The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 10, 1894 · Page 12
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 12

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1894
Page 12
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Highest of alt in Leavening £ower.~-Latest U. S. Gov't Report Baking Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE DAILY AND WEEKLY.. ALL HOME PRINT. THE SsnTiNBt. IB the only newspaper In Carroll county tbat Is printed all at borne and It con- nine more local and county news than any other two papers ID this county. POWERS ft COLOLO, Props. FRIDAY, ACQUST 10, 1894. Visit Moore'0 shoe store. Miss Maud King is visiting in Boone. Engineer King is having hie house painted. Gall at Martin & Clovio' for Glidden barbed wire. Patent photograph envelopes for sale at this office. Vic Sen waller, of Templeton, was a Tisitor Saturday. Ora Carpenter, of Dedbam, was a city visitor Saturday. Paints, Oils and Brushes at J. W. Hatton's. Douglas Rogers, of Manning, was a City visitor Tuesday. J. H. Hoebing was in the city attending the convention. Oeo. Hoch, of Arcadia, was. doing business in the city Tuesday. Diseases of the eye, ear, throat and ooee. Dr. O. L. Wright, Carroll. Mrs. Will Joyce, of Clinton, is in the city the guest of Mrs. V. Hinrichs. Carroll Powers, of Norfolk, Neb., is in the city visiting his friend, Bert Mast. Diseases of women and children a specialty. DR. B. C. KBLLEY, Carroll, la. All the wheels and buggies in our city made trips to Qlidden Saturday afternoon. Tbe graduates from the Carroll Normal had their photos taken Saturday after noon. Erwin Funk, of the Manning Monitor, is in the city attending the county normal. Floor ia 90 oente per sack at Mo- Lagan's. Why IB it so cheap? Because he ia selling out. F. C. Jones, of Coon Rapids, was in the city Tuesday as a delegate to the judicial convention. Mrs. W. E. Guild returned to the city Sunday evening after an absence of a couple of weeks. It cost the puges 910 apiece and cost for the littln mill they had Sunday evening at the depot. Jas. Thompson was at LeMars attending the annual session of the grand lodge of Knights of Pythias. Mrs. N.H. Letts returned Tuesday from • Manballtown where she has been for tome time visiting relatives. MoLagan baa got some awful good groceries and will sell much below any one in Carroll. Ha is selling out. Miss Sarah Macomber, of Omaha, daughter of Judge Macomber, is visiting with her uncle's family in this city. All book accounts must be settled at once either by cash on note. KEUPKKB & COMDGK. Miss Ola Griffith has returned from Des Moines where she has been attend Ing college during the past year. Miss Gurrctt, principal of the Manning •obools, arrived in the city Sunday evening to assist in the county normal. Miss CIsraGnam returnedThureday from Chicago and Ottawa, where she has been for several weeks spending the summer. Oar prioN on flour are right, suits •verybody, give it a trial and yon wil oome back to the Tallow front for more Prof. Lenocker, of Arcadia, and Stone of Cpon RapidB, arrived in the city Sat urday to begin work in the norum Monday. Have yon beard the newa? MoLugau ie selling out. Goods must be all sold daring the month of August and don' yon forget it. Ten dollars to all part of England Uroat reduction in steamship tickets tc •11 part in the world. Call at once Moses Simon. Prof. Ksslev is meeting with good sue oeiB in conducting the normal institute Ttt fi Students are well pleased with him M a conductor. Tbe closing exercises of the Carrol normal school was attended by a larg audience, and the program proved on Of unusual ioterett. Dr. and family, Mrs. Uuntoi and Miss Bangi returned to the clt, Saturday evening after a two weeks' oul Ing at Spirit Lake. Miss Rdlth Holme* came from Clinton Monday for a visit with friend* her •ud a bevy of her girl friends was at tb f o'clock traiu to meet her. Word wai received thin morning from the UotBprloK 8 excursionists stating .tha they arrived at their destination all r'lgu •ndhada delightful trip. H, R. Woodring haj purchased the oli laundry bulldlpg between bit store an his office and will move the old fire trap way in a few days and when n new building la put in it will have to he of a material that will be fire proof. Miss Lydia L. Moon, of Glenwood, who is to teach the third grade in the ormal school arrived and enrolled in he county normal Monday. At a meeting of the school board Tues- lay evening Lewis Lisk, a former teacher jn the north side, was employed as principal of the|south side schools, Clerk Kennebetsk issued marriage Il- euses to C. G. Abel and Miss Viola Morgan of this city and Lloyd Barnes and Viola Mayberry of Manning. Miss Sprague, of Omaha, who has >een visiting with the family of H. W. lacomber for the past two weeks re- urned home Monday evening. Chase & Sanborn teas and coffees were ised exclusively on the World's fair grounds, selected for their superior nality. Bold only by Merchant. Hon. B. B. Haselton was a city visitor nd reports that oats in his neigh- orhood are yielding about twenty ushels to the acre and of a splendid uality. Gus Hoch, of Dedham, was in the city n business. He says the drouth as about ruined the corn crop in tbat art of the county as it has done in the •eat of the state. Tbe railroad company did one good hing for the benefit of the traveling ublic at this point and that was the utting in a new ice and water tank in he waiting room. Stanton Locke left Monday evening for is home at Cincinnati. He had been n our city a couple of weeks taking barge of Dr. Sherman's dental rooms uring his absence. Esquire.Parsonstied the nuptial knot in he latest approved style for C. G. Abel nd Miss Viola Morgan Tuesday morn, ng. The squire is getting to be quite an dept at the business. Editor Cory, of the Barly.News, was a elegate to the judicial convention. Mr. lory was at one time employed at the case" in our city and still remembers a ew of our oldest settlers. Merchant wants you to oall at bis tore and see bow tew goods yon can >ny for five dollars. Leavo your sacks and wsketa at home, bnt pat a doable box n yonr Bled or wagon. The Lutheran church held missionary eryices Sunday at Arcadia and a large umber from this city was in attendance. L bus load of fourteen, besides others, [rove across the country. Mrs. H. E. Russell returned Thursday rom Massachusetts, where she has leen for some months visiting her relati- es. She is looking as if shejhad stood the leated season extremely well. State Superintendent Sabin was una> >lo to fill bis engagement before the Bounty normal, as be had to be at Des lomes to take part in Flag day exercises hich were held today. Tbe workman have completed the new residence of County Treasurer Albertsen. The family will move into it the first of next week and then Mr. Albertsen will be a resident of the silk stocking ward. A couple of fellows were looking for a scrap Sunday evening at the depot and bv the way the blood was flowing from their probosces we came to the conclusion that they had been accommodated. J. R. Atkinson received word Monday morning tbat his eon started from Livingston, Montana, for this city on a t>icycle Aug. 2. This is a long ride and will require some time for its completion. Tbe Farm Journal contains a notice of dissolution of the partnership of the former owners of thatjpaper, J. B. Kniest and J. M. Drees. Mr. Drees retires from the business and J. B. Kniest assumes tulj control of the paper. Judge Goldsmith, of Sac, was in the city attending the judicial convention shaking hands with the delegates from tbti various counties. The judge has proven to be very popular and will make a strong candidate for re-election. Wo publish today the order issued by the state board of health directing that all vessels containing gasoline shall be plainly labeled by the party selling. This is u good precaution and should bo complied wilh, formuuy serious accidents are the result of taking gasoline for kerosene. L. C. Goodwin, of Boono, wus in the city Friday inspecting the now Germania bsll with the Intention of managing it during the coming season. Mr. G. would be a first clans inuu to assume control of It us he is well known to all pity companies, lie now lias charge of the optru bouse ut Jiuoue and Ames. We publish an interesting letter today from our «p«ciu! correspondent ut the Ulack Mills. We ure uuxious to hear how John Nockles uucl Henry liuwell are bo- Laving tbeiuuelves while out ID the wild and wooly west. As our correspondent Intimates tuut BUO 10 keeping tab on them we will probably have something to give oar readers regarding them in & few days. Farmers come on, now IB the time and M ('.Lagan's ie the place to get some goods cheap to carry yon over this hard season. Lay in » stock for the year; yot> can save money by doing BO. Greene Clark, of Clinton, is in the city for a few days' visit with, old friends. He reports everything lovely at Olinton and says Mr. Sturges, with whom he is associated, is enjoying a good business. Mr. Clark is looking exceptionally well ns if the drug business agreed with him. The enrollment for the normal reached 180 the first day and is a record that pleases the county superintendent. The interest in educational work in the county is good and the educators are all working in perfect harmony. Under such conditions they cannot fail to attain good results. A. U. Quint left for Chicago Tuesday evening. He will be joined by his wife in the city in a few days and they will go to Lake Champlain, N. Y., for a few weeks' recreation. Mrs. Quint has not been feeling well for some time and it is hoped tbat the change will benefit her health. Our stock is complete, goods first quality, popular prices. Tbe tariff or silver bill outs no figure with ns. Don't think because we don't button hole you on the street and beg yon to trade with us, we don't want your trade. Wedo, '<>nt think yon are wise enongb to oboe so the best place to trade. Respectfully. E. N. MBBOHANT. The impression might be gained from an item in last week's SENTINEL that W. R. Lee intended to move to Manning. Such is not the case however. Mr. Lee, while giving hi* personal attention to the business of the Manning office, will continue to reside at Carroll and conduct his business here as he has in the past. Dick McNeil and his son, who has been visiting here for a few days, left Tours day for their ranch out at Long Pine, Neb. They have gone there to see after the haying wnich Mr. AfcNeill is having done. He says be will have about 400 tons put up and will feed the greater portion of it during the coming season. Old Sol has been getting in his work for the past few days. Wednesday the thermometer registered 98, and today the column of mercury has beep trying to crawl out of the top of the thermometer. It reached 100 degrees before noon and by the way every living thing curled up tbat was exposed to the sun it must have gone out of sight by 4 o'clock. Today is flag day at Des Moines, when the old war flags will be taken from the adjutant general's office on the west side of the river and deposited in the new capital. The flags will be placed in glass cases and hermetically sealed. This event has been made the occasion for a grand demonstration and many thousands from all over the state will be present. B. Bernholtz, of Kniest township, returned Monday from Germany where be bad been for over three months visiting the scenes of his childhood. It bad been forty-two yean since be left there and be says that during this time things bad greatly changed. He enjoyed the sea voyage very much but was glad to get back into America again,for to him there is no place like the United States. There is some talk of getting up a game of ball between Glidden and Carroll, to be played on the fair grounds during the fair. If a'red-hot contest could be arranged for between these two strong rivals it would prove one of the strongest attractions the association could possibly secure and help materially to swell the gate receipts. We commend the scheme to the consideration of the fair officials. The parties engaged to sink a well for the company west of the city began work Mondaylevening. It is the intention to have an eight inch well sunk and if plenty of water can be found at a reasonable depth to have a large well dug to act as a reservoir. The plan appears to be a good one and we are of the opinion tbat it will prove a success. Our genial townsman V.Binricbs' face was wreathed ia smiles Wednesday as we met him coming up tbe street. His first salutation;was,"Do I look us if tbere was anything wrong with mo?" "Yes" we said, "you do not look exactly normal." "Well,how can you expect mo to, for we baye one of tbe biggest little hoys up at our home to be found anywhere on Piety hill." The teachers all express themselves as being well pleased with tbe way their new county superintendent takes bold of the work. They feel as if they wilfheve ooo «f tbe best and most profitable sessions they have over enjoyed in this county. Superintendent McMuhon has worked hard to make a success of it and will no doubt be pleated to know that his labors are appreciated by hit eri. Tbe church of God will dedicate their now bethel on north Main street Aug. 18. Services begin wt 10 a. ni. Kldor M. H, Newcomer, I). 1)., will preach the dedicatory sermon. There will bo a union services at 3 p. in. in which all are invited to participate. Ten uiltiulos will be allotted each speaker. lt«v. W. B. Thompson will address us upon tbe subject: "The significance of church build- lug." liev. lieodncksou will cuooj* hit wbjeot. Itov. FoUom.D. l>..wiU »<Jdr«(s us upon the subject: "One |gro»ter than the temple." Ministers from elsewhere requested to take part that our joy may be full. The evening services Will be at 7:80. Services every evening during the week after dedication. All are invited, J. K. NELSON, Pastor. Monday the Carroll Stars went to Ida Grove to cross bats with the ball players of that city. When they got there they found that the Ida boys had londed up their club for the occasion and Waldron and Crill of Glidden, was the battery. The game opened up all right with the Stars in the lead but as on Saturday Lange's arm gave out and Sherman; was put in the box. On the first inning that he pitched the Idn Grove combination got in eleven scores. From then on the result of the game was certain and closed with a score of 18 to 13 in favor of Ida Grove. The lawn tennis club is arranging to go to Castana Saturday to play a game with the club of that town, We understand tbe reason the game has been arranged with that place is due to the fact that one of the Carroll club has a fair lady residing there. He is especially interested in having an opportunity to show off before her, hoping thereby to win her favor by his atlethicattainments. The following players have been selected to represent our city in the contest: J. E. Smith, F. E. Weston, Thos. Guthrie, H. T. Drake, 0. L. Wattles, G. M. Lisk, Lon McAllister, H. L. Hastings. The DCS Moines Register recently contained a scurrik us article from a Glidden correspondent, reflecting upon the people of this city who attended the ball game at Glidden Saturday. If the Register made the least pretence to decency or if anything in its columns had the slightest influence upon the opinions of self-respecting persons, there would be some reason for answering the article in question. But as the Register long ago forfeited the respect of the: citizens of Iowa and lost any reputation it may once have had for truth and honesty, tbe best thing to do with any of the lying statements tbat appear in its columns almost daily is to treat them with the contempt they deserve. DESTBtJOTIVa FlBB. Special to the Sentinel. DBS MOINBB, Aug., 7.—Forty firms and individuals lost $104,125 by last night's fire at Adair. Insurance 986,200, with several items nnreported. OIJDDKN WINS. The game of ball Friday between Oar- roll and Qlidden proved to be of its old time interest and as usual the latter part of the game was one continual scrap. We are in favor of standing by oar home players as • rnle, bat as long aa a few mouthy ones'are given a position in the nine we are about through with it. The admirers of the garnet pay their money to Bee ball playing and not to listen to blowing. We do not expect our club to win every game bnt we all want to see the game played on ita merits and tbe reanlt will be satisfactory to all. In the future we trust our boys will do their playing with tbe ball and not with their mouth as they did Friday. The game opened up witb one score forQlidden, and Carroll by poor fielding on the part of the visitors, were allowed K> press tbe robber for four runs. In the fourth inning Qlidden put on ber batting clothes and pounded oat foar runs before oar boys could retire the aide. In tbe next inning Carroll put op two scores and tbe visitors one thus tieiug tbe game. The next three innings left tbe game aa it was at tbe end of the fifth, neither side having scored. In the ninetb Qlidden won tbe game by a single score. Pagel drove the ball to Joe Egermayer on third who threw wild and before Hoffman fielded in tbe sphere Pagel bad crossed tbe home plate and won tbe game. Bo tbe reanlt of the game was determined by a little bit, a lie hue «l»ay« paid off tbe note to spore the family the disgrnce, bat patience in this line has censed to be a virtue and he refuses to do anything to help him to get out, We understand that the prisoner admits that he forged tbe note sod in all probability will have to serve a term in the penitentiary. We feel sorry for his wite and family and his old father, who ie one of the most nprigbt citizens of this county, to know tbat by this north- less eon's notion they are to bear the burden of his disgrnoe. THB SECOND GOES TO OIIDDMN. Tbe second gsme of ball played at Glidden Saturday, of a series of three went the same BS the first and Glidden is entitled to the credit of fairly oat- playing the boys at first, and their battery was better than ours. Lunge hnd pitched the gnme tbe day before and in the sixth inning hie arm gave out snd it w«s easy work for the home players to run in all the scores they desired. In the first five innings Lange struck out seven men bnt in the last fonr every man that went to bat found tbe leather for one or two bases. Tbe features of the game for our aide were the superior stick work of Erler, Egermayer's fielding and Lange's home run. The last of tbe aeriea will be played here in a few days when we will have another enthusiastic game and should be attended by all who love base ball. Carroll. r o h so Oltdden. r o h so Hamlll Sherman... Lange Hoffman.... Waters Erltr Bart Senates. . . Egermeyer. Total 102718 grill „ Hudson ...... Orrii ......... Potter ........ Hood ......... Havlty ........ Flansburg,... Waldron ..... Total 152712 113456789 Carroll 08002302 0-10 Qlidden 22000062 8-16 ' "How to Cure All Blcln Diseases." Simply apply Swaj-ne's ointment. No internal medleine required. Cures tetter, eczema, Itch, all eruptions on the face, hands, none, etc. Leaving the ikln clear, white and health?. Iti great healing and curative powers are possessed by no other remedy. ' — Bwayne's ointment. ASK your druggist lor 61-95 wild throw and Glidden carried off tbe blooming wreath. The following ia the score: Carroll. r o 10 «u Qlidden. r o so in lUmlll.... Souermer . Laugo .... H oilman, . Brier ..... tichutoa ... water* ... Kgermuyer .. Total ' 0 ft 2 2 2 2 0 8 0 ~ 0 0 727 010 Grill ......... Panel ........ OrrU ........ Potter ...... Uood ........ Uudian ...... Klmuburg... Kurguiou.. ToUl. 827 Carroll.., Glldden. 8-7 1-8 GOT His COMMISSION. Considerable interest has been taken in the outcome ot tbe postoffloe fight at Des Moioee. About two weeks ago Ed. Banter was appointed by the president and • day or BO after tbe appointment was confirmed by the senate. For some reason the commission was not Bent out immediately and the politioal enemies of Hunter bad filled the air with rumors that eerions charges had been perferred against Mr. Hunter and tbat tbe president had concluded to withdraw the commission. ' A dispatch from Dee Hoinea Monday says tbat Mr. Hunter received bis commission and as it arrived about on schedule time we are inclined to place the false report originated hy the Register along with many others of a similar nature it has been guilty ot manufacturing. SPECIAL. Your choice of twenty-five patterns of trouserings made toorder, 90.50 to f 7.50; regular prices, $8 50 to f 13.00. We must close these goods, and you will reap tbe benefit. MOSES SIMON of tbe Famous. THIS SHOULD INTBBEST You. It is just aa necessary for a man to gat good reading matter SB it ia to get good food. We have just made arrangements which may be of interest to yon, dear air, who are glancing down this oulumn of type, Tbe arrangement ia this: We will give you tbe greatest of all Democratic papers, tbe New York Weekly World, and (bis paper.both for one year for 82, or we will send yon this paper for one year and The Weekly Worlk for six montha for 11.75. Tbe campaign now began ia going to be i very important one. Here ia the op portnnity to gat your |own local paper and the leading metropolitan journal o tbe country at extraordinarily low rates Doss this interest you? If it does, and yon think it worth while to take advantage of this Rival special offer while it lasts, send $1,76 and gat the Weekly World for six months and THE WEBKLY SBNTINH, fo one year. Address TUB SBHTINBL, Oar roll, Iowa. CKMU twelve oonu In portage utampg to 80 Cor 5 oorau Building, Wmliliintou, I). 0., and you will receive four uople* of KATB KIHI.D'S WASH IKOTOM, oontalulnji matter of tDeolat Intoroti tilvo name and «JJreui, and say where jrou taw tlilu advertisement. oo will be allotted the twine time uud all art) Wednesday Buchanan Connor, son of Qeo. Connor, ot Oarrollton, waa placed in tbe county jail to await bis preliminary examination, which ia set for Monday. Mr. Connor was arrested Wednesday and brought to tbe city by Bberiff Jeffrey on an information sworn out by 4. W. Patterson, charging him witb forgery. In January, 1803, Mr. Connor borrowed $850 of Mr. Patterson on a note ni«ued by him and.bU father, Qsorg*. As Qeo. Connor ia unable to sign bis name bis mark was witnessed by bis wite. As Otto, Connor ia perfectly good for any reasonable amount Mr. 1'utUrsou, sup- poilug everything to be ragular,aooepted the note. This spring when to* note became due Qeo. Oouuor refused to re deem it ou the ground tbat it was a for* gsry. Mr. Pattweoo, eating no way to aeoure} bis money, oauatd tbe arre»t. Ueo. Connor »aye Ibat bis eon bu done thai thing a couple of time* before and Notice of Dissolution. Notice is hereby given that the .. partnuiHlilii heretofore existing between the uuderulici.od, under the firm name o "The haundry" has thin day by mulua consent been dissolved. All bills and notes owing to said co partnership will be collected by F. Or" ' " '- Miner, aud'all debts owing by ,1 s'ald firm will be paid by said F. J. Miner. Mrs F. J, Miner will continue the business a the old stand. Dated this Both day of July, 1894. 14-Bt MINNIE Itisic. F.JKNNIH IVORY 60A? IT FLOATS BEST FOR SHIRTS. THE PROCTER * GAMBLE CO., OIN'TI. SHBNANDOAH VALLEYL ANDS tPhy go west when such grand oppor- unitles exist in West Virginia, Maryland / and the famous Shenandoah Valley of Vir glnia, a section possessing all the requls ' ies for health, comfort and prosperity ? No region in the United States is at- ractlng greater attention; people from the north and west are looking that way witb< he view of locating. Improved farm lands- are to be obtained at from $8 per acre and' upwards, unimproved timber lands at from, 2 to 86 per acre. Rich mineral lands are cheap, excellent- water powers, manufacturing sites, business locations, etc , are numerous. The ehoola and churches are excellent; the leople are hospitable and extend a warm> pelcome to new coiners. The climate Is unequalled, no severe storms or cyclones,, no contagious diseases. Half rate excursions from Chicago and' all B. & O. towns in Indiana and Ohio, will be run to tbe Shenandoah Valley on August 7th and nth, September 4th and< 8th, October 2nd, November 6th and )ecember 4th. Further Information given free. Address Af. V. Richards, £and and Inimigra- ion Agent, B. &. O. R. R., Baltimore,, Md. ' 13eow-4t Closing Our. Commencing August 1 we will sell our stock ot groceries, glass and queens- ware at cost for strictly cash. We have decided to quit the grocery trade. MoLAOAN ' Notice—Proof of Will. State ot Iowa. Carroll county, 88:--DUtrlot- court In vacation. To all whom It may concern: Notice IB hereby given, that an Instrument In writing puportlng to be the lost will and testa- mentot Henrietta IF. Wadawortn deceased, was lila day produced, opened and nod bribe undersigned and that I.have Died Tueadw the 8th day ot August, 18W, ai tbe day (or bearing >roof In relation thereto. Witness my official signature, with tbe seal of BRld court hereto affixed, this 23d day or July, 891. J. W. KBN-KBIOK, Clerk district court. Low Bates to Des Moines. On account of the Battle Flag Day at Des Moloes August 10, 1891, the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets at- the very low rate of one fare tor the round trip; tickets on sale August 8 9 and 10, good for return passage until August 11, inclusive. For tickets and full Information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern R'y. • Knigbta of Pythias Conclave at Washington. For the above occasion the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Washington, D, 0., and return at the exceedingly low rate of one fare for the round trip; good for return until Sept. 15, 1894. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern Railway. Less Than JJalf Bates to Colorado. On August 10 and U the Northwestern line will sell excursion tickets to Denver, 1'ueblo and Colorado Springs and return at less than one fare for the round trip; good for return passage until September 18, inclusive. For tickets and full information, apply to agents Chicago & Northwestern railway. The New York World never waits to be driven along the path of progress by sharp competition, but keeps so far In the lead that competition is an Impossibility The reputation of The Weekly World as the ureatestDeinooratie paper published Is fully established U Is Democratic In principle Democratic in policy, Democratic in Its sympathies It Is not blindly or dishonestly partisan Itwlll hotsuportbaduieu or bad measures 1T8 WOHK IS FOR TH E PEOPLE, TUB WI1OLK I'KOPLE, and not lor any class or (notion It will be found-at all times fighting for the great curd I n a I principles of the Democratic party, but never for the Hellish omis of any ring or Individual Its miscellaneous articles are fresh, well selected and Interesting Its piiRtts devoted to Ironiu, Fashion and Agriculture uro replete with articles of valuable and Interesting Information to all Tim "Turin JMule' r art|- oloH HOW running In The Weekly World have become celebrated oil account of toe plain, practical way In which tli« tariff (mention is presen ted It Is a large 18'psse, 8-oolumu paper for only 8100 u year We have succeeded In making special arrangements by which we can furnUh Tun " "iekly WKKKI.Y World dross BBNTIHKI, and The World one year both for only 89.00. .Carroll, Iowa Weekly Ad- Awarded Highest Honors World's Fair, ^PRICE'S owder Tt« only Pure Cream of Tartar Powdor.-No Ammonia; No Alum Used in Million* of Homes—40 Years the Standard

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