Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois on November 12, 1923 · 18
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Chicago Tribune from Chicago, Illinois · 18

Chicago, Illinois
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Monday, November 12, 1923
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CHICAGO DAILY TIUBTryE: 31QXPAY;OVKMgER JgJP23, : a t ' V! ! t f - - ? v f 1 f I'M i I L i.M n SEVERAL UPSETS .MARK SATURDAY FOOTBALL GAMES BY WALTER ECKERSALI. ' Defeat of Notre Dame by Nebraska, 14 to 7, was unquestionably the bijr- t upset in football this season although Harvard's victory over Princeton, 5 to 0. and Drake's setback y Coe. to 6. came as a surprise to most close followers of the gridiron fmrae. Downfall of Notre Dame, a team -rhlch gave every indicatirn of grinj? through the season undefeated, came more as a ehock than a surprise to the football world. Considering tlw funeral play of the Corohuskers In the Illinois game and their tie rtrug-et with Kansas and Missouri, the dope pointed to a Notre Dame victory Coach Dawson, however, played a lone hand and steadily gr omed his team for a game which would, erase S11 friticism of former struggles. IIu? iiin vers were ready. They were in hat mental state which goes so far to win football games while theU physl ral condition was perfect. On top of this they did everything on the football field faultlessly. Notre Dame was sluggish and the j layers apparently sh-awed results of W'.e hard schedule. Credit to Illini Stars. -"In the western conference, Illinois tajWi arother hurdle in its quest for the Big Ten honors. Coach Zuppke's e'even won over Wisconsin, 10 to 0, and eliminated the Badgers from all c ifiims to conference, honors. Illinois scored all Its points in the opening quarter and was content to play defen sivw football the rest of the way. ' While Grange and Britton have been receiving practically all the credit for Illinois victories, other dependable covers on the team should not be u nderestlmated. Half Back Mclrwsin Is undoubted ly a factor in making Grange's runs possible by his Interference. In addition, the Orange and Blue back is an excellent line plunger, while Rokusek fs fast developing Into one of the best ends in the conference. II. Hall is U3ing fine judgment in directing the team's attack from the quarter back position, while Capt. McMillen, the guard, has been a factor in every battle. Wisconsin, while it has fair material, has not the type of men who tan. execute the best plays of the new gHxne. As a result, the Badger coach must drill his players In formations for rrnich they are adapted, but this style jf offense was not strong enough to pain against a team of Illinois defensive strength. Maroon Asserts Strength. " "Ohio State won its first conference ?4fne of the year by defeating Purdue, si to 0. The Buckeyes cut loose a for-rfsxL pass attack which the Boilermaker could not fathom. Chicago won over Indiana, 27 to 0, but the Maroon strength did not assert itself until the second half, when tlie Hoosiera tired badly.- In the first Iialf, Indiana, showed a stubborn defense, but succumbed before a power-fat, driving attack in the last two periods. The showing of Indiana3 team irr the first half indicates Coach Bill Ingram is obtaining results from the ittediocre material at hand. Michigan took a hard fought contest frvm the U. S. Marines, 26 to 6. The ' ys from Quantico threw a scare Into Uie "Wolverines by scoring early. Northwestern finally came into its own after being kicked around since 1 6 Beloit game early in the season and won over Lake Forest, 32 to 0. This frame should go a long way toward fitting the Purple for the important clash with Purdue at Lafayette on Saturday. - Marqnette Still Undefeated. pDrake was relegated to the defeated class by losing to Coe, 12 to 6. Although Coe is not in the Missouri Valley conference, its victory over the lies Moines eleven was commendable. Lful a shock to followers in that sec- iton. .-Marquette kept trp Its winning streak by trimming North Dakota, 24 0, and is among the undefeated teams of the country. Detroit and Car negie Tech battled to a 8 to 6 tie In mother game of note and Butler won from DePauw, 13 to 0. In the east Tale and Syracuse kept their slates clean by winning over Maryland and Boston university, re spectively. Tbu Blue eleven barely iosed out a ie to 14 victory,' while Syracuse had a romp, winning, 49 to '1. Cornell, another of the country's I SMITTY BIRDS OF A FEATHER! COOO tj "XrAOUT-T CX3NOT , HORSV . Br I V0HVX I 1 rlrv VJH&M 1- ay J I NOBBlN6MEA J I sK'OOrJTSTTSrJO . . " &VV -7 SK rX VRO V V 7 J GLKiS Of VJPCTtR twere uXJirA'SO I S T f Mi& K I TO I TMCOQT" J V ' iI r----f--y i "J ' J 'js? m "ieASTfX'y ' I sf1&rMrtJ-mmm- y li , , , . 11 in u II miih .nnnnn - 77 ' -i BEARS HAMMER WAY TO ROUGH WIN OVER AKRON MEAT FOR BEARS AKJbON 6. .u t. JU o. WUtM - T. Nmk B. E. Knrma Rrmkrrt ..Q. B. Botes. FK:Shw. EUOrr 1- . . . . , ..B. H. PRAIRIEFOOTBALL SCORES St. Florian A. C. C7: Chicago Incliaiis. 0. Modcws. IS; Justin sport-'rarn. 0. f'anjocs C'hicagos, 0; Orlando 0. Hudson A. C. 19: Stanton Park. 0. Parkv-iew. 38: Murleys. 0. Barat9. 7- Stolen Kisses, 0. Seneca. 0; Lightnini?, 0. Hazeicrest. 7; Biue Island. 0. Dawson Tigers. 19: Hawkeyes. 6. Ramblers, fi; Washington Fark lights. 0. Ma j' wood. 9: Berwyn 7.s. 6. Berwyn Sportsmen. J: West Arrows. 0. Ixjfran A C 18: Ace, tj. XavajoR, 3: EaTens. 0. Mjwthomes. 13: Mildred Arrows. 6. Owl 33: Adimes. 0. Deilwoode. 18; Cardinals. 0. Cicero Boof Wrs. 1 8 ; Portage Park, 0. Rjpmores, 19; Triangles, 7. Chilar A. A.. 2: Hapyv Go TjtK)neB. 0. Beo .Maroons. '20: Oak Park Clippers, 7. South Ends. 14; Bnsraj Hgrers. 0. St. Majrarct, 12; Tornadoca. 6. Forest Park, 13; Independent Park. 0. Hamlin Triangle. 30. Seminole Indians. 0. Wichita Bln-s. IP: Emeralds. 6. Tokioe, 7; Horoewoods. 0. Washinrton Park. 7; Aadnbons. 3. Boulerard Cardinals. 12; Lemocto, 0. Prunroso. 12: Pacers. 6. La Salle Tiger Jrs.. IS; CromweTia, 0. Iporrotes. 6; Sleipnera, 0. Ijorrote Juniors, 0: Modoo Midrt. 0. Cu-tare A. C, 1&: Orexel A. C, 0. La Salle Tiffera, 26; O'Keefes. 0. Y. O. Y 21; Boulevard Cardinals. 0. Triangles. 18; Asiiland Arrows, 0. Mustang A. A.. O: Chieapo Boosters, C. Harding- A. C. 33: Tiirers, 0. N. W. Cardinals. 0; Arabys. 0. Owls. 20: Byron Aces, 0. F.aeries. 32; Blackhawks 0. Lakiside A. C, 12: Arcadians, f. Evaneton, 32; Loan Square. 6. T alanine. 14: Ravenswood Blues. Drexel A. C. G: Irexel Maroons. 0. Kim wood. 18; Auburn Cardinals, 0. Vermonts, 6; Lyon Alustang-s. 0. Wilmetie. 7: Winrsetka. 3. Teddy Bears, 43; Cicero Clippers, 0. Staymle. HO: Marlias. 17. Parksidp Ijghts. 24: MarQuotte. 0. Parksida, 3 : Cbestertields. 0. Triple A.. 13: Hurdler Juniors 7. Central Parks, ft; Sportsmen, 0. Arsons. 13; Cherokees. 12. Crawford Cardinals. 7: Tigers. 0. Cherryhiils, "5; Exmoors. O. Bangaboos. l(j; Bear Lishw. 0. Okiand Maroons 8: O. I. O.. 0. Pullman, 0: Stayms. O. Yellow Cabs, d; Condare. 6. Opais 33; Hug-hes Boosters. 0. Mar White Hawks. 9; Hammond Arrows. 0. Waco. 5; Berries. O. Rose land Panthers. 0: Gary Elka, 0. Tn -City Booeters. 6; St. Charles, 0. Uadne Shamrocks, 7; Gucaco Aces, 0. PULLMANS TAKE 9-0 WALLOP AT STAYMS Pullmans used the Stayms as a step ping1 stono to advance in the Midwest Grid league football finals by taking a well earned victory, 9 to 0, yesterday at Pyott park. An even battle was waged during the greater part of the fray, the only difference previous to Laforrest's 20 yard run to touchdown in the final minutes being Scanlan'a field goal In the second period. Lineup: Hammond Throws Scare Into Cards, but Loses 6 to 0 Battle PULXMAN 91. R. E Javid9oti B. T. Pope B. G VanowKkia. Nelsen C. Rowen L. G Pavloc L. T Hottenr L. K . . .Pearson, Casey Q. B Borden B. Bt. B H. Johnson L. H. B Llndstrom F. B Scanlon. Laf orres TonchdowD Laforrest. Scanioa. STATSI3 tOJ. Blake O X. PYaser . L. T Froclicb. Johnson ......Zk O Koeninff ......... C flroeniiurer R. G. Eisner. Cnshna..R. T. Oeedoo ......R. K. Lous -..O. B Bashaw L. H. B Norgreu.... . . B.. H. B Golden T. B Goal from field OPAL A. A. WTXS. 33 TO 6. Loran's bucking shredded Husrhee Boosters' forward wall and Opal A. A. buried its opponents. 33 to 6, at Cermak park in the Midwest league semi-finals. Opals made fifteen firft downs as compared to three for the losers. Sullivan kept the Boosters from a whitewash by runningr fifty yards to a touchdown after catchinr a fumbled forward paes. Lineup : OPALS 331. , BOOSTEBS f. R. E..Kealy, O'Malley Fweeney L- E. R. T MahoneylHuphe L. T. R. G...Kurent. Kodat Russell L. G. C O'Connell j Lane, Doyle C. L. G . Piepgras, Nug-ent IMorris, Morrisey.R. G. L. T Stahlman L. E... Gibson, Kealy Q. B.. Foley. Cassidy.B. T. Wright R. E. W. Sullivan. B. Sullivan ,...Q. B. undefeated elevens, beat Columbia, 35 to 0. The Harvard-Princeton game re sulted in the usual interesting battle ; before Harvard won, 5 to 0. On the Pacific coast, California de feated its old rival. Southern Califor nia, 13 to 7, in a game which attracted a crowd of 72,000, the largest which ever sawe a football clash along the Pacific coast. GREEN BAY, 16; RACINE, 0. Racine. Wis, Nov. 11. Special. J Green Bay Packers won an elating- victory here to day over the Horlictt Racine Legion combination in a professional league game. IS to 0. The locais made only three first downs. GREEN BAT 161. R. E Basines: R. T Earps. Lyle R. G.Gardner, Murray C ..Nieman L. G Woodin U. T Buck E.Hayes, Wheeler Q. B Mathys R. H ...... . Umbeaii RACINE 101. Miller. L. E. Bauer. Foster L. T. Gorman L. G, Mintun C. Hartung R. G. Smith R. T. . Halladay, .Roessier It. E. ' Barr y. B. L. H Mills Elliott. Holliday.L. H. 1 B Gavin Romney R. H. iunio sr. a. Totichdowns Lambeau. Mills, foints after touchdowns Buiii. Goals from field Buck. BOOSTERS TIE MUSTANG A. A. Chicago Boosters held the Mustang- A. A. rridders to a 0 to 0 tie at Homan and Division yesterday. MUSTANG 01. J BOOSTERS 0J. R. E. .Joyce, Sullivan IHamltn L E. R. T De Grave, Holme L. T, Periolat R. G.Fendt, Steinway . Walsh, Settereren R- H..Horches. RyaniRuane. Huasers.L. H. L. M-Logaa, Jveilson, McGrath, QuiunJR. H. Hurches F. B...Loster, Losan Conkrite, Peters. P. B. Touchdowns Loster 21, Log an, Hurches, Ryan. Sullivan. Kicks after touchdowns Loster 21. Ryan. MILWAUKEE, 6; DULUTH, 3. Milwaukee. Wis.. Nov. 11. Special. 1 Dulutta, undefeated in the NaUonal Pro Football leag-ue. received itB first drubbing at the hands of the. Milwaukee Badgers here today, ti to 3. After a drop kick by Sterav man in the third quarter, had more than convinced the 5,000 fans that the Northerners would win another victory, the Milwau-keeans worked the ball into Duluth's territory, where a place kick by Winkelman evened the count. Winkelman added another place kick in the fourth quarter a minute before the game ended. Lineup: MILWAUKEE 81. ! DULUTH 3J. R. E Reichle O'Donnell L. E. li. T Wenko Johnson L. T. R. G Underwood Stein L. G. C Larson Madigan C. L. T Blailoek Williams'' R. G L. E Sachs Kiley Q. B Conzelman Joe Rooney. R. H Winkelman Sternaman . L. H elnckson L. Rooney., F. B Meadows Method 'Harris Goals from field Winkelman 12, Sterna-man. P. T. R. E. QB. ....L. H. . ...R. H. F. B. C. Lockmati, Grundy L. G. .Sullivan, Allen i Krneger c. KICK WINS FOR INDIANS. A drop kick from the 15 yard line by Frank Fisher, with but five minutes to play, was the deciding piay in the Wa Pau Indians' 3 to 0 victory yesterday over Primrose A. C. at rsorin aim urand avenues. Lineup: WA PAU IND. 31 L. G.Keller, W. LauthjC. Hurley, Dietz.R. G. L. T..Patske. Hatfield L. E... Young. Kamln Q. B. , . Ames R. H. B. .Lindquist. Renicke L. H. B Borvig, Cheehy P. B .Lanth, Malonpy H Hibsch R. T. N. Gustavson . . .R. E. Cardinal C Q. B, G. Gustavson-L. H. B Zi.ika, Beis...R. H. B. F. B. "Hnriev, R. E. Burger R. T Zenk XT : , L. G. ....Woods, Witt j L. T. Smith L. E Cieslak Q. B Callahan I. H. B Fisher Poellaner .. . . R. H. B. llurrs 1 Bronke V K Goal from field Fialier, Referee Beatty . .F, B. 1 l)f Pnul 1 . Umpire Redman. PRIMROSE 01 Borne L. E. Bims L. T. Griffin L. G. Ellefson C. Filo R. G. Birckholtas R. T. Ready R. F.. Polka Q. B. BY FRANK SCHREIBER. Duncan Annan and the Hammond pros gave the Cardinals a bad scare in a professional football league game at the hite Sox park yesterday. The Hammond eleven outfought and out-gained the Cards for the greater part of the pastime, but at the end of the battle the Cardinals held their 6 to 0 advantage gained early in the combat. More than 3,500 fans saw the fray Minna the services of Capt- Paddy OriscolL who was injured in last week's clash with che Canton Bulldogs, the Cardinals didn't look much like the outfit which raced through opponents in dashing style early in the Reason. Driscoll was out of the lineup for three quarters of the game, being rushed in in the final quarter when the Hoosiers made their last desperate bid to tally. Crangle Gets Touchdown. That touchdown, which spelled victory for the Cards, came early in the first quarter. After a punt by A. Mc-Mahon had carried over Hess' head, deep into Hammond territory, the Cards held the Hoos,ers for downs and then started a march up the field A pass of 15 yards from Johnny Mohardt SCARE FOR CARDS CASDCN'AXS 6J. HAJMMOKD OJ. K. K. Anderson j Will jams JU E. &. T.. , Montgomery, Brannaa : Rjsley L. T. K.G..... BBckeye'Berrr L- G. C.-j .. MclaerneylRydzewsfcl .C Smith Tallest L. G. ...... Zoia LT..JL MeMaJboo GSUea L. K .JEIley, Kg an Q- B.. Mohardt, A. MeMahon K.H King, DriseoU L.H...C. MeMahon B. MeMahon1 F. B.Cnuigle, Koefaler OIU TwdWmi n Crangle, Ref R. J- ......... R. T. Bmoks - .. Bess. AacsHa. ni-a, Butler. .-I B. Cearine. Robinson R- H. . .F. B. Hammond Scatenas Take 6 toO Game from Whiting Hammond, Ind , Nov. 11. Special.! Hammond Scatenas gained a 6 to 0 decision over the "Whiting Friars her' today before the largest crowd to wit ness a local grid game. "Warne scored the only countt-r by scooping up a fumble in the first period. ISLANDERS, 6; MARINES, 6. Minneapolis, Minn.. Nov. 11. tSpeeial.l Two drop kicks for the Marines and a touch down with am.swd iry for point by Rock Island constituted a 6 to 6 tie here today. Kaplan scored drop kicks of 45 and 50 yards in the second period and Rock Island counted its touchdown la the third. Lind- gren blocked Kaplan's drop kick, and Kadesky. recovering, carried it 40 yards to the Marines" 25 yard marker. hit right tackle for 12 yards and on the next play Armstrong- crashed through left tackle for the touchdown. Sieg' try for the goal kick went wide. Six placements Dy Sies and a drop kick by Le Clerck failed. Lineup: MARINES 161. ROCK ISLAND 6J. R. E Flint! Kadesky L. E. R.T Baril Cotton L. T. a. G Gaustad Thompson L. G. C Mehre Le Clerck C. L. G Tiemey Sies R. G. L.. T Tersch Slater R. T. L. E Mohs.WUson R E. j y. 15 njiman lArmsiron? y. a. K. H PahliGiavir L. H. L. H Cleve;Kuehl R. H. F. B Sampson Phelan F. B. Touchdown Armstrong. Goals from field Kaplan f21 toa V. Ctnpire Malloy, A. O. A. to C. McMahon took the ball to the JTammond 3 yard line and Jack Cran gle carried the oval over on two successive line smashes. After that the Hammond boys seemed to have all the better of the battling. The running of Annan, former Brown and University of Chicago star, stood out above the play of any other man on the field. Annan repeatedly tore off the Cardinal tackles for gains of 3 to 15 yards, but each time the Hammond team reached the Cardinal 20 yard mark the home gang mustered enough strength to stand off an attack on the goal line. Mohardt Leads Attack. With the rather makeshift bactfield of King, C. McMahon, Crangle, and Mohardt starting the game, the Cards didn't seem to have much of an offense. A. McMahon, regular quarterback, was playing in the line and call ing signals from a tackle position and there was much checking of signals during the first half. In the third quarter Mohardt assumed the duties of running the team until Driscoll appeared in the final period. Mohardt was the best gaining back of the home gang. Johnny tore away for several good runs around ends, but couldn't puncture the Hammond line. Crangle plunged for steady gains, while Driscoll, who played only in the final five minutes, got away two beautiful kicks and tore around the Hoosier ends for two 1C yard gains. Hammond's Line Strong:, Besides Annan, there wasn't much to the Hammond backfield. Sol Butler, Dubuque college star and fast track performer, showed some speed in the third period, but was slowed considerably by the heavy battering dealt out by the Cardinal defense in the final quarter. CANTON GETS TIE IN LAST MINUTE OF PLAY PRO LEA6DE SCORES Chieagt Bears, SO; Akron, 6. Chicago Cardinals, 6; Bammona, Milwaukee, 6; Bnltrth. 3. Bock Island, 6; Minneapolis, 6. Coiombna, 16; Toledo, O. Canton. 3; Buffalo, 3. Green Bay, 16; Racine, 0. Buffalo, N. Y Nov. U.t Special Canton Bulldogs narrowly averted de feat at the hands of the Buffalo All Americans here today, tying the score in the last thirty seconds, 3 to 3. In the first period Morrissey of Buffalo booted over a place kick from the 25 yard line and held a 3 to 0 lead for his team until the last half minute when Henry, giant 250 pound tackle, blocked Hughitt's punt on the Buffalo 10 yard line and then kicked a drop kick over the bars to tie up the tussle. During the play Canton gained eleven first downs to two for Buffalo, but the All Americans, much lighter, stopped the Canton team at the critical points. McCormick played a smashing game at guard. Lineup: BUFFALO 131. R. E Urban R. T. Gulian BKAK8 f1. R. K.Halaa, FlahertT R. T... ... .. lher . G.. ........ Garrrr C Trafton I. Q .Andenpan, . Ia rar t T..... HeaJry, Seott L. K Hanrty Q. B R. H L. H.. .JSteroamui, L&num r. B Knop .Mieharts. Seat. . V. B. TwirMoiiw Wemaman. Baaay, Bryan, Bronkert. Kicks after toacfedowna ftterna-maa tj. Refer Hoi way. I'mpire Bohra. Bead linesman William. by irving"" vaughan. Sheer weight hammerud the Akron, O-, eleven into submission at the Cubs' park yesterday, and the Chicago Bears annexed another National Professional grid league victory by 20 to 6. The Invaders were simply outclassed In about everything attempted, but they had an inexhaustible supply of " fight " that was rewarded with a lone touchdown, the first scored against the north side beeves this season There was plenty of action throughout, but the choicest bit was provided near the elope when the Bears evidently became aggravated over the peppery tactics of their opponents. In a scrimmage on the Bear 25 yard line La Fleur landed on Daum of Akron like Woods waters? aa. CANTON 31. Chamberlin L- K. Lyman L. T. omstock ....... L.G. Conover . M. C. Osborne ......... R. G. BLUNT 1 1 - it f : , i 11 M Comb Your Hair the Way You Prefer GI0-C0 will keep it In place, GTO-OO Is not a paste or aaje. It Is delightful liquid and positively will not make tlie hair or acalp jrreasy or sticky tt is the safe preparation to keep h hair m you cib it. At Droit Cotintrr aoi Barber 5hop Everywhere Kormany Products Company ft J v - y t 1 B J J CaUforaia SwS EARL & WILSONS I ..awtj Better Collars for 20c Roll front, with a lock for the tie knot Longwood Brucewood MJtDICM) (LOVIJi) f AR.L Cn. WILSON J COLLARS - SHIRTS PURTTANOS 1 E . I IE I ss si i m x a . I -v i s R. G Youn&stro C Culver L. G.... .. McCormick L. T Thomas. I Henry R. T. M omssej I-B Carberrr Carron B. E Q. B Hagbitt aobb q .B. R. H MOUeran. Smyt& X. H. L. H. TraynorlGrirsr .R. H. K. B. . . . McGrerory. (Elliott. Jones .if. B. Jlulvey Goals from field Morriaey. Henry. Ref ereeOtis. Umpire Kagy, Head linesman O'Brien. COLUMBUS, 16; TOLEDO, 0. Columbus, O., Nov. 11. I Special. 1 Columbus Tigers defeated Toledo. 16 to 0. this afternoon in a National Professional learoe rune. The ram was featured by roug-h play. On two occasions Capt. Tebell had to send his men out of the cratne. Lineup: THE QUESTION n CHICAOO.--(T0 tn, E,' few dan aro yoq ttmitE? methlngaboutartlpWa mlt belcir niceairy t ij GncXs by -iprf.B within U BUt much does auch a penoitcM where can I secure earner i Ga vr A-TWa A ahtpeUnc vrruat a 1R ft you want to shit any of fom aZq tawund to Ilcenwi hoide ontt aa1 ur mjm i. jrWU ,-n mans atiuL metits cf watr fowl diainc the .' thctuh no one must ex d mar, dm.. thirty eoou (mixrh ) Jr tea cee lrmiU can be snraM 8t CI jut's ofSo, eirott. cZl ? build! nr. Chicaro. Ar , 111- To the EtorJ-, up ring abont March you haV5 tide about bird hous which raal formaUon about pamphieta a ,v. Bubject being lsmied by the rstZ ment. Will you kindly giv tteTJ-on how to X thene P&mphlee.. am anxious to buiid the house i winter and have them ready r BprinK? M. A. Kati ANSWEB Th b!oor!e! try ef partm t of arneuluxr ha awaed pamphlets on bird houses rd attrartinr bfrda Jatgi drop ttv TaZr and they will nend yon a com pjru T pncea, and from this you cao aS pampUeta yoa want. COLUMBUS I16J. R.E Goebel R.T.. ...... MuTbar r R. G. Nemecek C Weaver L. G Sack L. T.. ..... Son nen berg L. Tebel C Q. B Winters R. H. Rapp. ! Stinehcomb L. H. Isabel F. B Snoots, Rah Touchd o wns Rapp TOLEDO 01. White. Strauss, Kirkrard L. K. Voss .L. T. Jones ............ St. G. Conrad C. McNamara .....JR. G. Horninr IC R. T. Serfrit JR. K. Watson. Kitzrerald Q.B. Hill, Wataon .i.H. Lauer R. H. Strauss. GilIU F. B. Goebel. Points after touchdowns Tebell. Goal from'field Tebell. Referee Durfee. Umpire Peiner. Head linesman Curtin. j a ton of bricks, and the latter must have epoken harshly. On the next play they came together again, and this time La Kleur swung a wicked right at the visiting end. but It didn't connect. Fans Get After La Flenr. The only thing accomplished by Lai Fleur's terrific swing was to move his team fifteen yards closer to its own goal line, but this penalty didn't satisfy most of the 4,000 present. They ive La Fleur the raucous razz." and when the game ended surrounded the stairs leading to the clubhouse and tore off another series of " boos " for the benefit of the 233 pound gent, who, for a moment, forgot that the gridiron la no place for a fistic display. Throughout the first half the Akrons, in their few chances on offensive, tried without success to hammer the Bears walL When the third period opened j they altered their style of attack and by making use of the aerial game managed to get within scoring distance, where an end run took the ball over the goal. Bears Get Gotng. This period was hardly a few minutes old when Bryan intercepted an Akron pass on the Bears 10 yard line. The home gang immediately kicked out to Akron's 43 yard line. Two passes, Wilson to Brenkert and Wilson to Flowers, were good for 34 yards. Brenkert then went around left end for twelve yards. Two tackle smashes net- j tea rour yarns, ana a nve yard penalty put the oval on the Bears' 3 yard mark. Brenkert then raced wide around left end for a touchdown, but missed the goal. The Bears notched their first touchdown in the opening period. After an Akron punt, a pass, Bryan to Hal as, and a series of smashes by Bolan, Bryan and Sternaman, put the ball on Akron's 11 yard mark. Bryan,then heaved one to Sternaman, who grabbed it behind the visitors' goal. Sternaman kicked the goal, gtving the Ber . seven point lead. ' Passes Bring Rear Scores, The second touchdown was star the second period when Trafton ia cepted a pass on Akron's 35 yg.ri jt. On the first play the Bears trfaj, pass, but it grounded. They cam w with another and Bryan ehot tht tyr-down the field to Hanny, whoeaarit and stepped over the horde Sternaman kicked the goal. "fJuBean scored their last touchdown tn th fourth period after Trafton ted late:, cepted another pasa. YELLOW CABS. 6; CONDARE, t The TaDo Cab tier and ths Ca. A. C played a 6 to 6 lie yesterday B ... City park. McDonald starred lor tl te team with a 70 yard ran and the racug. a fumble that led to a touchdown., im featured for Condar. Finest Spaghetti and Parmesan Cheese hotel'cookedl Famous Spaghetti I tali en ne as served at the College Inn. Ready to serve. At gTocery stores or delicatessens." COLLEGE IIIII SPAGHETTI ITftllEME Vrtm fan ,' , CefUg Jta BolA xr. ClMaw t Shave With Cuticura Soap The New Way Without Mug If you have had difficulty in finding real cigar satisfao tion at a dime try one of these sizes Other PtparrSxa Up U Qumrttr OA Gig'arjzQu'lLlikQ m SETDENBERG &l CO., Branch, Chicago That is what a real, honest 'to 'goodness, warm, without weight, Plain or Plaid Back will cost you, buying it of the maker direct The Royal Wholesale Manufacturing Plant is conveniently located and easy to reach. We have opened wide its doors to receive the Citizens o! Chicago IllQf Cntnnlofor 1000 Beautifully Tailored Garments f Udl VsUllJHlClCU Styled To Please Mea of GoodTtste You can choose from them or you may place your special order for delivery in six days CHICAGO BUYING PUBLIC RESPONDS QUICKLY WHEN CALLED UPON TO INVESTIGATE UNUSUAL VALUE FROM A REPUTABLE SELLER Jit Wholesale Plant, Wells Street, corner of Polk 10 Acres of Sunshine Tailoring Shops MATACTURERS WHOLESALERS DISTRIBUTORS RETAILERS Open Saturday Until 5:30 PM.

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