The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 5, 1953 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 5, 1953
Page 9
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FRIDAY, JUNE 6, 1953 BLYTHEVIU-E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE KIWI RE VIEW »"• FORECAST Secretary Ezra Benson Gets His Re-Organizational Powers * , WASHINGTON (AP) — Secretary of Agriculture Benson gained broad authority yesterday to reorganize his 68,000-employe agency. This power went to him after congress permitted an. Agriculture Department reorganization plan, submitted in March by President Eisenhower, to go into effect. Reorganization law permits Buch* —Something to Think About BY Gertrude B. Holiman Home Dem. Agent Cake Experts The results of the General Mills county-wide cake baking Contest are as follows: Mrs. Leonard Smith — First. Mrs. O. J. Rodgere — Second. Mrs. J. H. Griffin and Mrs. Aubrey Bruce tied for third place. Mrs. Helen Carr and Miss Virginia Bowen acted as judges. Bagworms Bagworms are injuring evergreen "dmibbery In North Mississippi County and will defoliate plants causing death. Spraying with arsenate ol lead will give good control. The bagworm lives in a silken bag or case. It feeds through the open end of the bag and neves- emerges. Small worms are easily killed but after worms get large they are difficult to control by spraying. An effective spray formula Is one ounce of arsenate of lead and one ounce of lime in two gallons of water. A compressed air sprayer will do a good job of spraying. Smaller sprayers will not spray arsenate of lime. Arsenate of lead may also be used as a dust. Aching Back? The position you use when weed- Ing your garden will have a lot do with how many aches and pains it causes. The easiest way seems to be kneeling. This puts less strain 1 any one part of the .body. You can kneel with weight on bc..i knees or on one knee and one cot. On just one knee, you'll want to change positions frequently. t nother suggestion is to kneel on » thick pad. A small piece of sponge •rubber doesn't cost much, and Is ensy on the knees. When bending forward, move • from the waist with a straight back. Don't try to reach too far to I cover a larger space. When you feel your reach becoming a stretch, move to a closer place. Outdoor work Is healthful, and anyone benefits from the foot, back and abdominal exercise that comes with weeding and cultivating the garden. But the exercise must be done right to be helpful. One very wrong way to pull weeds Is to stand, bent over double, reaching down. Some home gardeners insist they feel comfortable when they sit right on the ground. In this position, though, they must twist and stretch to reach all the weeds in front, to the side and behind them. One person suggested sitting on a low footstool. But this means her ksees would be in the way, and she would have to reach over them. If she stays this way Jong, the legs ' begin to ache and go to sleep. Read the Label Labels are used on some piece goods as well as on ready-made clothing. By checking these labels, the consumer will get the quality of merchandise that meets her needs. The term "thread count" often found on labels, means the number of threads woven in — In both directions, crosswise and lengthwise — per inch of the cloth. Labels for cloth that has 80 threads per Inch lengthwise and crosswise might read 80 x SO; 80 square; or 160 square. The greater the number of threads per square inch, the finer and firmer the weave. Fat Ladles Checks are being made saci" month to determine how many fat ladies have lost and how many underweight ones have gained. Everyone is not getting the desired re- presidential plans to go into effect 60 days after their submission to Congress. Wednesday was the 80ih day. Both the House and Senate voted down measures to disapprove the agriculture plan. The House action, taken yesterday, was by a vote of 261-128, with only one Republican, Rep. Gross of Iowa, voting against the plan. Just what Benson will do in the way of revamping his agency, with its 20-odd bureaus and agencies, only time will tell, in a statement he promised no 'radical' changes in the immediate future. Careful Study Benson sai'd he would not act until he had made "careful, prolonged" study of the department. At the time he took over in January, he described the agency as being "overgrown." There, has been speculation Benson may seek to turn many administrative details over to BUch stat agencies as the extension Ker- vices. For example, he may seek to handle an agricultural conserva- :ion payments program this way, with the department making grants the states for carrying ovt conservation programs. At present, the department itself deals direct- y with farmers and pays them subsidies. The secretary Is expected to set up a new marketing agency. Army Worm Damage Is Reported Army worms are the greatest- potential insect hazard to crops at this particular time, says Stirling Kyd, University of Missouri entomologist The Bootheel area is already being damaged, and it is probable this situation will spread to other parts of the state. All farmers will need to keep a clcse check on both small grains and pastures during the next 2 weeks or more for signs of worms or worm damage. These worms are nleht feeders and hide in the soil or heavy vegetation during the day, says Kyd. Consequently, they are often overlooked when an effort is made to find them. Damage by small worms usually is not too severe, but when they begin to get about half grown, it increases, tremendously. If extensive damage Is to be avoided, worms must be killed while they are still small. Control can be obtained by spraying with DDT at 1 to 2 pounds actual per acre, or with toxaphene at • 1^ to 2',2 pounds actual per acre. ' Use the heavy dosage on hcavj foliage. suits but some art?. One example was a lady in the No. 18 Club who lost ten pounds m a • month. She says the main things she has done to achieve this record were, to cut down on bread, fats and sweets. It's Time To — 1. Spray or dust roses after each rain or weekly. 2. Try sabadilla for squash bug5 and harlequin cabbage bugs. 3. Spray fruit trees. 4. Mulch the tomato patch, 5. Watch ornamentals for young bagworms. Spray with arsenate of lead. e.Dlg daffodils or tulips to be transplanted. 7. Use sulfur or bordeaux to control powdery mildew on ornamentals. . 8. Look under the house for termite damage. 9. Plan a "family togetherness" activity. World's top post office is at Cerro de Pasco, Peru, which is at* en altitude of 14,385 feet. Now, more than ever, !S important to keep your |, house in tip-top repair. So fix up that old roof now! W* can supply you right now with weatherproof, fire-resistant, colorful Certain-teed Asphalt.Shingles. Phone, call or write for free estimate. E.C. Robinson Lumber Co. Missourians Urged to Enter Contests Mechanical Cotton Pickers In Missouri to be Regulated How you feed your growing-fattening pigs is not as important a& what you feed them, according to experimental work conducted by the University of Missouri animal husbandry department. L, F. Tribble. who was in charge ol the experiment, said the feeding trial was carried out to answer some of the questions most often asked by farmers. The experiment compared the value of feeding shelled corn plus a protein supplement free choice vs. feeding a complete mixed ration. In addition, the best methods of feeding: minerals to vvcan- UIIK piss and the value of anti-bio- tics were studied. Eight Groups Tribblc said 80 crossbred pies were used in the experiment. The pi^s were divided into eight different meal, 100 pounds tankage and live pounds of cod liver oil. Equal parts of ground limestone, steamed bone- I men! and salt made up the fineral i mixture. "Pigs that were Keif-fed shelled corn and the protein supplement Covered Bridges Are Fading HARTFORD, Conn. f/P}—Covered bridges once dotted the Nutmeg landascape but today there are only three remaining, One is the Coin- died. In addition, less feed was required per 100 pounds gain where antibotics were added to the ration. stock Bridge of the boundary lint of the townships of East Hampton and Colchester, Conn. The othtr two are Bull's Bridge in Kent, fcnd the West Cornwall Bridg« in Comwall. Comstock is no longer uted for traffic but is preserved tn 1U original site as a museum. Pound for pound, leopardi ar« the most destructive of predatory beasts. Read Courier News Clarified Adi. groups and self-fed in dry lot. They j free choice made slightly lastci averaged about G3 pounds weight at gains," said Tribble. "than pig. the start of the experiment The! which received a complete mixed ra- basal mixed ration used hi the feed-! tinn. The pigs fed shelled corn am ing trial consisted of 800 pounds nl ground yellow corn. 100 pounds ot soybean oil meal. 100 pounds tank- age and five pounds of cod liver oil. The basal protein supplement consisted of 100 pounds soybean oil Boys and girls who carry cotton and soybean projects in 4-H and FPA are eligible for contests sponsored by the Missouri Cotton Producer? Association at Portagevllle. Hilton L. Bracey of the association says the two-Bale cotton contest is being continued. Awards made by the association include one S200, one $150 and five S50 bonds to the top seven producers. Entrants must have plots ranging from two to five acres in size and must make entry with the Missouri Cotton Producers Association. This group is'also sponsoring a 45-bushei soybean club for the first, , . , . , . , , time. First prize will be a $100 bond conical cotton P lck f s to and from . * ^AUU miiiu. „;„(, v,^]) n-nvm (nfncfnrl nronc with- Diet Experiment Shows Way to Fattening Hogs Under a new program being developed by the Missouri State Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Missouri Cotton Producers Association, all mechanical cotton pickers owned or operated within the state of Missouri will be registered annually with the State Commissioner of Agriculture on or before June 1. The purpose of the registration is to prevent the movement of me- and the next six winners \vilj receive $50 bonds. Two to five acre plots are required and entry blanks must be filed direct with the MCPA. Rules require that entries must be filed by July 1 for the soyeban contest, and by June 15 for the cotton contest. All interested 4-H and FPA stu- denle may secure detailed information from county agents and vocational agriculture instructors. pink boll worm Infested areas without proper supervision of the State Entomologist. During the past season some four or five mechanical pickers from Missouri moved into pink boll worm infested areas and returned to Missouri without being properly fumigated as required by the Missouri Insect Pest and Plant Disease Law. According to MCPA executive officer Hilton Bracey, there are four requirements in the new program: 1. Register all mechanical cotton pickers. 2. Owners will inform State Entomologist when machine leaves Missouri. 3. Owner will inform Stat-i Entomologist and furnish proof of proper fumigation when machine returns to Missouri. 4. Mechnical cotton picker owners who fail to comply with the prescribed regulations will be subject to a rather severe penalty under the insect pest and plant disease law. protein supplement free choice made an average daily gain of I.- pounds while the pigs receiving the mixed ration averaged 1.34 pounds. "However, there was only ten pounds difference in the amount of feed required to make 100 pounds Biiln for the two groups. The group fed shelled corn and protein supplement free choice required an average of 388 pounds per 100 pounds gain while the pigs receiving the mixed ration required 398 pounds.' he said. Less Protein with Free Choice Tribble reported the pigs sell-fed shelled corn and the protein supplement free choice consumed a ration containing approximately 14 per cent crude protein compared to n per cent crude protein in the mixed ration. "The addition of minerals to the mixed ration and to the protein supplement," said Tribble, "decreased the consumption of these only slightly. And pigs self-fed corn and a protein supplement with the minerals mixed In the supplement gained as fast as pigs that were fed the Mr. Bracey says the whole pur pose of the program is to protect same ration with minerals fed free the Missouri cotton industry against I choice. However, pigs fed a com- the ever increasing threat of a pink 1 plele ration with the minerals mix- boll worm invasion. The rapid spread of the pink boll worm and the serious threat it now imposes to cotton production has caused all who are interested in this problem to realize the neeii for greatly expanded control and research programs, Mr. Bracey adds. cd in the ration gained slower than pigs which received the same ration with the minerals fed free choice." Tribble said the addition of antibiotics to the ration of growing- fntening pigs increased the rate of gain in all the feeding methods stu- A partial view of (he large crowd that attended the free Cooking School at ITubbard Hardware Wednesday. The school was conducted by Perfection Stove Co.'s National Home Service Director Mary ilyan. AND WE'RE SORRY.... Yes. we want to sincerely thank you for coming out to our Cooking School last Wednesday. Over 200 attended the session conducted by Miss Mary Ryan, Perfection Stove Co.'s National Home Service Director. Too, We're sorry that we couldn't ac- cnmodate the many who were turned away. Next year we will be better prepared lo take care of you. We're happy to announce that MRS. WAYNE LEWIS, 713 North Franklin Street, won the wonderful, new PERFECTION Stove given away at our FREE drawing. We hope you enjoyed the Cooking School and we'll he looking forward to presenting it again next year. Thanks, again I HUBBARD HARDWARE 213 WEST MAIN PHONE 2015 Don't Forget to Come Out and Register! FREE A Beautiful Hew MENGEL Royal-wood KITCHEN A $357.00 Value (Not Installed) Kitchen Consists of: One 84" Mengel Royal-Wood Base . . . One 84" WestlMhouse Micartn Top, Complete with Doublt Well Sink and Fittings, and Two 24" Wall Cabinets. Your choice of color on top. PLUS $ 850 00 In Purchasing Certificates A loin! of $850.00 in Purchasing Certificates giren ABSOLUTELY FREE . . . as follows: ONE $100.00 CERTIFICATE ONE 75.00 CERTIFICATE ONE 50.00 CERTIFICATE TWENTY-FIVE S25.00 CERTIFICATES These Certificates will he exactly the same as monty when used on the purchase of any new MENGEL Kitchen. Nothing To Buy-No Obligation Here's All You Do . . . Come Out to WRIGHT SUPPLY and Register! See the Mengel Kitchen All registrations will be kept, under lock and key. awaiting official drawing on June Gth. There hasn't been a contest beforn RS easy ns this, nor such wonderful prizes. This big offer Is made possible only by special arrangement with the MENGEL factory. We urge you not to wait. Drawing Saturday, June 6rh, 5:30 p.m. Nothing lo Buy— You Do Not Need lo Be Present lo Win! WRIGHT SUPPLY Hutson at N. Fifth Street Phone 2239

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