Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan on January 10, 1891 · Page 1
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Interstate News-Record from Ironwood, Michigan · Page 1

Ironwood, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 10, 1891
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INTERSTATE NEWS-RECORD. VOLUMES. NUMBERS?. IRONWOOD, GOGEBIC COUNTY, MICHIGAN, SATURDAY, JANUARY 10, 1891. "JDDY AND COEEY " IN IT." CITY SOLONS HOLD THEIR ; MONTHLY POW-WOW. Pr "juC , Jessieville Wants Light, as Does Also Other Sections.—Marquette St. Desires Water Works. Tho "lobby" at tho council chamber 'was crowded .at the regular, monthly " meeting of the city council hold Monday "'(.yening. The members of the council ' looked askance at the throng of curiosity < seekers, and significant !*niles ro- .pdatedly meandered over tho noble lihyMogs of the city solons. A feeling that "something was about to happen— or drop," pervaded the stuffy und much 1 odoriferous combination jail and council room, producing a quietus that was at times painful mid which at, others ^Ineatened to .extinguish the electric : glim—or glims.' Clerk Shea scanned tho faces of tho aldermen, and when Mayor Trebilcock called out, "come to order, gentlemen," Messrs. John Mullen, Hodin, Mildren, j Drawer, and, Cremens were found in their places just—at quorum. Aldermen Sutherland and Laughren Were dilatory, but they showed up in ' ;timo to hear a few "stansms" of the ; minutes of the special mooting- of December 19, lead. ,' ^ Twenty-seven residents and tax-payers of the district bordering on Mar quette street—the proposed new Ward 7; Four,by the way—petitioned tho council to extend the water works and sewer systems from Vaughn to Ayer streets ppjj'W' al ong Marquette. The petition was re y?f w ferred to the water commissioners. j&ujj,} " A petition was read which was signed B- l \, by a large number of citizens, asking y,* J1 that George 'Spencer be appointed to 4 *2 r the office rendered vacant by the resig fi'f* nation of Marshal Byrne. On motion i~^| jthe document was filed. ^, £' rAbout twenty residents of'Curry, Me- v^'ijj Leod, Ayer and adjacent streets poti- /* *^ «tioned the council to have three electric !"<' 4<'lights placed In that neighborhood. • j*' , The lighting committee will investigate •j v vthe same and report at next meeting. t ] ~ Some twenty residents of tho North Side,through Alderman Cromens, asked the council to open up and grade North street from the new school house to the ^cemetery road.. The council passed a tfpsolution that it would do so as soon as sjibBsiblo—which means next spring. Costiij, Sr., inad« application -for the position of fireman and janitor of new City hall. Alderman Mullen mpved and Alderman Laughren second> "ed, that Mr Costin's request be granted. < ,Mr. Costin will receive hU orders from Mth? major. •• At this juncture the clerk produced a Stack of bills, which were passed on a t yea and noy \ ote. , Chairman Brewer of the fire and water committee, reported that the .Tessioville boss house would be ready for occupancy ' as soon as lights were provided. He was ' authorised to make auj 1 necessary purchases of supplies for the building t 'Alderman Mildren said about a dozen electric lights were needed at Jessieville, and they were neededtreal bad. •The lighting committee will confer with, v the superintendent of the electric, cmr.- regarding the matter, aritHf pos- iave them put up at once, phief Hammond of the fire depart- •|^|nent,ad<lressod the council. He thought $2.00 PER YJ and Air. Conloy was declared elected. Tho city recorder reported that he had succeeded in collecting $217 in dog tax. ArV.hen Mr. Shea made his rounds in quest of the gay and festive purplet there must have been several hundred of him (thu pnrplet) that were outcasts and friendless. Tho city'. treasurer reported that ho had collected poll tax to the amount o! $S,H51. The question of keeping the street lights burning, all night to faciliato the tho podestriamsm of those who are on the streets after twelve o'clock,was taken up, and the lighting: committee was instructed to do it little figuring with the electric eommny and report the result at the next libeling of tho council, •nds were presented Three liquor and approved. It was ll:lo journed. IRON KINGS the council ad «'T PURCHASE. '(,. ith'e cjtt, should purchase a team for the "apartment. "The present system was ^unsatisfactory us well us expensive. Mr. Jfammond's remarks brought forth a lively discussion, and a resolution was ly offered and passed that thu city ihase a team. The mayor said he had,, appointed Thomas Eddy temporary marshal to fill vacancy caused by the'Vesignation 1 Andy Byrnes. Alderman Mildren moved that the incil approve the mayor's appoint- 7t, and that Mr. Eddy be permanent ihal. The motion was seconded by Iderman Brewer. An informal ballot showed the followresult: Thomas Eddy 5; Dennis Shea Eddy having received a majority votes of the whole council, the was on motion made formal and '..Eddy declared elected, 't wasthen moved by Alderman Brew- seconded by Alderman Mildren,that present police force being deemed ,no more policemen be engaged. irman Mullen mode an amendment [oh was seconded by Alderman- Suth- that the vacancy on the force be by the council. The resolution, :htj forth a lengthy discussion, the motion finally prevailing. Mullen then made a- motion Conley be appointed to the Mr. Sutherland seconded the An Informal'' ballot resulted as Conley 3, A. Carlson 1, George Geo. Spence.r 2, J t Lally L Second h .0pr4ey 3, Cox I, Spencer 3, Lally "" " Conley 4, Spencer 2, i ^A. te^minnte.reeess was taken "pjirtb aiid last ballot resulted [lyl, SpeBcerft Said There's Over $ir\ooo,ooo Worth of Ore on Lake Erto Docks. Mr. Carnegie and oth'er leading fur- lace men are said to have given out their intention to buy nJfpre until late, n the spring, says the Cleveland Marine Review. They point to stocks of ore on ke Erie docks valued at $11,000,000, it a low estimate, as a reil^n for this conclusion and say that m\ yroducers must come down in their prill's. This is all true enough under prVWt conditions, hut it does not seem Although Cleveland ore dealers will boti\er the furnace men in the mutter of ore sales for some time to come. The feeling among them would indicate Unit'they will spend less money for traveling expenses than is usual in January. , Mr. Carnegie's determination to delay purchases was anticipated, lie purchased too early last fall. Single deals involving $500,000 or more were made with him as early as Thanksgiving time and it is reasonable to suppose that the outcome of the market on which those purchases were made would prompt him tn delay operations this winter. In the meantime the ore dealers recognize the importance of awaiting the outcome of the present depression in the iron industry as it can hardly become worse. There have been some rumors of a combination among them to restrict production hut this does not seem reasonable to anyone acquainted with the diversity of interests in the business.. II the output is to be cut down the condition of the market will regulate the- restriction. The sales agents have held,' two or three meetings and have submitted statements regarding stocks, etc., Unit would tend to indicate the course to be pursued but it is not probable that anything further has been done, in the list of quotations on mining stocks, tho Minnesota Iron company's shares I mill others have been noticeably marked down. There is little or no sale for itock prices are very low. SCHLESINGER RETIRES. Big V Who Was the "Tenderfoot?" The last issue of the Iron River Reporter prints the following: A big six- footer from Ironwood having heard of Michael Ryan's renown us n scientific ivrestler, came down here determined to lay our Mike on his back. So ac- iordingly,so we are informed.the necessary arrangements were entered into and the match is said to have taken ilnce in N. .Dlederich's saloon. Our Mike, however, is game from the ground ,ip, and notwithstanding the Ironwood hitter was large enough to eat him, he succeeded iiUaying him Hat on his back three straight falls as quick as you could say .lack Robinson. Ryan's colors still float saucily in the and f any Gogebic tenderfoot thinks for a noment that he can lay him on his jack he can politely sail down here and the conceit will be t»ken out of him in short order. Our Mike is only about ,hree score years of age, but he is a whale. , Death of Martin McHale. The Ashland News Tuesday says: After an illness of only ten days Martin McHale, one of the best known men n northern Michigan and Wisconsin, «md a valuable citizen of Hurley, died Saturday night of Bright'^ disease. Mr. MeHale was thirty-two years of age and leaves a wife and son. lie has resided n Hurley for the past five years, dur- ng which time he conducted the saloon jnown as the Board of Trade. Mr. UcHale was at one time sheriff of Florence county. The funeral services were held at St. Mary's church Tuesday morning at nine o'clock, under the auspices ot the C. K. of \V., of which deceased was a member. Mrs. McHale nas the sympathy of her many friends in, tier sad bereavement. A large number from Ironwood, Bessemer and other places on the range attended the funeral. v Ryan Bound Over. Con Ryan, who murderously assaulted his wife by strikiug her on the head" with an axe, four weeks ago, bad a preliminary examination before Justice Murphy Monday afternoon. He waived examination and in detault of $1,000 bail, was sent to the county jail to await his trial at the next term, of circuit 0004.' He is no Longer President of the Mining Syndicate. Ferdinand Schle'singer has retire from the presidency of mining com panies contrqlfed by the Schlesinge syndicate. / t John Scott has succeeded Mr. Schles inger ay president of the York Iroi company, whose mine is near Crystn Fnlls,,/jfoich., and of the F.lorence-lroi Rive/ company. The latter company controls the Florence mine, at Florence Wis.; the Iron River mine, at Stam bangli, and the Youngstown mine ai Crystal Falls, Mich. John Scott has been the president 01 tho Escanaba Iron Mountain & West ern railroad, the Schlesinger line, since its organization. Mr. Schlesinger has been sneceedei as president of all the other mining companies which the syndicate controls by M. II. Hanna, of Cleveland, a prominent ore agent and wealthy capitalist Mr. Ilanna has been interested in the Schlesinger mining enterprises from the'r beginning. The concerns of which Mr. Ilanna has been president are the Chapin, Armenia, Queen ,Buffalo,South Buffalo, Prince of Wales, Claire and Sunday Lake Mining companies; the Hydraulic Power company, the Inter- State Transit company and the Ashta- Dula Dock company. The changes occurred at Milwaukee on Monday. The following gentlemen were elected directors of the Schlesingei companies: M. A. Himna, Cleveland; Douglas Van Dyke, Ferninaml Schles- nger, John Scott and William Schles- nger, all of Milwaukee. Douglas Van Dyke was elected secretary of all the companies, and William Schlesinger xeasurer of all of them. The official changes in the Schlesing- ;r companies are said by some to be lue to a desire to strengthen the syndicate limtncially. The Ashland's Dividends Foretold. The Milwaukee livening AVisconsIn ilonday prints this paragraph: A dividend of $10 a share will be paid, it is said, on the stock of the Ashland mine. The Ashland has been one of the principal shippers of the Gogebic range, this .season, its output having been nearly 400,000 tons. Dr. A. M. Heltner says that the stock, which was up to $62 per share, some time ago, declined slightly during the recent financial dln- Uirbances, and is now selling at about $^8. Metropolitan, one of the best.mj.|i- jngatpcks, has been up to ¥80, Dr. He!-" meiysays, and is now held at from $70 to,$7S. '"The stock of the Bessemer Consolidated company cannot be sold at any priced and tho bonds are held at from 15 to 20 cents on the dollar. The Anvil and Brotherton stocks are held at about $3 per share. North Pabst Directors' Meeting. A meeting of the directors of the North Pabst Mining company was held In Green Bay on Saturday for the purpose of electing a president to the company to succeed the'late N. McDermott. Resolutions of respect were adopted by the board at theppeningof the meeting. Reports of the work at the mine were made and show it to be in a. flourshing condition, and that all necessary machinery to carry on the business was on hand. Those present were Capt. J. S. Buddie, superintendent of the mine; S. W. Tanner and C. N. Cramer, of Ashland; A. D. Nichelson, of Chicago, and Wm. McDermott, of Fond du Lac. The newly elected president was C. N. Cramer, Ashland. Y. M. C. A. ~Nmes. The song service at the Y. M. C. A. will be conducted tomorrow by C. W. Curran at 8:30. All.are invited. Quite a number of our citizens are expecting to attend the First District Y. M. C. A. convention toybe.held at Ashland Jan. 15 to 18. An interesting program has been prepared and a grand time is expected. One and a third fare for the round trip will be given and free entertainment will be given to all delegates attending, therefore making the expenses very light. .-"* . • i . •' . One hundred and ten young men have their names on the association^bopks as members. Fall in line boys and run the number up to 125 before the close of the Kioutb. . ' , : 'ilj. Miners Strike at Florence/ v; -, One hundred and fifty men at the Florence mine, Menominee range, w- fused to go to work Tuesday night, on account of having not yet received their pay for the month of November. Florence is operated by the Schlesinger syndicate. Mr. Schlesinger says the men will be paid Mpnday Jan. 12. Bar Meeting. A meeting of the members of the bar of Gogebic county will be held at the court house, Wednesday. January 14, at ten o'clock a. m. for the transaction of important bus! ness. Every attorney is urgently requested:!? be present. • CHAS. M. HOWELL, Secretary. Dated Bessemer, Mich., Jan. 9.1881.' On the seventh ballot the Democratic majority in the lower branch of the legislature succeeded Tuesday night in nominating Phil B. Wnghtel, pf Petoskey, for .speaker. THE REPORTERMTE BOOK ITEMS OF LOCAL, PERSONAL AND GENERAL INTEREST. Gossip Heard, Observed or Purloinec by a News-Record Representative on His Rounds. Luther Smith, of Marquette, was ir the city Monday. Mr. A. L. Dickerman returned Satur day from a Western trip. Miss Carolina Parker* of Ontonagon is the guest of Mrs. E. G. Emmons. The Alhambra theater closed Mon day. It will be "dark" two weeks. Herman Sknd and George Koerbit? were at Chicago this week on a business trip. Drs. Ellis & Smith have moved into their new quarters in the Davis & Fein block. Sandy Sutton retnrned'Sunday from a holiday trip to Oshkosh and othei Wisconsin points. "The Lancashire Lass." Go to the opera house this evening and see her. Browne Theater company. Miss Delia MaSon, of Whitewater, Wis., is the; jtt&it of her sister, Mrs Oscar Hansen, Cuity street. Thomas J3. Miws returned Saturday from a trip Mi.IWtroir, Lansing rinc other lower Kticlitgan points.' Peter Conley, the new policeman, appointed by the council Monday evening, began his "watch" Tuesday. t/Tlie suits for the Curry Rilles arrived Monday. The boys drilled in them foi the first time AVednesdiiy night. The last performance of the Browne Theatre company will take place this evening at Pierce's opera house. Mrs. L. W. Arenander departed last Tuesday for Ishperalng, where she will stay with old friends for a week or so. Rood has left the dry goods de- pnrtrojpt of 'the Ironwood Store, and icc(«»(l a position with Davis & Fchr. ThFurowne Theatre company opens i week's engagement at the Grand opera house, Ashhind, Monday even- ng. Mrs. James Stimson,of New London, vho has been visiting her daughter, rtrs. Fred M. Prescott, has returned lome. Miss Rye Hubby, who has been the guest of the Misses Whitesldes through .lie holidays, returned to her home at Antigo Tuesday, Misses Mary and Flo Nicl<efcre|,i,irned o Ironwood frowNew-^Londdn Ori* Sunday morning. Miss Flo Nickel will nive charge of the school on .the North Side. Messrs. Peter Bergman and Gust Olon will leave this evening for Ishpom- ng, where they will make things fly foi* few days. Partly business, partly ecreation. /A mask ball will be held at Pierce's pera house on Friday evening. Janu- ry 23, at which $100 will be given in en prizes. Get your costumes ready ,t once for this grand affair. Otto Elander, the genial clei-k at the ronwood Pharmacy, seems all the hap- iler for the arrival in town of a certain air young lady from Minneapolis. It's aid Otto intends to quit boarding out n n month or so. The News-Record had a pleasant call Monday from Walter J. Fitch, who was n the range in the interest of the Northern Grain Mercantile company of .\shluml. He was accompanied by Mr. Mason, a member of the firm. Clarence Snyder, of the sprightly and ewsy Ashland Dally News, made a hortcull atthisofllce Wednesday morn- n U. He had been at Madison attend- ng the inauguration of Had Boy Peck, nd dropped off at Ironwood to trans- ct some business. New Year's calling was quite general t Marquette. The Mining Journal ives a list of the ladies of the "Queen Jity" who kept "open house," and tates that Mrs. J. M. Longyear was ssisted by Miss Prime and Mrs. D. H. rterritt by Mrs. F. N. Bosson. The engagement of J. K. Parish, of VIedford, the astute circuit judge of the Lshland circuit, and Miss Mae Carington, of Ashland,is announced. The writer took occasion to remark during the progress of the Ed ward Baker trial, n the elegant boquets of cut flowers Whlqh were daily placed on the joyial udge's desk, and intimated through the columns of an Ashland paper that the wesenceof the prettily arranged bo- uets was significant. The sequel shows Sat for once in his life, at least, the scribe'itprognostic faculties were not at ault. The New Year exercises at the Prea- ijrterlan church, which were -held on .qnday last, were very Interesting. The irogram included hymns by the Sabbath school, baptismal services, the retort of .the Sabbath school superintend- in t for tho'past year and a New Year's address by the pastor. After the exer- S, JJie following officers of the Sun- sghpol were sleeted for the coming j-Wr.lVt ,J.MeUoberU. superintendent; Bain, assistant; F. P. secretary; Miles Smith, W. Johnson, librarian; chorister., afte reliring ^Williams, ever since the Presbyterian society was organizec in Ironwood. Mrs. W. J. Olcott, of Bessemer, was in town Tuesday. Thomas H.FIaningan, of Iron River was here Monday. Col. Marcus Peterson, of Marquette greeted friends on the range the lirst of the week. John Styles, ex-sheriff of Menominee county, now register of deeds, was in town Saturday last. Mrs. O. E. 1 Lewis returned Tuesday from a two week's visit to Kenosha and other Wisconsin points. Dr. G. N. Griswold returned Saturday from Minneapolis, where he spent the holidays with friends. Mr. Samuel Reid has resigned his position with J. E. Bean, and accepted a situation at the postottlce. Miss Jennie Scholars, of Ironwood, is the guest of Miss Emma AVasley, ot this city.—Ishpeming Iron Ore. The News-Record had a pleasant cal Tuesday from Wm. Edwards, of the iVshhind Urae & Cement company. Tho "Lancashire Lass," a five-act inelodrama,wiil be presented at Pierco's opera house this evening by the Browne Theater company. Mr. nnd Mrs. Herman F. Jahn, Nor- riestreet,pleasantly entertained a company at progressive tiddely winks on Thursday evening. The editor of our Scandinavian 'samtidii" in this city brags of haviiiff in his employ the prettiest lady compositor in the state. Arth Uddenbergaiid.lohn W. Jochim of Ishpeming, have Iwon visiting with the brother-in-liiw of the hitter, John A. Talleen, of this city, dn-ing the week. 4/Iohnny Ryan, champion wrestler of the Gogebic range, has been appointed under sheriff by Sheriff Byrne. Dennis Byrne, brother of the sheriff, has iieen appointed turnkey at, the enmity iiiil. The annual meetings of the stock- lolders of the Aurora, Comet and ['alms Iron Mining Companies, Ui« [ronwood Electric Company and the First National Bank, are announced n the columns of the News-Record. Rev. C. Men-Ham, who occupied the pulpit of the Episcopal church'hern a 'evv weeks ago, preached his farewell sermon atMenominee Sunday last. The •everend gentleman will spend the winter in California. Duncan MoVichiu of the Iron Belt hlne, has been appointed general man- >ger of the Pioneer mine, Vermilion •ange. J. A. McA'ichie has been made us assistant, and has already taken barge of the mine. The business houses of A. J. Agnmv ind Hammersley & Co., doing business At, Hurley, are in financial trouble. The former was closed on a ' chattel mortgage and the latter made an ns- ignment for the benefit of-his cred- tors. The New York AVorld offers a prize 3fS100 for the "Best truthful descrip- ion of her husband's devotion to her," he contest being open to the women if America. Great Scott, but wouldn't » truthful description of some of the uisbands residing in Ironwood be a lummer! Ed. J.Dockery, who wascity attorney f Ashland last year, and who is one of he ablest lawyers of that place, will oon be married to Miss Eva Hunt, of hat city. Miss Hunt is the eldest laughter of Morris Hunt, manager f the Ashland Iron & Steel company, nd one of the best known men in the ..ake Superior country. The prospect- ve bride and groom are great favorites n Ashland social circles. Prosecuting Attorney Ilalre of On- ;onagon county, is busy preparing a ill to be introduced at the present ses- ion of the legislature, asking for the ixtension of school district No. 1. It s the intention to increase the school district from eight and one-half to pne undred and eighty square miles. Mr. laire is also framing a bill authorizing Ontonagon township to bond itself In he sum of $20,000, the money to be used for the purpose of constructing a ridge across the river at the village of Ontonagon. The bills will be sent to ienator Stevens and Representative ilunthe within the next few days. "Tiddely Wink," the latest diversion ms struck Ironwood. Itsucceeds "pigs n the clover" and other ridiculous craze ames. An unknown exchange gives he following directions for the great game: "Tiddely Winks,'*whicliisnow ilfad in society,is played with tiddledies, vinks, a wink-pot,dinguses, dnflieities, tc. Any number of players may engage in the game. Each player takes a dingus. The winks are divided equal- y, likewise the duflicities. Take a wink, nit it 011 the dingus, then by pressing i little tiddledyon the wink,'make it ump into th« wink-pot—jf yJkeao. ,U too succeed you are entitled Ma dufli- jity, and for every wink yon jKp into hedlng-pot from the duwiiikw count • lictiddeldy, and continue m itethetink-winkle upon thai until the points HO can ied sh the sum total of the hogvvip by the, puterinktum and ) oper- lywug eqmU contents of the aforesaid words to that effect, when to the said to have won the game. It is very simple and a great children's game. Robt. Nelson was at Ishpeming, returning homo Thursday. Miss Anna Curry returned to school at Boston on Saturday evening. Miss Belle Howson returned to Milwaukee Tuesday to resume her studies, Hammond & Kissane, attorneys, have taken elegantquartersin the Davis &Fehr block. AV. J. Gill catne over from Champion on Wednesday to look after his business interests here. Miss Richards of Milwaukee, will teach Miss. Baldwin's room at the Central school for a month. Mrs. Dr. Moore and family arrived in tho city AVodnosday from Now London, and they will remain here permanently, Will H. Crowe an old employe of the News-Record, is now editorand publisher of The Independent of Newberry, Luce county. Tickets for the last psrformance by tho Browne Treator company at Pierce's opera house this evening, can be secured at Wlnslow's. John Gardiner,of Van Busklrk.AVIs., who held ticket No. 186, was '.'he lucky man who drew the music box at Loth's bazaar. He received the instrument yesterday. ,' Services will be held at the Finnish Lutheran cliurch ,Curry street tomorrow tor tho.ltrst tithe. The m<w pastor, Rev. Elohflimp, arrived this week from Hough fotTSs^ An auction'(jflle Is In progress in the vacant store oppo&tt 6 the Prescott block. It Is being conductetL^by Thomrw W. Mays, who bos decided tovclose out the .•lothing and gents furnlsjirftfft mont store on Suffolk street. An Interesting record of the IV.'i'ge business failures, casualties, fires aril] notable occurrences that happened during the year, will bo found on another page of this wook's News-Record, ft is of great value for reference. Tho I3mwno Theater company presented "A Wonderful CMrl" at PiercuV opera house last xyenlng to u crowded house. Tim company will appear her for the last tlmo this evening, when tho "Lancashire LIIH.H" will bn given. Over one hundred men were laid off :it. the Norrin on Monday. Captain I'rehiclocK told a News-Record reporter Tuesday that between two hundred and llfty and three hundred men hml been ilischnrged since the closing of the lake shipping season. Tho members of thoNorden choir waited upon Mr. M. Holomo, hut Sunday and )rosontud him with 11 handsome silver tea set consisting of five pieces. The irosentatlon was made on Mr. Holcmo's birthday anniversary as a token nf ap- ireciation of bin services OH leader of tho choir. The following officers of Iron City Lodge No. 128, Knights of PyUilns.wer'e nstalled Tuesday evening: (\ K. Honk, :'. C.; J. K. Nivf-n, C. C.; F. C. Sclk, V. '.; W. J. McRoherts, p.; J. F. Hall, K. ^l. H.; J. S. Monroe, M. K.; George 1). Hough, M. F.; E. G. Emmons, M*. A.; S. E. Helps, G. G.; W. H. Wood, O. G. The News-Record last week printed ;he following paragraph: "Frank Cro.s- >y left Tuesday evening for Toronto, Canada, where he will visit for a short ime with friends." The average reader perused the item and wished Frank good time und a safe return. Wed- lesday the following message was re- Reived in Ironwood from Chicago: "Will be home first of next week. Mnke ar- angenientsfori(.s-atthe Curry." Which being construed, mpaiis that Mr. F. Armour Crosby was married at Toronto on Monday last. A cave occurred at the East Norrie, between Nos. 1 and 2 shafts, on Thursday afternoon. The men were ordered out of that portion of the mine AVednoa- day afternoon, and the following day ,he timbers on the upper levels were displaced by powerful blasts of giant powder, and the surface went down with i crash. The cave is two hundred and ifty feet long and about one hundred fifty in width. Tho collapse is general down to the third level, und will continue to the fourth and possibly the fifth evela within thu next few dayH. The News-Record li-arns from reliable sources that a petition in being cir- ulated in Ironwood, which it it said vill be forwarded to the officials of the iViscoiisin Central asking that Mr. Geo. Willetts, now employed in the general iflices of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & We.stern at Milwaukee, and atom- limn igent of the Wisconsin Central at this place, be reappninted in place of Mr. lenry L'verson, the present incumbent. The News-Record has heard of no com- >laints against Mr. Everson, and horough inquiry fails to reveal any dissatisfaction among the customers of he Wisconsin Central. On the cou- rary, those who have been approached on the subject, speak' in complimen- ary terms of the present agent. The News-Record makes no reflections iis o Mr. WilVetts' ability, but it believes ihe public generally is well satistted With Mr. Everson, and trusts the coin- •fpy will retain him as agent at this IS PROUD OF IRONWOOD'S WERE The Three New Models in Ever; The Teaoh: The new school and wore opened to the' day last. The buildlni by Prof. Conover, of over, Porter & Padloy, Ashland atad Madison. T; ings are identical in arrangements. Each school rooms and a basemei by furnaces of the Full pattern, burning hard" oughly ventilated, and water and sewer privileges.* room is seated with patent commodate sixty pupils; with atone slate blackboii? charts and other needful appaj board has named the school? as follows: The high school bq to he called the Central Stshj others are named First, and Fourth AVard schools, their respective locations.', ^I-UHWI has now a foi ce of qoventee'n teach' and an enrollment ton pupils ' • ,\ Tho dlsti Ihution of the toa'bhiii£r fi is an follows \-^.'i -i L. L. Wiight, siiporln Control School.— Mm-giimt McA'ichie, Mflfy? <B(lldwtl Kate Sherman, Corn Bean, "' l4 vllln, Addlo Marvin, Sarah Clancy, Mrs. First AVniil School.— Mil FourtlrsJVard, O'Neil, KVWi The new buiW ! *Hr8ili- 1 t i ;modBls of lljl Ing,Kcnlin(f,arnl mllect greljlt c Mr. A. N. the work in n, workmanlike proud of hor «y Hie in ns n Its people uro. support them ! 1*' who 'takes the schools has to lit him for t; life. Public _..„_, Tuesday afternqbn'ni Court (iiirlluld, A',.Q;;i Scandinavian hall. All and In-ailed by the N ] lodge inarched through ley, where they were cousin contingent.,,, hull IIIM-H, thir incmbfii tt friends partook of nn elHbar'a^,^ the banquet lasting until eifch|'(fi An adjournment was then tak the hull proper, when the ofllcers were Installed: P. (i. It. • | Daniels; C, R., 1. T. ColmerV fctfl Thos. Inch; T., J. 11. Cocks* f Luke Grose; H. S., T. T. Eddy; 8) V John Johnson; J. W., T. JI, S. B.,Jos. Apps; .T, 11,, T. H. trustee three years, 8. Skews. the installation, u very interesting jpro* rut ' was presented, consisting brief speech by the chairman, I Bates; selection "Foresters,'' by tlje M. E. choir; selection by the band; concertina duet by John Spriddell and .L Launders; speech, Bio F. W. Main- song. F. W. May; speech, C, A. Hans- :om; duett, Messrs. Main und Sbum- way. Dancing followed. Coiut Oar- field was organized July 81,1890, by W.- H. Daniels, with a chaiter membership, of thirty, and the number has incieased At a rapid rate—now having 108 mem* Liers. ___^_ Browne Theater Company, That the Browne Theater company is a favorite with Ironwood i was never better demonstrated the presentation of "the Girl I Love/'pn. i Thursday evening. The plec-a U a beau-' tiful comedy-drama of five acts,' full ot interesting passages and .situations, and . in over-running with pure, bright cam-." edy. A'ersatile,irreslstible, Irrepressjbl^ J. KnoxCuviaUuthi* be«t In this piece; and on Thursday evening he sustained his reputation as a comedian of the order. Miss Alk Murray and many of llieold JftVftrjJ thin company, contributed theljfi to entertain mid liouse. The laal performance of f] i-agement takes place thin evening,«r}> "Tho 1 Jincashirn fju»"'w'n bfr^r^ Tho News-ltecord bjj compliment Kit i (or Tribune, on the hand of the holiday edition pf 1 was without doubt specimen of the "art presef halt ever been turned 01^35 shop" Jn. the Lake Sun wag »l &2

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