The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 24, 1933 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 24, 1933
Page 12
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12 THE BAKERSFIELD CALIFQRN1AN, TUESDAY, JANUARY 24, 1933 WHERE For Sale—Miscellaneous For Sale— Miscellaneous F OTl ennvenionce nf patrons The Bakorsfield rnllfornlnn nuents listed below wilt receive classified advertising ami subscriptions at the regular rntcs: Olldale Pharmacy ARV1N Ii. Dawson Store TAFT IOSM Cigar ami News Co MARTCOPA '.-,ntp City Pharmacy McKITTRTCK Tcmpleton Drug Co. FELLOWS Waggoner News Dealer RITAFTER Slmftcr Drug Co. WASCO \V. C. Thomas News Stand McFARLANP , August Chnndlcr The Callfornlan Carrier DF.LANO Mitchell Bakery TF.riACHAPI Tehachapl News Stand SEVEN-ROOM nicely furnished. Restricted district. $45.00. Elmer F. Karpe. Phone 210. 1517 Eighteenth street. 1-20-tf| .McLarty'a Store LEBF.O Lebec Coffee Shop UK WARD C. Christian TUFMAN Klk Hills Mercantile Co CLASSIFIED COLUMNS CLOSE II A. M. The Callfornian will not be responsible for errors in Classified Advertisements taken over telephone unless correction Is nmde Immediately after first Insertion. TELEPHONE 31 FOR CITY SERVICE KOIl IIKNT-Houses and apartments, (urnlilml mil iMifurnlshPil. Deiimilon nrlcfi. Telephone 2040, m mil at UakcriMclil Veterinary Hospital, 823 Chining >"» PIVK-ll()O.\t ami ileeplnu porrh. l->rnt«hoil home. rlo«e In. I3.'i. Five-room, modern. 1M R0j200. (iteoiiarres. $20. Vive-room, mmlcrn. Illnhliinil Park. l'l»cc (or chlckcni. $US. Water palil. I'linnn 383 1-83-tf I FOH HBST—Fniir-riioinfurnlahcd duple*. I.aruc ! lioilnmni. Hnrilvvooil (loon, Henl rcn«otial)le. | Cull nl tail) Alia VIslM. i F1VK rooms. Well furnished. Ltirge i sleeping porch. Oarage. Water paid. Phone 2818-R or call 416 Nllcs street. Nlt'KI.V furnished imall house"with nraito'. Water anil KHrl>«ge palil. 10H Chester aremic. Full HUNT— rour-room hiuue.Nleoly J10.00. Ota. llRht Inrluilml. 102n T jlrect. Tiro-room apartment, 112.00. 2115 O itroet. 155 FOHSALIC—flood house, one aero laud, close In. Cheap. 330 K Nineteenth street. 153 Foil nKNT"4-ri»>m slureo. Htrldly modern. Hani- \vnml floors, slcrplna porch, stationary tub. Near sHmols and Ileale Park. 310 I' street, Inquire aiOVi. 1M FHRNISHKnlovely 5-mom house. OvBi-sttiffed furniture. Piano. Close to high m-hiM)!. neducecl rent. 1915 On'.ngB_ st.i'Pi'l. NIl'TOLY furnished fi-ronm modern stucco house. Inquire 2220 Buena Vista. ' USED CARS FROM A DEPENDABLE DEAL1SR 1932 Plymouth coupe, $150 down. 1(181 Chevrolet sedan, $125 down. 1081 Dodge 10-wheel truck, $300 down. 1930 Ford coupe, rumble scat, $100 down. 1931 Ford Redan, $125 down. 1931 DC Roto 8 Hedan, $125 down. BAKERSFI12LD OARAGE USED CAR t,OT Next to Pox Theater Twentieth nl a. Phone 2286 IBS (CASH AND CARRY ONLY) 100 Lbs., Rccleaned, Highest Qrad* JOO LBS. HEN SCRATCH, $1.10. 100 Ibs. reclcnned wheat, $1,00. 100 Ibs. lay matin (cotton Dags), $1.35, 75 Ibs. ROLLED BARLEY, 60c. MANY MORE NOT ADVERTISED BAKERSFIELD GRAIN COMPANY Baker Street and Truxtun Avonue 10-28-tf FOR RENT—Furnished house, 2007 Twenty-second street. Four rooms. Clarape. *2r> month. Apply 1420 Seventeenth street. Telephone 1472. 154 Special Announcements CLEARANCE ON For Rent—Apartments CLEARANCE SALE All cars to he sold at a big sacrifice. Over 50 to choose from, late models. Get yours now. See us about auto loans. Will arrange to finance any car. Lowest prices. USED CAR LOT Sixteenth and Chester. Phono 116 (Opposite Courthouse) J58 Over u period of 32 years our reputation remains paramount. Prove for yourself this assertion. We continue to sell feed for less than any advertised price. No limit to regular customers. No dealers, no tricks, no phones. Business Is Rood. PIONEER MERCANTILE CO. 4-4,-tf 100 pounds mash, If. cloth bags. $1.35. 100 poundu scratch, $1.10. 100 pounds cracked Indian corn, $1.20. QANN & ROSS. Olldale, Calif. 12-6-tf 1929 Ford delivery .sedan, perfect, $226. 1930 Ford standard coupe, $285. TOP PRICES PAID FOR AUTOS Chester at 24th. Phone 5828. 168 AUTO painting. $12.30 to $25; body and fonder tvork. Prlrci rlfht. Auto repairing. Trent Paint and Repair Shop, California and lliker. Phone 3071-W. IN FOR SALE— I'ulvcrtzed .atieen manure, .35 lack, rtollTcred. Phone 4471-W. cents 109 20-INCH oak, IS.00 tier; Buealypnii, lii.liO tier: enlton wood, $3.23 tier; block wood, $8.00 tier! 12-Inch oak wood, $4.00 tier: cotton wood, $2..3 tier; lilnck wood, $2.7.", tier. 470 Waililiuton atomic, Olldale. Phone 3SD2. IfiS NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING KOU HALK—Oat hay. iiO ccnti bole. Sercn rallei snuthton state highway. ?*>! Tjlch. lf,5 Poultry and Livestock bull. Rontlo. T. H. tejtod. Can bo «g- lilerod. 2H jean old. Trice, »U5. Orauf Horvleo Station, Itoiedalo... »4 1IA1IV Tt:ilK», parent stock raJi«o rotsccl, rtlieaio .free. .Mammoth bronze. bl«-bnne alock. Order now; don't delay, for early birds. Also oil and etettrlo Incubators, electric bronderi, brcedlnn Tomt, cuilom halchlnit. Yatel Turkey Ranch «nd lUtrhor, Bhuftor, Calif. "4 R1VKIIVIKW IIATCHBRY. lUby fhlck«. Bflt alwayi. All breeds, from blood-toiled itock. SOO « wccki 1 old Ilorki at aatonlihlng price. Hello arenua, North CliHlcr. Phone 4ir,n-,T. 153 WANT to buy. team uf work hones or mules. Notice Is hereby given that the Annual Meotlnp of stockholders of the Parnfllne Oil Company will DO held at the office of the company, 1420 Seventeenth street, Bakersfleid, California, on Tuesday, the 31st day of January, 1933, at the hour of 3 o'clock P. M,, for the purpose of electing a Board of Directors and transacting such other business as may come bo- fore the meeting. CHAS. A. HARE, Secretary, Porafflne Oil Company. Dated January. 12, 1933. Jan. 12-to 27, Inc. NOTICE OP ANNUAL MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS OP KERN COUNTY FINANCE COMPANY. Notice Is hereby given that the annual meeting of the stockholders of the Kern County Finnnco Company will be held at the office of sMd cor- por'atlon at 1923 Chester Avenue In the City of Bakersfleid, State of California, on Thursday, January 20, 1933, at the hour of 3 P. m., for the purpose of electing directors for the ensuing year, and for the transaction of such other business as may properly come before the me E et.n !iERwAx Jan. 12 to 26. Secretary. llolaml Hotter, Itoute 2. Hoj 03. One mile west Oreenfleld.. Kern Inland road. 153 FOB SALE—Three «ooil work horiei. $100, with harness. Soo Mr. Kbol, 1H miles west of WMCO. ALFALFA jeeil. 08 per cent pure. HlUlitly dli- colored hy September rain, otherwise flrat clast seed. 10<; pound. Ccrro. lloute 3, Wlblo lload, Bakersflcld. 165 V)2D Pontlnc coupe, good condition, terms. F. J. Gleeson, phono 3382-W. 153 BINdLK anil dnublc apartment, with ilccplne porch. Close In. N'o» rrnllnu for J1S.OO and $22.50. The Shnrlaml. 2MO O street. Phono SM. 1<W BIUCIC, 26 Herles, two-door sedan, good rubber, new battery. Will make wonderful low-priced transportation. Full price. $85. Phone 4482-M. 152 FOR HKNT l>y week or month. Nicely furnished npartment at the Kelly. Three rooms and hath. Overstuffed. Close in. Adults only. Very reasonable rent. Call 1305 1 street. Phone 4093 or 363. 152 IHIY. HKIJ* TttAlJB CA11S. 2105 Wlllys-KnlKhl tourlnn; curtains, llu.v. *30. I,nte 1D28 TVxIuo "(1" cmipe: gixxl shape. $100. Automotive Service THK MAKYKI, SIIOPPF. Sl'KCIAI. icilucccl talcs. Learn jar.7. '•sson;. No scak'a or txerrlsrs. I'lani, Silmol. 10110 Chester afcnuc. Ulino. 12 \Valerman room l".'i. ic.8 Ft'llSISHKI) ap»t)ments. Nineteenth and I). Overstuffed furniture. Krlnldalre. o-room house. 2000 OrsnBo. Apply 2031 Nineteenth street. «rn- rcry store. Phone 5. r i24-.l. 1"3 SKK this desirable, nicely furnished modem apart- rncnt. Screen porch. Garatio. Water paid. Close In. Only $12. 110," Seventeenth street. li'l • \',r, iittiai-lire Biiwcry Btcrc room anil location. <1!4 llakiM- street, rich! In tlio i-enter of tho i:at! llakersfli-lil business dlMrlrl. 151 TtKNI'H I'AI'i: N^K ?. near Southern Pa.lflc ilcput. Sp,>rl;il Sunilay illnner. <"imihinHtlf,n lireiikfaa. ', to II. '!'• rem> up. Sperlnl lunch- con anil itlnnu ttotn ll> a. m. to H P- ni.. -13 • cuts. Stiri-iiil i-my WeilneRilfly. Herman pot mat', ami potato pan ratios. All :'..">-ri-nt entrees fnrluilQ ilrlnk. en rountfr. Telephone -1T75. Lost—Found—Strayed NH'KLV furnished 2-room apartments ivlth private baths. $20 and $22.r,0 month; J5..10 and SH.dO ucek. Light, gas, water, linens, cleetrlc washing marhlno furnished. tlnrnge. If required. Tho Wnodrow, Jlaker and -Jackson streets. Fim IIEXT—S-rnom furnished apartment and hath. Silver, linen, gas and lights Included, liar spair. M.V 2007 Twentieth street. nEPAins: xnw conr.s Prices at llwk Bottom. All Work (luarantetd. T. N. .10IINSTON SHOPS CORNKR 18TH AND O. , PHONE O.VI_ For Sale—Furniture CLAHK-JBWBL gas range, full por- relaln, large size. $29.75. Heavy Axminster rugs, 9x12, 122.50. Inner spring mattresses, $8.25. Uses-set's, $4.75. IVAN L. HAMM Phone 341. 1100 Eighteenth St. 158 NN'BLV furnished. modern 3-tnnm apartment. Hardwood floors. Sleeping porch. Oarage. Water. $1(1.r,0. Also grocery store, fixtures Included, with living rooms. J20. Phone 1H27-M. 'OU SALIC—A-l baled dairy hay. Cull E. Souza, 2520 L street. Phone 2353-W. 167 OAK WOOD, ill sizes and lengths, tor fireplace* and stores. Guaranteed quality, and prompt delivery. Mean' Ice Delivery. Phono 1808. , 181 Dogs and Other Pets scorn B street. pups at a bargain. 2110 • Nineteenth Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous WANT to buy, scales, caah registers, meat illceri. adding machines, typewriter, showoases. refrigerators, store, office ind restaurant equipment, butehers' supplies, second hand furniture. Valley Store Miture Company. 800 Baker. Phone 2189. ir,3 WANTKD—Light ear. Will pay *23.00 cash or $25.00 down. Phone Mr. Ermert, 1235. QUESTION OP EDISON For Sale—Improved Property MIST— ("Mite, stii-nhenl dog. name J.aiMI« naril. Xotlty Hi>« B2. Tlie Caltfnrnlan. LOST, Saturday night, front off Hudson automobile. please call :,'"2. Finder 153 Personals \\ILL not be ti'srionsiblc Tor any hllU contracted t,y anyone other than myself, i Signed) J. V. AcMn. 133 MY WIFE having voluntarily left our home and hoard on the third nt January, this year. 1 hereby decline myself nonresponslhle frvr further bills contracted by same. Reginald R. l-mhart Financial riVK-nOOM modern house. Hardwood floors. Tllo sink. Lot 80 by 300. rhlelcen house for ntiout .">l"> chickens, row barn. Hlg shade trees. Ten minutes fnim town. Mortgage company says to sell for f2»:,0. Terms. $1.10 down, balance easy payment*. Howard Nichols, Inc., ir.O.I Nineteenth street. 1-2.1-lf Radio, Musical Instruments "SHEET MUSIC—Largest stock of popular and classical music in the city. All popular hits, old-time favorites, plnno and vocal solos, teaching methods, manuscript paper, etc. Phillips Music Company store, across the street from the Pioneer Mercantile Company, at- tho corner of Twentieth and "Eye" streets. 153 FOR RAI.B for first mortgage on terms. Or will rant 10-ncre chicken ranch. Close In. on boulevard. Five-room house. Hardwood floors, water and electricity. Also shade and fruit. P. T. Sullivan, 2112 Seventeenth street. Or Silvester K. Wells. Professional building. Knit MALi~7w lir.NT--Three-ronm modern hnuse In Hnmccrest. Inuulre 312 Lincoln avenue, Olldale. • 1.14 GUITARS, banjos, ukuleles, piano ac- pordlons, flutes, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, saxophones. All kinds of musical instruments sold at exceptionally low prices and on easy terms. Our store is the musical bargain center of Bakersfleid. Phillips Musical Company, corner Twentieth and "Eye" streets, one block from the Fox Theater on Twentieth street. 153 EMPLOYMBNT moves me elsewhere. Musi sell my ncre farm, with small houses. Including ducks and chickens. Incumhrance. $44-1: monthly^ $ Nest payment February. Sacrifice equity for i«»h or residence lot. Hen Page, Route 3. Ilnx .10. South Oak street. 1M For Exchange—Property $6.50 PER T100 FOR 1 YEA It (NO BROKERAGE—NO BONUS) Minimum In.surn.nre at Board nates Investigate and Be Convinced CONSUMERS TREDIT CO. A Reliable Coast-Wide Institution b Haberfelde Arcade Bldg. Phono 105H 16S WAXTF.n to exchange, money-making chicken laneh In Hakersflehl for clear rrcsno property. I' 'JSln-.l after il p. m. 1st For Sale—Automobiles 1523 20th 15S MONKY TO I/IAN—W« have an unlimited amount i.f money to loan on farm property. I»ng term I'jans. it 1 ..- per cent Interest. fJuy i; ser ietaty. No. '.'28 Jefferson street Phone 4125-W. \7il Business Opportunities 1929 Sport Ford roadster, $125. 1929 Chevrolet coupe, 1195. 1928 Essex Sport coupe, $95. I!i27 Chevrolet roadster, $65. 192!) Fonl Kodnn, $195. 1929 Packard deluxe sedan, $695. 1931 07 Uulck sedan, like new, $795. 1409 Eighteenth street. Phone 831 15S SKRVICK station npt'rator wanted to j lease station. Will take $400 to i handle. Fur information, call 3011 after fi p. m. JJ'i) | it'POKTrNITV for » live auto mi-- <-hanic ami electrician with small i-iipltnl. liiO.-i Twi-ntloth street. I.'i4 i"'.\ M PI »HOUNI> and service station for rent. See Cluiidc Rklmrdsoii, McFarland. Calif. 164 Help Wanted—Male MAN, high character anil physically fit. not over -in. desiring lo enter government service. For Information nnd personal Interview write H. M. Halrd. Tlox H-2. Th« Californlan. IT. 3 N!.\N- Natiimal crcanl/.atlnn wants man above i tip nrenice for sperlnl flflcl work. Calllne on i'ir i-lii-ntv plus new huglness means real In- •*ome Prefer tnhrrli-il man. rhararter ahove re- nroarh. Write S Ii. Ilose. 84-14 Wllsblre Houlerard, Ija Angeles. «TXfll.K man. with IlKlH r»r. free to travel, to lio «pe,-la! atlvi-rtlslnp uurk fur large easern ornani- | /allon. Pan mm from }S to J8 daily, with ' lianre of ailvamemtnt for riBht man. See Mr. Hoppel. 1531 stroel. from 7 to 8 H el p W a n ted—Female 1VANTF.I) A limisi- Apartinpnt No. "J Situations Wanted-— VKHY reliable lady wants housework, pra.-tlral nurslnp. [.r raring for rldltlri-n. 1'hoiif 112117. WANTKIJ-A jivlJ rallf.. Itiii .I'.!. JACK SEZ: 1928 late' Ford sedan, clean, $190. 1930 De Soto sednn, bargain. $325. Lots of Others. New Low Prices. PAT'S CAR MARKET Phone 1724. 231G Chester Avenue Jack Bundy, Manager 158 LATEST 1933 Gllflllon super hetro- dyne broadcast anil short-wave police receiver. Special this week only, $24.50". Terms. Don C. Preston, Nineteenth nnd H. 158 HOimONTALi 1 What did France default? 7 Hebrew measure of capacity. S Intention. 10 Was furious. 11 Icy rain. 13 Large tawny cat-like mamma!. !•( Seed bag. 15 Male sheep. 17 Touchstones. 19 To mock. 21 Sheaf. 22 Soup container. 23 Folding bed. 24 Sun god. 23 Hastened. 20 Who opened the box containing human Ills? SSWork of an. 29 Deity. 30 Male. 31 Beer. 32 Piccolo. Answer lo Previous 33 To retard. 35 Puts to hazard. 37 Sol. 38 Kettle. 39 Wrongful acts. 40 Pierces with horns. 42 NMne goddesses of poetry, science nnd art. •in Inlet. 44 Peels. 45 Seized. VERTICAL 1 Intertwined Into fabric. 2 What was the nationality of Thomas Edison? r, Scarlet. 4 Doctor (abbr.) 5 Destitute of scalp covering. OS Fruit, genus ti Scarf. Pyrus. 7 Slave driven 41 To equip. into desert by 42 Chart. Sarah (Bibl.). 4,4 Postscript. 9 Worth. 10 Ascended. 11 Call for help at sea. 12 Beret. 13 Mexican dishes. 14 Something suspended. 16 Looking glasses. 17 Perforated. 18 Light brown. 19 Flightless ratlte bird. 20 Delicacies. .23 Human being, 26 Salary. 27 Ancient. 28 Foments. 30 Geld house. 32 Monsters. .T4 Ear of a , kettle. :J5 Aurora. 36 Touched witll the nose. SEMI-ANNUAL REPORT OF THE PUBLIC ADMINISTRATOR OF THE COUNTY OF KERN To the Honorable Clerk of the^ Superior Court of the County of Kern, StaU o£ CaHfornla^ Administrator of the County of Kern. State of California, respectfully makes his return to all estates of deoedents whteh have come into his hands; the value of same; the money which has corne Into his hands from such estates; what has been done with It; his foes and expenses Incurred In each estate, and the balance, if any, remaining in hla hands during the six months of his term of office, commencing with July 1st, 1932, and ending with December 31st, 1932, same being In accordance with the Provisions of Section 1736, of the Code of Civil Proceedure of the State DR. W. TOM POLLOCK A Palmer chiropractor " Alio graduate of other American Instltulloni i . of drunlcsi hcallnt. Let him help you. Ono monlh'i service for »I!I. Over ItURhM Drug Store Nineteenth and Chester l^one 1118 : J of California. Ursula Garcia .. Eugeno Wilson . Juaquln Pftdllla. A. Hernandez Appraised Value 850.00 316.23 'az.Ys ..... H. U Gentry... Unappralsed A. M. Heyworth... 7,984.29 Alice Hlgglns 1,000.00 Money Rec'd 160,00 306.23 '20.00 803.00 4,357.44 1,200.00 78V.S6 640.91 121.39 126.00 Adm'r Fees ' 22'. 14 200.00 78.00 Money - Pnld 159.00 75.84, V.20 328.53 823,47 1,200.00 Claims Balance Allowed On Hand 1.00 230.39 .so 474.47 3,633.97 305.00 405.10 4M.OO 419.21 PIANO TUNING ITectpry 3l>-itl«tcrcd Tuner $3.50 Satisfaction Guaranteed CARL A. BVRU Plione 1300-M . 030 Truxtun ATtnui SWEDISH MASSAGE CADINKT SWEATS UBDUOINO Colonlc Irrigation INSTITUTE OF HYDnOTITEHAPY 1812 If Street 0 i. m. to 0 D. m. rbone 3001 LAUNDRY SERVICE laundry ijervlea Uneicelled—tliat Ii Out 8lon» Ten Different Serrle»s and Zortc Odorless Dry Cleaning CITIZENS LAUNDtty Slitcenlh and O Streeti l'lion« VJSS Professional Cards 105.00 3.03 80.03 84.75 499.36 JOHN W. CULL1TON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT INCOME! TAX HERVICB, AUDITS. BYSTEMI Sulto 103, Professional Bulldlni Phono 4501 193.10 60.95 141.50 302.20 208.62 12.00 369.30 594.83 1S4.60 Wi'.ii 51.47 340.19 i 1032 TAIIU! raodnl Atwater Kent superheterodyne radlu with automatic volume control. Cost last fall $72..10: and General Electric end table phonograph attachment, cost JH2..10. Until like new. Must be seen to be appreciated. $50.00 j takes them. 1'hone 410*. l-'.l For Sale—Miscellaneous A I.I* KINDS of well rooted borry plants; artichokes and asparagus roots. Shrubs at special prices. Telephone 8701-J-ll. John DiMilo, Frultvale. 178 roil SALE—One 0-toot double disc, one cotton tlalk cutter.' miming machine, hay rack and hay derrick, two riding cultivators, ono cotton planter and one Hotpolnt electric range. Inquire 1210 Fourth street. roll SALE—Omxl corrugated her. (10ft Chester avenue. Iron, used lum- Yt'MA valley alfalfa seed, highest purity and germination. See this iced bcforo you buy. rbone l>88. M6 Foil HALB— Clark-Jewel gas range. Ixiraln regu- laltr. $18. or trade for wood range. First house west II street, on Trrracy Way. MATTUKSSKS renovated and rebuilt, $2. Special today. Vhono 417.1. HEAVY nUTV seml-dlciel. cheap, complete with clutch and air starter. Also, all sites of other engines. Phone 2MH-.1. Agase Atamlan .... 640.91 040.91 45.36 637.88 William R. Jones.. 121.39 121.39 8.60 40.46 William J. Wilson.. 125.00 126.00 40,2o 275.00 Lucy Ocnno ....Unappralsed John C. Cunningham 250.00 Ole Nelson Unappralsed ...... Lulu I. Van Winkle.... Unappralsed ",'.'A; Harry Ronolds 1,500.00 100.29 7.00 153.29 P. J. Gown n.... Unappralsed "Vii Joe Nonella 2,074.21 2,074.21 110.00 2,074.21 306.00 A. R. Stnffa Unappralsed • ".'-'ii %V/;; John Kellermnn ... 1,517.24 1,313.24 686.51 347.50 626.73 William J. Hanat.. 584.00 5R4.00 41.93 584.00 285.00 • ...... Frances Sheppard.. 1,036.55 1,038.55 72S.19 646.00 308.30 Charles H. Allen... 1,771.08 1,771.08 602.11 384.00 1,268.97 Lillian Moore. ..Unappralsed • - Baclllo Katapan.... 963.48 983.48 67.44 464.12 291.11 C. Morales Unappralsed . Charles E. Davis Unappralsed 202.12 9.02 O. N.'Gosnell 1,115.22 792.72 731.77 868.60 ! Claude Moore 150.00 V 150.00 8.50 I Laurence O'Connor 340.00 340.00 37.80 275.00 I Thomas Gallagher . 323.62 223.62 17.00 175.00 I M. L. Wylle 400.00 35.00 ^ 23.00 302.00 I Florence Brewer Unappralsed 406.37 37.07 Richard Tannls.Unappralsed ....... Url D. Pryor... .Unappralsed Mae Zlmmer Unappralsed 611.83 17.00 3.18 ! M. D. Kerr Unappralsed Louisa E. Bell. .Unappralsed Hop Tuck Unappralsed >. Mallnda W. Davis Unappraised 212.12 17.52 511.73 Ernest O. Davis 202.12 202.12 14.15 202.12 Juan Echeverrla ... 1,247.23 1,226.03- 484.89 374.45 Pasquale Piazolla .. 2,481.80 255.00 203.53 294.9S Neils Christiansen Unappralsed ....... William Baker. .Unappralsed ' Jessie Scott Darnell 360.19 340.19 Samuel T. Glatfelter Unappraised Frank Nelson.. .Unappralsed 523.16 223.35 1,100.00 Jacob Ward 250.00 G. D. Cardoza . .Unappralsed Elvira Williamson Unappralsed • Alfred Ollfrcd 1,025.92 1.025.92 71.04 1.025.92 376,00 Pierre Faure 5,879.41 379.41 32S.58 601.35 Joseph Coffo 1,500.00 50.00 18.50 John J. Corcoran Unappraised H. H. Bell 2,387.50 2,108.Ofi 550.02 ir,2.SO Chris Nelson... .Unappralsed 1,434.65 405.00 403.00 David Engle.... Unappralsed Edward Anderson Unappraised 794.98 John Lacy 4-16.40 118.46 Flora C. Hugglns.. 597.22 397.22 12.00 John Reuhensteln.. 865.00 865.00 386.00 Charles Alls 1.000.00 1,350.00 344.34 Mabel Webber. .Unappralsed ; Francisco E. Rio Unappralsed Casper Schock . .Unappralsed John Obradovlch... 760.00 760.00 477.50 Bessie Moore 1,604.19 1.604.19 94.16 1,604.19 Anna E. Hoefner... 1,750.00 R.xW. Wynne 700.00 425.00 Flora V. Payne 1,125.00 Santos Perez .. .Unappralsed 368.95 260.00 Ed. R. Barkley.-Unappralscd 3,000.00 Andres Jerger- son Unappralsed Gustav Heuschkel Unnppraised Lillian Hodgson 250.00 John T. Keller.. .Unappralsed 50.00 50.00 Jim Malatore .. Unappralsed 40.00 Silas L. Jenkins.Unappralsed 153.90 S.- L. Pearce.. ..Unappralsed Thos. Bryson ... Unappralsed Solla Styles Unappralsed B. F. Allen Unappralsed 2,124.81 lotto Bliss Unappralsed i John Coco Unappralsed ! Robert J. Little.Unappralsed I State of California, County of Kern, ss. N C Houze, belnc duly sworn, says:'that the above and foregoing semiannual report of the Public Administrator of tho County of Kern, Is a true ' and correct account of the estates coming Into his hands as Public Adi mlnlstrator of Kern County, as some therein appears from the 1st day of I July, 1932, to the "1st day of December, 1932, and the whole thereof, and that ho was not Interested In any of the expenditures of any estate. Subscribed and sworn to before mo this 9th day of January, 1933. > • *• * N. C. HOUZE. . W. B.'CiOLDING, Notary Public. Jnn. 13 to 24. Inc. In find for tho County of Kern."State of California. DR. B. BUZAN Palmer Graduate CHIROPnACTOH Painless System Complete Electrotherapy Service. Fool Correctlt>ni Hours, 10 to 12 a. m.. 2 to 5. 7 to 8 p. m Rooms 111-112-113 Morgan Bulldlni 1711 Chester Avenue Telephone 6518 Lady Attendant Legal Notices NOTICE OF THE HEARING REPORT OF VIEWERS ON PROPOSED ROAD No. 842. Office of the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors of the County of Kern. State of California!• To All Non-Consenting Owners 6f the Hereinafter Described Lands Take Notice: That the report of viewers heretofore appointed by the nbovc-nnmed Board to view and lay out proposed County Road No. 842, commencing at. tho northeast corner of Villa Lot,No. 26, according to the map of "Drury's Addition of Kern City, Sec. 21. T. 2!' S., R. 2S E., M. D. B. & M.," filed for record on March 18th, 1907. on page 101 of Book 1 of Maps, and running thonce southerly and along cast boun dnry of sold Villa Lot No. 26. to MM- southeast corner thereof, has been sot down for hearing by the said Boqj;d of Supervisors at Iheir rooms In tno County Courthouse in the City of Bixkersfleld, said County and State, for January 30, 1933. at 11 o'clock A. M.. where any anrl all Interested therein may appear and make objfc- i tlou thereto if dvemcd proper. Vo'o'ii ' The Knl(l rolul wl " naMS «vcr. -.0.81 i through and upon the lands owned by: .Sarah J. TitrmiN, Villa Ixit No. 26. 'Drury's Addition of Kern City. By order ot tho Board of Supervls- ors of the County of Kern, State of California, made January 9, 1933. F. IS. Smith, County Clerk nnd ex-OfflcIo Clerk of the Board of Supervisors. Jan. 12 to 26, Inc. 53.83 i 31.50 ! 507.50 1,128.07 340.00 327.34 467.50 479.00 349.60 250.66 1,557.9S 1,029.65 2S7.4R * 116.46 ! 3S5.22 i 479.00 : 1,005.66 ! 282.50 NEW ELECTIONS SET 5 IN GREECE f .\MKneiulfii Prr*» Lrafc ATHENS. Creece, Jan. 425.00 3,000.00 ! Wire) 24.— President Zainilft signed n decree this morn- iiiK dissolving the Chamber and set- titiK new elections for March 5. The President's action followed np- proval in the Senate of n resolution calling for the dissolution of the lower House under provisons of the .'..'. .'. \ Greek constitution. ...... ; Eleutherlos Venlzclos, who became • 40.00 | premier for the fifth time In 23 years 153.90 | j ]is ( week, requested now elections he...... j c'liuse he had only a hare majority ...... i of two votes in the chamber. The Senate vote on dissolution showed a' majority of 52. The meetliiK of the new chamber was fixed for March 27. 2,124.81 I trn-ol ASP IIR «tieii 21K. K For Rent fi-room 2220 Of Henry 191)2 Plymouth coupe, low mileage, A-l condition. Will take trade, can ar- ranirc terms. Can be seen at 32S t. or nhone 3709-M. 1"" Ht'memher Peoples' Wood Yard, for dry, word. Honest measure. Prompt deliv- Vrlres right. Phone 23(111. 170 Squad Car GASOLINE ALLEY NEAH, IF IT RUMS ALL RIGHT THEY'LL SAS ITS TOO DA^^lGeROUS FOR OS. GOODWESS VOU SAID IT WOULD BE A MIRACLE, OMCLE WALT. lr= We DID. OOM'T TELL. ME VOO'VE OOT THE MOTOR RUrJNJlNJG. HOP IM THE MIRACLG, FELLAS, AM' WB'LL Sf E IF IT'LL GO. HOPE A WHEEL COMES GEE, THAT'S WHAT I WAS AFRAID OF R*t. U. S. Pal. Of. ; Cwrriilu, l*» k» Tin Oikaw Triblina. By HARRY J. TUTHILL Parents-in-Law THE BUNGLE FAMILY WE DON'T LIKE TO EVEN TALK ABOUT • THE MONEY T OF IT WELL IT'S ALL OVER NOW. IT WAS.... WELL, JUST A BIG SURPRISE, THAT'S ALL. WELL OF COURSE CLARA, AS WE KNOW, MONEY IS MONEY. WE HAVEN'T OFFICIALLY APPROVED OF THE MARRIAGE YET. AND. BOB BEING A MILLIONAIRE WON'T SWAY OUR JUDGMENT ONE MATTER HOW MONEY HE HAS, VE'VE DECIDED ON A HANDS-OFF POLICY. WE WON'T KNUCKLE DOWN TO ANYBODY FOR A PALTRY HANDFUL DER.WCK. HAS DISLIKED MILLIONAIRES EVER. SINCE 'Z9 WHEN HE GOT OUT OF HIGH FINANCE. ANYHOW, I HOPE THINGS TUP.N OUT ALL P.IQHT TOP. K.LEO. THEY SHOULD. THOSE GR.UBBCK6 HAVE SO MUCH MONEY. YES SIP. JOSIE, I'M GOOD AND SOP.E ABOUT P.EALLY JOSIE I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW SIMPLY TEWUBLE I FEEL ABOUT K.LEO ELOPING WITH BOB GR.UBBEP.. AND DEP.P.ICK IS AWFULLY PUT OUT ABOUT IT TOO.. WELL CLAP.A IT'S ALL OVER. NOW. NATUP>ALLY I'M....WELL, SURPRISED AT KLEO. INTERESTED, IN THE .J MONEY /^ PART V ^^> tlcNaivht mjiMalt. Inc.. N. T Asks Impeachment of Judge Warmer '(.\nnncinterl I'rctx Leaned Wire} SACRAMKNTO, Jan. 24. — The stnto 1 Assembly h.'is received n petition from ,.\. P. Levy (4!1 12 Sunset Houleviird) I hos yXngeles, asklns Impeachment of I Judge Benjamin F. Warmer of the Snn Bernardino Superior Court. Levy's petition suld he was defendant In an automobile accident case In Judge Warmer's court. Ho lost the lease and charged the verdict ,was i "based upon malice, corruption and sinister motjves" on the part of Judge Warmer. .Speaker Walter J. Little referred the petition to the rules committee without comment. SO THAT'S WHAT IT IS CHICAGO, Jan. 24. (A. P.)— It's the urge that counts. If you .go home eiich night, Ulss your wife, help with the dishes, and tuck the children In bed, your social ui'se Is well developed. Hut If you are a confirmed bachelor^ talk back to the mother-in-law, or uns a racketeer, It's the destructive uruo that's to blame. Anyway that's ^vhat Lion KeuchtwH tiger, the author told newspaper reporters. , FLAPPER FANNY SAYS= uta. u. ». pAT. TO CiKNTI.KMAN Very rirMrahlt inon able., u-lth linlli private emrnm-e, use of phono. I AUo garage. MUM he sren 10 IIP upp'p--lulM 1'honc iHl.'l-M p" • KOOMH- (Julet. rurivenlent for nnmp lit. hoKliltul. Onr hlii^k from IIUK. llfasunBlile. I 1 ! ir,n-.M. linn Ongnn tired. For Rent—Rooms With Boa ItOOM and board, 1!> "0 ppr »rek Comfortali » IOOIDB. pleasant Furroundlngi Free Alao ttanilcnt dlnupri. ,'rO .1-1,11 2028 Mn- Htnlh Uri-ol Teleplmna O'Jl. 8 '11 :t ___,__ j _,_X9.r.J^- l !l''^5-?.H-^ UNI'THNISHKU HOl'SKS r jlean 5-ri-M»iii bouse with water paid, $25 PIT innnlli. Four-room liouso partly furnished, $17.60 per month. Klve-room modern house with water paid, $22.50 pei- month. imANDT l.VVKSTMKNT I "O. 1813 Chester Avenue. Phone IL'ii^ l-ix-if Unfurnished five mouth, modern, 2220 Oregon street. J22.00. Witt IT pit Id •Phone 62C. Henry Klssler. ape. ^'-', wntf-r paid 2220 Orngoii slt-cut. I'linm- J-19-U The pen is mightier than the hoard whan some people write * check.

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