The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa on April 13, 1933 · Page 7
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The Malvern Leader from Malvern, Iowa · Page 7

Malvern, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 13, 1933
Page 7
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ff H. H. A*** »*d 'over to EtBott SM*ra*t i weet-ewd vMf Mth otd ' R. W. Matniefd wM fttfeef. the *entef fcftd Mrs. aad Mrs. Walter KWp^ frtftg of Underwood drove down thtfsday to get now* baby «rtek« «t the Wilson Statcftery. They too* back 700 chicks with them. they bought here last year and ffked thett so well that tfcey came again, the Wilson Hatchery Is developing a widespread patronage. Fred Borene returned Friday from a week's visit with his daughter. Mrs. Edna Vafli St«n- befgen. and family at Prairie City, tte went by bus by way of fjonnctt Bluffs and Des Molnes. He says that It Is terribly wet over in that part ot the state. Rev. and Mrs. Paul H. Hicks and two daughters of Logan were in Malvern Friday visiting with old friends of whom they have a targe number here, they were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. B. & Bayes. this Is their third year at Logan and they seem to be prospering nicely In their work. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Donner from southeast ot Btrahan were trading in Malrern Saturday afternoon. P. 0. Bayes ot Btrahan was in Malvern Saturday afternoon and attended the sale. Miss Myrtle Acbenbach of Strahan was In Malvern Saturday. James Durbln from southwest of Emerson was In town Saturday. John taylor of Emerson was in town Saturday and attended the sate. t. R. Ellison from over Emerson way was In town Saturday greeting old time Malvern friends and attending the sale. Irving Fisher of Emerson was in Malvern Saturday shopping and greeting old friends. Mr, and Mrs. C. B. Jones and daughter, Evelyn, of Council Bluffs drove down last week and visited until Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Walker and other friends. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Ungry from south of Emerson were in Malvern Saturday afternoon shopping and visiting friends, they Bay that there is an unusual 'Amount of sickness in that vicinity, especially among the older people, Annabel and Mrs. A. J, Nickerson apent Sunday in Silver City. Clarence B. Day of Qlenwood drove over last Saturday and brought some things for the community sale at the Malvern sale pavilion and spent the afternoon • here. 70 days for only $1.00, Nebraska's most interesting newspaper, The Omaha Bee-News, i Miss Emily Bound WM over from Gtenwotfd Strtday for a vfsft with Malvern friends **d in the evening favored the attdlence at the trhfon services in the Methodist church with a beautiful Vocal solo. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Croute et Strahan were In Malvern satttf- day evening shopping and Visiting frtends. Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Allely and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Allely Jr. ot Council Bluffs Spent Sunday at the M. L. Allely home near Randolph. Mrs. Robert Campbell and daughter, Joyce Ann, visited Saturday night at the home ot her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Nof- val. in Randolph. Miss Ruth Llndsey had as her 4*a been <*nfte crfticafly ifl tot toiue t!«* past a*d at pteWeM tittle tf gn» 0* imftotettent. MM* Vio!* Woodnll «* » was a wee*H&M g*e*t of Ml** Charlotte Dye M MatVefn. Miss Winifred Steele of Omaha wa* lit Matvefn Monday evening and* Tuesday visiting Mfs. Setfti Fletcher afld othef friends. Mi*S Steele taught in Matvefn last year. Mrs. Bert Bolus and children, Mrs. Mabel stone, Mrs. George Stone, and Phyllis Wlllard ot Omaha were visitors in the A. 8. Marshall home Tuesday, they came to see Mr. Marshall's moth ef who has been confined to hef bed tor the past three weeks. Foy Bacon has been at work the past week repainting, decorating and otherwise fiting up his store room recently vacated by the Cox grocery and John Ba- inoving his restaurant in MISS Mum uinusey n«u »o «•<» gon j a moT | n g his restaurant m guest Thursday, Friday, and Sat- today j rom the nett door ftor t ni nrdav. Mrs. George D. Sullivan of t> tr t>i«&* had h««tai»« in . George t». Sulllran of Shenandoah. Mervlh Turner who drives one of the big Waller trucks met with a very serious accident last tnes- day night while driving into Omaha over the pioneer trail with a truck load ot cattle. Owing to the chilly wind he had closed the windows of his cab. A leaky gasket allowed the gas to escape In such quantities that when discovered he was almost overcome with the fumes. A doctor was summoned and Mr. Waller called. He brought up another driver and took the young man to his home southeast ot Hastings where he Is now convalescing nicely; but, it was a narrow escape. Harry E. Smith ot Des Molnes drove down last Friday and is spending a few days with his cousin, Elmer Flckel, and other old time friends south ot town. Mr. Smith lived here as a youth but left here some thirty-five years ago and has made few visits here since then. He finds a great many changes, ot course, but still finds a number of his old time friends. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Peterson from near Strahan were in town Saturday and made our office a brief call. Our good friend, Albert Pontow, from northwest of Hastings was In Saturday and called to check up his paper for another year. Count? *i Cytlatw Awtfdi Club* pirty, whatever ft f», ft lot oi tan. At letrtit was in Saturday and took occasion to call and advance his Leader subscription. C. L. Ballaln from down near Imogene was in town Friday and made us a pleasant call as he .renewed his Leader subscription for another period. Miss Helen Pace was a Satur- Mi B s Enid Wil- R. K. Piper had business in Omaha yesterday. J. M. Steele made a business trip to Council Bluffs Wednesday afternoon. Benj. R. Haroff of Hastings was in town Saturday and made our office a brief call as he ordered some printing. Mr. Haroff is a candidate for the office oti county superintendent of schools. He has had a number of years of active experience In school work but for the past year has been engaged in the banking business. Mrs. H. A. Deardorff suffered a severe attack of illness last thursday morning that left her In a rather serious condition. She soon begun to Improve, however, and at latest report was much better. She will soon be able to be out again. Betty Lou Bonnet went down to Randolph one night recently and visited over night with her cousin, Winifred Atkinson. Miss Enid Wllcox has t>een a guest the past two weeks in the borne ot Miss Helen Pace. Alfred Coons left Tuesday for Marshalltown where he will receive treatments at the soldiers' home. Mr. and Mrs. Anay Berkhlmer drove to Shelby, Nebr. last thurs- day to visit their eon. Paul, and family, they returned Friday and were accompanied by Mrs. Paul Berkhlmer and little daughter, Carolyn Louise, who will jciatt*BilkS)BMH*MhwJta T*&liJ will come for t Janet Bennett went to Ran- waft *6t tfe* 185 ot mote et jafttof 4-H clot* of Mim eotrtrtf Monday evening a* th«y romped and contested over the fioot ef Ifce Malvern Cototenhity building auditorium In their an- nnal fan test, termed thi* year, tot reasons well known to those who attended, a "cyclone patty." With games nndet the direction of Mis* Fannie Buchanan ot the ettenrton service, 4-H tnetn- bet* and guests started a graad match, a**«nbled Into teams, and competed la an tndoot field meet which included most annsnal spott*. the rapidity of inort of these may Well have accounted for the cyclone part ot it. tUckurd talks Preceding the games several awards and talks of interest to the club members were given. F. 8. Rlckard, secretary ot the Omaha Live Stock Exchange, gave a short talk and presented a num- »**• of ftfft a* ftffcet, * He tit* ** **»* ** A Hkngsmtnts *ot tie |***«» ttrt first Ufttt MMMt city, the ft**. samtt, p*«wf » Cttttetfan eftafefc o< «i* . «*d place "etlettted. ftrHai was at Bioni Cttf. Alvin Cllfften, son ot Maty tm»n, was tor S^Otf* JfCftft«j f9Ot 4r -- - -' eldest of sit children, two sisters and his father have preceded hint in death. H« catne to Matvefn *t the age of twelve years and gfew to manhood hefe. Me was married ia 1893 W Miss Maggie Wattefs and to this nnlon wefe boffi twe sons, George Cllfften and F>ank La Vefn, who with afcothef son by a later marriage, ted, of Bio** City, survive. Besides the softs he is survived by his aged indthef Mrs. Mary Dunn, of Malveffl, two brothers, Robert of Poflea, Nebf. and Wiley, and a sister. Mrs, KBAVB *••» siw ^BF«» w —- —"— ftlf mfi* mftfBCffy <0*H*Um.9*LXL~ 29» AOIFW ••* •*§••««• ""'""IV'^ Ss&s fcf iHff ftMMMj; ***• tfti*fc rfflTi-rt: *&& ju..a.-**Jt. ,£=» wA&fefifttti &ft WffOCTRi* HOVta vt MBITBm . on Apttt I, If II* aged wrWKtr- y«rg and twenty-fit* day*. ghe WtA fn MafWft tsstttf __ til the time of %ff «raftt*g* if teftii-jn 1 jt& fc| y fc.jjj /a-fijfttL Jfclfctfitfe "• A- aia jtAJOT ¥VlII n. nftJwVfTy^ winCw ownrrvu at stttef iStf* e* **». i*> i*&4. • Att 6t fc*f «*f«ii W*«M near Stive* City *hd Mai- tefn. M* M ST-'SKffSSRM? 3=!L»Ksl JfiStt his baby beet, Jamie Summers tot hi* market pigs, Gerald Leu tor his catvee and sheep, torn Bentoff for hi* market pigs, Edward Wearln tot his calves and pigs, and Paul Shaw for hi* baby beef went framed Master Feeders' certificates, indicating the advancement of these youthful farmers. A silver loving cup nearly eighteen Inches high, was also presented by Mr. Rlckard to the tflshna Valley Pig club, three of whose members, Edward Wearin, Jamie Summers, and torn Benton, pooled their three best fat barrows at the last Ak-Sar-Ben stock show to win championship honors in that class of competition. Training Needed Henry Bach, president of the Mill* Farm Bureau, addressed the group for a few minutes, telling ot the necessity and value of farm vocational training in schools and in 4-H club work. "We must insist that such work continue," said Mr. Buch, "because It gives the poor the same advantage as the rich from an educational standpoint." Mr. Buch told ot such educational work in Germany and in German schools and said that the average degree of success ot most immigrant farm dolph Friday evening to spend the week end with her cousin Winifred Atkinson. those going to Sioux City Monday for the funeral were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Nelson, Wiley Dana Royal C. oi Glen wood; tfottef & Of Ontaha; Haiel, now Mfi, CMs. Wllhelffl, Of Matvefn; one fehitd died in infancy and two otheft, Bertha May And Harry Ray, each died when about two years did. the husband and tathef parted away on March 8, ill?, and tteet of the time since Mrs. Maybeffy has made her home with hef daughter, Mrs. Wllhelffl. seven gratdchildren survive her. Aim* Maybefry ot Heatdton okta. and Wm. Maybeffy, gait Diego, Calif., were uaable to be present, but att the rest are here When she was a gift, she united with the Methodist church, and lived a devout Christian life to the end of her ttfe. Her faith has been and wltt be a stimulus LOST AND POUND „.„ gmr playm*t«T ttftll «e«* wirlte «fef «w»w — —frliitf el fcwd Ww chwt, whH* f*«t. A. " SEEDS AND FHEDS fiatiy Ohio Aisttope, Malvetfl. Bale «« timothy and ciovef - Clande Brooks, Phone Malvetfc. bar. Pl*fit* —Postpaid price* pet hundred! Dflniap, 60c. Red oold, fcoe. Prettier, «oc. Mastodon, |i.i!» ten cent* pet haadred cheaper at the gteefl hoate, Dale Kliae, Florist, Malvern inrs* j»»« i / 4^w«ovM» »» »«w^ — —-— aad danghter, Francis, and Mi** Edaa McCartney. Card of Thank* We take this means of extending onr appreciation to the Malvern Fire Department tor the beautiful flowers sent for the funeral ot A. C. Dunn. Mrs. Mary Dunn Wiley Dunn Mrs. Harry Nelson Vern Dunn Former Resident Buried Latt Week Funeral Services for Wm. Kneeland in Eugene, Ore., April 3 In last week's Leader wt had a brief account ot the death of Wm. Kneeland, for thirty year* one of the leading business men ot Malvern. Mr. Kneeland came here from Lucas county and was engaged in the clothing business here retiring la 1920 and later moving to Eugene,** Ore,, to all who knew her. She wa* a good neighbor, a good mother, aad was kindhearted to all. At Christmas time she always tried to bring cheer Into the live* of all she could. She wa* always helpful ia sickness. •Servant of God, well done! thy glorious farfare's paat, the battle's fought, the race i* won, And thott art ctowned at last." Phone 100 if you have Item for The Leader a new* DRS. KLINE & KLINE Or. O. M. Kline Or. J. A, Kiln* OttMpathlo Physicians Offie* Mursi 1 to 6 p. m, and 7 t* t p. m, on Wwlnttdsys and •*turd«y«, Other Hour* by App«lntmint Offle* ovtr lew* Mat* Saving* Bank X'Ray Dlapno*!* Ph«n««t Offlc* 1U. HOUM 1M ft* sate —Early Ohio . potatoes, 60 cents pet bu*hel. Also pure bred Bflft Orpington hatching egg*, $1,26 pet hundred. Willie Bolton, Hastings. 88-8, WORK WANTED Tom Shaw — Piano tuning. Leave orders with Collins Drug, Malvern, ot Prie*t'« Drag »U»f«, Hatting*. 36tt. Have Returned to Malvern to live. Would like housework of any kind la town or country.— Mrs. Vina Drake. »*•*• « you have a friend intonated in Mill* county tall htm about The Leader E MPRESQ TN •*• » •» ^ ^ ^k iTHEAtERO MALVERN The county chairman of the girls' clubs, Mra. Clinton Parker, told about the girls' club work and County Agent George Rosenfeld introduced a number ot club Dr. t, W. Gldley and son, Tom!leaders of the county. Jr., motored up to Exira last { Refreshments of sandwiches dally and Sunday, by mail or list station, this offer is limited. Send in your order today. 39tf. Mr, and Mrs. L. Z. Crozler and daughter, Frances, drove In Saturday evening from Ottumwa for an over Sunday visit with Mrs. •Crozler's mother. Mrs. Eva Pur- bin. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Orvllle Durbin and sou, Ivan, from southeast of Hastings drove over to spend the day with her, so that she had her entire family with her for the day. Miss Mabel Wlttuhn went to Tabor Saturday evening for an over Sunday visit with home folks. Mrs. J. W. Pointer of Sbenan- doah came up last week for a visit over the week end with her grandson, Mr. Elchelberger. and family of the Malvern Cleaners, and with other relatives and old friends. Mrs. Pointer was a real- dent of Malvern many 'years ago. cox at her home south ot town, Mrs. H. T. Seattle was In Council Bluffs Thursday afternoon where she gave an address before the members of the Council Bluffs chapter of Daughters of the American Revolution, at a meeting held in the home of Mrs. W. R. Rigdon, 823 Park avenue. The work of the D. A. R. in Mountain Schools was the subject of Mrs. Seattle's talk. Mr, and Mrs. Arva Burrus drove over from Crete, Nebr. Tuesday to look after some bust ness matters and visit a tew hours with Malvern friends. They were dinner guests in the G. 8. Eacrett home. Mr, and Mrs, R. L- Hale drove to Omaha Monday and spent the day in the city. Miss Anna Swanson, Mrs. Sam Dalton, and Mr. and Mrs. Chas, Hyler of Tabor were visitors in the A- S. Marshall home Saturday, Wednesday where the doctor gave a talk before the Botna Valley Veterinary association which is a branch of the State Veterinary association of which he la president, Mrs. Lee Henry accompanied them and remained there for a visit with her parents, Miss Gladys Ollleland and Earl Pace visited Sunday evening with her parents near Red Oak, Dr. D. M. Kline was called to Red Oak Sunday In consultation with Dr. W. S. Edmunds in regard to the illness ot Mrs, David E. Jones of that place, Clifford Dlllehay had the mis and apples, brought by members, were served, Following this a ihort session ot community slng- ng was held, led by Jeannette Luther of Wesley Chapel, In charge of the affair were the county girls' club committee and .he boys' club committee. On the first were Mrs. Clinton Parker, Mrs. E. U. Benton, Mrs. S. C. Lincoln, and Mrs. Frank Summers. On the boys', committee were 0, R. Hyde, Gerald Leu. R. K. Henderson, and B. F, Anderson. fortune to cut bis big toe quite badly Friday while chopping wood. The ax glanced sideways inflicting an ugly wound. Mr, and Mrs. E. W. Knight and Mrs COX Grocery «• Phone 9 T... Malvern »«•» our new larger building 3 doort north of the— atore. Plenty of room for our fine biy Stocks. | H*WK per quart vfry^geodi blt»d, frwh ;u,",::;:;;.;::: M. Flour *«J mil tAat ^^^ •*«»"«•. son, Edel, motored to Omaha Sunday for a visit with Knight's sister, Mrs. Lewis ,„.„ in, of Hastings, Nebr,. who hai come in to spend the week en< with her son, William, a studen at Crelghton University, Mr. and Mrs, Glen Moomaw and son, Bobby, came in from their home at Lincoln Sunday Mrs. Moomaw and Bobby remain ed lor a weeks visit with her par? enta, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Church* ill. Mr, and Mrs. Frank Churchill visited Sunday in the Lowell Elliott home near Sidney. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ralne visited Sunday in Glenwood with Miss Geneva Ralne who Is employed at the State Institution. Mr. and Mrs. Lawreuce Raoaijes .M Mrs. Fannie RUoades of Saenandoah motore4 UP Tuesday tor a visit with Mrs. lobB Suits, Mrs. Rhoades remained for ft longer visit with her law, Mra. Suits. Mrs. gtta Campbell and Walter FaublaB ot Anderson vlaited. Tuesday with Mr. and Hn. Rob* ert Campbell. Verue Walker ia having some Card of Thank* We desire in this way to express our heartfelt thank* to out friends and neighbors for their kindness, sympathy and help to the illness and death ot our beloved wife and mother, and for the beautiful flowers sent, W, G, Zanders and Children. Mrs. Frank Churchill and Mr. and Mrs. J, 0, Magulre were among the Malvero folks that attended the funeral of Mrs. I. 3> Humphrey ia Sidney Monday »ft* ernoon, Mrs. Humphrey passed away Friday nigfet very suddenly, The Humphrey faj&JJjr were fer* mer residents here. Mrs, s. n.'Bur*t yw talwa quite ill last Thursday au4 associates, and patrons during bis business career here, who learn with sincere regret ot his passing, the Eugene paper bad the following account of bis passing; William Kneeland, retired merchant, for many years a resident of this city, died early Friday at his home, 456 Thirteenth avenue east. He had suffered a heart all ment for several years but until the last few days bad been in fairly good bealtb, Mr, Kneeland was born at Chariton, Iowa, Feb, 6, 185$, He was a member ot one of the-oldest pioneer families in America, He was a direct descendant of Miles Standleb and also Ot John and Priscilla Alden whose Barnes are familiar to all in LongteJ« low's poem about the historic Pwritaa courtship. Mr, KseetaBd received bis in Iowa and spent moat CLASSIFIED ADS Qlenwood, Iowa FOR RENT For Itont—two modern house* in north Malvern. Call LandU Hardware. 38tf. HATCHING EGGS For Sale—S. C, B. I, R. hatching eggs, I8c per dozen,— Mrs, B. H. Crouse, Hastings, 39*2, iyUSCELLANEOUS of his active career there, For IB thirty years be was » merchant in JJajver^, Iew». the spring of PSO, be retlre4 came to Eugene with bis family, Mr* Kneeiaoa. iras, a member el the Masons ana ot tbs gong -of the American Revolution, • Mr. 0» marrte4 Uaw AUea, ibt Ul* e up and fthout again, uite a little better. Mr. and Mrt, J, R. Burst aughter, VaJ4a» Mr«. A. A, JJe tt , 09, Francis, a&d Tommy, aw} Mlsa Laura pumnjerfl, Joined, |a with the bridge plub Pf ye»i»«;er married folks »»cl 8JOtore4 to Max Benton fepma Bt H l«st Tuesday ai«b| tor a m*49 at their Tixe reuiodellnf ol a roam, of § (SB*n^W MI. m jtujai ylaUad "Qc*v*y^ __™-pw^' 1 ^^y for seme year* a teacher IB ifte «e«e schools »n4 JB various CaH- fornia schools, Jtfrsr J. B» fll tfeta fml WLLS-POTTAWATTAMIE ATLAS WANTED ftnted^^By customer of Milis Co, Abstract Co,, a copy of the Mills and Pottawattamie county atlas, published about , . Please write or call Mills Go, Abstract Co., aienwoQd, quotiae price sad condition, 86tf, »*»w jWjNuu»w» •» •*••»»» «*£» affWirj*! Cora |a exchange (or flour, meal and- chicken feeds, phase 886 Malreru. . 84-19 Friiiy ft dirol Lombard Robert Montgomery "THEULLIOM s« Ictoo* Butt, . __ . "TNEMpn mm Also Selected Short Subject* JOC Wtdietdiy ONK NIGHT ONLY MerclMwto' Big Bargain NUtbt Stewart Krwln in M Ni LEARNED ABOUT WOMEN" V Comedy AttlWttoB tor tbe wl»ole fjMwlly. ' Also Selected Shorts, Adm. toe qoo4 fnf>68 «t '• ^r >ovl "- if~^ it 2 ,. --*~v- ^ , r Xt' 7-u-^L *• ~ t r •**• ; at the M*l vern Sale Bwn f •••.->>.- V-,' . \ f '^ '<• ! -• tX . land, of saota Monica, QallJ.; 8>t wwlt koo.,,8 yrk «U, wt. l««0 1U. on them. was reporte4 fey Mr. In on High 18, We A toby daughter He, was bora to Mr, ftftd Mr»- Orogau - ...---.

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