Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan on June 15, 1965 · Page 10
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Ironwood Daily Globe from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 10

Ironwood, Michigan
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Tuesday, June 15, 1965
Page 10
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TEN IRONWOOD DAILY GLOBE, IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN TUESDAY, JUNE 15,196S. Is Heaviest in About 28 Years Market Trading obituaries Voters Approve Consolidation of School Districts Miss Tena Kallander I BESSEMER—Miss Tena Kal! lander, 76. native of Bessemer with a record of 42 years in the ; field of education, died Sunday, June n at St. Peter's Hospital, NEW YORK (AP) — Tradine Helena. Mont, of complications Cons-.lidation of the intermed- was the heaviest in nearly 28 ol a heart ailment. iate school districts of Gogebic vears as the stock market'took Funeral services will be con- anc ) ontonagon counties was a terrific pounding followed by ducted Wednesday at Hag ler's overwhelmingly favored by the n vigorous churning recovery • Mortuaiy. Helena. Mont., and voters of the two counties in which canceled a trood part of the remains will be brought here tne election held Monday, the losses early this afternoon. f ° r burial in Hint-rest cemetery, oogehic County voters favored Stocks were unloaded in what Graves: 1e servic cs| w ' n j?e' cf ° n .~ the proposal by a margin of brokers called emotional sell- c '^ pe . c ,f '£tern stai Saur- 3 > 36 °- 3b9 and in Ontonagon ing. then many losses were cui; Oldei /j f Eastern btai, baun County tne marg i n W as 2,102- some leading issues. A^ir^S"^^^ 1 ^ , ( . , t f . But the general list remained ^ la|( , M) . anc , Mrs Martul The total vote in each of the considerably lower on average. Ka u anc | Pr e arlv pioneers Mr school districts \follows, together Some Wall Streeters attributed Kallanc i nr was for several years with f'.e vote in the respective part of the recovery drive to represMltatlV p of Bessemer in Precincts: news that President Johnson tne str . p le£r , slalure City PI Ironwood—total "yes" and Democratic congressional After gl . ac j uaUng from n igh 759; total "no" 21: 1st precinct leaders agreed today that the school Miss Kal]ancler w a s _ 33 4-6: 2nd precinct-222-7; 3rd nation's economy is in good, gradua | ecl from tne Marquette precinct-130-7: 4th precinct-73-1; snape - .- : Normal School, now Northern five ballots blank or spoiled. Michigan University. She taught. Total number voting—785 out elementary grades in Bessemer of 3,975 registered. First-hour volume of 2.06 million shares, according to the New York VISITED MINES HERE—H. V. Kaltenborn. world famous news broadcaster who died in New York last night, visited Ironwood in 1937 as the speaker at a convention of Rotary clubs. During his visit, he was taken underground in the Geneva mine. -aja , . was !from 19]3 . ig] .fi wnen sne left to cit o{ Bessemer—916 "yes": He is shown here, right, in mining garb, with Edwin J. Johnson, thei biggest nrst-houi total .si nee contjnue ner education, subse- 8 7 "no"- 34 ballots blank or then a reporter and now publisher of The Daily Globe, who uci. J9, iyj( \\nen t.ti muiiuii ., f- ai ,v,< nn . ir> uaiema —n«^ covered the mine tour, which was narticioated in bv members shares changed hands. For the first two hours, vol- __„„.,„-_., ume was 4.15 million shares,; r eurem..nt quently teaching in Helena, spoiled. Mont, for 40 years before her: The break down by precincts 1 ' 1st—311-29; 2nd—179-17; 3rd — j thnn ri n ,,hip thp -501 mil ' Durinp her residency here she! 426-41. lion shares of Mondays first' was a member of Dorcas Chap- Total voting-1.037 out of 1,-i two hours Mondays first iter, Order of Eastern Star. 6 50 registered ' The Associated Press average Miss Kallander has no immed-l ironwood township—362. "yes" of 60 stocks at noon was off 1.4 i' covered the mine tour, which was participated in by members of a Rotary committee. Kaltenborn was born in Milwaukee, and spent a part of his boyhood at Merrill, where he attended grade' school. In later years he often returned to Merrill. jter, Order of Eastern Star. Miss Kallander has no immed-l ; iate survivors. Her brother, I 22 "no'' at 316.3 with industrials off 1.9, J° nn - 18 years ago. i 334 cut of 900 registered vot- railToff TanTutilitre's off U)! I Her's'stw in law, Mrs John'ing. ; The Dow Jones industrial av- i Kalland?r. Bessemer, and sev- Erwin township - 72 "yes"-5i erage at noon was down 2 13 at eral nephews and nieces are her-"no"; jne spoiled; 78 out of 350' 'Pied Piper' Brings Theatre's a Colorful 866.58, having recovered from a onlv loss of 6.60 only a half hour ear- '• lier. ! General Motors cut a loss of i nearly 2 to a point and a fraction. United Aircraft substituted \ a loss exceeding a point for a net gain of about the same size. . DuPont still showed a loss of almost a point. Prices declined in active trad- City Treasurer Resigns Post voting By PETER LANDRY Theatre North's production of Mrs. Mary Wing Williams, ! registered. Marenisco township—82 "yes"; i "The Pied Piper" brought to a 6 "no"-88 out of 350 registered. \ colorful close what may be con- Watersmeet township - 67l sldered an amaz i n gly success"yes"; 28 "no"; two ballots! ful first season of local winter spoiled; 95 voting out of 525 reg-1 tneatre Tne pied Piper w a __ istere:! \ Theatre North's first musi c a 1 Wakeiield Township - 660 comedy proc i uc tion and quite "yes". 89 "no"; 19 blank or, naturally fell heir to sev eral spoiled: 768 voting out of 1,600 " DUgS " inherent in such a large I undertaking, but the charm and ing on the American Stock Ex- treasurer of the city of Iron- Bessemer township—442 "yes"; vivacity of sev eral local per change. -wood since 1960, submitted her ; 101 "m": 543 voting out of 1,150 j f orme rs turned the show into a an Corporate bonds were mixed, i resignation to the Ironwood City | registered. 1st precinct—297-72; : exciting piece of "live" theatre. U.S. Treasury stronger. bonds were Commission at its meeting Mon- 2nd precinct—145-29. day evening.' It will become ef- Trustee elections in the var- fective July 15. • ious s;.hool districts follow: Enhancing the "community 1 aspect of this production was an original script written b y Prior to the commission ac-; Bessemer City — Incumbent ] p au j anc i Betty Rending Using ceptim. the resignation, Mayor; Antone Wysoski polled 5331 blank verse, rhyming couplets Alfred Wright asked Mrs. Wil-j against challenger Everett O. | an( } quatrains, the Kendings ef- liams if she cared to reconsider | Lake who polled 491. fectively charmed both the adult Stock Market NOON QUOTATION* NEW YORK (AP)—Folio wins! in & hev decision . , „ is a selected list of stock tran-' Mrs Williams said that she be—539 against John S. Pavlm- j aspect of this adaptation was its her decision or if the commis- ; Ironwood City—for two terms' an d small fry — only occasion- sion ht:d any questions regard-;of four years—George M. Ka-| a iiy- lapsing into overly sugary hara polled 655 and Fred A. Dub-! dialogue. The most impressive sactions on the New York Stock' Would . iUscuss the reasons for'ski, 250; and for one unexpiredi Exchange at midday with net tne decision she made if the, term—Eugene Colassacco polled change from previous close. Allied Ch Am Can Am Mot Am Tel & Tel Armour Beth Steel Calum H Ches & Ohio Chrysler Cities Service Consumers Pw Cont Can Copper Rng pet Edison Dow Chem DU Pont East Kod Ford Mot Gen Fds Gen Motors Gerber Gillette Goodrich Goodyear Hamm Pap Inland Stl Int Bus Mch Int Nick Int Tel & Tel Johns Man Kirob Clk LOF Glass Ligg & My Mack Trk Mead Cp Mont Ward NY Central Penney, JC PA RR Pfizer Repub Stl Sears Roeb Std Brand Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stauff Ch US Steel Wn Un Tel U—Up. D—Down. 47 D 45'/2 D 12 D 67Vs D 37% D 35 D 19% U 65% D 46 7 ' 8 D 73% U U commission cared to reopen the 343 agrinst Clement R. Kravetz subject, but that she had not —321. changed her mind. Ironwood township — (two! Two Re-elected To School Board Finally Commissioner John D. terms of four years)—incum-; Patrick seconded a motion pre- ; bents Stanley Oman and Everett j viously made by Commissioner' Ericknon were returned to of-i S. Chester Walters that her res-' fice with 247 and 200 votes res-i ignation be accepted and the pectiveiy; James D. Westeenj Geo ,.,, e M K ahara and Fred commission approved. polled 152; and Waiko Spets, 126. Dubbe ° incumbent members of In other matters brought up Erwin township — Incumbents i tne i ronw ood Board of Educa- at the relatively short meeting, John K. . Jackson and Caesar: 37>/ 2 E. Long Tiziani, unopposed were ed to office with votes of 67 25 acres, or approximately 15,- 64 respectively. complete compatibility with the music of Edvard Grieg. The more familiar movements of the Peer Gynt Suite with added lyrics,- Grieg's 1st Piano Con certo, and assorted Strauss melodies provided the basis for the dozen or so musical numbers in the show. Edwin Quistorff's musical direction set a good, fast pace early in the first act, moving the show forward with a series of solors, duets and trios. Two numbers, the haunting ballad, "How Can I Tell You," and the racous Prestige quartet were a perfect blend of voice and orchestration — while some of the large ensemble numbers lacked the split second timing and precision so necessary in musical comedy. The most challenging and yet most effective part of the show was the dancing, which ranged from solo ballet, both classical and interpretive, to a wild pulsating street dance. Joe Von Drake's choreography was a 1 ways just "right" for that moment on stage. To me. one of the most effective dance nu m - bers was the Piper's seduction of the rats. The children playing the rats were certainly not expert dancers, but Von Drake's movement patterns held a my. ... steriously powerful fascination. to _°_ ffi f :e /, 0 - r !lt was regrettable, however, First Lutheran Observing 75th Anniversary WAKEFIELD —The First Lutheran Church is observing its 75th anniversary year during special activities this week. On Friday, there will be a reception tea from 2-4 p m honoring the wife of Bishop Ero Lehtinen Mrs. Lehtinen is the former Marja Setala, daughter of the Rev. Alpo Setala, former pastor of the First Lutheran Church A banquet honoring the senior members of the congregation will begin at 5'30 p.m. Bruno Saari, vice chairman of the congregation, will serve as master of ceremonies. Other numbers on the program include a word of tribute to the senior citizens by the pastor of the congregation, the Rev. Rudolph Kemp painen; a vocal solo by Mrs Rudolph Kemppainen; greetings from Bishop Ero Lehtinen, Lapua, Finland; greetings by Mrs Eero Lehtinen; piano solo by Miss Bonnie Seppa; address by the Rev. Alpo Setala of Republic. Each senior member will receive a commemorative pin Members of the Luther League will serve as greeters at the banquet. A divine worship service in the Finnish language will be held Friday, June 18, at 7:30 p. m. at which Bishop Lehtinen of the Lapua Diocese will preach. The entire range area is invited to attend the evening service. Refreshments will be served after the service. Hospital Notes GRAND VIEW. Admitted Monday Gerald Verbos, Kenosha, Wis., Mrs. Ellen Milako- vach, 847 E. Ayer St., John Murra, 158 Larch St., medical: Mrs. Claude Bfownell, 834 E. Ayer St., Steven Reed, Route 2, William J. DeRosia, Route 1, Mrs. John Skowronski, 1110 Douglas Blvd., surgery. Discharged Monday: Susan Ahonen, Ironwood. DIVINE INFANT, Wakefield. Admitted Monday: Albino Zanella, Hurley, Theresa Marczak, Bessemer, William Kostolskis, Marenisco, Fred Heimerl, Wakefield, medical; Robert Blaskowski, Ramsay, accident. Discharged Monday: A r v i d Peterson, Wakefield. Astronauts Continued from Pace One Monday. They were accompa-1 native 3 Area Priests Are Re-Assigned Word has been received from the office of the Most Rev. Thomas L. Noa, Roman Catholic Bishop of Marquette, that the following area priests will be re-assigned effective June 24. The Rev. Louis C. Cappo, pastor of Christ the King parish, Ramsay, goes to St. Cecilia's parish, Hubbell, Mich. The Rev. Leslie Borman, assistant at St. Sebastian's parish, Bessemer, goes to St. Mary's parish, Norway, Mich. The Rev. Robert Matchett, assistant at St. Ambrose parish, Ironwood, goes to Sacred Heart parish, Munising. Board Votes to Give Employes Wage Increase Wage increases for all county employes, who were not granted raises earlier this year, were approved by the Iron County Board of Supervisors during its meeting this morning in the Courthouse at Hurley. The employes were granted an increase of five cents an hour, effective July 1. The vote carried by a slim majority, with 13 of the 17 board members present voting for the resolu t i o n. Eleven memb era constitute a majority on all matters concerning financing. In other action taken at the meeting this morning, a resolution was passed by an overwhelming margin to set a constant work schedule for the Iron County traffic officer. In the past, stated board members, the traffic officer was not working in conjunction with an enforced schedule and many times his work would involve taking up far more time than his sSlary allowed for. A recommendation from the forestry committee of the board to reclassify the full time em- ployes of the forestry department from grader operator level to bulldozer level with increases of 10 to 15 cents per hour and forester's salary from $429.30 per month to $459.30 per Father Cappo has been at i month was defeated on a roll Ramsay since 1952, and has been active in seeking economic improvement in the Upper Peninsula. He is a Copper Country day. There were three candi- 35% U '/a 000 tre-rs. a mixture of pine and Bessemer township - (t w o ; dates for tne fom , year terms. 70% U s/glspruci', had been planted in the terms of four years)—Incum-i K o )lf . rn 239 U % caves area and that the city bents P^ter Montonati and Floyd 1655^ 76% D Vi will be reimbursed for part of V. Jacobson were re-elected with 539 TJl g 53'/4 U Vs the expense incurred. Long add- respective votes of 438 and 241 ! g p av i ov i cn received 259 votes 79 D ',si ed that the trees will do much Challengers George Heikkinen There v , as one wr it e -in vote in 95% D IVs j to beautify the once unsightly and Donald J Hewitt polled 183 tne second pre cinct for William' 46% D 1/2'area and advised against citi- and 223 respectively. Lynch j 34'A D VB ' zens using the area as a dump- Marenisco township — one four For tne unex nired term 56 D IVs ing ground. ^ "' ™ ~—' 50 U Vs 40 D 3/4 sequences were marred by an unrelated color scheme in the dancers' costumes. Clash i n g an impressive | colors wnirled and twirled so D ^ be . ta j lie . d ! madly that the patterns of the nied bi families and parents. Replacing Father Cappo will call vote of the board by a 10 "yes", and one "no" and six "present" vote. The salary raise that was previously adopted to raise the salary of all non-elected county employes five cents per hour At Chicago, the cheering be the Rev. Neil Smith, now . crowd" which lined highways' Pastor of Holy Rosary parish, does, however, cover the men and crammed into stores and! Grand Marais. Father Smith i working in the county forestry was ordained in 1948 by Bishop department. Noa, and since has assisted in After lengthy discussion on the Marquette and Iron Mountain. | part of various members of the offices lining the route of the astronauts were described by officials as the largest public welcoming in the city's history. Vice President and Mrs. Hubert H. Humphrey also joined the celebration. Civil rights leaders who had staged school protest marches last week in Chicago decided at the lasc moment to postpone a scheduled march. Earlier demonstrations had resulted in nearly 450 m-rests in three days. It was a week ago Monday that McDivitt. 36, and White, 34, splashed down in the Atlantic, America's newest heroes. Most of their time since, except to receive from President Johnson Air . Force promotions from major to lieutenant colonel, had been spent in dredging from memory the minute events of their flight for experts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Wednesday. McDivitt goes to nearby Jackson, Mich., to receive the plaudits of hometown folk, and White goes to his native Sf>n Antonio, Tex., for a similar ? - eception, complete with parade. He was the pastor of Sacred Heart parish, Munising, before going to Grand Marais, Dec. 11, 1957. He is a native of Ontonagon. The Rev. Donald Zanon, now in Rome, will come to serve as the assistant at St. Ambrose, replacing Father Matchett. The Rev. Raymond Malerio. board, the recommendation to take action on the Alder Creek project was brought forward. The resolution contains, in part, that the county board has instructed the Conservation Committee to investigate some possible ways of financing the Alder Creek Project and the Conservation and finance commit- presently assistant at St,. Joseph- tee of the board met jointly to St. Patrick, Hancock, will come to assist at the St. Sebastian parish, Bessemer. .Other assignments announced consider the matter and it was adopted by a unanimous vote to authorize . the conservation committee of the county board by the Bishop included the as- to proceed according to the fol- signment of newly-ordained Fa-1 lowing plan: ther Robert Kennedy, of Iron- j Option for purchase of all lands wood, to the St. Francis parish, Manistique as an assistant. The Rev. Daniel Sparapani, newly-ordained native of Besse- involvecl: plan character of development wanted and in v i t e developers to make proposal s for completing design and devel- mer, will go to Immaculate oping the project. Conception parish, Iron Moun- i tain, as an assistant. While some of the crowd scenes lacked a certain sparkle than life' Ski Hill's Plans To Be Presented It was decided by the board to attempt to put this plan into operation and should the plan run into difficulty, the committee in charge would report back to the entire board for an alternate plan of action. A resolution was adopted to estabfeh vacation, sick leave, working conditions and m i s - icellaneous regulations affecting the principal actors created a yeai t;7m cTarence E. Ryskey *?' "f "T.DemDs^ ColTs i £T f , Charming characters ,•„-...„!,„„/ ,.,„„ !«„»„,; ,.,1/w year, fcugene (Dempsey) colas- Robert Olson's mavor. VP- Funerals incumbf-nt. was re-elected with acco wo? elected with 343 votes, 42% U Vs 454 U 85% 54'/4 U Vz WAINO M. SUOKKO 57% D Vi i 49% D % 55'/ 2 U Va 82'/2 U Va j Wednesday at 1 p.m. at the 33'/2 i Ketola Funeral Home, the Rev. 421/8 U Vs i T. Miettinen officiating. Inter- 33% U Vs ment w 11 be at Riverside Ceme- 46% D Vs 68% D Va 37% D V's i for visitation starting at 4 this 51 D IVa! afternoon. 40% U Vs 66 »/4 Vs ;defe atin ? his opponent Clement - Magpo, had some fine moments, particularly his "dead pan" ren- S^rf Prestige d 0ne w , t h ' " he fllst precinct for thls Hamelm's councilmen. John Robert Olson's mayor, often re- minscent of the cartoon's Mr. 81 vot/.,'-. He was unopposed. Wattrsmeet - Incumbent Ar- £7a7et z ?who rTcelvedVl" vote's" i thur Peterson, unopposed w a s L cn recelved one wr ite-in vote [returned to office with 82 votes. ^ th " ' ' ~ In Ontonagon County the vot-' t p.. m ' „ * « o v. * i _ -_ n-- _-,_--, .,.._x.. : ... — ieim. j Contralto as See-better some | are as times overplayed his doddering i old man, and •—* ' ••"•-"-•' Michigan pulled out all the stops for today's ceremonies. Q ,-!^; Ge ° rgef Romney, on both! Plans for tne ski j ump i ng ni n ! employedand^departmenriwads an pot» and stadium welcoming, the Gogebic Range Ski Club'of the rounty. rta'v'nff ,f,>v au ™ zed > nalf -j proposes to build on Copper The plan includes after one day otf with pay for state em-|p ea k near here will be submitt-' regular employment, the em- ployes :n 11 surrounding coun- ed to the United States Ski As-; pioyee receive five days paid sociation for approval at its na-! vacation; after two years, 10 ...• , is ._ *,_*. ,. days, and after 15 years, 15 ties. The University of Michigan told both faculty and students morning; class cuts were excusable. Ceremonies were shifted to tional convention this week at Spokane, Wash. days or three weeks. Earl M i n k i n of Ironwood, I other stipulations concerning chairman of the club committee | sick leave, leave of absence tery. The funeral home will be open Bergland — 231 "yes"; "no." Ewen — 460 "yes"; 86 "no. Ontonagon — 1,174 "yes"; 32: "no." i be, 252; Pavlovich, 70; Colasac- ,,;co, 170: Kravetz, 121. Precinct 2—Kahara, 205; Dub- , 316; Dub-eostof 76% U 423/4 U 76% D 41% D 48 D 39% U Vs s CHICAGO LIVESTOCK CHICAGO (AP) — (USDA)- Briefly Told The Hurley American Legion Post will hold a regular meeting at 8 Wednesday evening in the clubrooms in the Iron County Memorial Building. Trout Creek •no." White Pine — 109 'no." 128 "yes"; 56; ! co, 97; Kravetz, 86. Precinct 3—Kahara, 89; Dub- 3 be ' 87 ' Pavlovicn ' 74 = Colasac- a. .„. «-,.„,.„*„ 177 Five Are Elected To School Board A "v.'ork bpe" will be held at ONTONAGON — Returns for ;the Oma Town Garage Thurs- the Board of Education election co, 47; Kravetz, 77. Prec ! .nct 4—Kahara, 45; Dubbe, 99; Pavlovich, 56; Colasacco, 29, Kravetz, 37. laughs. Lois Leineke and Quistorff as Mara and Trueson, the village lovers, walked away with musical honors with their j magnificent renditions of the show's love ballads. The show's greatest asset was a thrilling, magnetic performance by Von Drake as the Pied, Piper himself. First appearing! in fl ,000 Budget For City Adopted A budget of $686,000 was adop- " •» invitation-only basis. With the site change, officially credited to "tremendous public interest," plans for a parade were canceled. The astronauts, however, will go by motorcade to the university's north campus for deaication of the NASA-fi- Space Research Build- which has been working on plans i for several years, will go to Spokane to present the plans to the convention. with pay, insurance and o t he r benefits are discussed in t h e adopted resolution. In otner business taken up by The convention opens Thurs-; the bo?rd, a resolution authoriz- day and runs through Sunday. !i ng the cancelling of a quit Plans for the hill also were: claim *eed issued to Vincent presented to the Federation In-|calvi, <md issuing a new deed, ternationale de Ski, the interna- due to a discrepancy in d e s - but no report has been received here yet on what, if any, action was taken. cape and black "boots," his \lz- \ P arade Past cheering thousands! Minkin reports that architects ard-like movements suggested a I f enforced his deep feeling of j are working on the plans and tional governing body on ski cription was passed. jumping and ski flying, at its! The board also gave consent meeting in Romania last week. • . T ,. ... on stage in a swashbuckling red M cDiv:tt said their Chicago sinister evil. But later "in the|" now ^significant one man, or act, he enchants Hamelin's! two I 716 " are -" and ne credited to the payment of $231 to the Five-County agency that was organized to aid the development of the upper Wiscons i n area. The $231 is Iron County's share cf the 10 per cent that children with the story book song Flim, Flam, Flum Here Von Drake's personal charm Gemini 4's success to a "wonderful bit of cooperation by everyone in the United States.' specifications to bring them up!the five counties must pay to to the bid stage. He said the the project and the other 90 per r» IllK Vtj-kVXArt t-ft. nnl* *«« V*J ft n n ~ . _ _ _ r club hopes to ask for bids on the project this fall. The plans call for a 90 meter cent will be given by the United ! States government. J-.~j —•-•-. -... ~ v ...*..u... V j w . u ^ win] i,ii4 emu oiu VULCO, icsucv;- , — - ^ —^ ; . , 11,1-,^ r.,,»*«~..4. members men and w o m e n,, tively were elected to two va- ! evening for the 1965-66 fiscaljshow was under-rehearsed a n d wh ° supports our program, and are asked to attend. • cancies for full four-vear terms ! y ear - approximately $33,000 less' sloppy — as always, a w a n without his 'go', we don't go." Udiiuico iui itui iuui-jcai i.ciiuo, ' * ' --r-«— - w*.^,.^ ^, vv , v »« . vuv , , A , TT^«I* i.i * ii - u -- ; -, , . . . . ; i >hlle Robert 8ten8on,Rockland,i«]L>n^?™oj i ntatoirted_i^ the goal in torrent , al rains . An estimatecl wiuic rvuuciu kjuciiouii, rtu^rviduu. ~\ -..--- ^—p.,-*, ... .-«. - f w -_ i.:_. _._ . *-,._• ' *.• , . .The Hurley Fire Department lost with a 764 vote count. 'Which was $719,000. However, • perform is never a substitute! 01 ^ dd y at Chicago were a mo-: the near future. Hog's 4,500; butchers mostly 50 da y- Jiine 17 - starting at 6:30 of the Ontonagon School District higher, instances 75 up; 1-2 190- j P- m - v ' ork will consist of finish- showed Miles Plutchak, Mass, 225 Ib 25.25-25.50; mixed 1-3 190- in g the tables for the park anc | Wilfred Schon, Ontonagon. tecl D V tne Ivonwood city com- 240 Ibs 24.50-25.25; 2-3 240-270 Project. All Community Club with 1,112 and 810 votes, respec- mission at its meeting Monday IDS 24.00-24.75; 260-300 Ibs 23.50- ' '" '" "~~ " ' 24.00; 1-3 350-400 Ib sows 20.7521.50; 400-450 Ibs 20.50-21.0; 2- Ibs 18.75-19.75; boars 15.50-16.50. .Cattle 2,000; calves 20; slaughter steers steady to strong; load high choice and prime 1,140 Ib 28.25; choice 1,000-1,350 Ibs 25.7527.50; mixed good and choice 900-1,250 Ibs 25.00-25.50; several loads mostly choice 775-975 Ib slaughter heifers 23.75-25.75; , mixed good and choice 23.2523.75. and professional project ion! " l fee1 '" said White, "I'm ai ski jumping hill and a 120 meter crossed the footlights and cap-i sma11 part of a very big organi-iski flying hill. tivated an opening night aud-i zation that made the flight pos-j For the past several months CHICAGO PRODUCE CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago ience. : sible, and that includes the plain Sadly, the technical end of the i man in tn e street. He's the man the club has been conducting a At Least 16 Dead in Floods Due to Rain REC.'?E, Brazil (AP) — At drive, to raise funds for the pro- least iV persons have died iont o,-,rt n*iv,\,iv, 001^ »i,« —~, ieat>t in peiMjns> nave aiea ject Minkin said the cam- m paign soon will be intensified in widespread floods in the Recife I area caused by three days of will hold a meeting tonight at 7, at the fire hall. To fill the two vacancies for the tax rate of 24 mills is still! f or technique —it is a start. ;torcad* down the Kennedy Ex- the two-year terms on the school 1 the same as last year, the com- The mere concept of a com-;Pi'essway from O'Hare interna-j .board. John J. Pattison, Green-Mission pointed out. PV? at ?5L- sn .? w . such as "T h ejtipnal^Airport_and^ a ticker tape| Firemen Battle Blaze A 0+ m 'LA • Jttuu, wui c CACL-LUU. .IT ainouii nau!* T *'°" vl -' v "* wv ' 1 "'" > ' M " v "*v ^***i - — - ,~ — ~*~lv.~.T-i * ~"~ ,-----«« i..^ At Greenhouse Monday 973 votes and Johnson 865. tolPloyes will receive a $5 a month |Pl aus e - an applause t h a . hundreds of thousands, many of _. _ . . *.! . . _ ._ I • : . cnr\1il/*iQ*^ri w»i iffr \v*f\\mr\r*r\ nAn r n*iwi /^Vn1r^^^*%^% «•>«_.:.. .*•»_ . . . , -. >„»„,••., land and Charles Johnson Rock-' In icldition. Mayor Alfredi pie d Piper" for a range c o m -i i ecepticn in downtown Chicago.^ . land were elected. Pattison had i Wright stated that all city em- i m u n 11 y group deserved a p [The weather was perfect as le loes will reei i Plause - an applause t h a . hundreds of thousands man 1 ^ The Ironwood -Fire Depart- ! out-vote Mrs. Gretchen Re y- ! increase m pay. ment was called to the scene of i nolds, Ontonagon, who had 789 ! Appropriations for the differ- ; I should and must increase sea- them children waving flags, WAKEFIELD - In the a n - I a fire at the Green Thumb! votes. Greenhouse Monday at about 3:15 p.m. The greenhouse is located about three miles north of US-2 on Lake Road in Ironwood ent include $558,986 for the Q ua lity of the show season, as will the Mercantile Exchange — Butter Township. Carl Haas, Ontonagon, wonj general fund, defraying the gen-, the one-year term on the school!eral expenses of the city; 817,-iPliiK Artiviti<=><5 board with 778 votes against his i 000 for the library fund. $20,000 v ^ JWi -' i^uuviinso : opponent Lawrence T. Stripe Jr., i for the general pension and re-' . T , n f Ironwood Eagles Auxiliary) i Ontonagon. who had 582 votes, i tirement fund, $30,275 for the! v " ' '* J ' watched the motorcade. nual school election held here ot wa t er — i Monday, the vote on the con- Ond Check* ! s °lidation of the Ontonagon and 30,000 persons have been left homeless A state of emergency was declared in this seaport city of 800,000 in northeastern Brazil and in the surrounding area. Large sections of Recife were by as much as lour feet _» . — i *-• \s&^-*j*\* v/011 ntlCS Aiiui'j. tit Taken From Restaurant school Districts carried, Sheriffs nffir-prc vote Dt;in g 66 ° "yes" and 89 uniteis ,, no ,, Tne hot lun(Jh advisory THE WEATHER that TKMI'RKATL'KliS IN IRONWOOD Tufsdnj. June 1.*,, IIIO.V Colorado River some- called the "Nile of »/f : -.',: • . ...... age uuiiuiiig wiuvjn waa i. n c i new IIJBJI ai,ijuui uuiiuing aiju Lijf °'"J n tti tiutiiv luiiuci, aiiu wo,- . ~ ~ HOUSC Oil HlEhWaV 51 ahnilt in vuiiiig jco tinu ouj only building to suffer any dam-1 raising of 13 additional mills for 739 for the debt service. ?, eau ' f , Huron st - * sslstin ^: miles south of Hurle" on Pine voti "8 "no. 1 In the race for the age, was completely enveloped school operation were also voted The total amount which will i .*• »j° m ? ea i' as nost ess Lake J e term of trustee for four years IM «)» V^OAA *i*L*nvt 4-UAi> nw»l*tMxl n %^ ft MM tT»U n «-, niAiiiiif *f *•!-.* .. n «._ ».„ V\A t*n\ff*fl Wit 4-n VAn 4-n«-n1*. *O/»tf Will DC AlTS. f\Q3 GTCffOTV T^lflMS _ .. * XTo 1 & L^li^tiwMM MM AM* ••Mat E O ft age, was completely enveloped in flames when they arrived and they fought the blaze until 5:15 p.m. school operation were also voted The total amount which will i . on. The majority of the voters be raised by taxes totals $366,- ) vl11 be Mrs> Ada Gregory Plans cast their ballots for the Ryan i 560. site with a 645 count for that ! In other matters the commis- 1 H SU "f m ^ r actlvf l tles Wl11 made at tms mee tmg. be Two pieces of equipment were called to the scene, and over 1,000 feet of hose was used to estinguish the blaze. One fireman required first aid after falling and causing Injury i voters cast their ballots for the of C Si to his hand authorities reported, jproposaI and 509 against. I $2,514. 66'Midnight fio 2 a.m. 63: 4 a.m. buUdngough the wn site. The existing site received i sion accepted the bid submitted! Tne Hurley Lionettes will hold 536 votes and the Alsace Ave. j by Lahti Chevrolet-Cadillac Inc.! a joint installation of officers' site 309. jfor a new car for the police:with the Hurley Lions Wednes-'dow'inThe"women's"reslTi-ocm 1 In the raising of 13 additional! department for $2,324. Only one day ni?;ht at 7 at the Montreal; Rolls of money and checks mills for school operation, 912 other bid was submitted, that Lodge All officers and board were taken officers said Th Officers report that the break- Netls K " iv0ine " ^ ce , ived 5 69 ing and entry was made some- votes and Cnarles Valesano, 190. time Sunday night or Monday j. morning and that the thief got! Negotiators to Meet have its second June meet-!., steady; wholesale buying prices! Firemen stated that the stor-j Propositions on the site for the police and firemen's. Pension i j"8 Thursday night at *. at the' rro m "uYe~"ET~Ranc7lo'^s t'eTk vote was defea ted by 60 votes. Por a/hJ'VcViod'Mdini 1 *™i noon unchanged; 93 score AA 58Vi:!age building which was t h e i new high school building and the and retirement funds, and $59,- £ ome ° 0f , 0Mr ^- Tlloma s Archam- House on H ichwav 51 ahnnt in with 305 V0tln 8 "y es " aild 365 2 p ' m ' 6810 p - m - S3 H a - m - « eoi / AA ^ K.O1/ * Oft f* C£1 /• " ••«•• • -- .1 . .. _ i -• ^-— . ... • . >.. . rvnn * ii_ _ _. _»_ A. .• . MPQIl K.4H H11 mil ST Aecriofimr- »* I -"-«»-'^- «•« Aitfjuwaj \J i. rtUUUt 1U" A: _• t _ _ >•. .. . , . ... 4nm Rfi \1trini0hl tne « m A A cars 9p B 57 1 //; 89 c 57'/4. '; pggs steadier; wholesale buy- •tng prices unchanged to l higher; 70 per cent or better Grade A Whites 30; mixed 30; medi- upw 29; standards 26; dirties unquoted; Checks 2li. - 50 8 a.m. 47,10 a.m. 43112 noon i; 12 noon 3 Negotiators for Parke, Davis & Co. and Local 7-176 of the Oil. Chemical and Atomic Workers union will L A *~ *~,~~ ~ x i .... —... u ».v.. j. i, .. < lilu rxtuiiiiv^ wuLjvi;ia i Auto Company for members are asked to be pres-' Sheriff's Department is conduct-1 meet tomorrow to try l cntl 1 ing an investigation. a new contract settlement. for RANGE SKIES Sunset today 8:55. Sunrise tomorrow 5:07. Moonrise tonight 10:41 p.m. Last Quarter June 22. Prominent Star—Antares, low In south 11:50 p.m. Visible Planets —Venus, sets 9:41 p.m. Mars, low in west 12:48 a.m. Saturn, rises 1:33 a.m.

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