Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 21, 1895 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 21, 1895
Page 5
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New Spring Styles of Hats Arriving Daily at DEWENTER, THE HATTER and FURNISHER. GOING f\Wf\Y. g Said one of our Customers, but I want you to save my measure. When I get a GOOD! TAILOR l rm stick to him. You Suit me to a T, 8 E. FUURIBUS UNUM! p TUCKER & YOUNG, DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MORN ING FEB. 21, CALLS HIS INJURIES PERMANENT. W. C. Corliott DeruunilH »5,<IOO J»n«n- Q£CM of the Street Hallway Co— CnnoMtlll Oil. Tho suit of W. C. Corbett vs. tho Logansport street railway company for $5,000 damages for injuries that the plaintiff claims are permanent. .was up In tho circuit court yesterday and last night. It will again be on the boards this morning, when tho arguments will bo hoard nnd time given for tho preparation of special verdict?. Judge Wiley of Fowler and a jury have been listening to the evidence, which showed that W. C. Corbott was standing on or near the track of tbo street railway on Broad way near Eighth street, engaged In conversation with a friend who » seated In a wagon. Ono of tho i fondant's cars ran him down, find , ho was according to his story, perma nently Injured In tho collision. D. H Chase appears for Corbott and the defense bus been conducted by Judg M. Wlnfleld, SHORT, SWEET SESSION, THERE WAS SOT MUCH TO SAT OR DO, AND THE COUNCIL SAID AJiD DID IT. TlioStrccl JSnllwiij- Coiii]>n»y Will He Ordered to Tiiko n]> Hie I>IHCOU- iiuctcd, UHelenw.Hull* ou Hite» Street -Uoiiuty Will look Af.er Ice <»orse* — Contractors MiiNt Pay l>«niRCOHto n UrKlilcnt—Tlio Wlttnd- AtA JBIcetrl«:nl Company'*! Boud Acc«iitvd—Claims Allowed ThO Tool CliumploiiNltlp. The second lonlrg-of the UOO point game of-pool for a medal and the nmplonshlp of the city resulted o Kuan. 217; Fred Kuhn, 160 pamo will end tonight. At present the score .la -116 to;SCS In favor of Ralno Kuhn. The contest is being pulled off at Kobt. Ray 1 * Third street salooa. Yol<) Caro-Allr. Zoa-Phora is compounded solely for diseases of women. In Its sphere it has no equal. _ For testimonials and advlc3, address H. G. Colman, Secre. tary of the Zoa> Phora Medicine Company, Kalamazoo, Mich., or ask your druggist. Sold by B. F. Keesling and Coulson & Co. * A suppor given last evening by the L»di)a' Auxiliary of the B. ot R. T. at the home of Mrs. tfeorpe Crawshaw. No. 129 Railroad street, was only moderately attended because of the bad weather. Drink McLinn's Kolatona. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. •DR; MOST PERFECT MADE. A. pur* Grape Cream «/ Tartar Powder. Free 1 " ( Ammonia, Alum o> ^ny other adulterant 40 YEARS THE STANDARD;" Messrs. Blasslngham and Klser failed to show up at last night's meeting of the Common Council. The mln. utes of tho previous mealing were read and approved. The finance committcs reported the monthly reports of tho city clerk and troasurer as correct, and they were filed: CLAIMS AU.OWKD. Street dept pny roll " G2 li Eli-itrtc Unlit ili't't piiy roll"!'...'.]..'.! 1U-1 •'' J), a Dj-kuiiNin, sewer North st ri. CiiMiinrlsuKtra • toiio North .-t Cntlit'rtnu Willie, wii'liliittllai dupt T. (J. I'ortt'r, work ul oii«l:ie liouso J) A. Hunk clock repair*'. Mi'livoito Bi't'bw.ass't eiirtlneur i;por«o W. Smith, wuti'liliu at Kortst Mills.,' ClmM Kutorbaueu, liaullni; coal c'cctrlu Pcrrj ,v i'oli"n [ViiinUnViif'E.'i,. Suiuiin; Jurkunn & Snn, livery foe " " c.mi J B. Winters boots dtfpt — JoUo Wolf work on W. W rnee W ii. Dol;nut Co. sunds K. L. dept Oo. K Burnett hor«» for lire dope •• •' •• Hit mid com. W V,' uoads • " " " freight iiuU dniyage K L,. dopt - Cioo it. Cnrpwiti-r.iuuds K, L. dspt Buc^pyo Elect Co. Jam|)M Ceutrill " " suiuls " " " Met. " " Joni>» Bros. Elect Co. Hinds E. L. dcpt... ------ & Johnston, lumber ... llrodopt— Central Union Tel. Co. tel'plioac E, L. di'pt Uzzlf Kroll wiulilii}! lire dept ii. Morrls-ifj, expeiisost ii.' Swiuionur, UuluiBi lor oiiict) lamps u. D. Ujki'iimu, street and ullej crossings The claim of Cnarles •II! OU Hi) 27 S 7U 1 fill la 70 11 50 47 -W ~S OU 0 50 •I9li 11 1' 8 -18 50 M (,010 I/O 125 G2 •J W S3 Oi 10!) -13 73 IS 51 3D 1.0 50 2S7 900 4 51 7 31 395 1 01 200 30 to place the street,. In ffood repal where the track is torn up. The orde ll supported by the provision*'of thi ordinance granting the Iranohliw to the corporation, and Is. the remit o an energetic kick made by the prop erty owners of Bates street. ; Thomas Fern wick's appointment as minutemah In the 'place of Jaooei W«et, reilgnad. WM concurred in. It was decided that the payment ol f 724:24 due John E. Barnes &'Son'and money due John Wolf for work on the head race and excavation of the new race would not be paid until the con tractors make a settlement with Horatio Thornton of North street, damages he claims to bare sustained during the progress of the work. • An Insurance policy for $25,000 written with the Fidelity & Casualty Insurance company on the boilers ol the city's electric light plant wsa oepted and the clerk was Instructed to pay the Ooompany's representa tlve $108.35 for the first year's pro teotion. The bond of the Standard Electrica company was accepted. The bond i; for $10,000, which the corporation will forfeit U it falls to fill its contract or to assume the defense in any litiga tlon that may arise from infringe merits of patents in the machinery or appliances ueed by the city In its light plant. D, P. Perry is the surety. A check, for $50 proffered by the Standard Electrical company In lieu o work required to be done over by the committee was accepted. George B. Warner was given a deed to lot No. 973 in Mb. Hope cemetery The clerk was instructed to notifj the city commissioners that there bad been no report to the couccll on the vexed question of the possible connection of Mardyke and Ubl streets on the West Side. Tho petition of the pastor anc trustees of the Evangellcaljchurch and thirty other citb.ena for an arc lamp to be placed at the corner of Wheatland and Brown streets, was referred to the electric light committee. Mr. Ringleben was appointed a committee of one to consult owners of buildings on Fifth street which project over the sidewalk, contrary to an ordinance passed in 1887. The council adjourned. COLLETT-BDCHANAS. Pigman, ex. clerk of Carroll county for $15.60 was allowed. His bill was for costs in the of Mary Shirk vs. the city of Lo- gaouport. Tho bond offered by Clarence C. Custer, assistant city electrician, was accepted. AD ordinance declaring all the privy vaults and cess pools and their continuations west of Fifth street, ba- tween the Eel and Wabash rivers, that are not connected with the cltv sewers, nuisances, waa adopted. The ordinance orders property owners to make tbo proper sewer connections within 90 days. A resolution arranging a schedule of prices to be paid by the city for city work otf streets and alloys was referred to the street committee and city engineer with instructions to ra- port at tho'next meeting 1 . It wss reported that tbo county iommisstoners had evidenced a will- .ngness to take care of the ice gorges at the Third street and Market street in caae of danger from a sudden thaw and the breaking up of the A Happy Wedding at rt lleccptlou Lnit JTIsht-Tivo Woriliy Yonnu People Tailed, At noon yesterday at Metea, the residence of the handsome bride, a daughter of Dr. and Mrs. A. M. Buchanan, occurred the happy wedding of WiHiamS Collett and Bertha Lenora Buchanan. The Rev. E. S. Scott, formerly of the Broadway Presbyterian church, officiated. Only a small company of relatives and friends were present and partook of the wedding foast. Many beautiful and useful presents were received by the young; couple, and congratulations acd good wishes vrero from every fide showered upon them. Among those present from this city were Claude Buchanan, Mollie Buchanan, Fred Dykeman, besides Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Colleit and daughter Grace. Last night a wedding reception was given at the home of tho groom's father, Senator M. W. Collett on Teoili street, and the pleasant home was filled during tho evening with friends of the contracting parties. A bridal trip will be made to Indianapolis, and after a short visit at the cap- Hal city the joung people will go to housekeeping on the groom's farm near Metea, Bethlehem township. R. F. Smith, superintendent of the Pennsylvania Voluntary Relief Department, ha? issued his monthly bulletin 'or January, which shows that last month there was paid out in death claims $7 050, in disablement benefits from accident |6.148.60, in §icknes§ $7,251.60, making the total disbursements of the month, to 909'members, $20,783 10. ID the sixty-seven months the department has been o-ganizad I12S.96G 69 has been paid in death olaims from accident, $363,697.78 on deaths from natural causes, on accident disablements, $322 911.45, sickness beneats, $411,872.40, disbursements having- been made 55.S16.of the membership or their legal heirs in case of death. 7 ha entire disbursements of the sixty- seven months were $1,?27.448 40. The Railway Age is of the opinion that car building is on the increase and the year 1S95 will produce miny more cars than the year 3S94, Already there have been built 9,640 cars.- over one-half as many as were built during the eotlreyegr of 1894. Lord Beuonsfitld ti f^\jj* \ i uvrtu .ucBiuu'tiviu A resolution was passed instructing J Cherished English prlmrossi as the tho city clerk to serve notice on the s sweetest of flower*. But neither roses- lilies, nor buttercups are sweeter than the mouth of that fair one *ho uses S02ODONT daily to keep her teeth white as the driven snow, and her gums red ae June rote!. street railway company to take up that portion of its tracks ytng on Bates street, which track has nerer been used for the purposes of a itreet railway, within thirty days and The First and Only Really Great Sale of. acturers S; Is Now Goina On. OTTO KRf\US Price List Tomorrow. Commencing Tuesday, Feb 19 and continuing for one week'at the store of Flanegin & Crismond. There will be a grand display of Majestic Steel Ranges A sweeping invitation is extended to all to call and examine this wonderful steei range Majestic. In order to practically demonstrate the wonderful working of the Majestic range, one of these ranges will be kept in constant operation baking biscuits, etc., which together with delicious drip, coffee and cream will be served free to all. The Majestic M'f'g Co. will be represented by their salesmen who will be pleased to meet all who call at the storeof Flanegln & Crismond, Sole Agents for Logansport. Care Away n MeantIful <lnllt. The Rathbono Sisters gave uway a beautiful quilt las', evening. The fortunate one was Mary Faber of Xo. 219 Main street. • Scarlet Fever ui Bunker Hill. An epidemic ot scarlet Cover has broken out at Banker Hill and the Schools and churches have been closed lor a period of iwo wei^i. Over twelve cases have been reported. Talle-Snyiter. Tb.8 marriage pf George R. Vaile and Mis* flora Snyder occurred at noon yesterday at Desol.\tioo, the home of the bride, whose father is the postmaster at that point. The g- room is ,clerk at the piece work department of,the Pun Handle shops. Tb« happy co'upie'wlll reside at the K<dd property, corner of North and T-iricenib. streets. AMkoil lo Be Helievrd. City electrician Coetenborder has been in poor health for some time, and has asked the electric light committee to secure a man to take his place as superintendent of the city's plant. Mr. Costenborder is a man of unquestioned ability In the opinion of the members ot the committee that employed him, and they do not desire to release him unless it becomes necessary. The 3(Mem InriUd Has tastes medicinally, In keeping with other luxuries. A remedy must bo pleasantly acceptable in form, purely wholesome in composition, truly beneficial In effect and entirely free from every objectionable quality. If realiy ill he consults a physician; if constipated be u&ea the gentle amily laxative Syrup of FIga. , After * I.onc ATinence- The Kov. JT. S. toage, who was fox eight years a Uaiveraaliat preacher it Logansport, but who had been absent from thi* ciiy eighteen years, U again visiting old scenes and friends bare. Rev. Sage is now lacated at Lerlcg^ ton, Xeb. r and he is ioliclting- sect grain for the drouth sufferers. Joint* O'Donnell Arrive* Hone. Jamss O'Donnell and Waller Illingworth returned last evening from England. Mr. Illingworth said to t Journa' reporter that the weather i*. England was the worst experienced- there for years and that the returtt voyage was most tempestuous. The cargo of horses were disposed of advantageously. Sample!—Children's and child's kiA button shoes 15 cents, worth 50 centt, at Otto's.

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