The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 17, 1894 · Page 1
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 1

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 17, 1894
Page 1
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VOL. XVIII. *NO. 17, CARROLL, IOWA, FRIDAY, AUGUST 17, 1894. WHOLE NO. 905, OTOWLEDGB Brings oonfort and improvementund fends to ; personal enjoyment -when 'lightly UK*. The many, who live better than, otters and enjoy life mere,'with fan expenditure, by mote promptly ••faptiiir the world's best products to *he need* -of physical being, will-attest J*he value' to health of the pare) liquid .laxative r principles embraced ito the t*emedy;~Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to ita presenting lin the fcrm most acceptable and pleas- «nt to tfce taste, the refreshing «nd truly MbefMal properties of a perfect hue* .•ative; 'effectually cleansing tfite- system, dispelling colds, headaches and fever? «nd permanently curing constipation. It ha« given satisfaction to millions and met'Wnth the approval at ithe medical profession, because it act* on' the Kid* neya, Liver and Bowels without weak- enlajg them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. 8yrup of Figs is for safety all drug- glets in 60c and $1 bottle*, bat it is manufactured by the California. Fig Syrup ' Go. only, whose name is printed on every package,also the naiae,Syru P of Figs, >«nd being well informed, you will not "accept any substitute if «Bered. OHUBOH P1BBCTOBT lwi. U*. •>.;' evening semees - c - K servus, a p. m.; ana- Bay. Qao. •CLSOM, Pastor. BARISC. sertloe, 11 a, m.; evening eerrtee -..P. 8. 0._«. sstvleee pTja,; Bon- W. H. . . _ _ ^_ Bav. J. 0. HgoMsroEsmi, Pastor ODMT, anpermteodsaf. flBOBNING servlee, •fj-.,*-* a. •,; *T*alai esrvlss, •p. p.'m,i Prajer Meeting, Tttttnda7BvsBUig,*1 9. a. Bav. W a. nrasmoH. Pastot. On. WM, HmragBT. aapertntenaent Uarroll f oat-Offlo*. Malls at the olooe oleae aa t olowt: going, east: 2:40 and T40 o'clock p. m, '(tolagwest: 1:30 p. M. aadfeta o'oleek p. n Office Often on Sunday ffen* to 10 a. m. en4 from 8 to l p. m. STAB BOOTES. Mt. Oarm«l aad Kentner, dally except Sundai Departs 12 m., anlvesatf 5)),p.,ai. Coon Bapldi. CarroUton, Wlller-Tetedar, Thursday, Saturday, arrives 13*. deparUlpVai. O. * N. W.Time oara. •e. 1 Overland lUaltsc....".,"... .".'.10 H a. m. •e. I Denver Looal...,.«...!J.JJ2JJJ I JJJJ|*' •*>. f PeeiaelspnM '. I60p. m! * ft I v^?>^::::;::;::::::. 8 !$,•:£ oliate, we have had lots of trouble with Lord Bnseell and it has only been with Ike utmost vigilance that we have kept trim from doing something desperate. Shortly after our arrival he conceived the idea that nothing could be raise* here unless it waa irrigated, aid acting on this theory be went and purchased a rubber irrigating bag with which he has been experimenting ever since, not on the cereals of the country but on himself. On Saturday evening, when the sweet strains of music front the Doolap Indies' band wnfted .forth from the veranda of the "Evans," a crowd of urchins could be seen in front of the atone cave that contains tbe famonaXidney Springs, yelling and shouting like Camanone Indians. Curiosity brought as to the spot, and found that the excitement was caused by our oaptain of tbe olnb perched on top of the cave with hie arms surrounding the -Mtue of the lovely and voluptuous Indian maiden, Minnekahta, imploring her to assist him in holding his irrigating bag, so that the great feat he waa BOOT' >> do could be more easily accomplished. «0ur dear captain ia now hidden in Wind cave looking for the arrival of Baroo3feokels, who will make a thorough examination of ita various chambers a*d ase it it ia a fit place for lords, dukes and barons to dwell in. One of the greatest obstacles that we have bad to overcome wag bow to gel the baron tnrowgfa'the cave without walking. He himseK suggested that ha would wait until next year and perhaps by that time they wotld have rolling chain for the acoosMBoJeiion of those thai did not want to welk,-4>nt the ingenuity of tbe frootiensnM Je never lacking, and U waa resolved to fasten two pair of roller skates on bias, «ne pair on bis feet, another on tbe aeat of bis trousers, and propel them with a storage battery; in this way be could doable tup like a jack knife and could bait at leisure so the guide (who, by tbe way, talks English, French and Qermraj) ooald fully explain to him fee variona interesting chambers contained therein. 'One depraved youth in our party thought tbat in fear of the battery giving out, it might be well to have a pioper -does of bogumalognm along, aad in case of emergency apply that go that tbe jooMey could be made without interruption. The caravan ia new moving towards tbe>oave and we look for the beat reswlte and will report in due time. LI HUNG CHANG. J '""- be ever aomnoh oioer if they (the girls) were to play with one another intead of deatroying the aport of the entire olab. We would suggest that perhaps the shoe should be put upon the other foot and arranged with should be put forward to uphold the honor of our oitv in the court. They certainly could do no worse than the gentlemen did in the game!8atnrday last, when they lost three doubles and three aioglee, winning only oae single. The following is the score: that in the next game another olnb the ladies for determination at the session of grand lodge, jnst clewed, and they sustained the order of thegraadohnoellor and rendered their decision, that Crystal lodge should pay these claims, Inns fully vindicating our lodge in the course they had taken. Kenilworth lodge is entitled to this information, ai there waa considerable talk about their not taking oar* of, and paying their debts, and it waa all done under a misrepresentation of the facia. Ktnilworth lodge is on a sound financial basis, and pays all the debts of Wasser ft Hanaen e McAllister*Weaton a TalbojiDay 6 «othrle 4 Drake g Turner* Tobej a Tobej j Brake e Tamer g t 3 j their contracting, and is in a very flonr- g '| iehing condition, and we are glad they have received 'the vindication they so fully deserved. I Overland limited a 10 p. m • Denver Local [SEaTS W P p. S >•«»£«. Me. •e. ___ •e. I Atlantis•ipNss....4 l 'f"^j •e. 10 Des Molnea Passenger. a •e.M rnUht,WeetBMeteBoeae.:tt HOOT cm Am mimiM a*AMan Ip. m 9 a. m. tapresa, ••sr. fit: ftts i Agent Dr. Okas. «L. Wright, after having perforated all the feats advertised, leaves' for home tonight great)v improved and benefited. The balance of oar parly is scattered on tbe mountains today bwt take it all in all are having a good tioso. Tonight we >will have a general round up; and I will report progress aa occasion demands. Aug. U. M. »«r e 6 Smith a i Talboy 9 g Outhrle 7 Q Drake, it will be seen, ie the only one of th*> party who came out of the con VK"£** • J. E. oagAQsai O. M. *JK P. aVy, gaweaa TBAIH AV sunue •w::::::::::::::::: ffi:Z \E^E££E$tz tBA|M ewas nan spniiros. UTK.a| UOBT OM TDM AOTIOM8 Of LO1U> ADB8*bb AJJD DAMON KOOKKU, WUIIiK ODr IM WKVrOOI.Y WK8T. HDMKUi ArraMlTH IV 80LVH TflB QHBAT PMOBUUH Of 1HHI OAUOM VfUILK NOOKIjKa U VWB to wi'LoBH TUB WOMDUW or WIND "Though lost to night Vot still to uiuuiory ««ar." A HOBO. The delegates who returned Friday ing from the congressional convention at Boon*, inform us that a few of those who wereJiseatisned with the action of the convention in indorsing tbe nominee of the Peopled party met in a convention of their own aad nominated a straight Democratic candidate by the name of L. B.Lang, of Peoabontas county. Tbe nominee is • postmaster in that county and, we ara led to believe, not overstocked with go >d common swjae or be would never hav« gone into auy deal of this kind at tbe behest of the Deliver ma. cbi«e aimjsljr ia (MOOOM a cafe paw. If the nomiuea, being a federal office bolder, bad used aay political judgment, ke would have been willing to have abided by tbe deoiaioo of the great majority of bis party and aot Bade aa exhibition of test with any credit, winning a eingte. Of course we should have been glad' bad Carroll won. but if tbe defeat re-; «nlta in the boys coming down off their high bone and admitting that tbe girle can play a little we shall be rather glad than otherwise. Blsea tbe dear girla, anvwav! Tro SENTINEL dose not propose to stand idly by and see them pot, •upon, even if the whole male contingent baa to suffer. However, Carroll had a nice time, even cf they couldn't play tennis. There was! ttotbiug in Oaatana too good for them and! they have nothing but praise for toe! faoapitable people of tbat thriving place, wfco did all in their power to make the stay there extremely pleasant, barring the little thing of letting our boya win; L iion U «l«r«ya Ibe first on d«ok ia the raiog «l.lite pottoffloa at Bot Sprtof t to get law BIWTINIU, and p«ruae ita | foiufluw fur<lu» utwt, nud I aatare p<m |a*|»oittJJy,i» very much interested aad _ I woixtarlug whjr you don't eay aoiiaelhiug •bout tbe water works and wbalhar or I (lot you iiuve bad auy raiu slnos we left. IjPoor Haw, we am worried about fain and f fe«r (feat the Hot fipriugw bare com ' up*«t blmf Ita weuilmra back to oftau, and dfaame of his old !|Mrd« George liabaryer to oomtautly iMkMt is really pitiful to a»e him, yet pith propr uuraiug we have hope* of big v MU) Biuoe Ool. Hark* took himself. We aan usually oeoot on there being some bobo 40 every convention willing to stultify ^is party and die- grace himself for a little cheap notoriety We feel, if there is a chance for the peo pie to defeat poUiver, 4nat it to our duty to embrace the opport«aity, bill we can not do it hy such wot* aa wai done a thai <poavaotioD. OAKTAMA. CarN>llbaaatenui*elub,or did have uravioua to l«at Saturday, •hen some of tue uewbera went to Oaetaua to play •Uh a ol«b at tbat plaoo, Whether our elub will ao* dieaolve remain to be de. teruiiied, Many people who «re inter, upholding the honor of our city Uiak Hi diaiuiuliou might not tea bad wovs. The olub oousiate of young «di**an<l geullMneo and the latter h«v« bwu quit* lordly iu their assumptUMi of upwloriljr om the f«irw and gautlw avvt •ome baviug avan |Que 10 far M to o«iouete Ikjtl tba girto eould not play a til* bit ana Ibat they tbouf ut it «o«ld A return game is being arranged for and will.probablv take place ia this city next Monday, when we hope to aee Oar- roll give a better account of herself. WlNDlOATBD. Than «as a matter came up before tbe Orao4 lodge Jast week, thai waa of particular taaporlaaoe to Keoilwortb lodge K. of P H and in .which they ware fully vindicated in their course. Last atuamar a brother knight, J. 0. Whjteaostou, a member of Crystal lodge, of Neola, Iowa, 'was taken sick at the residence of Mrs. Harwell, and oar boys took every ASM of him that waa powible, furniauiog watchers, auti doing all iu tltair power to aid him during bia sick A SAD AFFAIB. Monday -afternoon Tom Wbalen, a barber in our .city, was arrnigned before Esquire Lynch on tbe ennrfla of aesanlt and battery «pon hie wife, on an information eworn out by her. From tbe evidence it appears tbat on Saturday evkug Tom hsd been in the habit of giving nil his money to his wife. Monday afternoon be asked her for 82 50 to make a payment on some 'furniture be had purchased on tbe installment plan. Hie wife, seeing that he was somewhat under tbe influence of liquor, refused to give it to him. Tbia angered him and in an effort to take the money from her be handled her very roughly, but she wae plucky and escaped with the money and wear md swore out tbe information as sUtSSi above. The state was represented by Conrl- Atloroey Korte and Qeo. W. Bowon appeared for the prisoner. The j net ioe imposed <a floe of $20 and costs upon the prisoner and in default of pay- meni was sent to tbe county jail for six days. In tbe evening Mrs. Whalen sent a note to the justice asking to have 110 of the flne remitted and she would pay church is practically cot of debt. This ia a good eboring forjlhia year especially, and the pastor, Bev. Nelson, has every reason to feel encouraged in the work. MATOHBD GAME O F TENNIS. Tuesday, Aug. 21, is the time selected for the return game between Oastana and Carroll. The game wHl be played on the Thalian tennis grounds west of the high School building. The forenoon game will be called at 9 o'clock. Singles—Toby vs. Drake, Turner v«. List, Day vs. Smith, Talboy ve. Qnthrie, AFTERNOON OAMBS. Doubles—Haneon & Wasser vs. Korte & L. McAllister, Turner & Toby. ve. Liek & Smith, Talboy A Day v«. Ontario & O. McAllister. E. H. Wadsworth will aot aa umpire. An admission fee of 10 cents will be charged to pay for aesting tbe grounds. A cordial invitation ia extended to all. The home olnb feels confident in guaranteeing a flrat class game. BOUND OVBB. Buchanan Conner was arraigned Tuesday before Esquire Lynch on the charge of forgery, having executed a note for $350 signed by bis father Geo. Connor and dispose* of it to A. W. Patterson over a year ago. Waving preliminary hearing be waa bound over to await tbe action of fthe grand jury and bia bail placed at 8600. He was returned to jail in default of bail but will endeavor to secure it in a few daye. . Piles! Piles l Itching Plies. Symptoms moisture; intense Itching and stlna .ogjinust at night; worse by scretcnFng. l" a* ' OW «J to continue tumors forms whloh often bleed and ulcerate, becoming vet ,»ore. Sway- no's ointment stops the HchlngianSl Weening, heals ulcenttlon aad In most canes remnres the Dr. Swayne * Son, Philadelphia.' 6a-96* CARROLL Classified Business Directory. —-~- , — " MILLINERY. MRS, M. SHADLB, Fashionable Millinery. MI88 ELLA TODD. Millinery and Kano» Ooodi FINANCIAL. MUST NATIONAL BANK, Cor. Main and Flftn Streets. NORTHWESTERN BUILDING AND LOAM ASSOCIATION, Fifth Street PEED MILLS. I- J - * J- B. MATLOCK, Fifth Street. HARNESS, ETC. L. T. ANDKKSON, Harness and Horse Clothing, Trunks, Valises and Sewing Machines. WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. STEPPtJHN, "The Diamond," Fourth Street PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. SHBFFIELD A PATTERSON. Wind Mills, Tanks and Pumps. JOB PRINTING. DAILT SENTINEL, Adams Street. Best Equipped Printing Ogee In Wgatern lorn. Professional Cards. JAS. L. MARTIN. G. E. MARTIN. MARTIN & MARTIN, LAWYERS^ Wl11 J^raTo'c'arU' 16 ^•Prompt attention given to collections. Notary In office. Office In HeLagan Block. BEACH A HOYT LAWYERS. *B {tat* and fr^sral eooru. OSes ea Msln street. orer NUwongei'i dri goodsstonT DIMS and death wbioh followed. Crystal lodge wa* informed of bia and atflt a reprcMoiativo to •asary arrangement* for I comfort, and at tka different ttoaa he WM hart want to cpueidMabte eipaaM and incurred debt* tbal had to be p_jd At the time, when it WM apparent thai tbara would be trouble if theae debts went not paid, Crystal M««> a*nt oar odge 140, aayiog that wu all tb»y bad M t of Iba siok and f a»or»| beueat, after >aviug the uaraa aant bere by MMW, ajid bey did uot propose to pay anything wow. Tba waiter wat preaeotod to Iba rand obauwllor. C. F. KeubuU O f iauiaon, «»d he ordsred tb»w to pay tbe Miaooadoa. From this ordar, Oryatol ladn« appialtf, i»d tba naiur oamt up •the rest. This was done by Whalen'a •igniog a written statement that da would refrain from drinking spirituous liquors for a period of one year. The affair is a disgraceful one and Tom should be sorely ashamed of him- aslf. If he ia not entirely lost to all that goes to make a man be will from thia day on prove to the people that be ia aorry (or the wrong he committed agafnst bis wife and children and try to make their liv<w pleuwnt instead of a bell on earth as ae ie doing by suck proceedings. Tom, be a man, ttereia still hope for you and we sincerely trust that yon will improve it, for our hearts go out in sympathy for tbat wife and children of yours who are being disgraced by such aotioua. DBJMOAXIID, Tbe Church of God WM dedicated in luieoityoo Buudav and the oeremoo iw were particularly interesting and wer well atteuded. Elder M. 8. Newcomer, of Osdar ttapidt, had charge of (us services. Be delivered a very able awniou in the morning aad also in the evening. The uoiou gervieee held ia the afternoon v *re aUo well attended. Elder Newcomer had charge of theewwrvloM also and WM bf H»v. Follow and Rev. I'nouipsou of this city «ud lUv. of Ida Grove. A collection WM taken* up al tl» olua* of tu» Mrvioag iu tbe fore- A debt of about 11,600 bad beau in the erection of tbe new build- JAPANESE ARE QUITE CONFIDENT. O*mp*Tl«»B of the Fighting Btrength ot the Two Belligerent Power* VICTORIA. B. C., Aug. lo.—The Tacoma, from Hong Kong, arrived at this port Wednesday. The weather log it brief. She left Hong Kong July 1», Shanghai July SM and Kobe July 39. So far as could be gathered, the populai feeling in Yokohama is at the concert pitch. A number of leading Americana have made contributions of rice and saki and all is hurry bustle and fighting talk. Lieutenant General Takaahima expressed himself as follows at Q»aku: The military equipment of the country became perfected by degrees since the organization of divisions in 1889. At present the Japanese army need not fear any country in the world, with the exception of three or four republic*. In comparing their navy with that of China, Japan is inferior in point of tonnage by some »4,000 tons, but China has vessels with epped of only 12 knots while Japan has vessels of 18 knots. As to skill and anna China is no match for Japan. Moreover she has only HO vessels of the China Merchants Steamship and Navigation company as transports which she requires for the transportation of rice for the interior. But Japan has about 60 steamers ef over 2,000 tons for that purpose of recently purchased vessels. As it is the first occasion on which eteel armored squadrons are to engage in combat, foreign powers will regard with attention the issue of the naval engagements. The present occasion is worthy of our full exertion and it will be H good opportunity to show the world what our military strength is. Since the naval fight off Fusan, the running of Japanese steamers between Jiozin and Fuaan bos been atupeuded. General travel ou the smaller Oriental lines U very much broken and news of an authentic nature Is difficult to obtain. In Yokohama it is believed that China's plan will be to march troops into Corea by way of Wlju, andfthe Japanese government it said to be taking steps accordingly. Tho report that tho Chinese minister waa to start for home on July 88 is denied. He is sold to have received in- structiona not to leave until tho withdrawal of the Japanese charged' affaires at Pckiu. The Hoob rwports that intolligouce ia said to have beeu reoolvtxl at Tokio to the effect thnt tho Chinese man-of-war, which flod eastward to the Coroon coast after tho engagement on tho 85th, reached «nami, whoro her orew abandoned tu>r niul landed. A JupuiutK maa-of-WHr folto»<Ljigd capture! her. Muring f-or Oil. NHVADA, Mo., Aug. le.—Anlowa syn- | dioate uogan boriug for oil at Ooylos- GEO. W. KORTE, om LAWYER. Office on first floor German bank buUdlur WUl practice In state and federalcourte. ue. JSE&St* 2u*£? n g1 ™ 1 to ft"*""" «- QJOBQI W. BOWBH ATTORNEY AI LAW. omom. QRTtFITH SUlLLIffe. F. M. DAVFNPORT, A TTOBNB AT LAW. Legal Dullness baa* t\ aotedlnbotmuteandrederaloonrtt; d*w —o__ Office over MarK8 d'v goodsstore,ComU T^IBE H , RELIABLE INSURANCE In the beet ••• companies at tbe lowest ratei. It pa™ to have the beit. Better have no Iniur- anco than to be iniared la an unreliable •eSlredof Th " befl companle8 Mn ^ H. W. MACOMBER OFFICE IN OF CARROLL. INSURANCE Limited amounte of reliable Iniurance, ta good|mutual companlet. Eitl mated ooet. about one nalt tbe present board ratea. It rou want reuonable rates on good Iniuranee, take out a policr from Us only non-board oiUce In tbe city. J. C. GRIFFITH. Agent. The ART AMATEUR. Soot emd. Z-»xe-e»t E>ractic«Li tkllawM e * tl ' M i nIn X* lu *. bla for •" wno ""h <° «>»«» their living by art or to make their homes beautiful and For 25c K( Montague Marks.fflUnlon'Sciuar*, N. T HKELS & uoou. of aud enough was •ubMribw] and paid lo raise »bU Ibe u«w las leaned et>v«ral thousand aurtw in the vicinity. Oil indication* crop out i» every direction. tleutral low* Vlrcull, WKUSTKII OITV, In., Aug. lo.—Over 80 teo raW| including 30 w j t j, noon\t under 8:30, liitvn been eutered for tho Uiroo duyu' uiwitiug of tho Central Iowa circuit Iu thin city, The circuit inuludea PUB Uoiuw, Welistev City, Uooua Mmi Carroll. "" Oluuu * Vuriuvr fur Ouuuly Attorney, Aug. l«.-Tue PopulUte of Cbiuitt county Imvo wuuluatod Farmer 'or oouuty uttoruoy, Ho ue ver , . l«w Mud wm uavor wituittod tu tho bar, whloli U u uuewiary guuJiiluutiou iu KIUUIM. .id Gills' rufjiihji( fioNs The out .ONE PRICE CLOTHIHS, (iMAM, Suulh Hide Muuarv, t'arruM,

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