Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 9
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 9

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
Page 9
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SB* & WHERE -T-T-- 4^,]i . • IRKE Or.1> EyUU>ai BAflCBLOR > STEW - 2^ Jbs. Teal fillet . i .1 iiM «5o Ipan ham a tablespoons fat , ' 2 large j-arrot?* 3 OBiona I <»up tllc^ ce7<»fy . Clip cooked peas 1 teaspooa Worce«ershire »auce l» teaspoon salt ' 1 cup bo^tuff water 1 tablcsp <ak >n flour > Select a sSic* of veal »wo Inches j thick. Slice the onlonfl. celery and ; 'scraped carrots and -brown vrilh I the meats In the hot faj. Pour tn the boiline Mater. W6roe«terslilrei • eauce and; salt. .Cover closely-and j-fmmpr Wi honrs. AM the peas _l<>|iR enough hofore .Herring to heat iliorotiKhJy. Arrange tite ineat In corner <H hot plattei-, tnirround wlih the •»"eg«t»btes and cover iirltl i ifM' (rt^v}: ^-hlch ha.s a>e«n 'thicken'»•(» %i 'cooking fire minmcf i-ith a jiajii* inade of the flotwr and a little coM uatft.—C; B. FIRST LADY OF TOE DEMOGBATS IN: J.4XrXHY SALADS -/^ifP' . <'<«IN. BRtAto STTFOXJO *'«B StATS .Mis 2 cnpft cornbread crumb."* U teaspopn melted butter tea.=iK>on salt >g rea.^poou pepper I iahle #oou onions \ , 1 fffg, beaten good . : , teaspoon poultry s^aHoniog: Mix with a little hot wdter and! bake for lialt hour.—-V P. \ Ch^rrr ii«il«4: ChiH ithorougbiy equal paris ot^to|peftioxheart cherries, cuit marshinaliowsi and pecans. 2|Iix with -whipped cream. Candle ^lad: Place slice .of plnesgrple; on n lettuce leaf. Cut a small banana in half crosswise. $et nprtght on pinej^pple. Pour salad drMJiine sparingly on banana , to represent wax. ftad hr^lnp red \ eherrr on top for the flame. Staffed Pnir SaUd: Pill a canned half-pear >irith well-yeaspned cotuge or cream cheese. Place pear; cut side.- down on lettuce leaves^ Stick a whole clove In the stem and sprinkle with paprika to ^Ive the appearance of a rq>en- f?ng <iear. ^erve with whipped cceam. or other dressing. ' Cardinal CeUUn Salad: l pkg. lemon^fli^ored gelatin. l'» cup« boiling water, ^cup canned beet Jalce. 1 cup celery, shredded, t cup beets, diced. Vi cup Onion* cut fine. 1 green pepper, shredded. -H teaiiiwon J<alt. DI.<SM)1V>> golatih iu -liolling water. Add Iwet Juice. \Vhen coid. add teliTv. beet.-*, oni- lon. green pepper an <l salt. Poiir Into individual mo<tl!<. Turn out Ion lettuce, ser >-e with mayonmil!'*' I dres.>*inK. Serve.-* ei'gli!. %m 19 j 1928. T \tESLEY CBAPEL Jani 16.—We of (his communjity are sbrrj- to hear jot Mr. Dacr's Sickness, and hope hP will be better soon. 1 , Sanj Pyfes sold a team of niuie!i a few days ago. i I , \ Mrij. Pyles and Lillian spent 'Saturday evening a; week ago with jMrs. young. • ' ? { Suitday school' was; reorganized Sunday. Will Morrison was reelected pr> tdent; ^is Rogers, assistant.; •• jla • CaHer; organist: I Bessie Rogers, assistant organist : iLuna Mae Curley. jiecretary: Lola .•My»rs. assistant secretary. Teachers to be crhosen later. J. Ai Veung and Frank Ciirley and son LloyU were lola vl.sitor.s Saturday.^ Viola Curley spent Saturday and Sunday at Hank .McAdams's. Sunday was a gloomy day—not much iiias.'iing as the weather was threatening. . > Jesse" Vvung. of 3fildred visited home folks Sunday. Mrs. Woodrow Wilson Kvhown fnrroun.lod by a group of ^^-^^^yr^^-Xy^lC^^^^^ \c national coinmlttwwoiiw-ii at th« party-! Kulhering In Washington, for tin; benefit of ;Mr .H. Sarah B.' Mr -i CIuirU-.-< I.. Donnliof. California, i.-; holding a large souvenir key In fSchaefler. who ha.s played "mother" front of Mrs. \Vils ,.M. To tlx- l.-ft i.s .Mr.-?. Kniiiy .V-weir Rlail-. vIce -chHir- to .^O.OOO boys and kirls. the rec- iiuiii i .» _ nrdu Mhow. dnrtnsr veara' serV- m:in of tin- n.'iti;)iial <i):iiiU!tti-». 1 small can of Fronch pt-a.** '-J teastfooii sugar .Salt and pepper W pound.pecans cup mayonnaise dres.sing 1 small;Mead of lettuce Coolc the peas ail slowly in their : <.wn liqtiiii. sieasoning thoin with. .•<a!t. pepp«r and jiugar. When the p (-3s have:,ab<?orbe(l alt the liquor.' sv=r aside • to' cool: mix- with the. 'hopped pecans and mayonnaise, and senv on leittuce leaves.—\,. O.; SAVONBURC ; Hi -»v.vv'' Mt#.»^ aim la ^.i 1 .7, si,^ ,c jords show, during i '7 years' serv ____ ._ jibe as police matron. Mrs. Schaef- - - 7"^' ' -— lEer. who is about to retirt- ftom her in III.- iioihe of her .father. Jim j position, was honored recently at Bauer, returned to their home in 14 dinner attended by the jiulgos of Tulsa. Okla.. Sunday. jthe Ptflte; district and miinicipal , Miss l^helma i.Markley. Joe John-• fourts and many of the city offi- soii and Mr. and Mr-s. J. L. lloore 1 cials and ibuslneas men of .Minne- were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. i&polis. and .Mrs rieorge .Markley and fam- J i ; —-^- — il>'- i; The longest singl r<ILOA MJUt-SHMAllOW GIX'GERBREA^ citp Shortening ; i 1 cup - niolasses 1 Clip •bfown sugar i tahle ^on ground glnecr 1 te ^spclon cinnamon 4 tabte.ojioonA cocoa - • I cup sour milk ; 2. W .' 1 teaspoon, toda , • i, . .'I's cups fjour . Sift flotir. \90da and spices to- i jretfcer, cream Khertenlng. sugar ! "and cocoa", add mola.sse.-i and well I l -Faten egg«. then flour, alternately' with spat; milk; beat very bard,; pour into shallow, well-grea .wd; pan. Bako in moderate oven 4<i to' •5.% minutt-^. Whf -n flBi .shed place halved m^rrihmaliow .4 over lite top J of cake, return to Qven nntil they b.=gin to t »rown slightly. Chopped • uut -moaiR m.iy he added to this ! -gfngerTjread for varit-ty.—.V. F, ' MINrTK TAPIIiCA K«>R TIHCKE.MNG GUAVIKS .\ny gr ^vy is improvi d l >y using if-tel lablespouns ..f \finii!i' Ta 'pi- for each pin; <>l liu'iu! in place ' uf flour. 'Hoil iinti! ri-ai. stirring .ts. , needed, .Reason 1.. ra -^i'. It iliiijs not lump iiii'^ ii."i!s 110 sirJiiniii!?.;—1.. <;. MIMTK "T.\PI«M A KUl THK K- KMX; PIKS .\ tablespoon of Minat<- Tapiora Is t -.xcellt-nt for ihick^iiing rhu- iiaibs aucj appJv and l »erry ple.s. i I'lvvents riinnins" out. Scatter it' ovt -r the -fniit or berries in place! fioiir. it i;<iis ii'iL lump and im- . 1 Itrdvcs the flavor.—I.,. O. Jan. 10.— ()!»> Ol .Min. I.iiiiis an«i Louise were Sunday diiiVifr giiosts of .Mr. and -Mrs. llorb.Tt H.irnett and Mrs.'Oison. wlu> has heeii nursing in the li;ti~iie!t home for the past two weeks. .Mrs. tJl.son canu' Lonf «iih thiiiii in Iiit''i-Te- niiiK. .Mrs. ; C.eorgt- >rarkley 01 L;i- Harpe .siJeti! Saturday at tae honi" of Iter Jdatig!it(-r. .Mrs. J. L .Moore. Bernii-e- Kri'-k.-wm .spent Suiulay^ ielsoti ,«nn r ^^i^ Mr \u t'-en. Visiting the last week atahel ;^^?:ncf"^::;on'su^;;ay.^"' (1. O IL-indlev 0,- l,-,H.nn.e visit- Sa^oiAurg- • .".I the,past woVk -iu ;h,. hon).- of -^'rs- Ray .MeDanields , .— transconti- Howaid- Bangs spent Saturday} nental air mail rout.- is; between r.ight at ;the home of his uncle,>N'ew York and San Francisco, a Frank Burris. 1 to^l dl .<5t3n <'.e of 2.S50 miles. Bt'lle Wallgrcn speilt the weekend with her cousin. Verna Dan- spL -nt •Sunday evening at the par- i-'iial .Miller home. .Mrs. .\ick Sebert o( Moran and .Mis. Jewell Bowman of Oarnett visited Saturday with Elizabeth his nl^'e. .Mrs. .1, L. Moore. -VcaJ Howard a snpiitr guest of .Mr. and .Mrs. F. K. Siierwalt Sunday. .Mr.- and .Mrs-. Kriiest .•»«•.-!nson and'children spent Snnday | aiier- Johnsop- iiM)iii with .Mr. Swansoii's pirents.: School \ot«><i. i .Mr. .hnd .Mrs. Joe Swaiison.' ' These .ihsent from the Inter- Bob anil Karl Dahl. who! have luediate riwinr the last week were: been visiting in Kansas City, were KJward Elliott. Juanlta Swift, called home by the dwnhlof their Wanda Winters and Delia WUtsell. Stella J\>huson returned Ito grandmother. .Mis. Olson Uliuuioiuri . .Ui>. *_»inv/ii. • ... ^ .M.'irjorie Bauer- thf wej-k- .school .Monday after a week';* ab- .-eiice on a(c.»)Miii of chlcjcen poxLJ Those absent from the primary room .tre; Ruby Witlsrelj, Ernest i";. ajiil XovL Xystrom.! .Mii'e .\larie Hobson and Noreeii i .Vv>iroin iiave returiu'd in sihwl I . ii'V liJiviiig been absi-n ou ac- ! - •11)11 of sickness. j chai>el end ivith Thelnia W.iilsreii. .Mrs. I'at Pennington deliglitful- ly entertained a party of fourlceii !>mall gtrlsrand their ti^irhi r. l !t-tle Walluren. liv hoiior of t !)e sixtli birthday of hei- Vii!!>» i;aiishti >r. .Maxine. <in Friday. .I.iinuiry I,;. •The afiernooii^^ ...jient iilMvin;; games. Ilcire -iliinetits <.;' j...ii<i aim lookiis wer> <•««». .M .T .xill': Til.' .Mond.iy : morning serv.-d by t'lie Ijost- • ;.ri>«rain w,-\s. ill ehargi-' "f Alrji. nxeived iiiaiiy bi'.nii-* .Mooie. -No program was glvi-ii l-ST*. let -eiveii iii.iii.v i/f..iu- ..i-^'. «r. J'. • " lifu! gifts and after wi.shinS her Fri'lay morning beJniuse of the se•• • • •- aiiil bi-monihly examina- liiriii.l.iy-^ !l; M;irk- M.ran i>ie.s:i-r tioiis. J. IT. Hoefnir. a representativ»'| • 'Publishing company ^h s:hool Tuesday ; the students In a Tho stu- r'li.- Crowell \:-i;-.-il the h :t:;il '.nt'-restei :!i;i-az!i!i s.iji!^ <i )litest. m .Tiiy more ii-.ipiiy Kiiosts departeii. .Mrs. Charlie WiNon o: Ci'v .liid Harry .Modr- of .\I.ii»:-on '•.•V.- ril at till- home o:' tii-ir lir.-i 'heT. J. L. .Mo.,re. Friilay. Lorins Wiri'ers,- Dnnuhl ley anil llaroli! .Sinitii of spell! the \veik-er.,l vyi:.!.i r and fri<-ni!s 1 )1 SavonInii-s. . Marland ."^feWoii -j-jiehr _ „_ afternoon with .Milo^nii. ;a-t-^ until Jinuary and .the j .Mi^s. Kverep MtTrisoii ami M,II . high sehnol r.''ceives a per cent of Eugene. wh<« have been ,\ i.-iting I tiuj .sales. iit> w. re ilivjdeil into two group* | iiii .'.es I .u; I -a' ii mcpber was given a i )ui;«n to represent the group to !ir ..!av wlii.h he helinged. The contest! W H 0 {.See TomorrowV BefcUter" Vou'd Be SiirprUed ^ N. E. OF HUMBOLBT ' (Mrs. J. W. Brothers I , .Ian. 17.—.Mrs. l .owe is on { the sick list. I Harry Kell,.y was a Channte visi- I lor ^Monday. , j Richard IJiil)'>r .-K 'Hi Sunday afl-: Vrnoon with the .'•"jKin? <'hildren. Mrs. J. B ' .MeCJellan attended the .Martha %Vashi!i?t'-n fhib at the home of .Mrs. Fa4 -i<ler Thursday afternoon. Mrs. IHo.vd Browii spent Sunday with her mother. .Mrs. 'Mae Lowe. Mrs. Frank Fussman and Mrs. Wtn Hess visited .Mrs. Harry Kel- [ ley Sunday afternoon. j "Maduline .Moore and Florence, ITalberi'visited at the W. K. Owens uome .Monday evening. Humboldt. elevator mlHs delivered Elmfrr Mailes a load ol feed .Monday afternoon. .Mrj). J. B. McClellan and Mrs. Will Brothers attended the Rebek- ab se.wing circle at the home of Airs. Duff Palstring Frid.iy ufter- itoOn, J. C. INtuecke b« improving .his place which" adds greally to.: Its appearance. ' " .Mrs. J. S. Brother*. Mrs. Fred | Surtng and Mrs. Will Hrotbers vis-j ited Thursday afternoon with Mrs. j Fred Jfnher. ! -Mr and (Mrs. W. E. Owens vis- 1 Ited Crandina Lowe of; LaHarpc; Tuesday. .'Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kan 'man at- ;t (t -uded the funeral- of .M , Kaiiff- msn's uiicle, Mr. Wallers. ..t Pitpia : Monday. Mrs. Belle Adams and Mrs J. .S. ^ Brothers attended a Sunday school 1 class party at the home Jtrs. j Cuir*n Friday afternonn. t N'elson and B. R. Kellcy 01 Kan-, sas eitr came Friday to attend the i funeral of their cousin's wife Mrs.; E. R Kelley and to ' visit their hrother, Harry Kelley and wife; lUt hot use tight eUstlc» for j leg-bands on children's rompers or i bloomers. If the legs are short and i notj too full, 'they can be finish'd with cloth banda or >tjalght hems that do not restrict circnlatin.o If > the'full type of leg is used, a knit-' t «d:}eE-Jiai>d may take the place of the: elasUc band. « j^though BotlTia Is nearJy ten tintes as large as New York SUte. it^'tMLtSRHdiiifam to^ije" ^ GIVE us A RING In (lisajrrcealile weather you'll appreciate being able to secure fine ixroceries b.v .stepping to a telephone. Day's Work Chewing Tobacco, lb. ... .50c Torchlight, two packages .15c Geo, Washington, 2 packages 15c Prince Albert, 10c pkg; 4 for ........25c Whale, 3 Mb. bags .... / .$1.00 Pork Steak, per lb. 15c Pdrk Roast, per lb .15c Sausage, pure pork, per lb. 15c Friesh Side, per lb. .............. 15c ^ Lard, pure, 5 lbs. 75c Urd, pure, 10 lbs. $1.40 Brooms, good, 3 for $1.00 Sorghum, bring your pail, galton ... j .90c Old Manse Syrup, a Maple and Sugfar Syrup, pint 24c; quart 45c liaisins, 3 pounds ............. — i .25c PHO:^:ES 401-402-403 WE DEUrVER WITHOUT OIL You Can't Run Your Motor Car r WITHOUT VITAMINS ': ' ' ' ' ' ; Your Body Soon Cea.scs to Function VitaminV are lifi- giviuK elements fonnd only in ccrt .'iiii food.s. If a persim ate no vKuniins he would ituiiUly sinrve to death. Vitamin'..^. th;> first of the.five, is found in no other f.ii; than biilter. if .»'on de-ire health you s-hoiild know that "THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR BUTTER" ' Insisjt Upon the Best—Tell Your Grocer SHADY BROOK It's tleBntter Tkat Betters The Bread FRIDAY AND SATURDAY FEATURES B^ck T%vl«:s, Robd for APPLET POTATOES or cooking, 4 pounds for — CRACKl^S per peck. _ So. 1 Ohios Per peck Twni pounds eating Krispy.s for 25c 28c 35c 25c HAISINS pound.s for 37c :i Pounds New- Crop Seedless 4 Pounds Idaho Nav.v.*i No. 2*2 SIi<|ed or Grated •in Syrup. 2 for PiNDAPPIf itt A W • M A Hipe'Yelkiw Fruft AAJE^/mJnAfli :i Pounds for €AB0AOi; Fresh Solid Crisb Heads 3c Itf.; pO-lb- lotW CftOCOLATES COOKIES Large Solid Heads, each Cream Center Asst. 4 flavors, per lb. Faniry A.««ortment of .Marshmal- lou- Fruits, real 40c value, lb. Self Serviep Peaberry perlhu38c: I lbs. — L — 25c 30c 45c .25c $1.00 10c !' 15c 25c $1.00 WE BUY AND SELL EGGS. ON THfi SQUARE AT THE ^AST SIDE MicM[ML4RkEt •Beef, Pork, Fancy Baby Beef, Lamb^ chicJiens live or dressed. . -Tongues, Hearts, Liver, Brains, Swecst Breads, Pork Tenderloin, Spare Ribs, Neck Bones. Brookfield Sausage, Smoked Sausiaige.; Chbice Baby Beef; Boils ,,.. .15c lb. Choice Baby Beef:Roasts .... 20clb. Pork Shoulders Trimmed 14c lb. • Pork Hams .15c lb.' Pure Pork Sausage llcY^ Brains 15c lb, Bi-ick ChiH 23c lb. 2 lbs. 4oc Wilson's certified Lard in 4 lb. pails. Special per pail ! 67c Fi-fesh Side Pork 17c lb. Bat'on, Extra good whole or half, slab 28c lb. 31tfat That You Can Eat Bi €it M Qtateir^ CiVSsH 120 E. Madison CASP Another Battle Creek Healtli Fooi "ZO"—THE VIT.4MIN BREAKFAST FOOD Hi-re.-lor t-xaiiiple/is "ZO," liie ideal breakfast' fooil. It i.< ricl^iii Vitamin I! antl F'ood Salts th:!t 'il i.<,noi only it-ifir a iK -nect (ooil. but makes up: :he <lt^!ifi«'iicir.s of the oilier footis. So if you e;i: "ZO;. for breakfast you may fori g(.-t all utfoitr F«x>il Salt.s ami Vitamins for the r»-.-*t of the (lay. provideil. of course, that you "eas enough of sonifthing. K you eat ".ZO" you ilont iiee<I to take .v*easc for the nervv.s.,uor iron for tbo blood, nori lime for th*- bones."ZO" is a wonderful FftOO. It coniaiiiH such a superabi nd- ance of food accessories .tbat it makes up for the ileficieu L -ies of the ordinary bill of*-. Be.side.s "ZD" is so toiithsome anil satisfyin .5 thai ir suits -vi-rybody. I'ackage Ijc 48 lb. bag Blue Ribbon ST.95 48 lb. bag Jersey Creme .......$L85 48. lb. bag Expansion $2.20 POTATOES—Russett Burbanks, Bag. .$1,55 CORN MJPAL—5 lb. bag 18c—10 lb. bag -fe BEANS—7 lbs. Idaho, new crop . SOc PRUNES—Nice size, 3 lbs. ...!25c; COFFEE—OUR COFFEES ARE STICf LY GUARANTEED.;: ^ M & M—Quality "cup. Best, per lb. .... .47c .M & .M—Perfect Blend, per lb .45c I M & M—Spedal Peaberry, real value, lb. 35^c SOUP-^ cans Sniders or Campbells ... .2% M.4CAR0NI—S^AGHETTI-4 large . boxes ,. 2? e SWEET POTATOES^ lbs. Nancy Halls 25c SOAP—Palmoli>'e or Cremeoil—4 Bars 29c GRAPELADE—Welche's large jar_ 25c CEI^ERY—Larg| fresh and crisp stalks 15c We always hav« the freshest assortment of Fre:^.. Fruits and Vegetables. ^ \. Our Customers 3Iust Be Satisfied. ^^^^^^^^^^^

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