Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on April 4, 1887 · 2
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 2

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 4, 1887
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( ...vT 3 STATESMAN. WEDNESDAY APBIL41888 0 j THE MEXICAN TROUBLE. A Foul and Bloody Murder Sus pected. From the Shadows of Night to the Shadows of Death. Prominent American Citizens are Aroused, and Oder Big Money to Ferret Out the Horrible Mystery. Yesterday morning The Statesman contained an account of troubles in the southern portion of the count; between Mexican settlers and Americans. The article appeared as related to the reporter, and the facts upon which it was based are true. BLOODI MUItDKB. Yesterday the following additional particulars Wc re gleaned from persons direct from the scene, and they indicate that a foal, uncalled for and cowardly murder hag been perpetrated. About fifteen mile? southeast of this . city, or, more properly, perhaps, east of the city, on, or near the river, a Mexican named Emilio Herrero lived with his mother. He had been living there since a boy, and was a very indus trious quiet and unoffending citiztn. He was well liked, by all the reputable citizens living in the neighborhood, and for two or three years worked on the farm of Mr. Starke Washington, a gentleman well known in this city. Be also worked on the farm of Mr. T. J. Houston two years, quitting there last January to go to work for Mr. A. O. Doty, a neighbor of Mr. Houston's. With the above gentlemen he stood high, and they give him a splendid reputation. A POINTEB. hen with Mr. Houston he had a black horse, which he informed Mi. Houston he had raised from a oolt, and all the neighbors reoognized him as his animal, and he was used by him and run at large on the prairies as hie property. Prior to this, however, the horse had strayed off, aud when he first went to Mr, Houston's he told him of the fact, and was constantly on the lookout for the animal, which was in his brand. He was f onnd, and used, and worked as his, as stated. A SINGULAR ABBEST. Last Monday Euriliu wna at work in Mr. Doty'a field, planting corn, when it is said three white men, W; E. Johnson, Henry Livingston and Alonzo Martin, all related to aoh other and to the juitice of peace of the precinot, rode np and arrested him on a charge of stealing the black borse, they alleging he was the property of Johnson, one of the trio. He was not permitted, so it is said, to go home or to call on iany of the "neighbors but was " hurried caver to the justioe of the peace, John 1. Caldwell, whose Louse they reached about sundown. A BBABCB. Justioe Caldwell, after some discussion, it is alleged, turned him loose to go and hunt up a lawyer. At this time the shade of night were gathering, and Eunilio started down the road, walking, on hie.way home. He never reached there. Tuesday morning his mother reported his absence to American neighbors, and .his arrest the day before and his appearance before Justice Caldwell was made known. Prominent citizens at onoe took the matter in hand, for, as said, Emilio was well liked, bolng gentlemanly, courteous, obliging and very industrious. They instituted a rigid search, and in a wooded lot of a part of Johnson's pasture, not far from the road Emilio travelled, they found where a horse or horses had been tied to a clump of trees. BMAOKS OF FOUI, MTJBDKB. Here a searching investigation brought to light a hat band. A paper wad, showing evidences of having been very recently fireS from a shotgun, was also found, and then a piece of bloody brown paper. All this was very suspicious, but when a spot was found, indicating that a man had fallen to the groand there, end when a trail was discovered leading from this spot, as if a man had been dragged over it, the suspicion became more strong. A MT8T11S. The trail led from the spot towards the river, about one hundred yards off, and, stranre to say, it led direot to vtere a fishing boat bad been moor el for a long time, and, stranger still, the boat which hid been securely tied there Monday evening by its owner. On the bank was found a paddle. AN OMINOUS HDBIEK. Just across the river from where the bout was tied, aud lust about 300 or 400 yards from where all the horribly suggestive signs were found, lives a Mexican. Oa Monday night, just about the time Emilio should have reach the locality, where it is believed he met with a cruel, bloody fate, the Mexioan alluded toheaida piteous, prolonged and piercing shriek, aid then silenoe brooded everywhere, only to be broken by the dismal hoot of the great hprned owl, found in the river bottom. The cry was so nnasnal that it called m-iilr () ni ISAM0STZ1 '11; id.-lli'Ull?!,' 7 -jreup, and hJ naa" heard the vjcry, due no explanation couia e ' p that night. Sas it the cry of Emilior The best citizens in the neighborhood, and, for that matter, the best citizens in this county, behevt, it was. They) are satisfied Emilio has been cruelly and wantonly murdered in cold blood. They brieve he was shot and dragged to the befat and his body carried ont and probably down the river and sunk beneath its targid waters. Or, mayhap, the body in the boat was set adrift. They believe it so strong that yesterday morning they offered Clabe Hawkins $100 to go down and drag the river, and he went, accompanied by Sheriff Hornsby. I he governor was called on Monday, as stated in yesterday's Statesman, but it was through no fear of a Mexican up rising, as had been circulated about town It was to get him to offer a reward for the murderers end he will do so if Emilio'a body is found Ths Mexican consul at San Antonio has been notified by the Amerioan citizens, neighbors of Emilio, of the matter, and he is asked to aid in every way to bring the guilty parties to justice, if murder has been committed. The same American oitizens have raised 1 300 dollars as a privets reward. a tie good citizens or the county can rest assured that the matter is in capable hands, and, it r.imlio has been murdered the guilty parties will be brought to justice. PERSONAL POINTS. Dr. Smith, Dentist. 912 Congress Ave, Attorney Zallet, of Victoria, is in the oity. Mr. AjOuis iuers, sr., or. Bastrop, is in the oity. Col. W. B. Wright, of Dallas, is regis tered at the Driskill. Mr. W. B. Newton, of Georgetown, is a guest st the Avenue. Mr. F. M. Masher, of Fort Worth, is registered at the Hotel Urr. Mr. L. D. Carrington, of Buda. was the city yesterday on business. Mi. J. C. Warren, of St. Louis, is in the city, and has a room at the Driekill. Mr. J. D. Russell, of Liberty Hill, is town, and is stopping at the Avenue. Miss Kittle Milby left yesterday for tjonstor to visit relatives and friends. jut. a. a. itiaisoocK, accompanied by a lady, and sister, are guests at the Hotel Orr. Mr. A. , H. Willie, of Galveston, is among the late arrivals, and is a guest Bt the Driskill. Colonel Thomas C. Cain, Bastrop, and S. 8. Coleman, Tombstone, Ariz., are auto gnphed at the Carrollton. Mr, James Spillard, at one time the pop ular chief of the register department in the postothoe, has returned from an extended visit to Illinois. Miss M. E. Tatom, West Point. Oa.: Miss E. H. Tatom, Dallas, Texas, and their brother, Dr. I. C. Brener, of Alva-rado, Texas," constitute a pleasant party, and are stopping at the Carrollton. Col. E. W. Bewley, Waoo, proprietor of the Natural Oil and Gas company, who are now at work near Waters station, on the Austin and Northwestern railroad, is in the city, and registered at the Car rollton. Captain Mather and family have moved over to Fairview park, and occupy the elegant and commodious residence erected by Mr. Charles Kewniug, south of and not far from his own beautifnl home. Captain Mather will erect a beautifnl building in the park. Dr. Shackelford, Dentist, 618 Cong. ave. Fire Company Elections. Protection Hose Company No. 3 held a meeting last night, at whish the following oflicers were elected: President Basset Nitohke. Vice-president Ham Leader. Treasurer Lonis Boerner. Secretary C. Weise.' Foreman First assistant Billy Moody. Second assistant Joe Koen. Driver Sam Cox. A committee of three, composed cf Messrs. Ed Nitohke, Joe Koen and Basset Kitohke, were appointed to arrange matters as to a celebration on April 21, San Jacinto day. A meeting will be held next week. COL0BADO, K0. 2. Colorado Hose company, No. 2, also held an eleotion last night. The following otnoers were eleoted: President, S. K. Morley. . Vice-president, M. Butler. Treasurer, F. Brower. Secretary, George D. Allen. Foreman, J. D. Randolph. i First assistant, E. C. Miller. Second assistant, Rdoli Flatt, Jr. Steward, J. Bornefeld. Driver, W. H. Simmons. Hall trustee, J. D. Randolph. 1 At Hill & Hill's. Fresh canes, crackers aud candies, pure teas. Our Mocha and Java coffee is very fine. Try it. Imported and Key West at the Driskill drug store. cigars to-day HYPNOTIOUE, The great remedy for coughs and colds; it goes directly to the seat of the cough and eradicates it quicker than yon oan say Jack Bobison, at SAMOSTZ' DRUG STORE BEWARE OF IMITATION.!,. TO THE TRADE: . We hereby notify manufacturers and dealers that we will vigorously prosecute to the full extent of the law all infringements or imitations of our label or red seal on the Grand Republic Cigarros. GEO. 1. LIES & Co. The genuine have our Grand Republic label and red seal on each box, Factory No. 200, 3rd district of New York. These cigars are guaranteed to entire satisfaction, and all long Havana filler, or money refunded. LOCAL SHORT STOPS. Crisp Mention of the Less Im-' portant Local Items. Dr. Stoddard, Dentist, Austin, Texas. What about a fair this year? The roses are beginning to bloom. The high oonrts will be in session to-dar. There is no serious sickness in the pity. Now is the time to clean up your premises. The political pot begins to boil and boil. The hotels, are doing a splendid busi- The city tax assessor is abroad in the land. That Aransas Pass railroad must be built. Another river bridge is a prime necessity. The bill collectors were out in force yesterday. Everybody should subscribe for The Statesman. Go to the opera bouse to-night and aid the railroad boom. Let everybody turn out and go to the opera house to-night. Captain Mather is having a new well dug at the water works. To-night at Turner hall there wiil bs another military benefit. This is growing weather, and corn fairly makes musio as it grows. The electria lights are doing better now, and there is no complaint. The merchants say the spring trad? is about as good as they expected. The fenoe around the state cemetery should have a coat of fresh paint. The bridge in the oity should be re paired and put in good condition. There is very little sickness among the patients at the asylum for the insane. The ioe factories are about ready to start np their all day and all night rnns. Thus far the sale of privileges at the drill ground's has been very satisfactory. The catoh of fish these days is very good, and the heart of the fisherman is glad. Photographs, cabinet size, -made at Marks' gallery, at $3 per dozen, until May 1. Some of the fire boys are talking about getting up an exouuion to San Antonio on San Jacinto day. Miss Forbes' spring millinery opening takes place to-day, and a beautiful dis play may be seen. The Washington Fire company's hose cart is still ont, being painted. In the meantime a spring wagon is used. Mr. HarmaD, the artistic deoorator, will prepare the stage and hall for the Gipsy encampment Thursday and Friday nights. The attorney-general's big railroad suit has knocked the building of the nnion depoton the head, at least for the time being. A jadioioas use of whitewash on the government property in and near this city would help the looks of things amaz ingly. Thanks to the efforts of Mr. George Brush, Pease park will be fenoed, and it goes without saying that it will be a favorite resort. , The picnic season oomes on apace, and soon the young folks will hie away to the woods and have a jolly time. And so will the festive little jiggers and lamb-like ticks. The ladies of the Cumberland Presbyterian church are sparing no efforts to make their entertainment a grand success, and are expeoting a large patronage from their friends. 1 The Gipsy encampment and bazaai will take place at Musical Union hall, April 5 and 6. Tickets for sale at 50 cents apiece, admitting to entertainment and refreshments. Children's tickets 25 cents. . While other companies hava done a deal or talking, the Aransas folks have laid rails, and they want to extend them to Austin, if you give them any encour agement. Go to the opera house to-night ana nelp give that encouragement. .c. r. otnes, aentist, i n congress ave. At a regular meeting of the Knicker bocker Danoinp oiub, held on Monday evening at Turner hall, arrangements were made for two soires this month, on the 11th and 25th respectively, for which the Fiskville string baud was engaged. SAMOSTZ' FACTORY Houghton 6fc Robinson, Wholesale Agents, And Goldstein & Philipson THE MILITARY AHEAD, . But the Daughters of the Companies Win the Credit. If there are any who deserve oredit for snccess well achieved. there are two in Austin this morning, and those are Missus Georgie Brown and Rizpah Bowers, daugh- eBp. , n-t "n . Th. i tha HsmtA fM.v iTftvalrv oomnanv. lnese vouna ladies have been working assida- -r i . r. ' ! oisly for the past month preparing two entertainments for tne benefit of their companies, and, if the one of last evening mav be taken as a guide, they have won a grand saocees. The ! early , part of last evening's en-. tertamment was devotf j to a programme of a mixed nature,, so well arranged and admirably carried ont that its brevity cab only be charged against it. There was excellent musio by the Blind institute band. There were character sketches by Mr. Harry Harman, a recitation by Mr. Ike Melasky, and the quarrel scene from Julius Cresar, with Mr. W. E. Booth as Brutus, and Mr. Melasky as Cassius. In each instance the performance was exoellent, and highly enjoyed by the audience, who were liberal in the applause that evidenced the gratification felt. The programme closed with an exhibition drill by the Greys, in which the boys gave a most oreditable display of their knowledge in the manual of arms and military tactics, and to such effect, that wagers were offered on their capturing a first prize, with no takers. After the drill the floor was cleared for dancing, aud the supper room doors were thrown open, and it was hard to judge, which at first, was the more popnlar di veraement, the sapper or the ball room. The menu for the supper consisted of oold turkey, chicken, and tongue, chicken, salmon and shrimp salads, eandwiohes, "salt-risin' " bread, condiments of various kinds, oli es, cakes oi all kinds, and deli-oions coffee. .The coffee for the occasion was gener-oulv donated by Messrs. Bond fc Camming?, who not only gave the coffee, but boil ad it, and furnished a man to servejit, and, more than that, supplied the table with Japanese paper napkins. The coffee was the famous Pacific Blend, prepared by Messrs. Bond t Cummings, and was a delightful beverage in keeping wih the general excellence 'of the bill of fare. There are no more indefatigable workers in Austin than Miss Georgie Brown and Mies Rizpah Bowers none so zealous in effort, unswerving in determination, exhanstless in expedient, happy in application contented in achievement, generous in victory. They scored a signal victory last evening and the following programme for tn-night with the. collation and danciDg features that accompany it will add another laurel wreath to the trophies they already wear. The Cavalry company will give an exhibition of ''saber drill" at the olose of THX PBOGBAMME. 1 Snmmer night Gade Mrs. Mitchell,MisBes von Rosenberg, Lee and Bower?, accompanied hy Mrs. Gilbert and Miss Brown. 2 1 lie Forbidden Song toastoldon Mr. Warner. 3 La Chasse Gottschalk Mre.Townsend. 4 Bailad Mrs. Thad Thomson. , 5 Recitation , .......Selected Mr. Will Booth. 6 Trio. Lite has bo Power Donizetti Mrs. Maxcy, Mrs. Mitchell and Mr. Warner. 7 Ave Ms'in (violin obligato).... Millard Mies Hiefllin and Mr. Pf aefflin. 8 Jewel eong from Fauat Gounod Mies Ruth Lee. 9 Quartette Messrs. Karber, Crane, Warner and Stacy. A grand ball will round oat the evening's entertainment. Grand Millinery Opening. I will open my spring stock of pattern bats and bonnets, commencing April 6 to 10. This stock was seleoted from the Paris and New York styles with great care by Mrs. H. H. Vosborgh, and I am satisfied to say to the public that this is the neatest seleoted stock ever opened in this oity. Come' and see for yourself. G. F. Hamilion, 200 East Pecan. For Advertisers. It is but reasonable to anticipate that every merohant in town will be anxious to catch the attention of the thousands of visitors to Austin next month, and no better device could be obtained for doing so than by advertising their wares and places of business on the fenoe which lines the only road leading to the drill grounds, the base ball park, and the drive. This fenoe which runs from the rock bridge, on Second Btreet, down to First street, and along First street, east ; Finest Perfumes, Exquisite Colognes, Fragrant.Saoht tPowders,"at SfiMOSTZ' RDUG STORE 300, 3RD DISTRICT, NEW YOKK. with from the new bridge, has been secured by the undersigned, who have partitioned into 77 spaces, each 8 feet long, and"seven feet high. They will be painted in different colored backgrounds so that no two consecutive ones will be alike in shade. The owners of the advertising right will cheerfully furnish vehicles to convey parties contemplating using this method of advertising to the spot ... ? to sed an J select a space beiore closing a con- . 6 pace, traot. Job W, Gensleb fc Co., 71ongress avenue. That Bridge Thnt hrirliA flt tViA fnnfc rf Dnmnl at.pM must be built. . It is Bbsolutej'.y neetou.1 " and the oounty is plenty abl f to Vuild i Railroad Meeting. Remember the great railroad meeting to-night at the opera house. Every man in the city is invited. : Board of Trade. The board of trade was in regular session last night, but did nothing of importance. . "The doctor said he'd put me on my feet again in two weeks," "Well, didn't he do it?'' "He did, indeed. I'm on my feet all the time. I bad to sell my horse and bnggy to pay his bill." Mrs. Yonkupple: "Why, Reggy, what 11 do yon mean by eating breakfast wi'.h '' your trousers turned up f It isn't rain-ing.l' Mr. Yunkupple: "No, dear, but the ooffee looks awfully muddy." Tin roofing Brash's. and guttering cheap Crce?us "How muoh did yon say Mr. Newgoldwas down for?" The Minister "Five hundred dollars, sir." Crcesus ' "Put me down for $600 then. In a matter of Christian oharity I can't stand on sf level with an upstart like him." a An extra quafi mixed pickles at! S.Roberts'. ' " -yv'"v (. ' Something good to cheer the di' spirits is always to be appreciate ; John Kempe, of the Phoenix saloon,! man to snpply your wants. North earn t Pecan and Colorado streets Furnaces, Brush's. stepladders, wheelbarrows Sweet Spiced Mangoes. Chase's Delicious Syrups. Fine Sugar House Molasses. Canton Preserved Ginger. Johnson &. Randolph. We regret to find, as a result of recent personal inquiry and observation, that ) one feature of political life in Washing- i ton, which is at onoe a oause and an effect f f of this legislative inefficiency, is nn- x usually oonspiouous this winter. We refer fr to the habit of hard drinking. It is it noticed by veteran observers at the na- tional capital, who are in a position to make accurate and (unbiased comparisons, that there is much more drinking than usual among the congressmen,' including some of the leaders, who shal be nameless here, of late this winter. " lay is due to this cause. New York Com- Yf mrecial Advertiser, Repj M NEW GOODS. NEW PRICES ALWAYS IN THE LEAD. HERB IS THB LIST OF SZW QOUfS: Edam cheese In toil, Cream cheese, preserved Can toa ginger, new molaeses and rice, carrots,cab-bage and apples, pearl barley, coaree and tne: codfish, genuine pearl mackerel, meee In buckets; French prnnea, first In town ; Bloater herrisg, an appetizer; macaroni, new importation. There never was ench sardines In Austin us we have. Coffee of the new crop; come and ( see it, it is beautiful. Bird seed, very 5 o Nnt8-new Almonds, Brazil!, Spanish filberts, Grenoble wa n uts, Peca as, Petf ; A WHOLE CARLOAD OP -GCCDS,' YOU OUGHT TO SEE THEM. tO 1)' BARNES Sc SCOT No. 101 and 103 West Pcan. SAMOSTZ' Li X 1 "If l; ! y f 0 I Ticket A 7 '1! tielc i av -f i

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