Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida on June 27, 1974 · Page 11
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Panama City News-Herald from Panama City, Florida · Page 11

Panama City, Florida
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 27, 1974
Page 11
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NEWS-HERALD, Panama City, Fla„ Thursday, June 1974 Page 11A Termed Radical COTATI, Calif. Annette Lombard!, barefoot, put on her shoes and socks to sit in at the town council meeting, Geoffrey Dunham, in a T-shirt, face red, came huffing in off the golf course a few minute late, his spikes giving way, to scuffed, dirty sneakers. Stephen Laughlin felt perfectly comfortable in his tight jeans and platform heels - he's the mayor. This was a biweekly meeting of the City Council of Cotati in the dark brick building on Sierra Avenue, a weed-lined drag which takes you into town off Highway 101. Cotati is a gem of a little rural community (1970 census: 1,407) tucked into the Sonoma Valley exactly 42 miles north of the Golden Gale Bridge. The Old Redwood Highway leading to the world's oldest, trees runs • smack dab through the middle of town. It's. a.pastoral place whose serenity was disturbed two years ago last April by local elections. Three young people whom the townsfolk characterized as hippies were elected to four-year terms and grabbed the majority vote on the five- person city council. They were. Ms. Lombard!, who is 26 and chunky with a mop of dark, crinkly hair; Laughlin, who is 26 and slight, with a masklike thin face and hair 'covering his ears and the nape of his neck down to his shoulders; and Dunham, 31, bald oft top with a compensating full toard and the torsoiAdf avsumpi wrestler*, ^M^, Actually; in Cotati as it now stands they don't look out of piaee^AVhe1h >y^u g^t off Hhe i highway and come down Sierra Avenue, past a mobile trailer park where little old white-haired ladies in tight spit curls tend their flowers, and reach the. hexagonal plaza which denotes the Center of .town, the scene changes to a mini-replica of old Haight-Ashbury, with long hair the rule, girls in hip-hugging jeans land a general air of insouciance. "You in Cotati" ichoed Ms. Lombard! on the phone. "Far out." v \ Annette Lombard! Was the only one of the insurgent politicians whose rootsjare in the Cotati area. She went to high school in nearby Petaluma. Her uncle runs the market on the corner of Old Redwood Highway and Henry Street, where prices are up - 99 cents for a single pineapple. She works as a tailor, $3 an hour, in her brother's men's clothing store in neighboring Rohnert Park, aj bedroom community Of 12,000 people which threatens to'engulf old Cotati. . Annette is a graduate Of Sonoma State College, which lies in Rohnert Park but whose students consider Cotati their town and infest its pizza parlors and Mexican cantinas and do their,banking there and have called it home in sufficient numbers (approximately 300 of 900 votes) to upset the old political balance and put Annette and her cohorts into office. Because she was the only one of the three-person majority known to the old residents in town and got the biggest margin of victory in the 72 election, Annette became the mayor. "It's not as much fun being mayor as you'd think," she says, "when you get up at six o'clock in the morning to lead the cerebral palsy march." Annette used to own a bookstore in town, but she gave it up because she puts in 1 40 hours a week stitching cuffs and another 40 hours on council work. She now has bought her own house on Charles Street, a white bungalow with a white picket fence next to an empty field, FUNNY BUSINESS for $20,000, and with her own unlisted phone. "The older folks," she says, "want to see the town remain rural. They don't want the hippies." . But they also didn't want, she insists, a previous administration in which the city council approved a new hous- By Rogw Bolltn ing tract and the mayor got the rock-hauling contract and the vice-mayor, who owned a furniture store, did the decorating for the model homes, and another council-, man, who owned a begonia nursery, did the landscaping. That tract, which lies behind a new shopping center in the southeast section of the small community, has doubled the population of Cotati to 2.800 in just a couple of years. At one time, 50 per cent of the land within the town was undeveloped. The ratio how is 40-60, but going into town there are still sheep grazing a block away from city hall and cows tethered in empty fields. In the Book of Revelation, the pale horse symbolizes death. SlminWlliams COTAT.S MAJORITY AND MINORITY! Left to right/ Annette Lombardl, Geoffrey Dunham, Frank Dolinstfk, Herbert Winter and Stephen Laughlin. (Photo courtesy of San Francisco Examiner) Comics Are Summer Answer HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - If one comedian is good, would 35 comics be better? Producer Greg Garrison will learn the answer by the end of summer. Garrison, producer of "The Dean Martin Show" for a decade, is coming on strong this summer with "Comedyworld," a crowd of funnymen plus film clips of the most revered comics of the past. For 10 weeks, NBC viewers will see brash new comedians, many of them getting their first breaks, others who are moving up the success ladder and a few (Rich Little) who already have followings. "I looked at 400 comics," said the ruggedly handsome Garrison. "I traveled to New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and London. I wanted to see the new young talent in familiar settings where they were doing their numbers for audiences. "It's inhibiting for a producer to sit down and expect a comedian to be funny without an audience." Garrison is a bright, witty man himself. And after years of close personal association with Martin, he has a pretty fair idea of what is funny and what is not. his own sense of humor to gauge the laugh-provoking potential of prospects for his show. "I try to determine what will make an audience laugh," he said. "The comedian or comedienne doesn't have to make me laugh. I'm unimportant. I listened to some rather well- known comics and some youngsters who never appeared before more than 20 people in their lives. "None of them have 35 minutes of top material. Even the best pros find it hard to cover that span and be hilarious and whole time. But I taped Curiously, he doesn't employ each of the ones seen on the show for 10 or 15 minutes to get from two. to four intimites of good stuff. ; "I have great * ( peripheral vision. When I audition the kids I watch for the reaction of the people around me to see what they're laughing at.''' Weary of hearing viewers, network brass and sponsors complain about the dearth of new faces on the tube, Garrison is gambling on his finds. No one makes Garrison laugh more easily than Martin. But his taste also runs to Don Rickles, the early Jackie Gleason, Dom DeLuise and Phil Silvers in the old "Sgt. Bilko" series. "I've already completed all 10 shows," Garrison said. "Now that we're on the air I have agents calling me wanting to get their clients a few minutes on the series. Too late. It's done. Next case." Garrison's young comedians come from colleges, drugstores, tiny saloons and coffee houses, local television talk shows and even a car wash. He's dropped in Foster Brooks, Rodney Danger/field,. Slappy WhiteandScoeyMitchell to provide a change of pace, along withquick takes from old Chaplin movies, Laurel and Hardy and Buster Keaton. Hosting the show are Jackie Cooper, Barbara Feldon and Nipsey Russell—who can be pretty funny themselves. Bit Parts: Rita Moreno will guest star on the first episode of "Medical Center's" sixth season ... Bobby Sherman will star in amovie dealing.with the Molokai leper colony ... Jack Nicholson will have his hand prints imbedded in) the forecourt of Grauman's. Chinese theater... I'J the average height, i- (For • pitched roof, -figure "average height' to eaves: plue two feet for gable ends.) Then multiply distance by height, to get the approximate number of square feet to be painted. Divide the number by the coverage you can expect from each gallon of paint you're using, and you'll Know about how many gallons you'll need. Of course, coverage varies depending on the surface you're painting. But generally, you can expect a Sherwln- Wllllams Latex House Paint to cover about 400 square feet per gallon. So, In the example, you'd need about 4 and Vt gallons. SALE ENDS JULY 8th. COLOR COORDINATE YOUR HOME-INSIDE AND OUT-WITH PAINT. WALLCOVERING , AND CARPETING FROM THESE SHERWIN-WILLIAMS DECORATING CENTERS. \ . • Panama City 1017 Narriton Ave. 785-6164 lis to easy to shop at a Sherwin-Williams Decwallng Cantw. Just iay,"Chatga it." Illustrations Enlarged USE GORDON'S CONVENIENT CREDIT TERMS: Budget Accounts • Charge Plans We Accept: BinkAmericird e>0iners Club "Shoppers Chime • Marter Charge«Carte Blanche • Americen Express IN PANAMA CITY SHOP AT GORDON'S: Panama Plaza Shopping Center • Also in Ft. Walton Beaph at Brooks Plaza Shopping Center • In Pensacola • Town & Country Plaza Shopping Center • Cordova Mall, 5100 North 9th Avenue * Shop Gordon's Coast to Coast. The Civil Service Board of the City of Panama City Beach is presently accepting application for one part- time secretary and one full-time secretary. Typing, shorthand, general knowledge of oofice procedures required. Applications and information may be obtained frbm the Civil Service Board secretary Monday thru Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., at the Beach City Hal Phone 234-2259

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