The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota on May 7, 1976 · Page 6
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The Daily Journal from Fergus Falls, Minnesota · Page 6

Fergus Falls, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Friday, May 7, 1976
Page 6
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3 I >."i $ $ ii Family stricken with mate-swapping Dorothy Hamill Short we/gh/ng scandal revealed signs contract I ng to me. are both „-•--.-' A JIB¥: 1 can't believe this is ha My daughter is 28 and my son is 30 "named, hut no children, thank God ' w& 2Sf .'L bk ? • ** *"»• My "«y ' « , but 1 don't want a man who dWt «ru Our children are young and can make other lives for what was going on between their main Hlease tell n», is divorce contagious? ' DIZZY FROM DIVORCES DEAR DIZZY: Divorc. is wt ««Ugi,u4, but «« P»pl« who hive o»ly consider ed it flntugly fene uthmd OHir»ge tron friends and relative* whoTctuilly go throuh with it. Every divorce doeu't Kpiant • hilm. SMK belwve it or not, ire "victories." ^^ DEAR ABBY: I laughed when I read the letter from the doctors wife who complained because the neighbors called her husbaral in tr* m iddle of the night to run over andtreat their Luds for some minor ailment. (They all had regular doctors but they called "Dr. Dave" instead because he was so handy. | Abby, the way u> put a slop to that is to xr ^ out bills for an "emergency call." Believe me. they'll think twice before calling Dr. Dave again. When my husband was a young, struggling attorney, people used to comer him at social gatherings and pump him for free legal advice. He even had people calling him at all hours of the night asking for legal advice. We put a stop to that when he started to send them bills for "consultations." LAWYER'S WIFE DEAR WIFE: That prescription must work. It wa« recommended by several doctors. DEAR ABBY: Recently my boyfriend moved in with me. While arranging his belongings, I came across his divorce papers. Being inquisitive, I read them and found out that he has three children by his ex-wife instead of two, as he said. Also, he told me that he was 35, and according to his divorce papers, he is 44. (t am 22.) I really care for him and think we can have a good life together, but finding out these things the way I did has me terribly upset. Should 1 just keep quiet about it and let him tell me in his own good time? Or should I tell him I know? TROUBLED DEAR TROUBLED: Tell him you know. Bet don't emit too heavily oo building a "good life" together. The foundation is weak. DEAR ABBY: I read in your column that some crazy people down south are trying to pass a law to put diapers on horses. Well, I own a horse, and I think the idea is stupid. Horses have a right to relieve themselves. At least they -fertilize the grass. Automobiles pollute. Take your pick. HORSE LOVER EvtryooF has a problem. Whit's yours? For > pmoatl reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A.. Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope, pUue. LOS ANGELES (AP) - "I really like the shorn better than competitions where the Judges have GO much say about *b<>»ins," says Dorothy Hamill, the k« skating princess who won UK hearts of judges earlier this year. Hiss Hamill, the 19-yejr-old figure skating star ol 'this year's Winter Olympics at Innsbruck, told a news conference Thursday she had signed a two-year contract to skate with the Ice Capades, and said she was happy she made the decision so soon after the Olympics. "The Olympics were really my goal, the highest goal any performer can have, and I had been training 11 long years," she said. "I've wanted to skate for a show ever since I saw ray first one years ago, and Ca- pades was the one I felt most comfortable with." Terms of her contract were not revealed. Miss Hamill will perform about half the year with the ice show, debuting Sept 15 in Pitts- NEW ORLEANS (AP) Cook Industries Inc. of Memphis and Mississippi River Grain Elevator Inc. were indicted by a federal grand jury Thursday on criminal charges relating to grain exports. Cook was charged with 37 criminal counts relating to operations at its Bayside Elevate- near Reserve, La. Mississippi River Grain Elevator was named in 11 counts. The indictments were returned Just two days after Continental Grain Corp. of New York paid a 1500,000 fine after pleading no contest to other charges growing out of the grain scandals at eiport docks. The grand jury charged that from mid-1970 to February 1975, Cook officials conspired to steal grain from ships being loaded at Bayside. The executive vice burgh. Previously she agreed lo itar on two American Broadcasting Company specials which are not connected wilh Ice Ca- pades. George Boy, president of Ice Capades, said he met Miss Hamill after the World Championships in Sweden. "I have known Dorothy a long lime while she was an amateur, and I feH I established a good rapport with her after meeting her In Goteborg," he said. Miss Hamill still has one "amateur" performance remaining this weekend, a four- day benefil for her Colorado skating dub in Denver. Thursday's news conference opened with Miss Hamill skat- * llt v*ciuuvc viix pre&uem ing out from behind a silk cur- <* Mississippi River Grain tain on the ice wearing a bright Elevator, Giovanni Rametta, is fira-hia «j.ifit «,. J.-.I«A i — accused of devising a similar conspiracy in September 1968 at that company's Myrtle Grove, La., elevator. Federal officials have said Haroetta has left the country and is believed to be in Italy. The companies allegedly "sbortweighed" the ships loaded less grain than shown in inspection and weight certificates. The shortweighing was accomplished by manually bypassing the scales during the loadings — along with periodic adjustments to Cook's grain inventory records to account for the excess grain, the indictment charges. The grand jury also charged that the Cook's records were falsified to show the receipt of fictitious bargeloads of grain and said that false grain inspection and weight certificates wwivii wrt *ivv ncoiuig a UTIKJU fusdiia outfit. She skated for a few minutes and then, with face flushed, answered questions. Peg$y Fleming, the 1968 Olympic gold medal winner in figure skating, signed with the rival Ice Follies. Reserve dumping site decision neors ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP)-Another crucial decision will come soon in one of the nation's major environmental cases, with a report which will recommend an on-land dumping site for Reserve Mining Co. The Silver Bay, Minn., firm, which produces cherry-size taconite pellets used in manufacturing steel, was fined Jl million Tuesday for polluting Lake Superior and for deceiving federal courts. The complex case is a burning issue in northeastern Minnesota-in terms of Jobs and health. Environmental groups increasingly raise the health issue, wilh reports that tiny as- bestiform fibers have been found-in muncipal water supplies drawn from the lake. Asbestos fibers have been found to cause cancer sometimes when inhaled, but there is no similar proof they have the same result when ingested. Wayne Olson, a state bearing officer, is expected to make his recommendations this month on where Reserve should discharge up to 67,000 tons of finely ground waste rock flushed daily into the lake. That proposal goes to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) and state Department ot Natural Resources (DSR). Those agencies could issue permits for construction of a piping system expected to cost Reserve in excess of $300 TEN MILE LAKE STEAK HOUSE OALTON, MM. Serving 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Phone-Dalton 589-8845 0* "OPEN HOUSE" FRIDAY and SATURDAY, MAY 7 - 8 "OPEN HOUSE SPECIALS" (LIMITSOF EACH) * APPLE TKIS-Kl. 1 s1 ............... 1 3.« * 3 8MK rlES ............... '2.S * II ASPUAiyS PLMTS ................... » * HU CIEHT ................. >1.N !/2 PRICE Evergreen SALE OPEN DAILY I A.M. TOIP.M.-CLOSEDOH SUNDAYS PHONE U4-552* SWEDBERG NURSERY BATTLE LAKE, MINN. million. The firm favors a site as close as passible to its manufacturing plant, located 50 miles north of Duluth on the shores of Lake Superior. One frequently mentioned as a compromise during hearings is only four miles inland, called Milepost?. The mining firm, owned by Armeo and Republican Steel corporations, has said that it could not justify the cost of running the line too far inland. In that case, and if it can't agree with the state on a discharge site, the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals at St. Louis has said it would have one year to halt operations. The MPCA and environmental groups favor a site about half way or near to the firm's ore-mining site at Babbitt, some 50 miles from Silver Bay. The Reserve case has festered for half a dozen years in the courts. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan and five environmental organizations are plaintiffs. In Tuesday's ruling at St. Paul, U.S. District Judge Edward J. Devitt fined Reserve 837,500 for polluting the lake ever a 335-day period in viola- Urn of state permits. He also sharply rapped Reserve and its parent firms for misleading the courts and penalized the firm $200,000 to help pay plaintiffs' legal fees. Devitt said Reserve had misled the court by saving ft had made no studies of deep-level discharge into the lake, when it had done so and concluded an on-land site was the only alternative. And Devitt ordered Reserve to reimburse Duluth J22.920 for expenses in furnishing its 100,000 population with filtered water. The U.S. Corps of Engineers for nearly two years has provided filtration for Duluth and three smaller communities. Reserve is also liable for these ongoing costs, as well as for pure bottled water which residents can pick up free at supermarkets, the judge held. The circuit appellate court ordered U.S. District Judge Miles Lord of Minneapolis out of the case late last year after company attorneys accused him of "gross bias." In November, Lord had heW special "educational" hearings to acquaint state and Duluth area officials with what be called the alarming dangers to health posed by billions of tiny IKXIIUI piucu ujr viuiuiia ui uiijt h.a;uc iiwui urc ^juiiiiaaci, fibers in municipal water sup- Francesco Galesi, who will plies. Courts have determined house a groom and riding mas- the fibers came from the Re- ter on the Long Island farm, serve plant where he will continue to raise Devitt, chief oMederal dis- champion jumpers. VACATION CHECKUP Have your car ready for vacation. We wi check your car's... Distributor Up • Plug Wires • Spark Plugs • Rotor • Points • Battery • Exhaust System • Shocks Offer EtpimMi; IS, 1976 OTTER TAIL CO-OP OILS, INC were prepared'for grain which was never received z\ the elevator. The indictment describes Z3 specific acts that allegedly began with a jneeling of three Cods officers at Memphis in the summer of 1970. The indictment claims that instructions were given at the meeting lo shortweigh ships loading grain at the elevator by as much as l.b per cenl if the ships were going to Mediterranean, Mideast and Southeast Asia ports. Later in 1971 instructions were allegedly gfven to Bayside Elevator personnel to increase to 3 per cent the shorlweighing of vessels gome to Pakistan, India and other countries without their own weighing facilities. Between Dec. 30. 1871, and Feb. i, 1975, the indictment charges, false grata inspection and weight certificates were prepared in show the fictitious receipt of 18 bargeloads of corn, meat and soybeans — in an attempt to account for more than 8*1,000 bushels of grain thai had accumulated in (he elevator from the short- weighing of vessels bound for foreign ports. Contract fert ' $ Fills (M ' J * vtA Fri ' May 7i 197S 11 approved trict court in Minnesota, assigned himself to the case early this year. Reserve has strong defenders among business and labor Interests in northeastern Minnesota. The company employes some 3,000, about half each at its mine and the plant. In addition, a Reserve spokesman says, the company- generates an additional job in mining-related work for each of its employes. He said Reserve also produces indirectly eight or nine times that number, or 24,000 to 27,000, in other jobs like grocery stores, filling stations, schools, government, and soon. The firm argues that closing the plant would inflict a serious blow to a company that has a $55 million payroll as of 1975; buys JS7.7 million in materials and supplies, of which $M mU- Uon was in Minnesota, and pays $15.6 million in state and local taxes. Reserve shipped 10.7 million tons of taconite pellets last year. Its net profits are lumped with Armco and Republic. Armco bad a net of $116 million in 1975 and 1203 million in 1974. Republic reported earnings of J72 million last year and (170 million in 1974. Byron Stams, deputy Minnesota attorney general, said a Minnesota Environmental Impact Statement reported Reserve contributed an average $25 million a year in the 1371-73 period and an estimated tfO.8 million for 1975, before depletion allowance and income taxes. The hassle over an on-land dumping site reaches top state goverment echelons. Some feel Gov. WendeU Anderson is leaning over backwards to find a place favorable lo Reserve Mining. The state Executive Council including the governor and five other statewide elected officials is divided, wilh at least three wanting the tailings dumped far inland. The council has final authority to approve the site. Collector sells horse farm SOUTHAMPTON, N.Y. (AP) — Millionaire art collector Huntington Hartford has sold his 168kacre horse farm at nearby Bridgehampton for "under (1 million." The "under <1 million" figure came from the purchaser, FORT FRANCES, Ont. (AP) - Workers at the Onlario-Min- nesota Pulpwood Paper Co. Ltd. plants here and at Kenora have voted to accept the company's latest contract offer. The 2*8 members of Local 771 of the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW) voted 61 per cent in favor of the offer, as did 58 per cent of their 97 counterparts in local 490 at Kenora. The three-year contract, retroactive to May l, provides for annual wage increases of 14 per cent this year, 10 per cent next year, and eight per cent in 1978. Creation of a senior journeyman classification will boost wages for about 70 per cent of the union members, said Jim Goodison, IAMAW international representative. Union members who are mill rights, pipefitters, auto mechanics, welders, tinsmiths, machinists, and boilermakers will qualify for the new classification after taking special courses. In the first year of the new pact, workers with the newly-included senior journeyman classification will get about J7.74 an hour. 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