Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan on January 10, 1891 · Page 5
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Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 5

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1891
Page 5
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County Board Proceeding". Annual Meeting of 'the Board of Supervisors, commenced and lield at the Court House in the City of Bessemer, pursuant to previous notice ac- cordingto law on Monday, the thirteen, th dayof October A. D. 1890. The meeting wns called to order at 10 o'clock A. M. Roll called; present: Chairman Loope, Supervisors Hayes. Healy, Day, Burt. Owens, Ehrmann- traut, Swain, Chamberlain, Bawden, Haile and Conley. Absent, none. The minutes of meetings held August 4th and September 9th last were read and approved. Upon motion of Mr. Burt the salaries of the several County Officials were fixed for the ensuing term as follows: County Trcnsurer, $2000 per annum. County dork, 1800 Prosecuting Attorney, 8000 MlnlnK Inspector, 1600 1 Poor Commissioner, (residing nt Bessemer) 300 Court House Janitor. W) month. Turnkeys. 2 day. GameWnrden, 100 •, annum. Sheriff, no fixed salary. In addition to the above Mr. Burt moved that commencing on November 1st, 1890, the Sherff bo allowed sixty cents per dny for each prisoner in the County Jail, kept there at the expense of . the county. All of which motions prevailed. A recess was thereupon ordered until to-monow at9:30 o'clock A. M.; the various committees entering upon their duties of committee-work. ferred -the claims and accounts have examined into the same and would recommend payment of same as per amounts set forth in last colnmn f " Amount Amount Claimed. Allowed. Ihllnff Bros. & Evernrd I 4110 t 4110 " " 17 80 Tuesday, October 14th. 1890, nt 9;30 o'clock A. M. Roll called: a full lioiird lieing in attendance. Upon motion of Mr. llsiyps Hie compensation to 1m allowed the Circuit Judge for the ensuing term was lixnd at six hundred dollars, mid I he salary of the CirniiltCourt slpuogrnplim', eight humlreil dollars per annum. Tin 1 committee on w|iinli/.nlioii of taxes submitted the following report: "Your Committee to whom was referred the equalization «f taxes among thn several cities and townships in Ihe comity for the year 1890 lieg hmve to report that they would recommend that siiid taxes bo equalized as follows: OOOEB1C COUNTY, AS ASSKSSKU. ' Tnwnslilp of Bessemer. Valuation, t IIMTOI 00 >• " Ironwood, " fifiiVITl Oil " \Vaketleld, " 48191000 " MarenlBco, " MlOMflO " " Watersmcel, " 484SMOO City " Ironwood, " 2008IBO (10 •• Bessemer, " 48068000 And recommend the following resolution: RESOLVF.D. That the assessment of .taxes for 1890 of thu several townships and cities be equalized as follows: Gen. D. Slocum Bond&Clctocy Prank Shephard Frank I'rovtnske C.D. Fournler J. K. NIven Qofreblo Powder Company J. J. Simpson Bond & Clancy F. C. Molntyre Richmond & Backus Co. F. C. Mclntyre Jones & Sheldon J. A. MoLeod Q. L. Loope Western Bank Note Co. David F. Foley F. C. Mclntyre Nnfl Bank of Oshkonh W. E. Hnnnaforil Shaw & Brown W. D. Ellsworth Conrad Carlson Patrick Halpln 3. N.Scott A. N. Hazeltlne John Anderson Frank A nderson Fred Hill L Hoffman John Manning Eugene Sullivan Tom Donovan Chas. Connors Mrs. M.Byan Mrs. Powell Frank prosek John .) or rick Tracy Anddrson Otto Isacsnn Dm Flellew Tom Burke Ovley Oowlcr Geo Uould O. Hondershot .las. Slsi'l (lua Olson John Wall .1 limes Cannon J. A. Allo JnoCoBtln Jr A. Nlttenberif S. W. Senimixt .1. .1. Shea T. B. Hartley C. Murphy 500 760 1000 ooo 19 50 13 00 9400 800 2340 7 CO 6300 525 12110 8030 8.150 1090 1000 1000 3000 16BOO 30876 25575 0000 500 40 63 1063 500 51)0 0408 150 150 150 150 150 150 85 85 85 HA 85 1 15 1 15 1 15 K5 85 Ki KT, NT, K!i . 85 IIIIO :imi :i IMI :ioo nod uuo low 500 IMI 400 r, *i t'!»J 48) 5 r» 48.1 r, 40 50!i J.vo Uynn W Mu lithe O S Korr Torsion J W Dedell CluiB Kruogcr Ous Zleber » Committee. Hcaly, Day, Ehrmanntraut, Swain. Bawden, Haile and Township of Bessemer. t 499000 00 '• Ironwood, 5000(1000 " Wakcfleld, 47.100000 " " Miirculseo, 00000000 •• Watersmeet. 47600000 City " Ironwood, SOUSKIOOO •• Bessemer, 50000000 (Signed) E. A. Hayes. P. Elirniauntriint, Richard Bawden, Ed. V. Conley, J. L. Huile. Adopted as follows: Ayes: Loope, Hayes. Burt, Owens, Chamberlain, Conley. Noes: None.. The following report on the accounts of the Poor Commissioners was submitted: "Your committee to whom was referred the accounts of the Board of Poor Commissioner respectfully report that wo have carefully examined the same and find them correct. K a Marksrrum We also suggest that the recommend- joim Hyon ation of the Commissioners which is hereto attached and made a part of this report, be adopted at.d placed on tile. (Signed) M.W.Burt. ) Committee. F. C. Chamberlain. ( Upon motion the report of the Committee was accepted. There being a.vacancy in the office of poor commissioner, Mr. Hayes moved that W. J. Haggerson be and he in hereby appointed to the office of poor comissionocr for three years. Which motion was carried. A recess wan thereupon ordered until to-morrow at tfiSO A. M. Andy Byrnes John Johnson Dennis Shea Con Lowney Frank Provlnske Thos Eddy Danl Sullivan Andrew Hhlndler W. D. Ellsworth . F Provlneko John Ryan W J Baggerson County Treasurer F Provlnsko Jones & Sheldon K B Swain Jobn Boucher G. L Loope PB Ktttlamii P C Murphy Andy Byrnes 485 600 250 425 450 450 450 450 1350 1200 245 245 245 245 . 245 1)50 570 315 410 305 315 415 345 255 200 300 614 606 443 870 280 318 426 200 200 260 860 255 1B2U 1775 1320 600 265 460 41100 6200 I) If, 4B5 2700 59600 9160 WPS 676 KOI 534 316 300 10 OU 1780 500 750 1000 8 00 I960 1300 not allowed not allowed 2240 rejected 6200 525 8030 8350 10(10 • 1000 1000 3000 rejected 80300 25350 6000 600 1918! 1063 referred not allowed 0408 150 15U 160 150 150 150 85 86 85 85 85 115 1 15 1 15 85 85 Wi 85 Ki M M H5 M 85 :ino ;ion 300 •JIXI 11(10 107:i MJO ir.o rejected ft 40 1125 4tlT tolViTCd 4115 610 450 480 referred 420 250 4 '* 450 450 45f 45C 13 5C referred 2 4 2 4 less condition, the fratricide took from bis pocket a razor? which he had evidently secreted for the purpose, and following up the attack, cut his brother's throat with such fliry that he nearly severed the head from the body. The murderer was arrested Tuesday evening; and taken to Penalize. TRURO.—A Natal paper just to hand records a brutal attack made on theOth of September, at Elandsfontein, on Mr. James Clift, baker, formerly of Truro. Mr. Cliffs shop at Elmidsfont- ein was entered by two men named Sliiirlancl and Colqulionn, who roughly handled Mr. Clift, by whom they were discovered. They bound him with a rope, gagged him, and cut his body with ropes. Colquhoun nad a revolver in his hand, which he frequently threatened to use if any noise were made. Before leaving the house the burglars apologized for their rough usage ot Mr. Clift, and promised to return a portion of his things if he did not acquaint the police of the robbery before a certain time. They were, however, arrested nd brought to justice; Colquhoun be- ng sentenced to three years and Shar- and to two years' imprisonment. MINING.—Two other mines in the .liskeard district have been recently bandoned—Glasgow Caradon and larke Valley, both of which have been vorking for nearly 50 years. No cop- er mines can live in Cornwall at pres- nt prices, and the efforts recently made o discover tin in these two mines, so :s to pay"cost,lmve not been successful. Resolutions of Respect. 5eorge Washington Lodge No. "(Hi Order Sons of St. OJeorge. Whereas, it has pleased Almighty <od in His inscrutable providence to emoye from our midst by death, our ieloved brother, Joseph Howse, thenv nre be it Resolved, Unit, we extend our heart- 'elt sympathy to the sorrowing wife ot wr deceased brother, mid commend ler to our Heavenly Kather, who has promised to deliver all who call upon llm In their time of trouble. Hesolved, that we humbly bow in submission to the will of Him who dneth ill thing well; striving to cover up \vhat- ?yer faults our brother might have had mil ever trying to emulate his virtues; trusting that our loss is bin eternal gain. Resolved, that our charter lie draped 'or a period of sixty days; that these resolutions he spread on our minutes; that a copy be presented to the stricken wife; also a copy sent to each of our local papeis, undone each to the llritisli American and St. George's Journal. F. W. MAY, GEORGE BREWER, JNO. TKEGKMBO, Committee. FKED BREWER, W. Sec. PUBLIC SAFETY DEMANDS That only lionest and reliable medicines should be placed upon tlie market. It van- not, tlierefore, lie stated too emphatically, nor repeated too often, that all who are In need of n genuine Uloocl* purifier should be sure and ask (or Ayer's Sarsapnrilla. Your life, or tliat o( some one near and dear to yon, may depend on the use of this well-approved remedy In preference to any other preparation of similar name. 'It Is compounded of Honduras snr- saparllla (the variety most rk'li In curative properties), stlllliiKla, mandrake, yellow dock, and the Iodides. The process of manufacture is original, skilful, srvnpiiloiisly clean, and such as to secure the very best medicinal qualities of each ingredient. This medicine Is not boiled nor heated, and Is, therefore, not a deeoclion; l.".:t u. is a compound extract, obtained by a method exclusively our own, of the best and must powerful alteratives, tonics, and diuretics known to pharmacy, t'm- the last forty years, Ayer's Sarsaparilla lias been the standard blood-purifier of the world—no other approaching it in popular ennlidcnco i-r universal demand. Its formula is approved )>>' tin 1 leading physicians and dniKKlsts. Brlni? pure and highly eou- eentrated, it is thu most economical nt any possible lilnml medicine. livery purchaser ol Sarsaparilla should Insist upon having this preparation and see that each bottle hears the well-known name of J. C. Ayer & Co., Lowell, Masa. In every quarter of the plobe dyer's Sar. saparllla Is proved to ho the hest remedy for all diseases of tne Mood. Lowell ilrnuigistH unite in testifying to the superior exn-lk'nco of this medicine and to ils great popularity In the city of its mauumeinrc. Ayer's Sarsaparilla rRCPAitr.n i!V DR. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass. Sold ny DriiKKlitl. gl,sl*«'i. Worth f.1 n boltl« Q, E, LEWIS, General Instance Rg't, RUl'RKSKNTING Fire, Tornado, Steam, BOILER, PLATE GLASS ACCIDENT AND Employers' Liability Insurance Companies. I'reacolt lllock, IRON \VOOI), MICIIU'.AN. Alliui I), t'onover. Horace 1'. I'tulley. I.inv. F. I'orler. Conover, Porter & Padley, Architects & Superintendents. TIE TEAD Wo have received our winter line ot Felt Shoes and Slippe and we will offer them at the very lowest prices. ,£ ( Special Sale of Ladies' and Misses' Plush and P;et] Oxford and Opera Slippers in Olive, Fawn, Brown, Blue, al Beaded, in all sizes and widths, at $1.50. These are goot values. Just the thing for a birthday or Christmas present, Big Line of Ladies' and Gents' Over Gaiters 1 ! i '* We have also received our WINTER CAPS for gentlemen^ in all grades. A good Seal Cap is offered at $6.50. Overcoats, Pea Jackets prices and Suitings at the very lowest o Oltll'p In MrM Nlituunil Hunk HiliMl AKlihlllil, Wis. nil, Id'lcr lo work dnnc by us:—Sec'irlty llauk Imlldlni;. I'iial Niillmnil Hank, llanlio'r Washborn, Aslihinil Coniilv .lull and I'uor House. New Knlglll llliielc. New YilllKlui lilllhtlllK. Hesldeiiccol',Midge ('uclirinil!, U. I.'. llevdlaulV and iiiiinv others. KOENIG CLOTHING COMPANY. The News-Record is the people's favorite, paper—a fact for advertisers to (Minsider when renewing contracts. 1C. H. Williams has ;i fmv (!iir)uiid.s Itifl whii'h urc going n.t the old pricus. Henry ClauBs" warranted m'iHsors and shears at 1 YnsroU's. DAYS, Monday, Tue nesday and Thursday. iH llii'O in IVtisroU, blocl;. nil. J. WARD, A Forced Market. 24 24f 24 35C 5 26C 31 21 31 41 34 roferre reterre 48! 6C referred 305 280 " 318 referred referred referred referred 880 265 1740 1776 1320 600 255 450 41100 6200 BOOO 586 425 2700 59600 0150 151)68 referred referred referred 315 800 1000 372 125 00 B45 88 A <:il^l.l) KII.I.KIl. Anollior cliild kllh'il li.v I lie ii-c of oiiliiU 1 * Kivpn in Ihc liinn o!' snulltiiiK ^yni|i. \\'liy mnllurrs «ivo lln.'lr <'htl<lrcii such (li-mlly poison Is siin'rlHiiiK when Ihoy CUM ''cUrve Illi-' child of Its peRiillnr IniiililuK liy iislni! l>r. Acker's Hiiliy Soitlher. It cumulus IH) ii|>iiiin or mur phinc. Snhl hy'rhfuniis it MdCnln-, ilniKyi^ 1 . Prescott earnc-H th« nnest assortmunt of knives and ni'/ors in town, and all warranted. TlKiy All I'lillnrl. The following letter from Mr. W. A. Tluiiii- son, of colnmhuH, Wis.. Is ijeculiiirly Interesting; ".My wife" snys he, "him ln'i-n (renlcd for her heftrt. stoinni^li mid liervons ])ro.slrniion liy three ilo(!tor« in New York, two in CbleiiKo. one in 1'lilliutalplilii, one In (,'lnelnnntl. mid "t the large Institute in llntl'iiln for 1(1 inoiilhs. They nllfullcil. But one bottle of Dr. Miles licstor- utive Nervine liclpeil her wonilerl'nlly." This should be used III nil hemliinhcs, bnekuehes, (^huiiHCR of life nervous difttiirbnnees. Ills, rhen- niHtiHlil. cte. Ask lit O. K. Honk. driiK store ftir a free triul bottle iind l)r. Miles' new book on the nerves and lieurt. llninirary <!r:uln;it< i or Tnrnnln X'i'Icrlimry collci,'c>, member of the Mlchlmin siMle VclVrl- nury Medical Assueliitlon. Trciils nil disciiscs nf (linni'.slic iiiiiintils on l)i<>inosl sclent illc iiriin-lples. calls in or out of the city promptly attended. linil'e, HIT Second slrccl cast, ASIII.ANI), - WISCONSIN'. Teh-plume No. '.'IT. "How much for the goose? What, two dollars! You ought to be ashamed to aak such a price I 1 wouldn't give yon ne." Wednesday, October Ifith. 1890. at 8:30 o'clock A. M. Roll called; a full hoard being in attendance. Upon nioHoii of Air. Curt the time for waking the annual report of tho Inspector of Mints was esteucU;<l to next meeting of the Board. The following resolution, offered by Mr. Chamberlain was unanimously adopted: "Beoolved that no bills for the holding of inijuesU in thus comitj be allowed from and after this date, until the party holding such inquest file a fall «ind complete report and return of the game whl» the County Clerk." The-committee on claims and accounts (submitted the following report: * w.Your comvittee to wbonj wa» ce- Maxwell * Hunnftford J 8 Monroe Hlchard Bawden 3 « Northwfn Water WorhsCo J50 «> Northern Mich Asylum W58K (Signed) M. VV. Burt. ) F. C. Chamberlain > Committee Rich'cl Bawden. ) (Jpou motion of Mr. Hayes the re port of the Committee was aceeptei and payment of the claims ordered as recommended. [To be Contitmetl] L.ATB CORNWALL NEWS. ST. JUST;—A shocking tragedy wa; commuted on Tuesday afternoon a Brane Farm, near St. Just in I'enwitl u young man named Kdwin Oats liav ing murdered his brother in what believed to have been a sudden tit o insanity, go far ait is known, there ha beeu nri quarrel or unpleasantness be tween them, and, except on the plea of insanity, it is impossible to explain or , account for what took place, as no otli-| er person seems to have witnessed the J deed. Such evidence as is obtainable! goes tosuow that iMwia, in a sudden: frenzy got behind bis brother aud aimed. | a terrific blow at his bead, felling him; (At this moment the goose bites off hia gold locket and swallows it.) The News-Record has the only cylinder, press, and consequently the onlv complete job and newspaper ntllce in Gogebic county. A DUTY TO YOIIKKKLF. It Is fiurpriHlng that people will IIHU a common, •rSlnnry pill when they can necnre u valuable English one for the same money. Dr. Acker's Kngllsh pillR arc a positive euro for slek heud- aehe uiul nil liver troubles. They are Kinull. sweet and cash ' taken and do not gripe. Sold by Thomas &m<?ube, druggist./; "You miserable little creature! Here, take your two dollars."—Exchange. Couldn't Help Himielf. I'he two men had talked for a time on the train. "Are you going to hear Barkins lecture to-nightV" said one. "Yes," returned the other. "Take my advice and don't. I hear it's an awful bore." "I must go," said the other. "I'm Barkins."—New York Sun. Drop in Mullen Bros, furniture store and see their elegant stock next time you pass,or come down town on purpose, It will pay. A Furtunu^c AVumtin. Mrs. Mary L. Baker, ot Ovid, Mlnh , hns rea son to b« very thankful. r«!-« was a creiil suf ferer from heart dese&he for jc-'irs. WHS slior of breath, had hungry srolls, palh in side, nut luring, fiilntuess, etc. After Cukin ,' two botlle of Dr. Allies' New Heart cure, »Iie sny.i, "I uu better than for UU years. Mv mind mid eye sight have Improved wondnifhlly. I advise ill persons thus allllcted to use this ^rent remedy.' DruggiRtti recommend and guarantee it. lir Miles'work on heart d!seii*c, containing mar velons testimonials free. For sale by I', li Houk, 4 (!o druggists. E. B< Williams will show you skates hand Hledu, beautiful hanging lamps i.'iu'vers, notrket knives, and a hundret and oneothei'thlngHdi'sirabli' for< 'hrlst innH presenlH. Tli» FlrHt Stop. Perhaps you nro run down, ean't eiit, run sleep, can't ihlnk, cun'l do Bliylblng lo you satiufaetlou, ullfl yon Vonder U'bul alls voi You should heed the warning, yon are lakln the first slep Into Nervous Prostration. Yo need a Nerve Tonic, and in Eteclrle Hitlers yo will Iind Ihe exact remedy for restoring yoi nervouR system to ils normal, healthy eond lion. .Hnprlslng results Tollow the useoflh great Nerve Tonle and Alterative. Vonrappi E,J,MGMINDE8 Sanitary Plilmbing, Steam and Hot Water Gas Pittino, (MIX II. LKNNOX, NSrifAN'CK AND IMOAL KSTATK Unsurpassed Facililies I'm 1 plnein»; lai'^c lines mi liunlii-r anil Min nip; 1'roperlieH. t)l)ii!CH ovi'r tin 1 Ironwood Stiiri^, IltONWOOIl, MICH. H AJ .\MMONU &. KISSANIi, McROBERTS TAILOR A -:- SEASONABLE -:- AND STYLISH SECLECTIO Of Black Cloths for Full and Tarty 'Wear. J EQUALTO THE BES < * •***« ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Ollice in Davis & I'Vhr Kindt, tllONVVOOl) MICH. 7-l.NU & Ml hi.Kit, LA.WYHRS AND JS'OTARIKS. )IIice: Ayer Sti-eet, next to 1'. (.'. J. Miller's. IHONWilOI). MICH. 4 E ANDERSON, PHYSICIAN" AND SURUKON. Ofllce: Upstairs in Kallander building.' Speaks Scandinavian and (jernuin languages. IIIONWOOD, Mit-ii. 0". B. QHAS. M. LAW, INSUKANL'K AND llF.AI. KSTATK. IIKSS10MKU. MICH. rviis. KUjSitiSMITH, I'UVSICIANS ANI> Sti'HfiKONS | ( Irmuvonil Oftlri Pianos. Organs. at lowest prices and on easy terms. PIANOS AND ORGANS. PIANOS AND i ORGANS. always in stock. STEINWAY AND CHICKERING furnished if desired. Mo interest required on installment sales. DKAI.KH IN Watches, Jew* Blank Bqoli Stationery. . jSiattotf MUSIC/ anil nil kinds of Musical (imtninj THE WKKAT Awnrded Grand 1'rize at I'arls. I stay, and my customers can rely on Hrst-class Rourls nt i I am here t lowest prices. OPPOSITE THE NEW ST JAMES HOTEL. IRONWOOD. U R KE1XT, PALACE BATH & TONSORIAL PARLOR.i Hurley (inin-j Over lli'lllein:in's Slinv Oi.'i-'K'n lldiuts: SU> 10 A. M. 1 t(l« P. M. t the new lluvis , Ki-lirlilnek. 7 toK P. M. A. HASSKTT, ATTOItNKY AT r.A\V. (Illiri-OVIT Hunk (if Irnnwnnd. IKONWDOl) MIUII. The only Bath Room in theOity. Agent foj Reed Bros.' Laundry. WILL H. COOK. ---•-• PRO!*! tile returns, uood digest Ion Is restored, and Hit'i "Jdtieys rpsimut liualthj* ai'tl ntlrunwoud rhurniHi'y. Liver and kldntys rPHimm liuallhy ai'tiun. Try i a hot tie. PrlreMI,'. ' } J ltiml)iny: work promptly ilonn and' BuUHfai-.tion tjnarnntued by K. B. Williams. ' Tlie New IMnrovery Yon liavn heard vonr filends anil nelchhors lalkliiK ahonl It. Yoif may yourself he ime of I tliB many who know from IILTHCIIIII experience I just how Rood a thing,'It is. If you have ever I tried It. yon Hro one of Its Klannch friend-,' bfcaiiM.- the wondeiful Ihiiitt ahont ItlH.-thui when oncie niven a trial, l>r. ICIIIK'H New Ills- eovery everatter holds u place hi tint liouw. If yon have never used It and should lie atmi'i- IH| wilh u cougli, Mild, or any Trual. l.imt; or Chest trouble, secure it bottle tit onee aud Klvu It » fair trial. It In guumnteed every time, or money refunded. Trlul lioilUn Free lit It"" wouil Phtiruiiicy. A. \\ r . Kearney & Co.. Aurora street, will leitd in tine furniture. KNNON .t I.KNNON, A'PTDJINKYS AT T.AW. Offl«'(^-Ov^r Hit* Iron Mxrhan^ llIJIil.KY WIS. P CI. MURl'IIV, I JirSTICK OP T1IH i'KACK. (lolloutiona promptly utltmdrd to. Ollire in I^uliy liliH^li. IKONVVOOIJ, - MICH. E. D. NELSON, General Insurance First National Bank, Ironwood, Mich. limiiranc'o Com puny jif Noiali_Aniprl(!a, Thn gauHylvaniu Fire Tim>ir»tl I'liu-nlx AMHiimiH'o I'"., of Trillion, Firn AsHOi-iation ofj-'lnladelphia, Bqyliitoii Insnrmiee St. Paul Fire and Marino InHunince Co. MAIlThN KAVAIUO. MUSICAL IMSTHUCTOH. n HepuirhiK, I'iano'I'nrnlnfj nS],eciitlly, Old l-oMnllliv liinldlni:. 804 WEST SECOND STREET, to the ground and remjenng him sense- i AgHL AND " WIS. '-* wrw * - ^ I prescribe and rally en- j dome Big U u the only specific for the cerium cure I IV O. I10.T tili. IKONIVOOII. Mlc-H. of ttd» disease. O.H.IN \Veh»vesnld BUt O tor . , OBAHAM.M. O-. N. Y. (1.09. Miles' Nerve unit MUT Pills. An Important discovery. They act on the livei,stoin»rhund l>owel«"throuKn the nerves. A new principle. They speedily eute bilious nees, bad taste, torpid liver, piles and consllpa tlon. Splendid for men. women and elilldreu Smallest, tuildeit. surest, no doses foreseen" atmpieitree by C. S. Uouk 4Co. JOHN URQUHART of Wagons, Carriages and Sleij Repairing Neatly Done. And all Kinds of Mining HORSE SHOEING A SPECIAL': Cor. of Aurora and Lawrence Streets

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