The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York on January 13, 1957 · Page 75
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The Post-Standard from Syracuse, New York · Page 75

Syracuse, New York
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 13, 1957
Page 75
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THE POST-STANDARD, Syracuse, N. Y,, Sunday, January 13, 1957 On the Airways Ml ! . · ! · · .·! . . . f. II If Industry Deeper in Lethargy; Doesn't Grow, Compete or Create By PEG STEVENS A few days back, on a hosis another! p r e t t y b a d s h a p e h a s evoked s o m e brisk comment f r o m various corner P. Emp1 o y e s a n d devotees of radio will probably it p- hold, Hie medium to t h e death. I am .will present Rise Stevens in Lucky Stars at 7 p.m. today, l oca , Bizpfs "Carmen." Supporting.WXDR. , ., cast members'ide Giuseppe: -TV show, my opinion oi racio DcSlcfan0t Franlc Guarrera, and! 1inah Shore was asked. The reply t h a t I.{ jU cine Amara. Chevy Show at 9 p.m. today a n d j thought t h *· BBBMMMnR! t h c r R uesls wil1 ' n c l u d c A r t Car-; medium is in BRS9H! Omnibus. vvhich /moves to 4:30 :no '- Stubby Kaye, the Skylarks, j p.m. on Channel ft Today. offers; C o u n l Basie anci his o"*"""' the Canadian actor, Christopher: / e a l u r i n - Joe W ll!iams - and Rummer in a presentation of ; ' Cial ff» est ^^T Como. oohvorth Hour at HEN radio, will; ingers Maxinc Sullivan, Eddie 1 ,,. TT", ,, (Arnold, and Alfred Drake with \isitinsr Washington Square at; concerl pianist Vcra Brodsky. -Oedipus tho Kins." Sophocles-! Visitinff the ^ tiwciy of m a n s Helplessness in d w me np of into, L · ^ -' * be sinners Maxim Stevens ;4 p.m. today on Channel 3 w i J l j be Uncle Millie Berlo and; The Jack Benny Program at comedienne Jeannie Carson. Re£- ; 7;30 p.m. on Channel 8 will be liters Rr.y Bolder, Elaine Stritch.'ihe one Jack fiJmed Inst summer t Kay Armcn and Rusty Draper , i n . Rome. Iialy. Mary Living- neilher an employe. througr.j w m a i so be on hand. jstone is featured in the comedy, choice mostly, nor a devotee, be-; cause I now find little in radio to which to be devoted. It is my opinion thai radio hasi a l 3.30 ^.m. todav. At 4 D.m. · _ T * « ,* ' ^ J ·* * * reached the depths of its oxist- John O u n t h e r will he featured 1 The S64 ' 000 Challenge solved n n WAER-FM's Listen America lhc problem which arose a couple weeks ago, when little Mar- Garmise was given exien- S yraeuse University station g ence. It is a cold, dull, unimag-p[. 0 5 C n t tho University Symphony £ i v c t i m e and hel P in answerin inative medium that dishonestly ; v / i t h L O U J S Krasnes in a 90-' l h jackpot question, by giving an presents itself as appealing, crca- i m i n u te concert. additional $32,000 to Marjoric's live and informative- A look at - challenger, Terry Shand III. I, ana Turner v/ill be profiled :Marjorie gets to keep her half the programming of the five local stations will prove astrologer Aian Wilder and.of the original jackpot and hcr point, ;Jim Cossrrove on Thank Your;championship as well. There are but a handful of truly decent programs offered weekly* A few live local variety or women's programs may be considered original, or at least interesting and -imaginative. A few network: shows have the same attributes. The networks have a discussion show or two, ditto variety, a couple of good music programs, and good news coverage. Of course, it's argued that Jack Benny, Eve Arden, and some of the other stars o£ earlier radio are "returning" to the medium. Be it known, these shows are the old ones recently re-released. And what else is there? You find it. It's hard to miss. Music" Canned music. Hour upon hour of "background 1 ' or pop music. Not even a fair amount of classical music -for those inclined to listen* * -# The opera is now canned; the Philharmonic is now canned--. and, while we're at it, those who enjoy these were lucky to get them here because they comprise a minority audience that is a thorn in the commercial stations' sides. If radio is the creative, imaginative medium it pretends to be, why does it have to offer hours of recorded music daily? If it is informative, why does it limit its ability, to brief newscasts and neglect the other areas of information and methods of presentation? Far be it from me to declare "now, in the goad old days * . ./* but I do remember when radio did have something of value to offer. ^There were programs just Working for Garroway ^TM" ^"" ^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^A^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^.^--^^^-^^--..^^^^^^* ^^^^---..--.^^^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^--^--.-^^--^^^^--^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^·^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^fc^^HBBIMI^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HIHMIHHI^M^M^P Helen O'Connell Starts New Career I By MARGARET McMANUS NEW YORK. Jan. 12 -- If, in your inner, most secret heart! you admit to being a mature 35»j or thereabouts, you were a flashy. college-type kid about the ;time that Helen O'Connell, also; 18, was having her first go-1 i : round with fame, SOLO --Jerry Lewis stars in his own hour-long show on Channel 3 next Saturday evening. The Color Carnival \vill mark the comedian's first appearance on TV as a solo performer. 'Zoo Parade 3:30 Today ; It was the time of the name ; bands and there was no bigger i j n n m o in the banri business than! ;Jimmy Dorsey. featuring vocal-1 lists Helen O'Connell and Bob; lEberle. Actually, these two are 1 isaid to have started the trend toi boy and girl duets. Their re-1 cordings of "Green Eyes/' "Tan-j eerine," and "Amapula," have be* 1 come classics of ihat era. Today, Helen O'Connell, agc^ 35, or thereabouts, the mother of: j throe daughters, 12, 9 and 8, has!' jmerged on a second career, this time a nonsingins one. Talks and Interviews As the new featured performer on Dave Garroway's "Today/ 1 On C-TV show, daily on NBC-TV, she mostly talks, covering fashions, books, the theater and music, and doing guest interviews, 'Til probably sing occasionally on the show/' she said. "I have once or twice already, but I'd Helen O'Connell Her Second Career |sajd t "especially my oldest girl. ; Someone may have said this before, but it's a full-time job raising children. That's why this job on 'Today 1 is good for me. I lean be home most afternoons !and I have to RQ to bed almost as early as the children--so it works out very we!!/* Her daughters are Jackie, 12, j j short for Jacqueline, who was| named for Miss O*Connell*s : 'brother, Jack; Joanie, for Jonim, 1 : named for Joann Dru, who hasi : a daughter named for Miss! 'O'Connell; and the youngest, .Jennie, 8, short for Jennifer, ·'whom she says is very appropriately named because she looks 'like an old-fashioned tintype. **We have a good time together/' said Miss Q'Connell. "Sometimes I gel bewildered about what is best to do for them, but I guess -most parents have moments of confusion. We cna't be Solomon all thnt time. We just do the best we can and NEW YORK, Jan. 12 day afternoon visits to the local. singor 1 was h i f c d ^ a zoo is a long-standing custom m j a P i easant switc h." [many American communities. rather not, I haven't given up but I wasn't hired as a talk en home and have a family and take hope it's right." care of them, and that is what I: She finished her coffee and did. I was the most stay-at-home-gathered up her things to go to character you ever saw. l|n production meeting for the wouldn't even get a license to [show, a genuinely pretty woman drive a car. There was no place;with very short, palo blonde I wanted to go. BISHOP'S BACK--Bishop Fulton J. Sheen and his Life Is Worth Living series returns to Channel 8 at 1 p.m. today. It was shortly after 10 o'clock 'hair, hazel eyes and those ex- A Happy Stay-At-Home Jtraordinary dimples which have. "I'd been working ?inco I was:become an o'Cor.nell trademark.' a kid, and I was tired of work-; She had a serious, almost: ing, and tired of traveling around.igrave manner which may have' I didn't miss the old glitter for b een nlain weariness after a i .A. . . _ . I ^f T m m · I It is entirely possible that while! lt i s ' o b v i o u s that unlike some rieien U Lonneu was sin r une r a t - r \ * i · - it * thci-.n ,u^ ,,,,!!_ ;L_ ,__"? f 1 of lier television colleagues, she Thanks to the invention of tele-i of a cold winter s m 0 rninff thel 0n V r ' mU l e - l was S ° happy bcin E:three-h'our show, but her hand- vision and the intelligent enthusi-j.. Tod , h h ^ j l | s t ' on ; 0 / / J ^ home how could I be wishing; shake was f i r m and hcr smijc asm of a man named Marlen Perthe air and Miss o Con * ell Jfo^ anything else? _. k o r d i a l j kins nearly everyone can visit a i h a v i brcaWast of bacon and 200 every Sunday afternoon with-| eggs in a coffoe s] on - thfi out leaving the house Qund fl f ^ RCA build .|-- ^/l^l ^\^l^ has ?omc P cr spective on the bal-, ··/ao Parade' (Not seen m|. i"* J^ 11 * ;° rtlcs and a11 lh . ose iances. and values of life, and her i p^S«TMJT»nTMTMiS This was * " rt * u1 "* -J^ a f *TM*^?*TMy ^^ fis -? *?* ^ K^^^V*^^ «!?. -U -I didn't: carefr , e young g irls tU g iddy,!^ ^^ of^n ^Lnll% well be; weeks, I'm really not geared to mere grades and classes. '' o[f to a ncw television career! labClIiailllM t r t J i l U U I t r b * IVIU^L I ^ " r t , , r t « u^ .^ ^; w r * - i * ° *"*" ***+.** te-v^ij^u. rnrp^r cently it took Perkins and a dozen u^, " ±ft ^\T^ 3uice,i r rosnonsible school day,. with|? c \ rrce ^?^ ft «i t ; ft «f. *« *^ a «n«n^ TM=ir,h M n * before we wcnt on the 3U '' I vo football weekends and n e n n a n t s i c rf e . ean * .- BLACKMAILER --Greer Garson and Philip Reed are pictured in a scene from "The Earring/' to be seen on G. E. Theater at 9 p.m. today. Channel 8. Reed plays a blackmailer who uses an earring to insure future "dividends." a few years back that I and many others, television or no, wouldn't miss. Navy Eases Requirements For Reserve Officer Training assistants to the upper reaches of the Amazon River where they spent two months filming new programs for the series* Perkins, who is director of £hi-j cage's Lincoln Park Zoo, was delighted with the results, he said the other day on his return from a camp 2,000 miles up the ama- zon. He found so many interesting things -- which you will see in "Zoo Parade' 1 eventually -that it's difficult to decide where been doing ihis such a few to wave, and their only worries ! · A.V _ _ _ ^ ' ·· "."/I Helen O'Connell the hours yet, and I can't say h's , Except when the early--never, ever, Early AM. Sympathy up Perhaps bec?use she spent the b u t her h e a r t is sti11 safe years of her teens a-wandcring,! hcmie she is now so much concerned 1 to begin. Do fish interest you? In the Amazon live enormous man-eat- , ing catfish 12 feet long, Membersjf° OIi that her own daughters have a; normal, secure home life. Miss! There is a compassionate un-jQ'Connell is now divorced a n d * derstanding among the men a n d ^ n 195 ° it'seemed practical for her : v/omen who Avork on earl}' morn-!* 0 return to radio and television,| ing television shows that no mat- but shc ma ^ es her jobs fit around! ter how rich the rewards, they tahe lime she ne ^ds for her chil-j are well earned. Nobody bates this* Which Twin Is Wearing: BELTONE HEARING GLASSES? sss To have that ole debil alarm of Perkins' party caught one of these -- a baby catfish only six with a piercin? wail at 4 a.m. ( to be on your way to the studio by 5 a.m., to arrive by 6 T "My girls take an enormous; amount of time and energy," she| ···*.- feet long on a 32-inch hook baited ajn » «"? go on the air at 7 a.m., There was good music. The; Easing entrance requirements for its Reserve Officer Candidate program, the Navy has made it possible for college students to be eligible for selection for ROC with a whole chicken. But how about the one that got away? It was hooked all right, but it simply straightened out -"the huge hook with an enormous tug -- and escaped. From Perkins' camp above Leticia on the Amazon he journeyed far up a tributary of the Amazon and visited the primitive Yaugua Indians, who wear grass skirts .and never venture-out to civiliza- jtion. They will be seen perform- Candidates at Syracuse Urn-,. a tribal dance on television. L J.^.**. * A _. _t .M. *M ^h. 4t 1 ^h l\ n ^» m m-**^ ** f f*. 1 1 f^ f* *-- j ^^ The Amazon wilderness is a versity or at JLeMoyne would" associate with one of the · mysteries were great; the dramas, t r a i n i n ^ without making any most appealing and well-done; |P nor commitment to Naval Re- ^ rt _*;i__ .^^r a «Ptiles whore is a brutal schedule. What makes it particularly bad is that Miss O'Connell and her^ three daughters moved here from' the Coast on such short notice! that she hasn't had time to find! an apartment in Manhattan. So' a house on Long Island, j means commuting each- dark dawn. However. Helen O'Connell is no complainer. "It's a little bit like the old one- night stands." she said, "but I figure it's bound to improve as soon r,s I am organized and am di^mg;^ crew found many of the most dangerous known to man: an 18* unr? -- »V . ·"»""**"-"· *""* «»**» and well J n t o the rhythm o£ this serve status- According to Lt Comdr. Edmund Thomassen, o f l L S, Naval Reserve Training Center, Liverpool, who administers the ROC program locally, in the past man had to be a member of the Naval Reserve before ho could be selected for ROC. Under the new rule, a college student, enrolled at an accredited college such as Syracuse University or LcMoync College, can the comedy shows, fine fun--and original. There was something for everyone then it seems and, audience-wise, radio was thriving,. In its early battle against video, it appears that radio followed the road of least resistance. Instead of developing its own talents and abilities, of using imagination as a weapon against novelty, it resigned itself to the cheapest easiest method of survival* And this is the road it pursues now. It exists, it docs not grow. It does not compete. It does not create. It does little but invite us-to tiial for a full afternoon or full evening of records, interrupted only by commercials and news. These- three items have a place on radio--but they,are not all of radio* Is radio in bad shape? I think And you? i Bishop Sheen's Life Is Worth Ition. Living program returns to C h a n - j After acceptance in the ROC nel 8 at 1 p.m. today. In this 1 program, the student joins the series of talks, the Bishop speaks! Navnl Reserve locally and drills candidates would be paid for theirs participation in a Naval Reserve activity. The applicant for ROC must be at least 17 when he applies and foot anaconda snake, an 3-foot bushmaster, a 12-foot boa constrictor, matmata turtles, huge improved softer Dental Cushions Helps Prevent Clicking U Drug Stores Month's Supply 51 Answer: The one on the other w c E - f i conventional Jeft; FREE TEST and HEARINC DEMONSTRATION Hearing Service 119 W. Fayctte 74-8561 TRUE John story nap/ querea mse/r PARSON There was the respect Time Today Chan i v v ·/ f. j m Era* m A *.' . iff. " that he more than 271£ years of age when he receives his commission. To qualify for appointment to com-j missioned grade, he must graduate from college \vith baccalaureate degree and successfully complete the ROC course at Newport, ~ Satisfactory performance in the ROC program defers candidates long that crawls in slow motion. One of the luckiest moments in his life in remote places carne, Perkins said, when his camera crew set up in the jungle and began filming a five-foot fer de lance, a common poisonous snake. As they began filming, there crawled around a long seven-foot mussa- earn a Naval Reserve commis-'from induction into-active mill sion together with his bachelor's degree. The student takes his naval training at the 'U. S. Naval Station, Newport, R. I., in eight- week sessions during two summers, usually after his sophomore and junior years. It is possible for the second training period to come in the summer immediately g the student's gradua- rana, a snake-eating snake. The fer de lance did not see the mussarana as it slithered aJong. Neither did the mussarana see its prey until it was right upon it. Then it paused, seized the fer de lance, constricted, and swallowed Lt. Comdr. Thomassen said that it while wide-eyed cameramen tary service. Similar to other officer programs, candidates serve on active duty for three years after receiving their commissions as ensigns in the Naval Reserve. naval authorities e x p e c t the change in ROC requirements to about the problems, and questions of everyday existence. The show is being seen on a 13-day delayed basis. The taped Metropolitan Opera broadcast at 1 p.m. on WFBL on a weekly basis at his Naval Reserve training center. filmed the incident. Perkins' technique varies from bring this program up to a par- that of others who film indis- ity tvith 1he Navy's ROTC prn-Jcrimfnately in primitive places gram." He urged that interested j and then edit their material later. He builds a program in the field, working schedule. Meanwhile, I'm looking for an, apartment here and I h e n - I can get home earlier! in the afternoons and have a n a p j before the children come home from school." Singer At 15 Born in Lima, Ohio, Miss O'Connell grew- up in Toledo and at the age of 15, she and an older sister, Alice, were singing duets | on the local radio stations and at} clubs and hotels, in and around the city. The singing sisters separated after two years. Helen was singing in a New York night club when Jimmy Dorscy heard hcr "and signed her to a contract. She sang with the Dorsey band from 1939 to 1943, when she xvas married and retired from show business at the advanced age of 22. "I retired absolutely and completely and I loved it," she said. "All 1 wanted to do was to stay ,*A^· f * - !·· V CHANNEL FOR TOPS I I 3 P.M. DISNEYLAND *l I* m» WASHINGTON SQUARE students obtain further details from their deans at Syracuse University or LeMoync College. Thomassen can be contacted by telephoning Liverpool 69-8373* shooting sound on film whenever possible. The result is a superb series- End Adv Ams Sun Jan, 13 SQUARE STARS -- Ray Bolgei 1 , top, plays host to Milton Bevlo. bottom, on Washington Square at 4 p.m. today. Channel 3, The young lady is Gv.-rn Harmon, regular resident of the Square. Holy Name Group To Seat Officers The St. John the Evangelist Holy Name Society will install of- fleers at a dinner tomorrow in the church hall. The Rev. Robert F. Coombs, moderator of the society will be installing officer and administer the oath of office to Charles R. Mooney, president; John Hosp,! vice-president; James Kendrickj Jr., secretary* Robert G, Ware, Host Ray Bolgcr Dances and Sings thru 60 Minutes of Hilarious Action. Guest Stars Milton Berle and Polly Bergen Are "Unexpected" Visitors 5:30 MAN CALLED Capt. Paul McLaughlin of the! Syracuse Police Department will speak. ! The committee in charge of;| the affair includes George McCarthy, Arthur O'Donnell , andi William Flinn. ' j Entertainment will be furnished by Ken Griffin, Guests invited to' attend include the Rt Rev, Msgr. Joseph B. Toomcy, pastor of St. John's, the Rev. Robert Casey and" the Rev. Thomas M. Doran, Barry Sullivan stars in this exciting new series of International Espionage in the World's Capitals, Follow the adventures of this master intelligence agent each Sunday. 8 P. BLESSED RELIEF PROM 7H£ PAINS Of RHEUMATISM ARTHRITIS , - STEVE ALLEN SHOW Xavier Cugaf, Beauteous Abbe Lane, Julius Le Rosa and Joe E. Brown Top Steve's Star-Studded Cast * % CHEVY SHOW COLOR PERFECT OR FLUMP?--Miss Katherine N. DcWees. nutritionist with the Red Cross, looks over Polly Perfect, SaJly Plump. Suzy Plumper and Fanny Too-Too- Plump--symbols of iho weight control classes being sponsored by the Department of Adult Education of the Board of Education in co-operation with the Health Association and the area Nutrition Committee. RegistraJion for the TOPS (Take Off Pounds Scientifically) program, continues a* classes are slated 1o begin .Tan, 17 at Vocational High School. Mi«s DeWees and Dorothy M. Hewlett of the Health Association are directing the ]c?sons which will be held eight consecutive Thursday Wh«n wins of fl*r* up. *rt fast, with i he niw tnrt Imdrin uthMa. Imdrtn'* flr* puln- iftjrrfd!«it*-*l:kf A doctor'* -- ffn M wrirk to c*im IM rrttew *bt WTtit. il.iy-hy-rt*y piTM if*rn AM Artfcrim. Tfcm, rftini trsfl TffliMn t*M«* flT fn«*n"« T^n ANOTHER GREAT REASON FOR GETTING YOUR COLOR SET NOWIf Dinah Shore, Parry Como, Arr Carney, Count Basic, Stubby Koye, Skylarks Bring You an Unforgettable 60 Minutes of Entertainment

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