Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on November 11, 1955 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1955
Page 12
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TWELVE. EVENING TIMES. CUMBERLAND, MD, FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1955 Ttker Working People Answtr to Prtvlout Puzzle •; ACROSS I p, (c 4 Singer, —~ ' Vaughn • Talk idly |2 H* works in the 100 13 Cravats HA bishop wears one 3 Day before today -i 4 They work-in show business 5 Assistant 6 School book 7 Viper 8 Shell fish (pi.) ' 9 He works at not working 10 Competent p • N * E A ^ R E * 1' V 4 A R N & r P> C k - ^IB!T w fc » * ssss r * ffi 1 o R E ^ A ^ * T R. A N ••fu. F> Is 1 A R U T P ^ fc * E K 1 p O « E '•\" ft K $ f A P C *v O l_ V ft *, A R P E N 1 , OIPIS R A 1 \s E _ 26 Snake 41 Sharpens 15 Legal matters ji Golfers work 27 To be wished 42 Damage 16 flexible IS.Ctrhe in 10 Musical .• instruments JlWprm 22 Shade trees 24 Army post 26 Operatic solo 27 Expire SO Verily 82-Water . mammals • J4 Gazed fixedly 35 Slip knots 35 Plaything 37 Corded fabrics from, them 17 Vegetable 19 Natural fat 23 They're jungle kings 24 A fighter uses it for 28 Angers 29 Essential being 31 Weirder 43 Bewildered 44 Glance over 46 Baked clay 47Horned ruminant 33 High structure 43 They go with 38 Horse's rearing -ham 40 Severe '50 Sesame M 40 Father <1 Pronoun 42 Speed 45 Kind of battery 19 Make certain 51 .Swamp 52 Erect 53'lndolent 54 Fall behind 55 Educator, Thomas 56 Dregs 57 Diminutive •suffixes DOWN 1 Uncovered 1 Unclosed W T5. 55 1 5Q 53. 2Z 2), 54 17 18, Restitution Made Iii Larceny Case '^.State's Attorney Paul M. Fletcher enounced that larceny charges against a Baltimore. man were dropped 'yesterday- after- the! man returned 5905 to a Cresaptown resident./ .. •.'..-.. -. .... •: *;Fbrrest L. Berrean returned tKe GET TODAY'S money to Arlie Lease, the amount allegedly being obtained on the pretext of obtaining a better job for Lease.; •. .-. ; . . . . ... The Baltimorean was '"arrested last Friday., in Hancock and returned ••• here.' Berrean has posted $1,000 bond on a charge, of larceny after trust, the-state's attorney said. ' . -•• TODAY at ell thrt* J. & K. JUG STORES • CUMBERLAND * C§nlr« al Voll«y Stnitt • ; KEYSER : • : 19 Wtit Ci«dmont SI. 315 Seuth Main Strtil Pet Food NEW-'YORK (INS) — Persians; poodles and parakeets, are among' the nation's pets whose owners are responsible for a 14 per cent rise in the production of cans for pet food., According to the American Can. Company, the popularity of canned pet food has .risen- to the point where more than 621 million cans for this field were, manufactured in. the first six months of 1955. ' Watch Assign ment: America Says Americans Are "Most Honest" •••/••• ••.••-_ - • • ..• • •• - ••/:•;• • ',•.-•., ..•.-: m*B. u. s. ret. OHJ : «r PHYLLIS lATTiLLi BONN, (INS)—The Crown Prince of Germany—he who might be'nil ing- today if his,grandpa kaiser Wilhelm II, hadn't ; beenim petuous'about wanting to rule thi world—took a slab of caviar in one : 'hand, and ray hot; little palm in the-other. ' •' • / •.•'•:;.';.• : He:kissed the latter, consume* the .former, and spoke: "1;•"!• Would -appreciate,'" he-said "if;-you .'would" zhust 'call; >me Louie.-' , ':•;• - •' '-••' : ' : - . '• .-.-'-•. . The -reallname; he.-pointed but .poking down-, affably., from :six ieet-three-inches above ; the plus! carpetry, is "Prince-Louis Ferdin and. Viktor Eduard •Adalbert: Mich ael : ;Hubertus- of Prussia; head o ;he House .of Hohenzbllern." :. "But; ever, since I was,in Amer ica,-'-working ;; at the Ford .plant in Detroit,. I. feel too cl6s'e : .l, r . Amer cans .for such formality. They :he most .seritimehtai:: and ..hones race-in the world.-By; them, i l ;p;be called Louie/' ; . -/Louie,-sometimes• known ;as the rebel; prince.-.because. he insistet upon'. beingj democratized and ; ran off •toi.the ifnlted Staies;at the ag of 22, is: known as one of the nices guys in Germany. Since his grand father was.-:exiled at the end of World .War--I,' his father iis elder brother pulled' the hastj joner of marrying a commoner ie has been directly in line for the throne—should Germany ever, re vert- to a monarchy. ••- - • He is not unfavorably dispose :o that idea at all, incidentally, "j the time came, when the peopl wanted it." " ;' It's -not 'too remote an : idea either, he thinks—but reuhificatio 1 must come first.-After .that he be ieves his homeland .could conceiy ably return to its traditional" pat erp. The. German imperial dynast} traces back to the: 9th Century. " would be a .democrati monarchy, "you see, as' in frrea Britain,'; says. Louie. ."There ar very democratic .monarchies, a in Britain, just as there are ver undemocratic republics^ as in Rus sia." •'. ,. •;.• ;•--•".':" This, handsome... .Hbheflzpllern who . currently makes, a w .modes living by working .the .;: farmland left to him, started'causing talk a the impressionable age of : 21 when in Berlin, he met a lively specime of Hollywood named Lily Damitra Errol Flynn later married Lily,,a Mairiage License! John Steve Swintosky, Hoovers ville, Pa., and Dora Elizabet" Weincek, Boswcll, Pa. George, James Kroll Jr.-, 244. Cen ter StreetrFrostburg; and Blanch Neletta Zembower, Bedford, Pa. . Kenneth Dwire Smith and Fay Eva Kallmyer, both Lonaconing. Raymond Wilbert Michaels Lonaconing, and Leota Ruth Broad water, Braddock Road. . Edwari Francis Joyce, 50 Woodside Avenue, and Dorothy Lu cille, Meagher, 130 Columbia Street Kenneth Malcolm Hill, Luke, an> Rosemary Kellcy, Lonaconing. Henry "Rankin Craze, 248 Eas Main Street, Frostburg, and Jac queline Fletcher, Flintstone. There .are as many as 1 750,000 tiny air cells in an ordinary bottle cork. ". . . In addition to its lightness and resilience, cork is almost impervi ous to'gases and liquids. ' /•everywhere and always ... it's American whiskey al iis finest Year after year wherever people,gather in America, 7 Crown : makes and keeps more friends .than any other whiskey in ' , . history. .There is only one reason for this: Americans prefer • • • 7 Crown's rich flavor— 'smooth without * trace of hfwrincm. and be Sure Seagram-Distillers Company, New York City. Blended Whiskey. 86,8 Proof ( 65% Grain Nfutral Spirits.^ ialf,the:civiiized.pppulatJon knows, jut Louii/.sa^her'firr 4 . He almost ;imm«iiately took off tor Cah'fprhia to press.his suit. ; 1 To .Lily, • thiis'. was exciting.. To Louie'f jgrahdfatherrjit was impos- sible;;'^HeMtitervehea at long dis| ance/';"riecails,-.the prince,, "and I 5aye/up.";--v^-;••.;•;.'••...•• .-.•.'•; . yTwo, h'uhdred years ago" Fred erick the Great was- condemned to : death for. wanting to marry a commoner; Louie .wasn't taking cb'anc'esYy-. .... ; .;";' : -\'- • • •' ••'• .'.This^situp.tibh leaves' him quali- led io'spealp-wrth-authority on the Princess:' • Margaret-Capt.. Peter Townsend situation. He says, "She ought to. be able to marry anyone ihe .wants to—but it's such : . a iea'dache to the; family. It's really none ••;of my '•. business, but.. I feej very; fwarfhiy.' toward their- prob- e'ms'.". : (Lbuie'is-:thy great grandson of Queen cVictbria.). ; . •-.= Slightly blue but too young ; to be leartbfoken,-the :22-year-old prince returned to :Europe .by way of 'De- ;roit,; where he worked for. six months,' in : a motor' car factory. Jion his return to royal business, he married his' grandfather's c?.oic:, the Princess Kira, Grand : Duchess' of the Russian'House oi Romanoff. He. had seen her only once before .the wedding, but they got along; beautifully. "I 'show you," said Louie, "if you don't mind." And he pullec out pictures of an attractive; wife and seven. children. •' 'Cute, you think?" . '.'. , . Thoroughly : westernized, - this prince. He'd be a sensation at -a Yale. reunion. -, School Bus Hit By Truck ANNAPOLIS ,tfl — Sixty children board an Annapolis-bound school- us'were shaken up yesterday when careening truck smashed into it t the bottom of a hill five miles orthwest of hqre. None JD( the-children was report- d seriously hurt but 14-year-old arbara Sears was hit in the eyes y-flying'glass. : The glass was removed .at Anne Arundel General Hospital and 'she .was released fter treatment. County police said the truck river, -Frank F. -Gigio, 45, of Edgewater, fought -to control'-'the oft : dr"ink' truck which apparently ost its brakes as He was coming ownhlll on Maryland Route 178 o'ward the 'stopped b'us." It struck an embankment on the pposite side of the % road/ then areened :-across- the highway, hopped off;the -left rear end of schoolbus and smashed the left ide of a' new automobile standing ehind-the bus. Adrian C. Rofain- on, 34, of Route 1; Laurel, driver f .the car; leaped, from it just efore the truck hit it. Nearest relatives of the beautiful birds of paradise are the plain crows. Anthology is a Greek word mean ing a collection or- gathering of flowers. Thicken, the syrup in which canned fruits^irV packed and then serve as sauce on desserts. The U. S. 'Army organized and rianned the first II.. S.. weather iireau 'as 'a branch of the Signal 'orps. ."' ' ' ••>••• THE SCHUMACHER : , '-:'•' AlUMINUM Combination Door Only $39.95 with :complete. initoHotion mitruc- tjvhs.'. y? u ebri initqll^ it yourjtlf. •p!*hty of. FREE'Parking Spac« ^ Available.* ' : - " Dial" PArkvi»W 2-5280 :* • • • - • - •. • <T -• .Western Maryland Lumber t Supply Co. McMulltn Hiwy., "Cumbtrland, Md. Finds lew Wa)r To elt Off Facial Hair New Odorless Pink Cosmetic leaves skin beautifully soft hair JFreel Also melts hair from legs and arms in minutes* arms and underarms . .;deep down, where razors cannot reach. NoTazor rash, cuts and scratchy stubble! No coarse;'bristly ire-growth! "; .. . .'This new cosmetic, is called NEET. .'.it's- : the new facial quality .hair re• nipver-and comes in cream dr lotion 'form'.,Follow easy directions to melt, off ^facial hair and all other'un- wanted hair the dainty*." feminine wayV;..for long lasting smoothness. Science has discovered a new pink odorless cosmetic ;: for women that safely melts off embarrassingijhair from upper lip and chin in minutes ..ileaving your skin beautifully soft- and feminine. Thoroughly tested and proved medically safe and pure, it is highly ^effective and remarkably gentle/ . • .'•.... This new way is also best for melting off hard-to-remove hair oh legs. FACIAL. QUALITY HAIR REMOVEER today! f 138 Baltimore St. Cumberland Or Shop The Friendly MURPHY Store In Your Neighborhood 1 Ford puts you in the fine-car class at half the fine-car price! The 'final test of any deal is what you get for your money; And in the '56 Ford you get a car that is a fine car in . everything but price. Lifeguard Design alone is enough to make' it stand out. Developed after more than two years of Ford : research and testing, this family-of safety features gives you extra protection against the major causes of accident injury. And you get this added safety in a car with all the "glow" of Thunderbird style, all the "go" of Thunderbird power. '•'•". FORD'S EXCLUSIVE LIFEGUARD DESIGN PROTECTS YOU AND YOURS In the '56 Ford you -get a Lifeguard deep-center steering wheel, double-grip door latches and shatter- resistant rear view mirror. And you can have optional;teat.belts and optional energy-absorbing cushioning for instrument panel and sun visors. You could love tKe FORD'S LONG, LOW LINES wn<ip,r "THUNDERBIRD" Like the Victoria shown above, all 18 new Fords are styled after the fabulous Thunderbird. FORD'S THUNDERBIRD Y-l ENGINE IS 100% FUN And you can get it at no extra cost, for it is the standard eight for all Fairlahe and Station Wagon models. for its price alone

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