Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 20, 1928 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
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Friday, January 20, 1928
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Tim REGISTER'S CireiUii^ t^m reeofds (ypen to public - i^ispet^ any tim^. VdLtJME XXXL No. 75 Sui-WMBor to T<>e Ida Dully Regiater. The lott r>ully K«oord and Iota Dally Index. lOLA, KAN., FRIDAY EVENING. JANUARY 20. 1928. CIRCULATION is the only Commodity , a Newspaper Has to Sell Its Advertisers. The Weekly Register. Established The Ida Daily ReBister. EstablUhea/lS97. EIGHT PAGES AWT 27 IS OPENING DAY OF FAIR HERE Da|t^ Is Fixed At S^sion Of Racing Circuit , At Wichita BEATtlE ISHONORED Local Man Is Re-elected • Secretary-Treasurer Of Association Alicia coimly's 1928 ^'ditJon of Ihe •nigger and Better" lair, will be F resented in lola the weeflc beginning August 27, It was announced today rby I)r. F. S. Seattle, pecre- tary of the Allen County Fair as- j niPnt at the' f«»et of .Mra. Alfred I KISSES, EMBRACES AND 1 TEARSl ARE FEATURES ' OF DIVORCE HEARING Los Angeles, .Tani 20. (AP)—Kiases, embraces and tears, which featured the meeting of Thomas Ball, once prominent attorney, and Mrs. Mary Ball, his wife, in the first stage of their divorce fight here, admittedly have mystified the superior court, which is more accustomed to frowns and . harsh words in cases of that kind. The court expressed Us mysUfl-^ cation yesterday at the close of a hearing In which Mrs. BaU -wa» awarded $150 a month temporary alimony and $2G0 attorney feea Ball petitioned for the divorce, ac cuslng his wife of nagging blm and running up bills while he was in a hospital receiving treatment foi injuries received in an automobilr wreck. Mrs. Ball is fighting the suit; : . Ij^ answering her bnsband'i charges recently Mrs. Ball laid th< reHponsiblllty for their estrange- 'ociatton, on his return from Wlth- iia. wjiere lie attended the annual n^etlrig of the Kansas and Oklahoma iltacing circuit.': Dr. ^Seattle,, secretary-treasurer | ; ii;' Iho.circuit for twelve years, was' r-'-'nIi>oted to position at the nk 't 't'iis which waa hold Wednes- C.Lv ahd Thursday ui th.<.> Hotel l>:isi4fi) In Wichita. Other ofiicers iiaihtH^ were: Harrison Brookover, Kuieka, president; A. L. SponsK-r. i ]!utihin«'on, x'ice-i>re.«ident. -illorte jOwiierf There In fadditioi^ to' roprcsfntatlves I fi 'om fhlrtec,-!! towns in the racinif rlicuit^ more than 40 t-epiofenta- ,*ti\«s ratInK siablcs attended tUs iispotltn:- . ' Jtac^ stable owners indicated that <.(in:petitlon in the tirtuli will Jjf s^lff thi.s .vear. I)r. Beuttie said. Dupont. wife of the multl-milUon- aire manuf^tur^r of Delaware and Florida^and .Mrs. Elsie Ball Wright both sisters; of Ball. Mra. Ball announced at that tline she would sue Mrs. Dhpont and Mrs. "Wright SATURDAY IS BIG DAY FOR lOtA'S SHOW —t Banquot Is Feature of the Program For Tomorrow MOHLER~TO SPEAK PAN-AMERICA AGAINSTU.S. Salvadorean,; Hostile To U. S. PoUcies, Will HeadOroup GUERRERO" NAMED for $UK)0,000 for alienation of af- fectlima. • Mr. and Mrs. Ball fell Into each JS'Slt^fc ^^'V ^'l ^in^! Judging of Poultry And Is Committee Chief irt the| ntes later Mrs. Ball, in testifying Late Today VARE MAY RESIGN AS PENNSYLVANIA SENATE MEMBER TO RUN AGAIN declared: "Tommy told me lust i moment ago that he loved me Don't.jou love, me. Tommy?" Her husband's answer was: "Don't, don't. Mary." as he bowed his bead, and burst Into tears. The end of the hearing found the Balls a^atn '.mbraclng. "PorglTb me. Judge, for making this Bcene," said his wife as physicians walked away with her husband, "but I haven't seen him since they took him away from me." BaU testified that he had no money and was living on the charity of friends. International Law Body SENATORS ASK M.T.EVERHART TO TAKE STAND Banker Refusing Twice To Testify^ Billed To I Talk Tuesday n.. poinUMl out ihal some of th<> WiRhlnelon Jan '0 IAP\~.M T bcHi sial.:.;.s in llK- ...unlry hav..i « ashlngton. Jan.-0 (AP)~M. T. !n .!l<-atV ,l iht-y will liavn horH.M Kveili.i.-ti I'ui-Wo. C«lo., banker, fnilowiiiK the lirtuit ilil.-t year. J and .son-in-law oi" Albert B. Fall. Th'.-•<lr<iiU will .'mphafiz.- <»U 11,34 been .-iummoned 10 appear r:i.-.s tl .i.< ya>. ho .said. ; T-^,..,,,ay ^^^^^^ commlt- I.ast vfar was a biR yf-ar fo;- 'airs>e <r with tlie circuit. CORDELLHDLL IN DEMO RACE FOR PRESIDENT Tennessee Man Endorsed By Delegation To Congress With .ttidgine of poultry a"vd oorn ! si'hoduicd to be • completed today?" the Soiiihcasi Kansas rorn and. Poultry .«>how is r.ipldly nr-aring a climax. J The Saturday noon banquet at | the Kelley hotel will be The feature | of the four-day exhibition of thei best corn and poultry exhibits j from ei;:ht southeast Kansas i Havana. Jan 20. (AP)— Com!>ulsory arliftration for all Internationa) disputes on the western hemisphere and use i)'f the w:orld^oourt at the Hague^as art arbitration board were set fortli by Dr. Gustavo Guerrero this morning as his alms In connection with his work at the Pan-American conference ia sessJon here. Havana. .Jan. 2?). tAF^—Interest counties. On tomorrow-^ bano.ot ;'!tl*Katc.s to the I'an-Ah.erlean win be addresses bv J. C. MohUr. corffercnpe tn.Uiy .,centeretl on the secretary of the .tare board -n elel-tlon of a de-epate reputedly agrkulture; Georj;.. C :;tts. agricul•; ^«>f »" Preso.rt policies ot the lurul rommnii.ssioner of the Knn- l'" ^''•i State? in Ijilin -^""^'•'••a 5°, p-Kf^™:- and TcxaS Corsas City ChamKr or the. cMlnnanshlp of the and L. E. Winouf..hb.v. e .xtonKion ""S^-^ '"...1 impc.r.ant committee, i . pOratlOUS WoUld tight Philadelphia, Jan. 20. (AP)—^There w^e indications today that William S. Vare'might resign as thd.."duly elected senator from Pennsylvania" and seek vindication for his temporary rejection by the senate by nomination and election a second time at the coming presidential election. Vare returned to his home ^here#; f tlons can be filed in Pennsylvania It is not considered likely that Vare would resign unless the i sfenate committee had made Its report before that time. Consequently all the efforts of Vare and .Francis Shunk Brown his attorney, will be devoted tc persuade the committee to- act quickly on the contest. It w,as said Tomorrow Vare's reply, prepared by Brown, to the amended petitior of Wilson claiming the Philade:- phian's election .was brought about by "fraud and jcorruptida'! In six Inasmnjah as February "24 is the! counties of the state, will be pre- last day on which nominating petl- > sented to the senate committee. last night from a vacation" In Florida and Immediately went ' Into conference'with his counsel on the present situation. He-refused tc deny or confirm the insistent report of leaders in local Republican councils that he wohid resign. Should he decide to send his resignation to the' senate, it was pointed out, he could not do so until the(»ramittee on privileges and elections makes a report tO' the senate dn the contest of William B jlVilson, I Vare's Democratic opponent in jthe 19::6 generaj election SMALL WEL Ni)T SELECT U.S.SENATOR Governor of Illinois, in Statement, Refuses To Recognize Action SMITH FIGHT Declares He Has No Idea Of Resigning As . Senator . OIL, COMPANIES WILL MERGE IF A. C. iali/.- 'I 'l^tavo Ciicrr-tro, Salvadorean i aKrononii.-t of K. Ing in cro ;is. deltjAate. wa.-< thiiscn. head of the rFollo«int; 111, corn <.„™minp.' on pul'ilic' international and poiil.r> tropliU-.s will be . / awuTdci!. Ai o'cloi k tomorrow Washington, Jan. 20, (AP)—Another southerner, Cordel! Hull, of Tennessee, was endorsed today by bis state congressional delegation for the Democratic ; rrebldentlal lee wlilcli Ih to reopen the naval | nomination. In. Beat tie .said, despite the fact'oil lea.s* Inquiry. lh:it several fairs loHt money be*- caiirtp of Ijad wtather. ^J-'alr Vat*"* , Dates' of -the finrX of f.i'r.s for memberis of the cirwill were giVen out follow: -.VnrJibny July IC. Wlnffeld - July 23. KiireUa ._ July 30. Fr.edonia AHgUPtG. . <;iraritl ... August J3. - rhannte ... An««:tt_jr>. (it ;av *a September H. Topofea September lU. .^Hutchinson .... September 17. .Hodge Citv September 24. pk'ahoma City Okla....5ept. 24; Sluskpgee. (?kla Octobt-r 1. Farm Bureau Will Show Moving Pictures Soon "Thi- ilomance of Sleepy Valley," a R I .X reel motion j)iciu 're, will form the cfOLral I 'eaturJ- of the prouram of tho All>n County Farm Bureau at the community meetlngK to be hi-'.d in the coiini .v next nxmih.- In lae, piclurc as it is unrolled, much will be found that reflects cundiKons in the farming country of this immediate neighborhood, for '.h,' story- of I be development of fjle.'i.y Vli'.lcy bi an ;tccount of the lioht'inic htni>r>!l'' of ibfj America^ Ij ini <r evi -rywli .-ri- .siiice-ihe world \\iir. In it. will lie di.-'covcr'd a • jkirly niiirkeil road to ilic .solution of many of th<' pn -ssluK a>rrl- riiliiiral prcl>'<-«i(* whl'li f;jce (he farmer!* of this country. Hilt tlie; films -will he enjoyed for Us stiij -y .'is wi -ll a.s for Its edu- (Atloniii ini.'ri-sr. The Futin Hiir'.au I. aders are rnnsidcrlnt' th <nis<jvi"< i -xc-cdlnRly % ic )riunati' m. bvine ;aM- to show fills tinuKu ;<;iy liisti 'i-ilvc film IriT • nlthniipb If-is in <li iiiand In 1 ."i.0ui. other coiiiinunitii-s Kverhari twice has refused to | If "iL*^.".®* testify In civil and criminal cases growing out of the lease of- Teapot Dome to Harry- F. i Sinclair, taking the position that to do so WQuId make him Incrimiqate himself. The govornmeht contends the Colorado banker received 1230.600 in Uberty bonds, -which Sinclair paid to Fall In connection with. the leaslm!' ot tfw Wyoming naral oil reserve. Theee bonds, were part of those "bought by the Continental Trading Co., Ltd.. of Can- "Tbe Democratic mtrabers from {Tennessee In l>oth branches o: 'congress unanimously: and enthu- slBBtically direct the attention of the Democrats of the natloni to Hon. Cordell Hull as the most suit- law. Tills has jiirfsdictlon Standard New York. Jan. 20. (AP)—A pos- over sible rival of the Standard Oil in- Chlcago. Jail. ZQ. (AP)—Governor Len Smai: in a. formal statement today said he would refuse to rt ;cognize the cction of -the^ Unl'-k! Stites Senate \vh;ch yester Ity _ barred' Prank L S:ijith. senator- elect of Illinois from its fljor. "On behalf of Illinois." si.". Governor Ssia 'rs statement, ; I cannot and wiil' not recognize, 'i ; action of the United States senate in declaring thr.t a vacancy exl-.ts ' To "do SD. said his ; statemen would be to bargain r.way the- CQT • stitutional rights of the people of • i sovereign state, and w-ou d '.. reccy ' nize the power of "an unauthc: • ized body," to disfranchise an er- tire state. The attempt to keep Mr. Sialili from a seat In the senate, he d dared, "was froughl with the inbst- ."sorioi'.s ronsfquifuces lo const.Lv. tional government witnessed In th> 1.. .. T OA /«,• UniieU Stales since the civil war Washitigton, Jan, 20. (AD—^:„„d rocgnUion of stich powers, of demand that hold In | the, senate would sweep away tb^ BASIN l^OULDfBE NO FARMER IffiLP Grange Master Declares It Would Cut Value Of Farm Land nfti-iiiuo'i. prizl- toVii from the ihr^ coiit,rov.'rs:al n-sjUitlons j terests for world trade was seen | .abeyance: the development; of the last vestfee of self-government In show will be solil for seed pur-, hefilie tlit- cciifer!cii.:e. These ar.;: tj^'day in announcement of plans j Columbia river basin reclamation | country." ^be^dialt treaties' for codification ^pr a merger of two of the largest j project in Washington state '*^''»'* lcpn „*p of .\merican pubtic international."' «l»e so-called independent oil | made today; on behalf of the-na-i7^"_ j xl ^iT 'i pn-par.-d at the Jurists con-'companies in the L'nitedState.s. poses. • .liidirlnir Ctinipleted The poultry judnins wa.; completed at noon today by I,.' S. Harris of Parsons. Corn judging ference at lli .T Jrfiif ;iro hist April. I "The' projected merger would i I tional grange. L. J. Taber, master Of the i Closed to Smith bring togcihi-r, through p,^. grange, made the demand Jn con-! Washington, Jan. 20. (AP)—The eluding a presentatioix before the; senate's doors were definitely bushel division. This afternoon at 2 o'clock Prof. able and logical man for theDiem-jWIIIouglihy <llscu8sc (l corn breed- ada, out of the $3,000i000 of protlt It made In the purchase and resale ot oil from the Texas field of the late A."E. Humphreys. Besides Elverhart. the committee dlso has summoned A. !Stelnmet2, of .N'ew; York, secretary of the Sln- cJair Consolidated Oil Co.. and assistant secretary of the SlncUir Crude Oil Furchaslng Co. Sinclair himself also has been subpoenaed, but there Is 8oiae doubt as to whether ho wlU teiMlty since he already Is tinder a erimt- nai Indictment and avaitlnf trUL He once before declined to t««tMJr before the senate committee with the result that; he has been sentenced to three months-In Jail for contempt of the senate. (I. W. Anderson Given Damages Off G. 0. Dix O. W. .Xnder.^on wa.s awarded dnni.iges (!»::prei;.itlni; JTOO in a Hu't 'ijj AVMn coiin'y district rotirt today aKalits't C.eor^'p O. Di.x. Th- suit was decided by Jury. : ' WEATHER and ROADS FOR K.V>S.4S: Mostly fair lo-, nleht and Satnrday, but Mmewhati nn«ettle'd west portion; ^Ilfrhtly •wanner Saturday. For lolfi: Mostly fair tonlghf and Sn>.urdaj;; sllirhfly wanner Sntar< -diiy. Temperature—Highest yesterday -15, at 2:^0 p. m.: lo-west last night LS'at S;40 a. m.; normal for today .*?•••: excess . yesterday 2; excess since Janu,ar.y Ist. T .T degrees; this date,last yoai--r-hiBhcst 29; low-est 24,.-' 'I ; Precipitation for the 24. hours endinjt at 7 a. m. today, 0; total ^.'or this year! to d.ite. 0.17; de- "ficjency since Janiiary let 0.68 inch! / Relative humidity al ,12 mooij yesferday, 60: per cent; 7'a. m. to- 46 per cent: barometer re- day duded to sea; level, 30.47 Inches. Sun rises 7:35 a. m:: set's 5:31 Soad Conditions I^utchinson. cloud.v. roads good; na, cloudy, roads pood; Man- Fair Weathe^ With Temperature Drop Topekti. Kan., Jan. 20. (AP)— .Mostly fair, weather with a northwest' wind holding 'temperature! around 26 degrees this afternoon and sending them to 6 above In the northwestern and about 16 above In eastern and southern sections tonight, was for Mast by the weather bureau this mornlfkg. Slightly warmer weather was: forecast for tomorrow. No rain was reportei^ In tlte last 24 hours, and somewhai. unsettled rondltloHH In the western and the southern part of the state gave bat little promise of moisture. Said me-i teorologlst S. D. Flora. i l/ow temperature readings reported last night: Copcordla and ocratlc nomination for presldtkit." said a Joint statement issued' by the Tennessee delegstjon. "During Judge Hull's twenty years able and patriotic aeryice in coBgreM be has become senerally recognized as a i deep student of domestic and world problems, a souiid, board vtsloned. liberal and constructive stateman, an outstandT Ing ' authority on revenue, fiscal and economic ph >blemB, and well reroe-l I D all government affairs." Senator Walter F. George, of Georgia, recently was endorsed for the presidential nomination both by the Georgia delegat 'oa In congress and John S. Cohen, publisher of the -Atlanta Journal, and Democratic National committeeman, and Clark Howell, publlaiier of the AUaatA cQnstitutlou and fqrmer Democratic national committeeman. Still Mher sonihernerH are expected to be plucod in :bc race In the nea;: future, among them Senator Robinson, of Arkansas, the Democratic leader In the senate. inu problems before a good crowd. ThLs < veninj.' .Mr. Harris will tak on raiding of hnliy i Iiirks. I.a.->t iii^l.t Harris discussed poultry bi'.'cdliip miuianement to a!>oi:t ?ii brei'dois. • ifornla company's stockholders, both Internal and-external affairs Ti,e niurger would make the of another country. The view Texas corporation one of the larg- was freely expressed that the .units-in the oil Industry, tak- bringinif of the la'er proposals in -iiing rank alongside the Standard to the debates ofHiiierrero's coni-ioil Company of .N'ew Jersey ami niitiee was e.ttren*ely likely <lrK:inlye>: Nations (iiierrer-) is 'cr.^dited with or- ,gai.r.>::g an agrd.Wnt •«H 'i\v««n: the Standard of New York. 'The arrangement, as entered Into by the Texas corporation and Jacques t'inmont, on behalf of him- a group of stockholders as. repined .o as its object, of the California corporation, of resistance t.. (orejgn interfereuce.. which he Is president, provides Goodland, 14; Topeka City 16: WlchiU and 20. IS; Konsss Dodge City Another Angle For Heflin Fight Now Washington, Jan. 20. ' (AP)—The action of Mayor W. A. Ounter, Jr.. of Montgomery, In inviting senator Robinson of Arkansas, to come to Uie Alabama capital as a guest of the city, promises to be the next vocal fighting point In the now fataous Heflln-Roblnson controversy. Santa Fe Telegraph Operators Get Raise Topeka, Jan. 20. (AP)—A flat wage Increase of three cents an hour for 2.900 Santa Fe railroad telegraph employes was announced today. All telegraphers, telephone men, towermen and tXock operators of the system will receive the increase ' which was granted after three days pt negotiations between the order of railroad telegraphers and the Santa Fe manageinent which ended late yesterday. The wage Increase was made retroactive to January 1. A!o:e t!:a!i leo pc-sons.attended ' i;)!',"^,'^;;^ Cut tfimala-and Honour- selt'aud v<-st";d..iy<; alfalfa school. K. O. iil. ch.-".. di ^'Tri .-t Fi-rm Utire.Tii li-ail- e:. ii--v<<ler dis and Ahead, .\lfiilfa Schidl MirjiKcr- Speakers a: the .: Haifa schcol yesterday i-n I tloii- topics were: h. K. Throckmorton. K. S. .V C. fh. V M. ' V,,"' i„ 1 •^•"veitheless lie ».is -le.-ti .1 iinau- 1 that one share of Texas corpora,1 H i V,' iinoi.My citer his'nom nation had tlon stock shall be exchanged for " " "• ''"" ''' .•"'c ():id<M ;.y: Chi-rles Kvans two shares of California corpora- , . . .... ., , , ,- ador Dwight W. 'Morrow .speclanst Kansas .Soils aiid their ,,assador Xobei: Brandon Judah are Relation to LeKume Product on' American members, was called and "Legume Rotation Seedbed Legiime Preparation;" K. P. Wells, soils specialist, "The ^\ heu. How and Why of L!mlni!." an.! •('or.i ai rcial Fertilizers vs. .Manure." I,. K. Willr.u .i;hhv. ".'Vlfalfa SeeJ Sf.uhes" end "3v.-eet Clover S('ed Studies." The lar.cest crowd nf the Phov,- Is expected tomorrow morning jai.d afternoon. Into session to Orpanize tpda.v. This meeting was tiie only formal .ac- tii-:ty for the ijay.- Tile nieetirK^ of; the steerint;' corpora American I tlou. Each has a par value of $25. The Texas corporation's proper- oiivcntionsltles total 2,4OO,0UO acres, and its . pipe line systems, tank ancf and .-\m- in the world. The California corporation's holdings of about 70.000 acres in California. Colorado, Wyoming and -Montana, with 10,000 iacres in Mexico and a large Venezuelan con- llURlles. head; e! illc i!e'e!?at;on. 'The (oiiiniitiiH- ,of and resolutiirns on whi .li j pipe line systems, tank and'refln- — .jjjg plants are among the largest 27 against giving and unfair to agriculture for the; oath of office. U. S. to embark upon a project of The exclusion vote which came", such proportions at this time,' he after three days of debate, was on declared. . adoption of a special committee's We have no objection to sur-1 resolution declaring his credentiala veying the Columbia basin 'project 1 tainted witli "fraud and corruption"' and planning.for its develbi ment because of his acceptance of prii when the additional acreage Is I mary campaign fund3 fifom lUinoia needed," he ^a'd, "but WA-dj-- Wb-i ptr'.!:-.,-iv'';-tilUles om.-Uil.-i. T^-ti*Mf- ject to Its definite, immediatp ad-] ohition'.s specific charge agaiMt coni 'iilttee. r.n object of much ; cession, make It one of the largest "pcMilatfon hail been called for on the Pacific Coast. The Texas today but its ineetin!; was post- corporation also has a Venezuelan: |)on '>i| at the 'l.'ist hiiuiite. I concession and both have Mexican -Dr. Jame-s Uroilen . Scott, presl-,operating subsidiaries^ . . , . ,dent of the .Vmenfcan iustitute ofl While the outstanding capital ,'^r -^°°'^"?l."_-''°!!"!- '.?Jl!^i ':i International law.-was the oiflyistock of the Texas corporation Is ed to 100 persons, those desiring 3-^.^^^ .iny nomina- plates have been reqiiested to call,j,„^ tecomlnft vice-chairman XJk*/r"-„fTom™orc "r.,"l commlt;tee.on private in- Chamber of Commerce before 3 ,-rmtinmi inw J o'clock tomorrow morning. |tern.ttional lau, ^ , Concert Artists To Be Heard Over ^dio WJZ New York. Jan. 20. (AP)—Mme. Maria Jeritza, soprano of the' Metropolitan Opera Company, ; and John McCermack, tenor, will be heard In a dual recital tonight to be broadcast over WJZ and nine affiliated radio stations. The reciUI will start at 10 p. m. Mme. Jeritza will sing the "Sequi- dllla" and the "Haberna" from Bizet's "Carmen," a 'selection from •Le Cld" and ''Cavallerla Rustl- cana." Mr. McCormack will sing four songs for children, several old Irish folk songs and a group Including "Dear Old Pal of Mine." Reformatory^Jnmates Fight Fire AfterRelease, Then Return 'Home* BoonMUe, Mo.. Jan. 20. (AP)— Given their freedom on their word of honor, 200 inmates of the Mlb- sourl State reformatory eaijly today rescued six fellow inmates from the reformatory hospital which wai; destroyed toy flria. and thfn according to officers of tlie &n'. clear/roads good: Arkan-! institution returned to their quar- Citv. cloudy, roads good: Wich- 1 ters Six other patients were a1>le to escape unaided from the; biiUding but Lee Van St. James, a I(-y«ar- Sal -hat eas ita.| clottdy,- roads rough; Emporia. cloudy, roads good; Coffeyville partly cloudy, roads good; Plfts-. . _ /buig, cloudy,: roads frozen; Ottawa,old negro patient suffering! from -clejir. roads good; Dodge City, paijtly cloudy, roads good; Topeka, Clear, roads good. pneumonta was burned to death In the building. OfOcers of the isatltation direct- ed the boys In their efforts to bring this fire under control and when the hospital.»a two story building containing six wards was destroyed, thji hoys marched back to their tarracks, where a 'checkup showed that none of the "honor boys" were missing.. The flife which was of tinknown origin was discovered by jthe reformatory dentist at 1:30. With the iaid of the Boonville Iflre department the flames were prevented from reaching the dairy bams although a high wind was blowing. The loss was said by reformatory ofneen to be approximately ^40,000. NO ACTION ON RUSE IS PEN IN HAYSSHOOTING SANDINO'SDEATH Coroner's Jury Still Considers the Death of O'Laughlin Haj -8, Kans., Jan. 20. (AP)—A coroner's Jury investigating the Marines Belfeve Rebel Leader May .Have Fled From Country Managua, .Mciiragtia, Jan. 20. (AP)—American i Marines feared today that reports of the deajh of shooting of John O'Laughlin, 27, j the Rebel General Augustlno Sandino might be a fiise. Around his njouritain stronghold of El Chipote,! the oiily ertdenco here yesterday planned to continue its deliberations today arfter adjourning jiast night without making only {181,060,000 at par, and that of the California Corporation less than 50 million dollars, the market values of the stock of both, at yesterday's closing quotations • on the New York Stock Exchange, aggregated nearly 450 million dollars. any recommendations. Adjournment was taken after j noted by Marine aviators was that, of death and desoUtlon. Sandino, If alive,'3t was believed. authorities indicated they doubted ''"?"'''. through the Jun./ , , ... ^ , . gles to Honduras or down the Co- tho version of the shooting given i rjvgr to. the Caribbean. Since the by Jpe Furthmyer, a taxlcab driver. and Mrs. Mabel Dlckersbn, at whose home the sla>-1ng occurred. •Furthmyer confessed he shot O'Laughlin, but declared he fired only after the latter threatened him. Mrs. Dlckerson, who sup- Honduran government promised to allow no concentration of Rebels on Honduran soil, St was believed that Sandln, If alive, might be heading for the' sea. The Marin© garrison at San Rafael was ordered [to investigate Immediately any bijrlal of pronil- ported Furthmyer's story, was held i nent men there.' "Tfie Nicaraguans, under 11.000 bond. | who reported San^i'nos death to Authorities al.«o continued a search for Miss Gracy Boyce, believed to. be a resident of Junction City, Kans., who. Furthmyer declared, accompanied O'Laughlin lo the -Dlckerson home. . Police said theyi had Information Indicating Misb Boyce and O'Laughlin were recently married. The Jury voted to reiassemble at; 1:30 o'clock this afternoon. i Marine headquarter.^, said the general's wife, a > government telegraph operator at San Rafael, took his body there for burial. Aviators observed what app^'eared to be a funeral procession. . Search For* Ayiator of Wichita Is ^Abandoned Police Off >on Clue in Case of Missing Girl Jacksonville, Fla., Jan. 20. (AP) Police today began a search for the sender'of a telegram to New York authorities saying that the body of Frances St. John Smlth.^ missing Smith College student, was dissected and shipped to Jacksonville. The message was sent from here and filed, officers were Informed by a man signing himself "O. F. Jones." An effort immediately was begim to find 0. F. Jones, art evangelist of Hart Haven, near here, for^possible aid In clearing up the mysterious message. William DuPont, 73, Is Dead in Georgia Home option as a reclamation proje< tand to pledging the approprlatlc n o: ?31.=;;000.000 for hi irrlgatioi." He argued: that the adopiti m of the project 'VStald depresd land values • Immediately and estimated that 20,000,000 acres of farm lands have been abandoned In the past several years which would come back into Cultivation as conditions improve"; j Reclamation, he ^lontlnued. was sound wh'en the agricultural dollar .approaches par over a tvd year period. At present It is around 90 cents, he added. Taxation, he contended, Was the most grievous of the farmers ills', and was du4 to an unscientific method of levying which throws too heavy a /burden upon- lands. Assiaiilt arid Jailing ' Suit Is Up in Court A suit for .\lamages, which involves assault and imprisonment. Is being heardUn Allen county district court today. In the suit John D; Telle is seeking damages Against Floyd Baker and' W, Welchel. The case involves an alleged assault by Baker on Tolle and the; later imprisonment of Telle In the county. Jail. ToUe. charges there.was no reason for the actlonsof Baker and Welchel. while they respond that the action was taken after Telle, la alleged to have threatened one of his children. Baker was employed by Toi:e at the time of the incident. Welchel lives near Telle home. Irish Free "State Head Arrives at New York Smth was he wa.s not eligible to membership in the senate be- his campaign funds Included more than $200,000 given by Samuel Insull. of Chicago, and other public utilities officials, some of w-hom were not residents . of that state. • :\ As the senate established a precedent by excluding Smith without ; firlt premittlng him to take the oath of office, the senator -elect found only the most rigid Republicans supporting his claim to a seat. Two democrats Joined them, Bleaae of South Carolina, and Steck, of Iowa. The 21 old guard Republicans who voted against Smith included Curtis, of Kansas, the m«4 Jority leader, and Jones of Washington, .the party w'hlp. Thirty- nine Democrats and Shlpstead, ol Minnesota, the Farmer-Labor member, voted to exclude Smith. As the situation stood today 'wltJi Illinois having only one representative in the senate, some senaton believed the way was open to Governor Len Small of lUionls. :to ap . point another man, hut Smith 's legal advisers contended that the governor could not appoint unleEi ! their client resigned. It has heei assumed that Smith, would hot resign but would await the openlni of the next congress In December 1929, when one-third of the membership will have been up for reelection. In addition to the $200,000 contributions to Smith's' campaign other donations uncovered by the investigating committee led by the . Senator Reed, Democrat, Missouri and expenditures of more thru $450,000 were lister In the resolution adopted yesterday. - It carried the same lang;uage of the resolution by which the senate several years ago approved tl« New York. Jan. 20. fAP)—Presl- seating of Truman H Newberry^of dent William T. Cosgrave of the j Michigan, declErfog that acoipi- ance and expenditure of such stin.s were "contrary to sound public Icy, harmful to the dignity and Irish Free State arrived In New York today oti a good will mission and a few hours later ptarted Brunswick. Ga.; Jan. 20. (AP)—!for Chicago, His party occupied Wlllam DuPont,' 7-1 years of- age, retired head of the DuPont interests of Wilmington. Del., died snddenlv at his winter honie, teii two attached to Twentieth Centliry Limited. the or of the senate, dangerous to -. e perpetuity of- free government.' Newberry, although -aeated • a 'Xct an investigation and a fight simlU r PICKWICK (5 )FFEE has Its imi-i to that In the^Smlth case, resigned miles, from here this afternoon of jtators—but yoti: can't fool the pub-, his post after his colleague. Who a heart- ailment.! Ask your grocer.—Adv. Southeast iKcuisas Debaters Will Open Season With Clashes Monday Debate in the southeast Kansas [ stronger than Jast year's squad. led his defense In the senate. Senator Townsend, was defeated at jthe polls. ! Frank L. Smith Rests At His Home Aged .**Boss" of Wairon Trains Dies iii State DeSoto, Kan., Jan. 20. (AP)— Solomon Coker, 98, widely known as a "Boss" of wagon fralns operating between Westport, Mo., and Santa Fe. N. M.. In the early days, died dt his home here last night. He:had been feeble since a stroke of paralysis about three months ago. Salt Lake City, Jsn. 20. (AP)— Search by airplane tor Fred'Hoyt, i Wichita, Kan., aviator has been abandoned until; more, definite information as to whet-e another aerial search <ould be "directed, Lieut. Manghan, In chttrge of rescue efforts, told the Associated Press today. :• Search today was:confined to a hunt -being conductt-d by ranchers and sheepmen in the Raft River valley and the - BUick Desert in Who, district will start next • Monday when all riijlit .squads now in the new Southeast Kansas I.eagiTc hold the first official debate -jn the Mc- Nary-Kaugen bill. Every be In 3t leait four debates this season which by the process of standings gives an idea of who will win. Tue (thahule team at prer:- cnt hold.< this edge fay virtue of having won the state'championshlp last season and having three out of four debaters ' back- Chanute has won several tournament die- bates this season, i Only two persons ar ? on each team this season according it the new rulings, while tl-e lime of main speeches, and rebuttal has been extended-a little.' • Tola will meet Chdnute only oncfr •iin in the league-will j and that In the first debate when the Chanute negative Invades lolu next Monday for the £ea.«on opener In the local auditorium. ^The lola negative meanwhile win travel to Fort Scott, with the Fort Scott negative, entering the Chanute realnji Other triangles and duals to be held in the league .Monday will be: Pittsburg. Parsf-ns, Columbus; In- Tbp !toIa team this year is much [dependence and. CoffeyvUle- Chicago, Jan- 20. (AP)—Forbld- de!i to sit In the United States senate, Frank L. Smith rested it hia home at Dwight, Ills., todky tc await word from his counsel las to his future course. I Mr. Smith Is regarded by Cfover- nor Small and other state officers as a senator-elect even If he haim't cause a seat. Nothing short of Smith's resignation would . the governor to jtppoint a temporary senator., it was indicated, and the former chairman of the Illinois commerce conimisslon has no | intention of resigning. j He made this plain when Inter- vievii-ed last night over lotig jils- tance telephone. Mr. Smith Wa» (Contlnaed OQ Pace S» Hoti ^ I .1 A

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