The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 20, 1933 · Page 4
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 4

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 20, 1933
Page 4
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MALVOCT LfeAPOt, MALVOm, IOWA, ArtBtt. .gfe H»,. AAiet* tea ft, Rff***** awl Him. jiasai ^e *ffMiiiiri 11^^^ . »^^^^^^aWBBs World's Pair Note* LOCAL tCWS OP HE WOK M «M.VBBf PfeM* Mt, gistit th» flat BUtltMl it iot a often tMt> 6* Itote , ***, **** ***a*4 for th* takvtffal ****** Jlr »«« *rt a*l fTn. It L. H*l*, IT, «»t t* tfce l*8B«i tern*. iwirt»»«tt day *t * fttt «•««» «a»*r- It «f ffrak** *«* fa 1 *** **«* *'**-****• ' * r toe* eeeaafoa to sail aad tak* **- vaattgB e* *srr ipHfal : tse «*y wr s»we yr*sv. et Mr. asd Hi*. A. S. JUrmfcafl y HTH. SfeHlfc DowttCdr «p*»t Ml ton*. IB H« fal - ha** «f Ms ia ffc*- t* <ay» f*v ettfr >!-**. 3K*- f Mr*. 6. A.• »r**fc*"sjBBs« fatwr-stiag Wfer. • svpv., THE OMAHA eskafetea at S3fe* We«r* Fair. S&c* lf*S Tb* Serai Sex* is* left Lotskn tor Clasg** and Bd- t*»*r«a e**& day at It o'dodfc. 'fa* awr testa is tbe latest ta rafi cat** eojutracUoa. la ft»t* at 10** fa ral in f fc* *t tk« Mr, Beery Dale WMs*, S****y se&ool «t 1* a. m XoraJac wafsttp at II a. at TB* tft**a« tor tft« ssorafsv eea- f&etnUam is "Keeplm*. ia Tw* _ w«» tk« Ttfaaa." This is a pre**- ff^sparatory service to tbe Cwaawa- •* r tea OC tie Lot*-* Svpper to be «iarijr adv. family <fr«*« . W. Ensm*rt ef Hufefci-; ^.g^ n^ L ^ Promt*. Sfce. r.t.tfut.j M *»«A« *«« ia «Si* P«*y to nsMida*. .» w*h Ow« Cterh •*< !'Ig^ t X^ tffiSte ****** *** *** Mte *ar Otrk the Harry dark*. *a«et ta«, a brief retort to the Rouriaiksa ft* Bejarnst Cty «ost want ft* felt $&§» »*M tfe 0* John BaSe*, tea*ral «r**ter of tlte Be**** Or«aai«atk». *iy*: -fa* «r«t g***ps at Beacon City are r»to« to be self-appointed r«pr«scntatfve> of the Beacon Plaa *h«a they retsrn boa*." Ptoaaed easterners, la otl«r - tioa of transacted at dfa*«r that hM»» K9rtb«**t of aad t*« cam* «a »*« * "*** •bet* tb«y vhrft«d la tb* bow* »i bto «T had rp*nt the past tT*d*at< w/>rk fa f. ww ia »fth b«r sea aad family. Iff. aad Mrs. Lo*f* Ka«p Bttte da*«kt«r, Evelyn, aad «rf t*»a. J. O. B«tkaap aad *oa*, E«C*a« and Jobs, from s««thw««t of Sf/ahaa were ia town Satvr- day «vea'i*g aad mad« oar a pteaaaat rfcrit as Mr. enrolled vpoa o»r svbscriptkm list for tb* eoariag year. K. O, Aetfeerford from east of ftrahaa was In town Saturday aad called to advance bis sub- •eription a* per our special offer, Mr. R«tb«Tford says that they raise their ebfek*a* la the good old fasbioaed way, ben hatched. They already have 200 nice Buff Orpington chicks hatched by tbe "Biddies" aad being eared for by them aad they seem to b* doing fin« dsapito tb* weatta«r, Fred Darbin, W. P. Wortman. W, R. Byiagton, aad J, M, Steete drove to Das Moiae* Thursday on bBsiaeas eoaaaetod with tb* town's affairs, Oeswtoe Chevrolet part* and Service. — Prank Jnelke, Mai- vem, adv, Mr, aad Mrs. Aimer Clark and daughter, Jean, of dariada spent Sunday with hi* mother, Mrs, Anaa Clark. vfee MiBMs Heater E. Han. Margar** L. If eCormtek sad Betty A, to**- Easter with Mrs. ftaop** pareats. ,„ w<WBetd fcta eaadJdaey for the . Mr. Carver ha* bad more tban flve years teaching experience and feels qualified tor tbe work. Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Wortman of Asbland, N*br.. stopped la Malvern a short tim* Monday morning for a brief visit with Mr. Wortman's cousins, Mrs. Ivan Durbln and W. p. Wortman. Superintendent E. C. Klneald was on a bailee** trip through Valley Junction and Perry over the week end. Mia* Gladys MacQueen spent tb* week end ia Denlson visiting with friends. Mr*. A. Jackson and son. Homer, took Mrs, George Davis and son, Gerald, to Sbesaadoah on businea* Saturday. Superintendent w, W, Molsberry of Stratum was in town Saturday on business, Mia* Dorothy Bo*bner spent tb* week end In. Newton visiting with Mis* Lova PaulUn, formerly of Malv«rn. Ow B> rrtatty ^~ Battery Cbarg- iag and Electric garage work — Prank Jietke. adv. Mrs. D. O. Cally aad Bitty aad Joy of Torriagtoa, Wyo. aad Mr. and Mrs. E, J. Clary aad son, I Kent, and Isaac Clary ! t#r, Mrs, Harve Knight, aad family. Mr. and Mrs, Willis Clark of York. X*br. drove over Priday for a vlnit with hi* mother. Mrs. Anna Clark, and other relatives. Tbe Joe Harbold family over east of Glenwood enjoyed a happy gathering at their home last Sonday when they bad with them a* guests for an Easter dinner, C. E. Hartford, an uncle of Mr. Harbold. and Mr. and Mr*. Ed Tyler of Tabor, Mr. and Mr*. Earl Williams of Gienwood and their daughter and family, Mr. aad Mrs. Merrill Skinner, and son, Donald, of Silver City. R. L. Hale and C. R. Brewer had business In Glenwood Toes- day. Mrs. A. J. Nlckerson went to Waboo. Nebr. Saturday to spend ! *OA-** v _,i -• : It THE •• Red & Whitt STORE FREE— While They Last, 200 piece Jig Saw Puzzle with 92 order or more. Itakf** Powder . ftod * Wbtte - 4m,* " • * BAkft^tf fta4A_ Mjjrt * WMte, 1* M. ill for 19' Jello, .& Peaehe*, R*d it, 1$e *r*WWWW*> WWSP fm MTWJH - IPBPin.f* vtoitlng friend* and shopping. Mr. and Mrs, George Davis •pent Sunday in Sbenandoab, Max Ireland was home from Priday until Sunday from tbe Creigbton College of Pharmacy, In Omaha, visiting bis parent* and friends, Mr. aad Mrs, Harry NeUon bad a* th«tr gm**U Easter Mr, and ,Mrs, Har Perd«w aad two little |d««gbt«r* of Council Bluff* and • Mrs. K«l*o«'* mother. Mr*. Mary ib. ; Cookie*, liarshmal low Fluff. lb. — . Malt Puritan 45* We aoect«Jize in Fresh FruiU and Vegetables at Fair Price* I. C. Linquiit Phone 5» Mahern Mrs, O. A, Strahan visited ov«r E**t*f with relative* In Wayne, K**r., «»iag ost Satarday morn- lee with O. A, Armstrong who «*a»* ia trom Wi*eon*!n Priday. Mr. *ad Mr*. Cart B. Johnson «*4 dMtbter, Juae, of R*4 Oak wcr* fhiaday visitors with Mr. **4 Mrs. Ralph Binnall. Mr, *»d Mrs. Clarence Prink **4 faatlly of Henderson visited M«*tf*y »i«ht at tb* A, C. Prink fern* and Tuesday morning came d#w« to tb* Aden Ireland bom* tar * *b«rt visit, Men* gang plow, p. * o., out last **a*oa, 148,06. Think of it! -X«ac« * Kelson. adv, Mb* Pern Albert* i* wtaying in tb* Roy Cavdcll bom* while Mrs. Ca«d*il I* at Savannah, Mo. Mr*. Eva Dnrbia went to the be/w* of h*r *on, Orvllle, sear lia*tings Saturday for an over Ea*t«r visit and Mis* Mabel Wbittuhn went to Tabor to spegd Ea*t«r with her mother. Mr. and Mrs. Don MeClyaumd and little dtughUr. Joan, ol La- conn spent Saturday and Sunday at tb* parental J. R. McCiymond horn*. of bow a Saaday ceaoot program aad the awratog worship of 2i Item* caa b* so bleaded that children, yovth*. aad adalu can Had ea* tertaJameat, ia*tntetioa aad profit. The offJecn and teacher* of the Saaday *ehool deserve credit for iaereaafagly Impressing the congregation with the aeceavity for a deeper appreciation and recognition of the value of painstaking care aad efficient Instruction of the youth of the church. Pint Baptist Cbareh Lee Roy Bobbttt, Minister The Ea*tor breakfast and devotional service was a great sue- ee*s. Sunday school and preaching service were not as large a* they •bould have been for Eeaster. Two were received by letter and one for baptism at the morning service. Tbe pageant was a great success. It shows what can be done with the combined forces of the churches in a town the sis* of Matvera, Too bad some could not find seat*. The offering was 6ft A& AttA_ftf-taW*da>It*^iV^B^kMslsadl^Mt^HM cues Keep them clean, fresh looking, sanitary by having them cleaned in our up-to-date Clean* ing Plant. NOW IS THE TIME to have thU done along with your spring cleaning, Clean rwg§ h»l» to protect tbe health of your children. IT PAYS TO CLEAN OUR WAY Beating a rwg l» uniAnlUry and injure* the £t*te W^BT Qya mem fo? ci«w», BUQS, CurUloB and Mr. and Mr*. J. B. Raaderson and Bab* drove over to Rockford, HI, last Thursday for a eon- pi* of day* visit in Mr, Banderson's old home. Mr, Randerson •ay* that condition* are pretty bad back there. Six thousand person* in Rockford were reported to be among tbe unemployed or receiving charity. Almost Wew two-row lister, priced right. — Kune« It Kelson. adv, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Siepold went down to Excelsior Springs, Mo. Tuesday of la*t week where Mrs. Biepold entered tbe MeCleary sanitarium for treatment. She will probably have to stay there about six weeks. Mrs. Cbas. Robbins who ha* been spending most of the winter In Omaha with her daughter, Mrs, R. D. py* and family, came last Sunday for a visit with bar daughter, Mrs. Marion Wise, Mr. and Mr*. John Wise eame up from Sbenandoab Saturday and visited in tbe Marion Wise and George Nab ley home*. They •pent the balance of tb* week end in the bom* of tb*ir con, June W|*e, Mr, and Mrs. J, p, Weartn drove to Omaha Sunday to visit Jo* Wearia in tb* Edmoadson hospital. Mr. and Mrs. P, E. MulbolUad drove to Villlsea Sunday accom* panylng jack that far oa bis return to D«* Moine*. Paul G»t** of Hastings, N«br, drov* down from Omaha g*tujv day *Y«aing sod mad* a brief vi»it with hi* *i*t«r, Mrs, J, E, R»nd*r*oa, and at th» O. 8. Ea** j*tt bom*. H* returned to Hj»|. logs 8uod«y morning. Miss Ruth Und*#y was a Sunday dinner «ae*t of Mr, and Mrs, IS. R. Burk* at Pglrtax, Mo. Obarlc* John*oi> »p*at th* w*«k *o4 in Coltei vl»itlflg «it6 hi* •l*t*r, a*erg* Doo«l«s of Emmon ws» ia tova Siturday *n4 mad* o«ir oftc* • fjaajajit caJU In town. Qw*a Clark «a4 *i»t*r, J*ani« Clark, of it, J«**ph, Mo. •ad hi* tea, pi, p. M, Clajk, aa4 wU* st>4 tiro 4*whtar* o| Om»- b* CAtM SttAday wat th* d*y with U»rr? y, c|§rk< ajul ftmUr i» Milrarn for § aumbM' "WWI^RMi^lJW^J^^>-^|pWI^P4BJi«^pJi ^p- V^P W^W WMSPWP Before starting work in the spring it is good practice to wash the shoulders and neck of work horses with soap and water to «f*»a oat tbe dirt, »y» A, B. Calne of tbe Iowa S<at« college department of animal husbandry. Oa* of the best preresUtfare maasares of sore shoulder* during tb* early days of spring w»rk to to vsjb tbe .bouJdar* onw or lwf £ «*«* — »* BWW *84 nJftrt — with a salt solutlpa, Air slaked lim« gajtgd on the *ae«14*r* at aifbt «M» l» jr* r*«iia« serene**. fhj> HflW, Iw*. *w. .boon b« brushed out following sermon. B. Y. P. U. at 7 p. m. The Kensington meets Thursday with Mrs. D. M. Kline. Methodist Episcopal Cbnrcb Roy E, Gugeler, Minister Last Sunday was a beautiful Easter Sunday aad it was a big day for the church. The Easter breakfast service, the Sunday school, tbe morning worship and tbe pageant in the evening were all high type services. We were delighted to baptise little Jane Marie Dalrymple, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. Glen Dalrymple. and receive Mrs. H. B. Storer as mem* her of tbe church, Mrs, Storer came to us from tbe Disciples of Christ Church of Vllllsca, Services next Sunday will be as follows: Sunday school at 10 and preaching at ji *. m,. Ep- wortb League at 7 p. m. Cleaning Horse*' Shoulders Reduc*. Possibility o f '«"'*••« collar »fta»W b* <rttH great W *. Professor waias. Hojaaa that have «fe«M tar Miss Mildred E««t»8d of Orl- eai, le**, wrtte*: "Wm there be aay fre« Uaie wheti «ae may re- vWt by bUBsett tk« exalbtt* or featwre* he is eepeeUlIy iatefe*t-i ed to." That qaeatioa kas beeaj asked freq»«atly. Bxpcrieaee at tenner World** rair* baa deiao*- strated that It b not saUsfaetory to attempt to g*Jd« grovp* of adalt* tfcromgh tbe exhibit*. Taste* aad taterert* vary. What fatereat* one may not Interest another. For tftat reason. Beacon City member* will be allowed to follow their owa desire* aad pref- ereace*. A momlag lecture at •Beacon CKy wtu contain valuable tatormaUoa aad attggestioas concerning the features of the Pair, bat member* are not at all obliged to follow theae suggestions. Children of school, age, however, will aee the Pair in group*, each group under competent direction. There Is more opUniism la the aUaMphere BOW than there has been for inaay years. Bettor times are eotatfit- Aad A Ceatary of progress will serve a vaiaabk pvrpoee by harrying the retarn of prosperity. A great Exposition like this is seeded last now to help tara tbe tide. a** otter ftMftsM «t Ha Head «elM^ ft d*« to «yortrtia, I* tteattr tottteaMft after tie bare kg** t*x*d *y Mktttt et Sofa* eeaplatB of *4e«a<3tek att«* rtdia* ia a *tf#«i car or *«- toftMfefte. ft* aWvfst eftea «*«M b«ada<*e« tt vistas ft defective. 9U*o*rapfc«rs, fevtfelaftft, proofreaders aad aeeaiataata oft«t coatpfala of fce*da«*e after half a day of tfftse apftteatto* fa their In headae&es eaimft by eye- straiB the pata **ay b« s*o*t pro- aovaeed ia tie eyes taemcdTes, or ft may be eoftflned to tie temple* Of to the b*ck of the head. Sac* paw ttoftvB deKHbed as a boring pstft behlad the eye balls of ft dill ache fa the teapte* and IB* base of tie btals. other sratptoms sweh a* tittsttew tad •aosea are often pteaeat, and •snally the eyes ate vefy •end- lite to bright light. PortanaUly, there are few eases of recwrtog headache doe to eyestndn that cannot be overcome by the OM of properly fitted glasses. If yon hare never teen Chicago. pUn a sight-seeing trip ore* the dtr. Such a trip can be arranged for yon at Beacon City. Lake trip* alio will be popular. Thece tide trlpa will not be included IB Beacon City membership. The trips will cost from $1.00 to $2.00. depending upon where and how yon want to go. Having stuck it ont this far, stick! — Forbes. "What Caa I See for the General Admission ... ?" General admission to the Administration Building The Hall of Science Dioramas Electrical Group Radio Hall Communications Hall Tbe Golden Temple of Jebol Agricultural Building Dairy Building Travel A Transport Building General Motors Building Chrysler Building General Exhibits Building Sears, Roebuck Building American Radiator ft Standard Sanitary Building Firestone Building Pederal Building The State* Building American Rolling Mill & Ferro Enamel Company House Common Brick House State of Florida House Masonlte House General Houses Incorporated House National Lumber Mfra. Rouse Southern Cypress Mountain Home A Industrial Art* Group Wonderland for Children Social Science Group Maya Temple Edison Memorial , Colombo* Memorial Lighthouse Horticultural Exhibit S*m^C|re8|ar Bridge Cbristtea Scien, Building Hall of Religion India Pavilion All Afrtc* Exhibit The far amusomeuu aaa rideai. V Sunkiit Leroow, per INCIMTOIS Urtf ajiii Juioy. dbisu ^ gi-gJJ^-i-V>"> ,^iCa«ffiF p *"^ r -•: Road Hog Menace* Highway*, Cause* Accident* by Taking too Much of Road to «M of a *trtei e* II •* i ff^S >t **/*gg l ff toHwSj'tt— H> 'riM*attt»rj* Profjaeor ot.Bipgrtmqrtar^Urtfliyte iota* Hop^ OUwr artieta* win uppeir weekly. ^'BOKoC* Note). (By Dr. Kmlght Dvalap, Profusor of Bxfctteestfal Pwycbology, * ~-»— "—m ^_ HopldB* UaiversWy) » The road hog is the driver who refuses to give a due share of the road to another ear when be meets it. On a wide road, the other driver may escape disaster by keeping well over on bis side, but on many highways he is obliged to get completely off the road, involving a considerable risk if the road-side be rough. Many times the decent driver assumes that the other fellow will be equally decent, until too late, and suffers smashed fenders or worse. The true road hog, after sideswiping another man's ear, will, if possible, speed up and escape, trusting that the victim will be too busy in bringing his damaged ear to a stop to get the road bog's number, " In .ufflde'at avoid him, If avoidance is physically possible. The habit which many otherwise careful drivers have of driving near the center until close to the other car, and then swerving over to the side, tends to build up the assumption that any driver approaching too near the center for passing, will do the same. The safe practice is to assume that every driver who nears without moving over to his edge of the road Is a road hog,. and to act accordingly. Conversely, the decent driver win shift to his proper side of the road well in advance of the meeting point, to assure the approaching driver that he Is no road bog. It la probable that many road bogs are such merely through in* competence. Many drivers do not seem to know exactly where tb«lr cars »re on the road, end suppose they are driving well OB the side when they are really over the center, Driving with two pas. sengers in the front seat is especially liable to make « rend hog of the less skilled artver, since to thta ewe tbe driver sits some. what further to tbe left than usual, and the whole road pa> tern i* altered although be may not appreciate the fact. Cheek Road Poaltkma Every driver should make checks frequent on hi* estimation of road position, especially when driving a new or otherwise unfamiliar ear. Some drivers note the projection of the radiator cap on tbe road side; others check by the general pattern. By either method, driving slowly at times, while another person reports the actual distances of the off wheels from the adge, is a great assistance. In all ease*, driven should •It directly behind tbe steering wheel, and invariably take the same position. The habit of ait* Una; la various positions or tovtiW'toJm.fiitj^.ttjbfncL SI .err. on Permanent Waves • For One Week Only Month End Specials, from April 24 to April 89 inclusive NatoreUf* all Croquignole Gabrieleen BecondJ- tiontog Wave with Spiral or EDYTHE'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Make your •

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