Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on February 27, 1933 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, February 27, 1933
Page 5
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•i • • TOLA. KANSAS I THE TOLA DAILY REGISTER, MONDAY EVENING. FEBRUARY 27, 1933. PAGE FIVE New York, Feb. 27. (AP)—Selling prc;fsure relaxed, in the securities ^a^kets toiay, and prices-tried to ^•ally! at times, . although stocics cased In the last; hour, arid closed with several issues ati a point or two^ although a number of small net I gains remained. The closing tone was easy. Transfers approxi- majtledl.lOCOOO shares.'- Si ;o<;ks backed aiid fflled considerably, but! encountered good, support on recessions. The bond market: was' wajtched closely, and traders] were encouraged by. Improvement In S. Governments. Com- moillties eased a little in some lines, afttjr' early i steadiness, Forei^ ex- chartges strengthened moderately ^ against theldoUar, but selUng Of the dollar did not reach important proportions. 1 Sich stock as American Can and American Telephone, after rising about a point, reacted to close with nbt decUries of fractions. Rails held up better than most groups, but gains i ^f around a point in New York i Central, and Union Pacific were about 'lost in the later trading. Santa Fe closed % higher. Delaw;are & Hudson rose more than 3, then reiacted about a point from the top. Gains of about 2 points in American Tobacco B and Liggett & Myeri B were reduced to fractions. V. S. Steel preferi-ed lost a rise of IVj. tr. Si Steel common lost u point, and Case, Allied Chemical a< ! Johns Manville, about 2. THE NEWFANGLES XMom'n Pop) High Low Clos- Cities Serv .. .. 2U 2U /so of Ind ... .. 18'4 17^. 17^ Amn Can .. 51 li 49'J 49"i AT&T .. 96-s 94 94'^ Amn Tob B . .. 54 51--, 52->i Anaconda ... .. 5^'. Atchison .... .. 37', 35 35 N Auburn .. 34v. 32 32 Beth Steel ... .. 11'-.; 11 11':: Case J I .... .. 33'\ 30'-.- 31 Chrysler — .. 9', 8'i: Con Gas .. 46 44',, 44'- Con Oil ...... .. 5'-j 5', 5>, Drug iinc .. 32'H 31 31':: DuPoht .. 34v. 33 33-'^ Gen Elec 12'4 n 11>.. Gen Motors .. .. :o'-. 10 10 Mont Ward .. .. 9^^ 8", _ Packard .— .. 2', 2 2 Penney J C .. .. 21 20 . 20'-.: PhUlips Petr . .. 5^ 5 5'« Radio .. 3-4 3 Z\ Socony'Vac .. .. 6':: 6^ 6\ Std Brands .. .. 15', 14 14'8 SOlof NJ .... .. 24 23'i 23'-.: Union Pac .. 67>, 65'i 65 Tex Corp .... .. 1P« lOTi n U S Steel .. 25-, 23 S 23\ Westingh E .. .. 2J-S 19--H 19", / THZI?E5 CEtSrrWNLY A SILVER UNJMt iK EVERY CLOUO-I FEEL fT W MY -BOMES THAT GUk-DYS ^ND CHICK VJERE ON-THE VERGE OF U<S THE AIR., VNJHEHCA«ie CAME OOiNN VJlTH THEMOtAPS GOT Aj&W ^»Sp' US G^tjti ing the Low-Down! By Cowa^ I Khjo^w rr's 6o^rtETH^Nfe Vbu'viE SAVD —FROt^ THE \NAV GLAt>Y5 A^CTS .WERE AS NNELCbfAE' A BL«ZAOD tM Ml AY YOU'QE THE ONE WHOLS BEEN BWWN' . OFF UK^ A BGfflT *NH\STLE i TELLING THEM TWffiYOUR VISTTING REUKTVMES GOT A , BEDROOM TO TUEM- SELMES, VOUR HO05E, JUST SFTEJ? THESE K!t>S HAO GiVEN US THEIR ONLY BED I', I POM'T SUPPOSE ! V6vJ TOub THEIA ABOUT MJ. THE DOUGH '^OU HAO IN THE 'BANK AT STRNKSMiulE \PU. PUT US \N A. Tmt •WCKLE/PULUNGlTHKr BUNK./ \NE COULON'T HAME-BORfeONEOl A NlCKLl FRONA TWEWV.JF I HADN'T UEr> AND SAID THfe BANK HAD CUOSEO NOT So LOUD i .u.6 .F *T .onrr' aim. npHB. UNIVERSITY jGP TO- r RONTO is the largest in Canada, with 808S students enrolled. Neptune iiowder is a dynamite EXPLOSIVE used in BLASTING. The Scout i.s using the, SEMAPHORE system of signaling. LOCAL PRODUCE Eggs, firsts '. Eggs; seconds Eggs, thirds . ..lOp ... .,7c ....5c LAGRANDE » Feb. 22.—Mr. and Mrs. Charley Gerdsen and Pauline were, guests Sunday at the Roy Love home which was in honor of Wuanita Love's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Smith, lone and Ruth Jean. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Morrison, Marvin Max and' Joyce Ann. Mrs. Parker, and Mr. and Mrs. Perle Baker and Lois were dinner guests Sunday at the I. O. and Russell Morrison home in honor of Russell Morrison's and daughter Carol Bess's birthdays. Miss Lucille Williams visited Tuesday afternoon with Mrs. Earl Hesseltine. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Myers, and lamily moved to the. Flack farm last week. Mr. aftd Mrs. Ray Boucher of Gas City visited Sunday afternoon and evening at the parental L. B. Williams home. Miss Beulali Myers visited Sun- Eggs, ungraded 9c i day afternoon at' the Earl Hessel- Hen.s, No. 1 -Hens; No. 2 ; NoM Springs, l^j lbs. up No. 2 Springs Capons, over, 9 lbs .'. ,Capons. over's lbs.' ^Capons, over 7 !b.s ...6c ...4c .. 6c ,. 4c ..10c ...8c ...6c Capons, imder 7 lbs 6c Slips Butterfat, lb Btags, lb. Cocks Geese, lb. Guineas, each, — Wiute Ducks, lb. . Colored Ducks, lb. Hides, per lb Mixed Com, bu. .. Yellow Com, bu. . Wheat, bu tine home. Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Williarhs sjJent Sunday evening a^t the home of Mr. Williams's uncle Mr. Jim McKaughn who is seriously fll. Mrs. Clarence Houk and baby spent Tuesday uith her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Reade. The teacher and pupils of LaGrande school gave a program and a valentine e:^change Valentine day 3c which was eiijoyed by all present. 10c Refreshments consisting of sand- ,4ciwiches. cookies, and cocoa were 3c I serv'ed. I Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Thomas 13c I and Shirley of lola visited Sunday 14c at, the Will Ensminger home: - ...4c . .15c .. 4c .. 3c .....28cl Kafir Com 13o Kansas City Produce, kansas City. Feb. 27. (AP)—Eg£s lOH-. ' Butter: Creamery 21; butterfat 10-15;.packing butter 9'i. Poultrj-: ,'Hens 7,-8; broilers 14; roostera 4-6; springs 14. Kan-sas City Hay. Kansas City. Pebf 27. (AP'; — No hay; receipts too light. Neighbors and friends of Mr. and Mrs. Charley Gerdsen and Pauline gathered at their home Wednesday evening and surprised them. They are moving soon to a farm in the Waverly district. The writer In be- lialf of- the community wishes them well in their new home. We are glad they are not goipg so far as Mrs. Gerdsen has lived all her life in this district, A house was moved on the place known as the Love "farm, "and which was sold recently to Kepneth Litteer. Mr. I and Mrs. Scobee and family moved the first of the week to'their new home near Blue Mound. Mr. NEWS OF LAHARPE Mrs. Anna Barker Hostess to Gronp of Friends at QnUting Bee and Luncheon. . . City Grain. Kansas City. Feb. 27. (AP)— Wheat: 216i cars; unchanged to '4 ,.^„ ...^ „.„v. ........ j « , higher. No. 2, dark: hard, nom.. 43Vi j and Mrs. Sam Gerdsen will move to | ^'H',,^':.:^"^:^.!;^-.?'!*.?"''^^ (Beverly Mallory.) LAHARPE, Feb. 27.—James Farr and daughter Miss Edith Farr, and Wallace Farr, east of town, were here i visiting friends and<on business "Saturday afternoon. Qmer Turner and WUliam Livingston drove to Independence Friday to visit Bud Sellman. They were accompanied home by Bud and a friend, John Deere who remained to spend the week-end here at the home of Mr. arid Mrs. Jesjs Turner. Henry Wilson, Salina, spent the week-end here on business and visiting, relatives. The following attended a quilting bee at the home of Mrs. Anna Barker Saturday and were one o'clock luncheon guests: Mrs. Gertie Barker. Mrs.; Edna Barker. Mrs. Ethel Barker, Mrs. Thelma Brocl^, Mrs. Effie Pettit, Mrs. Stella Green. Miss Lennie Green. Miss Wanda Green, Mrs. M&bel Lewman of lola, Mrs. Edith Johnson, and the honor guest, Mrs. Walter Pettit. San Acacia, Colo. Miss. Julia Livingston assisted the hostess. . Having sold my : Bread Business . : I am now located : EAST SIDE CAFE : Your Patronage Appreciated D.^VID HART lol:^, Kas. : Paul Wagnor. Erie, who visited at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd T^agnor this week, returned to Erie Sunday. Miss Margaret Ma.xam spent the week-end at the home of her aunt and uncle. Mr. and Mrs. John Walton, south of town: The Grover house was moved to the old Love farm northeast of town last week. Both the house and the land are now owned by Kenneth Litteer. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Tibbet.. lola. were in town on business Saturday afternoon. H. M. Jackson. Topeka. called in LaHarpe Saturday mormng on business. Mr. and Mr^. James Steinbrook and daughter Phyllis Ann visited last week with Mr. Steinbrook's mother. Mrs. Robb and other relatives. Word has been received here by friends of the marriage of Mrs. Opal Meader to E. N. Haynes in Kansas City Januar>- 4. Misses ;Myrtle .Campbell and Bev­ erly-Mallorj' were dinner guests Sunday of Miss Thelma Litteer northeast of town. Heber Ransom drove to Chanute Saturday night to accompany Mrs. Ransom, who played in the Rhythm Rollickers' orchestra there, home.| Miss lone Smith spent-the weekend in -Erie visiting Miss Doris Beard and In Pittsburg at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Cain and family. • Miss Nadyne Barker and Carl Fowler, students at University of Kansas, spent the week-end here f<52; No. 3, nom.. 42='4.»i51; No. 2, hfird. 42\fi45; No. 3, 42'-jf5'(43; No. 2. red. .46'i; No. 3. 43':'a43''l. Close: May 41; July 41-»; Sept. 42',^.. ' Com: 52 cars; unchanged; No. 2, white. 21; No. 3. nom., 20-20'i; No. 2, vellow. 21; No. 3, nom., 20'4''!i2G3i; No. 2, "mixed, nom,, 20',L-W21; NO. 3. 20ii. • Close: May 20-,; July 22'";. Oats:' 11 Qars; unchanged; No. 2, white, nom.,'17'-';< 18; No. 3. nom. , 17-17^i. Milo maize, nom., 43-53. Kafir, 43. Rye. 33. ' Barley, noin.. 21'-'1124. the place vacated by Mr. Scobee. The many friends of George Ensminger were grieved to leam of his sudden death .'Wednesday evening near LaHarpd' The most sincere sympathy Is e:itended to the family. CARLYLE Feb. 21.—^Mrs. MJurphy and, Mrs. Tii^pie sy>ent • Thursday with Mrs. Prank Chambiers 'helping her fry dov.-n sausage.; Mrs. Braswell and Etonald attended the Happy Hour club meeting at Mrs: Carter's 'Tuesday afternoon. The girls ba'sketball team played .1 wijining game with an lola team Thursday evening, score 27-22. The K C Livestock Close } girls who played were Cliristine and Cottle:'Fed steers mostly'steadj-; Maxiiie Upshaw, Maty-Dean Brain- good light \\-ieight steers $5.25; me- Erma Lopmis Dorothy Nich- o-Pitrht <:fnpr<: hpirf hiirhpr ! ol."; nnd Ruth .Shadwick. i Car\'l Readel who has been in, Kansn.s City the past week returaed- homo Wednesday. Hii leave of absence was extended fifteen days dium weight steers held higher. Sheep: Lambs mostly steady; top to shippers S5.35; lambs, good and choice, 90 lbs. do^-h. S5.25-35; good atid^ choice, 90-98 Ifcis., S4.50-5.25. VHpgs: Unchanged. i so he will not return to Fort Lyon Estimated livestock receipts for i "^i!' March 4. , tomorrow: Cattle: 5,000; hogs 4.500; ! Fl"Vd Braswell attended the aulo- sheep 8,000. Kansas City Livestock. Kansas City. Feb. 27. (AP)—(U. S. Dept. Agr.)—Hogs: 6.000;. 2.000 direct,; fairly active, mostly steady with Friday's average; top $3.25 on choice 180-230 lbs.;- good and choice. 140-350 lbs., $2.85-3.25; packing sows, 375-550 lbs., $2.15-65; stock pigs, good and choice. 70-130 lbs.. $2.25-50. Cattle: 9,000; calves: 1.000; steady mobile show in Kansas City Thms- day. Mr. and Mrs. Hicks and family. •Coffcj-^-ille. Kas.. visited Mrs. Hicks sister, Mrs. Upshaw and family Thursday: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Powell's \isited Sunday afternoon at the Ed Powell homo. Mr. and Mrs. F:-anlc Cliambere and children attended' a • surprise party at the Murphy home Satur- to strong; killing quaUty rather I in honor of Mr. Murphy's birt.iplaln: best fed steers held at $6.00; i „ steers, good and choice. 550-1500 lbs.. .^J"; Barney McCabe is quite HI S4.00-8.75; common and medium, ^^'''l; 'nflueiua this week. 550 lbs. up, $3.00-4.60; heifers, good . and Mrs. Bert Ziiik, and cn.J- and choice. 550-900 lbs.. $3.75-5.50; " spent Sunday at the Rcadel cows, good.! $2.35-75; vealers. (milk-i fed), medium to choice. $3.50-6.00;! family and other friends. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Norrlck, Chanute, were week-end guests of Mr. Norrick's sister,- Mrs. C. W. Gregory and Mr. Gregory. Carl Lust. Chanute, has purchased, the J. Q. Roberts place in the northwest part of town. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Campljell and Roxana Reno. Westphalia, spent the week-end here with Mrs. Maude Campbell and Myrtle, and attended the funeral of their friend, George Ensminger. Mr. and. Mr.s. Hisginbotham cnll- botham Monday. Clarence Murphy. Mack Percy and Herbert Punston were helpers. Mrs. Elizabeth Loomis. Erma and He^ry jyere Sunday" guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roibert Gregory and Ruth, west of Colony. Mr. and Mrs. Wingler visited Mrs. "Wi^igler's sisters and mother in •lola and Piqua, Sunday. Dr. St. John gave a very interesting talk on the Presbyterian boani and pensions Monday evening in the church. j ; Form Burenu club met all day Monday with Mrs. Shadwick. Only seven members and one visitor were present. Mrs; Javaux gave the Icsadn on landscape gardening which wa.s both interesting and instructive. Qui- next meeting will be with Mrs. Tippie.. Everyone is asked to ba there promptly at 10:30, because there are two lessons to be given that day and one at least must given in the moming. The garde!n lesson will be given in the morning. Mrs. Venice Taylor and baby are visiting at tlie parental Archer home, while Mr. Taylor Is Iri Newton on business. Tlie Community club will have their program Friday night. E\'erir- one is invited to come, the program will be amusing. stockcr mid feeder .steers, good and!'"''' cn^Grorgf Kettle,Sunday .ifter-1 J. R. Wingler. Mr. Roberts and rholcc $4 00-5 75 i """^ Mj-.| Kettle Is ! Mr. McCoy are quite busy moving Sheep: 10.000; a fe*- opening, sales i ^""-S retent oper- j this week. /lambs.-weak-M) lOc lower; odd lots I sheep steady:, eariy top fed Iambs I ^' $5.15; best held above $5.25; lambs, i ^u^tiay with h good and choice (X) 90 lbs. down. $4.75-5.25; good and choice. iXA, 90T 98 lbs., $4.50-5.15; ewes, good and choice. 90--150 lbs.. $1.5(1-2.60. (X)-^uotat4on.n tm.scrt on ewr.s »nd wettiers. ati'c^n; Mrs. Lloyd Peters and baby spuut i Wichita—P. R. Pennell. passenger ' er parents. Mr. and agent of the Mis.souri Pacific rail- Mrs. Upshaw. I road here, last night annoupced 24 Mr. and.Mr.s. Funston were callers at the Readel and Gilkeson hom;Ps Saturday evening. Alva Sliadwick sawed wood for rr.tnlv Clirtinlx-is aaiil Kir. Kijjt'in- southem and southwestern Kansas Democrats had made reservations in a special ear that will leave'here March, 1 for the inaugural ceremonies at Washington. JACK HOLT IN A DETECTIVE ROMANCE AT THE lOLA TOMORROW AND WEDNESDAY. Jack Holt and Lillian Miles ^rc co-featured in "Man Against Woman," special production of a romantic detective story. The picturie heads the lola's bargain program Tuesday and Wednesday! PRAIRIE DELL Fcb./23.—Spring work is opening up. The faiTners are busy cle-anin? up feed lots beifore plowing time; others are disking for oats. Seme ojipued by the president. Mrs. F. X Wil.'eiiberc-. by singing "Back of tiie Clouds is'Sun.shine" and reading the CIM!) collect. The business meeting w.-i.', then held and things pertaining to the well being of the club , . , . wrr..' rhscu.s.sed and planned. The cant db any field work yet as snow , i,,,^.^ g^^^^. fo„owed Lessor,s 6. 7. drift.s made spots that are not an;! 8 were .sti;died. Tne leacncr yet dried out enough to work. There wii,j present for the Bible study and is n'.i;ch ro be done before regular ein.iiiE.sizcd tiao principal thought in farm work can begin. The recent the lessons. whicliLs also true for cold spell held up ev'erjaiilng but tL'^ book of Mark—serrice. and seed chores. Water scarcity continues sowini;. The seed is the wqid of to a problem, with some, botii for ;Go:'.. and il^- i.s the duty and privi- stcck and household. i 1?:"^ Christians to be doers or Mrs. Ralph Cook spent one day ] seed sower? as well as liearers o.*' last, week visiting at the Wjicoxui i tiie -vord. Jesus especially stresses !ir the le.s.son.s 7 and 8 of ho-A' tr. home. Wilco.xins finished threshing; ye.s- torday (Wednesday) afternoon. We understand their Atlas Sargo made around 25 bushels per acre and tna white kafir near 40 bushels per acre. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shelton, Clara and Rosemary-, spent Sunday after- j sisted by M;s noon at the Barth| home. i ""^ Mr. and Mrs. Ralph (3ook spent!, . Saturday evening at the Bert japh-M(-nbcr§. B. \. Baker. B(rt Jx, et home. j Bacon. Dale Nichols. Fi i 'Miss Reita Sherrill spent last week • Baril vi.siti:-ig her sister, Mrs. Hem-j W. i?-'.fst Eylcr and Mr. Ej'ler. i Mr. and Mrs. Hallam are tlif I I"ia- Dale Nichols Jr.. and Riciiaru proud parents of a 9'li-fx>und sou.; Eaccn. Taey have h\-!;-.' The meeting T^tis c!os-2d 'oy •'Vielc'. Not lo Temptation" and i^raylr.g the Lord's prayer in unison. . Tiio next meeting vill bi Mrs. Harn.- Shelton. the aftei- nocn of March 8J The hostess, as- Ralph Remsbsrg. Krvcd refreshments tb the follow^ i.'.S members: Mesdamfes F. X. Wil- ;jhlt Tame and ?.lis.s Elva Sticklp and Mr.s. Rebecca. Hinkle.; Mrs ; lialph Cook. Mrs. L. D. Smith of, Iwm Monday mortiing. not named him yet: .son are doing nicely: There will tie some moving m our neighborhood this spring.; The Wil- co.\ln families plan to mbve to the Young place, west of the river, and Ralph Remsberg will move to hi£ father's farm.'southwest i of Piqua We sure hate to lose these fine families from our neighborhood Mrj. Ida Snodgras.s is visiting at Mother and ahc home .of her son L. R. Snod- srass and family. Mrs. Ray Lower and Kent visited, 'vith Mrs. R. E. SulUvan Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Baker, Mrft Kinkle. Mr. and Mrs.- Poguc Pun- .^^toh spent Sunday at the Hem-y Snider home. Mr. G. W. Baker was the rcclpien'. Floyd Sherrill will move tb the Bar- , xwfct place, vacated by !WUcoxhi.s. i of a surprise party Wednesday eve- and Ben Lamons wiU move on the "'^C it being his .seventy-ninth place vacated by Floyd. i birthday. Mrs. Bert Baker baked Harry Shelton had the misfortunr him two cakes, one an angel food, to gel a piece of steel in the pup;! -'i^' f''^^'^ "P •*'^lh candles. Mr anti of one of his eyes while fUing. a | Clint Baker, Mr. and Mi-s. Har- disk Tuesday. They succeeded iii' "^^^ Baker. Mr. and Mrs. Willie Bak- gettlng part out of"l;iis eye, but .t i <?'' ^^-^ family. Miss June Maxwell. oonUnued to pain him so se\ereiv ?'rancis and L<5on Farre.ll. His o\C tliat he went to a doctor Wednes- \ friends and neighbors jom with day moming who reitioved Uie rosi i .t^icm in wishing h^m many more of the steel particles. . He is sti.; i'l^appy birthdaj-s. suffering more or less pain from il : It Is to be hoped that it gives him Mi]wfiukc(>—Wisconsin, said E. V/. no further trouble ind no injui-y Tinker, fcdernl district: forester, is a .to the sight will result. j "Badger" state in name only. M. li C. met -with Mrs. S. K i His raheei-s in an animal son-ey .Remsberg Wednesday afternoon, of three 'Wisconsin forest presoivcs- February ?2. The meeting wa.-.; found 100 badgers. NEWS OF COLONY Automobile Driven by John Holzapfel Overturns and Boms Near Mdvern. COLONY. Feb. 27 —M;rs. Cresenz Owens. Miss Etta Mason. Wilbur caiandler and Mrs. D. H. Jitoson were business visitors in lola Saturday. Joe Van Hercke, Westphalia, was a business visitor in Colony Friday. Miss Etta Mason. Mrs. Cresenz Owens and Wilbiu- Chandler were among thofee who attended teachers' meeting iri Garaett Saturday. Mrs. C. V! Clark and son Harold spent Wednesday and Thursday in Ottawa visiting relatives. Mr. Clark spent the two days in Kansas City on business; Driving on the highway near Mel- Vem, the Pontiac coupe owned and dirivcn by John Holzapfel caught fire late Thursday night. Mr. Holzapfel hurriedly applied the brakes but the momentum of tlie car caused It to turn over several times. . Mr. Holzapfel was able to extricate himself from the wreck but the automobile burned completely. It was covered by Insurance. Mr. Holzapfel receiv.- ed a "lift" into Topeka and stayed there imtll his daughter-brought him home. Miss Betty Holzapfel returned to Lawrence Sunday. F. A. Herrick made a business trip to lola Fridaj". Mrs. F. M. Herynk and children, Lone Elm. were .Colony visitors Sat-- urday. Ckjlony high scliool basket ball teams defeated' the Welda teams here Friday night. First team score was 43 to 12; second team score, 23 to 12. ' Mr. arid Mrs. Cliff Eastwood and Mrs. Florence McCoy. Moran, were .shonping in Colony fViday. :The following Colonyites attended the Father and Scout banquet which was held in the Gamett Presbyterian church Thm-sday night: Charles Gregg. BJly Thompson. Billy Well?, Rotiert Lee Nelson. Crene and Deaii Chatterton, Dwight Howard. Dr. R. D: Pulliani. Dr. C; W. Jackson. W. I. Thompson. G. A. Nelson. Henry Wells, Dan Boone, M. M.- Brown. Miss Ruby Speece. Diamond. Mo., is visiting her brother, L. A. Speece and family. Mr, and Mrs. L. S. Minckley and W. 'VV. Minckley were business visitors in Gamett Friday. David Gray, of the .Livestock Sanitary commissioners office in Topeka was a business visitor in Colony Friday. Dr. C. E. Simpson, lola, was a bus- Iniess visitor In Colony Friday. Miss LoLs Barron retumed Saturday night from .Chanute where she spent the week on business. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Paytoh and son Paul spent Saturday night and Sunday visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Swickard and daughter Frances. Miss Frances Goodell spent the week-erid in lola with Miss Ruth Dean. Miss Betty Holzapfel and Jean Denton visited Miss Dean Saturday afternoon. St. Paul—The jig saw puzzle has cured depression pains for a St. Paul manufacturer, his 400 regular employes and 425 new workers. . "We were In the biggest slump we ever experienced." said Louis F. Dow. head of the company that bears his name, "and suddenly we ran into the biggest boom. "The first wtek the.jig saw puzzle business began in earnest we went 87 per cent over the best previous, week." You probably have something you want to sell and the way to let the people know about it is through Reel.ster Cla-ssified Ads OUT OUll WAY By Williams BOO-v-\oo Tt) KvcK" WOO, Bor woo SMOOVOWT HAVe GWABBEO HeR FOOT OF A GEMTLCMAtvi/ WOU'O GO BACH' AVJO FOR wouR sx'sreR, NNvAtKi ene's HURT. R\Gv\r FROM tAHRE. ^ x've GOT GPABQEO GEFORE.,; BE »S( A SoFT -HEARTfeO SAR Wh\V MOTHERS GtT GRA'^A O'-IT'W.U.IPIMS. SWAPPER'S COLUMN CREAM SEPARATORS—To trade for livestock or implements. Brownie's, Produce, Feed, Seeds. HOUSE—Six rooms, 1 lot. Sell or trade for car or what have you. Harlan Taylor. WESTINGUQUSE REFRIGERATORS Let Us Show You An Especial BARGAIN in DeLuxe Refrigeration ROSS ARBDCKIE GARAGE CHRYSLEB-PLYMOUTH Sales—Service—Parts LIVE STOCK 22 Poultry' and Supplies ALL STRAIGHT Breeds Chicks, day old, 500, .$25; started chicks shght- ly higher. Special deal on Custom Hatching in case lots. Sunflower Hatchery, Gas City. ATTENTION SWAPPERS- i •. We will take for subscription to The .Register, Poultry, Eggs, Grain, and other farm produce. Call or write to us and our representative will call. 1927 ADVANCED SIX Nash Sedan • for light coupe or coach^ 208 South State street.' ANNOUNCEMENTS Auctiona COMMUNITY. SALE—Every Wednesday at J. C. Butcher's Sale Bam. Col. Smock, Auctioneer. PUBLIC SALE-rHorses; cattle, hogs, implements, and hay, March 2. two miles east Geneva. G. A. Merryman. _^ Strayed, Lost, Found LOST—Man's' brown overcoat between Hillbrant's Garage and northwest \of lola. Phone 878. AUTOMOTIVE Automobiles For Sale SALES Dependable Used Cars and Trucks ELLIS MOTOR CO. Phone 30V Cash—Trade—Terms STOCK OF used parts for Fordson tractor; used auto parts. lola Auto Wrecking. Phone 782. PONTIAC ^BUICK. i - Sales and Service Giiaranteed Used. Cars SHELLY MOTOR CO. 214 N. Jefferson Phone 80 1928 /CHEVROLET COACH—Good condition, cheap for cash; also electric refrigerator; good as new. 606 South Buckeye. BABV CHICKS 100% from flocks blood tested and certified by Judge Harris, poultry expert. Ask about our 90% guaTanteo on Custom Hatching. All l^eavy bre.cds S'ic Ass't; Heavies 5c Custom; Hatching I%c or $5 case WILLSON FARM HATCHERIES (Formerly Cantrell) 2 miles south on 73W or L. E. Steele Supply Co. 'T-alk Chicks with Willsou" ' CUSTOM HATCH—Ic in Modern Buckeyes, set ea. Mon. Have pure-, bred blood tested chicks. Leg. 4'jc,. big breeds 5c, assorted 3'.c. Russell Hatchery, Gas. Phone nr)5-3. CHICKS—Blood tested and accredited. English S. C. W. Leghorns. 100 S4.95; 200-300 S4.75; 400-500 S4.5C; 600-900 $4.25. S. C. Reds, R. C. Reds, Buff Rocks. Barred Rocks, White Rocks, 'V/hitc- Wyan- dottes, Buff OriJingtons. 'White MInorcas. 50c perlOO higher. White Langshans S5.95 per 100. CUSTOM ' HATCHING a specialty. S3.50 per case. Less than case lots. Ic per cpg-. TAYLOR'S HATCHERY & PRODUCE. 201 S. Jefferson. lola.t INCUBATOR—E1 e c t r i c. 208-eKg, $7.50. Mr.s. J. N. Thomiison, Moran. Kans. SUNFLOWER CHICKS — Hatcliea weekly. See us before you get chicks or hatching. Sunflo-u^' Hatcher^'. Bronson. MERCHANDISE 24 Articles For Sale GAS RANGE—Practically new for sale. Phone 636. 812 North street. USED SEPARATORS—Anker-Holth ^ and DeLaval, good condition, cheap. Wishard Seed Co. 27 Feed, Fuel, Fcrtiliiers ALFALFA HAY—15C per bale. 205 North Cblbom street. WILL PAY :2c a bushel over inarket prices for^ corn. R. C. McKinney Feed Store. THE CHE'VROLET DEALER HAS THE BEST USED CAR VALUES IN TOWN 1931 Chev. Truck, long wheelbase 1932 Chev. Sport Sedan 1930 Chevrolet Coupe .1927 Chrysler Sedan 1927 Chrysler Road.ster 1929 Dodge Six Coupe 1927 Dodge Sedan 1929 Dodge Sedan. 1928 Essex Coach 1929 Essex Coupe 1931 Ford Coach 1930 Ford Sedan 1931 Ford Victoria Coupe, 5-pass. 1928 Nash Coupe Plenty of Other Bargains BUD WHITE MOTOR CO. 400 BALES PRAIRIE-HAY—12',.c per bale. One mile east. 7 north of LaHarpe; 6 miles west of Mildred. One grade Percheron stallion, weigh 1250 lbs., coming 2 years' old; one coming 4-year gelding; one coming 2-year mule, will do to break, $90.00 each. Come Thursday afternoon and Friday. _H._Mi Carpenter, 28 Honsebold Goods i. BIG LOT used oil and gasoline cook stoves. Henninger's Furn. Store. 6 Ante Accessories, Tires, Parts TEXACO PRODUCTS — Goodrich Tires. Cash paid for used cars. Logan Rej-nolds, 307 West Strefet. Wholesale—GAS, Per Gal., 5?; (Not the Cheap 3rd Grade Gai) •VINE OIL & GAS CO. EMPLOYMENT 14 Help Wanted—Male MAN, WITH CAR—Wanted to supply" customers with famou.^ Watkins Products in lola. Business established, earnings^average $25 weekly, pay starts' immediately. Write THE J.i R. WATKU^IS CO., D-53. Winona] Minn._ FINANCIAL 17 Business Opportu^ties SMALL- CAPITAL—Will buy the best paying business in tow-n; ho. overhead; run from your own home; reason for selhng, have other bus; ness. See m6 at once. G. C. Fluber, 606 South Buckeye. LI|V^E STOCK 20 Dogs, Cats, Other Pets FOR SALE—Black and white fox terriers and Boston bull pups. Mrs. Moore, 1002 South State St. 21 Horses, Cattle. Vehielea SOWS, PIGS and shoats; lalso good coupe Ijody, for sale cheap. Sec William Stafford. TEAM MARES—6 years old, weigh 2600; team blacks'C and 7 years old; .weigh 3000; team mares, 5 and 6 I years old, weigh 2500; five other mares and Horses; 2 mule colts coming 1 year old, well matched: 1 roan ShorthoiTi bull, coming 2 ycBrt old; 1 Red Pole bull, 2 years old; 2 com planters; 3^ discs,-one ' ne^r, 2 hay rakes; 3 disc cultivators; all kinds farming madhinery; 5 Sets work harness; 7 good leather hnlters; 3 wagorts. Will sell on linie. J. C. Butcher,. NEW SHIPMENT OF GOLD SEAL CONGOLEUM Rugs. 9x12. priced as low as $5.75. W. H. Wood Fine Fiirniture,, 202 S. Jeff. Phone 190. WE BUY—Sell and exchange new and used fumlture, st&es, rugs, • etc! Curtis Furniture. ^' 25 USED GAS RANGES—$2.50 up. Herinlnger;s_Fumiture Store. 29 Machinery and Tools FORD_SON TRACTOR—And 14-incli two-bottom Oliver plow, good condition, for sale cheap. Paul Gecry, 3 mi. south lola Country-Club; GOOD USED 12-lncli Moline trac- • tor gang plow, $35. Allen County Implement Co. 30 Musical, Badio SEVERAL good used radios. Terms. Henningcr'.s Furniture Store. 31 Seeds, Plants, Flowers KANOTA SEED OATS—13c. Dewey Himtwork, 7 miles northwest lola on Geneva road. RED CLOVER SEED—Purity tc.sL gOTr, Germination Maiihatlar^ test 90'r. SC.OO per bushel. .Jolir McKinley, Humboldt, phone 331F2. SEEDS—Oats,- Lespedeza. sweet clover, red clover, timothy, red top. orchard grass, all kinds of field and garden seeds. Brownie's. _ 32 Wanted—To Buy MOTOR—'L' horsepower, single phase. Plione 840W. _____ Real Estate For Rent 36 Farms and Land For Rent 60 ACRES RIVER LAND—4 .mile.s northwest lola for com. Inquire 222 South'Jefferson. 37 Honses For Bent FOR RENT—Houses,' good location. See G. E. Pees. FOR.RENT—My liome on South Main St., LaHarpe. Cheap to right party. J. T. Tredway. R^al Estate For Sale 40 ^Farms and Land For Sale 20 ACRES—More or less good soil, gas. 2 wells of vrater. Can have city water and. electricity. 1 mile east on 54 and quarter south. Phone 953-11. • 41 nouses For Sale TWO 4-ROdM houses to move, $150-$175. Box 16, lola. SEE BAilGAIN-Home, clean, foiir roomp, large screened porch, gar- lien, I'ruil. liiquire 204, South Elm,

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