Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on January 19, 1928 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 19, 1928
Page 7
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SECTION TWO lOLA, KAN\. THURSDAY EVENING. JANUARY} 11>' 1928 BIG CROWD DUE ONKA^ It Will BeTCreat Day iAt Topeka for , Politicians ' CONFESSED SLAYER OF GIRL (Special iKjUtical iener to the Rtigister 'by A. L. Shullz.) TopeTva, Kas.. Jan. 18.—Next Hvceic the political paths will lead to Topeka and ihere will be th^ee or four days ot rough usage on tile furniture in the hotel lobbies. Kiddies itever waited more longingly; for .Mi;. Ringling to unload his fe- rociouB, snorting wild animals than the pQllticians have looked ahead lo Kaiisas Day and the grknd'cvent which;will feature Seth Wells .and bis own original eleven ring clr- •us. Coming of Kansai Day this year s c?oupiderably more than tbc annual gathering of the -boys- from the pa'vcd streets and the bushes. Jt Is \he day when a. lot of peo- "l)le will explain with "elaborate detail ju«t what tliey propose to do and how they expect to" do it. There>ill be more boouw on display, at the! Republican i)ow -wdw tbaii fiir coats at a rummage sjile. Kver»onc who has been waiting anxiously to know just what Is going to happen can go home with both ears full and enough extra KOHsip tJo fill a gunny sack. Some of the gossip may <)« of value. t (>o. Always Kansas Day is u grand and gjorioi 'is /.occasion. Tills y ^ar with the. finest miiddlc that has faced Kansas Republicaus sinci-. llio purty was sinushed iiito small' pieces; In \i*V2, there is ehough un- ccrlafijiy in the air to keep fourteen stiwing NOflcties and nine laily liridgLv cluhs ill lively speculation for an entire seiison. Most of all, it. doesn 't appear at this dale that, all the people who are expected to"; . , , . , clear" llic at -moAphere h rpally j """^'"C"'" of plans to seek nom- decltled just what they will sa^, women were elected t£» otflce: Mrs .v. K. M<-Ciiny. prosidn'jil; Mr.s. J. J Amos, vice-prcsldeiit;;Mr.<!. \X. li Glover, secretary; .Mrsl. J. \V. IJrau- ,cher. treu.^iirer. r J•''o^o^ving tlii> ' l>i;sii:c.«.s inerling Mr.-i. F. I>. Cnlver gavr a review of (InHlIwi—!tUe iKivel "Jalna" by iMazo" de la Roche, the Atlantic'.Monthly prizp novel fill- 1027. At Ih^ close of the inert in-; the Iwstess servpil lir.-MUni.DT. 17. Word 1 incuts. • •. i w;i.>i received hero toilay of the NEWS EVENTS OF HOMBOLDT W. 4. McKnJ«cht )ihs \t T>YPnlielh fentnr} t Inh Kle<ts . Oflirers iiir Year, A rtciird hurniss :lifl of 3,239 pt.iiiKis w;ismade by'W. B. (^urtis in .V.w York. Dec. 20; IS'i.S. • Homer I 'l niiock put up ; a lo-pound di?iv''fll .^ times in 4 hours 34 litiiiiitt-: ill a .pt.iufi Bgulnst R. SMK:!. k of ilie Nc\t York Stock Kx;-!i;iliii>. Dicptnhcr' 13. .187^. death of .Mr. W. J. .McKnighl al hi; lioine in Onialiri..Ncliia.ska. .Mr. .Mc- Kniglit WHS a 11 .<i'l'i;t of Iiuni1)oIiit a number of years ii;;o and is known a:nl n:iu-:iibfi ::<l by !i::tiiv Humboldt people. Hi- w.-is a bniili- er of MIS. I.. I'. Uo.s-in'r of tli's city. .Mr. and .Mrs. (.'cirgo .\ ^vhn |- hnve biM'li in Kiinsa.;: ciiy i\w last- .\lt!ioii>;Ii .leeply r«1 i;;i<uis nti.l few da;.s. refitnr'd i.e.- ' .<l<aton. in a iH'i^io f-\:n"<-lt ''f I'lif iiii-iii'i :T.-> if In- 'I'uoaiirll! I lama. I'l-' "Tip-;" . Klov.ers (• •'iirv cDii) v..r.- I'liicftaijied I iU '\jT pravi'i! for vii-iary in .iiii'ring this afti'iiioon at llie'liomc ol .Mrs !li.-i h- .-lioiilil In- bcaft-ii and .eiiipl- .1. I. .Aiiios. I'bc aiuiiial el-cliJii of I ed tn lose lailh. If ii" won, he »;avc odicers waslield and tin- I illowini"' iliEiik.-i. .1 PLEASANT PRAIRIE (Mrs: Ella Ponsler.) Jan. 17.— ^iT. and ilrs. Harely -MeVey spent Sunday "afternoon" Willi Clarence McVey's. Charley Stewart Is, reported as getting along as well as can be expected. He was operated on over, a week ago at St. John's hospital. ^ ' iJIrs. Harley McVey entertained Mrs. Mosier, 'Mrs. Jennie .Moss. Mrs. W. Moss and Oirs. Ponsler \Vednes<lay while the men attend-; ed the pearce sale. I. O. Morrison Is improving now and able to help somo with the work. Mrs. Williams callcrt on :klrs. Ponsler Thursday afternoon. iMr. and .Mrs. Henschel Smith and family spent Sunday at Roy Stevenson's. •Airs. Harley IMcVey and Mrs. .Mosier s:pent Fipday afternoon.with .^trs. Ponsler. I. O.-iMorriiSon and Russei Mor-.l rison entertained Sunday. .Mr. ind .Mrs. Pearce and ^Ir. and Mrs. Perl Baker. Here is Ailolph Hotelling, 47, owosso. .Micn.. carpenter and luiiaon who confesrdMo theriuurder of r .-yeai-old Oorotliy Schneider. Hotelling who has a ichildr.n of his own. said he cou'd give no motive for the, crime; "unless it was the Hickman case preyed on his mind.V He was j senteiiced lo life imprlsoumeii! in the .Miehlgaii state penitentiary. I inalioiis. There is a display of office talent tills year that would make a liathing beauty contest back up for a fresli start. The number of people with slate office germs this year \yould keep an iunoriilalion camp busy for a week. In addi- " lion t6 persons rather lik<'ly to chase :.somethiiig. there is a fair sized waiting.list of anxious ones _ who are straining ear driims listening for'kiud wqrds from friends. Add. to the number of people who . want something the hundreds of faithfuls in the party who are coining merely for 4^he purpose of-i?et- ting the low down on conditions, and th?'hotel »pace is absorbed before the band starts to play. Very .probably the eroivd this year will be one- of the largest ever assembled for the annual Republican dinner ;party. i • • ^ —— . Unique among the attractions is the gubernatorial display to be of; fered "by Seth G. Wells. Republican .-itate chjairman. Wells has asked -eleven possible.- probable, avowed or potential governorship j aspiranis to jippear befpre the state " committo-* aiSd tay something. They vill be permitiled. to talk without , Bubmitting advaiive manuscript and j the one Rather |ng should be worth | Not all of tlie rcspouslblMly sur- carfare from MberaJ toTopelja. i rounding Kansas Day affairs will - —" i he, on the hotels which The state committee will select It is jnobable the altcnd- atice of young Republicans will be uniisiiall.v. heavy this year. The Young .Men's Republican Club, composed mainly of world war veterans, has taken an.important ro'<l- tion in Kansas Day affairs. The organization has developed some likely young leaders and a lot of clever workers. These youngsters are beginning to take a decided part in local and state politics.and the last legislative session showed more young men holding [voting power than at any time in' Kansas in more than a third of a century. Veterans wise in- th«- «ame and interested in future party siiqccsa have gone a long ways in encouraging the young men to get in the game. There has been a ferowing tenidenoy to take the young men Intb the councils of the party and to give promising new workers aij opportunity to display organization ability and to take over new re- .••ponsibllities. This course has had a lot to do with the promotion of •:• • •;• •> •:• • • • • * •> •> * i • lOL.V n.VILY ABSTR.UT Issued from Office of lola 'J ' Abstract Company •> •> •:• • •:• •> • • •> • <• •> <' (Jailiiary IS, 192S) C. J. Lioiigbino and wife EUiel, to Ceofgc A. Lcderer and wife .Minnie, lot 10, block IS. Highland Place Addition to lola. $1. The loIa.Kuiiding & Loan Association to Fran-is .M. Anderson anil wife Kvelyn. lot Hi. bloAk 17. Highland Place Addition to lola, $1. . J. T. Tro<iway. widower, to U il.' Richardson. lot 11, block 5, j Fox's Add. to the City, of LnHarpe. j C6ra M. Dailey, a widow, to .Ben-; jamfli A. Hixon, $1, lot 2, Funk's ' Sub-division of W'A of KWVt I- '• 25-lS. . ^ i nfi and penera- interest in the party gather has a-ssnred the younger tinn that it lias received a genuine welOome. • H convention city for the election. of the Hig Seven to the national convention in Kansas City next June. In adilitidti to choosing a (•(invemlon town and ftxlijg the ' meeting 'date, the ronniiittv?' will •make ;ro(inty a|i|iiii;tlonmi>iM'M for ili-Iegares to district'and stati- con- vi-ntlons. : The df.-iri'l <'oiiv "iiiion8 Will be under order of tin- coiicres- »iioita' commiitci-s. t-omentfons will doiibtles!. lie held early--the district (-(>nv(-ntioiis diirliig the firm wei-k ill .March ami the state _ . coin>iiti(in Uie followiii'; «<-(-k iiu- ,-'<l!-r present plans. . ilready have booked capacity advar ce res-j ervations. Some of the trou lie *ill l>ei in the name of Dave Mulvane, Republican national comitiil It is prob.nble that about Kaiitians will seek tickets national convention in Kans More than employed at 30 housemaids Buckingham Pi are erman. lO.OdO to the 18 Tilt y. Littlp Green Capsule Stops RUeumatic Agony Tlie fame of the little green capsule, because of its'canny power to speedily slop the terrible rheumatic pains that make life almost unbearable, is rapidly spreadihg all over America. •^'ou go alxiut conquering your merciless rheumatic enemy in a dif- way—a knock-out way. Mulvane's meagre apporti|onnient|''"^"^" won't <-arc for ten per cent of the 111..'", demand. But he will hav» some busy days explaining the viiuation. m^ ^'sitJ ^.lll^'^ifiay'iunl, • "V^v^^^^ -av Monday will be busy.,a>. and linsy ^Se '^.'yo ^ Kvery hour the first day you lake one little gre<n capsule f<ir Just ten hours—then relief comes. The second day, take ohe every nights for those who help nia>«P rheumatic troubles have ceav'-d. Ipartv medicine. On the face of ! Tbeoilor- Koosf^cit. .1... will be jearly dope the crowd will^ come til." gue-st of honor of tin- Kansas jearly and stay la<e. Clii.b. Tli"-r<- is a cn-ililable Day Club. Tli"-r<- is a array, of spe.Tkiir.: talent for the im-'Miiif;. Orator.v. tlioimli. disap- pij-ared niaiiy years aso as the major attraction .-it the Republican club meetings. It is the dope mixing—the gaiheriiis of boys in ho-1 Johnny Summers; tlie former welterweight chamjii'm of Great Britain, is now engaged as iliicf champion and boxing instructor tc the small son of Miss Gladys Coop- ng-tbe gaihenns or i.oys in no-j ..^lebrated English actress, tc; rooms and corridors and the p"' ° ..plotting and srireming for a sue- j reeding campaign that holds a lur° for political Workers. The setting this just the sort to jcaiise jiebple to ride day coaches entirely across the state in order, to be in on the milling. Fact Is the event has, becoAie so prominent that a local leader faces danger of Ipslng his community prestige if he misses a meeting and isn't home the next day with all the, latest plans for the campaign. j There should be a record list of announcements at the Kansas Day gathering this year. In fact some of the boyB who might land considerable first page space on an off, day, will com? in for a very few lines when they try next week to : crowd the visiting celebrities out. of the gossip columns • with Gas Spoiled Sleep, Made Her Dizzy —"For years- I suffered from gas and constipation. Used to get . headaches and dizzy spells. The firstt'doffe of Adlerlka gave me re- lief. ,Now I rest weli."—.Mrs. B. Brlnklcy. Ju»t OXE spoonful of Adlerlka relieves gas and that ' Moated feeling so that you can eut and sleep well. Act-H on BOTH upper and Ipwei- bowel and removes old waste ' matfter , you nwer thought wa* there. Xo miitler whit you tried for >iour slomhcfa. Adlerlka "will mirpriae yon.—Palace prug.Stor<^. , J From the day of her marriage until the birth of her first-born the Turkish bride is supposed to speak to no one except her husband. • The little grceii capsule now so '.niiicli in demand from coast to coasf nfusi have a nanie ."so it is known in every worth-wlillo dnig .store in Americ-i as Allenrhu' Number 2. For your own protection- insist on AnenrliH_.Number 2. And please remember this—the little green Capsule mus-l give yon prompt relief—must give you abundant satisfaction—must free .\-ou from rh->umatic di.stress or the price you nay for the first full bottle will be promptly refunded by Cook's Drug Store or any reputable druggist in America. Here's Speedy Relief for I Tender, Aching, SwoDen Feet Emerald Oil Must Give Complete Satisfaction or Money Cheerfully Refunded. —Get a two-ounco bottle of Xtoono'a Emerald Oil (full strength ( today. Ev-ery wel| stot-k- ed drug store has this, w;lth the distinct irnderstandittg that your ploney wUl be cheerfully returned it it does not reducij the inflammation, soreness, and pain much quicker than any remedy you over uscd.i I \ • Vour, feet may be so swollen aijd inflameil that you liilnlc you can't go aiipUier step. Your shoes may feel as It they are cutting right into the flesh. . You feef sick all over with the pain and torture— •you'd give anything to get relief wouldn't you? Then try this: J >o or tihree applications of one's Emerald -Oil and In fifteen minutes the pala and ay>renea» dls-' appears. A few niore applications: at regular intervaljs and the swelling reduces. And as for Soft Corns and Cal­ louses a few applications each night at bed tiipe; and they Just Beem to shrivel right up and scale off. . No matter how discouraged you have been with po^fders. footbaths or other appljcations. If you have not tried Emerald Oil then you have something to learn. rt 's a: wonderlul fonnular—this combination at essential oils with camplior and otheii antiseptics so marvelous that thctisands of bottles are sold annua ly for, reducing varicose or m-bllen veins. Every good druggist guarantee's aioone'fl Smerald Oil fb end!your foot troubles or money back. - i ' • - : i, 6® TItePrkes Best Special Sa4e MEN'S SUITS Men's all wool suits that were actually $24.50! Outstanding Suit values for .Tanu?iry—^ut now at a big saving. ^CmiponisWorth$5.00 TODAY •nnscoupoH mki««- , •doikr biB -ai;««iti« {« u ofw of our GET ACQUAirnii) BOXEi conlunnn • "^^£2 I lin )I OO i^of ^.rUf • SECRCTFACXPOWDE^ WfM ^LAff^UJON |i REGULAR ;.<ISO SIZE . TODAY. i»l to ulwrt- ih. 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