Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 15, 1933 · Page 10
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 10

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1933
Page 10
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*<1 unn v AMU** » MiiMuiiiMiiii FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS DANCE AT DAYTON'S PARK Saturday, Sept. 16. Parks-Gann and Buddies 10-piece band. T MOOSE HALL SAT. Music by Adeline Fitch. 4—Strayed. Lo»t, Found |l«—Bujlflc*. 8errtc> Qffwrt] NEW FURNACES Gen. furnac* repair work. Funuew vacuum cleaned. Ev« trough work. F. A. Gould Phont527-J 312 Main St CONSIDERABLE MONEY WAS lost in Ames business section ' Thursday p. m., Sept. 7. A liberal reward will be given to finder if money is returned to owner. Inquire at Tribune office. LOST: GUILDS' GLASSES, white gold rims. See Miss Cooper at. Roosevelt school. AMES GARBAGE CO. LKW COLE. Phone 2061. -Work Wanted, Female 0—Auction Sale* AUCTION SALE SATURADY, 2 p. m., 409 Lincoln way, a large bill of goods consisting of beds, springs, mattresses, dressers, chiffoniers, chairs, rockers, tables, stands, book case, cots, living room suite, ice box, work bench, tools, dishes, and a hundred articles too numerous to list Call 2338 if you have good to sell. We know how to get you the most money for your property. Sept 16th, at 1:30 o'clock in our seated pavilion, rain or shine. Consign your furniture and miscellaneous property of all kinds to this gale as we will have a. laree crowd. The Ontario church is consigning a large amount of useful property to this sale. C. D. Knight Sale Co- North Grand avenue. j WA.NTJED: GENERAL HOUSE work of all kinds. Good clean work guaranteed. Both uptown and fourth ward. Call 2034. THREE LADIES OVER 20 TO travel demonstrating Madam White cosmetics. Experience unnecessary. Phone 1210. GIRL, 21, WANTS HOUSEWORK. Phone Huxley 811. WANTED: WASHINGS. PHONE 1589. HELLO. MR. 5MUL7Z— WE WAMNA5CE VOU A&OUT 50MC1WN6 IOWA, FIHUY, nrnmu 15, '•-•••^K^W Getting Hot! Vt&-WE THOUGHT MC? i WISH I COULD COULD-BUT WHAT MCIF US FIMO Trtt I COULD I DO?? 1 PERSON WHO if WOULDN'T KNOW FOtftONED MY A WHEftfi ooe», POODLE! ALL yog HAVE. TO po MR.5MUL.TZ/ J* JUST "HELL U* WHO KJUGHT VDU IN THE FOURTH WEEK Of MJ6U5T/ ^ ^^^ '•^ ^ s\ r V By Blc«er WHV, MV PORK WA& MO GOOD LAST MOKTTH PEOPLE DONT 6CEM TO EAT VERY MUCH PORK IN HOT WEATHER. POP 50MC60W MUST HAVtW WAIT A MMUIEf BOUGHT SOME-POODLE/1 JUST HAPPENED GOT SICK EATING A. PORK CHOP THAT SOMEONC POISONED TO REMEMBER THAT ' THE MUFF HOTEL CALLED UP FOR AM ORDER OF PORK CHOPS LAST MOWTHIYE55IRF *Kc W 1 r ' : fAsi © /A A IT LAST FRECLES 1 AMD OSS IE HAVE A REAL CLUE TO WORK ON. rr A ? ssf> ^a 43—Private Instruction BALLROOM AND TAP LESSONS. W. L. Patten, Dance instructor.— Phone 2104. 01—Garden Produce n Amy Gets Her,Wish! B—•Automobile*, Truck* tor 8«1 We Have the Best Stock of USED CARS we have had this year and at the best prices. 1932 Chev. 6-wh'l sedan with trunk 1932 Chevrolet Coach 1932 Chevrolet Coupe 1931 Chevrolet Coupe 1931 Ford Town Sedan 1930 Ford Coupe 1929 Ford Coupe 1929 Plymouth Sedan Allen Motor Co. Chevrolet Dealers Phone 395 5th 4. Douglas WE NEED USED CARS SEE US at once for trades on NEW PLYMOUTHS DODGES AND OLDSMOBILES Open Evenings W. H. Nutty Garage 3 lymouth • Dodge . Oldimobile Used Cart 1931 Ford Deluxe Coupe $265 1930 Essex Sedan .. S245 1930 Ford Coupe $225 1928 Kssex Coach $70 Mathison Motor Co. FOR SALE: TOMATOES AT right prices. Also cabbage, acorn squashes, Hubbard squashes, green tomatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, onions, egg plant, peppers, sweet and hot radishes, spinach, parsley. Free delivery. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. DCWNTOTHE SHC HASN'T BEEN GONE; FIVE, MtNUTES SOMETHING TO TO Tmr \OUNG UAIN". By Cowan AMV, V/WACV A APE >TX» 1 DOING IN TVCG£?/ ALLEY OOP WEU-, \OUNG tADY.THCHE ACORN SQUASH AND PUMP- kins. Large, ripe, 25c dozen. Melons. At farm or delivered. H. T. Farrar. I TOMATOES THAT ART NOT ON- ly nice but excellent. 40c bushel at farm or delivered. H. T. Farrar. POTATOES, TOMATOES, BEANS, carrots, beets, squash. 62F4 P. 0. Stone. 6Z—Fruit FOR SALE: N W. GREENING apples, $1.00 per bushel. Also wind falls, 50c per bushel. Jensen's Gardens. Phone 1770. WEALTHIES, WOLF RIVERS, Jonathans. Cider to order. J. E. Brown. 63F3. % mile south Ontario. 94—Household Good* BUY DIRECT Get an introductory card from Walsh's Furniture and Hardware store and you can buy your furniture direct from the wholesale house. Walsh Furn. & Hdwe §*r^/" In the Name of the King! t*»«rjicA*tftVKC.MCV§:^ net By Hamlin / 5ITTHAT THING OUTA S4—Honsekeeplnf Roonw FURNISHED LIGHT HOUSE-, keeping • rooms. 611 Douglas. Phone 1613. ONE OR MORE HOUSEKEEPING rooms. 731 Fifth street, Phdne 2096-J. 70—Radio Equipment 1931 Pontiac Coach All new tires. Car can't be told from new. 1931 Chevrolet DeLuxe Sedan 6 wire wheels. Cleanest car we have ejver had. Max Duitch Auto Ex. Phone 1000 323 Fifth J 7—Auto Repair* C. E. GORE'S SERVICE. ALL radio work guaranteed 210 llth 2011. 75— For Sale, Miscellaneous A Good Used Oil Burner For sale—A bargain. Plumbing & Heating W. G. Madiaon Co. 1204 3rd St. Phone 1002 WE FIX THEM OK They Can't Be Fixed Morrison's Garage JFORT SALE: PIANO, GENDINS, i small Steinway upright nepr [Ames. Cost $600 new. Wonderful . condition. Only f95 !c-rt to pay. ( _ vfff v— ^ Cash only. Write ^Critchett Piano Shop, Des Homes. 323 Lincclnway Phone 910 i "Well, It'» Thi« Way— ( know it's run 25.000 miles because I kept track on my speedometer, and I know thats'" right be- :ause I had it repaired at— Cliff Roberson's Garage 12—Beauty Service PERMANENT~END~~CURLSr~25c each. Oil permanents, for dry, brittle hair, $5.00. Allene's Beauty Shoppe. Phone 427. THREE PIECE WICKER FURNI- ture set. Suitable for living room or sun porch. Phone 2414. 1% H. P. INTERNATIONAL GAS engine. Call 1929. TWO LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING rooms. Call at 805 Grand or phone 609-J. : . --• 86—ApArtmenta, Flat* Apartments and houses, close to college, clean, neat, convenient, priced right Cha». Miller, 132 Haywood Av«. SUNSET APARTMENTS: NICELY furnished 2 and 3 room apts. Newly decorated. Light and water furnished. 1 blocL from campus Phone 1457-W. FOR NICE APARTMENTS, CLOSE to campus, reasonably priced, see M. A- Countryman, 2728 Lincoln way. FIVE ROOM MODERN APART- ment. All in one floor. Separate furnace and meters. Phone ,129. VICELY FURNISHED 2 ROOM apt Heat, lights, water. Washing privileges. 815 Burnett. 1266-W. APARTMENT, LIVING. ROOK, bed room, kitchenette, private bath, private entrance. Phone 473-W. : FOR SALE: SWEET CIDER, 40( gallon. Phone 61F2. 76—Wanted, Miscellaneous | WE WILL PURCHASE ANY GOOD used water softener. Write Ted Cutler, 613 Keo Way, Des Moines Iowa. FOR RE-ORDERS AND FREE FA. cials tvith Madam White Cosmetics phone Edna Pruitt, 1210. Call 123 Sumner avenue. 13—Business Serrtc* Ofleml UPHOLSTERING £ e " an ,rt« ng Fibre c° rd and r,hfn?i w L Cane Seats Cabinet Work Awn , Antiques I Little Furniture Shop Phone 114 __231^ Mfjn Furnace Cleaning We clean and repair all makes of furnaces. New low prices on new furnaces. A. G. Speers Furnace and Tin Shop 400 Main WANTED: CIRCULATING HEAT er. Call 1234 L. J. TO—Poultry for Sale POULTRY—DRESSED CHICKENS Springs I6c per Ib. Hens I3c " " No charge for dressing and delivery. Woodland Farms. Phone 435. WHITE ROCK FRIES, MILK FED. 2% to 4 Ibs., 17c Ib. Dressed and delivered. Phone 371-J. SPRINGS FOR SALE. DRESSED and delivered. 399. 88—Rooms Without Board Phone662 Have Your Furnace Cleaned NOW! (iuarauiced work with our super service vacuum cleaner. Palmer Plumbing Co. 108 Hayward Ave. Phone 1091 Plumbing — Heating and Well Work PHONE 226 E. A. Foy COMFORTABLE BED ROOM, garage and breakfasts for 2 men or employed couple. $3.50 week for one, $6 for two. 117 E. 12th St. FOR RENT: TWO SLEEPING rooms. Boys preferred. 218 E. 7th. St. LOVELY FURNISHED, UNFURN- ished rooms. Adults. 114 Seventh. TWO DESIRABLE ROOMS. GA- r »Ke. 803 Duff. Phone 511-J. PLEASANT SOUTHEAST ROOM, also garage. 60.0-W. ONE PHONE READ THE WANTS FURNISHED APARTMENTS AND furnished dwelling. Phone 196. Little Brothers. CLEAN APARTMENTS, FURN- Sshed or unfurnished. Also house, 4th ward. Phone "2147-J. THREE ROOM FURNISHED APT. with sleeping porch, bath, garage. CalllSSS. DESIRABLE FURNISHED' APT. Laundry privilege. Outside entrance. 310 Lincoln wav. ONE FURNISHED ROOM WITH kitchenette. Garage. 607 Carroll ave. Phone 761. FURNISHED APT., FIRST FLOOR. 3 rooms, private bath. 2S26 West.- SMALL KITCHENETTE APT,. Also bachelor suite. Call 1509. CHICAGO OLE)—Livestock: HOGS: 35,000, including 5,000 d rects 22,000, government pigs. Mar ket firm, 10 to 25c higher, late bids steady. 180 to 230 Ibs., $4.7 @?5.00, top $5.00. 240 to 300. Ibs ?4.26@54.80. Commercial pigs, $4.f down. Packing sows $3.10@$3.55 Light light, 140 to 160 Ibs., goo< and choice, $4.25@$4.75; light wt 160 to 200 Ibs., good and choice $4.50@$5.00; medium weight, 20 to 250 Ibs., good and choice, $4.0 @$5.00; heavy weight, 250 to 35 Ibs., good and choice, $3.85@$4.75 packing sows, 2*5 to 550 Ibs., me dium and good, $3.00@>$3.75 slaughter pigs, ]QO to 130 Ibs., good and. choice, $3.25@$4.25. CATTLE: 1,500. calves SOO. Al killing classes fully steady, no choice steers here. Best grade year lings $6.15. Medium weight bullocks $5.90. Largely $4.75@?5.75. Cows $3.25 and belov. Calves steady. He lected veal selling up to §9.00 Slaughter cattle and vealers: Stee/s 550 to 900 Ibs., good and choice, $5.75@$6.75; 900 to 1100 Ibs., good and choice $5.5C@$7.00; 1100 to 1300 Ibs., good and choice, $5..75@ $7.10; 1300 to 1500 Ibs., good and choice, $5.75@$7.10; 550 to 1300 Ibs., common and medium $3.00@ ?5.75. Heifers, 550 to 750 Ibs., good and choice, $5.00@$6.25; common and medium $2.50@$5.00. Cows, good, $3.60@$4.75; common and medium, ?2.35@$3.60: low cutter and cutter, $1.25@$2.35. Bulls (yearlings excluded j good (beef) $3.25@$4.00; cutter, common and medium, $2.25 @ $3.35. Vealers, good and choice. $7.00@$8.50; medium $5.50@$7.00;. cull and common, ?4.00@$5.50. Stocker and feeder cattle: Steers. 500 to 1050 Ibs., good and choice, $4.00@$5.00; common and medium $2.50@$4.00. SHEEP: 7,000. Fat lambs active. Market strong to 25c higher. Native lambs $7.25@?7.50. Best held above $7.75. Rangers active, sheep firm. Slaughter sheep and lambs: Lambs. 90 Ibs. down, good and *—Houses lor Rent COZY, TWO ROOM, FURNISHED apartment 939-W. -ROOM FURNISHED ment. 1243-W. APART- FOUR ROOM APARTMENT. PH. 662. ' TWO APARTMENT ' HOUSE furnished or unfurnished. 12^ s Lincoln way. choice, $6.75@|7.75; common and medium, $4.00@$7.00. Ewes, 90 to 150 Ibs., good and choice, $1.50 @ $2.85; all wts., common and medium, 75c@$2.00. Feeding lambs, 50 to 75 Ibs., good and choice, $6.00 @$6.50. CHICAGO (HE)—Grain range: Open High Low Close WHEAT: May 97 97% 94% Sept, 8S% 89% 86% Dec. 92 SS^-i. 90% 92 CORN: May 59 59% 5814 59k Sept. 47% 48% 47% Dec. 53 53% 52% 53 OATS: May 44% 44 = : 43% 44 Sept, 38 3Si,i 37% 37% Dec. 41% 41% 40% 40% RYE: May 81% 81% S0% SOy Sep.t. . 70 70 69% 70 " Dec. 75 75% 73% 74% BARLEY: May 62% 62% 62 62 Sept. .53 53 52% 52% Dec. 57 57% 56% 57 f _ , Today's Markets Price* blfl by local dealer* --»- 2 corn i ; 35%'c 3ar corn ss% c Oats 28c Hogs $4.00 Cream, sweet .... 23%c "Jream, sour 21%c 3ggs, No. 1 3ggs, No. 2 9 C leavy hens, 4% Ibs., and up..8c Heavy hens under 4% Ibs. and leghorns 5c Heavy breed springs, 4 Ibs, and over 9c Heavy breed springs, under 4 Ibs (C /eghorn springs 5c .eghorn cos s c \11 roosters 4 C All number twos, two cents less. 5,338 cases; extra firsts 18; firsts 15%; current receipts 13%@15 BUTTER: Market steady; re ceipts 15,026 tubs; specials 23@ 23%; extras 22%; extra firsts 21^ @21% ; firsts 17%@1S%; second 16%@17; standards 21%. POULTRY: Market steady; receipts 40 trucks; fowls 10@11% springers 9%: leghorns 8; ducks 8 geese S; turkeys S@9; roosters CHEESE: Twins, 11%@12 Longhorns, 12Vi@12%. POTATOES: On track 221; ar rivals 121; shipments. 669; marke weak. * • 'OR RENT: GOOD APARTMENT Dr. Proctor. DEAL 1 ROOM APARTMENTS. Call 1929. MODERN SIX ROOM HOUSE neat college. Redecorated. Phone 277. MODERN SIX ROOM HOUSE near college. Redecorated. Phone 277. 'WO ROOM FURNISHED APT. Phone 1594. 'OR RENT: APARTMENT. 716 Fifth. JM)—Btulnew Place* for Sale 'OR SALE: BARBER SHOP near college. Cheap. Call 486-J. »4—HOH«M lor Rene FOR RENT: HOUSE, FURNISHED or unfurnished Call 486-J. FURNISHED OR PARTLY FURN- ished modem house. Phone 705. MODERN FIVK ROOM HOUSE, cheap. Insuirc 227 So. K >>7—Farms A Lands for Kent FOR RENT: IMPROVED ACRE- aj?e. Close to college. Write 2688 Tribune. 101—I/o(» for Sale FOR RKNT: MODERN BUNGA. low In good fchape. 730-W. FURNISHED Phone 1564-W. HOUSE. ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A snap? 3 building lots on thp. corner of Rldgnwood and Brook- rltlRo. $r.OO tn!(('n «!). All clear ex- copi specials. Call 13;?. New York Stocks Close Today NEW YORK (tIE)~^- Followm* are Friday's closing bids on the New York stock exchange: American Can ' 92% American Locomotive 31% American T. and T 127% American Tobacco B 91V4 Anaconda 17% Atchison, T. & S. F 66% Bethlehem Steel 38% C. & N. W. Com 11% Chrysler 49% Corn Products 86% DuPont 79% General Electric 23% General Motors 32% International Harvester 41 New York Central 47% Pennsylvania R. R 36 Sea:!> Roebuck 43% Standard Oil of N. J 41% Rtudebnker .. 6 U. S. Rubber ...."" 17% U. S. Steel 53 WestJnghonse Klectrlc 43% Standard oil of ind 32% Cllles Service 2% MILK SHIPPERS ASK POLIOS AID (Continued from Page One) the .embargo completely effective. The strike was believed to be supported by about 1,000 farmrs The decision to place the embargo on Chicago markets was reachec after a meeting here Wednesday night, when farmers protested against "too much governmental red tape." They demanded a basic price increase of from $1.75 per hundredweight to $2.25 and elimination of the base and surplus system of sale. E. L. Bost, of Harvard, reputed leader of the strike, said the embargo would not be discontinued even if the one cent price increase was made effective at once. It will continue until the base and surplus selling system is eliminated, he said. PRODUCE | CHICAGO ilt.1!)--Produce: EGGS:. Marliut »l«ail)', rocelpu WEST AMES PREPARES FOR I. S. C. OPENING Continued from Page Eight) ceedlng Frank Shearer. The studio is equipped with" the most modern photographic and l.'ghtlng ap- jaratus. it holds a three-year con- ract for making photographs for he Bomb. Iowa state college annual publication. The studio has been all redecorated this year PLUMBING AND HEATING Erickson Plumbing and Heating Jompany: 125 Welch avenue, -loyd Erickson. proprietor. Mr. Irickson has been in business in West Ames for about a year ^and i x half, taking his present quar eVs about three months ago. He loes all general plumbing anc leating installation and repair t'ork and carries plumbing sup lies. Palmer Plumbing Company; 108 Hayward avenue. George J. Palmer, proprietor, in his large sales oom and workshops. Mr. Palmer onducts an extensive plumbing nd . heating business, carrying a ne of automatic air conditioning irnaces. oil burners, electric refrigerators, electric washing machines and electric stoves. PRINTING SHOPS Carter Press: 127 Welch avenue. George Carter, proprietor. Conducts ioT> printing business. • RADIO SHOPS Campus Radio Company: 2530 Lincoln way P. H. Montgomery, proprietor. Mr. Montgomery has been In business tn West Ames about two years, moving from the west theater lobby to his present location to enlarge his quarters, last January. He carries the R. C. A.-Vlctor radio line, and a line of electric refrlRerators. He expects to add a line of Brunswick phonogrnph records (his RESTAURANTS B«min't Sandwich Shop: 2420 Knapp street. Gnrfleld Bernan, proprietor. Light Imichef and confections. Shop moved from location next door, six w«-eks SRO. U nil nt wly reilt'corfUcd. and White Inn: 2.U6 Lin- coln way. Mr. and Mrs, G. G Tague, proprietors. Has been re cently repainted. Capacity, 30 per sons. Serves plate lunches and short orders, Campiu Cafe: 2512 Lincoln way Mrs. Alma Davis, took over res taurant following her husband' death in April 1932. Capacity, 7 persons in booths, at tables ant counter. Full restaurant • service Carr's Cafe: 2318 Lincoln way Mr. and Mrs. Galen Carr, propri etors, Mr. and Mrs, Carr purchaset the cafe from Fred Peterson last May, and have repainted it thruout Capacity 30 persons. Serves regular meals and lunches. Coffee Qup: West street and Hy land avenue. Mrs. O. G. Foster, proprietor. Mrs. Foster is preparing to open this place next Wednesday serving regular meals and lunches Capacity 30 persons. College Inn: 2426 Lincoln way. Lucia Fordyce find Mildred Davis proprietors. Restaurant reopened in June after Ijeing closed for some time. Miss Davis, whose home is at Gilford, Mo., received her master's degree at Iowa State college in June, majoring in institutional management. Miss Fordyce came here from Mason City, where she was manager of the Y. W. C. A, cafe- ;eria. Capacity 50 persons. . Cooney's Cafe: 121 Welch avenue. Charles C. Cooney, proprietor. VIr. Cooney has conducted this res. :aurant for the past three years. It was closed for a short time for minor decorating and repairing, and vas reopened a week ago. Capacity 66 persons, Dutch's Inn: 128 Stanton avenue. Ssther Landingham, proprietor, formerly the Cozy Inn, was taken >ver by Miss Landingham last ranuary, and was closed for the ummer. It will be reopened Tues- ay, all newly redecorated. Capacity 5 persons, Kirby't Sai.dwich Shop: 2604 .incoln w^y. Kirby Shadle, p?o- rietor. Mr. Shadle purchased the mall cafe' opened by A. E. "Pop" "'ields, more than a year ago. Cafe as been redecorated. Small back ard-has been arranged for summer service, flower garden, a fountain and fish pool. Mr. Shadle expects to paint the outside of the building ^oon. Capacity of cafe, 18 persons. Mother's Kitchen: 2418 Lincoln way. Mrs. Bertha Weeks and Miss Margaret Weeks, proprietors. Restaurant has been operated for past four years, serving all home cooked meals, with Mrs. Weeks In charge of the preparation of food. The restaurant has been remodeled and redecorated. Capacity 50 persons. Spaniih Tea Room: 2408 Lincoln way. Arnold Crippen, proprietor. Quaint, artistic dining room. Has been open since April 1932. Serves regular meals, with soda fountain service. Capacity 40 persons. West Gate Lunch: 209 North Sheldon avenue. W. A. Steel, proprietor. Mr. Steel claims the dis- Jnctlon of being in the restaurant Business in West Ames longer than any other person, having opened n his present location 12 years ago and remaining iu business eontinu. ously since. Restaurant has been repainted this summer Capacity 44 >ersons in booths and at counter. AUTO SERVICE STATIONS Fall Service Station: L'neoln way ami HyJand avenue. Minos Kail, proprietor. Standard Oil company service station, with regular lino of Standard 01! products and auto RreaskiK service. Whatoff Servict Station: Lincoln J v *;.v nnd Hayw, ril avenue, Joe | Vuatotf, proprtaUr. Dixie Oil com-' pany gasoline and Quaker State oils. Complete one-stop auto service. Station was greatly enlarged a year ago. SHOE STORES Trueblood't: 2544 Lincoln way. Oscar C. Trueblood, proprietor. Mr. Trueblood celebrates his fourteenth anniversary in business in West Ames, this week-end. He has maintained a business in high quality footwear, and carries the Florsheim and Walkover lines for men and women, also the Rollins hosiery line for both men and wom.en. The store also operates a shoe rer, pair shop. Mr. Trueblood expects 1 to redecorate the store this month. SHOE REPAIR SHOPS B«i«r Shoe Repair: 2500 Lincoln way, under Ames Cigar store. L. F. Baier, proprietor. This is Mr. Baler's eleventh, year in business in West Ames, his shop being moved to the present location,last Christmas. Goodyear Shoe Shop: 107 Welch avenue. Peter Giannos, proprietor. Mr. Giannos has been at this location eight years, doing an- ; extensive business In slo& repairing, shoe shining and hat cleaning and blocking. His shop specializes in the Goodyeaf line of repair supplies. •' College Shoe .Repair^ 252* Lin- coin way. Sam Risk; prip'rietor. Mr, Risk, a Syrian yonth, has dis- inguished himself by making his way alone in the world since early boyhood in his tome land. - He came to Ames. neaxl? firs years ago, opening his repair shop, His shop was closed this summer while he returned to Syria for his first r isit since leaving there, several 'ears ago. THEATERS New Ames Theater: 2420 Lincoln -way. Property of Ames Theater company and A, H. Blank heaters. Joe V. Gerbracb, man- iger. This is the largest theater n Ames, and will be reopened Sep- ember 20 for the fall ajid winter eason. Extensive improvements re just being completed, with tage and booth improvements. Under the NRA, four additional mployes are to be taken on at bis house. Seating capacity, near- y 1,100. TRANSFER LINE Tripp Transfer Line: Office at 2430 Lincoln way, under Campus drug store. Will Tripp, proprietor. General baggage and trucking service. VARIETY STORES Five-to-Dollar Store: 2518 Lincoln way. Charles Miller, proprietor. New store to be opened Saturday with line of merchandise to sell from five cents to one dollar. WOMEN'S WEAR Hannum'*: 2514 Lincoln way. Irv« Hannum, proprietor. Mrs. Marie Meredith, manager. High grade and exclusive lines of women's ready-to-wear, including the Nelly Don line of dresses. This store was the former Riekenberg store, of which ?tr. Hannum was manager. He took over ownership of the store about two years Mr. Hannum has been in the women's wear business for about 28 years, coming to Ames from tbu Boone Riekenberg store. The store was first opened here about eieht years ago. Stephenson's Dry Goods: 55.14 Lincoln way. W. Craig Stephenson, proprietor. Mr. Srephftison is entering the fall season with ihe largest slock of yard goods and dress materials he ha.s ever carried, one of (lie largest stock* in Amfs. In addition to dry xonit* and notions, he also carries a linn of Klf* noveltlfn, Mr. St<'t>l>tjm«n l.ns heon In biiiMresn at thi* '.Jon lor elftal yt^ars.

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