The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan on October 24, 1939 · Page 6
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The Ludington Daily News from Ludington, Michigan · Page 6

Ludington, Michigan
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Tuesday, October 24, 1939
Page 6
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THE DAILY NEWS—LUDINGTON, MICHIGAN. Orioles Gird for Final Home Game win pur 'Mitch' Read Gets Chance to Tie Multiple -Year Record Friday Ludington football fans this week are preparing for one more grand trek 10 Oriole field this year, the event to take place Friday evening when Cadillac makes an appearancee under the new grid lights. The Cadillac game will wind up the home games schedule of the Orioles. Three games have already been played here, the Orioles winning all of them. Friday evening will see the home team trying to make it a perfect season at home. A victory over Cadillac would also be a great personal satisfaction for Coach Mitch Read of the Orioles. Since he assumed the coaching post at Ludington high schpol, Ludington and Cadillac have met on the gridiron 13 times. Of those 13 games, Cadillac has won five, Ludington has won four and four games have ended in ties. Coach Read, taking advantage of a series of fat years after a string of lean ones, will be tied up with the Vikings if his Orioles can defeat the Wexford county visitors on Friday. Trie Orioles, rested by a two- weeks' vacation from grid wars, will be in the best of condition when the whistle blows for the kickoff Friday evening. The same lineup which has started every game so far this year will undpubtedly be in the harness when the ball goes into play. The high school band, absent at the last local game because of rain, will be on hand to put on their last football appearance at Orioje field. The band is scheduled to arrive at the field shortly before eight o'clock and the kickoff will take place exactly at the hour. Following the Cadillac game, the Orioles will play two games away from Ludington. On Nov. 3 they will journey to Traverse City for a night game and one week later will wind up the season with a game at Manistee. SOUTHERN ACE By Jack Sords TUESDAY, OCT. 24, 1939. AS DEATH WINS FOURTH RACE AT CALIFORNIA TRACK Tennessee Volunteers Rated First In Nation TRICKS BY IE Wolverine Coaches Not So Confident as They Prepare for Yale ANN ARBOR. Oct. 24.—(#•)— Michigan's football coaches are going around with fingers crossed these days as they look to Saturday's intersectional clash with Yale. What's worrying them is whether the Elis, one of the East's better teams, have any Imore tricks up their sleeve. A year ago the Wolverines, boasting of one of the most powerful elevens in years, almost took one on the chin at New Haven when the Elis outguessed them for three periods with a puzzling pass attack and a shifting defense that ruined their blocking assignments. Yale still has the pass, its best offensive weapon, and its line, big and smart, is said to be - one of the strongest on the seaboard. "When Yale can hold two teams like Army and Penn to , 116 yards from scrimmage," j Coach Crisler said, "it must have something on the ball. It looks like we're in for a harrowing afternoon." End Coach Campbell Dickson, who scouted Yale said the Elis "greatly improved over last ! year." "They've got the best passing game we'll see all year," he add| ed, "and one of the fastest charging lines that ever stepped onto a football field." i Most of Yale's plays, Dickson ] said, stem from a single wing; back formation with an unbal- ! anced line. Michigan will be at full strength for the home-coming clash, but whether Paul Kromer, RADIO HIGHLIGHTS Key station of cnch network Is listed In the programs. The Networks: WEAP—WTAM, WTMJ, WQY, WLW, WSM, WMAQ, WOOD, WWJ. WJZ — WLS, WTMJ, WMAQ, WXYZ. WLW, WOOD. WABC—WJR, WHAS, WBBM. Tragedy occurs at the clubhouse turn of Bay Meadows track, San Francisro, Cal., as two horses, Blindfold and Shady Wood, collide. Jockey Wallace Loishman, up on Blindfold, is killed in the fall and Lop-Sided Gulf Stream May Help Weather Man Detroit Produce _____^^_ | (Quotations in Dollars and Centsi l DETROIT. Mich.. Oct. :>..— .•)'•-( Unlt- Bjerknes, figured that an ocean ' c . d st;it..s Dt>pnrtji>...t .ji Apiculture.* — . Apple.-— bu. baskets and bu. boxes 75- By HOWARD \V. BLAKESLEE (Associated Press Science Editor) ' ri " vpl . ,,,.„ fh " p r ~ ]f c t ~""" ,.. ,«,„ i p p g k V M i ch ,, hu baskpts ji" 11 bl WOODS HOLE. Mass.—The A' k ° , ° Ulf f tlcam - m lhe i , L ,,f- f" e °: ; lr ;,; ','V 1 wime r n Gulf Stream is tipping sidewise. '• northern hemisphere, would, , .^o. NW Greenmgs w- M mi stream is tipping siaewise. _-.._-... .,«......, , , W -.M; . Its surface is lower,"that is. on '• when the current increased in ! _j r """' M ' f . I one .side than on the other. The strength, fall on its left side and I weaithyV'.^.-'so; woi slope is downward from the di- ',.,„_ ... th . vi(Thf j^.m.W.n .Jonathans rectfon' of Bermuda toward the ni> Tide °-.u°-es on the /Ul<mtio rnicf nf the* TTnifn/^ Ctoto- J. 1UI £«"&"*> u 'l LIlt - AllUl.llC coast of MIL United State.,. i seaboard and at Bermuda, says „ Thi.. situation is nothing new. ' c. O'D. Iselin, indicate that this M "" but scientists have only recently i s to some extent a face in the > «•<'"«• discovered it. An odd scientific • Gulf Stream. Careful measure- Junior halfback. „ ._. .• ii „. ... ^ .-.^-^--n*.^ \_i u: l kjLit,ciiil. V^LLI v i it l lllCcto U* t- fact, it Ls to be put immediately ment.s to verify it have yet to be to the practical use of finding out made One gaime for this pur- whether the volume of the Gulf pose has been installed at the Stream changes much. That is | Bahama.s, opposite Miami, Fla. IttTiflll V-in/tOnC-/-! t f t Vl <-l i* t- *<mi «•« ' m t- .. A T_ _ „ i • _ -i 1 1 .• CALL LETTERS AND KILOCYCLE FREQUENCY CKLW 840, KDKA 980, KFAB 770. KPI MO, KMOX 1090, KOA 830, KYW 1020, WBBM 770. WCFL 970, WBAL -106U, WCCO 810. WABC 860, WKAB 850. WDAP 610. WEAF 660. WENB 870. WON 720, WGY 780, WHAM 1150, WHAS 820, WHO 1000, WIBO 570. WJJD 1130, WSM 650, WJR. 750. WJZ 760. WLS 870, WLW 700. WMBI 1080, WKZO 590. WMAQ 670. WOOD 1270, WOW 590, WOWO 1160. WSB 740, WTAM 1070. WTIC 1060, WKBZ 1500, WTMJ 620. (Time Is Eastern Standard) TONIGHT: Europe — WABC- CBS 8:55, 11; MBS 9; WEAF- NBC—East 11 ... Neutrality— WABC-CBS 10:45, Monsignor John A. Ryan. WEAF-NBC—8 Johnny Presents; 8:30 Horace Heidt program; 9:30 Fibber McGee and Molly; 12 San Francisco opera. WABC-CBS — 8 Edward G. Robinson play; 8:30 Walter O'Keefe party; 9 We the People; 9:30 Bob Crosby swing. WJZ-NBC—8 Aldrich family; i 8:30 Information Please: 9 Bob jBenchley; 10:30 Fun with the I Famous. ; MBS—8 Green Hornet: 9:30 i Success Session. j WEDNESDAY: New .York ! Herald Tribune Forum. There, i "Cost of Government" — WJZ- ! NBC 1:45 and 3:15 p. m. . Eur: ope — WEAF-NBC 8 a. m ; j WABC-CBS 8 a. m., 6:30 p. m.; .50. King' Davids, j WJZ-NBC 12 noon. GO-7.V. spy.. .75-1; WEAF-NBC— 1:30 p' m Sccre- .....*?" .Kr-iei?-^ ! {"V of interior Ick£S^SSlng snow*, .so-.65. ' the Guffey Coal Act: 6 Luther- iiioth"'-'8~"' N to rl1 ' ! " mr! "' s clozons :niun - Layman singers. WABC-CBS — onion s;i i!,. ..., L -^ u s . N<) ,. |9:15 a. m. School of the Air iio\vv nii'duim MZO. ,r>o-.60; 1 i West at 3:35 p. m.); 5'30 p m ^\w\£'*«c™'u. s NO i Wa I'" Happened in Hollywood! 1.95-210. mostly ! WJZ-NBC — 12:30 p. m. Farm Jockey Lyn Josephson is thrown but ttnhurt. Leishman may be seen lying- just inside the fence at the right. The riderless horses may be seen continuing around the track. i Rome Beiiutys. 53: R.r. Greenings, 50-GO: !2'.| in. Jonathans, 65-75; Grimes Golden ; 50-60. I Pears—Bushels. Kletfers. 50-60: :-mnll i 4'nd poorer, 35--15. i Griip.s—Concords. 12 qts.. 35-42. Cider—O.UIons. '2(1-22. -.03; IlUnsh . .- . . around. 2: Mich. RUSSOI Rurais. i.20- . and Home hour MBS-chain 1 •"• '- " -•-••--- " CHICAGO, Oct. 24.—(/P)—Big Ten football teams played 16 games against non-conference foes in the first month of the season, winning seven, losing seven and tying two. The league's efforts to climb above the .500 mark in the won-lost column this week is in the highly capable hands of NEW YORK, Mercer college of , Ga., has one consolation, at least i useful, because, if the stream ! The theoretical calculations , triple-threat ""^•™~^ Will ^tfl rt \V3 <* miPctir»n -m o »«L- t — ' "" """" ' j. * 4\, ». * * \. ._/». v_ v*^tn \_c*n-i.iit4vn^iui -• ^is.jssr " al °: ^^^^^^\^^ss^-^^^^^^^ If there is any team that could turned to action Monday but " Piecntuon. »af tho Vnlc in tHp nniiiinri nf I Tr«+-«,. m i m i_ , .' re- the 1.30; C'hlppi' l.:ill-14); 1.35-1.4(1; Maine C'htppcwns. 2-2.U)- 15 Ib. sark-, U S. No 1 M»lni- Kutahdli.s. .36; Orc-cn Mountain-;. .:i5. Mich Chlp- prwas. 25: Ida 10 Ib Russets U S. No. 1. .21- 2:-. ' ' 3:15 p. m., Anthony Eden London. from , it's going to be beaten next b eat the Vols in the opinion of | Veteran Fred Trosko, his Saturday, barring grid-dom's H 16 writers, it would be Notre j placement, was kept in et, by the best team | Daime -, T1 ] e ramblm Irish got 13 i first-string backfield. A Norwegian ..n,.i_ L * .1, V-*l_Hi *JLl«_tlIil JtitlV UC. , about four feet higher than on I oceanographer. the American Dclroil l.ivrsdirk ir. t)«')ll.:r- and greatest upset, by the best team j Da . me - T1 ] e ramblin' Irish got 13 i first-string back: in the nation, the. Volunteers of votes for first place and a total [ Archie Kodros. rt-i n-F QvT r\mn re- tr»i» cor»o>TH n n r»o in I A . , . Tennessee. center and c oros. cener and °f 923 points for second place in ! captain, and Ed Frutig end al- l ' ' MARKETS AND > so were back in uniform and] By a margin a s wide as from ! v "standin«T«7)Tthp > f'pams rnoints ! su were DacK ln uniform and! here to Mars, the Vols stand ac- ! ti 4 red on 1 baskfoflO 9 8 7 6 i Wl11 be read - v to P la >' Saturday., A claimed today as the finest col- ; > 4 7 o ? fim nlnr-P ^;I ^ ! Kodros was discharged from the lege football crew in the land, j narenthe%'es) In the second weekly Associated t "" p': r<; * T~ n Press national ranking poll, the : T l talented southern juggernaut re- iTprniUspp ro^i ceived 93 first place votes out ol iMntrp narnp i.*', •" "- ' " ip a total ld) IS) _, |Ohio State 15) Seldom, if ever, has one team < Texas A. & M. (6) so dominated the piftture. And ! Oklahoma (i) not only did the nation's press i Cornell (11 ...'.'.'. box experts pile their plaudits on | Southern California (0) the team, but no less a personage ! Tulane < 1) than Dr. John Bain (Jock) Suth- ' " erland told metropolitan football vntoc in : i '- uu ' uo » aa uiauimigeu ironi me AID ^ Otes in hospital Monday where he was i Am confined over the week-end \ ^"!, with an arm infection. 1,203 ' 92 3 !H. Haller ...123 117 |G. Haller... 148 209 Handicap 18 18 NEW YORK STOCKS ^rr^> ................... u. ,.; & - K ,Y '::::::::: ....... T,I .................... ' Wal .. _i in Auburn Auto Aviation Corporation Horde n Calumet .v Heclu . . . 714 554 469 694 728 111 i/nc iiigiiiy CitpaOlc nailuS OI - i "*"" i/uiu j-ici/iuf/vjuoaii IUULUC.II the Michigan, Ohio' State and I writers Monday he considered VlHT*Hlia £kl£>T.ov\ /^-MlT* 4-nA«^n T.nil t.PQ m "nr.O n-f tVlo YVincf •*-iQyf e\r*4- Purdue eleven. Only teams meeting outside rivals Satur- the team "one of the most perfect 1 have ever seen." He added he day, Purdue goes west to play didn't think any team in the Santa Clara" while Michfgan country could score and Ohio State, twin leaders within the loop, entertain Yale and Cornell, respectively Purdue pulled the conference won-lost rating to an even .500 last week with a victory over Michigan State while eight other teams were in conference battles. Iowa was idle. Michigan and Purdue doubtless will rate the favorites' role in their intersectional tests, while the Buckeyes should be no less than an even choice to clip Cornell, unde- ^jGridders Devise Way to Break Tie --„---— ---'-• —. MINNEAPOLIS, Oct 24 —(<Pi Oregon State 95, Mississippi 90, —They've found a way out of Pennsylvania 66, Southern Meth- the troublesome situation of odist 55. Pittsburgh 48, New York | tie football games out at Lane- IT */K a n H Alor\n *-v-» oOA J XTT^ ° Nebraska (0) 164 Second ten: Duquesne 140, North Carolina 1321/2, Duke 120, 139-379 . vaiu , 163—520 ichccs a Oh: 18— 54 ; Chrysler 90 C'olum O Sc El ', «7« OORH Com ' w!th "-"'^h r- 066 J^bU , Curtiss A'IM;!.. ti- Detroit Edi.-on 122 Elcc P <k L i <j General Kloc 41 Cien Food:- f 4.i General Met 54. Hudson Mo•_ 7'. Int Harvest 04: Int Nick Can 31. Int T.I -v. Tei -p t t'oi'p i.;,9 Hl^li 77.;) 23.8 -10 ti ipria i.r:-.v :,KH i. r > 7 .::{ 7 1938 Hiyh . ... 79.5 .:.>.5 37.3 .M(i\rnicnt in Ueeent Years 1!-..J Li:vv 17 !, 87 'j:i J !:UO Huh . .. 15.3!) 1 ,?.•?.:) U'_7 Low ... . 51,C 'Jii'J 61 8 • THE »IARK,ETS LOC..I, ' Li^ht reel klclnty benns | Dark reel kidney beans DETROIT. Oct ccipr-i 900: inarkc-'. choice hf.i\v ^t.,>cr^. '.' i:.% iu L j ;,'i>od heavy' .,'c. r- 8 2 r >-9 L' r r S3« btuchiT .;attlr-. .-,-75. b,-,-. b< 41 C 5.75-6.50; -aniu i and r'.'trr <• o-i.7 I.", '2r>: stock b\i!N. :, ji)-G :•" : ,.-oo<] U3.7 I -loi'kcrs and f.-i-dcr.-. T-ln5(, i 'f lair f-torki-r.- :Mid f.-rdi'rs. C-' Ifi.'j i and • i)i-ii'.k;r r- .';: -7S 15771 C'. ,!-.•(.-- P.r<" •.[)!-, CCO. ::iark,-! 61.8 ' lnwrr c,.-.t oal'vo. 12 .Vi; lair I 11-12 JO. .-ail- i,nd ci,ir,::i,)ii C:»ttle---Re- 'rOIld to lair to i-uinni'in f rows. ' SOME WEDNESDAY SHORT WAVES: DJD Berlin 6:45 Mlli- tarv concert: PCJ Eindhoven ; 8:25 Netherlands Salute' TPA4 | Paris 9:15 Sketches. E;a's--Current receipts. 20; dirties. 10; . 3.25- ] check.-. 15. '•cininon | t'lilraBo Dairy milkers ; i Quotations in Cents) CHICAGO. Oct 24 ,)• B\>ll-r Rc•><> cent:, icelptt, 498,8C7; market -stendy. prices unto ';uod, ' changed. 150-9. EIK?.--Receipts 3.077: market steady; l«mb s -Rcco,p:.s 3.500: ; rc.r.Kcrutor IT,;,; unclutiiKcd. iDark cranberry boar.." ; l.iL-ht c:.i:ibrrrv bean.' j j Wl::'c pea !)• ans .$4.01, | :n"ti.' !.:,()-;.' .$4.0<i I Hojjy—Kireipts 1.500: P els. 10 ,?en!>, !r>\ver. Poultry 2 11;-. and up S1.7J 52.25 52.4.7 $2.75 in.irkct pros- on Major I U. 25 and Alabama 20. u,,. — i -— *•-•£* x^v^AAA^^AX, UA1WG feated and untied, as are the wolves and bucks. V Bernie Bierman, Minnesota coach says Ohio State has a fine team but not as good as Purdue, which held the Gophers to a 13-13 tie in the Boilermakers' only league game thus lar . . . Tom Harmon apparently has a good chance to score more points in the Big Ten this season than Jim Langhursb of Ohio State did last year in leading the conference . . . Fritz Crisler, Michigan coach, can take bows at least for doing all he could to Keep the score down against Chicago ... but his high spirited second and third teams simply would not co-operate. BOXINGT Alex Kettle's, yuwi puiiu, ma., (1). PHILADELPHIA — . 133, Philadelphia, (10). — Clarence Burman, 190 , ' J ° e °' Qattl ' lf>0 - tTIMOBE—Bucky Taylor, ' ' " Lew 138H. 'ALO—Le'roy Evans. 204, Buffalo 3 out Pete Conley, 257. Parrell! ORLEANS—Jimmy Perrln. 127 ,1«»tt». outpointed Eddie Landecr] HOago, (lu), , 'BBpRQH—Charley Burl«y, i«lfe. •j|h. knocked put Mickey Maka?; " W: 1 ( \.,, ^,—Pat»y Perronl, 185, Can- >»nte4 Chuck Crowell. 215, Loa Overlln, 162?i, Deca- Ben Brown, ieo i ,i, Atlanta, , ,. d Al Held, 129, New M»*r-J}m Howidi, 240. New K*d out Al |Urt, 217, Waah- Lane, 167. out Buddy on- ling S? the evening. jdon, N. D. There Starkweather and embina teams, playing for H. Benson, sec- to 12-12 tie. enberg had 2,605 pins to the Camera Shop's 2,579. Weyenberg was also credited with high team game of the evening, 926. The final match saw the AtPlneC]ty Marshall ri;-ld 1 Masonltt- Corp Mon.gornery Vv'iird . . Motor Wht-cl Ncifh-KeUitiiilor .... National Bi.-cuit . ... Natl Puwc-r te Light 1 New Ycrk Central .. American .. .. 'M 17 to Minn, they Recs sink the Moose lodge Lather star- The strong Rotary five, led r — —._, .,., by George Slaggert and Al | three straight. ^.ncr s.cii- Vestling strengthened its first ! red for the winning aggrega- place position in the Industrial jtion, hitting 538. 'Read was league by sweeping three games j second best with 516, including from £\ Qf.rrm cr A -nt or«ir»o.-. T o 11» ' i-t Ofl'T r*-o i-*-i r\ r:«.,i r\rt« ^ *J™ ~ t/ *rf"«-^^**.*^ vm \s\* ^jtAliiV^O from a strong American Laundry team. The three wins give the Rotarians 14 wins against only one loss. With the Weyenberg crew losing two out of three to the Camera shop, the Rotarians picked up two full games and now lead the second place shoe rianu- facturers by three game's. The other match rolled at the Recreation alleys Monday night saw the Recreations jump back m the thick of the fight with vr ree decisive victories over Moose lodge. Only the last game of the Rotary - American Laundry match was close. The first Place outfit captured the first game by 147'-pins, the second by 164 but the last by only three pins. Vestling and Slag- S e .rt led the way to victory with 540 and 535 respectively fi T-Tnlln*. 4-« . a jif . * a 207 game, first 200 game for "Peck" this year. H. Jury was the bright light for the Moose squad with a substantial 512 series. N. Peterson O. Myers . F. Eriksen R. Johnson. H. Jury .. Handicap . Moose (0) 180 .121 .126 121 .191 . 29 134 135 116 143 173 15 128—442 158—414 152—394 150—414 148—512 23— 67 are about ready'to adopt some j Radio ...'.'.I'.'.;: such plan. In the last four : R"iio_Kuth-orp games, Pine City's opponents haven't scored a point. Thr trouble is—neither has City. St. L.-San Fran . . Pinp i Scars-Roebuck .... 4 1C , South Cal Kdi.^n . Standard Brands . . i Standard Gas iv El , Standard Oil Cal . Standard O;) Iiid . Stand Oil N J •H" •15' 2<J I 3 ! 2T , Lakes. Captains Under Suspension CLEVELAND, Oct. 24.—(ff>>— uimca U( Thirty-day suspension of two i L s stc .1 3 28 27 47 ; l.e;.r!mri: l-.i-; ; H ..•..->•;,• hens I'lv:n';ii r .r. liock .springers. i ULicKr 4 it).* f Plymouth P.OC'K. springers. j Colored KprinRtrs •5 IDs. and up 17c i Grain ' ShelloJ com. cwt $1.05 ! Rye, cwt 85c 1 O:.t.s. c-.vt Sl.00 ; Wheat, csvt $1.00 i Produce !E% r s 21c i Hides I. \K'.'fl 6c ! ' i llo::e '..a'-c j i i w "„" I , S.IKUKW, lieans i ' (,'ii(i'.!i ion 1 - in IXill.'i 1 .- :md Cen'.si ! fcAt;r:;.\\v. M.I;I! . Oct. IM ,!•.. Mich- ':'.'..u fifiu .Sl.:i>;> :-' AsxjfUitu^n Tues- ; jci.iv jjru.".-.-: Ha:i(l]jich',-d pea bean*, per 1 I (-vi . ::.•)'): !rui<J;j;r:-;. t! red k.dneys, lii;ht. ;j.: dark, 4. han<:i>:cked /elloweye.-,. ^.50:, ' ! hiindpieke'j rl.-ci;ee recleaned cninbcr- i | ni -.. lirht. 2.W: dark. 1.90. | i ISenton Harbor I'loiiiiec i Quotations in Cents) BENTO.V HARBOR. Mich.. Oct. 24.-I '.-r f'ricc, -paid here Monday on 9.848 I packages ,v.Te: Apples--P,u..iii Is. No. 1, '.!> , In.. Dell- 'cinu-. 70-i.;; Kini{s. 5..-B.; "York Ini- M-CO: Baldwin.'-,. WaKcner.s. ..(J; Detroit PiiuHry 'CJU'itav.ons in t'en'.s) Drnion-. o.-t. •<.•; ,r -poultry M;i:.s-'f <.i-.v jl n- 5 !hs up. l(j; under 5 1'.' '.'.'.-. leKhorn hen- :•. !b, tip 11 '.-o'-k-. i! an 1-10 R.-ck sprincr-rs. 15. colon d spr:iipf/:s. l.M. i<'v!-.y: :; sprinuers 12- Ir n !urke\s. in Ib- up 19: torn turkev<. 15 Ibs up. 18; di;ej.>. white 5 Ibs up 12 i • • Chicago Poultry iQuotfltluiin In Cents] CHICAGO. Oct. 24. —,,P,_Poultry-Ro- ceipts live. 40 trucks; market steady to firm: Inns. 4', |fc v up. IS'..: White Rock springs. 4 Ibs. up. HI_,: other prices unchanged. Detroit Dairy i Quotations in Cents i nr-rmorr <>• M i> .nm '•ie«!;nerv in t'.ilj'-. :K' .-27' .. r ..... Best r. j Ciliu-. |i)-a.;; K.lni{s. a..-' • ])( rials. CO. .'.'.avnuin.'.. ~i<l ,.. ( -i f .-. r jfj. B. T: Davis. 40-45; Studebaker 9:1 j Und .rwood El 45 i : 89:i., j c 768 716 759 2243 Recreation (3) — *•"«./ ^^"'J u L*<Jivv,ii^ij.\jii \ji L W U ; ^- O OtC'. Great Lakes captains as result '• Yellow T of a ship collision last June 8 in | stock the Straits of Mackinac, was announced Monday night by Great Lakes supervising inspector for the Federal Bureau of Marine Inspection and Navigation. Charged with failing to navigate at a moderate speed in a (Compiled By The Associated Press) 30 15 15 6., Indus. Rails Util Stock.-: Net change ...UnchUnch A.2 Unch Today 75.V 2.'J.f) 40.1 ..X4 Previous day .. 7.0.7 23.0 39.9 53.4 Month aKo .... 70.1 23.8 38.8 535 Year ago 77.7 21.7 37.4 53 4 The letters c. O. D. (meaning | fog, were Andrew S. Coleman of !"cash on delivery") originated Reed 1R9 147 orw Kir ' 10 K. were Anarew ». uoieman oi . caa " u " uunvcry > origma.ea Hallett iaq in-. 171 f«* i the cit y of Cheboygan and Lou- •• in the railway express business Harvey '.'. ." 145 iw iIJz!!.? Is F - Stahan of the St. Ignace.i 98 vear ' j a S°Harvey 145 Lather iso Wright 141 159 167 176 IQI C.-3Q i Tne vessels are owned 191—508 ! St - te of Michi g an - NKKHKIM MOTOR f^O by the 817 752 907 2476 Holmes Camera Shop (2) Fourteen persons were injured, none seriously, when the ships ran together in a dense foe. 138 .169 a game of 209^ only" 200 j Richardson. ni posted in the matcli. A (Taylor 155 — — — »••** WMIS 4 V^OlJCV^lil V C i J **vyi**iv,o. , G. Haller topped the losers ! Schmock . with a nice 520 total, includ- JMueckler... . . • — - --- *-* u**»- **i.Wiy%,ii. f\ late starter, Haller has turned ine gamCS the last Weyenberg's strong five lost ground In the championship chase by winning only one game from the fourth place f Sh ° P Crew " The y lost won fK two . the second by 75 and the finale by 100 Handicap.... 91 210 169 113 153 161 91 856 897 826 2579 Weyenberg Shoes (1) pis Holmes paced his team to its two wins with a 494 series and high game of 210. i fi. r i sin S with a rush the top of the individual bowling averages, chalked up a nice 585 series, tops for 212 „. i. He also up high single game, George Hillman, leading _. CB - ler in the Industrial, lost a iit- irouod iia the averages but iayed some consistent feowl- Hillman ....182 Kobetich ... 172 Benson 153 Stalter 162 180 181 128 166 157 193 Js^a SCALDED IN TUB 118—362 ! DETROIT, Oct. 24.— (A')— Left 157—481 I in the bathtub Monday when her 18"6—497 ; mother was called to the tele- 91—273 ! phone, 11-month.s-old Sandra Lloyd reached over, turned on the hot water faucet. The scalding water inflicted burn., which caused her death. 181—544 161—46,1, 205—529 167—486 212—505 854 825 926 2605 Rotary (3) Slaggert 195 Vestling 151 Pell 154 Rohn 185 Atkinson 156 175 196 180 167 174 165—535 193—540 163—497 155—507 165—495 841 892 841 2574 American Laundry (0) 157—440 183—457 178-410 Koudelka ...149 134 Taylor 141 ,133 Hasten 115 117 FREE! CIDER & DONUTS or COFFEE & DONUTS to Every Person Visiting the Monarch Finer Food Display Now on at THE PARK STORE Retailers Notice! This week .special salesmen will call on you from this firm to talk Electric Light Bulbs They are ready to offer you good buys. Do you stock, for your trade Cellulose Tape? It comes in two forms, commercial and gift. Ask our salesmen. ji H. C. Sohrink 6c Sons WHOLESALERS TEMPERATURE A A TODAY AT 11:00 44 Weather Ftm-c&al Lower .Mirliicaii: Intermittent rains with lisin- n-mpe'ialiire to- and \V( dncsday. COLD DAYS MEAN— Fires in the furnace. We have a coal to suit any purpose and any purse. You Ret full measure. THE LUDINGTON LUMBER CO. For Correct Time Phone 99 WOMEN WHO WANT TO STAY SLIM . . . can do so by learning t «- to bowl. Bowling furnishes •" •' just enough exercise for •! •• office workers and homc- ,• makers. And it's easy to •I learn.' We'll give you all •« [• the instructiou you need— ~ •J free! Try it today. J SMITH'S :: RECREATION LYRIC TONIGHT 7:00-9:00 30c and lOc "Added Short Subjects" WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY 4 'I I:

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