The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on June 1, 1957 · Page 7
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 7

Syracuse, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 1, 1957
Page 7
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Identity of Culprit Known A 47-year-old woman was severely cut on the right hand in an attack at the Hub Liquor Store, 703 E. Adams St., yesterday afternoon during an attempted holdup. The assailant, whose identity is known to police, grabbed Mrs. Ida Telas of 909 Harrison St.. a clerk in her sisters' store. She was taken to Memorial Hospital where she was reported in good condition. Police said the assailant, after attacking Mrs. Telas, tried to get into the modern cash register. He either did not know how to work it, or he was frightened off before he could open it. The attacker was scared off by Gordon Billings, 53, of 118 Stewart Ct. When Billings walked into the store, the man was trying to get into the cash register. Chased Attacker The man ran from the store, and when Billings noted a trail of blood on the floor, he chased after the attacker. He lost him after two blocks. However, Billings told police that he recognized the man and could identify him. Ben Weiner of 725 E Adams St told police he saw the attacker run from the store. He could identify the clothing worn bv the assailant, and some of his physical features. The attack oocured about 2 30 p.m. The assailant grabbed Mrs Telas, beat, choked her a n d j stabbed her with a knife. i The assailant was described as ! about 25 years old, 5 feet 7 inches! tall, and well built. He was wear-1 ing blue clothing. I Identity Determined Already Beats Last Year Record Contributions To SU's Alumni Fund A record-breaking $381,889.96 has been contributed so far to the Syracuse University Alumni Fund for the year 1956-57. | COUSIN AND NOTTINGHAM ALUMNI GREET BILL LUNDIGAN John V Sackett, head of the music department at Nottingham High School, and former teacher of Bill Lundigan, was among those at the airport to greet him. From left, Sackett, Mrs. George (Marilyn Drake) Osmun, Mrs. Paul Fulmer, Lundigan, and his cousin. Miss Ruth Flanagan, a teacher at Nottingham; Mrs. John Grcacen and Mrs. James Cosgrove, representing the Nottingham Alumni. Syracuse Unnersitv's oldest giaduate, the Rc\ William G. At- His identity was deteimmed by' n of W a t c l t o w n , w l l l bc among .,4 _«!« .-.-- TDmiT On-v.1*. .** n v-i^I Trs.lm! 600 alumni attending tonights Kum Bnk Dinner in Sims Dining Hall A member of the class of 1886 Mr AUell is 94 Also present will be one membei of the 70- Patrolmen Paul Scrbun and John I W i l l i a m s , who canvassed the neighborhood with a description of the attacker. They had his name within an hour of the attack. Sgt John Ludgate took photographs of the scene Handling the investigation wcie Dets. Bernard Weber and John Esseltyn year clasb, (1887) Miss Maty Allis. 324 Westcott St Special tubutc will bc paid) Chancellor William P Tolley in' The trail of blood led from the I recognition of his 15th \ear as area around the cash register to a chancellor. Charlrs E Cooney, class of !897. will bc honored as the only small washroom in the rear of the store. Weiner called police. The s t o i e j living founder of Phi Kappa Alls equipped w i t h an ADT alarm.lpha. senior men's honor society but apparently Mrs. Telas did not'celebrating 60 years of scr\ ite t o j get a charge to use the direct the universit). 1 line to the agency, a private bur- At 7 45 p n) classes will paradcj glary, fire, and jobbciy alarm to Archbold Gymnasium for the! service jpresentation of Geoige A r e n t s j Alone In Store jrioneet Medals and the second j Owncis of the store are listed iP clfnrmance of thc Klmi B a k j Weinstem and sh _° w - . . j as Mrs. Evelyn Mrs. Selma Weinstem. Manager of the store is F. C. Vandenbcrg of 419 S. Ciouse Ave He told police that Mis Telas was alone in the store He said he was scheduled to go to work at 3 p m , but arrived at 2.45 p m being Donated by Arcnts. chairman! emeritus of thc university's Board of Trustees, the Pioneei medals and scrolls uill be awarded to three outstanding alurnni TV sUr Bill Lundigan, baton t w n J e r Alta Burs and tne Alumni Glee Club will be featmed at the Kum Bak Show at 8 30 The just as Mrs Tolas -was placed in thc ambulance Mis. Telas told police she w o u l d L e n t JS sponsored by Phl Kappa bc able to identify the assailant A ] p ] la Qn thc show committee Hermard, Martin Ferguson and arc DcBanks Kilfmsjer, Tiacy "SHE'S LIKE MY LITTLE GIRL" Becky Sue Winters, one-and-a-half-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs Robert Winters of 144 Fay Lane, Minoa, who was in the crowd at the airport to greet Bill Lundigan yesterday noon, reminded the movie and TV star of his little girl back home in California. After kissing Becky, Bill quipped, "You'd think I was running for governor!" Favorite Son Home Town Gives Bill Boy Seriously Wounds Self .22 A 13-year-old Jamesville-DeWitt eighth grade student was seriously wounded about 9.15 p m. yesterday when he accidentally shot himself through the chest. The lad is reported in fair condition in University Hospital Wellington Morton, son of Mr Escape Death in Blast Two men miraculously escaped d e a t h yesterday when dense lacquer fumes exploded in a house in which they were working. Fred Ungieich, 31, 213 Westwood Ave, and John Guralny, 39, fered minor injuries. They were treated at Si'. Joseph's Hospital and discharged. Ungleich and Guralny were finishing floors in a new home on Smith Road, East Syracuse RD 3. They had lacquered four floors and were finishing a fifth when 320 Gale Ave, Liverpool, suf-1 the explosion occurred. The figure was disclosed lasti Thanks and appreciation were :_u» u.. TA--.. , ,·*._._, ' \ o t e d the retiring directors, J- Roscne Drummond, Washington, D. C, and Morse Dell Plain, Philadelphia, Pa., and the retiring member of the Administrative Board of Athletics; John G Hummel. 210 DeWittshire Rd.. DeWitt. night by Director of Development Newell W. Rossman at the alumni meeting of the Alumm Assn. in Sims Dining Hall. Reporting for the National Fund Chairman Albert Ritchie, who could not be present because of business commitments on the West Coast, Rossman announced! A resolution of tribute was that the fund 'otal, as of May 29, was comprised of contributions made by 8.434 alumni and friends He pointed out that this figure represented 500 more contributions than last year and the current total contribution already exceeds last year's final figure- Four new directors of the Alumni Assn. were introduced by Alumn Assn. President George W. Lee. They are: Harry Jenter passed for the late Kenneth Erskine, 648 Roberts Ave., alumni director and chairman of the class of 1917's reunion. Another resolution was passed congratulating Chancellor and Mrs William P. Tolley on their 15 years of service and in celebration of their 35th class anniversary. It was announced that the 1900 Class Reunion Attendance Cup was won last year by the class of Cleveland. Ohio, vice presi- of 1886 for the highest percentage dent in charge of operations, of living members present and American Steel and Wire Divi- by the class of 1931 for the larg sion. U. S Steel Corp; David jest number of members present The blast blew a door and a four-foot-square window 50 feet and gutted the Interior of the house. The North Syracuse Fire Department was called, but the fire went out before the company arrived. It was believed the explosion exhausted all the oxygen in the house, snuffing out the flames. Ungleich and Guralny were rushed to the hospital by Liverpool Ambulance. Ungleich suffered second and third degree burns of the arms. The new house was owned by Larry Schoffer. The damage was not immediately determined. Deputy John Checkowsky investigated. BALOWINSVILLE FEDERAL. SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION White of Elrr.ira, president of the Syracuse Alumni Assn. of Elmira and general agent for the Connecticut Life Insurance Co; Miss Katharine Sibley. 608 Ackerman Ave.. retired SU professor of physical education, and Culver Barr Rochester, attorney. Jenter and White will be serv- Miss Sibley and Barr were re- day last month elected to second terms and Mrs Robert J Morton, 204j i n 8 their first three-year term on Sherwood Dr, DeWitt, was at- _ the b _ oar . d of Directors, while tempting to clear a jammed shell m a .22 caliber pump gun when it discharged. Det Bruno Luczy-' _ Als ° introduced to_ the ski of the Sheriff's Department reported. The slug entered chest on the left Other highlights of the meet-| ing included President Lee's re( port and the report of the treas-| urer, Harold McBride, 497 Brattle Rd Special congratulations went lo| Syracuse University's o 1 d e s 11 alumnus, the Rev. William G. At- ] wood of Watertown. Mr. Atwood, a member of the class of 188S, celebrated his 94th birth- Class greetings were extended 400'by Darius Davis. West Engle- alumm who attended the annual wood, N. J., for thc Golden An- land, N. J. the boy's side and emerged from the back without striking any vital organs. The bullet lodged in the ceiling of the second floor bedroom Neighbors said the youth, who was babysitting with a youngci sister, ran screaming from thc house about 100 yards to Downing Rd where he fell to the pavement. Dr. John A. Root of 115_Down- mg Rd. heard the commotion in!i ege admission officers, thc street and ran to the youth's assistance. dinner meeting was the new.mversary Class, Arthur R. alumni member of the Adminis-| Cramer, 102 Carleton R d , for the trative Board of Athletics He is! 25-year class, and Warren Knn- Dr Charles Cunningham of Vine-Ible, Nutley, N J, president of 'the 1957 graduating class SU Men's Dorm- (Concluded from Page 1) An Eastern Ambulance sped the youth to the hospital for emergency treatment Sheriff's Deputies Theodore Bowles and Walter Foote said the injured boy considerable amount of ,lishcd Gregory Banos Scholar : .·ship Fund. | I Under provisions of the agree- cxprcssed by more and more col- |mentj the umverslty wlll rece i\ e| from Banos yearly installments 'The scare headlines with re-'of 550,000 until the total amount lost a blood. Troop 79 to Show '55 Jamboree Film A film report of the 1955 World!and journalism alumni" Sabbathjf°r a Peasant chat with everyone Boy Scout Jamboree will be,services for graduating seniors! 35 he leisurely made his way to Syracuse's favorite son of movies and television--Bill m-lude 15 ^undigan--ai rived shortly after noon yesterday at Hancock class reunions and meetings of! Airport to be greeted by old friends and new fans, home economics, engineering. Hc ^ o r e a smlle and Jiad time On retuin from service he married Miss Rena Morgan. They will bc at 11 a.m. in Hendncks the caravan of convertibles which haye a d ht Anastasia Chapel under auspices of the took him down Sslma street toj l n a m e d fof Bu , grandmothcrl . _ .._, -...,-.., ,, ... Hotel Syracuse where he is Sl ay-| ,. Whcn T } my f shown at 7'30 p.m. Tuesday at Grand Junior High School auditorium. The jamboree was held|Jewish Student Fellowship at Niagara-on-Lakc, Ontario | Syracuse meets Colgate in^ng through Sunday. , sa]d tha( . shc t h l n k s me - uafc ,_, Troop 79 of the school is spon- j baseball at 2 p m. on Lew Cairj A foin'er student in law at measles," said Bill ycsterda"y The boj's parents weie not at home when the accident occurred 2 Plead Guiliy To Traffic Count Mrs Ruth Marion Faulkner, 19 of 1420 N. State St., and her ; lbrother-m-law. Jerry C h a r l e s : Faulkner. 2°-, of tb.p same address, that the tidal wave of college students is aheady here. soting the film with John Me- jField, Collcndale. followed by theiSyracuse University, he returned j He was accompanied on this|pleaded guiity in Traffic ~~«rt mar £ inal students are finding it;the third increase in the mini-, - spect to the corning deluge of students in the 1960s and 1970's havei created much needless hysteriaj spcnd 8( j per cent" of about the difficulty of getting' of one million dollars has been, transferred to the university. The 1 university wil' be permitted to the an- scholar-' nual installments for into college ' he said. "There is smps _ whl j e tne ,emairung 20 a widespread misapprehension per cent wl u be ac j uec j to the principal of the fund. Banos. who came to Syracuse "Actually there were more f l o m Greece when he was 16 young people of college age in 1939Jyears old, has pent more than than there are at the present time 140 years achieving success as a In New York State we do not get I restaurant proprietor and until, back to the 1939 level until 1963. | recently owned the King George | It is true that some of the best i Hotel at Exit 35 on the Thruway' known colleges, and particularly the women's colleges, are unable to keep up with the demands for entrance of well qualified students. 'It is also true that average or, and the DeWitt Ranch Motel o n j Erie Boulevard E Bot\ the hotel' and motel have been sold to the^ Sheraton Coip. of America. , Salaries Raised Dr Tolley also announced that Kay, scoutmastet, and Gaiy Dc-|Varsit\ Club party at 4 p m. in Dell, asst scoutmaster, in charge of arrangements. No admission will be charged, and the public to emcee the annual Kum-Bak Show last night md again Drumlms A reception for graduates will, be at the Lowe Art Center fioml Thp native Syrn-u: Bak|f lying trip East by Byron Avery, 1 yesterday to charges of dnvinn'' riCreaSlnfily cWflcult to galn a d -[m u m level s of faculty salaries in| this | West Coast promotion man. They without ooerator's lirpnsp^ mission to the college of their i three years would g" into effect 10 6 p.m. Bill Lundigan Emcees SU Kum Back Show evening in Archbcld gymnasium. | w ,il s t ay through Sunday and arrive back m California early Monday. Bill is a graduate of Notting- (greeted at the plane by Common Council President Mrs Melanic The annual Kum Bak Show at I Lundigan Syracuse University is a million- cciemomes dollar piesentation this year jShow presentation at 8 p m . to-| lhc Ncw Yoik State Fair. Kreuzer; Dean Eric C. Faigle ham High School and among | of Syracuse Jmversity, and Tim-1 those at the airport to greet him ,othy M McManus, Syracuse zoneU verc SCV eral members of the Not- jmanager of Chrysler Motors'tmgham Alumni Association as [Corp., sponsors of his TV shows,| wc i; as Carol Marty and Phil · "Climax'" and "Shower of Stars."'Lawlor from the student body j The tanned and handsome film Co-mcidentally, two of the star has always been interested Drivers of thc Chrysler Corp. cars w i l l be mastei of, I n h' s home to\\n and was back at the Kum Bak' h c r c less than two years ago for in the motor cavalcade to the city, John Van Arnam and Daniel Cur- fined Mrs Faulkner $100 and suspended a 30-day jail sentence while Jerry Faulkner drew a $100 fine or 100 days in the penitentiary and a 30-day jail sentence. Both were arrested following an accident at Erie boulevard, W. and W. Genesee St. at S a m Wednesday in which cars operated by Mrs Faulkner and Mrs. Vera Muserlian Jr. of 1510 Court St. collided. Patrolman Michael Cavanaugh With Bill Lundigan (Syracuse s; day. This show will be for the own) as master of ceremonies, the show moves rapidly from one scene to another. alumni and guests He went to Hollywood in 1937 students. tin, also are former Nottingham said Mrs. Muserlian and her from his job as radio announcer Sjracuse University Last night's show was for the i at WFBL. An agent for a Tarzan graduating class and guests Hon- film told him to look him up [hand to greet him and drive back daughter. Carol, 8, both com- co-eds, [plained of minor injuries. The theme is "SU on TV" and onaiy chairman of the show is in New York and Bill the convertibles included Car- chanmsn. Only Woman in Class is skillfully carried out through Martin F. Hilfinger, '14, and the movies and slides on a large active chairman is Ferguson, white screen, on a stage in Arch- Robert M. Martmdale is vice bold Gymnasium. But there is plenty of "in person ' action, too. One of the' imest performances is put on byi a talented singing and dancing group in a number entitled "Four Years of College" Thc songs were written by Atty. Tracy H. Ferguson, xvhose lyrics are as| well done as his legal briefs. I More Uian 1,000 attended last' night's performance. took the next train out. A screen,'iena Chase, Mama Bloser, Kay test was successful and he made'Fish, Faith Hawley, Joanne Hess, several mo\ies before enteringJKathie Ready, Doiothy Schopp the Marines during World War II. land Barbara Wcissler. members of Eta Pi Upsilon, on j A c c o r d i n g to police, Mrs. Faulkner £ot out of the car to speak to Mrs. Muserlian and after a few minutes, she returned to the car and rode off, with her brother-in-law at the whr.el. - Mother of 2 Earns Law Degree One cut of sixty. That's the story of Mrs. Helen A highpoint of the show was F. Keiper of 943 Euclid Ave.. the ington, he earned a law degree at the George Washington University law school. Throughout her law school career, Mrs. Keiper kept house and did the cooking, as well as her Weather Warmer, thunderstorms, Saturday; cooler Sunday. Temperature readings reported by the United States weather bureau: AIRPORT STATION 12-00 p.m. 2:00 am. 4.00 a m. 65| 2:00 pm. 60' 4:00 p.m. 61| 6:00 pm. 80 81 81 first choice. In general, however,:next Sentember Under thp new- there is still plenty of rooom for]salary plan--the third stage in good students even in colleges and the university's planned program universities that pride themselves to upgrade faculty salaries begun on being selective." Typical Headaches Dr. Tolley pointed out that in| most institutions the admission problem is caused by the practice of multiple application, the increase in the number of scholarship candidates and the increased percentage of students applying! for college from the lower half of the high school class Trustees were also informed by Chancellor Tolley that Gregory Banos of Syracuse had pledged in 1955 -- professorial minimum salary will be $8,000 lor a nine- months' period, the minimum for associate professor will be $6,000, and the minimum for assistant professors will bo $5,000 and the minimum for Instructors will be $4,000. Preston Fines MciniiusMan Harold Somers, 61. of , ,-, T , . , , . . to.give Syracuse University over, Jn po]ke Court »i mSTinfi f\f irtar^r-c rnji TVII II irtvi ' r a period of years cne million aid for needy students. The Post- yesterday to violating a city ordinance relating to peddling merchandise without a license Standard announced this gift last Ju$tlce Truman H Preston fall. A check of $12,500, first quarter's interest on the total amount, dered him to pay a $50 fine or spend 50 days in the Onondaga County Penitentiary. was presented by Banos to Syra-| Somers was arrested by De- cuse University three days ago.jtective Robert Curran as he at- By fall the uni 'crsity will be able to expend $20,000 for schol- ardship aid from the newly estab- tempted to sell American flags and flowers in downtown Syracuse on Memorial Day. CURRENT RATE OF EARNINGS ON REGULAR SAVINGS AND %AII!TIONAL ON SYSTEMATIC SAVINGS PROPERTY IMPROVEMENT LOANS HOME MORTGAGES ASSETS OVER $25,000,000 Amounts received by 10th of month draw dividend, from 1st jf month Chartered and Supervised by the Umtsd itoles Government Accounts insured up to $10,000 ORGANIZED 1928 FEDERAUZED 1934 SAVE BY WAIL Save With Us and SAVE Hartley St. John had a

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