the people of lola, Al- \>uiity and territonj at a Cost which n-flconies comparison. C ROUP jSpumbdic Croup is freqii«ntly Telle ved by one application of— V ICKS V.A »*Q Ry B ; Rl. hmond to«-n ie:.m last Wedt'ies-h'hi'rgc .3^- Iiave a class lor a I ig : day. giving all the proeee .ls. whieh i i'v-isMnf: atKl coinm.inion sen-ir. r-ramounVd to J^.'^.ss t., the nishH .';,<^'"'-'<- , fh^fKev. \\. L. Hard -school piano whicH we .eriainiy 'IS will he wit , ns and sp ?ak at apirreciate. This game wa.-: a vie-' "n -jming holir. tor-.- for the .Mildred team. Christian Endeavorers will meet fh*- Mildred high scnool boys i« -11"" new. officers are lak- pl :iyed lola hiu'h si^hoo 's .seeond ,''"''I >" ^'^y f»'' team Friday night, ind met uieir! P'="i"'"K '"K """Bs tor the year seconil defeat this sea.<!on. i !>ean. Josie Moore; Luelenne Ad- ant-. .Mi !(!reif Clark. Beula^h Brown ;(nd Etileta Isaac, i High .-chool students neither ab- •ient nor tardy the first fiemestcr ar» as follows: Anis ly ^'Wi .s. Luna •.vi;; \\''y LaHarpel.Mae Curiey. Mildred Dunlap, Wll- '.i.tiKiry I 'e i m.i Bro -^n. Harojd l>ozier. Jona- Ti'.o -^e i :i i :li.r abseiir n-.r tardy j than llosle.v, Kenneth Trimble, /.'ojii i' "hrio'. ;)!- fjr-r halfMUbo Pr.irher. Clarence Dean and term «eri:-He..ii ISrown. lleL -nn i .lohn Haber!)Os<h. Brnn -'i. Rolai 'ii! .-J.nillm .in. .Arthur! The junior play. "Tho Worthy The Pare»it-Teachers* a-sociation Ijwlll meet Thursday, night of next' .An intere -i-:;';:; program i" being prepar.-d. Kv-obody is in ' vlted. ; • 1 Thi^ .\Ii ;<!r'-f! hiirh -r-.tool basketball tt ;.m-= Mr.t dinnejT and Mrs. Unk AVest were guest-s at .M. M. .\dam,<s Isaai . Haze! Ryan. Panliiie Hutton. Whitford R.Th-.A', Elaine !s .jac. Rheada Deiiini. Cliaries Hrown. CharK< He der. Biljy Pratherr Eileen Cain. A'Snceift Heider. Bernice K.van. Ralph Deihm. Janis Ryan. Leo Brown. Ronald Sinclair. Ray Browii. iBernice Brown, Violet A'agalmnir will be given In the hiith school auditorium Wednesday uisht. January IS. Tho.oe^in the cast are: Merlyn Trimble, Amo Smith. .Jonathan IlOsley, Vern l>ein. Olen Hutton. Clessner Brock. Ruth Cunningham. Wilma Brown and Edna Hutwn. The Gream of the Tobacco Crop "I love the Tobacco business. Thesre is a fascination about it that grips you. The fine texture and bbauty of a Leaf of Tobacco appeals to the Tobacco buyer as a great Painting does to the artist I buy Tebacco fcr LUCKY STRIKE Cigarettes, I buy^Tlic Cream of the Crop/ Under instructions only the he.;:- r.i-kd n-.I!Jest goes into LUCKY STRHvE. It is my job to see that it is so/;' c^y*^'- ^ooacco Sunday. Mr: and Mrs. Dumcum and son, j A\'aUi.«r. of Centorviile. called at John Barley's Sunday. Mr. and Mrs Eugetie Hasting spent Saturday night and Sunday at Geo. Ensmiagers at LaHarpe. ; Jerry Hackett^was able to ride to lola Saturday. He was accom- ' panieit by his daughters. .Misses j Olive and Veia. ; Pres Deihm and family spent ' .Sunday at Centerville. ; Mrs. Harry l.;i .Alunyon and Betty IJOW of lola spent Saturday at the parental Sam Mc.Adams home. illsa A'lola furley spent the week-end with .Airs. Hank McAdams, and .Airs. Charley Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coonfleld have moved back to Mildred and j he is workinsrat the aepot. airs.; Thelni .i Phillips and Miss . ^lelba Dean •• • r.-' .Mound City visitors Friday 'Mr. an <i .Mr- .]o\w Dean of LeRoy sper;: Sj!:ii .-y wr.Xx Ttom"- folks here. . • air." •!-.•<•• ':n;i"v ll"-- moyed into Fred Dickey's house ami Frank l.-^ac and family have moved from the parsonage int.o ike" JTirary's house. Mr." and Mrs. C.vril Carron and \ Mr. and Mrs. Jt-rome. Carron took ! Fupper in Fort Scott Saturday eve- -alng. , ' .Airs. Mullen and Mrs. - Phillips were in lola Thursday. | Mr. and Mrs. Will Ross and sons 1 spent Monday evening ai Mont Mil- j • lei-'s. •. , - . I John .Adams and ifamily took , dinner-w-Hh Clair .\dams Sunday. | Mrs. tSiil Buxton entertained Sat. urday evening in honor of hfr son. Harlan's birthday. A number of Harlan's friends were present and all enjoyed a delightful evening. Refreshments of oysters, cake. fruit and catidy were served. ,A11 wish Harlan many more happy birthdays. I anftio^^tty'^^d.Cand.M^^ MllHons of Pounds Uscd By Ouf Govemmenfr Baking fbwder is in th^ Oakinq 7or Best Results Usk Ifj^BAICING ffWPOWDE^ DOUBLE ACTION Rrst in the douphr-Then in the Oven SoRte Price ! Fbr Oyer 35 Yiedrs . LENORE ULRIC Talented Actress, Avritesi "Witfi women in pra^cti' cally all the professions smoking, I have observed those in my own calling and have found their fa' vorite cigarette is the Lucky Strike. I always choose it for my occa* sional smoke because it affords the greatest re- Idxation and pleasure^** It's toast No Throat Irritation-No Cough.

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