Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
Page 8
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r PAGE EIGHT THE lOLA DAILY REGISTElt, THURSDAY EVE>^ING, JANUABY 19.1928. DAM REGISTER CHA8. F., SCOTT v Ent«nN) ot the Ipla Postofflce S«<»nd Clais Matter. Talaphofie :.' i iS J, (Prtvnte Branch Exchange CnnnccttiiK ' AU Departroenta). » . SUBSCRIPTION RATES By Carriwr In I0I3, Csm City. I^Horpe « and HnwiHif, On« Wwk .. .15 Cer One Month 7i) iVnli' On« Tfr&i to BY MAIL ; ! Outtidft Allen County One Tw IS.ftt Sli MontiU) 1 ; IJ'! Thr**. Month? il.(.< I . Ifi^ A(l«n County One. Tear Uno Blx Months, JI.iE Thre* Mbiithn ....V .I1.S6 One Mdtith 60c Member of— National Editorial Attoclatton. Kantat Prei* AtiocUtlon. The Kancai Daily l.eagu«. Audit Bureau ot Circulation. Preai Congreu of the world. OfficUi Paper City of tola. Official, Paper City of Baetett. Official Paper Allen County. V MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. ^.Tbe Register uani^s tbe^a pTMe report by sp»>;iiil leased wlr» Tl>e AMoclaied Press-ls>xc)uslvcly i-n- Wiii to the use for i^publlcaUr.ii of ^fsewa dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited lii this paper. . an^ alao the local news pubU.ihed herein.' rights or n-piiWlcntlou of sjif- •jelaJ''dispatches h.-reln .are also re- f«r?«^ • _ 1^ ' So far as we hare heard them express tbpmselres on the HUbject the annoiwcement ttiat after next ax'Sunday automobile parking in. the iniddie of the streets, about the Square will not bcallovod was noted with (ItKtinCt disappoiutmdit' by iffoHp doing buslnesu on these strcels. The system has been In vogm- for sutne months now and haw met witli vi-ry t^merai apiiro- val, onpeclally by the farniora who have, found II a great convenience. The f'ifU'Ct ot this aystera park- inB is to iiyilve ihe passage way on pach Hide ot the row of cars a om— way Hireetjwiih ample roOni for driving and with no dangiir ot iiietllUK an approaching car and eo tat- im the .itegister ht|^ any rc<ord tln»ro has tioi beeu an ai- oldeni uf any importance due 10 I this :iyst^ni of parking since it went inioi effect. Indeed the general feeling ueenia lo be that It has 4essfned the 'danEer ot accl- deni. Tli« city coBiinissloners, of cour.ip, are acting for what they believe lo be the best interest of all con(?erned. but the Register un- dersiahds a petition will be pre- peujed to ibetn nskUig them to re- eonaider their order. '•• '. ^ COLOSSUS OF jlOADS- , BIO^OAD WORK PLAXXED. At a meting of the State Highway Qbmmfsslon ihi;^'week for the Sprppp©, of allottingl funds at the disi)Ofi«l of the Commission for toadVork ,.the old Red Star Route, ^jfila part D. S^73W, was mighty IrvII itrested. Douglas county was k\fai|a«d $^52,900 to aid in the com- ll^lM at the li miles of road t^at ^^fOuiios to be surfaced between LavoMioa and the. FVankliu coun- ^ llfl|& 'Frtmklin- county was giv: jn IUtS.000 to finlsih the hard sur- ficf aeroas that oounty. ..Aiid Neof^. \iae allotted $i08.uoo to ap- i^ly^ ojn toad between Chanute indsCbefiTTale. With these allott- ijie&ta there is every certainly that' ^[orl^ along this great It^w^y will jhv P lii msocure an ap|)<)iiiinient Jiis (|ifi paebed with all possiblf Mpeed Oil Iii.Mpeciur, and ibey did It. Air jfi th^it by the end of iy2<.' or al VV. lis bos been loynl to bhi rrleiidii; *orBt:early In 1929.. ."ouilif^ KHn-|bu ihty have iilso been loyal to Several nionib:) ago Mr. Wtill."! sent out feelers. The wis not what he had been led to e)cp* cL For years, he has been serving the Republican organization. II! has hewed wood and carried w Iter—all for love of the game B^t when h<f asked for something ithe fellows whom ho hfs served so faithfuWy and so wi 11 were somewhat less than lu tewarm toward his aspiraiions. 21 Dorado Times. That is not quite fair to Mr. W 'lls'a friends. 1^ ia to be retne'm- beed thai be twice asked his friends to support him for the office of State Auditor, and they did It. Later he asked his friends lo 4 Prize Winner WISTER OHOCOPrn 3 Clips mlUc .6. tatilespoons cortiirtarcrh hi cap sugar Ih^ stfuares' chocolate \s teaspoon vantlla Vk teaspoon sale ^ Mix dry lugred^ents. make into tihtn 4iia«ptb paste--with a- little milk. Amt-to heated milk in top of doable -boiler. Add melted chocolate. Stir to prevent lump». Cook'20 minutes. Adil vanilla audi poni- into moUls rinsed iff cold wu- 1 ter. Chill, serve with cream or; wliipped cream.—R. W. 1 tablesipoou sugar teaspoon salt Juice of I orange Juice of % lemon i 'A cup crushed ico ; Beat white of egg until stiff; add'- gradually, one-half the sugar and 1 salt, arid one-half the orangr 1 Juice. ,To yolk of egg add remain- I ing sugar and fruit-juice.s ..^ind i beat'uritU thick. Put U-^ in glass; i poiir In first mixture; then gently | fold In second mixture and ser\-e. i —R. Mi- FAVORITE SALA1> .HK§. tALVIX COnUDCE ••favorite Recipes of Fam. ourf Women;"' by : Ftoreoee StrattOn. gives this recipe by .Mrs. Calvin Coolldge,., Who proclaims a piiieappie and salad her favorite. Here It i», for youf; approval: "Place on a lettuce le.iTaslfcelof pineenple; cover with salad dressing;.over thi.'f press through a' potato «ieve <!ream cheese. Place a pre.servcd cherry on top." Kalad DresflliKT. ' • .Mrs. C »o 1 i d g e' s Jsalad dressing contaim* six table- .spDon.t' of pineapple syriip. two Level tablespoons of sugar, '.and butter the 'size of a- walnift. Heat lu a ihiuble . •boiler: add iveo beaten: eggR and rook un;.il it coals the spoon.'.Wii-.-!! cold, add whi!>- ped (•:t'a:ti. I'li: nvcr- ihi«- s.Tlad i'u.--,i hi-fori- serving. OLD.F.l.SKlOXED CfttLl - -.5 SATCE jtwo on- Six iarge rjpe tomatoes, ions, one red iiepper. one t Mi^pooii- ful cinnamon, .xalt. cidres. all-^pice, • one cup vinegar. Cook slOwly until mixture is thick enough rolpo 11 r I into jar. ^ Dried lima beans that have been soaked over night and cookett until. -, tender iire excellent served with • tomato .•Jiiuco., Another flavor that is good with Umas is curry pow.der. j ir.'^e it .sparingly in the "sauce .serv: ed with the heans. In Siberia people buy milk solidified and. for convenience. Jet it freeze around :i. stick wbioh serves as a handle m carry it. NtOHTS m hiiii and w-' djoubt if be au.tliorizes ilio_ animadverslou," that are now ! being cast upon tlieni because some The hitler word:; excliauKed on ihe nesi floor <l>f the ay bet ween Senators. Uetlin, of Alabama, a Ro^insou, out' of ,'. ion Gov. Al. church, ard Senate on W'eJ- two Deniocraiii |as' will bare a paved bigbwiiy cOQ]ie< ting with Lawrence .-lud "all jKJlnts east, west and north." "'The Fourth coad diaiiiei, torn-lot them do not bappeu to be ireu : Pf&Ing 17 counties in ibi:i I 'eotioiji j to support bim lor (Governor. HJA State, was well treated gen -1 _ iitally; the" allottmenta beiue -is Allen. 150.000; Anderson, t:iO.Otift; P^nrbon, $60,0<X?: Cliautaiiquh, $56,^ ()Otf; i-herokee, |42,noti; Coffey. }28.7Cn; Crawford, |47,000r Elk, .|33,&u«; Frankliii, ?ia2.000; Green?wood, 433,500:, I-iibelle. 530,800' -ilnn, b.OOO; Mialmi, $75,000; Nec^ ihp, ^108,000; Wilsoa $t0,000: .•|roodBon. f60,000, Total. |90S,050. i' ' liie county commissioners of Allea county Bsked for nllottir.ents - ^ aid of rebuilding four miles ot ' J^t^ Irom the river bridge west of 'Idj^ la aid of a new bridge, across peer Creek on the North State ||trejBt road, and in. aid of the Sav- qabur^-Elsmore road, lit all about ll^.OOO. The $60,tM)0 allotted to ^itia county, tberefore, is a pretty jteep cut and the commission ers -is yet do not know' upon just l^lt^ project It will be expended. I ' Til* 'alottments to Woodson and QrMawood hre small and indicate ' little work Is to be done in couatles. probably nothing D^e tbaa the building of some roads \ THE I)Ar.S XKH.S. ,Sir Ftlchani A. S. Fagri. who has recently .'trrived iiiN'ew York, liaa i-ouie lo A I 'lerica lo underluke the''bininl iu the United .Slates| of .-m iiii;liliile similar to Die itoyal | Ini'l ilhlioii ii( London, uf wlilcli he | is :i prominvnt ineinl)er. A Rroup * i>l iironiineiii Aiiiei Icruin liuv; :i.'ik~ ed liini'lo iiiiiierlalie (lie work, ibe pl:iii h'-ifif. 10 j"orin .an nrKani/.a- FIFTY YEARS AGO l.diiiir!.;! and .N(n>. Ilem^ iloni Ihe lain Keiclsler oiMu^k 19, IH|S. |- ICti-liil i • I'l III In IM ; til.Hi lilnl ill :i: Ihuii li'iipl'; .illy l.-liiv. Ill Hi-- r.nlji'iv <«o!i:' It ilio.Ji lliriiiif-li Wllicli leiliiioc.ll re-I p.- jlai'ioii-; Willi ilieLoudon i'nr-iituiion j''^"'1''^^' iiiiVti' be ]ii:(iii)ninedl .Sir Uieh.iid. 1' '/ wlio belongs to one of KnKlaud'a 1 iiicfMl historic laniilieK. ba.J long'i-ioii< r- pleil-liliK il;iy. the rnad.^ AVere left in «.tner-|fe:irfiil i-«iidiilou. aue the alternate ..,iini> jireeziiig .'ind iliawinf; has not im- ibeni a.H yet. x.'ikvii a iii'oiiiiiKur par J . tTKlit:; foi- seloiiifii: and h; ! adv;iui''-inei:l. He i;: a ml; nitliii-rou;: , li .sl in iidii!?Iria inber oi" I li-eliiiicai ao- niovt-il" A:..l.!i. S.UiJlt ilnoveil ih; ;l • ilicc Wi-i-K. ;ind llie.; —-—~ li.i l.>r llie Uilliiif, of I We were |il)-:i.serl ' to receive a iiU-^ 111 - Willi iiilo op i-;:!! from Mr. LamiiSlers la.^l Sat- !rUi' < xixii;-.- li'-en j nrday. lie iia.s been looking, over :I!J-I iii<- (•oiiiiiy I 'liiiiiiil:^'jour eoiiiity for the paat two or lui>-lv r<-;iiiiile.| iln- oi-iler. [ iliri-e weeli.-i. and iviil locale as ,1 ii.ucly i.iii l-.i II fViei lui:i ; IIMO|SOOII ;ii!if par The tlie developnienl of inveii lions. He was lor thre.- years aM- si;;taiil .'-eereLiry of tlie Admirally Board of Inv lili'- Loj :;i::ili-j _ j|rad<-d llii-ni nfl" of Arkan^aa, grow Heltin':i savage attack up-1 SaiUh and the CalUoiic 1'••''*-"'"'•^ ix-Raiava as a iiK-cial- ' Piiir M but a foretaste of the sort of oratory which will resound tbrougbout the country if Oovbrnorl Smith Is made the Democratic j nominee. It is to be hoped the vilio li-CeiVed :i ciirirUuiati lias for .1' base ball. a.-i be/ can find a farm iiiit. IJii family i!i.iio{.ping Carlvle. niioii :4 and Ucrfearcb. jol' \V" :ii'i- iiiloninil iha^ Ji. II. Sle- Vi'iisoir ii.'i:. |iMri'!t.'i: I'll .1 f.irlii (oi\o '.I'.iii III-..- ! ):inei', IJOb! country wll: be spared a campaign in which tb>? political principles of a party am the presidential qualifications of a candidate are forgotten in bigot ted and acrimonious quarrels over religion. Two of Ihe \ve4ithiesl f.'tuiilieH iu Aui!'Vi.:a will be jinked wlien Mar-' gai'.-l Dviotliy I'^abn. dauEbter of Oil 1 Kaliii. Ju.'ir;-ie:f .lolili llarr Ry.'iii. grandson of Tlioina.i For- tliii.- Hvan ' bas,' uilj. iiy v.liii-l uil'-iili'iii iiiilie of mil' iifliiial:; eoir:iil'r:il)l'- liioin-v n jiii-nili' am Im-^iii':- lo llll^;ine •^M ail- making II of au in lai.- '. ^verts and bringing earth ap tip .standard grade. However, iven tbat little helps. In all the State Highway Comls- . iioa distributed among ilie in.', 'purities of the State li.CiiO.noO as •^9 contribution of the Federal and j^i£ie (oYemmentH in aid of new ioiiki "The couniien will h;ivt§ -Jtbout three tiine.'v-iiiai amount .of^| '^Jmeir owa I'or ibo same,!; So'there will be a lively lot'of j .I'OSd building doui' in Kausa!: thi.s Two Council Grove men. together With a friend from Topeka, finding . ihemRclves- in need ot ptoney, robbed' a bank in, the Utile village of Auburn. TJay got the nioney all right, but Ihe^ w'ere V\!iii captured witbiu an hour and now .Mrs. face a prison sentence ranging from 10 to 5<i years. When ^s^\\ men learn that the hardest way In the world to get nioney is to steal lir 1 SCOTLAND ^.\liM. Jue Gilisoiil .i.m lO.- .Mr. and .Mrs K. I, C.ili- Koii .md Wiljis Gibsnn railed al John Cilwon's Fri<lay. Mr. and .Mry. Karl While ^jn-ni l;,,„i jSaiiirday niRbl and .Sunday at Jiiiij r.v viiMi-'ol till- -ion of a ti:ilr il<i//-n fine 1 hoi'oiij-llbreil pork>:i-. \v«- ifsii.ilfiilly iiiiliiiiil oiir i-hiii;!-; lo li.- (.'iii.iilin-il ;i cainli- joiii III- !-raiir«'. It being inipo.s.sibiei to baiil coal, ionie are cleUHnK oat their- old peach orchards for fuel. NEW; YORK SA1,.4IJ 1 4 slices p|neap|)Ie % cup celery cup nuts chopped 2 oarnges :^ Cream mayonnaise Lettuce Arrange slices of pineapple on nests of lettuce leaves.. Cut celery in sleiiider strips, one. and one-half incbes long, and mix wini uut meats. Pile In center o£ pineapple, and garnish with four seetion^ <rf orange, free from memorane. taiit symmetrically on pineapple. I'ass dressing separately.—R. M. ' BAX.VXA ( AXOKS C bananas 2 oranges 2; slices pineappl.» Salad dressing Berries or candied cherrt-.'^ With a sharp knife eiit a .sect.inn of skin fcora the concave i-urvo of the bananas, and earefiilly takeout the Constipation ruii|^ rest . STQNY POINT ' Mr. a'nd; Mrs. jWill Goti were ' Kan-sas City ^isitor.s Tuesday. .Mrs. Toni Ireland \'js)tediat ifr.=!. ! Alfred VoUmar's VTedneSday and Jieliieii to care for Mrs., Vbllmar's ; mother wlio is still qtiite sick. "-'Mr. and Ctfr's. ^\'ill Gott were vis- i itinjf relatives in Coloiiy Wednes: '^y- Sir?. Will Fuhrman and dangh- tors. Kditii and Ethel, and Mrs. Tom Ireland all attended the funeral ot .Mrs. Edith Norton iu Bron- Miii Sundar afternoon. .Mr. and..Mrs. George Bonughton Z rS^X-hfK^rt"""" 1 AL£:HAN •r^a;^;;;;^'^ .Mr. and .Mrs. Ben .'sftent Sumlay :it .Mr. Cait .Mayriiml)er".H. -Don't let this' deadly evil fasten? its hold upon yoti. Spots liefpre the j eyes. Dragging feet. ; Acting muscles. Sleeplessness. Thesiq are JTist a few of the symptoms. Constipation is the cause of more than lorty diseases. Protect yottrself—now. -KelltJgg 'si re- 'and lieve constipation saftly j proniptlj'. aiore—to prevent it Ijaat us suvdy. Eat two tablespooitfuls .Mr.-^. f:.'oif;e Urmigbton was j ^afly_j.},y„n;^ ^.^s^^^ ^^.jj}, iinarkeling li'er capons ia llroui^on [.Monday. •;. Mrs. .Milbom's mother who lias iaJway.vs made her home with her i daughter, passed away Monday alioiit noon at ibe age of OS year.-;. Till! funeral wa.s Iield Tuesday afi- every m<!al. Doctors recommend AiLL- BUAN because it ia 100% brain. J • Serve with milk or crejBim—and add fruits ior honey for-variiety. Mix with other cereals. jSprinkle into soup.^. \Jse it in cooking too. th«i fruit, leaving the skin iiT-'imnou al two ocloi-k ai ilu-house Recipes on package. GenuJne ALL-I shape, of a canoe. Pare burial wa.s in tlie ' llionson URAN is made by Kelloeg in Bat- oranges.; remove scction.s. .md cut ,.emet*ry_ tie Creek. Sold Lv all c-r«e«T^ i in pieces; mix with pineapple.iiu! 1 .Mr. and .Mrs. .An.-^iin M.-Farlantl . , , grocers.^ in pieces) and an »-<jual ainouii.t < and little rBon and Mrs. J. U". Mc- ot banana pulp (cut in pieces). Fill ; i-'arlaml dll vi.^it.ed Sunday after-i' canoes with fruit; cover with may-• no.iii at MV; It. U. Rogers'.?, onualse or French dre.'-siiiK: \ /,,><• Ifarderode returned lioin- sprinkle generously with paprika: ! .Snmiay after several inonth.-) spent lay on bed of sliredd.-d lettine. i m wesit-rnKan.saH ai his aunt's, and garnish with berrle.^ or/can-died cherries.—R. .M. Served at liotels, reataurants. Oik dimts. . ; Stranpers are neeu every day riding over th« pralrlen looking for land. What ha.-i betai known' as llie big prairie will 'siion be covered with farms.- ai- Wblle tile road landing west through the timber iu'sl across the bridge is in such a bad shape, we to call Ihtj atti^itiou ot our citizens to the siibjoct of mectdam- izing. We believe that a reasonable lax a.soe.s.sed and>honestly expended, would piit thetroad in good shape permanently, thus making Shooilni.' at "slass balbi" ban at-jibe free bridge Of more worth to trae)i.-il till- alteiiKion of i;nnnen! llil.s week. A very i-retlltable .sinri- was made by s>-v>-ra). Four live out of a iio.s.sllite six. \ There ar.- pleiiiy iif t^ooil f.iriii--i Grover KusBell and Fern for sale in this county fff • half are -hotli nick. .Mrs. Russell has wliui ili<-y will be worth in a year 111.' fill, and Feru has puuiiuionia. 1 or «-ii, Now 1s llie lime to buy. They liave ;i Iraiued' from 1 Cbaiiiili- .\ir. and .Mn. anil l-;iiner While Harry Hatha way were .Sundav diu- year In ^ave he: tlon nor aplle of the fact that we ther changed tho I'ou.-'iliu- iBRUed bonds. . In the case of the MlchjjBan man who kl »biapped. killed and mulilal- od a little girl, it cannot be cialm- ••d thai jii.Mtlire wn.i .slow. Within foriy-eij ;l >i houri; after the man's he Wa;t in prison were he j\yill spend the re;)! «Jt bis life. The filti' of ili l.-i that even swift Jus- lice does n <il bring tlw Iltlli bark lo life. Itler Kue;;ls .-it JIni; White'.s. .Mr. and .Mrs. U.; Ilowerlon and Itnby visited .Sunday afli-rnooii al Aillnir»by,'s. .Mrs. Ida .Scanflln and children vli;iti-(l Friday nijcbt and. Saturday at Artliiir Mbby'.-i. .Mrs. .Maltii! Wlspborg ami ,Mr. and Mr!i. Walter lloberls visited Biihday oflernoon al the Wesley Jewell linine. The Wet and warm ' weailii-r place,! u qnielns upon the boK and corn market. Coru duwu to 10 c-ents, and lio;;s .-it on don't improve nioii.y mailirs to any extern. A rain storm visited this .lection Wl .Saturday, inaklnt; the loatU a Klijiigli of mud and water. Satur- d.-iy night it turned to snow and all day Sunday snow fell nielthig mostly a.s it came.- Fre<>/.in}i Sunday ni|;lit and iiiellin^ the ftillow- tbe town and tiountty. Now we have a free bfidge and an impass jible mud hole. Farmers sire prevented from bringing their produce to this place by the condition of that roaiL lola loses a large amount of trade that belongs here through that one cause. It is not onr Intention to enlarge upon this point at present, but sifnply to sug- KCHl to our people what should be attended to.. We have the only free bridge across th^ Neosho to Ibis section of the State, and its usefulness should not be impaired by the condition of thi road leading to it. Talk this up and "ACT upon some plan by =t which the present state of affaltra t^an he remedied. t:irl "The liilawa Herald iiay;i llial Ifniidiiineiitall^M in Otuiwa don't! j believe ill a liicral brinisloiie h-II. i Well tlieii they ain't fiiudatuenial- , l"ls." iioli-s ' the liila Her.i-«ter. j f'!i. ain't lliey? W.- ,iyk'-it '.in, and [ i!ii-y-;aid tliey wer.e.4- Ottawa He I ,j 73-W Is coinpli'led acrouh the eonn-i.iiii , ' ; ; ty.- The blphway commi.s^slon be- V'on bavi< gui iboit-icliildien niix- The slate lilKliway coiiiinlM: Ion .has deMlned lo approve a plan ' calHiig for the relnibursemeni of .land owner.s along I'. S. Hifhway io In Douglas county until U. rjjMeves the cbuiity should complete :ed,'^ broth.!i-.' The tola' Uegi.'fter ^ ^ta efar.1 «irDtni»i ttf.frw.i »,> ^ft,..-..^ .1, .trr...I..' ........j Ha stat^ sy.'itcm Ijefor.' going in tor relinbursement. The comple- aon! of 7SW is regarded as highly Important by tho highway commia- ^aon. And that suits all this sec- don of the state exactly. IieVer dDKliiatises oui;' religion aud •»t never says "aint." i: i Important business lias called Mr. Clyde Reed, editor of the Parsons :Sun, away from homo : this week land the boys In the office jchambe ; • jjre taking advantage of his' ab- i^nce to reprint nice tilings the •'^"er papers have said aboiit, his .JM (Soadlbaiy for Governor. Good old j/'Stunt. Nearly every editor who ; \«ver has been a candidate for the I'io^ftlce has "pulled it at one time )•'or another! The dairying indusi;iy is conllnu- iug lo Kro\v iu Kansas.. A cheese . factory was started recently'''at. j .Marysville and an announcetrient was made a lew days ago that \ Armour ^ Cona>any would start a i cheese factory at Win field. The of commerce at CoUey- ,SWEET {ROQrKTTKS 1 cui» stale cako crnafij-i. ^4 cu7» chopped, blanched Uionds or shredded cocoanui Grated rind of '.-j lemon Vi tablespoon lemon juice ^ cup orange juU-e I egg yolk • 1 egg white Fine cUkt« cruiubs -Mix four ibgredieni.s sauc«-pau; add oruuge juice, moisten, aud let .stand ten minnlir.-: Heat: to boiling point; remove from j fire;- add egg yolk, and cool. Shape a.s croquettes; dip in egg whiii-. beaten slightly, with ono tablespoon cold water; r<dl iu sifted dry bread or cake crumbs, aud i fry in, deep' fat. Sprinklo with pow^de^reit .sugar, anrtseri-e with chocolate .eauce.—R. .M. Holland boasts of many women ibemists aiiil apotbeearies. j in to 6ill to which we wish to calf the f attention of the Commi.ssioners. and th«' people of the county. "C. B. Hamilton & Co., for blank books and sL-itionery. *127.7u." As to the blank books, we find no fault, as there'is no manufactory in the county. As to Btntionery. whyxnot buy it at home'/ Down to the si.vteenib century every physician in Kurope wore 'i ring OH a badge of liis profession. MEAT MARKET •In Greene's Cash Grocery Phone 233 10 lbs. Lard (Bring your pails) $1.50 Bacon Squares and^brisket, per Jb .20c Picnic Hains, per Mil , .17^ Fresh shoulders, in roiiigh, per lb .12'/^ iPresh hams, in rough, per lb. .>15c Home made sausage, country style, per lb. . .15c omoked.ham, half or whole, per lb. i20c vllle is taking stock of conditions aroitpd Coffeyville with a view' of increasing its dairying activities. Topeka papers report the death. ;_,';0n Tuesday Jahuary 18, of Mrs. /jlTafcia Gordon Troiitmsn. widow I of the late James A. Troutman who ':i died about a year ago. Afrs. Troui- "VV«< can't carry -water on both .siliouidcrs," wrote liov. Al. Smith to the' Washington pow-wow. The trouble with the Governor, as wd understand it, is that he doesn't., wdnt to carry wae'r on eitherli shoulder. , , ImprLsoumenl for debt was still 'inau was a charming woinnn. well ilawful in the United Stales a hundred years ago. If the law still prevailed there woulti hardly be enough of us out of IJail to tttrn tbe kejrs on those ;in' i%a. . I adorning tho prominent riositton I -lnto:wbIch ahe was brought by the %' a^re and' honorable -career of her '0avtintn\nhfid hiisband. ' ..I.

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