The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 20, 1933 · Page 1
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 1

Malvern, Iowa
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Thursday, April 20, 1933
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THE MALVERN At '"Cr-. "O, efcf *•*. ft ?«-.!*. Jtttffcft, ffiVLtt CfjftfSffi fCTWA, fHtJftSBAlr, AffttL 16, i»8» NO. *9. lute? Observed With Customary Sendees, Parade t»«f#*ct Wwtlitf f»f V«*at &t pmfttdes, usually not so lit fttral eonuaunities, Hfeiy and colotfol Jh Mal- **ra this yeaf as the eitlfcenfy took advantage of almost perfect tpttttg weather to bedeck them- «elte» in new O f refurbished spring raiment, repair to any of thft Several ehufches. Eartef dress showed pfedoffil- nantly fie* fcatB — chiefly straws and crepes in those shapes which ate so mysterious to the less eot» offal toale. Mtlort blues were heavily ttt erldence as fatoflte colors for Easter coats and raits although grey* and occasionally brighter colors were also in the parades. Young folk of the community started the parade early, trekked to the Baptist church for ft union young people'* society breakfast at «:80 a, m, Townfolk were awakened even earlier by the heavy peal of the Baptist church be!!, enthusiastically tolled by Pastor tee Roy Bobbltt, up before 6 o'clock for the task, ' Some, prefering no church services, betook themselves to the well groomed golf course, motored About the county or strolled about the community's pleasant streets, enjoying the sun and the admiring glance* cast at new outfits. Special services were held in each of the churches in all of which new celved. members were re* Mrs* Anna Johnson Died Last Sunday Wa» Many Year* a Resident of Thia Vicinity} Funeral Held Monday Mrs. Anna Johnson, mother of A. 8. Marshall, and for many irs a resident of this vicinity, sed away, at the home of her . Sunday morning after COMMN1TYCLUB Business teen and wotneft of Malvern will again consider inutnal trade problems this (Thursday) evening when the April meeting of the Malvern Community clnb win be held. If will be lit the basement of the Community building and Wilt start at 8 o'clock. Important business is op for consideration according to President R. W. Salyers and every one Interested in the so* i&tiott of present cottihunUy and business problems is urged to attend. As was done at the last meeting a door prize wilt be given. No Mad Rush lor Beer Tuesday as It Becomes Legal 3.2 Brew to be Sold la Mai* vern Shortly i Council Grant* Ucentea Beer, long fought by drys, long sought by wets, appeared legally on the Iowa scene Tuesday for the first time in eighteen years, making not the slightest ripple on the calm surface of this community's life. Ardent beer drinkers of Malvern who have been calling lustily for their brew these many months continued to slake their thirst with Adam's ale and no suds appeared in town until Wednesday. Town Clerk -Woodford B. Byington, at various times reported to be beselged by a doten or more frentted license seekers, had granted only one by Wednesday afternoon. This went to Lee Bingaman who early Wednesday made application, obtained state* menta showing he was of good moral character and, that his property conformed-to all laws, plunked down tbe f 100 license fee, obtained a |>,000 bond. Clerk Bylngton hastily summoned the council who, since all legal requirements were fulfilled, granted the license. Rosenfeld Resign* to be farm Bureau Agent, Shelby Co, Mill* Boaftl Hire. ftf»e« KiU Patrick ft* AtgBi County Agent George Albert Bosenfeld, lot the past four years agent of the Mttte County ?attn Bureau, assembled the organisa- tion's board of directors in the Bureau office in the Malvern reload, of ,bw from-Missouri •tor of tbe Methodist church. PV R, Chantry and Mrs. L ;jg A. Talbott sang. j lf Burial waB in the Malvern cemetery. Tbe pall bearers were H, A. Oalllher, Frank 8. Hlgglns, Frank Hert*. I* A, Talbott, Wra, Chamberlain, and Wiley Dunn Tbe given: following obituary vas Community building Monday eve* ning, solemnly handed them his resignation. Reason for the resignation was that Mr. Bosenfeld had accepted a similar position in Shelby county and that he expected to take up his new work there in Harlan on May 1. Genuinely sorry to lose so good an agent the Mills Bureau board accepted the resignation, considered new applicants for the post* tion and hired one Bruce Ktlpat- rick, 28 year old farmer who livea near Harlan. Mr. Kilpatrick was graduated from Iowa State college last June, has farmed since then. He is single and will come to this county May 1. , County Agent Bosenfeld has made exceptional progress in developing and building up 4-H club work« and leaves an enviable record of accomplishment in thi* Anna Dalton was born in England in 1848, When a child of 'three years sbe came to .America iritb ber parents. In 1874 she Was united in marriage to John Mar»ball. To this union three children were born; the eldest, May, who died in infancy, an.d another daughter, Nellie, and eon, Albert a,*, who survive her in 'death. In 1890 Mr, Marshall was killed. leaving bis wife with the two young children. 4;gbe was married to ». A, Stone Seeking a class C license, permitting sale in containers and not less than 144 ounces to a sale, were two groceries, Cox and Mai* vern Fruit Co,, but no class C 'permits were available for the'li- censing. Not in nearly flfty years, before yesterday, had beer been legally 'sold in Malvern. Of tbe first license fee received ?50 went to the town coffers, |50 to the 'county. No poor man's drink, tbe new beverage Wednesday sold for 80c a bottle, double the old time 5c glass, and bad to be ordered with food, these will be adequately'carried out by the new agent, Mr, and, Mrs. Bosenfeld and their six months old son, George Albert ill, will move to Harlan May I. LAST Twenty-iti years ago when Fred Atkinson was down on the old fafft neat Randolph he broke ft fine young three year old horse and drove him the first tlnie he was ever driven. Last Week he was down on the old farm again and to put til so*ne potatoes he hitched up this satoe feorse, now grown to be twenty-eight years old, and plowed the ground. But that w«* the last for the old horse; tof a day or so later he died. Sot, Fred says he had the honor df distinction, or whatever you may want to call it, of having driven the old horse hi* first and his last drive, and h* lived to a good old age. Repeal Convention to Select County Delegates May 8 Mills Electorate to Choose Wet, Dry Delegates for State Ripeal Action The first part of the elective procedure toward rejecting or accepting the twentieth amendment to the Constitution of the United States will be both a wet and dry 'affair. Mills counttans will meet in convention May 8 to select wet and dry delegates for their part in the procedure. These delegates, and delegates from other counties, will be list* ed on a long ballot and the state as a whole will vote on them June 20. The .delegates will be listed under "wet" or "dry" classifications and another column will be provided on the ballot for voters to write in other names. The delegates .elected will then proceed to hold a constitutional convention July 10 and decide whether Iowa wants the twentieth amendment, which will re*, peal the eighteenth, or continuation of the eighteenth. It will be held in Des Molnes and delegates will bear their own expenses and serve without pay. 1n and was A faithful mother to bis fiblldren, as well as bers, sad a loyal *ite until the deatb rf Mr, Stone ia i904- About years ago Mrs, , te Omaba where five years »he became tne wife of R, Jobnsus, a Civil, war veteran, SiBce tbe deatb of Mr. Jebnsan, £ October, 1930* tbe deceased has made ber borne in tbe bomea of children, Albert 8. Marshall. He Penner, *nd Fred Stone, 'or tbe past few mQRtbs Mrs. jojnson was in poor bealtb and ms practically confined to bM in the home pf ber ' Young People No Laggards Easter Breakfast Early at Devo» ' tional Meeting Sun. day Morning No laggajds are tbe, members of tbe young people's religious societies of Maivern, Bright and e»r}y Easter isorning tbey .rose, walked sutbeJy to tbe .Baptist sbwsb where tbey attended a union devotional service and breakfast, part }n,,tfee - Following tbe breakfast Miss Marjprle Conner presided ever tbe devotional service. In tbls M* ward Wearte led eommunlty s.lws< and Miss Mary 81" >rs rf»4 »-scripture IF" Inspirational Two Cars Crash Near Glenwood Mr. and Mrs. R, li, Hale and Mrs, J. W, Baer and daughter, Betty, met with a bad automobile accident Monday evening while returning from Omaha, -As they were driving out of Qlenwood, about 5 o'clock they met another car on the curve by the Glenwood lake, it was on the wrong side of tbe road and before the driver came to himself enough to dodge, tbe cars came together smashing the cars pretty bad and injuring all tbe, occupants more or less, . Mr. Kale bad bis left arm cut at tbe elbow and, a sash cut through bis lower lip and some otbeir bruises, Mrs, Hale suffered a badly wrenched foot and ankle. Mrs, Baer bad bar left leg hurt a«a Betty 6 bad bump on tbe forehead. The cars were badly wrecked and bad to be towed i&> Tbe other ear was a Buick and was driven by a salesman, A. Q< Bedford, of Lincoln. He did not receive much Injury. It was really fortunate that none of them were. Injured more or tbat tbe «tra aid not some to* gether bead on vitb more via- ;";B«iatiTes and friends from a distance attending the funeral of Mrs. Anna Johnson Monday afternoon were: Mr. and Mrs, Hugh Dalton, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stone and LeBoy, and Mr, and Mrs, Martin tucker of Lincoln, Nebr., Mr, and Mrs. Merrill Burnett, Norfolk, Nebr., Mr. and Mrs. John Club Women Met In * Hastings Wednesday Annual Sessions Organisation*. bf VttHdtit Tawflfi Tak« Part in Program Members of Mills County Federated clubs prepared skits, reviews and other features of entertainment Wednesday, Journey* ed to Hastings to present them before the annual meeting of the county Federated clubs. The sessions were held in the Methodist church and were well attended. Drawing heavily on the theme of Iowa history, ranch of the program was built up arotind this idea. Seventy-five wet e present at the affair, every town in the county being represented except Silver City. Qlenwood presented a play* let, the Junction club a musical skit, and Emerson a book review. Mrs. June Fickel, county president, presided, Speaker of the day was Mrs. H. C. Houghton of Red Oak, state second vice president, who gave an inspirational talk on "Worn en's Responsibility." At the election of officers the following were chosen for the en* suing year: Mrs. Otha D. Wearln, Hastings, president. Mrs. Prank Boyle, Pacific Junction, vice president. Mrs. L. C, Dean, Qlenwood secretary and treasurer. Helen Marshall Heads the Live Wire Club for Year Miss Helen Marshall, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Blnnall, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Austin, and Verne Crook drove to Red Oak Thursday evening to attend a meeting of the employees of the Iowa-Nebraska Light and Power Co. At the meeting of the Live Wire club, the women employees' organisation, Miss Marshall had the honor of being elected president of the group. Strahan Re-elects nin'g they re-elected Supt. W, W. Molsberry for another year and also re-elected the grade teachers. The others were left for a later meeting, Mr. Molsberry was also elected this week to the superintendence of the Randolph schools.which is a much larger school and he may INTERESTING Interesting to all citizens of Malvern is the annual financial statement of the town which Will be found on page seven. In this are listed the present standings of the several funds, all of which make a comparatively good showing at this time. Worst feature of the report to many will be the list of indebtedness which totals 156,622.42. Offsetting this somewhat, however, is cash on hand and waived in banks amounting to $10,704.77. Also Interesting are the usuai county correspondence features, the General Assembly weekly report, and other news and editorial features. -N-E-W-S- from the County Seat Three Given Ninety Day Sentence by Judge Tint ey Judge John Tinley was here Tuesday morning and held a brief session of court, to give three young men, Jack Beasley, 24, Jess Beasley, 21, and Chas. Adams, 21, all of Qlenwood, an opportunity to plead guilty to petty larceny, tho theft of a hog from Al Sargent tbe past winter. The plea was received and the men were sentenced to ninety days in jail. That was surely an expensive hog. Will Form County Dry Organization Here Next Sunday Meeting to Arou*e Interest in Retaining 18th Amendment A Milts county dry, of 18th Amendment, convention will be held in Matvern at 2 p. m. on Sunday in the Community building. This is not a political or a church affair. It has nothing to do with the 3.2 beer problem. Its purpose Is to arouse Interest for the retention of the 18th Amendment. Delegates will be present from every precinct in tho county. Everyone Is Invited. After the program a County Organization will be formed. This organisation wilt plan for the election on May 8 of the delegate from Mills county who will represent us at the state election on Juhe 20 when Iowa will decide whether or not she will keep the 18th Amendment. The speakers will be the Rev. F. B. Orey of Atlantic who is a very forceful platform man and Superintendent R. O. Dory of the schools of Henderson. Mr. Dory captivated the young people at their recent County Convention. There will be no Community service In the evening. All effort will be placed on the afternoon meeting. A Son Born to County Clerk Green April 13 A son, Robert Eugene, was born to County Clerk and Mrs. J. Franklin Greene Thursday, April 13. He weighed eight and one-halt pounds. This makes two children in the Green family now, a girl and a boy. We extend congratulations. Automobile Business U Improving, New Cart Sold . Ford Leo Hopp Market* Winn, Mr, and Mrs. Jim Llghtle. j acce pt that place. Miss Katye Higgius, Mrs, Nellie Donner. Dr. and Mrs, Bice and Earl Nickerson, 1 Council Bluffs, Mrs. M. L, Stone, Mrs. Bert Bolus, Mrs. Ted WUlard and Patty Jean, Mrs- Fred Graham and Mrs. Cfaas. Berry. Omaha, Mr, and Mrs, Frank Hoxie, Sbenandoah, Mrs. Chas. Hailer, Miss Anna Swunson, Mrs. Sam Palton, and Mrs. Bess Swanson, Tabor, Tom Gidley Jr. visited Harry Allely Jr, }n Council Bluffs Sun* 4ay, 185 Heavy Hogs John Waller was over with his fleet of trucks Sunday night and hauled in to the South Omaha market, 185 head of nice fat hogs for fceo Hopp who lives northeast of Glenwood. They were an extra fine bunch and averaged 325 pounds each —B, nice lot of pork, Mr. Waller bauled them in six of his big trucks. Tudor V-8. Henry Scherer, Pacific Junction, Plymouth coupe. Ward Slothower, M a 1 v e r n , Chevrolet Master sedan. A, 8. Mills, Malvern, Chevrolet Standard sedan. by tws P! tbjtyaung people, Mai JrtlfMul »p*ftWng en Jence, but It » was, bajl esougb »i HUhdale Group Will Give Play With the Iowa .Generalf Assembly By Tbe Leader's Iow» Press Association State House Correspondent Tax Exten»ion Applies to Regular Taxes Only The new tax law in effect now provides for an extension of time to July 1 without penalty if paid by that time, and is for regular tax only. Special taxes such as drainage, paving, sewer, and the like, do not come under this extension, and will carry the penalty unless paid on the regular time, Assembly Heading < fop Adjoumuient Tbe House by a vote of 57 to tbe Senate by a vote of 81 to 19 last week voted to legal* Jze tbe manufacture and sale of 8,1 per cent beer in lows. The vote In each house was proceeded by several hours of oratory and debate of the interest kind— sessions at wblcb beer was At eight , Three weekj came to MftlTern af tbe Mftlvern M, 1. ,so»p were given for mm y**«. mourn her male quartet. *»»:jSTO to tbj yauug ladles are preparlni; Biujfa 6*4 A Iber$ JS«* Yemas. Babbitt he Btvep at tbe HHl64ale evealng, April 87. Tbe nifty if » typleftl three Council MeeU *§ of Review TJw Rouw MU 10 It forbMi f uralsbes plenty bawd $ ffKii* Ifi voted were uttendeA by the eat "gallery" of the eelsion, every seat •'»»* ftU staadlag r»om were tate Bl Botb wets aad 4W sw»rm94 tbe state be»a* to wit, Bern tb» bftttie for bser. and iu 66Cb bouse, after tbe xote was an< Bftuo^d tbe crowd bro^e forth la prolonged obeers. For tbe firtt ttws te el«btee« lost Is to agftlu aee legal- beer. It weat «» Pile legally ,. . , tbe orli l or In restaurants and lunch ooms. hotel guest rooms and din* ng rooms. In drug stores maintaining uncheonettes. In railway dining or buffet cars. In confectioneries, deltcates- ens holding food permits. Jn private clubs not operated or profit, organised before Jan, , 1938, and baving a permanent membership of flfty adults. barbecues inside the city imlts. For consumption elsewhere baa where bought beer must be n original package and in auan- uties of not less than H caee 0( welve ounce bottles: Grocery stores. Any otber retail establishment. Where beer cannot be drunte; On tbe streets or " ol tb» liquor to jverwms IU n\f,$ twwl! The MarrJage .Ucen»e BuMnesa i» Ptckmg Up The marriage license business has been picking up a little lately and the following have been granted licenses to wed since April 8: April 18; W. Albert Batten, 23, Qlenwood, Gladys E. Young, H, Glenwood. April 15: Homer Fazel, 81, Malvern, Sdna Lewis, p, Allerton. Kenneth McMahon, 81, Mineola, Elizabeth merman, 31, Mine* ola. Pageant Attracted Huge Crowd for Evening Service "The Resurrection" Preaent- ed at Baptist Church Sunday The spirit of the first Easter was Invoked at the community service Sunday evening in the Baptist church when tbe pageant, "The Resurrection," was presented. The largest crowd ever to attend any of the present series of community services, filled every available seat in tho church. and mood '61 the 'pageant, the presentation unfolded tbe Easter story. Before the tomb in Joseph's garden three guards, sent by Pilate, were left to guard Christ's body. As they slept the stone was rolled away and, awakened by a great light, tbe guards fled. As Mary Magdalene came to the tomb the following morning she found the tomb open and the body gone. Angels appeared and told of the resurrection. Later Salome, Mary of Bethany and Joanna came to the tomb and learned of the resurrection and then Peter and John. During the pageant vocal solos wero rendered by Edna Hertz, Margaret Berkhlmer, and Vernon Bobbitt and a duet by Mlaa Berkhimer and Ruth Donner. Mrs. George Hilton furnished violin obligates for solos and played the offertory. Harry Hilton served as trumpeter and with Mrs. Hilton played a violin, trumpet duet for the prelude. Miss Helen Jones was accompanist. A hidden choir, placed In the balcony of the church, furnished a musical background for the Interpretation. In the choir were; Mrs, F. R. Chantry, Mra, H. H- Amos, sopranos; Mrs. U A. Tal- -bott, Mrs. B. C, Collins, altos; Dr. J. U. parsons, J. R. McCly* In automobiles pa streets or in any eataMlsbment not lag a permit proyidlug lor consumption of beer on tbe pre Over any bar or counter in harft«eue» Rev. J, Irving Brown Celebrate* 75th Birthday Rev. J. Irving Brown, the popular pastor of tbe Christian church in Qlenwood. celebrated his seventy-fifth birthday last Thursday, April 13. He has been pastor in Gleowood tbe past six years and in that time has made a host of friends, both inside the church and out, who Jolu in extending felicitations, He was surprised with a buge birthday eafce that evening at the regular dinner of tbe Rotary club of which he U a member and a program befitting the occasion was given. Tbeu. after this meeting was over, he was captured by a group of bis young people an<J taken over to the Christian church where about one hundred. of bu cnureh people bad a«sem* Meg to honor blm with anotber program, Verily. It for the « happy mond, tenors; and L. A. and R. W. Crtswell, bassos. Mrs. Marlon Wise accompanied the choir on the organ. Directing the production were Mrs. It. R. Bobbitt and Miss Marlon Black. Both put an immense amount of work Into the affair, getting the cast into shape and planning the auxiliary effects. Fred Farquhar, Lucije Mclntyre, ind Vernon Bobbitt arranged tbe Mr. Farquhar handling lie switch board during the pres- ntatlon. Members of the cast wore cos- umea of the period, made by W. D- McCftUBlaud, Mrs. R. . Qugeler, and Mrs. A- C, Trlve- y. Characters and cast: Mary Magdalene, Edua Hertz; Mary of Bethany, Ruth Donner; Salome, *iiCUe Mclutyre; Joanna, Margaet Berkhimer; angela, Betty Bwttle, Alice McNulty; guards, Inmes Beat tie, Allen Wort wan, Me* MMUh si MUUtr, ban Uaued a w»riU»g to »U »uto (Irlvw. ibii aMet »* . law* vm l»sl» cu my 1 L it mm OP* aj|§ Merchant! Shews Wednesday Nights ». U»»ry of of nr» 4te, toU * Uok»», aJMftlttMl twtt* 6l Us *»»« co»» to fto.

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