Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1928 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, January 20, 1928
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE lOLA DAILY REGISTER. FRroAY EVENIKG, JANUARY 20,1928. j ; SOXG linni.orab]o. ;ujichanging, . TUi< siars^silaBd inalie skies, vt;pon each oijlior gaziiis - Vi^ili sad'"and lovijig eyes. 't ho?; speak throughoui the agos X speech so ricli, so Krahd; -, Hu'v. iiiiji,- of all Uie sages . iiai spoieh tan uiider.staiid. t 'lrelp G Holds 3recllnB: . A moetiug of Circle « of the First Mcthoilist Kpiscorral church was iKia yi'sierday aflernoon with Mrs. Kenneth' Koust, 41)2 South Wash- in':t>m avenue. i'ho prtiiileat. Mrs. J. F.Swon- g('r. jr., iiresidpd over the business meeting and ltd the ^ijvotionals. iloU lall responses v.-ere favorite •.if^it i that .speech have mastered.. •^n all iirf meaning iniCe; ^ ; [hat, for a grammar ."f-rved me .'• !S 'my lii'Iovod sj face. ' —flleine. v« of the IJ.ble. A program ^ „_ „ ^ ^_ I consisted of piano .selections, "Re- \ caijn, A. P. Brigham. Clarke Gil- Uostesses at F.Iks Card Party Mrs. S. A. BlxbiVchalnhan; Mrs. A.-li Ellis/ Mrs. F.L. Denton. Mrs. George! Works and Mrs. q. \V. Sherwood, tjo'mposed the fDciall commiitee rj)r the B. P. O.-Elks" bridge partyj last night in thi club rooms. Prizes *erc gJveu to Jfrs. Chas. Koehl ana Mr. L. N. GJsh for high scores, the consolations goingiito Mrs. W. F. Sfneker and Mr. C. J. Carlson. AfleV cards refreshments were screed." Those* attending were: Messrs. and Mesdames Ktnneth Poust. C. J.; Carhin, S. A. Blrty. J. G. ,\mtel--,- bac,h. H. R. Barker, T. O. Canatsey. A. L. Ellis, Harry Cook, C. C. Gordon. L. B. Crevalier, F. L. Denton, D. C. Dullea, Joe Murphy, J. J. Griffin. G, W. Sherwood, C. J. -Me- His Stepsons Are Sons-iiitLaw riisle Ketifjirl j((tracJs i.:n iiidienco i •."liv v.oiiu and pipno recital in i:u. h .^ir. ind .Mr' il.'o'.n j)i'c!-rtit('d' f . . in:.s :!nd .Vdeialne of -My. iiad Mrs. C. »:r .inriclii;<in-n of .Mrl K. liraase, last ra-mbrancV by" Davies.and Kuben- st.-ir.'^ '".Meiojix f" F," played by .\Ir.<. U \V. Simmons and "Ko- ni:iiu-o" by Sibilcovis and "Caprice" by liariuti played by .^Hss Fldr- euco Hobart, and a reading, "La- m,-ntJtioi)s of a Kadio Widow" given by .Miss. fOsthor Auderson. A iiiimuroii.i g.ime iu which all. mem- Lloyd Ne(f i ij(T.'! participated closed the pro- rtis! students riL-ld. cUiidreuil lieid and anil -Mrs.- \V. gram. bcrt. W. F. Senek&r. J. D. Mlttel- bach, J.,H. Stlrnamah, II. M. Miller, E. K.' HarVison, J. li' Hair, C. B, Spencer, J. D. Mundis.- C. A. Swiggett, Dan J. Pry, Paul | Klein, W. L. Cox. J. Fre<l Schmidt.' C.l*. Shields. Louis Schlanger, W. E. Rundall. F. J. Horton. Paul E. Reed. G., J. Marr, Mei Fronk, II. B. IVrry. Frnnlt McCarthy, L. .\. Gi.'ih, Ijogan Hunsuker, R. K: McBouald, .Mrs. L. Jlobart, Mr.K. John Foust, I 1. Northrup, Mesdames J. T. .Mr.--. iCd .Smitli, .A]r.s. W, L.; Cox 1 S. \V. Fickle, Chds. Roehl, After four daugliterS of Charles W. Slsley of iflllance, Nebr., had married four" ' - - '\ ^' vldower and TV-WOW. WPTP mnn-Sp/l. tooJ Which mnken Mr. Sjsley 9 uiia .Mrs. \V. J. llirig were tlvo as- j ' ^Viirj ^s. of Hninboldl; E.l u! | stepsons feia I night in ^he I sisitiig h-jstcsses. Thitry-two inem- ! f.p„i5_ j_ u_ nutler, of Omaha, .\e.b.; mother to the four brides. p:a;io niimbfr. wiiiijj wan for _ ••• PKUins, .Mr. Lloyd .'•a'ff Drown llrcic Four 31«»els A meeting of C:rcle 4 of the ; "j;jig' the second part wiui his .Me.hodist Kp^isoopal LidWs' Aid ;.'-,a. Miss Aueiaiue Reld, .Mrs. R. i society was "held yesterday after- L Koonig iH'ing the accomj/ani-st; noon, in the home of Mrs. S. S. : r ills vioiiu numbers. -Shelley. 317 SouUi WaluaL'street. Mrs. N. O. Dorfge, Mrs. M. E. • S^-ene de .BaJlet' by DeBcriot, l>.n;.fd by James Roid. opened the ;j;,.-ram and gave the audience it.s - 5;:s.. thriil. It was a remarkable p rioimance . and the numbers, ••ii:n. e of the S>-lph.s" by^Gold- bi;.:t: "Londonderry Air" by Kreis.ler: ".Melody" by Dawes; "The Old' Ilarclerode and Miss Mabel Taylor Mrrf. !T. S .I Albaugh, LaHarpe: Dr. j-"^It' Kpii-c.-ipal (hiinh and Mrs. A. B. .Twadell, Dr. and A?r.'' n. L. Cox and Dr. and Mrs. W. II. Porter. ' * • i !(V )n witli .Mr.s. C (!. booio and Plan fur Billy Sntidaj- Meetings The members of Circle 1 of the wore tlie assLsting hostesses. Mrs. I f^Pio-al Ladies' Aid society of the Wm. Dingman was the devotional 1 '•''•'"st .Methodist Episcopal church leader. Fift'een members were di.«;russed plans for the Billy Sun- present. The-hostesscs served re- day meetings which will be held freshments. I 'isre in March, at a meeting ye.s- r.e.siiay evening in the' i;tim • rf|.\ir;!. L. I'. V\ il.-cu; jii "the honie of the former, who is thi-chi!-..; teacher. Kadio raii-ic (i:!d g;imc>< wet gr.meH ia ?lrain' by Kreisler and 'Sere- i Enlerlains Womjin's Anxlliary L'ndine" by-tJabriei-.Marle ire- .Mrs. J. M. Lamer entertained entfrtainiiiciit and in the '."^ir.-. F:cd Ki^i-'-iiigT, Tiirs, .M. ,1. I'arlier inniV-Ir. Ti,I:s !)alt:>a \s\::i pri:;es. U frcslinient.s w. :c • •r.'iil. The following weri> i.iosent: Mrs. Joe .Michiicl. .Mr-. L. K. Foster, ilr. aiiii .Mrs; Karl I.iown, Mrs. fl'ctod also the e.\pert teaching • f''*? ni''in''*'r.s of the Woman's. .ver was the devotloimi leader and i>i Mrs. Lloyd Ncff Brown. Auxiliary of St. Timothy's Episco-! the ' members offered prayers. '•fa:iie.s. who is tliirteeu years old. P?-' church, in her home yesterdays There wa« "a social hour with re- _u've.ady jpossesses iono and the ''^^^'rnoon. ij freshments. Fourteen members I.;:o«-.edge of proper iK>w!ng which • "i""? business meeting was in • and three guests attended the mcet- terday afternoon In the homo of Fmi Kp.'J.singer. .M.-.«. .'f. .;. i'.irker Mrs. B. D.' McCarty. ; and daughter. Ir.'ni ; .Mr. ami Mrs. The president. Mrs. F. G. Law- "i.ikss a good \-iol!n:.s!. and hart '"''^'SO "f the pregident, Mrs. A. j!i cpporainity to show Iris musi- Sciioii, and consisted of the reguar c.C. understanding in tl;e int^-rprc- routine. Kcfreshments were serv- t; :.on b; the contrasting stylos of; f' to nine members.^ th& Et-lccsions. Perhaps the. ;iir;st • ; ^' *** appealing to the audience were I Hrrl? MPIS nt ChDrch "Umdoxvderrv air,"' "Tlie Old Re-! Circle » of the Ladies' Aid so- fraln" and "Serenade Eadino" be-i ciety of the First .Methodist Epls-1 , j.^^. . ^ Opvelers in sides the opening number. Kopa! thurcli met yesterday after- P?^'""''?,^"^;''^^ " •• Adf-laine Reld's debut as a mu- ; noon' in the .social room of the' L ™Wf auK^m S isthe ..cian was successful. S'ao church with Mrs^^U^^^^^^ ^heVmoS ce w;!h her stu- \V.^M AUlliams and Mrs. Alger as hroadcaetlng •• quartet in Kansas. . r. Her stage preS \vL"hrt j Th" p^^^ Mrs. Jess Fulmer,! f^"'J^.^f^ ^"p;^res%rirsl s/ Uji one ^more experienced, and her]' oi".''"^'<^^ devoUonals'and roll jjgo • ^ "'^"^^ '•,^-'"' *^-"'''' ing. Mrs. Chas.Roehl and Miss Te-^ie Shcnvln were the assisting hostesses. • •:• • ThP Hi-velers SIntr In t'hanute JaUnair 81 lola r^dlo fans -will have an op- TIIlisDalton and .son. Lt-.wi.«; .Miss AU.I Mvler and .Mr. .and .Mrs. L. A. McMillan. KnJerirtin Cinle Mrs. A\. K. Lvoiis. Mr •. th(: former. .Mrs. I*:-eil Mpnzie. prcK'dont, was in charge ;or the hiL'^ine.^.s meeting and .Mr.-;.. O. 1'. IHincan. general i Moran, slste rof J. B. Fcrgfs, visjl- Diamond Church Notes Jan. 16.— Union met last Friday erenlng ' and a bu ^in«sS' meeting was held. A good nuniber w^ere present. It was decided to have the program and pie snprier Thursday evening. January 26[ A nice program is being prepared. Mr. •Conner, from Baldwin, preached hete Sunday.- the Rev. Mr. Misrbacb"being unable to make the trip. All enjoyed Mr. Conner's message. < The Ladles' Aid met last Thursday with Mrs. Mar:( Harrison. A business meeting was held. Tliose Dreesnt were.: ; Mr4 Banta, Mrs. Jackson. Mrs. Vicktrs. Mrs. Norman and children. Jjirs. Jones, Ida, Babcock, Ida Snyd*. .Mary Scott, and Fern Irwin. Pljins were, made to meet with iMri. Vickers the next time. ; ^ Mr. and Mrs Corwin Snyder spent Sunday at tJie Ray Snyder i..j.~io. near Lallarp^.'." .Mr. and .Mrs. Kennedy and .son. Melvin, drove to ; Chanute last Tuesday and returned home Wednesday. While there they visited Mrs. Kennedy's sister and family, ami brother, Mr. S. iR. White, and famllj-. Misses Minnie and Mabel Jones called at thb Frank Jones home before church Sunday. Mr. and Jlrs. Charles Frantz and children from Marysvllle. California, visite'S from Thursday until Saturday at the L. E. Rou^ home. .Mrs. Banta visited at the Jones homo last .Thursday before the! Ladies' Aid •meeting. ' Lloyd Ballard stayed ail night; Saturday TvlthMehiti Kennedy. Wayne Fergus spent Saturday evening and Sundiiy at tiie Irwin homo. • Mrsj R. O. Furneaux. fr.oni near L^ANNA prrKidrn:. otfi red pia.ver. .Mr.s. F. 'ed him Monday. .MorrelJ. Dr. I.iicy liuli. .'.ftv. .]. F.! li. Del) j,'avc thf- l'< .-wn "God's Lradrr.ship Ov,v llw V.'orld" from l'.-aii!i 21. .\;is.-i Lillian Cowley, uf-aturir. pave a fiuuiicial report. KiftLcn ncmbsrs wVre present. ComplinirntPd with Surprise Party .Mr. A-:!iur.Walter.'!. of .=;04 .North KenliRky .stre<?t. wij.s corapHment- <(t with a .surprise 'party last nJght hy Mr.s. Walter.-.' it) honor 'of hi^ birthday. • . . ' The time was spent in playing I carilf-. and refrcshment-s were serv- L-I. Humes Mr. K C! Clu.« Mr.. P. j Ko]l„^v:ng wri^e jie guests: Mr. ijr.sscd her audience rfirn; qualities and charm of man-i ^'osteitses. ••»!ayingj :.tii'r.tlK- .'bowed serious work un-^''sii rcsponjjes were Bible verses. the foinirr. .Mrs. F. A. Wagni". p!v.«i!i'ai. j — rfr you want to: buy or bulld.^^ lTres!t!cd over th.> huiiinv.-;?.. .Mrs. i ity oi* snimrlmn proiicrty. The lola LI na Brown nad Jolm i'l :i:id .Mrs. Muilding & Loan Ayscciatton will W. If. Knot offcrc-i! pr.'.ycr. The j make you a loan, low interest.rata ho.utrsses .^^crvrd rpfy mt iits lo -lo comnilsslcn. Sek G. K Pecs iv.-.nty me:ii!)rr.-i ar.-l Mr-, i:. V. !.".• r'tary. nt old Register .building Dot .'••I II, a guest. I :oulhwest corner of square. teaching of Mr. Brown. Her program consisted of "Grotesque >!ari'h" by Sinding^; "Teadertryste" tiy Sliurc;. "Si'herz'andp" by Beechfir: "To a Wtlter Lily" by'.Mac- iSowell; "Polonaise in A Major" by .Chop n"and the two-piano nuihber, "Finale Va!«e": by Lack. "Tender- jtryste" and" th«^ "Finale; Valso" !{-<^cmpd to bo favorites with the, .•^.isdience. Hotli young mnslcians were call- [fii h!i''k to acknowledge the ap- •JMu^e and fiower.s which were J^vuerously showered upon them. ' rrosbyfer 'nn .Missionary i^(ic/Ctj- .VCPiS ^ i'Tjic Woman's Jllsslonary society pi the First Presbjterlan cimrdi m tJA-esterday afternoon in the H :ma of Mrs. V. C- Archer. Mrs. P; W. Ander.;;on. vice-presi- jv n;.--irerirtcdover the mtH-ting in P • ,'!b =:-nce of the president. }ITS. ir--: s F. Scott sirs. D. p. No^th- f i ^- ••-.•as the devot:onal leader on <j^:f.varaship," and roll call con- r'""'.r(i of .quotations on the sub- Mrs, P, ;o. Hanson of the •'Irfhodi'st Bpisropai church . -: •:. '--ilk on the missionary and *lsituation In China. j'-'t-e program; was .in charge of c'.->"U' B. and the members of Cir- ,r> w?re the fco.stDsses. Twenty,;.-:s v.-omrtn were present and re- iV' "I'.iiK'iirs werie served: •l^Ian.s were made to serve the Rotary dinner Thursday nJghf. Mrs. lycr.i Kifp pave a review of Iicr re- rcnt trip to Illinois. .Miss Pearl IJalzt-r played' two piano selections. Sixteen , mwjrbors were present .ind refrohbrncntwore served. • • •> .Vorthwesf jJMflon Steets TI'c members of the Xorlhwesl Division of :he Ladies' .\id society of til.-' First Christian church met vestcrriav afternoon in the home of ^rT3. A. D. .Morri.», 1021 .\orth Jefferson avenue. There was a brief business meeting .111(1 articfea for an Easter ba::aar wore ma^de. 'Mrs. bco. Hug- gMi". Chester *and .fule Funs'on were quests. Ten members were pres4'nt. Lows TInlerlnihs Ilfghs with t.anchf'nn i Mrs. Charles'Fr.v, Mrs. L. O. Xorihrup, Mrs. jHorace Miller and j Mrs". 71. L. Thompson, jr., enter- j taincd with a 1 o'clock luncheon. , and social afternoon Tuesday in; i the home of Mrs. L. O. Nortlinipj Whose- gnest.S;wfre: Mrs. P. J. |Mc-' Fwon. Mrs. V. L. Kirk. Mrs. John .r. Ford and Mrs. A. R. Enfield- This was the close of the first haU of their bridge, dut) season and the lows entertained thb Bigh •score winners. '• ' . The program committee of the Farmers' Union: Mrs. Parish. -Mrs. Babcock and 'Mrs. Kenne<ly. are working haril to get up a good program for the pie supper. Mrs. "Thomas has been suffering with yie toothache and has gone to the dentist. Mrs. McICInney and son Riley, attended union here last Friday evening; i Vtio following: officers were elected at the Sunday school election: Mrl BanUi, superintendent; Mr. Noram. assistant; Mis^ Minnie Jones, secretary-treasnrer; Mrs. Jackson, pianist; Tern Irwin, assistant. Thb following teachers were chosen: Sunshine class. Fern Irwin; intermediate class, Mrs. Jackson; Willing Workers James Irwin; Bible class. Mrs. 'I Vickers; sutostltnte, Mr. Tippfc. , / The Beal family has been suffering with the flu. . Wallace missed school a week, but is now back In school. Mrs. Beal has been very <>ooriy. ' Her daughter, Ethel, has been caring for her. Hills Bros ive the West the constant Iuxurv of coffee with The "Mechanics" of |. W' a ba-^inoss man is refu.sed accommodatirn at his |- . ! k yomi-umos think that the refusal is arbi- d:\ Such i^ not l^hc case in '- well \ .regulated .•^ A loan committee or a board Of' directors having due •^oncc})tion of a bank'.s proper fiii ^ction in the community i'.'ill ca^r-efiilly consider every application and decide ac- Acrding^ to well established principles. ' . • . . ' • Th!.s is the practice in this institution v.'here every nr .-iil'Io cciirte.'^y and consideration i.s given commercial • r stonier.'!. You are assured of sympathetic understanding of your llnandal problem.s and "the full measure of • ?::^:;i.stance sanctioned by ethical banking practice. . In appLying fhe "mechanics" of banking loans in this institutioni; every proposition stands on its individual iv.trit and is as.sured of full consideration. BANK of lola, Kansas Ci Roasting coffee a few pounds at a time creates Ithis rare flavor THE stranger in the West drinks Hills Bros. Coffee with amazement. "What gives this coffee such wonderful flavor?" And the answer is—"Controlled Roasring, Hills Bros.* m patented, continuous process that roasts a fevj pounds at a t'ltne^ instead of iri bulk.", ^ ' No other coffee can taste like Hills Bro^. No other coffee brings such complete enjoy- "ment to so many coffee lovers. Its rare flavor and appetizing aroma never vary. What's more, the vacuum pack for coffee, ori^nated by Hills Bros., seals in all Ask for Hiiy Bros. Coffee by for the Arab oti the can. Senti a free copy of "The Art of Entertaining, this goodness, lame and.look the coupon fo mttS ^BROS.. Dtpt K3 J525 Sftrthwwt Mvd., Ktmsas City, Mo. GmtlnAn: ' , Scad'me your tboUM, Art of E«tetefahg." fftt of chajt ^»'"* ' •• • • •Cit )r_l. .State. HILLS BROS GOI^FEE Fresh from the original vacuum pack. Easily opened with a key. t >6 -8. Reed) Jan. 15.—5lVs. O. M. HolTflan ia confined to Her her home on account of: sickijcsis.- Mr. and M?s. R. C. Greer and Marjorie speflt Sunday with th« former's brotier and family near N'eorfesha. Mr. and Jlrs. Nelson Arnett an4 son, Clarence; ate Sunday dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Blakley in Chanute. . Mr. ami .Mi%. Willie Hplman and children of Chanute and Mr. and Mrs- Clifford; Holman spent Sun- Oay •with O. at Holman. and family. Mr. and .Mrs. B. C- Brelner and children were visiting Sunday with Mrs. Brelner'3 parents; Mr. and Mrs. S. S. meatley of Chanute. Mr. and Mri. A. H. Balllnger of Chanute spenl Saturday, and Sun­ day iwitli the latter's; parents, Mr. and Mra. M.- E. Reed. Henry Alfprd is moving- to his far© which he purchased - near Chanute ( Frank 'Mattlock of near Humboldt has rented the Overbay place. The M. AV. A lodge and the R. X. A. held a jointMnstai«ltioh on _ last Thursdity eening. The Wooii- men furnished a lunch of .chop suey. butter rolls ami coffee.- The funeral service of jlrs.- Ed Kelley was heltf here last .Friday afternoon. . * Pern Alford is absent froni school with ivy poisoning.: Mr. andMr-s. M. E. Reed attended the funeral of Mrs.^Gust Anderson of Vilas. Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Breiner attended a birthday dinner at the home of the latter's father. S. S- Wheatley in Chanute Wednesday. _ E READY Belwe^n the honrs of etW and »:«» lonight, the JENNY WREN GIRL will- knocks on the door or ring the bell at one hundred homes of this city. Your home may. be one of them. If .voi meet her with a package of JEXNT WRE.N' ready mixed flour fn^our hand, she will hand you a Oi DOLLAR BILL and an order On your grocer for another package of JE.\.\Y \\TlE>f; if you don"t meet her with this package, you realize nothing btit a lost opportunity. Yoii must liave the package of JENNY WRiJN in your hand W.HEN you Qpen the door. ' . • Be prepared—boy a package,of the flour that makes every woman a baking expert. , ALL GROCERS SOUTH SFDE SQUARE The GiH Yon Left Behind Ton Didii 't you {Promise yourself last year — only a few short week» ago — that you were going to" "turn over a new leaf"? That you really were agoing to start a sayings account, stop frittering money away ' on =. unnecessaty things and -peiy ca^h for everything. ^ The Girl Vou Left Behind You in 1927 •was very. Serious about it and completely convinced that putting the family ifihaiices on^-a . pay-as-you-go basis was the only sentiblt: thing to do. She'rea- L'zed that half of the monthly bills were Uh- necessary arid' that payr ing cash made you a keener judge of values and a-more intelligent shopper. Don 't fo^iret all about that girl -~- now that 1928 is twb weeks old. Our cash selling means a c a s .h : saving, of. course, 'Xvhich- is'haiidy to -start that bemk account, but it means more than that. It will help you face the future with corifidaice and in J929 the Girl You Leave fidhirtd Vo« * will look i'back ovct 1928 with -satisfactioij arid peatie of iirit^. knre greatest" lOLA, KANSAS Smart Girdle Give Necessary Figure Stqqwrt • In our "Lady- Lyke" line are garments to suit eveiy type of figure. Oar Own "Lady-Lyke^ Eaoh garment is »nade to our standard— of splendid rnatetials—and always low-priced. 98c to $2.98 Pen-Co-Napj ; Ei^rfat In a Box «9* Absorbent^ comfortable tit -wear and «anitary. Omx 'own sanitary napkins aife lower priced, 8 ia a box f«Jr 23c Sanitary Apirons 'Save Yoor Procl^ These ' lightweight r u b b c r aprons are com fortable to w«ar and protect your frock while jittinir. 23cand 49c A Big Value! Fitte Tmldsb Towel Exceptional — a latge/ fcfcavy'tnrkish towel for

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