The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota on December 19, 1958 · Page 9
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The Austin Daily Herald from Austin, Minnesota · Page 9

Austin, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1958
Page 9
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NEWS for WOMEN COMING EVENTS SATURDAY MILWAUKEE WOMEN'S Club will hold a children's Christmas party In the afternoon at the KC Hall, Unit Appoints Rural Life thairman Mrs. teo keimer was appointed rural life chairman when St. Beatrice Unit met Wednesday at the home of Mrs. Steven Llckteig. Austin Rt. 3. Mri. F. J. Gerlach led in recitation of the Rosary. During the Christmas party, cards and games were played with prizes awarded Mrs. Paul Wehner, Mrs. Fred Llckteig, Mrs. Robert Gerlach, Mrs. Ansgar Schllchter. Gifts were exchanged. , The January meeting will be with Mrs. Francis Merten, Austin Rt. S. Mrs. Henry Nemitz Hostess at Party Mrs. Henry Nemitz, 304 Man- fcato, was hostess to Bishop Whip, pie Unit, Christ Episcopal rhurch at a 'Christmas party Thursday evening. Mrs. Donald Hormel led in devotions and "Christmas in Other Lands" was read with Mrs. Kate Stacy in charge. Mrs. Richard Tay lor poured as Mrs. Hormel assisted the hostess in serving lunch Guests included the Rev. and Mrs. T. J. Williams, Mrs. Ever ett Lunde, Mrs. James Cassidy and Mrs. Bergstrom. A purse wil be given a shutpin and gifts were presented for the Episcopal Home of Minnesota. Christmas Party far Excelsior Club The Excelsior Club held it! Christmas party Wednesday unerring at Enterprise School, Lyle Center. Supper was served to M members and guests and the program, presented by Mrs. Delia Scott, ncluded selections by the Zadwor- ny Accordion Band and group sing- ng of Christmas carols. Gifts were exchanged. Holiday Party for Legion, Auxiliary The Lyle American Legion and auxiliary held a Christmas party at Lyle Legion Hall, Tuesday. Gifts were exchanged and th_ film, "Camp Courage," was shown. The evening was spen playing 500 with prizes won by Alfred Nelson and Mrs. Gene De Laney. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Bertha Slinde, Mrs. Walte Sherman, Mrs. V e r n a Reinartz Mrs. Arthur Rohne, Mrs. Marion Schmidt and Mrs. Ida Perkins. Pythian Sisters Serve Oyster Stew A Christmas gift exchange an oyster stew 1 were held Tuesday evening when the Phythian Sisters, Lyle, met at the KP Hall. New members include Mrs. Lowell Parmenter, Mrs. Austin Whit- tlief and Mrs. Arden Busse. Plans were completed for Christmas caroling Monday. Twelve Christmas baskets will be distri buted to shut-ins. Installation of officers will be held Jan. 10. The U. S. Army Infantry M rifle weighs 9% pounds. The bay onet adds an extra pound. Viewing Problem From 2 Sides Canada was ceded to England in 1762. But, the French stayec there. JOHN TREEF Says . . . Select from Fashionable Scarfs, Stoles, Jackets, Coats ... oil prices . . . newest craftsmanship . . . excellent quality. AUSTIN FUR SHOPPE JOHN TREEF, Furrier 112 E. Water Austin, Minn. can't decide? let them do it. give For CHINA * JEWELRY SILVER * WATCHES Jewelry CHINA JEWELRY SILVER WATCHES Jrv*- CONVENIENT CREDIT PLANS THE FINEST FROM FRANCE! JE REVIENS (I WM Return) by FA.UFUMS WORTH Choice of the very feminine . . . definitely French. This exquisite fragrance in perfume end eau de cologne, It bottled in precious Lalique glass, ALL MADE, PACKAGED and SEALED IN FRANCE. They come to you either in magnificently columned or lound bottles (at shown) . . . All luxuriously nettled in white satin-lined boxea ... or in chic purse sizes with suede pouches. Yours . . , to give, or to ketp . . . always to lovel Aiattable too art Vorth't tnchantin* DANS LA Nil IT Hit Tkt Night) and the new REQUETE (By Requett). PERFUMES from $3.50 to $12.00 Eau de Cologne from $3.75 to $7.50 WOLD'S DRUG STORE Cosmetic Count tf Meat Items Make Delectable Gifts If you plan to solve some of your Christmas problems with practical gifts, consider a delectable meat item. And if you're, uncertain as to the right cut to sary for eac choose, just ask your meat dealer few pointers, for his suggestions.' Of course, selection is largely a matter of your own personal preference. Just ask yourself what cut you'd most like to receive and there is your solution. It may be a Porterhouse steak, standing rib roast of beef, leg of lamb, canned ham, Canadian - style bacon, frenched lamb rib chops, smoky sausage links or any number of other cuts. As with any Christmas gift, the wrapping is extremely important. Use every care to make the package as attractive as possible. Here are some of the things that it is advisable to have handy: Christmas gift wrappings, including paper and ribbons; scissors; trays or backing boards; cellophane or plastic tape; plain brown'paper wrap; roll or sheets of film or cellophane. The meats to be considered may be divided into five general cate- Bridal Shower Given Miss Patrica Luthe A bridal shower honoring Miss Patricia Luthe was held Thursday evening at the Methodist Church parlors in Lansing. Hostesses were Mrs. Martin Thompson, Mrs. Douglas Thompson, Mrs. Chris Crousore, Mrs. Raymond Mitchell and Miss Estelle Thompson. There were games and contests and Mrs. Mitchell made the presentation of gifts. Miss Luthe's marriage to Clifford Bailey will take place at 8 p.m. Dec. 26, at Lansing Methodist Church. Missionary Society | Sponsors Supper [ The Women's Missionary Society of the Church qf Christ sponsored an all-church pbtluck supper Wednesday evening at the dining hall. Pastor Herman Kooy showed movies and slides as he told of his trip to Winston • Salem, N. C and the Bible college there. The January meeting will be in the youth chapel. gories: frozen, fresh chilled, sausage and ready - to - serve, cured and smoked and canned. Different wrapping procedures are necessary for each. Following are a aw pointers. PROCEDURES IN WRAPPING FROZEN — Frozen meat cuts will undoubtedly be already wrapped in an air-tight vapor-proof seal. Ideally, these meat cuts would be most easily handled by packaging them in a cardboard box. However, if this is not available, use a tray or backing board to facilitate the operation. As a suggestion, it would be wise to cover the original wrap with plain brown paper before using the Christmas wrap due to the slight condensation. FRESH CHILLED — In wrapping a porterhouse steak or any other fresh cut of meat, use a tray or backing board. Cover the meat with film or cellophane an<3 make a tight seal with either plastic or cellophane tape. Again, a plain brown paper wrap would be advisable to use before using the Christmas wrap to guard against moisture. Birthday Club Meets for Luncheon The Happy Eight Birthday Club met for Christmas potluck luncheon Thursday with Mrs. Howard Blynn. Gifts were exchanged during the social hour and door prizes were awarded Mrs. Glen Hendryx and Paul Williams. PERSONAL NOTES Mrs. Nettie Fairchild, 1805 Me- Kinley, is recovering from a hip fracture at St. Olaf Hospital. Her room number is 281. Mrs. Roger Sweet, Highway 218- S, was hostess to Beta Mu Chapter, Epsilon Sigma Alpha, at a potluck dinner Tuesday evening. Christmas gifts were exchanged. b». 1866 Main at Bridge W •Hwta The name of Arkansas is a de rivation of the name of the Qua paw Indians. SAUSAGE, ready - to • serve, cured and smoked — Often you'll find these items in your meat dealer's display case already packaged with a firm backing and lightly sealed by a cellophane or film wrap as in the case of smoked sausage links. Again, it is recommended to use either a box or brown paper wrap as an additional protection before using your ailliant colored holiday paper. When the cured or smoked product is not already pre-packaged as in the case of a smoked ham, you might try this suggestion. First wrap the ham tightly in cellophane or film. In this instance, colored cellohane would add a decorative note. Again use the protective brown paper before the finishing touches are added. CANNED — These products, as you might expect, can be wrapped in Christmas finery without any added protection. In planning your Christmas list, it would be best to tell the recipient o! your meat gift to unwrap the package immediately for either refrigeration or freezer star- Mrs. Victor Pickett Is Club President Mrs. Victor Pickett was named president of the VFW Past President's Club Thursday evening. Members held a Christmas dinner party at the Dinner Bell preceding the business session. Other officers are Mrs.* Robert Rasmussen, secretary, and Mrs. LeRoy Anderson, treasurer. Secret pals were revealed in a gift exchange and during the social evening, 500 was played at the h o m e of Mrs. Lloyd Graves, 509 S. Main. Prizes were won by Mrs. C. E. Brugger and Mrs. Jess Britt. Mrs. Lyman Lingbeck and Mrs. Rasmussen were awarded door prizes. age In many instances cannec meats do not need refrigeration lowever,' it's best to unwrap the package and consult the directions on the can. . SANTA'S SUGGESTION A clever idea in presenting meat product as a gift, would be to accompany it with your favo rite recipe for the meat cut or a relish or garnish suggestion whie can be used in connection with th< serving of the meat cut. Here's a recipe for one sue' relish which you might like to kee on hand for just such an occasion Pineapple-Chutney Relish 1 can (13 oz.) crushed pineappl 2 tbs. chopped chutney an syrup Vi cup seedless raisins Vt cup chopped green pepper % clove garlic, minced % tsp. ground ginger % tsp. -salt V« cup brown sugar 2 tbs. vinegar Vt cup blanched almonds, slivered and toasted Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Chill. Yield: 1% cups relish. fiy ANN LANDERS Dear Ann: t read the recent assle in your column about tip- ing and 1 would like to say 1 link the whole system of tipping metis to the high heavens. You must pay at least 75 cents or an ounce of whiskey. The wankier places harge $1, There re 26 drinks in quart. This means anywhere rom $10 to $14 rofit per quart, till the bartend' r expects a tip. You carry your laggage a block rom the parking ot to' the hotel. Ann Landers Then you pay $15 a day for a decent room. A bellhop takes your tag to the room, turns on the ight, raises the window and expects 50 cents at least. I s a y here's enough profit in that room at $15 a day to pay the bellhop t good salary. He shouldn't need a tip. If anyone does an extra ser vice for me (like running an er rand or getting a suit pressed) he has something extra coming. But to soak the public for services they already paid for is unfair. Restaurant tipping is the worsl of all. Why should a girl be paid extra for putting a meal on the table? Patrons aren't expected to go into the kitchen to get their food. I'd prefer to pay $3 for a meal, instead of $2.50 and have the restaurant pay the waitress a respectable salary. It would make everyone a whole lot happier. LIVE AND LET LIVE Dear Ann Landers: Thank you or saying a good word In behalf f people who must live on tips. The public doesn't realize how much their gratuities mean to a working man who must feed, cldthe and educate a growing family. My husband is a doorman at a ashtonable eating place. I can't ell you what his salary is because f his boss reads this in the paper and hooks him up in any way with my letter he'll get into trouble. Take my word for it, his base pay s so low it's almost an insult. People who eat in this restaurant must have plenty of money because the prices are very high. An extra 50 cents or $1 doesn't mean one thing to them. On a rainy night it's, well worth It to be able to jump Out of car, under a canopy and not have to worry about parking troubles. My husband has come home many a night, drenched to the skin. Whan I ask "How did you do, honey?" he puts the money on the kitchen tatfle. Many a night it is less than $6. 1 think the places who hire these people should pay them a decent wage so they wouldn't have to de^ pend on tips. But until this happens, there is no other way but to rely on the generosity of people who understand the problem. — Thank you for helping, Ann. — RESPECTFULLY YOURS, A DOORMAN'S WIFE Dear "Live and Let Live" and "Doorman's Wife": Interesting that you view the problem from opposite sides, yet you both agree that "the system" is to blame and the solution is decent salaries. I agree wholeheartedly. Tfttofcf W you (and others who wfott itotat this lubject). Dear Ann Landers: I'm new Id this town, 28 years of age, tfttt a good Job, drive a nice Cflf, eHfo« stdered good looking, and would like a little help from you, I don't know any women And It occurred to me that you must get lots of letters from gata who Mi lonesome and in need of malfl companionship. I'm not looking to get serious, you understand, t Jus* want to get acquainted with some chicks who like the same things I like. Namely, dancing, bowling, roller-skating, conversation and naturally, romance. Don't ten me to join a church group. I've Seen those creeps and every one of them has a crooked hem of « man's haircut. Help — and hurry .-ITCHY Dear Itchy: Maybe it's flea pow« der you need — not girls. I never put readers in touch with one another through this column» Besides, how can I tell from ft letter if the girl has a crooked hem or a man's haircut? Find your own, Bub. To learn how to keep your boy; friend in line without losing him,send for Ann Landers' new booklet , "Necking and Petting — And How Far To Go," enfclosing with your request 20 cents in coin and* a large, self-addressed stamped en* velope. ; (Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problem. Send them to her in care of THE HERALD enclosing a stamped, self- addressed envelope.) bmmunity Guild Holds Yule Party Rose Creek Community Guild bad its Christmas party Wednesday at the home of Ms.. Roy Larsen. Mrs. Verd Classon, opened the meeting with Bible study. Donations were made, to mentally retarded, Minnesota Boys Town and Salvation Army. The program consisted of readings, poems and songs by Mrs. Classon, Mrs. Jay Johnson, Mrs. George Hunst and Mrs. John Merrill. The meeting closed with an exchange of Christmas gifts. Mrs. Merrill will be hostess for the January meeting. Poem Is Written for Women of Moose An original peom, "A Tribute to the Men and Women of the Moose," written by Mrs. Hans Voss, was read by Mrs. Raymond Granle when the Women of the Moose met Thursday evening. Members met at the Moose Home. Mrs. Lewis' Bowers read a bulletin from the Minnesota Society for Crippled Children and a check was received from the Golden Age Club. "The Birthday Song" honored Mrs. Mary Maloney, Mrs. Harold Miller and Mrs. Wilbert Mauer. Mrs. Maloney was awarded the mystery box and door prizes were given Mrs. Walter Yarwood and Mrs. Mauer. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Oscar Baldner and committee. The building of monasteries did not originate with the Christian world. St. Theresa Unit at Baumgart Home St. Theresa Unit met Thursday at the home of Mrs. Robert Baumgart for a Christmas dinner party. Co-hostesses were Mrs. Richard Olson, Mrs. John Wagner, Mrs. LuVerne Adams, Mrs. James Cahill, Mrs. Robert Thomas, M'rs. Wilton Meurer and Mrs. Robert Enright. Elected chairmen were Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Vernon Kerling. During a social hour prizes were awarded to Mrs. Almon Haney, Mrs. Frank Ryan, Mrs. E. Y. Mentz, Mrs. Ray Arens, Mrs. Vernon Kerling, Mrs. Lawrence Enright, Mrs. James B. Grossman and Mrs. Gilbert Bawek. Hostesses for January are Mrs. Joseph Chrz and Mrs. James Fuller. Careless smoking and matches caused 127,000 fires in the United States in a single year. AUSTIN (Minn.) HERALD Q Friday, Dec. 19, 1958 if Yule Program Held at Rose Creek s A Christmas program was presented for Rose Creek PTA Thursday evening at the school. Students of grades one through, eight took part in the presentation of musical selections and readings. There was a vocal duet by Joanne Brown and Carol Bendtsen and selections by the band and chorus under the direction of Curt Wilkenson. Mrs. Gallaher and Mrs, Oddny Borchert were program CCK chairmen. Christmas films were shown before Santa Claus arrived with treats for the children. A recording of the "Star Spangled Banner" was presented Supt. H. S. May by Mrs. Dale Nelson. Mrs. Jacob Majerus and committee served lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Baumgartner, 708 N. Elm, left Wednesday by plane to spend the Christmas holidays with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. David Oswald and son, Santa Clara, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Nicholsen and Diane, Minneapolis, spent Thursday night with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Thompson, 301 S. St. Paul, and left this morning for Florida. great G greater reatest 9 GREAT ALBUMS BY THESE GREAT ARTISTS • Weil perfumes - Whi*per You Appreciate Individuality ANTILOPE- Perfumt $3.50; Toilqf Water $3.50 ZIBELINE- Perfume $3.50; Toilet Water $3.50 CASSANDRA- Perfume $3.50; Cologne $3.50 All Made, Bottled and Sealed in France. Wold's Drug Store Perfume Counter l»». !•«• Austin GIFT EVERY WOMAN WANTS . Certificate SLENDERIZING TONY BENNETT —Tony's ROSEMARY CLOONEY— Greatest Hits CL 1229 Rosie's Greatest Hits CL 1230 Here Is A Gift That Gives Milady Her Greatest Desire- The charm of attractiveness Our large number of satisfied customer* i* your guarantee of assured results. Give her a truly valuable Yule gift. Ramseth Slenderizing Salon mm m DORIS DAY—Doris Day's Greatest Hits Cl 1210 GREATEST HITS: 'JOHNWMffHB! *»(*"*»« !«•¥«>« OttfcfeDnl ta»«il4fe *.<* (»**** THE FOUR LADS—The Four FRANKIE LAINE—Frankie JOHNNY MATHIS —Johnny's Lads'Greatest Hits CL 1235 Laine's Greatest Hits CL 1231 Greatest Hits CL 1133 101 S«. Greenwich Hf 3-3195 GUY MITCHELL —Guy's JOHNNIE RAY—Johnnie Ray's JO STAFFORD—Jo s Greatest Greatest Hits CL 1226 Greatest Hits CL 1227 Hits CL 1228 BRINGING YOU THEIR GREATEST HITS ON HIGH-FIDELITY RECORDS BYJ e-Wi^"«Y*KW fe A «MMM «(Mm COLUMBIA i? AUSTIN Open Evenings Until Christmas ALBERT LEA ROCHiSTIl

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