The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa on August 10, 1894 · Page 9
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The Carroll Sentinel from Carroll, Iowa · Page 9

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, August 10, 1894
Page 9
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I CAltUOLL '^Classified Busihess Directory. MILLINERY. M. aUADLE, fnshlonuble Millinery. ELLA TODD, Milliner)' and Kanor Goodt FINANCIAL. WftST NATIONAL BASK, Cor. Main and Flftn Streets. BUILDING ANB ASSOCIATION, Filth Street PEED MILLS. 1. J. * 3, R. MATLOCK, *lfth Street HARNESS, ETC. t. T. ANDEU30N, Harness and Home Clothing, Trunks, Values and Sewing Machines. fBRIHG AN AGREEMENT Tariff Conferees Peel Confident of an Early Report. AGREED OS A SUGAR SCHEDULE, WINES AND LIQUORS. VICTOR H. STKPPCUN, "The Dliimond," Fourth Street, PLUMBERS AND STEAM FITTERS. .-SHEFFIELD & PATTERt-ON. Wind Mills, TnnkB and Pumps. JOB PRINTING. DAILY SENTINEL, Adams Street. Best t quipped Printing Ufflceln Western lows. Professional Cards. JAB. L. MARTIN, G. E. MAIITIK. MARTINA MARTIN, J I Will pra«tl39 In stnto '• y teuornl courts. and -Prompt attention given to collections. Notnry In oltlco. Office In MuLngan Block. BKACH & HOYT LAWYERS. Prucnoe In itste nnd radnrol mum. Office OL Main »tfeet, over Mswonger'A dry goods it ore. GEO. W. KOBTE, LAWYER. Office on first Moor Gernmn bank building. Will practice In suite and federal courts. EVHpoclul intention given to foreclosures and Mttlementof estates. W BOWED ATTORNEY A i LAW. OFHOB . ORffFITH BUILblNO F. M. DAVF.NPORT, A TTOHNIC AT LAW. Ltfglll bUSlneiR tlsni acted ID both state mid federal courti. C54W - 0 Office over JWarfc's c? v u goods store, Carroll F BKLTABLE INSHBANCK In the bent couipunios at ttie lowest rates. It pays to have Uie beet. Bettor luive ho Insurance thnn to be '.nsured In im unreliable company. Tbo bast compunles can be secured of H. W. MAGOMBER 1 OFFICE IN OF CABKOLL. •1 M 4 '. I VJ Limited amounts of reliable Insurance, In i;uocl mutual oomiianles. Estimated cost, about one half the present board rates. ..[[ you want rrtiitonnble rates on good tnsurance, t'ik« nut H policy from tho only non-board oillco la the city. E. GRIFFITH, Aerer.t. > In money; also uther valuable premiums tonoodgu-iisers. Base 1 h ill liutliUhlaHt.i, ttiU la your <>(>- portuullv. S.Mi olfur I10MK AND COUNTRY M.IUV/JXK. Price 25o All newsdealers; or 63 Bust 10Ui street. New York. 8-11 UIKI and btaullflei th> hair. IVrouiotM • liuurlanl growth. I Hover Tall* to Beitoro Gray 1 Hair to IU Youthful Color. •ui icalp dlxaKi * hulr luUcf. Wo.indll.U)at DnimUU A R L ^ V O O CONSUMPTIVE ^onlo. It ciii illgcAlon, Folii nd Kill, Caffrry, Blancrmrd and Allen' iiupl P CIU \H\lf\\ tlCO oting With them the bill could not UilULC OHM IHVULYCU. IBM. The Republicans had to acktoow- edge, however, the prospects of getting BOOQB. PRAZBB ft CO. Jhicago Board ofTndi • «..._LA I l (ID AIM itOUlkt, OK AIN, tBal PROVISIONS \w,l,<to* •nd STOCKS \Hargtni. BIALTO, OHIOAQO. LOST MANHOOD RESTORED. Hill The Qulckwt • IM Nurvlno kunwii. Sold with « wrltivu Kuantulou to euro nil iMtrvovik dlMiurii ntli'li Ki ht'i'vuu* l'ro«lm 1 1 a n , WHkiifulueM, LUM ut Br»l» I'owi'r. llll|iwU>iny, Lull Manhood, Nightly liuiiwi*. in*. Aftertakhw, gulekiiunii. Kvll k of Cuulluiiiiuo, LawUudv and all Prulnn fuvur ot thu vuuurvtlvu ui tfm« Iu vllhui . y ,fer«««rlloii.)-.)iillifulerr»iii.tbo ( wcw- vi.uMi«ttob«<ioo,auluuiur mlmuuiiilii, wlili'U «uuu ' a-rr •»'• In Cirrotl u» J. W. U«tton. ItMplixlM Priurvid 9ft, HMHA VIOLA CREAM But tt Doe* Not Pleane the Loolnlanft Dele, gatlon—Understood that Cither Iron ot Goat Will Go ou the Free List—Rettuhtl* nan Steering Committee Consider the Situation—Washington News. WASHINGTON, Aug. 9.—When tha Democratic conferees adjourned late Wednesday it was understood on all sides that the Democrats would report to the full conference Thursday. Mem' bers of the conference added to the gen eral faith by their statements, which were more or less sanguine, depending upon the teniperment of the speaker. While the utterances at the time of the adjournment were not as strong as those which were heard earlier in the afternoon, they were sufficiently assuring to justify the statement that, barring improbable contingencies, the Democratic members of the conference would find themselves prepared sometime during Thursday, or at least on Friday, to call in the Republican members of tha conference for a full moating. "I will not say," said Senator Jones, "that we have agreed, for that would not ba true, bul the situation is cheerful. If we do not come to an agreement today, I shall consider the conference at an end, for I do not see the utility of continuing o«r interview with the house conferees longer.' r All the Oetalln Not Arranged. This situation was at the end of a day which started out with a determination on the part of the senate conferees supported by the conservative senators to bring the question at issue to a finally during the day, and which later brought the positive though unofficial announcement that this end had been accomplished and an understanding reached. Tho report began to gain circulation about : o'clock and it grew stronger anc stronger, without receiving positive con firmation. from those in a position to know the facts until about 2:80, when the members of the conference and sen ators who hud been closeted with them confirmed it to the extent of saying thai while all the details had not bean arranged they felt confident that a basl had been found upon which the con ferees of both houses could stand and thi terms actually agreed upon .which tin conservative senators would accept Both Democrats and Republicans ac cepted this as the approach of the euc and as equal to a definite anuouncemeu of agreement. Agreed on a Sugar Schedule. The terms as given out were that tho sugar schedule as published lust week namely, a duty of 40 per cent ltd valorem on raw sugar, 40 per cent of tho valu of the raw sugar in tho refined and one fifth of a cent differential on refinet sugar, 40 cents a ton on coal und frei iron ore, with slight changes in the metal, woolen and cotton schedules When, however, the conference recon vened at 8 o'clock it soon developed tha by no means all tho details had boon ar ranged and also that there was more or less opposition to the program, and it was not long before- tho conferees found themselves bothering over many of the same propositions which they had been considering for ditys. It was understood that objection had been made from tho house to the retention of tho duty on coiil s and that certain senators, among whom was Sonator Pugh, had taken a decided stand against what thoy termed the sacrifice of iron ore. Theso complaints wore Hufflcient to cause the conferees to halt for a time. Lonlnlaua Delegation Not Pleased. Sugar appears, from tho statements given out, to be tho only article upon which u definite conclusion has boon reached, but it was understood thut either coal or iron ore would go- to tho free list und tho othor would bo dutiable at the somite rate. Tho metal schedule will have to be changed to accord with froe iron ore if it is finally coucluded that this article is to be selected for the free list. Members of tho Louisiana delegation were not pleased with tho reported agreement. Thoy said no bounty whatever was given m thu sugar schedule, and tbe purpose was to put tha now law into effect at once without giving the continuance they had expected until Jan. 1 next. There wus much talk among them that tbe schedule would not receive thtir votes. Representative ditchings of tho rales committee Is hopeful that an adjourn- montof congress will occur next week. Tbe Republican steering uommittee of tbe senate beld a session immediately after tbe adjournment of tbo aenute to consider the situation. Tbe understand ing among tbo members that tbo Uemo- oruU bud got close enough together to allow tbe tariff bill to be repot tod back to the senate soon. Tbere were present Republicans who had information as to tbe status of tbo bill and they stated tbat upoutho manufacturing- schedules the senate rates in tbo uiaiu obtained, but upon tbe three principal items—sugar, eoul aud irou ore—u compromise bad been reached. It was from this stand' point tbat tbe Republicans discussed tbe bill and tbo possibility of defeating It It was tint ascertained thut every Republican and tbe Populists, Pvffor urn Btowurt, would vote oguiust (be bill aud that Mr. Hill would also oppose U Three more vote* were ueoessnry to defeat it. Allen's Vutu Vuvwrlalu. Tbe announcement was mudo witl considerable dirfutuut* thai both Mwuirt Cattery and Blanuburd (Lu.) would vot against, though they wore nut consid erod absolutely cortaiu. Ouo of umuturs hud nuked Homiior AlK'ii ius t (ho pusitiou of himself and Mr. Kyi ,vho voted for tho bill wbeu it pus-sod th i uutr, and \vhilu Im had not ruculvi'd sM.iitive answer, llu>. inlViviiao wan tin ; ,,u Po^ulisu ruined to think it ww) ' i't of tlwir policy to votu utjttliist tb Ul, WUU Uw Ui'iAiUivuu side 'sull ill three of the last named as extremely doubtful. . • firicc*on 8»ll» For Jf«w Turk. WASHINGTON, Aug. 9,—A telegram •ecelved at the navy department from jieutenant N. R. Usher, commanding he torpedo boat Erlccson, says that tha >oat which was built at Dubuque and completed at Ht. Louis sailed from the atter place Tuesday and will make her way to New York as rapidly as possible, using her own power. On arriving at Sew York she will be put in shape for ;he acceptance trial when she must make 24 knots per hour, Her builders are confident that she will excesd this by one knot. General Cabezas Uses American Launches For Troops. IAPANESE VICTORIOUS Ofl LAND, Allen'* Antl-Lobbylng 11111. WASHINGTON, Aug. 9.—Senator Allen has introduced an anti-lobbying bill. It defines a lobbyist as » person who habitually endeavors to secure legislation in congress by influencing members of congress and it imposes a penalty of not less than $ 1,01)0 nor more than $5,OOU and imprisonment in the District ol! Columbia for not less than one year, nor more than five years for conviction of lobbying in the District of Columbia or in \VaBhington. Senate Confirmation!. WASHINGTON, Aug. K.— The senate confirmed the following nominations: Ellis Mills of Virginia, now consul gen eral at Honolulu, to be secretary of the legation and consul general at the same place. Gibson Clarke, attorney of the United States district of Wyoming. W. J. Dempster, register of the land office at at Sterling, Wy. John A. McDerrnott, marshal for tbe district of Wyoming. Senate Bills Paased. WASHINGTON, Aug. 9.—The senate passed the following bills: To authorize the purchasers of the property and franchisee of the Choctaw Coal and Railway company to-organize a corporation; extending the time for constructing a railway bridge over the Columbia river, near Vancouver, Wash. Will Be Officially Keciognlied. WASHINGTON, Aug. 9.—It was learned that the republic of Hawaii had been officially recognized by this government. Cashlor Snttley Found Guilty. KANSAS CITY, Aug. ».—Elmer C. Sattley, cashier of the defunct Kansas City Safe Doposit and Savings bank, which tailed last Juno, was found guilty of receiving deposits when he knew the bank was insolvent, and was sentenced to four years' imprisonment in the state's prison. An appeal was immediately taken, anc will be argued Friday. Gambled, lost and Killed lllimelf. DEADWOOD, Aug. U.—John Hultiner, an old resident of Deadwood and the Black Hills, committed suicide by cut ting his throat. Tho deed was committed at his home in Gay ville. Ho leaves a wife and six children. Despondency over the gambling table is- the cause assigned for his rash act. Chnrged With Stealing Stamp*. NEW YOHK, Aug. 0.— Lizsie' Mc;Dermott was charged in the police court with baing c oncerued in the theft of $40,)0 or fdU.OOO worth of stamps, foreign nd rare, from tlm Scott Stamp and Coin ompany. The girl was un employe of 10 company. Fort Defiance Ounteuiilnr> DF.PIANOK, O., Aug. «.—Pearly f.o,00o Mople wore present Wednesday at the first entenuial celebration of tho building of 'ort Defiance on this spot, Aug. 8, 17U4, y "Mad" Anthony Wayne. The civic nd military parado was immense. Philadelphia Flriu Amilgiui PHILADELPHIA, Aug. 9.—Queen & Co., incorporated, one of the oldest firms f opticians in this city, has madu an ns- igumont. The company had a. aapital f tf)0t>,000, Saiidow I* Harried. MAHCHESTKK, Aug. «.—Sandbw, the •strong man," was married to Miss Blanche Brooks, tbe daughter of a local juotographor. IIQ EXPOSITION AT iALTIMORE. a Be Held In 1807 »nd Will ll« Onu of UMI Oreateat Kv«r Held. BALTTMOUB, Aug. 9.—The Manufacturers' Record publishes an intorvmw with Fred H. Brackett, who lias bumi •elected as general manager of i In Baltimore centennial exposition to bo hold in WI, giving particulars regarding tbe magnitude of the vjidortuking. Major Irookett states th&Miis exposition will w the greatest »ver held iu this country, •Kaept the CeuUmnial of Philadelphia and Chicago World's fait It U said mtside of all expenditure* of private concerns or individuals at least i5,00t»,- dl) will be expended upon the fair. Tho Mailed report of the proposed construe- ion expanses shows a d«tall of naarly i,bUO,000 for buildings and improvements to the grounds. While tho exposition will b« national and international scope, large exhibits from foreign countries being expected, it is proposed o iuppUmeut tbe work of Atlanta's southern exposition bgr tbe most ooiupro- lousiv* display of southern resource* aud of southern manufactured product* uver gathered of any section. Qitarrnl O»w a Juf of Whlakjr, TUUJA, I. T,, Aug. tt.—The Bhawuoe war dauoe which bus beeu miming fur pwtt live days ou Uuiuiny Creek, 11 miles north of hor« bos boen tbe iceua of a double tragedy. Frank tkmuit, a prominent bntuiieus muu of Beuultt, Okl., aud Leon Kemtudy of QolugiiU, Cherokee utttiou, began tiuurreliug over u jug of whisky which Btmitit bud broken by shooting Into It, Until begun firing their Wim<lu*itur<4 ut ouch othor aud both aro Ua'4. lluyvult Olfiit t.iuumUn LittAMiB, Wy., Ang. 0.—Larnnito lodgv ol' tho A. K. U. IIHS deuliu'tHl llw Pullmuu boycott oil tbw Union 1'iu'illo olt', uiiil uppoiulod a njiiiiiiiiitv* to uitor- cedo with Jiulge Hiuur 011 behulf ol the r«ihau and Selhoan Now In Their Hand*. Five Hundred Chinamen Slain In One Battle—Japs' Naval Force* Said to Ilave Been Defeated — Typhoon 8ea*on Approaching—Foreign New*. NEW YORK, Aug. 9.—A press correspondent writes Aug. 3 that the Nicaraguans are in Bluefields, but that America Is more involved • than ever and that Captains O'Neill and Summer had telegraphed to the secretary of state at Washington for instructions. General Cabezas arrived off Bluefields July 31, coming down the river from Rama with 000 troops in American launches belong- idg to the Mobile Fruit and Trading company and flying the American flag. The launches had been seized before Captain O'Neill visited Cabezas and compelled a surrender, as well as a written promise that they would not be touched again. Nevertheless they were seized during the night and the crew compelled to <nan the boats at the point of the bayonet. Cabozas claimed they were Nicaraguim property and that the crews went willingly and were paid for their services. Captain O'Neill refused to believe the story especially as the crews made affidavits to the contrary. He refused to shake bands with Cabezas and forced the launches to get away after they had landed the troops at Blnefields so they could not be used again. Captain Stuart of the British cruiser Mohawk sent his men ashore to aid the American soldiers in guarding foreign interests. The Nicar- agnan plan was to take the town without bloodshed by sending a large force, 500 men coming from Grey town as well. This was easy as Clarence did not intend to offer resistance and besides had no force or allies to give battle if he had so desired. On Aug. 1 Cabezas sent a note to Clarence demanding an immediate transfer of all property. Clarence was not founc for some hours, and when he receiver the note he asked for 24 hours in order to lay the matter before the provisional council. The delay was granted nud uj to the time the ship left the answer'had not yet been given. JAPANESE VICTORIOUS ON LAND Five Bundreil Chinamen Were Slain In One Engagement. YOKOHAMA, Aug. u.—Additionii battles have been fought between Jap anese and Chinese, and the latter have been defeated. Seikoau has been taken by the Japanese, with trifling loss. The Chinese in this engagement lost fKK killed. The enemy fled in the direction of Koshin. Tho Japanese are in possession ol Yashan. An imperial ordinance just is sued permits Chinese to reside in Japan on condition that *ihoy engage in peace ful pursuits. The greatest excitomeu prevails here, at Tokio and at other large towns, as a result of the victories of the Japanese troops. Rumors, how ever, are current that tho Japanese nava forces have beeu defeated in an engagement with Chinese warships. LONDON, Aug. S.—A dispatch from Hong Kong says- that the viceroy o Kwoug lltnng baa enlisted 5,000 black flags with which to strengthen tho gar risous of the Canton river forts. In ad dition the viceroy has stationed fou gunboats at Tiger island in the Canton river and has laid mines at Foo Chov nnd Tamsui. The viceroy of Kwan Htung also closed the lighthouse on th southern coast.' Tyiil.oun Suaion Approaching. WASHINGTON, Aug. 9. — In spimktng of tho probabilities of tho pending wa between Japan aud China an official o tho Japanese legation recalled the fnc that tho season of the monsoon aud th typhoon is now rapidly approaching. is believed by tbe officials of the legutio that the naval movements during th typhoon season at least will bo somewhat circumscribed. It is believed the Chinese will not venture u great distance from their coast but will keep close to )ui-t, Japan, it is thought bore, will >.'ugo an aggressive war against China und some of ber objective points in all probabilities will bo tho Chinese ports. Already roporta have reached here of high gales off tbe Chinese coast that have compelled all craft but the staunchest steamers to seek shelter iu port. _ William UlMd With Victoria, COWF-S, Aug. ft. — The emperor of Germany dined with tho queen ut On- borue House. 'Ibe Prince of Wales and tbo Martinis and Marchioness of Lot-no were present, A reception taiidurod by the (juoon was- attended by the officers of the Britisifc German and United States naval vessels in tbe harbor. Emperor William will bid farewell to tbe queen ou Sunday. He will go to Aldershot on Monday to wituetu a review of tbo troops. _ Bwnvuiaf Itcduolluu* of Uutte*. UVDNKY, N. 8. W., Aug. U.— Premier Reid addroeaed tbe electors of this city. Ha announced tbat swooping reductions would bo made iu tbe uu«tomsdutiuduiid that tlitiro would be oooiuuntoH of u luodtn'itto nature iu tbo laud «ud income tuxes. OI.ORED VOTERS CONGRATULATgft Robert J. Btlll Ignite* an Addr«u to the Democrats of Color. WASHINGTON, Aug. tt.—Robert J. till, as chief of the American bureau ol rganization of the Democratic congres- ional committee, has issued an address o the Democrats of color. The address says in part! "The National Negro eague will convene in Indianapolis, nd., on the 14th iust. It is hoped that negro Democrats from every state and erritory will be represented to evidence heir presence and voice their loyalty to he policies and principles of the admin- stration. At no time in the history ot negro Democracy has there been greatei need for counseling together to determine ttie future cause and policy of the negra in America. It is a matter of incere congratulation to note the tin- iwerving fealty shown to the Democratic >arty by our people in Alabama In the •ecent election. Possibly for the first lime was the negro vote directly ap- >ealed to, and its response was evidenced >y a return of large Democratic majori- ies in every negro county in the state.' 1 Want Sir. By CM Prodnced. CHICAGO, Aug. 0.—Dr. Lewis Tallman has received intimation that he will 3e served with a writ of habeas corpus 3y Detective Boyd, who is acting for the wife of Eben Byers, thePittsburgbankei and iron king, calling upon him to pro duce Mr. Byers. who was taken from ;he detectives at St. Joseph, Mo. Byera s the Pittsburg millionaire who it was claimed was kidnaped and hidden from his wife and her friends. Tallnian claims he is Byers' physician and is acting under his patient's instructions, Wreck Drift* C.OOO Mile*. NEW YOKK, Aug. H.—The British steamer Meiidia, which arrived here trom Rio de Janeiro, passed the schoonei Fanny E. Woolston, an old derelicl wrecked December, 1891, just east oi Body's Island lighthouse and north ol Cape Hatteras, having drifted something over 5,000 miles. At the present time as shown by the location named, she ii directly iu the path of United States ant Brazilian vessels. She is considered quite dangerous to navigation on accouni of her lying very low in the water. Mtthonlng Valley MUU Kesnmo. PrrrsBuna, Aug. 9.— Mahouing val ley mills are resuming at'tpr long periods of idleness. Coleman & Shields of Niles O., have been idle a year; the Girard, O. rolling mill has beeu closed six months; Brown & Bonnells of Youuffstown, O., have been off in part for a year. 411 are running in full force. Stops at the Kent Hotel*. PmsBORa, Aug. 9.—Paul Jones, who started from Boston Feb. 12 with a paper suit to go around the world aud earn |5,000, is stopping at one of the best hotels here. He has already acquired a secretary, and has several schemes for accumulating mouoy on his trip. Large Wyoming Convention. CHEYENNR, Wyo., Aug. i>.—Tho largest and most representative Democratic convention in tho history of the state has assembled in this city. Corthell of Larumie and M. L. Blake of Sheridan were made permanent chairman and secretary. Larg«| Fire lit San Jo«e. SAN JOSE, Ual., Aug. ».—The Steiger Sons' Pottery company, one of tho largest establishments of its kind in the west, was- destroyed by fire. Tho loss is estimated at between $80,000 and. i|l.UO,(H)0; insurance, $05,000. Elected n Muraion Ctmtnnan. BoiSrt.Iilu., Aug. B.—Tlu Republican stnto convention mot here. Bim E. Rich of Fremont county, tho eloquent young Mormon, was elected t< umorary chairman and J. H. Gwyuue ot Caldwell temporary secrotiiry. FRIEND Speaks through the Boothbay (Me.) RttfiUr, of the beneficial results he has received from a regular use of Ayer's Pills. He says: "I was feeling sick and tired and my stomach seemed nil out of order. I tried a number of remedies, but none seemed to give me) relief until I was induced to try the old reliable Ayer'i Fills. I have taken only one box, but I feel like a new man. I think they ate the most pleasant and easy to take of anything I ever used, being so finely sugarcoated that even a child will take them. I urge upon all who are In need of a laxative) to try Ayer'B Pills. They will do good." For all dlieateg of the Stomach, Liver, and Bowel*, take AVER'S PILLS Prepared by Dr. J. O. Ayer ft Co., Lowell, I Every Dose Effective CALIFORNIA And nil Puaido Const and Faget Sound points are reached comfortably and quickly via Palace Drawing Room Sleeping Ours and Tourist Sleepers leave ObioBRff daily and run through to San Francisco without change. Personally ConH'mted Excursion* In Tour'.Hf Slipping Ours leave OhioBgo every IVinraday. Rale for H oomplrtttlt equipped berth from Obiougo to S»n Francisco, Los Angeles or Portland only 84.00. Passengers from points west and northwest of Chicago pun join these excursions en roatn. Variable ronte excursion tickets at greatly rednoad n>fc»s. FOR DCTAILED INFOAMATION APPLY TO AGENTS CHICAGO & NORTH-WERTERN R'Y OR ADDRESS. W. A.;THKAL, Gen. Pa«s-. iin-1 Ticket Agent CHICAGO. REVIVO RESTORES VITALITY. Made a lit Day 15th Day. O f Me. THE GREAT soth Day. Fatal tlumu Aug. 9.— A dispatch from Athoutt uays (hat a bomb oxplodud with terrific) force lit tho Jewish iiuiirtur of tin city ol Corfu, killing &mm PVIMUIIS urn doing umaidorublo dumitgu to property Murrlugu oCl<uvil Kil.ivrtuu. LOMVN, Aug. U.— Tho aiThbisbup u Cnutrrbui'y otllduti-d ut llu> nmi'riiigo « Lord Kdgrrtim of Titlioii mul llu Of U I Cumin}; llui'li. LoNiiu.N, Aug I), i.'liurli-s Mitcholl till 1 nil^.lisl, Ullii llllU>ni|u.'lnl lilt. Illti'llUul of ivUiniiujj to Uv United. HuiU'S iu Oo tobur. Rich Kin. I In MlMourl. KANSAS CITY, Aug. 0. — Mineral recently found on tho farm o:' J. S. Perkins, near Tnrnnr, Clinton county, hns beeu assayed mid found tu contain. sJ'-T.SO wortb of gold to tho ton. Fall* City lni|>ro>viii«nta. FALUJ CITY, Nob., Aug. U 1 .— The county board lot the contract for build ng two additions to the courthouse to W. B. Schmuckor of this city for |7,(I50. Todd Nominated by I'rouiultlonlaln. KAI.AMAZOO, Mich.. Aug. 0. — Albert tf . Todd of this city was unanimously uomiimtod for govuruor by luo Proiilbi- ion state convention, Mrs. Aim Huff Uvad. STRACUBK, Nub., Aug. 0.— Mrs. Ami Dutf, aged HO, mothor of A. N. Duff of this place and M. E. Duff of Nebraska City, died here. Oruwtliur Nominated; MLARYBVII.I.IC, Mo., Aug. S);-— The Republicans of the fourth district nominated (J. C. Urowther for (Mugreas by acclamation. Illcli C<>lur*ilo Ore. MOSKA, Colo., Aug. U.— A most surprising strike of free milling gold ore has joen inudo iu thu Aiuiio Lodo, 1!> tuilee oast of hero, by thu Fullouwider Bros. Assays have boon made with the astou- tilling result of $43 1*01- tun. Thu gold is Found in a bontiycomb quiirti, easily worked, almost orunhiug iu tho hujid, Muuli of it is visible/ to thu mikixl oyo. produces the above rc.iulttt In HO days. It Ml* powerfully aud quickly. Curen whou all others tail. Young men will regain tfaeir lost manhood, aud old mcu will recover their youthful vixor by using* HKVIVO. It quickly and surely restores Nervoua- ness. Lost Vitality, Impotcuoy, Nightly Eiuitt8iooa> Lost Fowur, Foiling Memory, Wasting Diueosea. and. ill efftnjta of eelf-abusa or oicm-s ami indiscretion, which null Us ono for study, business or marriage. Ik Dot only cures by starting at tbo seat of disease, tank la a si-eat nerve tonic aud blooil builder, bringing back tho pink glow to pale check* and restoring tho (Ire of youth. It wards on* Insanity aud Consumption. Insist on having HK VI other. It can bo carried In vest pocket. By null, •I.OO per package, or eli tor Ma-no, with, a pod tlve written guarantee to cure or refnaA the money. Circular free. Addreso ROYAL MEDICINE CO., 63 River St.. CHICAGO, IU For Sale at Carroll. Iowa, by J. W. lltitton, Murilur niMl Mul«ldi>. CIUUAUU, Aug. U.— Joint* Itttitln was quarreling with lilti wife nnd »U>ptluugh. tor whim Jogoph titobloh interfered iu bo- kiulf of the womuii. Ron till drtJw a revolver and shut him s»ml thuu attempted suicide. lioth moil will probtibly dio. ('nlnrtul Vulvr*' I.UHKUO. NUWOAUTI.K, I*!*., Aug. 0.— Tho ua- tioniil ixmvuutiou of thu colored voter* 1 loogutt mut hi'i-o with sovorul humlrod delugiitiM I'roiu various ulutrs. Thin ia Btlid to bi) the lui'Ktdt i-onvcntiou of uoloruil vutuiti uvor lu'ld in lUu Uuitod not nrivvd l>v HM* «BU auv>r Uachlnot Wholoialo Hrlcei. Jfulxl Ul l.U.V iiUlual ur nuvlully iimilu u t lU'i'iiiuni iii i' IK tit. BAI.T LAKK, AUK. a. --Tho Hiilt Luko ohumbi-r ol comuiovi'o IIIL^ dt-rliiuul to tiiko uuy hand in thu light UKUIU-I thu Cwitrul Wu iimW a lartrti lluiw w IM nui no* nut MI ttuvijr HiiUlu maw JIOMI bui WK »\\; AMA !* TKK ^'^ j."^'- ^ rVo* )'ouatiit(vl ht>liuotu>iu, luvtttV^uf iv(ufr«. H>ify /ur Our .Vt-ir J'r.r* 1 I.UI* M* 1 H'llt ttitt <tt> Wo «A'U iniir oi^li'i If n IV-l, Ah.t M 1'iU-t^, UU'mt iV'u!l ^'t-t 1VKU u iiiiu'ttlu* 1 Hi tMUr-tuwtc fur «>*> Jfvw Jvk* M«t t»w. If i.,.i fur ilit* HA**, fur uur m »l ' iviuu kuU I -"--.- Oru|>, UMI.. Ot iwlii Ms., 8u rtuctKi, Cal, MUsU, k irou iuu! uv LXJDWIQ BROS., (Jitrrull, luxvu.

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