Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 15, 1965 · Page 12
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 12

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1965
Page 12
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TWELVE fRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JUNE 15, 1965. Your Horoscope By Sydney Omorr Wednesday, June 16 "The wise man controls his destiny . . Astrology points the COLOR STAMP-ONS ARIES i Mar. 21-Apr. in>: Day to concentrate on busin ess affairs. Be specific about requirements, goals. Exhibit confidence Show superiors you can handle responsibility. Be aware ind enthusiastic. TAURUS (Apr. 20 - May 20 1: Oet idea from Aries message. i'our sphere of activity widens. You now have more influen c e ;han you imagine. Finish projects. Advertise and commu n i:ate. GEMINI (May 21 -June 20 >: You can now perceive hidcl e n meanings. Dig deep for meaningful information. Associa t e s may express fear, doubt. Your job is to explnin. Be ration a 1. 3et to root of problem. CANCER (June 21-July 22 1: Trust intuition. Get impression. Follow through with research. People may confide in you . . . request aid. Fine. But don't waste emotional energy. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): No time to lose cemper. Remember past lessons Steady pace is best. Avoid sensational actions, statements. Be considerate of associates Cooperate. VIRGO fAug 23-Sept. 22): Recent change brings about need for greater concentration. When money question aris e s. take time to check var ions sources Leo individual could provide clue. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Good time for answering questions concerning property, sales and purchases. You are now able to obtain needed information. Avoid emotionalism. C o n- centrate on basic facts. Progress indicated. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): , Try now to solve domestic problem thiough neart-to-heart talk. Don't run away from unpleasant situation By facing dilem m a you arrive at helpful conclusion. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) : Spotlight on possess! o n s, inventory Later changes may occur, including possible journey. Don't commit yourself to only one course of action. Be •ware of alternatives. CAPRICORN. (Dec. 22- Jan. 19): Now you can show progress. Ideas prove workable. Wonderful for activity in special prelect New acquaintance could play paramount role. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-F e b. 18): Onlique approach gets best results. You must be tact f u 1 now — especially where mo n e y enters picture. No time to threaten. Do point out advantages and BRIDGE BY JACOBY NORTH A Q 108 * 98 75 • A 32 + KQ9 15 WEST EAST * J 7 3 * 5 2 V 4 V A ,T 6 3 2 • KQJ108 » 964 #J754 +1063 SOUTH (D) * AK9C4 VKQ10 475, 4 A82 Bolh vulnerable South West North East 1 6 Pass 2 * Pass 2 N.T. Pass 3 N.T. Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—• K PRESS-ON TRIM!—Treat chil- ! dren's wearable and linens to a cute look—trim them with these pretty bluebird motifs! Just press on, no einbroidery needed! ( Pattern No. 2762-H has oplor transfer for 14 motifs of various sizes. To order, send 35c in coins to: i Anne Cabot, Iromvood Daily Globe, 407 S. Wacker Drive Chicago, 111. 60607 For Ist-class mailing add lOc for each pattern. Print name address with zip code, style No. i and size. Send 50c now for your new '65 ! Spring-Summer Album! Regular [features; custom collection; I items to crochet, knit, stitch! benefits. PISCES (Feb. 19-Mar. 20i: Partnership difficulties c o uld j arise if you are abrupt with an-, 1 swers. Means use forthought. | There are friendships, promises I to consider. Obtain hint from Aquarius message. 6 ii 6 If today is your birthday .... you are attracted to the arts. You could be driving force behind a creative organization, ft o o General tendencies: Cycle high for Aquarius. Special word to | Virgo: Don't be in too much of; a rush—especially around ma-' i chinery or in traffic. ACCOKDION The name accordion first appeared in the 1829 patent of C. Demian, Vienna, though an earlier model was patented in Berlin in 1822, according to the En- cyclopaedia Britannica. BUGS BUNNY IP VA LE'AVE VER CAR THERE/VA'LL GET A PARKIN TICKET! CARNIVAL—By Dick Turner "Well, gee whiz! I didn't think you wanted mud all over your A, fcrand flew door mat!" v ; • ' Kv JACOBY & SON Today's hand from the recent Great Lakes Regional in Grand Rapids was bid to game by every North and South pair" and game was always made but there was considerable match point difference. At most tables South played in four spades and made four when West opened his singleton heart and rivo when West opened his diamond suit. A couple of South players opened one no-trump and were promptly raised to the no-trump game. We don't approve the no- trump opening. On rare occasions we do open one no-trump with a worthless doubleton, on many occasions with a five-card major suit, but never when we have both the worthless doubleton and the five card major. Several South players reached the no-trump game after the bidding as shown in the box. North's two diamond response was a temporizing bid that led easily to three no-trump after South retaid two no-trump. Q—The bidding has been: South West North East 1 * Pass 1 V Pass You, South, hold: 4K654 VA32 *K65 «K43 What do you do? A—Bid one spade. There is * strong: temptation to bid one no-trump but your partner just might have four spades and yon should not take a chance on losing the spade suit if he does. TODAY'S QUESTION You bid one spade and he raises to two spades. What do you do now? Answer Tomorrow In spite of the diamond bid West had nn trouble selecting the king of diamonds as his opening lead South held off until the third diamond and eventually made four no-trump because East held the ace of hearts and no more diamonds. Top score went to one pair who reached three no-trump after a two club response by North- -a raise to three clubs by South and a rather peculiar but highly successful three no- trump by North. This left Ecst on lead and he had a very natural opening of his fourth best heart whereupon North was able to take 11 tricks. Quick Quiz Q—What is the meaning of the name Giselle? A—It's a German name meaning "pledge." Q—What is the phase of the moon during a solar eclipse? A—Eclipses of the sun always i occur at new moon. ; Q—What is the insect that always walks backwards? A—The ant lion or "doodle- jbug." I Q—What is the trend on capital ; punishment? ! A—The trend now seems to be i running against it. At present 11 i states have abolished the death ! penalty. There were only 21 exe- j cutions in the United States in ! 1963, as against 199 in 1935. Rockland Personals [ _____^______^__—___^___ Relatives and friends called at the home of Mrs. Charles Johnsrn June 1, to celebrate her birthday anniversary. The after|noon was spent socially and Mrs. Johnson received a number of cards and gifts. Mrs. Louis Allaire and Mrs. | J o h n Erickson were recent j Houghton shoppers and also I visited with Mrs. Erickson's daughter. Mrs. Robert Saarl, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Hilger and family visited his parents, Mr. and Mrs. James F. Hilger, for a few days. Mrs Clyde Harrison and son Sheldon, Detroit, recently visited here. Mrs. Harrison was formerly Rosetta Fend. Miss Roberta Hilger, who has been a r tudent at the Ray Vogue private school for girls in Chicago, will transfer to Michigan Technological U n 1 v e rsity at Hough-.-rn in the fall. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Benin and family of Bergland recently visited friends here. Mrs. Margaret Hoffman and Mrs. Eskil StrolJe, Ontonagon, were recent Ironwood callers. BEN CASEY SIDE GLANCES—By Gill Fox b .,5 1945 b, Nf*. !„<. TW l,g. Ul. Nl. 0(1 "RememtDer 'Around the World in 80 Days?' I"d like to eo around the world in 80 dresses!" Foodstuff Answer to Previous Puzzl* ACROSS slew V AM 5 Lobster -9 Corn on the 12 Iroquoian 1ml hin 13 Weaver did it 14 Rucharistic wine vessel 15 Lady's maids 17 Males 18 Anoint 19 Nut kernel confection 21 national '23 Fairy fort 24 Golfer's term 27 Fashion 29 Rodent 32 Football learn 34 Egg dish 36 Vilify 37 Father or mother 38 Purposes 39 Pace 41 Depot (ab.) 42 Tier 44 Shield hearing 46 Including everything 49 Feminine appellation 53 Cook's utensil 54 Misconceptions 56 Circle part 57 Level 58 Plagues for payment 59 Lixivium CO Be bonie til Cache DOWN 1 flreek loiter 2 "Kmerald Isle' 3 Ireland 4 'I' HQC3 SCZOL3 C9DQ E3QDQ 5 Number 6 Boisterous player 7 Working ox 8 Punitive 9 Negligee jackets 10 Forebode 11 Fatal mischief 16 Carnivore 20 and onions 22 Itoman date - - - — 24 South American 31 Feminine name 46 Gent nation 33 Face mask 47 Modify 25 Mall brews 35 Sugar (pi.) 48 Son of Jacob 26 Dignity 40 Rang a bell SO Tart 28 Sot methodically 51 llostclrics 30 Church fast 43 Water walker 52 Essential being season 45 Annul 55 One (Fr.) N N 1 SUGGEST A MB**!- CONDI- THE X-RAYS. Dlt»DU EXAMINE THE/A? FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill PRISCILLA'S POP By A1V« OUR NEW COMPUTER! IT'S GONE ALREADV.' MORTY MEEKLE By Dick Craltt CAPTAIN EAST By Leslie Toner T THE rao COWHWZEM KOO LOCKER . .. SACK*, STUFFED TO I IV INSPECTOR COB THE «UM XU *EE-L O SCOUANP VAROj 8V JOVE.THATT'VOU'RE UNDER "T wu&Tt ANONVMOU5 TIP/ ARREST FOR TH 1 A "HRT. WAS A RUPPV t ROYAL WAIL TRAIN *U CHAPS WINDFALL'. J.OOK.V ROBWERY IN '<&•) MUST BE KIW>ING1 THE BORN LOSER By Art tt?, THE KrfS POW/M XT ^TA «* STOOP UP ALLEY OOP \ou-Rer AN A OH, YES, BUT r HAVENT EARTHMAN, J BEEN BORN YET.,.WON'T ' BE 'FOR ANOTHER FEW MILLION YEARS... By V. T. ...YOU SEE, TRAVELED BACK THROUGH TIME JUST TO MEET VOU CHARMINS MARTIANS... -PREPOSTEROUS, JYE^ DOCTOR, ISN'T IT? VrMAFRAJP IT IS.' HOWP •you KNOW WE WERE HERE? PLEASE \ WAIT.' I PASS THE I. COULP I SAW V SALT.' /USE SOME >OU ON \_ _^X SALT ON TELEVISION.',/ \\\ THAT MY... + \\ ^ SELF/ » OUT OUR WA*_By J. B. Williams AAV NERVOUS \ /WELL,DON'T \ INDIGESTION COMES ON ME RIGHT AT LUNCH ' WATCH 'EM.» THEM KIDS AIN'T DRAWN BLOOD, VET/ BUT I CAN'T .WATCH 'EM' DE POPPA CLOSSIMQ DE DOOR .'FROM DE NIGHT SHEEFT, HE SNORINK.JDEE6; GEEF ME DE HAT ACHE.' OUR BOARDING HOUSE—with Major Hoopla / POOR PUNCHY—'i/SEAH,P(JNCHy WEIGW ADVANTAGE OVER CONCENTRATE ON YOUR FOOTWORK HAMOIN' tWE / tEMDERLOlN •SUNDAY PUNCH/ NOW COME OUT FK5UTISX5 WHEN CLYDE 6GLU.' HE SPENT THE TO SHOW A CRICKET HOWTO OFPTH& PORCH;

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