Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa on September 15, 1933 · Page 9
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Ames Daily Tribune from Ames, Iowa · Page 9

Ames, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, September 15, 1933
Page 9
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1* MOT* AMIS DAILY TUBUKX-TOfCf. AJfU. IOWA. FWDAT, IIPTXM1U 15 1st Methodist Leagues Elect New Officers The senior and high school Epworth league group* at the First Methodist church met at the church, Tuesday night, and elected office™ lor th« coming year. These officers are: Senior league: President, Robert Morgan; vice presidents, II* Belle Ferguion, Melvlna Davis, Ardys Mason and Helen Snyder; secretary, Clifton Adams; treasurer, Edward Chinook. High school league: .President Margaret Butler; rice presidents, Marguerite Root, Marlon Davis, Luther Harvey and Mary Ellen Lynch; secretary, William Horn; treasurer, Dorothy Root Cashing Market Red Arrow No. 1 325 Main Phone 39 BEEF OR BOAST VEAL, Ib 14c PORK SHOULDER OR PORK LOIN ROAST, Ib SMOKED HAM half or whole, Ib 13c CHUNK BACON Ib HAM LOAF OR GRiJ BEEF/2 Ibs CHICKENS fresh dressed, Ib 13c 18c Lamb, Spare Ribs, Link Sausae, Baby Beef Liver, 3old Meats and Cheese. Eaton 6 PAOBU70 CASH GROCERY Friday and Saturday Sj*ci»li 127 Main «t. free'Delivtry Pbxm« Wo. 53 DUTCH CLEANSER . ...... ..... 6c 1 SNOW FLAKE SOAP lOc 1 REX LYE .iQo All for fCc CENTRAL FRUIT MARKET 505 Kellogg Phone 136 Jforth of Pottoffice ORANGES, 2 doz . . . . C1UXBERIUES, 2 quarts 29C PEACHES, fancy Colorado, box .. $1.4$ ITAUAX PRUNES fancy pack, per lug MALAGA GRAPES, a ibs ............. 2SC LEMONS. dozen .... 30C SWEET POTATOES, 7 Ibs 25c POTATOES, No. 1, large, smooth, peck. POTATOES. Idaho Baking, 5 Ibs 2SC WE DELIVER McElyea Boyt, Clint 4 Oran BUTTER fey creamery .. BISCUIT FLOUR, pkg .. JELL-BERT for Jello, 4 for .. COCOA 2 Ibs FLOUR 5 Ibf MACARONI bulk, 2 Ibs BULK OATS 5 Ibs NAVY BEANS 4 Ibf PEACHES dried, 1 1bs RAISINS Seediest, 2 Ibs ... MILK large, 3 for PEAS extra grade, 3 for CORN 4 cans PORK & BEANS 3 cans PINEAPPLE No. 21/2 can .... PEARS No. 2V-J can PEACHES, extra good gde, 2Y 2 -can CHERRIES. white, No. 2% can FLY SPRAY pt. 40c—qt 22c 23c 18c 20c 20c 17c 12c 18c 19c 14c 17c 29c 25c 17c 17c 17c 20c COFFEE Folgen, i Ib COFFEE good grade, 1 Ib BREAD white or brown .. CHEESE ISC Long horn, Ib CORN FLAKES large, 2 for ..... TOMATO SOUP, can ...... BRD. BUTTER PICKLES, jar .. SALAD OIL or Cooking, Oil, qt. with your own container. TOILET SOAP Hardwater, 6 for TOILET 4 M TISSUE, 3 for I **C ORANGES 2 do* GRAPE FRUIT 5 for TOMATOES fresh, 5 Ibs LETTUCE large : LEMONS dozen APPLES cooking, 10 Ibs .. SWT POTATOES 7 Ibs POTATOES No. 1, pk. 27c 25c lOc lOc 27c 25c 25c 30c The Meat Shop Phone 53 H. C. Hostetter, Prop. Phone 63 Swift's Premium Bacon, sliced, Ib SLICED BACON, sugar cured ....... ......... Ib 19c SUGAR CURED BACON, in the piece ......... Ib 16c CHUCK ROASTS, fancy corn fed beef ...... Ib He VEAL ROAgTS ....... .......... ...... -.-. . . . Ib 12V 2 c Spring Chickens Ib PORK LOIN ROASTS, boneless .. SAUSAGE, smoked country style LITTLE PIG PORK LINKS PICNIC SHOULDERS, smoked . BEST QUALITY Ib 21c Ib 18c IblSc ...lOc Hamburger, Pork Sausage Ib , , ; ..... 3 it, 25c BACON SQUARES ................ Ib lie SLICED BACON ENDS ............... 3 Ibs 26c CHUNK BACON .......................... ft 13c Cheese, Fey Bologna, Milk & Cream FREE DELIVERY ITEJHNG keep Woolens soft and bright (/our smart woolens are NEW again after a WHITE KING cool water washing "Those soft pastel tints and bright, cheery colors that <a« so necessary to the smartness and charm of wool•n thing, can be best preserved the "u r ^y- WHITE KING is much Jer than ordinary soaps bec^t d work m cooler water-hot watt woolens of their natuxil fluffine fades colors quickly. A™d ot water, always! ot "Just the appearance of your clothes ells you that WHITE KING does bet fe rk ' You use less, too. because WHITE KING is condensed into tiny granules that dissolve "Get a box of WHITE KING Granulated Soap today.'-from youi grocer -and give your dainty woolen things a WHITE KING Beauty Treatownt/ They will be like NEW again-and you'll find they'll last much longer.' ture and injurious "filler" added to most soaps to give them extra bulk. BUY HOW AND SAVE! EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE Lb C Lb Chase & Sanborn Coffee.. Ib 28c Butter-Nut Coffee ib 3i c E«d Circle Coffee. .2 Ibs 39c Bpkar Coffee ib 23c Buy NOW And Save! Fresh Creamery BUTTER Silver Brook, Ib Brookfield, 23c 22c PILLSBURY'S CAKE FLOUK in the new handy lifter pkg 2g c ANN PAGE PRESERVES, all varieties, jar.. 16c QUAKER MAID COCOA, i/ 3 -lb can 9c«,19c CLIMALENE, large pkg 19c; sml pkg, 2 for 15c HOMELIKE COOKIES, Natl Biscuit Co., 2 dox 15c DEL MONTE TOMATOES, No. 2 can; dozen cans $1.29; 2 for 23c IONA. TOMATOES, No. 2 cans, dozen cans 95c; 3 for 25c WHEATIES 2pk«, 21 C Ht GREAT flTlflNTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO, M,-dv w f Lowest Prices "An Iowa Corporation Operated by low* People" 211 Main St.— I. F. Van Treaae, Mgr. Specials for Friday, Saturday and Monday _ Sept. 15th, 16th and 18th _ _ Preserve Them Now PEACHES full box $1,J5 PEARS Fancy Bartlett Full Size Box box $2.25 ITALIAN PRUNES E *£ H GBh0 °f' 89C Swt. POTATOES ^jyio Ibs 25C ONIONS New Yellow nr Red 10 Ibs 25c BUY CANNED GOODS NOW! PRICES WELL BE HIGHER New Pack — Luscious Halves PFAO-FFS Ft:" Dearborn ran rE/^nEo Large No 2% size can 6 cans . .. ........ ...... ...... 8dc Fancy Sliced "* ~ PEACHES B '«:, B! r ! ' 4 cans _______ Dozen cans ...... > . . .......... 65c Pack — Iowa's Best TOMATOFQ Red, ripe, solid *~ 1 V71Vl/\ 1 WCO Lge No . 2 H size Can 1§C ___ 6 cans ..... ........ . ........ . 85c COFFEE— Choice Santos, Our Breakfast, 3-lb bag 52c COFFEE— Natl DeLuxe, vacuum fresh, 1-lb can 28c MASON JARS— y 2 -gallon size . . . ......... Doz 98c SOAP— Crystal White, best laundry ..... 10 bars 23c LUX TOILET SOAP .... .............. 3 bars 19c LUX FLAKES ............. . ......... Lge pkg 21c Small size ........................ 2 pkgs 17c GOLD DUST ........................ Lge pkg 17c KITCHEN KLENZER ................. 3 cans 16c Fanners, bring us your eggs— we pay highest prices ALL PRICES LOW AT THE RED BALL Red Ball Market Phone for Meat—133 RELIABLE PRICES -:- RELIABLE SERVICE SPECIAL. 5 to 7 Ib. average Boned, Rolled Picnic Hams, Ib BEEF ROAST IOC ROLLED RIB ROAST SIRLOIN STEAK Hamburger or Pork Sausage, 6 Ib 25C PURE LARD Armour's — BACON |- p Windsor sliced . A y\» SLICED BACON 3 Ib box 25C PORK LOIN. ROAST PORK CHOPS 2 1b« for 2$c PORK TENDERLOIN I9c CERTO Makes perfect j«lly bottle 2SC LOWEST AVERAGE P1IOE OXIOINATOBS Hellmans or Best Foods Mayonnaise or Sandwich Spread 3-oi jar 15c — 18-c* jar 25c Best Foods Bread t 4m* Butter Pickles, pt. jar J./V TOMATOES Otoe hand packed new 1933 pack No. 2% can I, 2$c COMB HONEY New crop, cellophane wrapped 1 Ib 4m* cake- .... CORN Hal M fnv A/K __ / /^^^ WALNUT MEATS California halves and pieces Ib 33c—V 2 Ib 17c CHEESE mild fresh Longhorn Ib 16c MUSTARD Gladbrook fancy PEARS Hillsdale Bartlett No. 2% can L whole ker. 3olden Ban No. 2 can for 2SC PEAS Del oMnte fey early garden No. 2 can DRIED FRUIT SALE All Cellophane Wrapped SANTA CLABA PRUNES Jumbo 20-30 size, Ib J4c Large 40-50 size, 2 IDS 19c Large 50-60 size, 2 Ibs 18c DRIED APRICOTS Choice Blenheims, Ib 17c Fancy Blenheims, Ib ..19c DRIED PEACHES Choice Muira, Ib 12c Fancy Muirs, Ib 13c LUX TOILET SOAP RAISINS California Seedless 21b pkg 18c 4 Ib pkg Z4C Sani-Flush 2 cans 38c One can of Melo and one closet brush FREE oars »-y w Mortons. SALT Triangle 10 Ib. tag I9c BONNIE OATS Quick or regular Ige pkg L 29c POST TOASTIES large pkg IOC SUGAR Pure fine granulated 10 Ib* Stc PEARS Excellent Quality Mountain Bartletts PRUNES Oregon Italian, Lge Fey Fruit; 20% crop. Buy now! Two kinds— 93c bo, $1.0} Calif, boxes $3.35 Wash, bushels ,..$2.86 LAST CHANCE HOME CANNING WEEK—PEARS, PEACHES AND PRUNES Our store is filled with finest Pears, Peaches, Prunes. Come in, select yours! Colorado Peaches g iHHIr Fresh Lima Beans, 2 Ibs 25c Cauliflower, large white 20c Fresh Green Peas, 2 Ibs 25c Celery Cabbage, large head 15c Fresh Egg Plant, each 5c Fresh Beets, Carrots, bch 5c Oranges, 2 doz 33c; 2 doz 43c Potatoes, 15-lb peck 31c Tokay Grapes, first of season, Ib t .., 15c Jonathan Apples, 6 Ibs 25c Qrapefruit, Florida, 5 for 25o Head Lettuce, large solid, 2 for..., 19c Celery, crisp tender, stalk ,....».. lOc Cabbage, crisp solid, Ib „..,.......3%c White Onions, 3 Ibs ............. 12c Acorn Squash, 3 for lOc Sweet Potatoes Fresh Southern Nancy Halls Lbs 15c ««»«XXXXX**XXS«X^^ JELLO The famous dessert all flavors ZOC Harts Butterkrust BREAD white or whole wheat leaf 5c KARO SYRUP Blue Label 5 Ib. paii 27c Red Label 5 Ib pail 28c BAR- DINES ^Perfection Norwegian cross pack in olive oil Vi size tin 2 for 16c CATSUP Golden Sun fancy 14-oz. bot. L 2lc ' RICE Choice Blue Rose 4 Ib bag lie SPINACH Del Monte fancy No, 2% can L 35c DOG FOOD Silver King 1 Ib can Home Bakery Specials Fresh From Our Ovens PECAN ROLLS large cluster, each .. ROUND BUTTER BOLLS, dozen ... COFFEE CAKE delicious, 2 for ,. TEA BISCUITS white or gra., 3 doz LAYEB CAKES each 18c Asparagus TIPS Del Monte picnic tin L 31c Pancake FLOUR Virginia Sweet lge SOAP Blue Bar'el i bars 25c One Bar FREE RAISIN BREAD Whole Wheat loaf PEAS .Country Kist Early June 3 cans ..... . JAR RUB'ERS Presto two lipped L, lOc Special Demonstration COFFEE' Folgers Golden Gate 61C can JJ«V | can Free coffee served all day Saturday Pose's Market Quality, Meats at Low Cost—229 Main St. LARSEN'S CAMPUS MARKET Hickory Smoked Bacon MDLD CURE Ib. 15c Genuine Leg of Lamp FINE QUALITY Ib. 20c Armour's Star Hams WHOLE OR PART Ib. 16c Flank Steak Ib 18c Veal Hearts IblOc Brick Chili Ib 20c Tongues Ib ISc Veal Liver Ib 2Sc Pork Roast Ib lOc Beef Roast PEOM FARCY CORN FED BEEF Ib. 12 l'2c Hormel's Sliced Bacon Ib. 20c Rolled Rib Roast Ib. 20c VEAL LOAF 2 Ibs. 25C SAUSAGE 2 Ibs. 25C

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