The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 10, 1894 · Page 10
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 10

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1894
Page 10
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Jean dc (iarclii, horcoueln. Thumbs' father tells the story of his own early adventures In Spain, of bi fiarcln'a passion for ht» cousin and the vow to kill ber because she flod the countrv the bride of a deadly enemy. Thomas sweare vengeance on De (tnrcla. V— He sails for Spain. Lily Bozard pledges eternal love Viand VII—Thomas Is a medical studont nml finds employment In Seville with n popular quack—Dr. Fonscca. Be meets Do Garcia and Is prevented from killing him by a woman whom th« villain lias wronged. Vni and IX—Fonseca dies and leaves vast wealth to Thomas. De Garcia has gone to the Spanish Indies. Thomas sends his wealth home to propitiate Lily's father and sails for BIs- panlola. CHAPTER X. THE LAND-OF MONTEZUMA. As it chanced, a largo Spanish carak named Los Cinquo Liagas, or Tho Five Wounds, was about to sail for Hispaniola, and having obtained a license to trade I took passage in v her under my assumed name of D'Aila, passing myself off as a merchant. To further this deception I purchased goods to the value of 105 pesos, and of such nature as I was informed were most readily salable in the Indies, which merchandise I shipped with me. The vessel was full of Spanish adventurers, mostly ruffians of varied career and strange history, but none the less good companions enough when not In drink. By this time I could speak Castilian so perfectly and was BO Spanish in appearance, that it was not difficult for me to pass myself off as one of their nation, and this I did, inventing a feigned tale of my parentage and of the reasons that led mo to tempt the seas. For the rest, now, as ever, I kept my own counsel, and notwithstanding my reserve, for I would not mingle in their orgies, I soon became well liked by my comrades, chiefly because of my skill in ministering to their sicknesses. Of our voyage to the Indies much could be written after the manner of sea tales, most of all of Do Garcia, whom I encountered on a Spanish slaveship, where I found refuge after the loss of the carak, near the port of Santo Domingo. But I hasten now to write of my fortunes, both evil and good, and of my trials on account of De Garcia in the land of Montezuma, and of her whoso story I have long delayed, Montezuma's daughter. From the [xiwer of Do Garcia, for ho was an officer in that abominable slaveship, I escaped by leaping into tlio sea. In a drifting barrel I floated away when iho murderous slaves thought the sharks (vere making food of me, and from death jy starving I was spared through a fish /hat I snatched from the talons of a gull and devoured raw./ The hard •wood and ion. bapds of my fu'b shielded mo from the teeth of a ravenous shark, and in it I floated through the breakers to the shores of a owly lying land and into the mouth of a front Aver. At length, when the barrel iriftod in not more than four feet of water, [ slid down from it, and wading to tho Mnk cast myself at length there to rest and thank God, who thus far had preserved me miraculously. Then I staggered to my Tcet and walked along tbo bank of tho river till I came to a pool of rainwater, which on tho tasting proved to be sweet I md good, I drank, weeping for joy at tho ;asto of the water, drank till I could drink no more, and let those who Imvo stood in such a plight remember what water was to them, for no words of mino can tell it. After I hud drunk and washed tho brine Irom my face and body and been thus ro- Jreshcd I cast myself down to sleep in the ehudo of a bush bearing white (lowers, for was utterly outworn. , When I opened my eyes again, It was night, and doubtless I should have slept on through many hours had it not been for a dreadful itch and pain that took mo in every part till at length I sprang up and cursed in my ngony. At first I was at it loss to know what occasioned this torment till I perceived that the nir was alive vjith gnatllko Insects which mndo a singing noise, and then settling on my Mesh sucked blood and spat poison Into tho wound at one and tho same time. These dreadful insects the Spaniard* name mosqwltoos. Nor wore th^y the only files, for hundreds of other creatures no bigger than a pin's head had fastened onto me like bulldogs lo a baited bear, boring their heads into the ilosh, where in tho end they cause fosters. They are named gurruputuH by the Spanish, anil I take them to be the young of the tick. Others there wore also, too Humorous lo mention, ami of every shape and Blzo, though tliuy had this in common—all bit and all \vero venomous. Before the morning these plagues had driven niu almost to madness, for In no way could I obtain relief from them. Toward dawn 1 went and lay in the water, thinking to lesson my sullVrliigH, but before I had been there 10 uiinutos I saw u huge crocodile rise up from tho mud beside me, I sprang away to the bank horribly afraid, for never before had I beheld so monstrous and evil looking a brutp, to fall again into tho clutches of tho creatures, winged and crawling, that wore waiting for mo there by myriads. Hut enough of these damnable insects! At length (lie morning broke and found me in a sorry plight, for my face was swollen to thi) Hi/-A; of a pumpkin by the venom of tho mosquitoes, and the rest of my body was in little better case. Moreover, I could not keep myself still because of tho Hell- Ing, but must run and jump like u madman. And where was I to run to through tills huge Hwiunp, in which 1 could sue no shelter or tlgu of niuiif 1 could not guess, so since I must keep moving 1 followed tho bank of the river, HH I walked disturbing many crocodilesund loathsomeimuktu. Now, I Know that 1 could nut live lung in bueh suH'iu-Ing and determined lo struggle forward till 1 fell down Insensible and death put an end lo my tonnenU, For iin hour or muro I went on thus till 1 cumu to u place that was clear of biuh anil reeds. Across this I skipped ttiid dunceU, HtrlkliiK with my swollen found* at tho gnats which buzzed about my head. Now tho cud was not far off, for I was exhausted and near to falling, when suddenly I came upon a party of men, brown in color and clothed with white garments, who hud been fishing in tho river. By them on the water were several canoes in which wore loads of merchandise, and they wcro now engaged in eating, So soon as these men caught sight of mo they uttered exclamations in an unknown tongue, and seizing weapons that lay by them, bows and arrows and wooden clubs set on their side with spikes of flinty glass, they made toward me as though to kill mo. Now I lifted up my hands praying for mercy, and seeing that I was unarmed and helpless the men laid down their arms and addressed mo. I shook my hcnd to show that I could not understand and pointed first to the eca and then to my swollen features. They nodded, and going to one of the canoes a man brought from It a paste of a brown color and aromatic smell. Then by signs ho directed mo to remove such garments as remained on me, tho fashion of which seemed to puzzle them greatly. This being done, they proceeded to anoint my body with tho paste, the touch of which gave me a most blessed re- j lief from my intolerable itching and burn-' ing and, moreover, rendered my flesh distasteful to the Insects, for after that the; plagued mo little. When I was anointed, they offered mo food—fried fish and cakes of meal, together with a most delicious hot drink covered with a brown and foaming froth that I learned to know afterward as chocolate. When I bad finished eating, having talked awhile together in low tones, they motioned me to enter one of the canoes, giving mo mats to lie on. I obeyed, and three other men came with me, for tho canoe was large. One of these, a very gra>oman with a gentle face and manner, whom I took-to bo the chief of tbo party, sat down opposite to me, the other two placing themselves in tho bow and stern of the boat, which they drove along by means of paddles. Then we started, followed by throe other canoes, and before wo had gone a mile utter weariness overpowered me, and I fell asleep. I awoko much refreshed, having slept many hours, for now the sun was sotting, and was astonished to find tho grave looking man, my companion in the canoo, keeping watch over my sleep and warding the gnats from me with a leafy branch. His kindness seemed to show that I was In no danger of ill treatment, and my fears on that point being sot at rest I began to wonder as to what strange land I had come and who its people might bo. Soon, however, I gave over, having nothing to build on, and observed the scenery instead. Now wo wore paddling up a smaller river than tho one on tho banks of which I had been cast away and wore no longer in tho midst of marshes. On cither side of us was open land, or rattier land that would have been open had it not'bcen for the groat trees, larger than tho largest oak, which grew upon it, some of them of surpassing beauty. Up these trees climbed creepers that hung like ropes even from tho topmost boughs, and among them were many strange and gorgeous flowering plants tbat seemed to cling to tho bark as moss clings to a wall. In their branches also sat harsh,voiced birds of brilliant colors and apes that barked and chattered at us as we went. Just as tho sun set over all this strange now scene tho canoes oamo to a h:;:dlng place built of timber, and wo disci: 1 Marked. Now it grow dark suddenly, i.nd all I could discover was that I was being led along a good road. Presently wo reached a gate, which, from tho barking of dogs and tho numbers of people who thronged about it, I judged to bo tho entrance to a town, and passing it we advanced down a long street with houses on either side. At tho doorway of tho last house my companion halted, and taking mo by the hand led mo into along, low room lltwith lamps of earthenware. Hero somo women came forward and kissed him, while others, whom I took to bo servants, saluted him by touching tho floor with one, hand. Soon, however, all eyes wore turned on mo, and many eager questions wore asked of tho chief, of which 1 could only guess the purport, i When all had gazed their fill, supper was served, a rich inciil of many strange meats, and of this 1 was Invited to partake, which I did, seated on u mat and eating of. tho dishes that were placed upon tho ground by the women. Among those I noticed one girl who fur surpassed all tho others in grace, though none wore unploaslng to tho eye. She was dark Indeed, but her features wore regular and her eye.s fine. Her figure was tall and straight, am! tho sweetness of her face added to tho ciiann of her bounty. I mention this girl IK TO for two reasons—first, boeuuso she suvi il mo once from sacrifice and once from t >:auro, and, secondly, because she was none other than that woman who afterward became known us Marina, the mistress of Cortes, without whoso aid ho hud never conquered Mexico, But at this time she did not guess that it was her destiny to bring her country of Anulmuo beneath the cruel yoke of tho Spaniard. From the moment of my entry I saw that Marina, us I will call her, for her Indian numo is too long to be written, took pity on my forlorn ututo and did what lay In her power to protect me from vulgar curiosity and to minister to my wants., H won she who brought mo water to wuslfiii, and a clean robe of linen to replace my foul and tattered garment*, and u olouli fashioned of bright feathers for my shoulders. When supjxir wo* done, it mat was <.•! von 1110 to sleep on in a little room apart, mil hero 1 luy down, thinking that, thou.-ii I might )xi lost forever to my own world, nt. least I hud fallen among a people who wuro gentle and kindly, and, moreover, as I HUW from nmny tokens, no savages. One thing, however, disturbed mo—1 discovered that, though I was well trcuUxl, also 1 wus u prisoner, for a man armed with u ooppW' spear slept uerosa the doorway of my II tile room, lief ore 1 luy down 1 lookud through the woodun bars which served aw u protection to the window place uiid tww that the house stood upon the bonier of u largo ojHin spaoo, In tho initial of which u grout pyramid towuml u hundred foot or more Into tho air. On tho top of thU PyOttUld, wus U building of ujxiyo whlpjl I •took to be n temple, and rightly, lul ffbnl of which a flre burned. Marveling What tho purpose of this groat work might be .and In honor of what faith It was erected I wont to sleep. On tho morrow I wns to loarn. Here it may bo convenient for me tc state, wlmt I did not discover till after ward, that I was in tho city of Tabnsco tho capita! of one of tho southern prov inoee of Annlumc, which is situated at a distance of sonrc hundreds of miles fron the central city of Tenoctitlon, or Mexico Tho rlvL'i 1 where I had been oust away was tho Bio de Tabasco, where Cortes landec In tho following year, and my host, o rather my captor, wns the cazique, or chief •of Tabnsco, the snmo man who subsequent ly BreseutQd Marina to_ Cortes. Thus it, camo about tfiuf, with tho ex ceptlon of a certain Aguilar, who, with some companions, wns wrecked on the coast of Yucatan six years before, I was the first whlto man whoever dwelt among tho Indians, This Aguilar was resouec by Cortes, though his companions wore nil sacrificed to Huitzel, tho horrible war god of tho country. But tho name of the Spaniards was already known to tho In dlans, who looked on them with superstition* tear, for in tho year previous to my being cast away tho hidalgo Hernandez de Cordova had visited tho coast of Yucatan and fought several battles wfth tho natives, and earlier In the santo year of my arrival Juan do Grlgalva had come to this very river of Tabasco. Thus It came about that I was set down as one of this strange now nation of Toules, as the Indians named the Spaniards, and therefore as an enemy for whoso blood tho gods were thirsting. I awoke at dawn, much refreshed with sloop, and having washed and clothed myself in tho linen robes that were provided for mo I camo Into the largo room, where food was given me. Scarcely had I finished my meal when my captor, tho cazlquc, entered, accompanied by two men whose appearance struck terror to my heart. In countenance they were fierce and horrible. They woro black robes embroidered with mystic characters in red, and their long and tangled hair was matted together with BOUIO strange substance. These men, whom all present, Including tho chief, or cuzlque, seemed to look on with the utmost reverence, glared at mo with a fierce gleo that made my blood run cold. One of them Indeed tore open my whlto robe and placed his filthy hand upon my heart, which beat quickly enough, counting Its thi-obs aloud while tho other nodded at his words. Afterward I learned that ho was saying that I was very strong. Glancing round to find tho Interpretation of this act upon tho faces of those about me, my eyes caught those of tho girl Marino, and there was that in them which left mo in little doubt. Horror und pity were written there, and I knew that somo dreadful death overshadowed inc. Before I could do anything, before I could even think, I wns seized by the priests, or pabas, as tho Indians name them, and dragged from tho room, all the household following us except Marina and tho ca- zlquc. Now I found myself In a great square or market place bordered by many flno houses of stone and lime, and some of mud, which was filling rapidly with a vast number of people, men, women and children, who all stared at mo as I wont toward tho pyramid on tho top of which the flro burned. At tho foot of this pyramid I was led into a little chamber hollowed out In its thickness, and here my dress was torn from me by more priests, leaving mo naked except for a cloth about my loins and a chaplot of bright flowers which was set upon my head. In this chamber wcro three other men—Indians—who, from tho horror on their faces, I judged to bo also doomed to death. Presently a drum began to beat high' above us, and wo wore taken from tho chamber and placed In a procession of many priests, I being tho first among tho victims. Then tho prigsts set up a chant, and we begun the ascent of a pyramid, following a road that wound round and round its bulk till it ended on a platform at its summit, which may have motsured 40 paces in tho square. Heuco tho view of tho surrounding country was very flue, but in that hour I scarcely noticed it, having no care for prospects, however pleasing. On the further side of tho platform woro two wooden towers 60 fcot or so in height. These were tho temples of tho gods—Hultzol, god of war, and Quetzal, god of tho air—whoso hideous efllglos, carved in stone, grinned at us through the open doorways. In tho chambers of those temples stood small altars, and on tho altars were largo dishes of gold, containing tlio hearts of those who hod been sacrificed on tho yesterday. Theso ohamlwrs, moreover, wcro liiurustod with every sort of filth. In front of tho tomplcs stood tho altar whereon tho flro burned eternally, und before, it was a hog backed block of black inurblo of the slzo of an inn drinking table, and a great carven stone sliupod llko a wheel, measuring some 10 foot across, with a copper ring in Its cantor. All theso tilings I romomborod aftor- wurd, though ut the tlmo I scarcely scorned to HCO them, for hardly wore wu awlved at tho platform whon I wan Bolzoil and drugged to tho wheel shaped stone. Hero a hide girdle was put round my waist and seen ml to tho ring by a ropo long enough to unable, mo to run to tho edge of the •tone und no further. Then a Hint pointed •pour wus given to me und spears woro given also to tho two captives who accompanied mo, and it wns mudo clour to mo by signs that I must fight with them, it being tlielr part to leap upon tho stouo and mine to defend it. Now I thought tbat if I could kill llicso two poor creatures perhaps 1 myself should bo allowed to go free, und so to save my Ufa I prepared lo tuko thulra if I could. Presently tlio head priest gavo a signal coninmndliig tho two men to attack me, but they woro so lost in foar that they did not oven stir. Then tho priests began to Hog thorn witli leather girdles till at length, crying out with pain, they run ut mo. Ono rouuhod tho stono und leaneij upon If u little b.eforo tho other, anil I stiick tho spear through hU arm. Instantly lie dropped Ills woupon und Hod, und tho oilier man Hod also, for thoro wan no fight in thom, nor would any Hogging bring ilium la fuuo mo again. Keelng that they could not muko thom brave, tho m-iunU dotorinlnod to Imvo duno with thom. Amid u grout iinlno of mutlo und ehunting, huwhom I hud smitten wan Biilml ami dragged to tho ling backed block of uiurblo, which In truth wan a ulone of sacrifice. On tills ho wus cast down, breast upward, und held HO by live priests, two gripping Ids hands, two Ills logs and onu Ids head. Then, having donned a scarlet oloak, tho lieud priest, iho name- who hud fell my heart, littoral some kind of prayer, und raising a ounvd knife uf the- fllntllko glusn<V iutll struck open the poor wretch's hraibcfnti it single blow uud made thu uu- olei.l, nlTcrliiK to thu sun. AH ho did ihlnall tlio iiuillllndu In (hit plaee below, in full vluw uf whom Dili bloody gaiuu was played, prouiruUxl them- •olvou, remaining on their knees till the offering had been thrown Into the golden Ceiibor Iteforo the Kluluo of (ho god Hull- 811)1. Thej'cun the horrible priests, (touting < hemselves on tho body, carried it with Shouts to tho rdf;o of the p.vrnmkl, of t2o-1 en 111, and rolled It down the steep pldes. At tho foot of tlio slope it was lifted and. borne nvrnf by cei In men who wcro walt^," Ing, for what purpose I did not know at that time. ' ScRWely wns tho first victim dead whon the second was seized and treated in n like fashion, tho multitude prostrating themselves us before. And then last of all', cumo my turn. I felt myself seized nlid. my senses RWain, nor did I recover them till I found myself lying on the accursed stone, tho priests drugging at my limbs and head, my breast strained upward till the skin was stretched as tight as (hat of a drum, while over me stood the human devil in his red 1 mantle, tho glass knife in his hand. Never shall I forget his wicked face, maddened with the lust for blood, or the elaro in his eyes as he tossed back hi*- Struck open the poor ivretch's breast and made the ancient offering to the sun. matted locks. But he did not strike at once; he gloated over mo, pricking me with bh9 point of his knife. It seemed to me that I lay there for years while tho paba limed and pointed with tho knife, but at last, through a mist that gathered before my «ycs, I saw It flash upward. Then, when I thought that my hour had come, i bond caught his arm in mldaif and hold t, and I heard a voice whispering. What was said did not please the priest, For suddenly lie howled aloud and made a dash toward mo to kill mo, but again his arm was caught before tho knife fell. Then ic withdrew into the temple of the god Quetzal, and for a long while I lay upon iho stone, suffering the agonies of a hundred deaths, for I believed that It was dc- ermlned to torture me before I died, and ihat my slaughter hod been staid for this mrpose. At length I heard footsteps and shut my eyes, for I could bear tlio sight of that- Ireadful knife no longer. JBut, behold! no cnife fell. Suddenly my hands were ooscd, and I was lifted to my feet, on rhich I never hoped to stand again. Then ! was borne to tho edge of the teocalll, for ~ could not walk, and there my would bo murderer, tho priest, having first shouted ome words to tb* spectators Iwlow that caused them to murmur like a forest when he wind stirs it, clasped mo in hi* blood tained arms and kissed mo on the forehead. Now it was for the first time that noticed my captor, tho cazlque, standing t my side, grave, courteous and smiling. As ho had smiled when ho handed mo to bo pabas, so ho smiled when ho took me jack from them. Then, having been leansed and clothed, I was led to the anctuury of tho god Quetzul and stood face to face with tlio hideous imago there, staring at tho golden censor that was to have received my heart while the priests uttered prayers. Tlionce I was supported down the winding road of tho pyramid till I came to its foot, whore my captor, the ooziquo, took mo by the hand and led mo through the people who, it seemed, now regarded mo with some strange veneration. Tho first person that I saw when we reached tho house was Marina, who looked at mo and murmured some soft words that I could not understand. Then I was suffered to go to my chamber, and there I passed the rest of tho day prostrated by all that I had undergone. Truly I had come to a land of devils I And now I will toll how it was that I oamo to bo saved from tho knife. Marina, having taken some liking to mo, pitied ray sad fate, and being very quick wlttod she found a way to rescue ine, for when I hud been led off to sacrifice she spoke to tho cazlquc, her lord bringing It to his mind that by common report Montezuma, tho emperor of Anahuac, wus disturbed as to the Toules, or Spaniards, and desired much to see one. Now, she said, I waa evidently a Tcule, and Moutezuma would be angered indeed If I wore sacrificed In a faroff town instead of being sent to him to sacrifice if lie saw fit. To this tho ca- islque unsworn! that tho words wore wise, but that she should have spokou them before, for now tho priests hud got hold of me, and It wus hopeless to save me from their grip. "Nay," answered Marina, "thereis thL" to bo said. Quetzul, the god to whatu this Toulo Is to bo offered, was a white man. [Quetzal, or more properly Quotoal- coutl, wus thu divinity who is fablod to have taught the natives of Anuhuuo nil tho useful arts, Including those of government and policy. Ho wus whlto skinned and dark haired. Finally ho Bulled front the shores of Anahuao for tho fabulous couutry of Tlupullan In u bark of serpent*' Hkliw, Hut before ho gulled ho promised that ho would return again with u numerous progeny. Tills promise wus remembered by the Aztecs, and It was largely on account of it that the Spaniard* were enabled to conquer tho country, for they were supposed to bo his descendant* 1'orlmps Quetzalcoatl was u Noraomaul Vido sagas of JSrlu the Hod and of Tlior- llnn Karlsofno.] And It may well hnp- pun that this man U one of his children. Will it please the god tlutt hi* child should be offered to hlinf At thu loajt, If tho god Is not angered, MrmUizumu will certainly be wroth and wreak u vouguauoo on you und Uio prlchiK." Now, when thu cuzlquo hoaid tills he naw that Marina spoko truth, and hurry* Ing up tU teocalll ho caught the knife u» It wus in the act of fulling upon me. At first llui head priest wu» angered und culled out that this was sacrilege, and when tho vuzlquu had told him lilu mind ho understood that ho would do wisely not to run u risk of thu wrath of Montuziuna. So 1 wus loosed uiul lod into tho sanctuary, und when I came out thu palm uu- uomuvd to the people that- thogoil hud do- eluitHl me lo LM> onu of Ills elilldwn, uud it wu» for lliis reason that tlum uud tiiuro- utter they tmitecl mu with rovuruuco. OHAFTKB XI. TUB BAVISU OF (il'ATEMOO. Now, ufiur thU dreadful duy I was kindly dealt with by I lie people of Ttibuwio, who giivp me iliu name of Tunic, or Spun-

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