Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan on January 10, 1891 · Page 2
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Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 2

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1891
Page 2
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NEWS-RECORD, MICHIGAN. of the Week. 3JESTING NEWS COMPILATION. CONGRESSIONAL. Heconil .Session. NEBS was transacted In tbo Scnntc , and nri adjournment was tuUon to h;... In tho House bills wore Introduced e.toy one-bait tbe charge o( rcglstra ' domestic mull matter, and directing tho Itary ot tbe Treasury to print fractional fecy of tbe United States to tbo amount of Adtournod to tho 5th. [ McCpNNEI.i. (Rep.), ot Idaho, took the ,co as Senator In the Snnnto on the elections bill was displaced and tlio iial bill taken up in-Its stead and dls- The apportionment bill was reported "i t rom tbo census committee without timer*....In tho House bills were Intro- !)provtdlng for carrying fourth class mail for at tlio same ratos charged third class \ matter, and'subjecting Treasury notes, J nal bank currency and United States i to State and local taxation. The bill fur bile building at Danville, 111., was passed. a session of tho Senate on the Gtu was oo- ^d in discussing tho financial bill In tho j a bill uruniinR a pension ot 8100 per to Franz Slgel, lato Mujor-aniioral of *f;'C; s 'Tpiuntcers, was favorably reported and ibe '"'D^shipplng mil was discussed. &>V; DOMESTIC. THE new. portion of tho Clinton (N. I prison was burned, causing a loss >,ooo. \ 1890 Colorado mines produced divided as follows: Silver, gold, 54,512,130; lead, $4,- j Copper, 859,440. «,|8ttpply of wool in the United is was figured at 92,819,8S:i pounds, jit $3 1384,059 pounds on January 1, «^I ; '''/' United States the business S^duriug the seven days ended on I numbered 84S, against B8S tbe J week and 332 the correspond: last year. ^(SHOCKS of earthquake were ex" 1 in San Francisco on the 2d. nlldings rocked and books were jfrom shelves. The shock was j/all over the State. ncn were instantly killed by feting of a cylinder head on the iffl Annie Roberts at Ports£*>.., Ton'Broadway, New York, de- piblocl. of buildings, includi " L Avenue and Prof. Uerrm^J Total loss, $500,000. <' a wimaV.prm at -Abilene, tie roof of one of Ih^-Episcopal ' i was blown away/a number of ^ere unroofed unfl others were T their fotani\aJi ons , JUSTICB BLl CKr . Ey , decided at ; Oo,, that religions demomina- ftust soil their cl\ urc i, cs> if 11C ees- ' my their pasuw reported on fo,' 0 o a tlmt in a »lth Indians i a t Grass creek, ka, fourteenj-oidiers an( j two (were killed^jt W a S sa i (1 tllat ijilcs hjjf hemmed in the In- '.ilidge agency, in South ley would have to fighl . l^spfrt of tho building depart- t 8U.OWS that£59,000,000 were in.vcst- ldings in Chicago in 1890 became insane at Lima cd his wife with an axe t. Both would die. BAIN, who lived near ed herself in a wcl daughter recently be her husband died in a r%12 cattle and 5,733, slaughtered during 18UO _ iCtlvely, 1,7B3,S10 and 4, ,,777 in ^he previous year. |I,B8 BEALE, a negro, was lynchet ni, Tex, for murdering a worn a negro and a white man were I, ill Neshoba County, Miss., fo: jieir -weekly review of trade fork business agency reported DOSS ii> many lines last yea I that of any previous year. , a woman and, a boy were (to death by a fire in the' Avcnu at Corsleana, Tex. (tj statement of the public debt is ithe Sd showed the total deb 1,541,871,108; cash in the Treas l.BOS.S-H; dclit less cosh in the fry, 8802,430,541, Decrease dur eecinber, S11,005,M8. Decrease Julie 30, 1890, ?Ciri,li37,404. number of deaths reported in i City during the year 1890 ag od 40,230, against o',l,r>s;i in 18M 1,175 in 18SS. I darge manufacturing establish lot the Oliio Buggy Company a pbus, O., was burned. Loss, $175, er and fireman on the Itul & Ohio road were killed in i nt Knoxville, Tenn. |b,e leading clearing-houses in th the exchanges during th S'ondecl on the Sd aggregate 4,809, against SI,858,51)0,273 th As compared with th piling week of IBS!) the deereas ptcd to 10.5, rWi^ow of John Clifton and thre •children, who lived at. Farming .', were found starved to dcatl V« other, childi-eu were nearl prominent residents o e, W- Vu., while intoxicate involved in a light and ton nstantly killed. ' A HEAVY fall of slata in the Diamon ipine at Coal lilaff. Ind., killed Henr mod Joseph McMahon, father and son BEVEKl/r and Melly O'Neal an *' er Terrill, convicted at Bato La., of manslaughter in bul _ negroes, wero«ieh sentenced t ty years' imprisonment. shocks o| earthquake were fe ^ lor fifteen year Jrf v fte StookTjridge (Mass onk..>vas discovered to be Hamburger' Y.,caua- Colnmbus DEPUTY esperato TOM LII.Y had a battle with three - whisky eddlers in the Cbickasaw nation and illed them all. JOSEPH FIELDS, of Paola, Ind., trcos- rer of Orange County, was said to bo hort SI 1,000. Mr.s. Wir.soN and Mrs. Miller, two •omen residing near Wheeling, W. Va., ought with butcher knives, and Mrs. 'ilson was fatally injured. A SALOON belonging to a man named tcphenson was burned at Van Jiurcn, by persons representing a secret ocicty which is pledged to see that no nloon shall operate in Van Huron. TIIIIKK small children of M. G. Hell, farmer living in Barber County, Kan., trayed away from home and were rozcn to death. AT Toledo, 0., two employes of the akc Shore railroad were instantly illcd by the. backing of an engine into train of flat cars. TIIK Secretary of War has transferred > the Interior Department the aban- oncd military reservation of Fort (Jib- on. Ind., T., containing 5,341 acres, nd the abandoned military rescrva- on o£ Fort Crawford, Col., containing 472 acres. MA Ml' hundreds of hogs in Brown ounl.y, Kan., were dying from cholera. TWKI.VIS men were killed in the Utica ino near San Andreas, Cal., by the all of a cage. AT.'tiOno School-house, Tex., Charles eal (colored), who assaulted Mrs. isher, was hanged by a mob. EDWAHD arid Henry Spiers and Harry tower, aged respectively 10, 15 and 20 ears, were drowned while skating at Ceyport, N. J.. Six citizens of Dodge and Telfair onnttcs, Go>, .were convicted of the murder of John C. Forsyth at Norman- ale in October last and sentenced to fe imprisonment. A DISPATCH from Pine Ridge, S. D., ays that Captain Wallace killed at cast five Indians before hc/h1msuIC was ain at the recent battle of Wounded Cnee. i , "' THE Bureau of American Ecp«l)!ics is informed tlnft the Government of C:m- idahas decided to establish commercial gencies in MexieOj^grazil, the Argcn- ine Republic anp'ch ill. TUP. stock of'wheat in tho Northwest as figurcjLat 23,354,853 bushels, an in- rease / jjf 533,300 bushels since last veelv A'i Michigan City, Tnd., an assign- Lent was made by j. L. Wilson & Co., umber dealers, with §150,000 liabilities ind assets of $50,000. THE visible supply of grain in store n tho United States on the 5th was: Vhcat, 25,847,075 bushels; corn, 2,757,- i05 bushels; oats, 8,795,00:1 bushels. Ax assignment was made at C'incin- iati by the Dueber Watch Company vith nominal assets of SI,500,000 and iabilitics of ?450,000. THE Arnold Shoe Company, one of ,he largest concerns in Findlay, O., made an assignment. A BLOCK of fourteen houses at 0 wiugs- ville, Ky., was burned. THE old log school-house near Zanes- ille, O., in which President Gaisfield aught in 1851, has been purchased for exhibition at the world's fair. WISDOM has fixed the salary of Miss I'h(ebe Couzins as secretary of the. board of lady managers of tbe Columbian exposition at 32,000 per annum. Mils. JOHN STINSON, of unsound mind, wifo of a farmer living near Danville, [nd., saturated her clothing with coal oil, applied a match and was fatally burned. J. A. PATTERSON & Co., wholesale milliners at Montreal, assigned with liabilities of 5250,000. A PASSKNGKB train on the Pan-handle road struck two hand cars near Coshocton, O., on which were twenty-two men, killing two. The others escaped by jumping. DECKKH, HOWELT. & Co., the New York firm of brokers which failed for $12,000,000, has resumed business. NORTH DAKOTA farmers will resist the payment of $3,000,000 now owing lo the harvester companies on the ground that the recently-formed American Harvester Company is a trust. ALT. the business bxiildings in the little town of Bolivar, Tex., were destroyed by lire. A I.AROK crop of ice, eight to ten inches in thickness, has been gathered at Staunton, V*a. THE Wabasli Railway Company was ordered to pay Oscar .T. Friedman, of Chicago, 830,000 for injuries he received in a wreck on the Wabash road. IN a riot at a religious meeting near English, Ind., five men were mortally hurt and several others were seriously injured. THE attention of United States officials was called at Denver to a S5 bill ol the issue of the First National Bank ol Colorado Springs raised to $20. THOMAS J. KINO, local manager at St. Louis 'Ol the Armour-Cudahy Packing Company, was arrested for the embezzlement of §5,000. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. EDWIN R. WINANS was sworn in as Governor of Michigan on the 1st. DANIKI, IT. CLAKKF., Judge of the United States District Court for New Hampshire and one of the most prominent characters in State politics for over half a century, dicdut Manchester, aged 81 years. RANDOM.'!'):" COTXB, Assistant United States District Attorney, who framed the indictment of Ciniteau for the murder of President Garficld, died in Washington on the 4th, aged 47 years. Mits. ADELAIDE MAIIU-: died at New Orleans, aged 102 years. THB funeral of General Francis E Spinner, the "Watchdog of the Treasury," was held at Mohawk, N. Y., on the 4th. JUDOK HENBY B. BROWN, of Mich igan, was formally installed at \Vasu ington on the Otb as an Associate-Jus tice of the United States Supreme Court. TIIK Legislatures of California anc Montana convened on the 5th. GOVERNOR PECK and other newly elected officers of the state of Wiscon sin were formally installed in ollice Madison on the 5th. TIIK newly elected State officials o Iowa entered upon their dutictt un Ui EMMA ABBOTT, the famous songstress, died of pnVumonia in Salt Lake City, t*. T., on the 5th, aged 40 years, after an illness 'of four days. Her husband, Eugene \Vetherell, died of the same disease two years ago. The prima don- na was a native of Chicago. THE Legislatures of North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Ohio, Nebraska, Pennsylvania and .Delaware convened on the Oth. THE New York Legislature convened at Albany on the «th, and Governor Hill in his message announced that he would not again be a candidate for tho Gubernatorial chair. FOREIGN. Ax Lima, Peru, followers of Pierola attempted to start a revolution by capturing Fort Santa Catalina. A fierce fight followed, in which seventy- five of the insurrectionists were killed. A FAsm.Y ot live persons without a home, who had been tramping through England, wore found by a roadside near Cambridge all frozen to death. Arf explosion in a powder house at Durango, Mex., killed twelve men and fatally injured three others. Foim children were burned to death at a school fete in Wortlcy, near Leeds, Kng. JA.MF.H I!ior,s, sole survivor of the Me- Clurc expedition for the rescue of. Sit John Franklin, died at London. NINK men were killed by an explosion in a coal-pit at Bochum, Germany, and ten others were not expected to survive their injuries. TIIK almost total failure of the coffee crop in Java was reported. ANOTHER revolutionary effort was made in Lima on behalf of ex-Dictator I'lurola and twenty-six of the revolutionists were, killed. A TEftmnLK explosion of nrc-dntnrj took place in the Trinity pit near the Polish town of Ostran. Fifteen bodies were recovered and twenty-four miners were missing. •Ar/EXANiiKU Wtr.i.r.\M KIXGI.A.KE, tho celebrated English historian, particularly famous :is the author of the "History of the Crimean War," died in London, ago.d 80 years. IN the town of Ciney. Belgium, the wife, brother-in-law and three children of a game ; kecper who was recently killed by accident were asphyxiated in their beds. THE ice. on the Danube, near Pcsth, gave way while it was crowded with skaters, many of whom perished. RUSSIA has forbidden the enrollment of Hebrews as barristers and the expulsion of those already enrolled. AN unknown English vessel foundered on the Sicilian coast and twenty- four persons were drowned. THE Government statement of failures in Canada for the year 1S90 shows a total of 11,00!), with liabilities amounting to ?18!>,000,000. THE monk known as Father Pasqualo died in tho Casertini monastery at Naples, aged 110 years. TIIK Canada cotton mill combine has been completed. The trust controls all the mills in tho Dominion and an output of 33,250,000. IT was reported that Mr. Gladstone ad written a letter to an eminent social ifformer in which he declared thiilprue- ically his end had come so far as public ife and politics were concerned. A COMPANY has been organised in amaica for the purpose of cultivating ruits and vegetables on a very large >cale for the United States market. 'JOE" DOXOGIIUE, of Newburgh, N. Y., amateur champion of the United tales and Canada, won the half-mile nternational sknting'race at Amester- dam in 1 minute 25 seconds. He also won the two-mile race in 0 minutes .0 -1-5 seconds. MICHIGAN STATE NEWS. ANT BRIDGE BUILDERS. The earnings of the Michigan railways for the month of October aggregated §8,901,205, an increase of 840,119. over.the corresponding month last year. This was the smallest monthly increase In five years. The total earnings from January 1 to November 1 were 877,440,- S04, an increase for the period of §7,280,- 5S2, or 10.88 per cent. All of the companies, except six of the larger ones, showed slight increases in total earnings, the latter showing a decrease in freight. Passenger earnings were increasing on nearly all roads. Health In Michigan. Kcports to the State Board of Health by sixty-two observers in different parts of the State for the week ended December 27 indicated that whooping cough, cholera inorbns, inflammation of the brain, scarlet fever and typhoid fever increased, and diphtheria, cholera in- fantum and inflammation of the bowels decreased in area of prevalence. Diphtheria was reported at twenty-one places, scarlet fever at thirty-seven, ty- phoiil fever at sixteen and measles at thirteen places. Slid Into tho Lake. A half acre of ground and §40,000 worth of buildings slid off the earth at Iron Mountain and into the lake and quicksand the other night. Parts of the buildings were carried fifty feet. Fortunately the occupants were forewarned, and no lives were lost. Tho bluffs are underlaid with quicksand, which is frequently carried out by springs, causing acres every year to move into the lake where the shore is not protected. Shot by a Marshal. The town of Minden City, Huron County, was the scene of a shooting nffray in which Archie Mooney, proprietor of the Hurd House, would probably lose his life. John Cole, who was marshal of the pluce, was taking a drunken man to jail when Mooney interfered. Cole drew his revolver and fired three shots, two of them taking effect in Mooney's breast. It was reported that both Mooney and Cole had been drinking. Knlghta nf the Grip. - The Michigan Brigade, Knights of the Grip, held its annual convention at Kalamazoo. A beneficial feature was incorporated in the organization, it being the intention to pay §500 on the death of a member. The dues wcrjj also slightly raised. The officers elected were: George E. liardeen, of Kalamazoo, President; J. L. MeCauley, of Detroit, Secretary: George C. Cooper, of Lansing, Treasurer. Left In Disgust. A Soo minister left his pulpit in disgust the other evening. Suddenly stopping in the midst of a sermon, he said: "There is flirting, talking, note-writing, gum-chewing and visiting going on here, and I will stop until you get through." lie waited fifteen minutes and the festivities increased instead of diminishing. Ho then told the janitor to loi-k up the church aud tho audience went out. An Old Firm Dissolved. The dry-goods firm in De- roit of Allan Sheldon & Co., founded early half a century ago by Xachariah lhandlcr, has ceased to exist, having iecn dissolved by mutual consent. It vas in is;;:) that Mr. Chandler laid the oundation of the firm which has flom-- shccl through many stages of commer- ial life to die a natural death by the mutual consent of the partners. An Instance of the Kcmarknule Intelligence of the Insects. , The following story, told by an eyewitness, is entitled to a place among the instances of intelligence among the flower animals. A cook was much annoyed to find her pastry shelves attacked by ants. By careful watching it was discovered that they came out twice a day in $eirch of food, at about seven in the morning and four in the afternoon. How were the pies to be protected against the invaders? After many things had been tried without success, it was suggested that ft circle of molasses one inch in diameter fie made around the pies. The next morning, therefore, one of the boya, who had a personal interest in the matter, got up early and prepared his attack. By a quarter of seven every thing was ready, and he took his point of observation. He did not have long to wait, for at 0:50 o'clock he noticed that off in the left-hand corner of the pantry was a line of ants slowly making their way in the direction of the pics. They seemed like a vast array coming forth to attack PRETTY WOMEN. They rto Not took Forward to the 'If me When Their Ilenuty Shall Fade. I The woman who is pretty is far too liable to think that that is enough!; she will conquer her kingdom by mei/ns of it; and when the day of reckoning, the day of fading comes, the kingdom will be already hers by right of possession. Indeed she docs not consider tin' day of fading; it is something as difficult for her to realize as death itself is to the young; it is far off, vague, all but impossible; how is she aver going to look other than she does now, and still be herself? Antl at any rate there are always the means to make tV.c repairs of beauty, and sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. And so, in an average of more than half the instances, she goes dancing off about her pleasure like a fly in the sun, as full of the present, as careless of the future; she makes no preparation for the impending fate which is sure to come if she live long enough; she relies on Mr fair face, her blushes, her dimples, /ier radiance, her smiles, her glances, h/v sweetness. To please, to attract, tcl marry, to marry well, is the mark she/has set before her; and it does not need/cultivation of the the enemy. In front was a leader, who sterner virtues for fflat: the sterner virt- "* " *- 1 ""— "™ A ues arc no j. g- roa tly/'calle(l into account in this quest, have/little opportunity of asserting themselves, or oveii of being was larger than any of the others, and who always kept a little ahead ol his troops. They were of the sort known as the medium-sized red ant, which is regarded as the most intelligent of its kind. Slowly they marched^ along in double flic, until the leader came within six inches of the circle of molasses. Then, evidently, a signal to halt was given, for cvei-y ant stood still, while the lender went on to investigate the unforeseen obstacle. Soon he returned, and instead of taking his place ngain at the head of the army, he went along the line, summoning here and there one— ;he leading intellects, probably—from the ranks. About forty ants out of five hundred stepped out and joined tlie leader. The. General and his aids held 11 council, and '.hen proceeded to examine the circle of 'nolasses. Certain portions of it seemed to be assigned to thc'different ante, and each selected unerringly the point in the section under his charge where the stream of molasses was narrowest. Then the leader made his tour of investigation. He went around the entire circle and decided upon one particular spot as the narrowest; his aids joined him there, und then, one being left to guard this Harrow point, the others returned to those who were still in*line. The order to march was given, and the unts all made their way to a nail hole in the wall ut which the plastering was loose. Here they broke rank and set about carrying pieecs of plaster to the place in the molasses which had been agreed upon ns the narrowest. To and fro they went from the nail hole to the molasses |, at 11 :!iO o'clock, they had thrown n bridge across. Then they formed themselves in line again und marc-lied over, and by 11:45 evU'y ant was eating pie.—St. Louis Globe-Democrat. LATER NEWS. IN tho United States Senate on the 7th the free coinage measure was again considered. Senators Shoup and McDonnell, of Idaho, drew lots for the ierms of service, the former securing the long term. In the House a bill was passed increasing from fifty to seventy- five the number of army officers who may be detailed ta military colleges. The shipping bill was further discussed. SMITH, WADK & Co., lumber-denims at Quebec, failed for §102,000. AT Modesto, Cal., Jacob Claypool, 10 years old, and twenty-two horses were burned to death by a fire in a livery stable. CHARLES M. ROE, a young man living near Bay City, 111., shot and fatally wounded his sweetheart and then shot himself dead. 1 le had been forbidden to call by the lady's parents and took this terrible ruvenge. THE business portion of McComb, O., was destroyed by fire. D.vvin DAVIDSON was taken from his home in Indianapolis, Ind., by White and terribly whipped for abusing his family while drunk. AT the joint convention of the houses of the New Hampshire. Legislature Hiram A. Tuttle (Uep.) was elected Governor over Ainsdcu (Dem.) by a vote of 185 to 150. ROBERT DE ROSK, aged 27 years, shot and killed his wife, aged S3 years, at San Francisco while in a jealous rage. A CVCLONE in Texas wrecked several houses near Sherman and killed four persons. Household goods were scattered about for miles and the loss was great. Near Yoakvun houses were also blown down. ONE man lost his life and three others •were fatally injured by on Illinois Central train at a crossing in Chicago. THIRTY-TWO members of a sleighing party from Scranton, Pa., were hurt eleven qf them seriously, by the overturning of their sleigh on a hill at li end- ham. ''"/. FliA-HX BtooN was killed and John Boss, fatally wounded at Monroeville Ala., in A_%ht over a dog. a farmer 24 years oj near Mexico, Mo., cut his young ^fe's throat and then killei Insanity was the cause. is of Missouri, Mich- Illinois and Massa 5^1 convened on the 7th. Is *»8 reported that H. Webster Crawlf ex-city councilman, prominen real-estate operator and a leader in social circles at Baltimore, had victim izcd his friends on4 the . Baltimore tanks out of more KICKED HIS PATIENT. A lilonily Record. Linwood, a little station above Bay ty, has a most bloody record. William Hitchie, nine years ago, was killed by a man named Parent, now in prison for ifc; John Lalone cut Archibald Hule death three years later; recently iobcrt Smith shot his brother dead, ind this is the hamlet where a inuti- ated corpse was found hanging in a >aru by Bay City officials. Law StcnogrupherB Organize* The State Law Stenographers'. Association 'was organized at Lansing for :he purpose of establishing and main- :aining a proper standard of efficiency in the profession. The officers elected were: President, Henry F. Walsh, of ;irand Rapids; VicerPresidcnt, George Satrell, of Marshall; Secretary and Treasurer, George C. Higbee, of Marquette. Short hut >«w*r Tt«im. One mine at, Sebewaing is taking out 100 tons of black diamonds daily. Deer-hunters are flocking to Northern Michigan by the hundreds. Marquette was platting a 100-acre addition, with free sites for factories. The St. Clair County supervisors have cut the medical examiners' fees in insanity cases from $15 to ?5. It took 000 people to raise the 8100,000 bonus for the Lansing Capitol wagon- works. They all became stockholders. The factory will be built nt once. The mill property and docks of the East Tawas Salt & Lumber Company were sold to Sibley & Bearinger. The property was valued at §20,000. Oil-bearing rock has been found at Gladstone. P. S. Whipple and wife, of Plymouth, celebrated their golden \vedding. John Powell left Traverse City for his home at Cedar Sun. The team ran away, throwing him out on. the frozen ground and killing him. The golden wedding of Eev. and Mrs. W. D. Tomkinson was- celebrated a1 Kalamazoo. Property valued at 8024,300 was destroyed by fire in Detroit .Curing the year is'.io. . Eev. F. E. Bunker and Belle Eich- ards were married at Kalamazoo. The newly-married couple had just been consecrated to engage in twelve years* work in Central Africa as missionaries. \\Uliamston has for some time been infested with a gang- of petty thieves. The officers arrested Adelbert Glasbrook and John Jf 3ers, c.; well as Mrs. Corey el I, who {took care ot the goods alter t*,e bo.vdtad stolea them. The Novel Mannrrl" "tt'hh'h It Doctor Curfiil a Case ol'Mitlarta. None know the value of the imagination in therapeutics better than flie doctors, who sometimes, with entire credit to themselves, put quite as much imagination ns inediciiw into their patients, and with perhnpH better effect, long ago a physician told an amus- ng illustration of this. ,IIo had been varned, he said, by a brother physician f a certain rascally impostor who was making the rounds of tine profession with n assumed case of malaria. The real mrpose of his visit was blackmail. One [ay a man exactly answering this man's [eseription caine into the house office of his physician, and, after detailing the symptoms of malaria, asked Ihe doctor treat him. "I asked him," said the doctor, "to step out info the -yard with me. As soon as I got him safely outside I walked up to him and gave him he best thrashing I ever gave any body in my life, ending it by kicking him down to the gate. To my surprise he made little, resistance, and when I re- eased him at the -gate, saying, "There, I think that will cure you,' he responded, humbly: 'Thank you, doctor,' and .vent away. In a few days, to my utter astonishment, he cume back to tell me that he was much bettor. 'litit, doctor,' lie suggested, mildly, 'could you kick a Little easier this time'. 1 " Then," said the doctor, "I began to talk to the fellow, and found that I was altogether mistaken in the case. This poor fellow actually had malaria and was no more a blackmailer than I. 1 treated him thereafter with less powerful remedies, but he always declared that no treatment I ever gave him did him the good that one thrashing did. .'And did I ever tell him of my mistake?' Certainly not. Why should I? It helped cure him."—X. Y". Sun. Wunteil Ills Own. A Detroit lawyer received a letter from Texas the other day on which the postage-stamp was of an issue current fifteen years ago, and on the envelope of which there was a request to "return if not delivered sometime pretty soon." The contents read: "Some time in the year 1700 a man by the name of Hooten took up twt»acres of ground in your town. He is dead. I am his heir. I want to find out all about it. I want you to search the records and send me all the papers and information you can. If them two Ecres is there yet I want 'em. If not, I don't. I only want 1 what belongs to me as his lawful hen:.' Enclosed you will find twenty-five cents-' in stamps to pay for your trouble. I am' well. Answer as soon as possible—Detroit Free Press. missed. Nor is great intellectual cultivation in the scheme of otir pretty woman's life; according to luW plan of action it is entirely unnecessary. Who cares for syl- Icvrisms, lectun-s, instructions, she unconsciously armies from rosy lips? Who will stop to n& if the bi-ight eyes hare dulled themM'lves over dry pages of scholastic Ion'. Let who will be learned, it is enough i'or her to be gay nudhappy. What, thi-a, has our pretty creature left for the dim passage;* of middle age, when beaAy has fallen away, but there still is Iifift the desire to hold captive what on// beauty gained? The time is coming/When there will be deep crescents ^und the mouth whose lovely' curves Miiive been dragged down by llaccid,muscles, when there will be fine spider-web lineu about the eyes, when there will be hollows in the cheeks, when the red and white of the skin will have/become blurred and mottled, or. overlaid with yellow ssllowness. when perhaps there will be present in tho vacuous face only "that divine smile which has lost the two front teeth?" Let the pretty girl remember that in the darkness of that middle passage tlie beauty that she had before she entered it will not signify; all faces are in the dark together then, the girl that was plain with the girl that was beautiful; the wre,':k of beatity signifies then no more than the wreck of what never was beauty. It is the sweet voice, the kindly manner, the burden of what is said, the tenderheartedness of what is done, that tells with any effect then. It will not be long before she arrives at this time, which, in comparison to the blaze of youth, neighbors close on the dark; and she will need then all with which she can have filled her intellect and fed her soul, all that wit and virtue and breeding can have given her, in order to retain any thing of that kingdom to which in the early days she felt herself bora by right divine.—Harper's Bazar. You've tried Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription hava- you and you're disappointed. The results are not immediate. And did you expect the disease of years to disappear in a week? Put a pinch of time: in every dose. You would not call the milk poor because the cream doesn't rise in an hour ? If there's no water in it the cream is sure to rise. If there's a possible cure, Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription is sure to effect it, if given a fair trial. You get your one dollar it costs back again if it don't benefit or cure you. We wish we could give you tJic makers' confidence. They show it by giving the money back again, in all cases not benefited, and it'd surprise you to know how few dollars are needed to keep up the refund. Mild, gentle, soothing and healing io Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. Cures the worst cases permanently. „ No experimenting. It's " Old Reliable." Twenty-five years of success. Of druggists. Some Children Groivinff Too Fast bocome listless, fretful, without onor- gy, thin and weak. But you can fortify them and build them up, by tho use of OF PURE COD LIVER OEL AND HYPOPHOSPHSTES Of l.Srae cii4l Soda. They will take it readily, for it is almost as palatable as milk. And It should be remcrr.bcred that AS A PBE- VENTITE OB CURE Oi'CODflHS 018 COLDS, IN BOTH THE QLD AKD YOUNG, IT 18 UNEQUALLED. THE FORMATION OF HAIL. Remarkably Cool. Oldboy—Cool? Why, when the horso ran into the decapitated trunk of a tree she coolly remarked that the had "barked" his shins. Clubly—And you? Oldboy—Well, I was stumped,—Spirit 1 TIicAVorst Hull-Storm that Ever Occurrfld In this Country. Meteorologists are not a unit in agTce- raent upon the manner of formation of hailstones. The theory of Dove, has been given most credence, lie believed that the hailstone passed rapidly from the cold air to the warm, moist air, and affain from the warm air into the colder, thus alternately talcing on a jacket of moisture and freezing it around the nucleus or heart. The formation of the nucleus itself, it is conceded, is from the snowflake in the cold cloud, which," being xvhirled'about, forms a small ball, about which subsequent layers congeal as the ball is tossed about into the atmospheres of diiferent temperatures The hailstone, from its varying shapes a«d angularities, shows that it has had a wild and irregular career in the sky, sometimes melting into crooked shapes, then being toss«d upward and congealed rapidly. It takes but ten minutes, so the raeteorolbgists say, to form the largest hailstones known. 1'robably the worst luiil-utorm that ever occurred in this country was that of June lli, 1882, at llubuque. Iowa. For thirteen minutes, beginning 2:85 p. m., hailstones fell, some of which were seventeen inches in circumference. The largest weighed one and three-quarter pounds. They exhibited diverse formations, some of them having knobs and icicles half an inch in length. Others were surrounded by rings of different colored ice, with gravel and blades of grass im bedded within. The foreman of the Novelty Iron Works stated that he melted two which had living frogs in them. This report comes from the "Monthly Weather Review," issued by the Government.—Baltimore Sun. _' HE KEPT HIS RESOLUTION, But He Lout the Creillt for Ills Self-De- nlul. A good story is told hi the privately- printed "reminiscenes" of the late Dr. S. K. Lothrop concerning old Dr. Kirkland, whilom president of Harvard. One evening the president and a certain Prof. Popkin were sitting together, and the conversation turned upon smoking. The two worthies were agreed that it was a bad habit, and they agreed to give it up, as both were addicted to the use of the weed. Some tune afterward at a meeting of the faculty, which took place in the president's study, the cigars were passed around, and Dr. Kirliland took one with the rest. When the box came to Prof. Popkiu he declined the cigar, observing with a pointed emphasis: "I keep my resolution." "An excelent plan, Dr. Popkin," cool- Styles and Colorings Equsi to foreign. SOI B BT AIJi LEADlXa .ESTAJI.BB8 •UJ.TXEB TEE ABOVE TKADB WftHBT." KTXUIE TUI5 Will .TCJ lta« Tin wife. * •"It Disagrees with Me," A common remark. If you take Tutf» Pills you con cat anything yon Ukc, and feel no bad effects. They act xpeciilcallr on the liver, stomach and bowels, causing a are* flow of gastric Juice, which la easoatuu to good digestion and regular bowels. Don't Fear Now. Rev. B. Burtfl, Monnta, Flu., says: "Tntt'» Pills arc held 5n high repute as alJvorHegw ulator. I hardly laiow how we could gefe alone without them. Chills and fovor have lost their dread. Our people ta!co ono or two doses of the Pills, tuidfollow it with fifteen Brains orqumlne, divided in three doses dur> Ing the day. She chill never returns." Tuti's CUES CHIUS AIJB ZSVEB. Price, 2Go. Office, 39 & 4-1 Park Place, N. Y. QOLD KEDAl, PARIS, 1878. W. BAKffiK & CO.'S..'* 'a absolutely pure am£ vt is soluble. No Chemicals ore UKtl in !U preparation. Jl h*»'~ ntore than three tii « &6 (OTIffflfc qf lxcJ r.itli Sturdi, Arrairroofc ur biigar, end U therefore far iwa» economical, coding lest cAou ona eatf a cvp. It ia tieUQioua, nouriBhlngv' • anjl wluiirably adapted : . . D ti veil oa iurpt'MossJn bcoljh. Sold by Groccra. everywhere^ '. BAKER & (XLUcrehestsr. ] LEAOIN8 SORTS. LATEST NEW VARIETIES. LIBERAL TERMS.

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